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This Sky

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When he touches me, the sky and the earth switch places

Gemma Sayers has spent the last six days rotting in a hotel room, wallowing in a noxious combination of gin, junk food and self-pity. She’s no stranger to disappointment but nothing could have prepared her for the chaos that unfolded when her celebrity boyfriend publicly humiliated her. Now the fairytale is officially over and Gemma is determined to put the past behind her and strike out to find a new dream. Just a few teeny-tiny details to work out: she’s currently broke, homeless and unemployed.

Landon Young has his own worries. Surfer by day and bartender by night, he doesn’t have the interest or the time to be anyone’s happily-ever-after. Weighed down by the memory of what happened two years ago, Landon can barely keep his head above water.

This Sky is the thoughtful and often funny story about broken trust, an unexpected love and the hopes we keep sewn in the linings of our pockets.

334 pages, Paperback

First published August 11, 2014

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About the author

Autumn Doughton

8 books773 followers
I write books. Fun books. Books for you, your best friend, your favorite barista and that girl you knew back in the tenth grade. I like to write about the things I know. Things like being confused. Being afraid. Falling in love.

When I’m not writing, I’m usually chasing after my two daughters, two dogs, two chinchillas, three cats and one lovely husband. You can find all of us in Florida, where it’s salty, sunny and humid. Bad for the hair. Good for the soul.

I love reading, eating pizza and meeting people who make everybody feel like a somebody. I am allergic to monogrammed towels, pretentious wine snobs, haters and the widely accepted practice of growing up.

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September 6, 2014

Title:This Sky
Author:Autumn Doughton
Release date: August 12, 2014
Rating:4.5 stars

Autumn Doughton is a bonafide artist with words. I enjoyed this story, but most of all, I loved the writing in this book. I'm a sucker for metaphorical writing that resembles poetry and that is exactly what you find in this story. There is such a richness to Autumn's writing, I want to sink into it and never come up for air.


There is such a beauty in her words that transcends your average story. She takes the simplest phrase and turns it into a work of art. She paints a picture for you in sharp Technicolor. If you're not a fan of highly lyrical and introspective dialogue and more a fan of straightforward and simple, this will not be the book for you. But if you're like me, and would rather feel the words rather than just see them, than you might want to check this one out.

This book is about two people who are very much in a transitional phase in their life. A metamorphosis, if you will. And they're definitely not looking for love. Gemma has just had her entire life turned upside down-her boyfriend of two years cheated on her and because he's a semi-famous actor, the whole embarrassing fiasco was plastered all over the internet to her shame. She's broke, heartbroken, and feeling generally lost. But at least she's got a sense of humor about it.

Folks, welcome to Heartbreak City. Last week, I was elected Mayor.

She's feeling downright negative about her life overall and isn't sure how she's going to get herself back on track.

Some caterpillars become moths.
That's me.
A moth.

Moving in with her best friend is hopefully a step in the right direction-she packs up her pet chinchilla and heads on her way. One humiliating meltdown, and a run-in with a stranger who comes to her rescue, and she's arrived. But who would have guessed that the sexy stranger who came to her aid is now living a few doors down...and she's about to find herself face to face with him very soon.

Landon is pretty lost himself. He thought by chasing his one true passion, he'd find hope.
He thought by chasing his oblivion in the waves, he'd erase his debilitating childhood memories from his mind and start fresh. Until it all came crashing down on him. And he's back home wondering where that leaves him now.

Things are shifting.
They're smoking.
Dissolving into air.
Soon, what will be left of me besides echoes and negative space?

I just loved these two together. They were at similar crossroads in their life but when they got together, they had this quirky way of communicating, they found humor in the little things, and had more in common with each other than with anybody they've ever met. They melted my heart, time and again. They had these deep seated feelings for each other but they didn't rush into anything and there was NO insta-love in sight. It felt natural and easy. And it was sweet and beautiful. Even though they tried to keep things simple, life has a way of flipping things upside down.

Landon was a hero with lots of book boyfriend material. He was so incredibly sweet with Gemma. I loved that the dual POV allowed me inside his head, because he had some amazingly beautiful thoughts about our heroine.

She's so gorgeous that it squeezes something inside of me. I'm lost, pulled down by the rush of the tide, forgetting to make myself take in oxygen.

Will Landon be able to find his way back to his one true passion?

Will the solace and peace they find in each other me more than a temporary fix?

I really enjoyed Gemma and Landon's story and the overall breathtaking way in which it was presented. This is definitely not one of those books that are easily forgotten. While the basic story was simple, the storytelling was astounding. But most of all it felt genuine and sincere. This is a really sweet coming of age story with plenty of humor and emotion. I would highly recommend this book if you like this style of writing.


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December 18, 2014
4 and maybe even a tad bit more Stars!

I really liked this read. It was sweet and gentle, yet emotional and romantic at the same time.

Quick Recap: Gemma Sayers is suffering a break-up of epic proportions. She was dumped publicly thru a scandal featuring her hot actor boyfriend. She flees the life of LA and heads to find peace with her lifelong friend. She is immediately welcomed into a life "family" of sorts. She is also put in the vicinity of a very solemn, yet very handsome loner Landon Young. He has his own past and his own demons that make him seek his own peaceful oblivion.

So here is one girl heartbroken, one boy with a broken life...immediately attracted physically and soon connected emotionally. The find release of life with one another. They laugh, they feel, and they let go.

What is supposed to be "no strings" soon turns impossible. At the heart of the story is the concept of public perception, fame and its dark side, and loss of self in a world of success. Gemma's life is being splashed all over the tabloids and Landon's past is full of everything Gemma despises. Fairly predictable that there is so much more to Landon and Gemma than sex, but I will say that I loved that it was Landon who cracked. I loved his tenderness, his sensuality, and his overall adoration of Gemma.

With a bit of drama that isn't too over the top, both have to decide if they are willing to take a risk and fall. Both have to believe that they will be caught! I appreciated that this wasn't a perfect HEA...but more of a "we may be ok." One thing is for sure...they are pretty enjoyable couple, and the read is quite good!

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September 3, 2014

4.5 Stars GR really needs a 1/2 star option - this was more than a 4 but not quite the 5.

“I’m recovering from a broken heart.”
“I’m recovering from a broken life.”

I want to hug this book! I fell head over heels in love with the characters, their story and Autumn Doughton’s wonderful lyrical prose in This Sky. Wow! The way this author would describe a scene! I could envision every demonstrative moment, every nuance of her characters and her vividly descriptive, exquisitely poetic prose had my heart soaring.

‘Pain doesn’t go away because someone kisses it better. Sadness doesn’t recede because a person posts an inspiring quote on your Facebook wall. Grief doesn’t sink into the shades the moment the sun comes up. You can’t sleep your way through misery. There are some hurts that become a part of you.’

This Sky pulled me in immediately as I became part of the story. You know when you’re reading a book and catch yourself grinning like love struck fool? Yep, that was me with This Sky. This story exuded a warmth that enveloped me.

The story was never bogged down with unnecessary angst, the relationship between the characters built at a believable pace, there was no insta love here. The secondary characters were a hoot and left me with a big smile on my face with a sufficient amount of drama to keep me thoroughly invested in Gemma and Landon’s story.

Gemma our heroine was delightful. My heart went out to this girl who had been the subject of public humiliation when a sex tape featuring her actor boyfriend Ren and a waitress, complete with Gemma’s reaction was splattered across social media for all to see.

“Gemma, you can’t stop the tide; but if you don’t stand in the water, it can’t pull you under.”

After wallowing for a while, she takes off with her Chinchilla, Weebit (he is so cute!) to stay with her good friend Julie in San Diego in attempt to start afresh and leave her broken heart and embarrassment behind and it is there she meets up with Julies neighbours Claudia and Smith, who decide what Gemma needs is a rebound guy as a bit of a confidence boost and a distraction from the events that had taken place.

Enter Landon …be still my beating heart……Young, a gorgeous former pro surfer who spectacularly dropped out of the circuit after his life took an unexpected twist was a such beautiful character. This man certainly had his demons but his issues never dragged down the story because this author handled these emotions with sweetness, warmth and humour and it was executed beautifully.

‘Maybe the truth is that all I’ve ever wanted is to be good for somebody else.’

Neither is looking for a relationship and each has major trust issues, though it’s obvious they clearly have chemistry so they decide on a friends with benefits type of relationship but the heart knows what the heart wants and these two could build walls to the stars and eventually something would have to give.

“You were this beautiful, brilliant girl and for once it felt like I had something worth holding.”

As Gemma and Landon opened up and their painful pasts unfolded I found myself welling up as hearts and hurt were exposed, but these moving moments were peppered with fun banter that had me clutching my heart one minute and grinning the next.

The secondary characters were so much fun and provided lots of laughs and love along the way but it was the witty back and forth, the romance, emotion and beauty of the interaction between Landon and Gemma that made my heart all warm and fuzzy.

“You’re beautiful when you’re standing with your face tipped to the sky, when you’re sitting at the bottom of the stairs in the dark, when you’re on the beach, at work. You’re beautiful anywhere you go and I can’t seem to stop watching you. Did that sound creepy as I think it sounded?”

The steam factor wasn’t high in this book but it didn’t need to be because Autumn Doughton conveyed the intimacy perfectly and made me feel every moment of passion without the need for blow by blow (no pun intended) descriptions. There was beauty and feeling in the subtlety of these scenes.

‘At night we lay in his bed, nose-to-nose, our toes brushing and our hands tucked between our bodies, and we trade stories until our throats are raw and scratchy and our eyelids are drooping shut. This is how I learn Landon Young. Inch by inch. Moment by moment.’

Arrgghh see what I mean? I loved this standalone read! It was a perfectly sweet, beautiful, emotional, funny and completely swoonworthy story about hope, friendship, love and self discovery. I would have liked to have spent a little more time with Gemma and Landon because it did feel as though it finished a little too abruptly and I do love my ‘afters’, but that could be because I didn’t want their story to end!


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November 30, 2014
That's all I can say because I'm so in love right now.
I'm in what you would call a honey-moon phase. That phase after you finish a wonderful book and get all these weird and warm feelings inside you. When you can't stop gushing about it and remembering every single scene from the book.
I'm really happy now. I would still be smiling if World War III broke out right now. I might even give the doughnut I'm eating right now to a stranger just because I feel so good.
The writing was just...sigh...it was just really fucking good. I don't know how else to explain except that I was breathless while reading, hanging on to every single word. I loved all the characters. Even the shithead Ren just because he made me laugh at the restaurant scene.
This book, in my opinion, is a work of art. And this author, in my opinion, is a goddamn genius. And this is maybe the most well-written book I've ever read. I read her other book, In This Moment, and I remember also falling in love with the writing and being mesmerized by it. But this was like ten times better. I'm actually scared that her next book will fry my brain cells because of its awesomeness.
What you need to know about me is that I worship well-written books. Even if the story is shitty. Even if the characters are shitty. I will love it. This one had it all: characters, story, writing. I'm so thankful and grateful that I got to read it.
I'm not even biased. I didn't get an ARC, I don't know the author, she isn't my best friend (although I wish she was so I can steal her computer and read everything she ever wrote) and no one paid me.
I could quote you so many things from this book but I won't, because I want you to read them for the first time and catch your breath like I did.
I like you, Autumn Doughton. I like you a lot.
Happy reading!
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October 13, 2014

This Sky tells the story of Gemma Sayers who's semi-famous boyfriend cheated on her, fucking a waitress in the bathroom videotaped. She's humiliated and doesn't go out for 5 days straight.

Then when her best friends lets her move in with her in San Diego she does and meets her friends, friend. She meets Landon Young, the brother of one of the friends. He use to be a pro surfer until something went wrong.

What I really loved about this book was that it was told both in Gemma and Landon's POV and also how Autumn Doughton put in articles to help tell the story which I thought was a nice touch.

This story is about forgiveness, heartbreak, your past and moving forward. I did take a break on this because I wasn't feeling it but this is a good book to read.

This last picture describes both Gemma and Landon. Enjoy and happy reading!

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3,436 reviews443 followers
March 22, 2016
A troubled surfer and a down on her luck wanna-be actress start a friends with benefits relationship. As they fight their demons and their past troubles together, they soon become much more seriously involved. Sounds pretty standard -- but believe me, it turned out to be something much more than I expected. Gemma and Landon were wonderfully drawn characters that caught my attention and held it from start to finish. They needed cheering-on at certain points in their story, and I gave them plenty.

This book was well-written. The story very meaningful and touching. There was enough angst to give the story another layer. I haven't read many surfing hero stories, but Landon certainly brought the sand and surf to life. Gemma had plenty of sass and sparkle. She was nobody's fool. Good cast of secondary characters, too -- including a great dog and a chinchilla.

I've had this one downloaded since sometime last year never getting around to reading it, but I have challenged myself to read one backlist book for every new book read. Glad to say that this was an enjoyable read, and I would recommend it to any romance lover looking for a short and easy read.
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Author 8 books773 followers
August 13, 2014

Thank you all so much for reading! This has been a wild, emotional year for me and I'm so happy to finally bring you this story. The first chapter is available on my blog or right here. I hope you enjoy!

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826 reviews405 followers
May 12, 2015
So, I recently read "In This Moment," also by Doughton, and I praised the author's voice and writing style but had serious issues with the lack of plot umph and layers and a very unsatisfying ending.

Ehhh, I feel like I've almost had the same experience with this book.

Again, the author has a stealthy poetic flow to her writing. She uses analogies that make you feel... Make you see her words. She has a true talent as a wordsmith.

And, again, she has the same problem with her story lacking that umph, those magic moments that burn a book in your mind. It's basically a story of a scorned, skittish girl and a reformed tortured troublemaker badboy that use a no strings/friends with benefits sexual relationship to ease them into a love relationship. There are no layers. There's nothing else of significance. While, some of the thoughts are deep and composed through beautiful words, it remains a mundane story of mundane day-to-day shit devoid of a single "awwwewe," "aha," or "gasp" moment to make the reader remember this story. The author is too linear with her plot & doesn't even attempt any climax.

And, yet, again, the end just isn't satisfying. It's like the the end of the beginning. They finally admit they want more and """"bam""""" the book ends. Unlike with "In This Moment," the author does at least sow some of the ends, but it's laughably brief and unfulfilling. A press release to give readers a few lines about his surfing career and to show they're officially a couple because she's there with him, really?!? All the inner monologues about how she doesn't have a clue what she's going to do with her life...yet, we still have no clue what she's going to do with her life by the end of the book, really?!? Waitressing and being his girl is her finality?!?

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Author 9 books285 followers
April 6, 2015
I have been thinking about this book all weekend. I read it all at once...in one sitting because I was captivated by the phenomenal writing of Autumn Doughton.

I lied.
I wanted you from that moment.
I wanted you, wrapped in starlight and reflections,
To be tied up with strings.
And ropes.
And chains.
I wanted you hanging around my neck
Like a charm I could press to my heart and
Make three wishes on.

I love to read. When I'm not writing I'm reading so there's always a book close by. Sometimes I smile when I read...finish it...and pick up the next one. Then there are times I smile when I read...finish it...and wrap myself up in it, reflect on it, savor it, and hold on to it just a little bit longer. This was that book for me.

“I’m recovering from a broken heart.”
“I’m recovering from a broken life.”

Emma and Landon were real and relatable. There wasn't unnecessary drama or a book full of misunderstandings, but Emma needed time to figure out her feelings, and Landon needed to give her what she needed. They talked, got to know each other, and spent time together.

"At night we lay in his bed, nose-to-nose, our toes brushing and our hands tucked between our bodies, and we trade stories until our throats are raw and scratchy and our eyelids are drooping shut. This is how I learn Landon Young. Inch by inch. Moment by moment."

The story was woven together so beautifully and at times I found myself re-reading passages just because I loved the beauty of it all - line by line. Each word held meaning...deep and powerful. I didn't want the book to end, but when I got to the end I was happy because it was complete. It didn't feel unfinished or leave any loose ends.

To Autumn Doughton... I would like to say this was a great read...a wonderful story...and you my dear are a brilliant story teller.

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Author 17 books792 followers
November 25, 2014
I am a huge fan of Autumn Doughton, and once again she did not fail to deliver with her latest release. This Sky is a beautiful book about heartbreak, ghosts of the past, and slowly finding your way again.

I loved the premise of the novel and was hooked from the first page. When Gemma and Landon meet, sparks fly, and I couldn't wait to see how their story would progress. What ensued was a beautiful story about two people trying to overcome difficult circumstances. The chemistry between Gemma and Landon was amazeballs! Their scenes together were hot, and I loved their conversations.

The side characters were very well-developed and had their own quirky personalities. I loved everything about this book, especially Autumn's writing. Autumn is a poet and the way she weaves sentences is magical. Congratulations to lovely Autumn on another amazing novel.

And, now, I leave you with my favourite quote:

"I am the ocean.
And she—she is the pull of the moon guiding me toward the shore."


This is my lover's book. It's sitting in my inbox but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. I am a bad, bad person BUT I will read this book by the end of the month. I love you, Autumn! Have my babies!
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290 reviews31 followers
January 2, 2015
Holy Amazeballs Batman! That is how you write a new adult book!!! Every other book I have read in this genre suddenly seems so mediocre, the writing was magical. I NEED to read everything else written by this author, like right now.
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13 reviews
October 14, 2014
I honestly cannot wait for Autumn Doughton's fourth book! My eyes are itching to read it.. I will be patiently waiting, even for just a blurp. :)
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Author 2 books500 followers
September 25, 2014

“But Kristin! You only have five stars.” -Haters.

Well to that I say. “Ha! … And you’re not the boss of me.”

I give this book SIX stars.

This is was the Autumn Doughton book I was least excited for, but by far my FAVORITE.

Do yourself- and the world- a favor and read this book.

This is was New Adult is supposed to be, people!!. This whole genera can’t decided if it’s erotica or terrible contemporary. But don't worry, we have a savior!! We have Autumn!! She’s real guys!!

Steamy, but not smutty. BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN, not clique. I read chapter 13 four times in a row, because it’s THAT pretty.

“And that’s how I learn Landon Young. Inch by inch. Moment by moment.”

And then I die. DIEEEEE.

Ms. Doughton does heart wrenching and redeemed and real better than anyone else. I always end up with tears, and for me that’s big. I cry at Harry Potter and that’s about it.

I am still reeling from this book, the stunning images and amazing dialogue. (the last two pages??? UGH- so beautiful my heart aches!!!) This is poetry with a story and a healthy thread of pop culture. Landon is my boyfriend. He might even be my one and only now. That’s how much I love him.

Autumn, you are everything I have ever wanted in an author. Marry me. If I ever meet you, I am going to KISS YOUR FACE. Because we are in love. Accept it and move on.
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483 reviews16 followers
September 4, 2014
Autumn Doughton has a new Fan! I fell in love with her words from the first page. I read a lot. I have a lot of favorite books and authors. This Sky rocked me. I love the lyrical prose of her writing style. It was so fluid and engaging to fall into the story. Gemma and Landon are rich characters that will steal your heart. They both have haunted pasts that they would rather not disclose to each other. They just want to be. Oh. My. Goodness. Their relationship grows at a beautiful pace. There is no need for hotness in this book, because their love is beyond measure on a scale, for me. It felt so real. The secondary characters are fantastic.
I could gush on and on. I am in awe of the story. I will read this book again. There are many passages that took my breath away. Poetic. Visual descriptions truly amazing!
This is a Book I will tell EVERYBODY to read! Love it! Enjoy the experience.

~"I'm recovering from a broken heart."
"I'm recovering from a broken life."

~'At night we lay in his bed, nose-to-nose, our toes brushing and our hands tucked between our bodies, and we trade stories until our throats are raw and scratchy and our eyelids are drooping shut. This is how I learn Landon Young. Inch by inch. Moment by moment.'


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642 reviews1 follower
October 3, 2014

4.5 ★s

I loved this book! I didn't expect to and went into it hoping that I would at least like it. I couldn't put it down. I loved the characters, the storyline (though it's not really anything new), and the writing was beautiful. I could see it all playing out in my head while reading. I just finished it minutes ago and I wish you could see the huge smile it has left on my face. I absolutely loved it!
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824 reviews
September 7, 2014
4.25 stars. Wow for a book I was going to ditch after the first 10% I am bloody glad I didn't! I really enjoyed this in the end and I'm just sad I didn't connect in the beginning. What great writing. "Maybe the point isn't whether or not you become a moth or a butterfly. Maybe the point is that, either way, you've got wings".
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Author 22 books265 followers
January 15, 2014
Oh how I love this story! Autumn is truly an artist!
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188 reviews
August 22, 2014
THIS BOOK WAS SO AWESOME!!! There was so much passion in the words & in the characters! I swear to you every time I read Autumn Doughton's books, I can feel everything!

Landon & Gemma's story was so full of feeling. I swear every time I read one of Autumn Doughton's books, I can feel what her characters feel. It's a pretty amazing feeling to read a book like that. It's amazing to feel that love, that hurt, the need.

I loved loved loved Gemma! I typically don't care for the female in the books as much as the male, but I cared just as much, if not more, for Gemma in This Sky. It was such a great experience reading this book. I loved Landon as well, he was such a sweetheart. I loved how he just went with the flow of things until they came to the place they were supposed to be :)

I need more of her best friend, Landon's sister & Smith!!! I need more of that crazy! LOL!

I love reading books like this because they really make me glad I'm a reader & not a tv watcher! Haha! Thank you Autumn for writing this book! And writing period. I've read all your books & I can't wait till the next one!
197 reviews29 followers
June 16, 2015
I wish I could say This Sky would be memorable, but sadly, that's not the case. It would be a lie if I said I didn't like it, since I did anyway. The prose was beautiful, but not enough for me to crack myself open over it.

One thing perhaps that stood out to me was how This Sky had reminded me of the books I used to read when I was younger. Obviously, this is a book that I would have devoured with all my heart if I was sixteen and more aware of my sadness than anything.

Since I don't particularly hold any strong feelings, writing a review is difficult. This will probably be a great read to the ones that are starting to feel very much lost in their life. I don't think there's a certain age that this book will be appropriate for; it just varies with what you're feeling at the moment. This is just the kind of book that I will probably tell my younger sister to read, just so she feels less alone if ever those morbid feelings arise.

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273 reviews6 followers
July 23, 2015
"It's not about keeping safe behind fences and guardrails. It's about wading out to the edge"

I really really loved this book! It was cute, it was simple (in a good way), it was romantic, it was beautiful.

I love Autumn's writing, she has a way with words, and it gets me every single time.

The characters were great: Gemma is one of those characters you instantly like and can relate to: she's funny, she's smart and she quotes books, songs or movies all the time. Landon is incredibly nice and cute, and I loved him instantly (but who does not like a cute and nice surfer?). They both have a past (he's damaged goods, she's heart broken), they are both scared to find someone, but you find yourself rooting for them.

Basically, I was hooked from the first page, and I definitely recommend this book.

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307 reviews3 followers
September 9, 2014
This Sky is full of...

Bubbles. Yep, the big fat kind from one of those giant holy wands!

Every kind...love bubbles that pop, bubbles that just float along, bubbles that clump together, bubbles that flat out PoP, and bubbles that reach for the sun and make you laugh because you love those damn bubbles! (Metaphor for joy, bare with me. AD inspired me...Lol)

Every word AD writes makes you float. She weaves and wraps the words around your brain. The pictures are right there in front of your face! I could reach out and touch every emotion, love scene (the only time I'm satisfied w/ the non-dirty kind. They are the beautiful kind),heartbreak, and 'real life' happy! All the way to the lovely end...PoP
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Author 4 books40 followers
March 23, 2016
This book had EVERYTHING that I love in a story. Snark, fun, light-hearted love mixed with depth, feels, non-stereotypical characters, and a believable plot. I love a story that can give me an experience, instead of giving me a Girl Meets Boy They Fall In Love. I read a romance a day, sometimes two. It's both an addiction and a drain because sometimes I feel like all storylines are just an extension of a storyline already written. Doughton does a great job breathing new life into the romance genre. So excited to check out Doughton's other work.
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1,459 reviews72 followers
August 14, 2014
Since I'm excited, I'm uploading my teasers for now! Review will be up tomorrow!!!



August 18, 2014
Wow...what a refreshing story. It was filled with humor, sadness, friendship, loss, love and discovery. Gemma & Landon find each other at low points in their lives. Each is looking for something but yet hiding away from everything. The path they embark on leads them to each other yet themselves.

The writing was brilliant and beautiful. You feel as if you are on the beach with sand under your feet and the ocean flowing over them.

Great read and totally recommend!!
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Author 10 books1,307 followers
March 24, 2016
This is one of those books where I kick myself for waiting so long to read it. The writing was captivating - I put my kindle highlighter to work on this one. LOL! It’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly I loved about this book, other than to say it was the perfect mix of everything. It left me with a wonderful warm fuzzy feeling and a need to read more from this “new to me” author. Trust me, you want to read this one!!
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385 reviews
March 22, 2016
This book had been on my kindle for a very long time. Partly because I have so much on my kindle I get overwhelmed, and partly because I clicked it when it was free and I was nervous. How often do free books end up being worth anything?

I'm so glad I gave it a chance. It deserved it. This book is such a great read. I loved the journey I was taken on and I really loved the characters. The writing was gorgeous. The descriptions rich and amazing. I highly, highly recommend this book!
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March 24, 2016
This book is pure beauty. The words were lyrical and beautiful and full of so much meaning that it's hard to write an adequate review. From the first page, the first line of the opening poem, I was hooked. It continued on from there. I couldn't put it down. I neglected everything as I was lost in the words and the story and the characters. I've already one-clicked the author's other books. I cannot WAIT to dive in!
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