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Solving For Ex #1

Solving for Ex

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1 crush on your best friend +
1 gorgeous, scheming new girl +
1 Mathletics competition =
1 big mess


Ashley Price doesn’t have much in life after being bullied so hard she had to leave her old school to live with her aunt and uncle in Pittsburgh. But the camera she borrowed from her best friend and secret crush Brendan, and her off the charts math abilities, make things a lot more bearable. Plus, since Brendan is the captain, making the school Mathletes team should be easy.

But when gorgeous new girl Sofia rolls in and steals Brendan, Ashley's place on the team, and her fragile foothold on the Mansfield Park Prep social totem pole, it’s on. Sofia is everything Ashley left her old school to escape. The only thing Ashley didn’t count on is Sofia’s sexy twin brother Vincent.

Vincent is not only the hottest boy in school, he’s charming, sweet, and he’s got his eye on Ashley. He’s also not taking no for an answer. There's no real reason Ashley shouldn't like Vincent, but with the
battle lines being drawn between her and Sofia, Ashley’s not sure which side he’s on. Or which side she wants him to be on.

She does know Sofia is trouble with a capital T, and she’s determined to make Brendan see it.

SOLVING FOR EX is a YA contemporary romance that remixes Mansfield Park as Clueless meets Mean Girls in a crazy mix of high school society, mathletic competition, and teenage romance.

300 pages, Paperback

First published October 2, 2013

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About the author

LeighAnn Kopans

12 books415 followers
Raised on comic books and classic novels, Leigh Ann developed an early love of science fiction and literature. As an adult, she rediscovered her love for not only reading, but also writing the types of fiction that enchanted her as a teen. Her debut novel, ONE, is about a girl with only half a superpower, the boy who makes her fly, and her struggle to make herself whole.

Leigh Ann, her husband, and four children live in Columbus, Ohio. When she’s not immersed in the world of fiction, you can find her obsessing over the latest superhero movie or using her kids as an excuse to go out for ice cream (again.)

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4,691 reviews1,268 followers
October 14, 2016
Downloaded for free from Amazon.co.uk

This was a YA contemporary romance story involving mathletes.

Brendan and Ashley were both pretty clueless in this book, with neither recognising that the other one liked them as more than a friend.

The storyline in this was pretty predictable really, Brendan and Ashley secretly liked each other, and then Brendan started dating a new girl, and Ashley got sucked in to dating the new girl’s twin brother because she was jealous of Brendon. The story was enjoyable in places, but it was just missing something for me.

The ending to this was predictably a happy one, although I thought that the relationship escalated extremely quickly.

6 out of 10
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373 reviews72 followers
July 15, 2014

This book has a case of "cute concept, bad execution". It sounded adorable, but so many things went wrong for me.

Firstly, this ENTIRE BOOK and all the ensuing drama could have been avoided if the characters had just opened their damn mouths and told the truth about their feelings for each other in the beginning. I get it, rejection is scary, really, I do. I've even been there. But seriously...

Secondly, it was totally predictable. You can see the antagonists and their problems coming from a mile away. I knew exactly how this book was going to end, and it's not exactly difficult to figure out.

And finally, the book freaking ends with Are we not deserving of more? What about the fallout from the competition and the "big" revelation?

While some parts were cute, I'm ultimately left feeling like I wasted my time.
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622 reviews48 followers
July 2, 2014
I don't think words can properly express what this book did to me emotionally. And I will say, not in the good emotional way where when you finish the book you feel happy and emotionally filled to the brim. Nope. Emotional like I wanted to throw my tablet through the window most of the time I was reading this, this is ripping my heart to shreds, why is this happening, and what is up with the creepy twins type of way. Not good. I feel like the only way I can properly express the emotion I felt through this novel is through gifs, so here you go.

The plot:

Brenden & Ashley


Enter new girl...Sophia

Brenden's reaction to Sophia

The way Ashley feels after Brendan abandons Ashley for Sophia

How this made Ashley feel

How this made me feel toward Brenden, and the book in general...

And finally

All in all, I don't feel like Brenden ever treated Ashley right through this entire novel. He betrayed and hurt her in so many ways I cannot even begin to count them. So many things were so hurtful, uncaring, thoughtless, mean, and downright heartless. For someone that is supposedly her "best friend" he did anything and everything to show that he wasn't. I felt like my heart was getting ripped out of my chest for SO MUCH of this book. I couldn't forgive Brenden for his actions or the way he treated Ashley throughout this book. So in the end it was too little WAY too late.

The writing was good, it had to be to make me feel as many emotions as I did when reading this novel. I was sucked in from the first page and had REALLY high hopes for this one. But in the end it was a huge disappointment. So much heartache, poor explanations for characters actions, and way too little at the end to redeem it. Ultimately if it was for the actual story alone this would have been a 1 star read for me, BUT because the writing was good enough to make me feel so many emotions, I had to bump this up to a 2 star read solely because of that reason. I would definitely not recommend this book.

**I read this book along with my friend, Maida. I'm SO glad I had someone to vent to through this process!
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1,042 reviews87 followers
October 18, 2016

Find this review, plus more, on my blog: Booklikes OR Blogger

Basic Info

Pages/Length: n/a
Genre: Young Adult; Contemporary; Romance
Reason For Reading: Challenge

At A Glance

Love Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?:
Triangle, obsession
Cliff Hanger: No
Triggers: n/a
Rating: 1 star

Score Sheet
All out of ten

Cover: 8
Plot: 2
Characters: 2
World Building: 4
Flow: 4
Series Congruity: n/a
Writing: 5
Ending: 1

Total: 3

In Depth

Best Part:
It ended.
Worst Part: Boring!
Thoughts Had: OMG, please stab me.


Continuing the Series:
Recommending: No

Short Review: No, just NO. I did not like this at all. First, we have the MC, who is a wet noodle. Can't stand up for herself at all, and runs from everything. Next, we have love triangle person #1 Brendan, who is the next door neighbor, lame. Love triangle #2 Vincent, some new kid who won't let the MC say no, douche. Then we have Sophia, sister to Vincent, and wants Brendan, "perfect" in every way, but really is a bitch, wow totally unique. Then we have some boring stuff thrown in. Vincent really won't let her say no. I mean he drove 3hrs to basically get in her pants, and freaks the fuck out when she refuses him. Then in the end, we have sex. Boring, predictable, run of the mill in every way. Just no.


Book Boyfriend: PASS
Best Friend Material: PASS
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381 reviews110 followers
April 19, 2017
I've read most of this book many times before. But for some reason, I can never get my fill. Yes I often get annoyed by the clichés and the stereotypes, but I continue reading these books anyways. Because I am a complete 100% unashamed sucker,

Meet Ashley. Her best friend is Brendan. He's smart and handsome. He has blue eyes. She's in love with him, but he doesn't know it because he's an idiot. Suddenly, two gorgeous wins Vincent and Sofia move to their school. Brendan has the hots for Sofia. Ashley gets mad, sad, and jealous. Vincent decides he wants to go after Ashley.

Sofia is a bitch queen. Stereotypical. She is gorgeous, has gorgeous blue eyes, and gorgeous long legs, and gorgeous brown curls. And she wants Brendan. The thing I liked that wasn't stereotypical was that she's actually smart.

I was a sucker for those math jokes. They were awesome! As I said before, don't drink and derive, or else terrible consequences will befall you.

Other than that I really don't have a great deal to say about this book. It was quick, fun, fluffy, and free on Amazon Kindle.

Ashley had to leave her old school because she was very thoroughly bullied because of a false rumor that she slept with the captain of the lacrosse team. Even though it was that guy's girlfriend that began that rumor, Ashley was the one who was relentlessly bullied and called a whore. Not the asshole guy who would've supposedly been cheating on his girlfriend. What the hell is wrong with this system??
February 15, 2015

This was so cute. And a bit unexpected.

I spent more than half of the book disliking Brenden. Let him be Ashley's best friend. Let him be the awesome captain of the super cool Mathletes. Let him be the freaking King of England. I still didn't like him.

Instead, I found myself liking the guy who actually paid attention to Ashley. And who can blame me? He's sweet, funny and hot. Wrong. Turns out, everyone is not who they seem and halfway through the book, I started getting creepy vibes from Mr. Perfect here.

Goddamit. There goes my last chance at liking any one of the 'potential' love interests. At this point, I am hoping that Kopans has some great plan of bringing another smart and hot dude at the end for poor Ashley.

Well, sorta. Turns out, I start liking Brenden and not having a real problem if they ended up together (and since this is YA, you already know the answer)
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379 reviews16 followers
October 19, 2016
Rating: 1/5
***Minor spoilers***

Ashley Price hasn't had the best time in high school. After a horrific rumour about her that stemmed from her refusing to help the cheer squad captain cheat in math, she had to move in with her aunt and uncle since small towns remember everything. There, she met Brendan, who helped pull her from her pit of despair at having lost everything. The new school year is starting, and Ashley is excited. She gets to join Mathletes so she can practice her passion while getting something great for university applications, and gets to spend more time with Brendan, who she's been crushing on since she got to Pittsburgh to live with her aunt and uncle. One simple thing ruins that for her, though - Sofia. Not only is she insanely beautiful and is hanging all over Brendan, but she's also good at math and wants to be on the Mathletes. Ashley's chances at both of those could be ruined by one girl.

I wanted to like this book. I really did. But i just found it way too cliche, predictable, and dull. It's a trope we've all heard about a thousand times. Girl has crush on cute boy. Other girl who is described as an ethereal beauty, who always smells good, looks like a supermodel at the age of 18, and who everyone loves but is secretly a huge you-know-what, swoops in and suddenly expresses interest in said cute boy. Cute boy is interested in other extremely beautiful girl. First girl is extremely heartbroken even though it's so obvious that cute boy likes her back. Add in predictable twists in turns until approximately 300 pages are full.

There are some things about the book I didn't understand, but are spoilers.

Overall, I clearly wasn't impressed with this one. It was a bunch of high school tropes thrown in together with some math on top of it to make it seem less cliche, I guess? The characters were one dimensional, the plot was predictable, and I feel like there was no reason to go on for so long and then squish in a bunch of stuff into one chapter and then call it the end. If you're looking for your next cute romance read, I don't think this is it. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
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94 reviews12 followers
March 20, 2014
You can also find this review on my Blog: The Little Book Pixie

I began to read this book fully knowing it was a retelling of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park so I knew there was going to be a shy demure girl that fell in love with her best friend but the best friend is attracted to the new girl therefore I knew there was going to be angst and pinning for the guy but this book took it to another level. I don’t think there was a single page in the book that didn’t have Ashley thinking how great life would be if Brendan loved her. What bothers me the most is that this book had great potential but it was ruined with all the pinning for Brendan.

-Ashley had all the things to make a great main character: She is smart loves math, very realistic problems and a love for photography but in the book she does nothing but think how unfair it is that Brendan doesn’t like her back and date a guy she admits that she doesn’t like.

-There were many interesting issues that could have been explored a little bit more like Brendan’s mother alcoholism, the way Ashley was bullied in her former school or the consequences Sophia and Vincent would face because of their cheating.

-I found Sofia to be a very boring mean girl, Ashley basically hated her because she was rich, beautiful and going out with Brendan. Another thing that annoyed me was how Ashley always had to say how good Sofia smelled, we get it she smells like flowers, how is that relevant to the plot?

Overall I got very bored so I wouldn’t recommend it very much. As far as retellings go you can see the elements that Mansfield Park inspired but the plot was badly executed
March 16, 2016

Brendon?! She ends up with Brendon?! What the heck did I just read?!

I thought this book was going to be some great journey about Ashley learning to let go of Brendon and fall in love with Vincent, and she ends up with Brendon?! I mean most of the chapters end with these cute little notes and inside joke between Ashley and Vincent. The guy literally covered the ground in chocolate for her! He had a dimple! A dimple I say! And she ends up with Brendon?! I am not happy!!

I was absolutely loving this book, but I got the feeling that Ashley wasn't going to end up with the guy I liked so about halfway through, I skipped to the end. Sure enough, she ends up with the WRONG guy! While the main character spends a lot of time focusing on the guy she ends up with the author gave almost all of the cute scenes to the guy who turns out to be "a jerk" in the end. This book made no sense!

Just thought I would warn anyone who is thinking about reading this one. The book is well written and adorable, but don't get attached to the guy who says and does the sweetest things in the world for the main character. I felt like the moral of the story was "Don't fall for cute amazing guys who treat you with respect because they will always turn out to be jerks. Instead, obsess over a guy who never showed an ounce of interest in you until he saw you with another guy and he just might decide you are worth his time some day."

Oh and there was one mild sexual scene that I noticed at the end of this book (I found the scene when I thankfully skipped to the end. Just glad I didn't fall even more in love with Vincent than I already was.) and there was some cursing.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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840 reviews155 followers
June 24, 2016
I am a huge fan of Leigh Ann Kopans' debut science-fiction/fantasy series One and Two. I love her writing style, as well as her characterization. So when I saw she had written a contemporary, I knew I had to read it! I am so thankful she sent me a copy to read and review, as I absolutely adored this book. Being a high school teacher, I can honestly say I feel Kopans captured teen voice perfectly. I really enjoyed her characters in this novel- they weren't perfect by any means and they made mistakes and could have avoided a lot of drama had they just been more secure and open about their feelings. But, here's the thing: it's pretty rare for teens (especially teen girls!) to just come right out and confess their feelings to another person. Plagued with insecurities and the fear of rejection, it's just not something they do. So, they skirt around and are left feeling bereft for not coming out and saying what they want and sometimes- it becomes too late.

I really like how much of this YA book is actually set in the high school setting. Too often I read YA contemporaries and I don't really see their day to day lives- going to school, sitting through classes, doing homework, dealing with parents. Seeing all of those elements really made this book that much more realistic to me. I felt this was a good representation of a teenager's life and that is one of the biggest things that drew me in to this story.

Our main character Ashley had to leave her old school due to bullying and vicious rumors that were spread about her. My heart ached for Ashley as she in no way had done anything wrong- on the contrary- she stood her ground and let her moral compass point her true and it was thrown back in her face all because she wouldn't compromise her integrity. As a teacher, I see the effects bullying has on students and while it may seem like running to some, I don't blame Ashley or her parents for sending her to live with her aunt and uncle to get a fresh start. It is through this move that she meets her best friend Brendan, who lives next door. Brendan is her one true friend, who knows everything about her, including the fact that she suffers from depression. He is a bit nerdy, but he is popular because of his overall friendliness and genuine attitude towards others. He also happens to be oblivious that Ashley is in love with him. She is too shy to tell him the truth, but she also fears his not feeling the same. Any person would be hesitant to tell their best friend they are in love with them. If the feelings are not reciprocated, you have to be worried about things being weird or strained, and Ashley needs Brendan entirely too much to have that happen, so naturally she withholds that information.

Things start to change once siblings Sofia and Vincent move to town. Both are gorgeous and have insta-popularity at school. Sofia latches on to Brendan almost immediately and he starts spending time with her, thus creating a rift between him and Ashley. Vincent swoops in and starts giving her the attention that Brendan has not. Although Vincent is kind and sweet to her, she's constantly aware that he can't fill Brendan's shoes. He makes her feel unsettled and I have to admit, I was wary of Vincent from the get-go. How interesting it is that two gorgeous new kids come to town and immediately insert themselves in both Ash and Brendan's lives, thus distancing them from one another? It really makes me question their intentions and motivation behind it!

I could not stand Sofia at all. Brendan is a guy, so naturally he is attracted to her. Finally someone is showing interest in him and he doesn't pull away from her. Sofia is the epitome of the fake, mean girl we all love to hate in novels and I was ready on more than one occasion for Ash to tell her how it is, but that's never been Ash's style. She watches as she steals Brendan away from her and doesn't do anything about it but silently hurt over the loss of her best friend.

While I adored Brendan, there were multiple times I was ready to knock him upside the head. There are some moments where it looks like he's going to put himself out there and maybe show that he does feel something for Ash in return, but he always seems to hold himself back. He is confused by Vincent and Ash spending time together in the beginning, and then later becomes jealous. I was a little irritated at the whole, 'oh you're spending time with him, well fine I'm going to spend time with her' that Ash and Brendan had going on. It did seem a bit childish, but I think both of them were confused about their own feelings to really get the bigger picture. There is one thing that upset me greatly about Brendan towards the end climax and I was quite unhappy that he didn't man up and do something he should have done once all had been revealed. I obviously don't want to spoil anything, but needless to say I felt it was a bit out of character for him to be so passive regarding this situation.

Vincent, Vincent, Vincent. Something never sat right with me about him. He plays the part of the hero a little too well and I couldn't help but wonder as to whether his intentions were honest or not. He has a few moments where I genuinely liked him, but you know me and my whole love for the best friends falling for each other trope. I will say my feelings for Vincent cemented themselves as he does show his true colors towards the end of the novel. Again- no spoilers, but boy was ASKING for a beat down.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story! I loved seeing how the Mathlete competition was so pivotal to the storyline as well as seeing the cute little Math equations throughout the book. I hate Math and I don't pretend to understand it at all, but it was super cute nonetheless. I also really liked seeing Ash come into her own and realize her mistakes concerning Brendan, but also her willingness to move forward and finally stand up for what was right, no matter the consequences.

*Received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.*
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539 reviews127 followers
February 23, 2014
The description made this book sound way better than it was.


I liked that math was “cool” at Mansfield High, but that was about it. Ashley was a total brainiac who suffered from depression because she was bullied at her school. She was bullied because she didn’t let the popular girls cheat off her in math class. So they spread nasty rumors about her sleeping around with boys and then everything went to hell. This was explained in one or two sentences like it was nothing. *frown*

Then of course, as soon as she transfers to Mansfield High, she meets Brendan. The cool Mathlete who fit in w/ the Populars and the Geeks alike – the guy that looked like a “roman warrior” with piercing blue eyes; he, of course, saves her from herself and she starts crushing on him. Big time. Like, stalker-obsessive-pathetic type crush. *deeper frown*

Enter two hot new twin transfers. They kind of ruin Ashley & Brendan’s best friend groove, and things get messy. But not truly. *forehead wrinkle angry face*

Brendan was kind of blind and a pushover. I felt cheated with Vincent, cause I was actually rooting for him. And then with Sofia, I was disappointed. So, a pretty girl who “smells like flowers” can’t just be smart & sweet? *triple sigh*

This book was chock-full of one stereotype replacing another. The math equations & side notes were a cute addition, but the chemistry was just NOT on. It was hard for me to accept how everything got resolved with a happily ever after.

I wanted to know more about Ashley’s depression. And why Brendan never “knew” how he felt about her before she went all ga-ga over him; why Vincent and Sofia were “villainized” cause of their good looks and new student status. I would’ve been OK with Ashley’s decision even if The Power Twins & Brendan didn’t do what they did. But I felt like the author was grasping at straws, trying to make the prospective relationships FAIL, just so Ashley could get with her OTL. Psh.

All in all, the writing was too simple for me. The feel-good factor was there, but just barely. There really weren’t any Mean Girl moments; Brendan was a weak hero, and Ashley a weaker heroine. They probably deserved each other, though by the end of it, I just did not care.

I can’t say I’d recommend this, though I could see some enjoying the overall lighthearted tone and very simple plot.
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322 reviews586 followers
October 15, 2016
Solving for Ex was such a fun and cute contemporary read! It’s an addictive mixture of Mansfield Park meets Clueless meets Mean Girls with a dash of humorous high school drama and romance. I enjoyed every page of it and finished it in just two sittings. It's not the most amazing contemporary high school romance ever, but is guaranteed to hook you and hold your attention for a large part of the story.

The book follows a girl named Ashley Price who is insanely good in math. Having been bullied so hard in her old school that she had to move to Pittsburgh with her aunt and uncle, she has managed to secure some status here, due to her stellar math abilities and the fact that her best friend and secret crush Brendan is handsome and popular. Her dream is to get into the Mathletes team this year and make it to the state championship. And with Brendan as the team captain, that shouldn’t be too difficult.

But when gorgeous new girl Sofia rolls in and steals Brendan, Ashley's place on the team, and her fragile foothold on the Mansfield Park Prep social totem pole, it’s on. Sofia is everything Ashley left her old school to escape. The only thing Ashley didn’t count on is Sofia’s sexy twin brother Vincent. Vincent is not only the hottest boy in school, he’s charming, sweet, and he’s got his eye on Ashley. He’s also not taking no for an answer. There's no real reason Ashley shouldn't like Vincent, but with the
battle lines being drawn between her and Sofia, Ashley’s not sure which side he’s on. Or which side she wants him to be on.

I felt that the angst (it’s a high school romance book. Of course there’s angst) in this book was written fairly well. It wasn’t shoved down the reader’s throat and didn’t repeat itself too much either. I liked Ashley’s character development and thoroughly enjoyed watching her come out of her self-imposed shell.

The story maintains a light tone throughout, making it very easy and enjoyable to read. Oh, and I also thought that the little notes with math puns and jokes at the end of some chapters were unique and rather cute. At first I was rooting so hard for Vincent. But then a certain twist in the story completely changed my mind about him. I found his sudden change in attitude toward Ashley a little OOC though. If that had been less rushed and more developed it would be so much better. The HEA at the end just felt too rushed as well. This is the problem with a love triangle.

Overall, the concept of the book is quite interesting but the plot is nothing out of the ordinary. However, if you're looking for a short, humorous, fun contemporary read with a little unique twist to brighten up your day, this is definitely a book for you!
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1,069 reviews837 followers
July 29, 2014
***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***

Solving for Ex by Leigh Ann Kopans
Publication Date: February 11, 2014
Rating: 2 stars
Source: Bought from Amazon

Summary (from Goodreads):

1 crush on your best friend +
1 gorgeous, scheming new girl +
1 Mathletics competition =
1 big mess


Ashley Price doesn’t have much in life after being bullied so hard she had to leave her old school to live with her aunt and uncle in Pittsburgh. But the camera she borrowed from her best friend and secret crush Brendan, and her off the charts math abilities, make things a lot more bearable. Plus, since Brendan is the captain, making the school Mathletes team should be easy.

But when gorgeous new girl Sofia rolls in and steals Brendan, Ashley's place on the team, and her fragile foothold on the Mansfield Park Prep social totem pole, it’s on. Sofia is everything Ashley left her old school to escape. The only thing Ashley didn’t count on is Sofia’s sexy twin brother Vincent.

Vincent is not only the hottest boy in school, he’s charming, sweet, and he’s got his eye on Ashley. He’s also not taking no for an answer. There's no real reason Ashley shouldn't like Vincent, but with the battle lines being drawn between her and Sofia, Ashley’s not sure which side he’s on. Or which side she wants him to be on.

She does know Sofia is trouble with a capital T, and she’s determined to make Brendan see it.

SOLVING FOR EX is a YA contemporary romance that remixes Mansfield Park as Clueless meets Mean Girls in a crazy mix of high school society, mathletic competition, and teenage romance.

What I Liked:

This book came highly recommended to me by a good friend, Pili of In Love with Handmade! I know, I know, my rating for this book is pretty poor. This is one of those books that you think you'll absolutely love, try so hard to love it, and ultimately, don't. I thought the romance and the mathy premise would be enough for me to love this one, but there was so much more to this book, in a good and bad way.

Ashley has been in love with Brendan since she moved to Mansfield Park a year or two ago, but he is so clueless, it's unreal. Then twins Sofia and Vincent move to Mansfield Park. Sofia immediately latches on to Brendan, taking all of his attention from Ashley - and taking Ashley's spot on the Mathletes team as well. Vincent, on the other hand, seems genuinely taken with Ashley. Shouldn't all end well? Well, no, because Ashley is wary of Vincent, hates Sofia, and is still painfully in love with Brendan.

The first half of this book really interested me - I couldn't take my eyes away from the pages! The first half dealt with the arrival of Sofia and Vincent, and how Brendan and Ashley reacted to the twins. I liked seeing Ashley get jealous of Sofia, but then I liked seeing Ashley spend time away from Brendan. Brendan is so clueless, but occasionally he'll notice that his best friend isn't hanging off his arm anymore.

I liked the romance up until it started getting annoying, which I know is really vague, but if you read this one (which you probably won't), you'll see what I mean. I liked Vincent and Ashley together - he seemed genuine and kind and a little too perfect. But towards the end, I was sick of everyone.

I didn't like the end. Read on for more.

What I Did Not Like:

The characters, the romance (overall), the ending. Three huge things that were really, really bad in this book. Totally ruined this book.

I'll start with the characters, and with Ashley. I didn't dislike Ashley, to be honest. But I found her a bit flaky, and she definitely strung Vincent along, in my opinion. If I were in her position, I might have used Vincent a little, to make Brendan jealous, just as Ashley did. But not to the point that Vincent might have started wanting more. Hanging out is one thing. Driving hours to see the other is another thing entirely.

I flat-out hated Brendan. What. An. Idiot. I don't dislike him for not noticing that Ashley loved him or whatever. No, I didn't like him because he is so stupid! I think this is the way the author developed his character- it was so poor. Brendan seemed TOO perfect in the goofy, sweet, clueless guy way. I've never met a person even close to what Brendan seemed to be like (and that's saying something, being a teenage college student around thousands of people). I think his character was underdeveloped, because it seemed like Brendan lacked substance. Or maybe that was supposed to be part of his "appeal".

Hated Sofia. Liked Vincent until the author seemed to force bad things down his throat. It was so forced, the way the author tried to turn Vincent into the "villain" with Sofia. Sofia, I could see being sadistic and twisted. Vincent, I couldn't. The author really forced his flaws and "bad deeds" into the story. So badly done.

Literally everything about the ending was poor. The romance SUCKED BALLS (pardon my language). I am SO ANGRY that everything ended cookie-cutter perfect for Ashley and Brendan. I think it must really difficult for authors for make a story in which one best friend is in love with the other, and the other one is NOT in love with the other, nor does he realize that he is, because he NEVER IS. WHY is that so difficult, or so unused?! I seriously rooted against Ashley and Brendan the entire story, even though part of me knew what was coming. Cue the vomiting. How cliche. ESPECIALLY when the author started incorporating all the negative things that made Vincent seem like a bad person. Horrible foreshadowing, awful decomposition of a character, and unbelievable destruction of the romance.

As much as I love a good romance, I'm quite cynical when it comes to romance. Why can't Ashley be with no one? Or neither Vincent nor Brendan? What's wrong with being solo? Or moving back to her old town? Or something else. Ugh. When I finished this book, I probably had the biggest WTF expression on my face. I'm not sure what was going on with this book, but whatever it was, it wasn't well-created.

Would I Recommend It:

Hmmm, not really. Honestly, I would have passed this one straight if Pili hadn't recommended it! And it was something that I totally thought I would enjoy (brainy heroine, unrequited love with the best friend, new guy, and math math math!), but I didn't. And that's okay! But I suppose that could serve as a warning.


2 stars. Nice try. I enjoyed half of this book, but the second half killed everything, literally obliterated any chance of me loving (or even liking) this book. Which is really sad for me. And for those of you wondering about the recommendation - fear not! Pili recommended Pivot Point by Kasie West next, and I am really excited for that one! Catch my review next month!
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Shelved as 'did-not-finish-or-not-for-me'
June 6, 2018
Not for me. Made it 20% in and then skimmed a few chapters.

Content: Lots of language including multiple uses of the F word, teenage sex
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November 30, 2013
Author provided an arc for an honest review.

While Solving for Ex is a modern-day Mansfield Park, that is one of Austen's novels I haven't read (for shame...I know), which I actually liked because I didn't know how this book was going to turn out.

From page one we know that Ashley has a crush on Brendan, her best friend, but we watch in agony as he a)doesn't notice her the way he should and b)starts spending time with new girl (and total mean girl) Sofia. Enter Sofia's brother, Vincent, who is GORGEOUS. Girls throw themselves at him, but he only has eyes for Ashley. Is he too good to be true or just what Ashley needs--a boy who truly sees her?

All of this revolves around Mansfield Prep's Mathletes team, headed by Brendan. Ashley wants a spot on the team not just because she loves and is great at math but because she needs to build her high school resume for college. Oh, right. Sofia and Vincent are great at math too, and when it comes to the two girls, there's only one spot on the team and one who can win Brendan's heart.

Kopans does a great job dealing with the gamut of emotions teens go through trying to fit in, find happiness, and show the strength needed to stand up for what's right, even if it means the possibility of losing what you love...or who you love. And even if you aren't a mathlete yourself, you will love the interstitial math notes the characters write to each other.

Solving for Ex left me with feels and smiles. Keep your eye out for its February release!

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March 24, 2014
Cute. Annoying at times but still cute. Maybe 3.5 stars?

**mini review**

I love best friends romances. But for a long time, I wasn't sure that's where this story was headed. And that was okay. Until it wasn't. I'm being intentionally vague, but there's just so much miscommunication and avoidance and underhandedness among the characters in this story that I just couldn't appreciate it for the cute little romance it endeavored to be.

Solving for Ex has its moments. Those nerdy math jokes were really cute. And both Brendan and Ashley were adorably clueless. But bad decision-making and stereotypical behavior made the rest of the story sort of tedious. Beyond that, it was easy to guess the plot twist that shifted everything for the characters.

While this book wasn't quite what I was expecting, I still had fun reading it and enjoyed myself enough that I still want to pick up the author's other series. I'm sure many readers will find this book absolutely adorable, but I'm looking for just a bit more from my contemporary reads.

GIF it to me straight:
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July 2, 2014
I know that the novel— Solving for Ex— is supposed to be a modern-day retelling of Jane Austen's classic— Masnfield Park. Well, I read Mansfield Park, and I don't ever recall wanting to kill any of that novel's characters the way that I wanted to injure & maim Brendan (the "hero" in Solving for Ex). His actions towards Ashley— the novel's heroine & Brendan's "best friend"— were just too hurtful. In fact, 90% of the novel is one long stream of never-ending pain for & betrayal of our beloved heroine. I have to give the author credit, however. She has a talent for writing about the most acute kind of emotional pain; the pain radiated off each page & pierced me right in the chest. Sadly, in spite of the effective writing, I cannot give this novel more than 2 stars. The novel left me with an overall feeling of dissatisfaction and fury. Furthermore, there were just too many gaps in the storyline, & Brendan's obnoxious and abhorrent behavior was never adequately explained. The explanation was tenuous, at best, and it in no way warranted an HEA.

*2/5 stars*

*** Thank you to Amber for the buddy-read & for suffering with me through these 300 pages of heartache.

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July 24, 2014
So, this sounded cute and while Mansfield Park is not a favorite of mine, I do enjoy modern retellings of it. I particularly liked that in this version they were next door neighbors and best friends! I actually thought it was pretty good, except for the content. I ended up reading the first eight chapters and out of curiosity skipped to the last chapter, where things really went downhill for me.

Not one I'd recommend to those whole like clean reads or for teens.

Content: lots of language (A, D, G, S etc) and teen sex (doors ajar). Not a clean read.
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October 19, 2016
Described as a curious mix of Mean Girls and Clueless with a focus on maths, I wasn't sure if I'd get into this. It is those things, but it's also a quite charming love story that entertained me throughout.
Ashley has, due to some pretty serious bullying, moved schools. She's desperately in love with her best friend, but too scared to say anything. Content to hang around the sidelines, spending time with Brendan doing nerdy maths problems, Ashley imagines that's how her year will go.
Unfortunately she didn't count on the new kids, Sofia and Vincent, coming in and sabotaging everything.
It's an easy read, and you kind of suspect where this is going to end up, but it didn't stop me enjoying it (and even finding the maths quite funny)! I'm not totally convinced by the ending-it all seemed a bit rushed...particularly because we're told it happens twice!
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August 27, 2016
We are The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club, to know more about this book, go to the post in our website:

Solving For Ex by Leigh Ann Kopans

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The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club

The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club's Review:

Rate: 4 stars


Solving for Ex was definitely a quick read. This sweet, romantic and lovable Aussie story, won my heart the very first time I read about the Mathletes and couldn't stop reading it until I knew all about Ashley's story.

Who's not been in love with the boy next door that turns out to be your best friend? Or have seen a friend going through this situation? Ashley's story is so believable and real just for his love drama: she's had some problems in her old school and Brendan was the only one that made her smile after the incident. They became fast friends and best friends after that and since that moment, Ashley's been in love with Brendan, but not knowing how to tell him.

Moreover, her story entangles even more when a new couple comes to her new high school: Sofia and Vincent. These two brothers put Ashley's world upside down. Vincent seems to be into Ashley and won't stop asking her out and Brendan has only eyes for Sofia, always drooling at every word she says, making Ashley sick. But Sofia's not only willing to steal Brendan from Ashley, she's also trying to steal Ashely's spot on the Mathletes.

I loved this story because it goes through different stages in a crush. First, Ashley is devoted to her feelings to Brendan, still trying to make herself a spot in Brendan's love life. After trying so hard and receiving only deception, she tries to forget her feelings for Brendan by going out with the boy that really wants to be with her and is really trying to win Ashley over: Vincent. Then, there's the realization stage. It was a great story that anyone can feel related to and/or love it because of Ashley's situation.

The characters have their own perfect personality. Ashley and Brendan are best friends because they are kind of alike: they both like maths and they study really hard, they don't like cheaters and they always try to do the right thing. They could be call geeks and that's one of the things I loved about these two. Sofia and Vincent are shown like the cool, rich kids that are always doing crazy things and not caring about the consequences. The completely opposite of Ashley and Brendan.
Ashley's the main character and you read the story from her point of view. I like that she's an average girl, shy and with a problems in the background that made her feel insecure. However, non of this mater when she was with Brendan. She's happy, sweet and even funny. I like her personality and the fact that she expressed her passion for photography. Despite her crush on Brendan and him not acting like himself when Sofia's in the picture, she's not all the time whining about how miserable is her life and I admire that. I would have been wining all the time, If I were her.

Throughout the story, there's a lot of things going on. The author didn't just focus the story on Ashley's crush on Brendan and make her spill all her feelings in the 300 pages of the book. It's also explained the story of Ashley when Vincent and Sofia arrive to her school and how they both put everything upside down and make Ashley's life completely different and make her do things she'd normally not do.
Obviously, there's a lot of drama and heartbreak, but there's also a undying truth behind all this story that you learn after reading the climax of the book and you find out some shocking and infuriating truths. At least that's how I felt with two of the characters (not saying more!).

Overall, I devoured this book 'cause it was a sweet change for a while. I needed some story about a girl with a crush and trying to make herself visible in the eyes of the boy she liked, and Solving For Ex gave me that with a little bit of funny maths in the middle.
What I loved was the "math jokes" that you can find after finishing a chapter: conversations between Ashley and Vincent during classes. Those were my favorite moments and I looked forward to see the next "math joke" after starting a new chapter.

I highly recommend Solving For Ex if you're looking for a sweet, lovable and challenging romance story. Leigh Ann did a wonderful job and you don't want to miss it!

Dream Cast:

Chloë Grace Moretz as Ashley
David Henrie as Brendan
Bella Thorne as Sofia
Daniel Sharman as Vincent

Leigh's Dream Cast:


Meaghan Martin as Ashley
David Henrie as Brendan
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January 24, 2014
Solving for Ex by Leigh Ann Kopans is one of those stories that yanked me right in and I couldn't put it down until I finished. I love, love, love the whole friends to more story and Kopans not only does this one really well, she does it in a way that made me want more.

Due to being bullied, Ashley moved in with her aunt and uncle and meets Brendan. They quickly become best friends and connect over their love of math. As Ashley and Brendan begin the school year, they both expect her to make the Mathletes team and Ashley hopes that she will get up the courage to say something to Brendan about her crush on him.

Unfortunately for Ashley, there is a gorgeous new girl named Sofia who happens to catch Brendan’s eye. Add Sofia’s sexy twin brother, Vincent to the mix and things quickly veer off course for her. Sofia immediately makes it known that she wants to try out for Mathletes and that she likes Brendan. Ashley begins to worry that not only is her place on the team in jeopardy but her relationship with Brendan is threatened too.

As Ashley comes to terms with what she sees happening between Sofia and Brendan, Vincent starts to make a play for her attention and I have to say, most of my highlights are those parts of the story revolving around Vincent. When he was trying to be swoony he was definitely swoony. I have to admit also, that for most of the story I was annoyed with Brendan because he was falling for Sofia’s tricks and so oblivious to what Ashley felt for him.

I loved how Kopans tied this whole story together. It is more than just a girl likes a boy. Ashley is dealing with depression and bullying and eventually being separated from her family. She is the new girl at a prep school and trying to adapt/fit in. One of the other things I loved was the nerdy math notes throughout the book. Even though I would in no way ever be able to solve most of them, I thought they really made the math part of the story come out.

I don’t want to give anything away on this one but just know that you will want to check this one out. Kopans writes a wonderful Young Adult Romance here that will have you turning the pages to see what happens next for these characters. I have never been disappointed by Kopans’ stories yet and this one only solidified her place on my auto-buy list. I couldn't put this one down and am excited for others to get a chance to read this one.
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March 4, 2014
Solving Ex was such a fun, cute read! I read this delightful contemporary at just the right time, when I needed something addicting and adorable! All you have to do is look at the cover and you will start to see how fun this book was.

I loved how Solving for Ex incorporated awesome math into so many pages! While I hate math homework, I am a fan of math itself and it was so refreshing to read about the Ashley’s Mathletes team.

Also, this book managed to surprise me. Perhaps I am just not a good guesser, but I felt like the author successfully hinted at a false ending. I was pleasantly surprised about the events that unfolded at the end of the book. The ending definitely bumped up my rating of Solving for Ex to four stars!

Ashley was is no way a flawless narrater. She has realistic faults. However, I liked that she loved math. Also, I liked reading from her entertaining viewpoint. There were time I didn’t like Ashley’s decision making skills, but overall I though that Kopans has created a pretty cool main character.

Overall, math fans and people in a contemporary mood will gobble up Solving for Ex. I cannot wait to see what Kopans publishes next!

*I received Solving For Ex for free in exchange for an honest review. I was not bribed with money, a free math tutor, or a fluffy chihuahua.*

4/5 Stars
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February 26, 2014
I am kind of bummed to only give three stars to this because I have been waiting for this maybe for a month but.... the story sadly did not reach my expectations (Remind me not to expect big....again). But you know it still got three stars from me, so...

After reading the blurb, it piqued my interest and I thought I was going to enjoy it. But then.... I don't know... I guess it wasn't just for me. I mean, I kind of just finished it just for the sake of finishing it. It wasn't bad or anything, I just didn't enjoy the story like I thought I would. And honestly, I kind of predicted who she was going to end up with at the end. I kind of hinted at it from Ashley's dialogue. But yeah, I guess my detachment with the book started when Ashley kept complaining and whining how Brendan didn't like her back and stuff.

Don't get me wrong, it had its moments but it was just like...okay for me. Maybe I was just not in the mood? I don't know...

Anyway, 3 not-quite stars!
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October 2, 2017
I gave this book 2.5 stars.

I wish the love square in this book hadn't involved so much back and forth. The main character didn't seem to know what she wanted and suffered from a case of "hero syndrome" where she falls for her best friend just because he helped her through a tough time in her life. What really saved this book for me was the fact that it took place in Pittsburgh and mentioned my alma mater, Carnegie Mellon, in passing (petty I know). Other than that, you're better off reading another Contemporary YA to pass the time like The Fine Art of Pretending. All in all, it was a pretty okay book in terms of being a palate cleanser after reading Prayers For The Stolen by Jennifer Clememt.
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October 28, 2016
The story started out interesting and stayed that way for a chapter or two, then it slowly became silly. Ashley and Brendan were okay characters, but they weren't all that likable and a story like this has to have the main characters be likable. The ending was just predictable and really boring. All in all, not a book I'd recommend.

2.5 stars
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October 15, 2016
Not one I loved, but it wasn't a bad read overall.
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July 1, 2018
This is a YA loose retelling of Mansfield Park that I picked up free on Amazon.

I have, uh, complicated feelings about the original source material (probably my least favorite of Austen's full-length novels and one that I haven't reread in a long time), so maybe no surprise that I felt similarly about this one. I don't always mind love triangles in books, so that bothered me less than it might have some other readers. Also, I'm not putting a spoiler tag on this because none of it was a surprise to me given I figured out right away that it was a retelling, so I knew who Ashley would end up with.

To start with, I couldn't really wrap my head around the amount of bullying Ashley went through at her old school that caused her to switch halfway through the year to Mansfield Prep. Not because bullying like that doesn't happen, but because it felt like something that should've been in a much more serious book? And then there is her depression, which isn't talked about much after the first couple of chapters. There was a lot of material there to work with that just kind of... petered out. (Not saying this had to be a story ABOUT a girl with depression, more that it... sometimes felt like a plot device.) Also Brendan's mom has alcoholism and that's barely mentioned once or twice??

This book takes a sledgehammer to subtlety in some areas when it comes to Sofia and Vincent and making them the Bad Guys in a way that was disappointing because, again, sledgehammer. Also, I felt like Brendan kept changing his mind. He didn't like Sofia and thought she was fake. Then he liked her? Then he didn't. Then he did? I was like, make up your mind!

Also, I just cringe when YA books are very liberal with the use of "bitch" to describe other female characters. Even if Sofia was horrible.

Something about this book just felt a little... underdeveloped, I guess, but it wasn't all bad. I don't think I've ever read a retelling of MP before, so fair play trying to turn that into a modern-day setting.
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September 30, 2017
I had mixed feelings about this book. There is so much I enjoyed - like the characters, I liked them a lot. But some of the running storylines of the book didn’t feel like they really completed ever.

For example, Brendan’s home life seemed like it was going to play a much larger role, but just kind of had a meh kind of existence. Same with Ashley’s Family. As a mother I just...don’t understand her relationship with her mother at all.

Vincent and Sofia, I feel like the intentions behind their behavior was very flimsy, OR simply not played out well enough. Vincent was very confusing to me. I didn’t hate him and often I felt like the book was meant to have us rooting for him, while Sofia was just not a likable character.

Then in the end - the real relationships that you were waiting on was rushed and not all that satisfying to me.

BUT I loved Ashley’s voice through the whole book. I enjoyed her growth as a character, especially when she put Brendan in his place. I loved the nerdy aspects - the notes at chapter breaks were fun! And I loved Ashley and Brendan together. The way they flowed like water together as people. I felt a connection for them all through the book.
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February 6, 2018
I understand that miscommunications happen and that friends are often scared to speak up about their feelings for each other for fear of losing the friendship. What I didn’t enjoy about this book was that it went beyond miscommunication and into disrespect.

The more I think about this story the more upset I get at Brendon. How did he manage to make it seem like Ash was the one who was hurting him? He was the one who went all stupid when Sofia showed up. Then he plays the victim because nobody ever showed him any interest, yet he knew that Ash was going to ask him to Sadie and it didn’t open his eyes. Then the camera thing and the matheletes team try-outs. Grrrr.

This is why I can be hesitant to read YA as an adult. I get it, teens are not the brightest and most experienced when it comes to love and they are bound to make mistakes (much like adults) but they tend to be more frustrating mistakes than I can deal with. That being said, I think this is probably a perfectly good story for an actual teen to read.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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March 7, 2014
Boricuan Bookworms- Book Reviews

Solving for Ex and I started off on a really nice note. I enjoyed that it stuck true to its maths theme throughout the whole story. I enjoyed that Ashley wasn’t just implied smart, but that we could actually see her being smart in math (the opposite of me, actually).

I liked that there were math jokes thrown in here and there. And despite everything, the romance between Vincent and Ashley was cute (until it wasn’t anymore, but more on that later).

Ashley’s character was developed pretty well, and I can definitely say her character grew throughout the novel. She starts off tolerable, turns completely annoying, and then matures somewhat by the end of the book (also, more on that later).

Everything in this book set up for me falling head over heels in love with a cute, romantic, contemporary YA novel.

I think that my problem with this book was ironically Ashley. I couldn’t really understand her at times. She said she was madly in love with Brendan, but didn’t know why.
"I was in love with Brendan because he was Brendan, and I was me, and we were perfect for each other."

I could understand that Brendan was a good friend to her and helped her get out of her mayor depression, but I felt like Ashley was more fixated on him that anything.

Also, Ashley’s attitude was really uncalled for. You’d think that since she’s a victim of bullying, she’d be more careful of being judgmental (since she knows how hard it is to be judged). But, she’s judgmental throughout the whole book! She would quickly make up her mind about a person, and start forming opinions on them (when she didn’t know them!).

I think other than Ashley’s personality; I couldn’t seem to understand Brendan at all. I wanted to see why it was that Ashley felt the way she did about Brendan, but I never felt like I got a glimpse of his personality to fall for him just like Ashley did.

Vincent & Ashley’s relationship was… special. I liked that Vincent was there. I liked how cute he was with Ashley. Only problem? It was too perfect Vincent always knew what to say and what to do, which is why when this big plot twist occurs, you’re not really that surprised.

While discussing with Jennifer about this, I realize that I would’ve probably loved this book more if I had at least seen the Mansfield Park movie.

However, don’t let my review discourage you. I did enjoy myself a bit, and if you’re just looking for a cute and fluffy read, then you might enjoy this book.

Rating: 3 stars
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