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In the third unforgettable book by New York Times bestselling author Emma Chase, Matthew Fisher—the best friend of Drew Evans from Tangled and Twisted—wants to settle down, but he’ll have to overcome the mistrust of the vividly unique Dee Dee Warren. Includes a bonus short story, Holy Frigging Matrimony!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: girl meets player, they fall in love, player changes his ways.

It’s a good story. But it’s not our story. Ours is a lot more colorful.

When I met Dee, I knew right away that she was special. When she met me, she thought I was anything but special—I was exactly like every other guy who’d screwed her over and let her down. It took some time to convince her otherwise, but it turns out I can make a convincing argument when sex is at stake.

You might know where this story’s headed. But the best part isn't where we ended up.

It’s how we got there.

256 pages, Paperback

First published July 15, 2014

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About the author

Emma Chase

66 books18.4k followers
Emma Chase is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of romance filled with humor, heat and heart. Her books have been published in over 20 languages and the film adaptation of Tangled, Emma's iconic enemies-to-lovers rom-com, was recently released by Passionflix.
Emma lives happily-ever-after in New Jersey with her husband, two children, and two adorable, misbehaving dogs.

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3,864 reviews69.2k followers
December 30, 2017
2.5 fluffy and readable stars. <--not too shabby


I can't say I loved-loved it because it isn't a story I would read more than once.
Dee is just far too annoying for that, in my opinion.
You know those people who've been hurt by love so they act like drama queens (or kings!) whenever they're in a relationship? They say it's because they can't trust anyone, but most of the time they're just sorta selfish and enjoy making their partner work their ass off to prove their love for them. And/or they need an excuse to act like the douchebag they really are without actually fessing up to their selfish, douchebaggy nature.


That's how Dee came across to me. A narcissistic whack-job with a bad temper and a penchant for wearing the stuff hookers donate to Goodwill.


You know who I liked, though? Matthew.
He was a nice dude and I'm glad he stood his ground there at the end. Although, I couldn't help but feel like he might be rethinking his "big win" in the love department after a few years of living Dee's insane gibberish about...well, pretty much everything.
Regret: It stings.


But, even with Dee's obnoxious personality tainting the story, I don't regret reading the book. It was cute enough to keep me flipping the pages, and if you have a higher tolerance for wounded women than I do, you'll probably really enjoy this one.
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3,755 reviews32k followers
July 23, 2014
4 'Call me God' stars!!!

 photo 873638f9-49e6-4c7a-b04a-ddb06e00824f_zps6795bfa5.jpg

After reading Tangled and Twisted, you might feel like you already know what happens between Dee and Matthew. You know where they end up, so what is the point of reading their book, right? I would say wrong. Like Matthew says…
The greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.
Tamed parallels Tangled. While all the stuff with Drew and Kate is going on, you get to see how Matthew changed his player ways, broke down all Dee’s barriers and fell in love against all odds.

When Matthew meets Dee, he knows she is something special. He wants to go out with her, have some fun with her. From the moment she ordered her drink at the bar, he knew she was going to be the girl for him.


“I like my martinis just like my sex.” she winks flirtatiously.
“Dirty is always better.”

Yes. I’m definitely in love.

The problem is, Dee’s a lot like the guys. Once she does one time, she’s done.Once Matthew has one time with her, he can’t stop there. Once will never be enough with Dee.

 photo 3b21620a-b71b-4238-ab57-aafe6d0056c1_zpsb028ad2a.jpg

Dee Warren is unlike any other woman he’s ever met. She doesn’t do relationships. She isn’t simple or easy. But she’s everything he’s ever wanted in a woman. The only problem… after their one spectacular time, she doesn’t want to see him again.
“Why don’t you like me?”

“We had a great time- the sex was hot, we laughed- but now you don’t want anything to do with me.”

“This is a new concept for you?”
I snort. “Shit, yeah, it’s new. Everybody likes me. I’m a great fucking guy.”

Now Matthew just has to convince Dee to give him a real shot. To prove to her he’s not like all the other guys out there that have hurt her.

 photo 1744f471-3430-48d6-ab75-bff8142fb50a_zps83c7aeee.jpg

I really love Emma Chase’s writing. It’s always hilarious and fun. She knows how to write from the male perspective like no other. Matthew was different than Drew, so you can’t really compare them. He is his own brand of sweet, hilarious and sexy. Not quite as cocky, but still had that confidence. Dee is a strong and saucy female lead. I adore the two of them together. There were many laugh out loud moments and there chemistry was great!

If you’re looking for an entertaining read thats funny, charming, quirky and engaging- read this! I would recommend this to Tangled fans. Even though it wasn’t as good as Tangled for me, I liked it more than Twisted.

 photo e2b37814-1f64-465a-9b52-0132c81a8a5a_zpsa383f3d9.jpg
“When I’m with you… when you’re here next to me… it feels perfect. You make me happier than I ever thought I could be, Matthew.”
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Author 66 books18.4k followers
August 6, 2014
Thanks to my amazing readers for your wonderful support and excitement!! I'm thrilled to share Matthew & Delores' story with you! One of my favorite parts of writing Tamed was having the opportunity to expand on some of the lines and backstory first hinted at in Tangled! That was so much fun! I hope you'll enjoy reading this next installment of the Tangled character's antics, as much as I did writing it!!

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600 reviews1,375 followers
July 27, 2014

4.5 stars

What do you expect when your name rhymes with a part of the female anatomy?
Delores, Seinfeld


"Delores is a gorgeous name, for a gorgeous girl. Plus, it rhymes with clitoris…and I really know my way around them. Big fan."
Matthew, Tangled, Tamed

Nobody does the male pov like Emma Chase
Nobody does funny from the male pov like Emma Chase

This is the third book in the Tangled series and this time around it's Drew's best friend, Matthew Fisher giving us his perspective on love and romance with Delores (Dee) Warren, Kate's best friend. Set at the same time as Drew and Kate's story, Tamed is told in parallel time with Tangled, so we also get to see quite a bit of Drew and Kate.

Matthew, an investment banker, is a player and a man-ho just like Drew but not to quite the same degree. Unlike his confirmed bachelor friend, he's keen to find The One, eventually marry and have children.

Dee is a strawberry blonde bombshell. With a brain. She's strong, slightly crazy (Drew would argue about the slightly), into casual sex, one-night stands and no-commitment hookups. Her past relationships have made her wary. Can Matthew change her mind?

For me, contemporary romances are so hard to pull off. And pull off well. I mean, what are you going to write about that will make it any different to any other CR you’ve ever read? The thing that always makes a contemporary rise from average to great for me, is humour. And Emma Chase is one of the very best at writing funny. Especially from the male perspective.

There are plenty of great scenes, one-liners and quotable quotes from both Matthew and Drew. One of the funniest scenes was an early morning phone call from Dee’s mother. Steven, Alexandra and the cute-as-a-button, Mackenzie make appearances as well.

Emma Chase does a brilliant job of differentiating Matthew from her Other Man, Drew. He’s just as rude and crude, but Matthew doesn’t quite have the irreverent edge that Drew has, and that’s a good thing. I didn’t want Matthew to be just a Drew clone. Matthew is a tamer, toned-down, more adorable version of Drew, minus the biting sarcasm, and douchiness. The voice Ms Chase has given Matthew is just as good, but different. For some readers though, anyone else but Drew is not going to cut it, which is a shame. This is the problem with the bar being set so high with Drew in Tangled. But come on, how many books could there be from Drew’s pov??

There's very little here to grumble about, but I would have liked to read a bit more about Dee’s career as a scientist, as there were only a few passing references to her work as a rocket fuel chemist. The other small issue – and granted it wasn’t mentioned that often – is smoking. Just no.

As a bonus, Holy Frigging Matrimony (Tangled, #1.5) – Matthew and Dee's wedding - is added at the end of the book.

I have very few favourite contemporary romance authors, but Emma Chase is one. And I appreciate that she writes romances for adults, instead of the new-adult market. Tamed is another brilliant, funny romance from a lady who writes the male pov better than anyone else. Highly recommended.

Steam: 3.5

ARC courtesy of Gallery Books via NetGalley

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November 14, 2014
I must say I did enjoy this one. Was a bit disappointed with Twisted but this one was sort of back to the Tangled scenario. Matthew. Knew I was going to like him after the first words he uttered to Delores in Tangled...

"Keep your grades up, keep your criminal records clean, and keep your pants zipped."

Good advice, Dad.

I won't say too much as you are better off experiencing this one without knowing too much about it. I loved Mackenzie.... some of the stuff she said was hilarious.


I feel I have reviewed the book already with my updates.

"I think Uncle Drew is right!

Misery loves company


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November 11, 2015
 photo emmachase_zpse98c15bb.jpg

Tamed is book three in the Tangled series by Emma Chase. Did I love this book…Yes, I did. Maybe not quite as much as Drew and Kate’s story, but still, it was sexy and funny with plenty of sweet moments as well. Dee and Matthew’s story runs parallel to when Drew and Kate have just met, when Kate is still engaged to Billy. So I also enjoyed getting little glimpses into what was going on with them as well. And even though we already know how this story ends up, as Matthew would say:

“The greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.”

Matthew Fisher has been friends with Drew all his life. Drew’s sister, Alexandra, is like his own big sister. He has a good life, a great job, great parents, but has not been so lucky in love. He thought he was in love once before, and that ended badly with him getting hurt. Does he still believe in love, yes. But he’s not looking for “the one.” He’s having too much fun playing the single’s scene. And then he met Delores Sunshine Warren, Dee Dee.

“Have you ever had a moment when you think to yourself, this is going to change everything? From this point on, there will be a before, an after, and this event will forever divide the two? Looking back now-this was it. That first, scorching, perfect kiss. This was the moment that would determine the rest of my life. And nothing after it would ever be the same.”

 photo blanket_zps914169d8.jpg

Dee Dee Warren doesn’t “do” relationships. She just isn’t good at them. They never end well. And as you get to know her, you begin to understand why she is the way she is. Why she finds it so hard to trust someone. But Matt will not give up. He works his way into her life no matter how hard she tries to keep him out. But she is still convinced that this won’t last.

 photo ducati_zpsa56f847e.jpg

The entire book is told from Matt’s point of view, and it is hilarious but at the same time, so sweet. When he finds his “one” he falls hard. But as usual, nothing ever goes according to plan. I think my favorite part of the book is when he was having dinner at his parent’s house and his older, sweet, perfect mother attempts to have a discussion with him on his sex life based on the current book she is reading in her book club, Fifty Shades of Grey.

“My book club is discussing a novel this month on this very subject, Fifty Shades of Grey. Would you like to borrow my copy, Matthew?”

I was on the treadmill when I read this and almost fell off. I have loved this entire series and this book was no exception. With that being said, though, I am especially excited for book four to come out next October to see what trouble Drew gets himself into next. Thank you to Emma Chase for another great installment to this series.
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July 29, 2014
*****4.5 STARS*****
(BR with Mel)

 photo acfcf3234e7e66b8812bf8770ae0ad22_zpse56bd03d.jpg

What a truly pleasant surprise "Tamed" was!!!
I was a little skeptical about this one since I really loved Drew Evans and wasn't sure Matthew would have me swooning at all.
I'm going to just throw this out there...I think I may love him almost as much as Drew!!!

This is Delores "Dee" Warren's and Matthew Fisher's story.
It takes place during the same time as "Tangled".
We get to see how Matthew and Dee's relationship started.
I definitely don't think that this was as funny as "Tangled" but there were several instances that I burst out laughing so hard.
Those "laugh out loud" moments occurred during scenes with Mackenzie!!
That little girl is just as amazing as she was in the first book.
Matthew adores her so much that he often babysits her for Lexi and Steven.

 photo d6fcc5fbfd8b7da9ebe51d3614270022_zpsea0ca416.jpg

Matthew is definitely a player like Drew, but he's not afraid of finding the right girl and settling down. He's had his heart broken by one woman, and it might have left him a little gun shy, but he is open to being in a serious relationship.
Dee has had her heart broken too many times, so she's learned to protect herself and only goes for one night stands or casual affairs.
When these two start spending time together, they each will come to realize that they're starting to develop deep feelings for each other.
The sex is super steamy. Emma Chase never disappoints in that department.

Dee does spend a lot of time trying to push Matthew away, and after a while, I got a little annoyed with her.
Matthew is very persistent for the most part, and tries his best to prove to Dee, that he's not like all the other men before him!

 photo ac013867c7eb473cb752a53145da0166_zps8562f4a1.jpg

I really enjoyed some of the scenes with the secondary characters in this one. I actually loved Lexi. In the previous books she's portrayed as the "Bitch" but when she loves someone, she protects them fiercely.
She shows that every time she feels someone has hurt Matthew!!
There is a scene between Matthew and his Dad that had my eyes tearing up!!

I am once again, loving Emma Chase's gift of story telling!!!
This one is not to be missed.
Believe me, Matthew will have you swooning!!
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July 9, 2014
4 stars

 photo 20140708_224821-kdcollage_zpsdm1zf8nz.jpg

Fans of the series already know how Matthew and Dee end up, but how did they get there? Welcome to Matthews story.

Matthew was like a more mature sensible version of Drew. He wasnt our douchey Drew but his POV was just as entertaining. Dee was a bit frustrating at times with her commitement issues but it didnt bug me much and I really liked her.

This book was really cute and there was a perfect amount of sexy time. If you are a fan of Tangled, I would strongly recommend this. It fills in all the blanks that we missed in book 1. It wasnt as funny, but I still really enjoyed it.

**Note: Readers do not have to read Twisted before this, this book was set in the same time frame as Tangled.**

ARC provided by the Publishers via NetGalley
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896 reviews1,947 followers
October 7, 2014
4 Tamed Stars.


If you read the previous books (especially the novella) you already know where this ends. But as Matthew says it isn’t about the destiny, is about the journey.
Who knew that rich playboy with the uptight image and crazy chemist would ever get along? But well, they do. And pretty fantastically.
But the thing is: Matthew is more than decide to end his playboy days for Dee, he knows that this is what he has been looking. But Dee is a whole other story. She is scared, she is insecure and her past doesn’t allow her to trust easily.
So this journey is all about Matt having the fight of their life for the woman we wants and Dee having also the fight of her live… but against herself.


Rating: 4 Stars.
Storyline: With the same line as Tamed, this was a sweet, sexy and hilarious romance. For those days when you need something funny and heartwarming with some steam thrown in the middle.
Writing Style: First person. Male POV. Funny and engaging.
Character Development: I loved being inside Matthew’s head. He was awesome (Not Drew awesome, but pretty close). Loved how he knew what he wanted and went after it without a single doubt. Dee was also pretty good. I’ve already liked her from the previous book so it was nice to see more of her. She was a little insecure but I looked over it. Loved them as a couple, they had an awesome chemistry.
Steam: Hot.
July 26, 2014
Matthew and Dee are the two best friends of the main couple of this series, Kate and Drew. Somehow they've managed to have this amazing relationship right under our noses. Thankfully, we finally get to read all the detail and what great details they are!

To be honest, I never thought much about Matthew besides being a good friend to Drew. He never really stood out and that makes this book even more fantastic because he is really amazing. I think I liked everything about him. He's like a softer Drew.

We have gotten to know Dee a bit more but I was taken back by her softness. It was great seeing her feelings come out and develop for Matthew and that she could be more than just a tough chick. Some of her theories cracked me up. I really wish we would've gotten her POV.


These two certainly give Drew and Kate a run for the money in the steam department. But...I really like how EC was able to keep it different and fresh at the same time.

There's some drama with Matthew's ex-fiancé...I just have to say, don't get on Dee's bad side and keep an umbrella handy for those slurpee attacks! ;)

It was hard seeing Dee keep pushing Matthew away but I was happy that in the prior books we had gotten the background as to the whys. My heart really went out for Matthew.

One thing that was kind of nuts was reading all the stuff going on with Drew and Kate. ~sigh~ memories...

And Mackenzie? always steals the show! ♥

I did love how it ended and you can never go wrong with an epilogue. I'm looking forward to more Drew and Kate in the next book, Tied, but I hope we get more Matthew and Dee.


Favorite quotes

♥ “Delores is a gorgeous name, for a gorgeous girl. Plus, it rhymes with clitoris . . . and I really know my way around them. Big fan.”

♥ “I don’t think I like that nickname.”

She shrugs unapologetically. “Too bad. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. You’re Clit-boy until you give me a reason to think of you as something else.”

I lean in closer. Goose bumps rise on the flesh of her chest as my breath tickles her ear. “By the end of this night, I’ll have you calling me ‘God.’ ”

♥ “What I meant to say was, she’s beautiful—but only on the outside. You, on the other hand . . . you’re like a diamond. Clear . . . and flawless . . . through and through.”

♥ "I cover the mouthpiece with my hand. And smirk. “Your middle name is Sunshine?”

♥ “I’m not sure if I can hold up against the big, blue, puppy-dog eyes.”

She grins. “Be strong.”

♥ "I want to be eighty years old, holding your hand during couples skate."

*BR w/Melissa*
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303 reviews
March 23, 2016
"Shoot for the moon and you still end up amongst the stars"

Tamed is Matthew and Dee's story, told in Matthew's pov, within the same time frame as Tangled. I actually haven't yet read Twisted, so I think this book is fine to read as long as you have read Tangled. It's been a long time since I read the first book and the short story, so it was a good time to re-visit these characters. I forgot how much I liked them. I'm even very fond of Lexi, aka, the bitch. I think it's kinda funny that she keeps those guys in line and a little afraid:)

Emma Chase no doubt set the bar very high with the first book in the series. Let's face it, Drew's special brand of charming conceited and asshattery is hard to top. I'm happy to say that Matthew is a great character all his own, I didn't feel like she was just re-hashing Drew's character. Matthew is more mature and more optimistic than Drew, but just as hot and charming. I thought his pov was funny and believable, just in a more subtle way. He's still a guy of course:

I'd like to tell you the first thing I noticed about Delores was something romantic, like her eyes or her smile, or the sound of her voice-but it wasn't. It was her tits. I've always been a boob man, and Dee's set was fantastic"

This was a cute, fun, easy book that I read in a day. I think it helped that it was also exactly what I was in the mood for. Drew might have made me laugh more, but hands down I would choose Matthew:)

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509 reviews785 followers
September 3, 2014

Dear Emma Chase,

I think I love you.

No. Scratch that. I DO love you!

I read 'Tangled' when it first came out and said in my review that you 'knocked that one out of the ballpark' - I haven't breezed through a book so fast and haven't laughed so hard through one in a long time.

Till now.

I thought I loved Drew (and I still do!) BUT ... I ADORED Matthew! And I absolutely LOVED Dee! And ... what do you know ... actually enjoyed Billy's presence in this book.

'Tamed' was a complete KNOCK OUT!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us, readers, so much joy by creating these amazing, funny, witty & sexy characters! And thank you for making me relive [partially] one of the funniest scenes [probably ever] written - Thanksgiving Dinner! Always a joy!

This one is going into a reread pile for sure!!


Irene (your fan for life!)

P.S. After having met you at BookBash and learning first hand what a sweet person you are, I enjoy your books now even more! xo
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813 reviews832 followers
August 11, 2014
4.5 Because the greatest part of a road trip isn't arrive at your destination. It's all the wild stuff that happens along the way. Stars

 photo Tamed_zps3039be57.jpg

I love Drew Evans- hands down he is awesome but I gotta say that Matthew Fisher is awesome on another level. He's that great guy you know that is sexy, handsome, polite...just an all around good guy even when he's being bad. I loved Matthew Fisher and I loved getting into his mind.

He meets Delores "Dee", Kate's friend and tries to impress her with his cuteness....."Delores is a gorgeous name, for a gorgeous girl. Plus, it rhymes with clitoris....and I really know my way around them. Big fan." But Dee has issues and is just a love-'em-and-leave-'em-with-bruises type of girl. That was just what Matthew was looking for, nothing serious, just a sure thing with a chance for a second go around. As you can expect, Matthew was in for a rude awakening, Dee was a force he was unprepared for.

 photo julia2_zps1e38f3e4.jpg

Delores is fun, sexy, witty.....that friend who isn't afraid of being herself. She's fierce and loyal but she has not had the best experiences with relationships so she's scared to try. She pulls away and doesn't believe that she and Matthew could be the real deal.

I will say that reading their relationship develop is sweet and perfect. Matthew is the guy everyone wants to meet. He's adorable and loving and romantic. He says all the lines every girl wants to hear and he's a sexual dynamo- He's the perfect combination of naughty and nice!!

This is a perfectly feel good book. Matthew is fabulous and Dee is a hot mess. But together, they are really good for one another. Their sexual chemistry is off the charts. The epilogue was the icing on the cake. I started this book one morning while boarding a plane and it was such a fun and easy read, I finished it that evening.

Emma Chase.....
 photo loveyou_zps0b7bf6c0.gif

Your writing, your male POV is extraordinary. I especially love the gang you created-Drew, Kate, Matthew, Dee, Lexi, Steven and Mackenzie. You have a forever fan!! Can't wait till October *jumping up and down*
Tied (Tangled, #4) by Emma Chase

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1,059 reviews74.8k followers
Want to read
December 15, 2013


Same time-frame as Tangled. Matthew & Dee Dee's story.

BLURB --> Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: girl meets player, they fall in love, player changes his ways.

It’s a good story. But it’s not our story. Ours is a lot more colorful.

When I met Dee I knew right away that she was special. When she met me, she thought I was anything but special--I was exactly like every other guy who’d screwed her over and let her down. It took some time to convince her otherwise, but turns out I can make a convincing argument when sex is at stake.

You might know where this story’s headed. But the best part isn't where we ended up.

It’s how we got there.

Full length novel. To be released: May 27th, 2014.
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2,752 reviews1,471 followers
August 30, 2015
5 A story in between Stars

Tamed is a standalone and is part of the Tangled series. This is Matthew's and Dee's story. Matthew is one of Drew's best friends.

I'm doing the Audio version of this book because I love audio books and I LOVE male audio books. The narrator is Deacon Lee and this was my first book by him. His voice is very specific and I can't really describe it. It's unique, it's masculine, but not deep deep, but deep enough. I really enjoyed his voice and his voice transitions. I would listen to another book by him.

The thing that I love about Emma Chase's Tangled series are the male POV's. Matthew is an investment banker. He is an ordinary guy. He has loving parents, he loves his job and he loves his friends. He doesn't have a girlfriend and he's perfectly fine with that.

But wait, I'm skipping a few parts. The beginning starts with the ending and usually I do not like that, BUT this beginning was a happy one. Matthew opens the book with telling us the story how he and Dee got together. Very unique right?

I love happy books and this book made me very happy. Tamed is told during the same time frame of Tangled and Twisted. You do get glimpses of Drew and Kate, so YAY on that front. Dee is Kate's friend. I love Dee. I found her very nerdy, abrasive and a Heroine I just wanted to be friends with.

Matthew and Dee's story is not extraordinary, but very cute and hit the spot for me. I wanted something that would be short, fresh and leave me with warm fuzzy feelings when I finish.

Tamed is a light-happy-go-lucky-feel-good kind of read. It completely put a smile on my face and I laughed out loud so many times.

Audio questions

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

I'm a mega Emma Chase fan, so I recommend all of her books. I love Drew and Kate, but I really like this "in-between" one of Matthew and Dee because it's like an extra mini treat.

What did you like best about this story?

I love Emma's witty and funny writing style. First, I'm a mega fan of male POV books and I liked it was short, sweet and very humorous. It was a super light-hearted book that hit the spot for me.

Which scene was your favorite?

Overall, the book was good. I liked getting in Matthew's head. He's a player, but adorable. I love listening to the parts where he was out of his element and getting wrapped up with Dee.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

I laughed a ton! My belly was aching with all the laughing. I couldn't get enough.

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Twisted (Tangled, #2) by Emma Chase Twisted REVIEW | AMAZON
Tamed (Tangled, #3) by Emma Chase Tamed AMAZON
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518 reviews125 followers
June 18, 2017
I liked Tame better than Tangled, mainly because Matthew wasn't as assholish as Drew.

Still, it didn't grip me completely. I guess that's a thing with this author, we don't mesh. It was however, a light, pleasant read. I believe what makes Chase so popular and good at what she does is her way of weaving relationship advices in funny and heartfelt plots.

I'll admit at picking this book up with skepticism. Delores hand't appealed to me during Tangled and I didn't think a slutty Rocket scientist would ever make for a good character, instead she was rather likable. Sure, you could call the ending a mile away and her jealousy bits veered a little to much on the crazy type, but she was refreshing in a very uncommon and fun way.

Most of the time, I had an hard time understanding what a nice guy like Matthew saw in her, what with her wishy-washyness and everything, but in the end I liked how everything turned out.

Would I reccomend it? Well, the style is witty and Matthew won't get in my top twenty book boyfriends but he's nonetheless sweet and fun. The plot itself is quite simplicistic and there are lots of eye-rolling moments, still some parts were downright original and endearing. So I guess it all comes down to whether you need something to make you laugh and get a little pissed at the characters or you're looking for a more meaningful read.
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2,836 reviews624 followers
September 7, 2020
I can not stop smiling listening to this book. Just like Tangle, Miss Chase continues her hilarious signature rom com about a man who is so cocky and he finally met his match. I like Dee. She is type of heroine who holds no prisoner. I want her to be my BFF. She strong, independent, and fearless.

Matthew is cocky. He thinks he knew it all about chasing women and ONS. And all of that crumbling down when he met Dee. And he fallen in love. In hilarious way. My heart break a little when Matt got rejected by Dee. Poor guy.

The flow of the story is satisfying. Not too long and not too short and its packed with rom com.

A good choice to start my week day.

4 stars
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May 6, 2015
Quick review:

Cover: cute
Rating: NC-17
Steaminess: Smoking HOT
Thumbs Up: 5
Overall: Refreshing
Characters: Well Written
Plot: The Ups and Downs of falling in love
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? Yes
Recommend: Yes
Book Boyfriend: Matthew

SUMMARY (55 words or less)
This story is so Fucking Fantastic. And you know why? Because it doesn’t pretend to be anything its not which happens to be one of the themes of the story. Anyway, if you read, you’ll get it. It was refreshing that the story was romantic without even trying.

For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at:


Audio Review
Deacon Lee does a fabulous job at narration. My only complaint is when he did the few Brent (Dee’s cousin, can’t remember), it didn’t sound much different than Matthew. Thankfully, he’s not in the book much, so there isn’t a constant problem.
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May 23, 2016
Fun, sexy and swoon-worthy! This was such a fun audiobook and I really fell in love with Matthew and Dee. I am so glad I got to read their story and see how they fell in love!
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October 19, 2014
3.5 to 4 Tamed Stars!

Drew Evans will forever own this series! He was an enigma like no other I have read...his cockiness, he swagger, his sexiness and his crazy behavior made his story so out of the box! That being said, I enjoyed Tamed..alot, but Matthew was no Drew Evans!

Nope, Matt is a good guy! Is he a bit of a freak in the sheets? YES. Is he a bit of a line giver and panty dropper? YES. He is also a good guy with a big heart who believes in love, honesty, and loyalty. Delores, or Dee is like no other woman he has met. She comes out of no where with her stripper wardrobe and heavy sex appeal, well that is how all Chemists look right? LOL!

Bring on the drinks, the dancing, the bedroom antics...Matt and Dee are as lively in the bedroom as they are in everyday life!

So what we have here is fun tale of Lust at first sight. Fun flirty banter and really hot bedroom action. Emma Chase gave a good lighthearted story with 2 characters who are not afraid of who they are.

They are completely compatible and neither wants more than the good sex they give one another. Well, pretty predictable that they fall for one another! The only problem is while Matt is running around wooing and living life with Dee, she is busy running away from commitment!

Like I said before Matt is a GOOD guy...even Dee realizes this! So with all the fun peeps from before, Drew and Kate, Alexandra the Bitch and the fun loving Mckenzie are all present and contributing to the mayhem of Matt's love life! Overall, it is a light and fast read. For me it was just a nice secondary/side story that was occurring while Kate and Drew were "Tangled."
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April 26, 2019
4+ stars.⭐⭐⭐⭐💘
This has to have been one of the most fun series ever. In fact I can't help smiling just thinking about this delightful book.😊😊😊

I seriously love the way Emma Chase wrote this and her other book "Tangled" exclusively from the male POV. It was totally hilarious and definitely non PC at times but that is the point, surely. Some wickedly funny banter and also great movie references further amped up my total love for this amazing read.

Matthew and Dee's story was so "super" enjoyable and a perfect addition to the series IMO.
The crew are all back: Drew, Kate, Alexandria, Steven and "little cutie" Mackenzie.
I am looking forward to reading the final book in this series at some point.

💘Kudos to Emma Chase for all these

WONDERFUL....FUNNY...SEXY.....LOL.....HILARIOUS...... reads.👍
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August 27, 2014

“Love is missing the taste of someone's morning breath. Thinking they're beautiful, even when their nose is Rudolph-red and their hair is bird's nest crazy. Love isn't putting up with someone in spite of their faults--it's adoring them because of them.”

When in need for rom-com, I know I can always rely on Emma Chase to deliver the cure I need. Which is a whole lot of laughter mixed in with sexiness, fluff and fun. If you’ve read the previous instalments in the Tangled series , you would remember Matthew and DeeDee & this is their story.

After being disappointed with Twisted (Book 2), Tamed has surely brought back the spark it had when I first read Tangled (Book 1) (Sorry Emma, but you’re better off writing a Male’s POV!). Matthew is no Drew, but hey, the guy can still crack up some cocky, smart-ass lines! He’s definitely more tamed than Drew, no pun intended :P

Tamed’s timeframe runs parallel with Tangled. So if you decide to skip Twisted, no harm done! The story picks up from the same scene in Tangled where Matthew first meets Delores Warren (known as Dee) and he instantly knew that Dee is someone special for him.



“I like my martinis just like my sex.” she winks flirtatiously.
“Dirty is always better.”

Yes. I’m definitely in love.

On the other hand, Dee may seem like a wild woman on the outside but on the inside, she has commitment issues.

Will she be able to put out Matthew’s player ways & make him commit to one woman? And will Dee be able to commit herself to Matthew due to her past issues?

While their story is rather cliché and at times I got a little frustrated with Dee, I still found the entire story to be a nice, sweet read. There are no OTT drama of any sorts & it's one of those sweet pleasant reads. Yes, Matthew & Dee still have their fair share of ups & down but it was enjoyable reading their entertaining banters.

"Have you driven a motorcycle before?"
"No, but I've always wanted to."
"Well, I've always wanted to fly, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna strap on a squirrel suit and skydive from the goddamn Empire State Building."

Oh and of course, the appearance of side characters like Lexi “The Bitch” and little Mackenzie has always been the highlight of the series :D

Overall, Emma still delivers the humour that she first brought to Tangled and if you’re looking for an enjoyable, sweet and sexy fun read, this is the one to go to! ♥

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September 29, 2015
3.5 Short & Sweet Stars

In Tamed we meet Drew's Best friend Matthew, and Kate's BFF Delores. This book was short, I read it in 3 hours it was low on Angst and high on steam.

After a one night stand it becomes apparent that he wants more but she's scared to explore anything more.

I liked it, it was OK and it had a few funny moments.
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August 25, 2016
I truly enjoyed the story between Matthew and Dee way more than I thought I would. I had some reservations after Twisted, but thank God this definitely was better and worked for me. Funny, sweet and sexy!
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July 25, 2014
4 All I Want Is You Stars!
(BR with Sharon & Patty)

 photo 95630a06-201c-4149-814b-bc321d88e005.jpg

 photo 401fde44-f6ea-4207-af3d-ca6a7a911f54.jpg

Matthew Fisher is a guy living in New York City working as an investment banker at one of the most prestigious firms in the city. He grew up in the city an only child to two loving parents. He has great friends, a fabulous career, and is a happy, upbeat guy. In his spare time he enjoys hanging with friends, cooking, boxing, photography, casual sex, and riding his motorcycle. He is a player, who doesn't do relationships. That is until he meets Dee Warren.

 photo anycgif.gif

Delores Warren aka Dee was raised by her single mom in Ohio, along with her cousin Billy who is more like a brother to her. Dee is a confident, bold, outspoken, unusual, different, fiesty woman who doesn't care what people think of her. She is a rocket scientist/chemist who makes no apologies for who she is or what she wants. With Dee, what you see is what you get.

 photo 9ab44278-8737-41b6-a903-3bb7a39eda35.jpg

Matthew and Dee meet through their mutual friends, and Matthew is taken with her right away, and thinks she's absolutely stunning. He immediately begins scheming of how to get her in his bed. He gets her business card and they end up getting together for drinks. Things heat up quickly, and Matthew is smitten.

 photo 5388dedb-4fa5-401f-86de-909a9fb7a228.png

Dee has been hurt in previous relationships and no longer does commitment. She is a love em & leave em type, and won't have anything deeper than a hookup. She just likes to keep things casual and have a good time. Matthew is ok with casual at first, but then decides he wants Dee to be his. He gets intense, and she gets scared. Feelings form, and things get complicated. They fall hard for each other and begin spending almost every night together.

 photo befd8987-3cfc-41c0-b0b5-31e2bcfd4597.jpg

I really enjoyed this book, and liked seeing Drew and Kate's relationship from a different POV as well. I thought Matthew was such a sweet guy, and I had no idea how yummy he is! :))

 photo 92c2f455-f01c-4339-8032-0973c97bb63c.jpg

-Delores Warren is just...different...in a way I can't yet explain. What I know about her, I like- a lot- and there's a part of me I haven't consciously acknowledged with a deep craving to now more.

-"But when I'm with you... when you're here next to me... it feels perfect.

-You're... you're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

-"I want you to belong to me. And I want to be yours.
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August 29, 2014
All I've known about Matthew Fisher is that he's Drew's best friend and he was seeing Dee Dee. I assumed he was a player given Drew's history. He is somewhere in that zone but I contend that he was just waiting for "the one" after having been once burned.

Matthew is a lot more interesting than what I'd "assumed" about him. Shame on me. He's a nice guy who likes a good time but he's smart, talented and respectful of women.

When he meets Dee Dee, he sees her inner spirit and is drawn to her like the proverbial moth to flame. She's the one skittish about any whiff of relationship so Matthew tries to keep it light until it becomes impossible to do. If there's any taming to be done, I think it was Matthew trying to lasso Dee Dee.

The narration was great as all of the others were. Deacon Lee managed to put a little smirk in his performance while keeping Matthew just plain likable. I loved his interpretation of the character.

I'm not only in serious like of this series but also in serious love with the narrators. They've nailed the men in the stories and made their journey from players to committed men a fun one. I enjoyed Matthew's story and highly recommend the audiobook format, though the book will be entertaining no matter the format.

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August 24, 2015
I listened to this audiobook, and the narrator was AMAZING! His voice is so sexy and funny! His name is Deacon Lee, btw :). and I'm going to listen to EVERYTHING he has ever narrated! :):):)
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December 22, 2016
I really enjoyed this! It wasn't as good as Tangled, but it was much better than Twisted. Tamed is told from Drew's best friend, Matthew's, POV. It was as refreshing as Drew's POV! Always super fun when you read from the guy's POV.

This book was as blunt and honest as Tangled. However, it was not as comedic. It had me laughing here and there, but if you want to compare it to Twisted, it wasn't as funny. Also, Matthew is a sweetheart. Not 100% sweetheart, though. He had a few jackass moves here and there, but nobody beats Drew in that. However, having said that, I still do love Drew more than Matthew simply because Drew was hilarious. And I did enjoy Drew's story more. I'm a sucker from hate-to-love plots. Matthew and Dee Dee's story is as expected, predictable. But once again, their personalities, their conversations and the bluntness of Matthew's POV made it enjoyable!

Dee Dee is a cool heroine, albeit typical in some ways. She's independent and headstrong and I did like her more than Kate. Maybe that's because I didn't overly enjoy reading Kate's POV.

In conclusion, Tamed did its job: it provided me with something light and funny. Something that didn't push me down into a slump. Definitely recommended if that's what you're looking for!
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September 12, 2016
Emma Chase has done it again! Tamed was brilliant, sexy, funny, and just all around a good time. This time we get Drew's best friend Matthew's pov and his relationship with the spunky Dee. Matthew was the perfect blend of sweet, sexy, and hilarious. I loved Matthew so so much!!! I think I may now prefer him over Drew.

Nobody writes a man's pov the way Emma does. She nails it right on the head each time! If you're a fan of Tangled, then Tamed is a must read! And if you haven't read Tangled yet, what are you waiting for?
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