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The Dangerous Book for Dogs: A Parody

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The Dangerous Book for Dogs asks a simple question: isn't there more to being a dog than wearing a mini cashmere sweater and riding around in a $400 evening clutch? What about the simple pleasures of life -- feeling the wind in your fur, digging up the grass beneath your paws, smelling another dog's butt? Isn't that part of the great joy of being a dog?

Written (with help) by dogs and for dogs, The Dangerous Book For Dogs provides insight on everything from the tastiest styles of shoes to chew to the proper method for terrorizing squirrels. It also contains portraits of noble dogs throughout history, the mysteries of cats and humans, and everything else your dog ever wanted to know but was afraid to ask–like how to make toys out of human's household items, or how to escape from a humiliating reindeer costume.

Generously illustrated with drawings by cartoonist Emily Flake, this hilarious parody is for good dogs, bad dogs, and the millions of people who love them.

Rex and Sparky wrote this parody without authorization (because they are dogs and they do what they want.)

208 pages, Hardcover

First published October 1, 2007

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Profile Image for Sarah.
86 reviews
December 22, 2007
This is a parody on the Dangerous books for boys and girls. It is written from a dog's viewpoint for other dogs. If you are owned or have been owned by a furry canine, this book is a must read. The topics include everything from how to escape embarrassing costumes to begging and yes, even poop! It was a gift from a friend who now holds the title, "I found the perfect gift!."
Profile Image for Diana.
106 reviews1 follower
January 13, 2009
This was a hoot. If you love or have loved a dog, and you enjoy the Onion, you'll be heartily entertained by this book.
Profile Image for Rachel.
486 reviews
February 10, 2017
Sort of amusing, in a crude sort of way. By the fifth use of the word "bitches" on a single page, I decided it was better in theory than actual product.
Profile Image for Rachel.
204 reviews5 followers
November 28, 2016
Last month I read the Devious Book for Cats, so this month I decided my dog, Gilgamesh, should read the Dangerous Book for Dogs. It's a silly book, a parody of the Dangerous Book for Boys type books. It offers your dog all the information he needs to re-connect with his wild roots. The articles run from practical, such as How to Escape Humiliating Costumes or The Formal Rules of Fetch, to completely ridiculous, such as Epic Walks, a series of stories about great walks in history including a walk across the ancient land bridge to a new continent. Overall I enjoyed reading it and as someone who's new to dog ownership and wondered why I can't seem to get Gil to play fetch right, it's good to know that according to the official rules, I'm the one who's actually playing wrong. Sometimes it's comforting to know that you aren't the only one who's had this kind of problem with a pet and maybe laugh a bit about things along the way.
Profile Image for Christyn.
587 reviews21 followers
April 6, 2014
Mildly amusing, The Dangerous Book for Dogs wasn't quite as funny as I hoped it would be. Maybe it just didn't appeal to my sense of humor. Don't get me wrong there were some parts I found myself smiling but I wouldn't really call it "laugh-out-loud". There were a few lines/images that made me giggle. The illustrations were probably the best part of this book. Written as a "guide" for dogs, it was more meh than really funny, there's a reason it took me a few days to read through it. If you own a dog or have read other books along this same line there isn't a whole lot new here, though I will say for it that there were some things that I did find amusing and funny. I did enjoy some of the true stories about dogs throughout history as it was something new. It was okay, and even enjoyable at times so 2.5 Stars.
Profile Image for Tim.
37 reviews
September 11, 2008
This is such a great book! I gave it to my 12 year old for Christmas last year and he had a ball - reading it and to our dog.
Profile Image for Cymiki.
724 reviews
July 13, 2011
full of cute, tongue in cheek stories as told from the dog's point of view. one of my favorite lines "your owner is at work, which is kind of like a kennel for humans."
Profile Image for Tim Stephens.
3 reviews16 followers
March 30, 2012
Bits were funny but I expected much more from folks who have writing for The Onion among their professional credits.
Profile Image for Matthew.
32 reviews
October 31, 2017
This quote.
"A WARNING ABOUT CARS: Cars are wonderful and promise something new every day. But sometimes they don't take us to the dog park. Sometimes they take us to the kennel. Sometimes, to the vet. Many of us have been lured into a car with the promise of a ride, only to wake up with our balls missing. Where did they go? Can we ever get them back? Sadly, few of us will ever know."
Profile Image for Josie.
22 reviews
August 16, 2019
I really liked this book, and thought that it was very funny. My favourite chapter, was the poem about Loyal Argo, which I found HILARIOUS!! Although my one criticism is that it wasn't as funny as their other book, The Devious Book For Cats.
Profile Image for Linda.
151 reviews1 follower
January 16, 2020
This is an amusing and unusual book! It is supposed to be 'read' by dogs! Some of the chapters included"What do do during a Thunderstorm', 'how to pick a pill of out peanut butter' and 'making toys out of household items'. A must read for any dog owner!
Profile Image for Rebecca.
369 reviews1 follower
June 14, 2021
Fun, tongue-in-cheek, written for dogs, by people that are or were associated with “The Onion”. Short, unrelated chapters, so good for a quick read at bedtime, even spread out over many weeks because you’re not trying to keep track of a plot.
Profile Image for Lara Tomme.
197 reviews49 followers
October 15, 2022
Book for dog owners

The book is filled with funny and sometimes relatable stories about dogs. It takes an original spin on the daily life and history of dogs.
I enjoyed reading a short chapter a day.

I would recommend this book for dog lovers and especially dog owners.
Profile Image for KFK.
237 reviews5 followers
August 11, 2021
If you have a dog, you will laugh a lot. If you don't, you probably will too.
Profile Image for David Finger.
Author 2 books5 followers
January 16, 2022
Overall the book wasn’t particularly good. It was at times cute, and some of the chapters were amusing. But overall the humor fell flat and the cuteness couldn’t carry the book though 193 pages.
11 reviews1 follower
July 12, 2022
Funny book. Definitely had me laughing out loud. You need to get the mindset that a dog wrote this. Better if it’s a dog you know😉. Quick read for a break from anything too serious.
2 reviews
January 24, 2013
When my English teacher read excerpts from The Dangerous Book for Dogs to the class I was hooked. I’m always up for a laugh, and that is exactly what he showcased. The moment he was done reading, I asked if I could check it out, and I can confidently say I made a good choice.
Throughout the book humor is constant, whether subtle, clear, hidden, or childish, it is there. For instance, the author addresses a dog association called “the Canine Defense Council” (Rex and Sparky 80). The acronym for this is CDC, which, for humans, is the Centers for Disease Control. This may or may not have been intentional, but is probably some of the more subtle humor in this book.
Also, throughout the book, the character, half of the time, is not really existent, since most of it is written as a handbook for dogs everywhere. It is written as expository, as it is referred to as an “instructional guide” at one point (Rex and Sparky VII).
Yet, it is made clear and shown that it is not just to inform--it is to inspire and help get back to their “thrill-seeking, mischievous roots” (Rex and Sparky VIII). The book talks to you dog-to-dog, as if dogs are all in a brotherhood. This gives you a sense that it is more than a manual. It is a way of life. It adds to the personality and zest of the book, which I enjoy. At points, they may be talking about the most absurd or disgusting things, yet address it in, basically, a step-by-step form. In a way, this adds to the comedy.
To repel the usual the monotonous tone similar to a refrigerator warranty handbook, the authors include a variation of stories. These include stories of walks, historical canines, and more. One of these “Epic Walks” includes one about a giant dog and his owner in the times during the Ice Age (Rex and Sparky 36). During this walk, the father talks about his life problems (“‘She says we need more space, like I can afford a bigger place with the amount of walruses I’m bring in” (Rex and Sparky 36)), which adds to the almost constant humor. They go on a new path, and when the dog urinates, the ice melts and they are stuck on the other side of a giant crack. They stay there and roam the terra incognita. After the crack freezes back over, they return to their family and move to the new land, as “the real estate prices were super low since there were no other humans around” (Rex and Sparky 39).
To the authors, I say, “Kudos.” This book was a great achievement on their part. No, it may not cause introspective thoughts or life-changing epiphanies, and the only tears you will shed will be from profuse laughing, but it is a great read. Actually, it’s a Good Read.
Profile Image for Sophia.
16 reviews
January 19, 2020
This book is amazing! I always love hearing the dogs point of view, and it is very funny! I think Rex and Sparky need to make another book. This time about hamsters or snakes!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
February 7, 2016
My dogs couldn't have said it better.

The dogs world shared by these two marvelous canines brought more than one smile to my face and a chorus of agreement from my own pack who graciously allow me to believe I am in charge. I now know why the books is named what it is because now we the people know how dogs see and control their world and the humans in it. Very funny and as my puppies claim all too true. Now that we have been let in on their little secrets life will never be the same. I look at my pack differently today than I did yesterday. I did not give this a five star rating only because the layout was choppy in places and it was hard to follow. (Ie. The authors referenced the acting careers of listed dogs and the list did not appear until the middle of the following chapter. Fun easy read guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone who has ever wondered how their furry friend looks at the world.
720 reviews2 followers
September 16, 2016
Heads up people dog rule

I gave this book 4 stars because of one thing the illustrations and charts were in the wrong places if that had been correct 5 stars. I mean when you read a passage that says here is a list of the ten top movie dog's and then you have read several pages to get a part of the list and then several pages later some more of the list very hard to follow. Then the illustrations aren't where they were supposed to be. Still I laughed at the crazy antics described in this book and almost expected to see my dog listed as consultants on this book. If you believe that dogs rule and they know the score then read this light bit of whimsy about man's best friend and have a good laugh.
Profile Image for Sarah.
784 reviews10 followers
April 25, 2010
This was a humorous insight into what dogs are thinking. I also saw that the authors were contributors to The Onion ( a website I used to love). I think they really did their research on this one. Keep this book away from your dogs because it teaches them all sorts of behavior that we, as their keepers, tend to frown upon. Some of these behaviors include how to embarrass us in front of our friends, or strangers, for that matter; how to escape a bath; how to make a bed out of our clothes; and how to hypnotize us into feeding them from the table. I think my dog Ozzie must've been an anonymous contributor to some of these sections. Great fun read for dog lovers.
Profile Image for Hannah Garden.
976 reviews162 followers
October 2, 2015
FULL DIS I am head over heels with one of the dogs who wrote this book so maybe it is a horrible book don't look at me I have no idea my stomach is like dressed up in a sparkle tutu doing flips and cavorts on a highwire and there is a bunch of shooting beautiful goddamb singular unbroachable stars in my eyes. Pfft.

I am jk it is a v funny book and now that I am 4/10ths dogmom I get it, I get it, dogs rule, they are busy and important and they lick you to smithereens and their sweet little dopey derpy eyes fluttering and squinting as they nestle gently dozing on the pillow beside you will crack the stone of your heart again and again.
Profile Image for SmarterLilac.
1,376 reviews59 followers
October 4, 2010
Cute. Will teach your dog fun things like how to beg most effectively, whether or not to eat other dogs' poop and where human beings go for 8-12 hours a day 9-5 ('Your owner is at work, which is kind of like a kennel for humans. More than likely, he is sitting in a small cube-shaped space...talking to his 'boss,' or Alpha, being generally submissive, and thinking about how badly he wants to go home.') Other tips include how to pick pills out of peanut butter balls and how to wriggle out of degrading costumes.
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