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Fate #2

Breaking Brandon

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He ruled out attachments years ago. Then one day he crosses paths with a beautiful but pampered daddy's little princess. History has taught him one thing about women like her—steer clear.

She was starting over. She moved back to her home town, took a new job assignment, and left her past behind. For the first time in over eighteen months, she's even intrigued by a man—a sexy but cold and indifferent drill sergeant. Despite feeling drawn to him, she has no time to figure out his inexplicable aversion to her.

Then Fate steps in one night, forcing them together. There's a connection neither can refute, and they both consider giving into the undeniable attraction.

Fate however can also be cruel. Just when they surrender to their heart's desires, past demons resurface in the most unexpected way, threatening the happiness neither realized they so desperately needed.

New Adult Contemporary. Mature Content. Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and language. Fate is a Moreno Brothers spinoff series.

333 pages, ebook

First published November 26, 2013

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About the author

Elizabeth Reyes

65 books4,094 followers
Elizabeth Reyes is a USA Today Best Selling Author of The Moreno Brothers, 5th Street, Fate, Looking Glass, De Luca Boys series' and two stand alone novels Desert Heat, & Defining Love.

Join the fun and become a royal member of TeamReyes and enjoy the perks of early announcements,cover reveals teasers, including exclusive teasers shared only the group. Along with exclusive team,giveaways,discussions, trivia, Secret Santa and much much more!

Note to readers, I don't do dark, tragic or kill off main characters no matter what it might seem like. Just keep reading and trust me you'll ALWAYS get an HEA from me!

Moreno Brothers:

Forever Mine - New Adult / Mature YA

Sweet Sofie - New Adult/ Mature YA

Forever Yours - New Adult (Angel and Sarah's follow up (college story!)

When You Were Mine - (A prequel novella to Always Been Mine)- New Adult

Always Been Mine - Adult contemporary

Romero - New Adult- Adult contemporary

Making You Mine - New Adult
(with bonus Angel and Sarah short "Only 8 days") *Tearjerker

Tangled - (A Moreno Brothers holiday novella) Featuring Romero and Izzy

Tall, Dark & Obnoxious - Adult Romantic Comedy- short featuring Izzy's uptight sister and Romero's obnoxious uncle.

5th Street:

Noah - Adult Contemporary

Gio - New Adult

Hector - New Adult

Abel - Adult Contemporary *Tear Jerker

Felix - New Adult *Tear jerker

Blindside - Adult contemporary short featuring Noah and Roni

Fate series:

Fate - New Adult

Breaking Brandon - New Adult *Tear jerker

Suspicious Minds - Adult contemporary

Again - New Adult/Adult Contemporary *MAJOR tear jerker

Rage - Adult contemporary

His To Guard - Adult contemporary

Uninvited - Adult contemporary

Boyle Heights series

Lila - Adult Contemporary

Beast - Adult Contemporary

Nine - Adult Contemporary/RomCom

Orlando - Adult Contemporary

Looking Glass

Girl In The Mirror - Adult Contemporary/psychological thriller

We Were One - Adult Contemporary *MAJOR tear jerker but TRUST ME! ;)

De Luca Boys

Remi's Choice - Adult Contemporary - Love triangle MAJOR angst - cheating but hailed one of the BEST love triangles written.

For more up to date info visit her website at www.ElizabethReyes.com

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147 reviews19 followers
November 12, 2013
Loved! Definite 5 Stars! was a bit confused at first wondering who the hell Brandon was, but once i started the first couple of pages and realized that it was Sofie's Brandon i knew that this would definitely be Interesting.

“No one has a right to know what you’re feeling deep inside but yourself. Showing it is a sign of weakness.”

I <3 Brandon! he turned out to be reeeeally sweet (even thou still a hard ass!) & his background story was sooo fukd up and sad! I'm glad he ended up with his HEA. Regina DID get on my nerves a little with all the jealousy shit over Sofia and then the drama that ensued but they were definitely Meant To Be so i've forgiven her, lol.

“What’s past is prologue,” she whispered

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149 reviews20 followers
November 11, 2013
Breaking Brandon stole my heart away! 5 Stars!

I had hoped that one day Brandon would get his own story and once I found out he did, I have never sought out Amazon so fast in my life for that dreaded "One Click Buy" button. Oh that button gets me in so much trouble! However, the trouble that I got in for this book was well worth it!

Breaking Brandon.. WOW! What's there to say besides it being one of the most emotionally touching Elizabeth Reyes books I have EVER read. This book was beyond fabulous, it was out of this world!

If you know anything about Brandon Billings from the Moreno series, you can guess all of the emotional baggage that Brandon carries. We see a bit of it in Sweet Sofie but as you would imagine, we are taken to a new level with Breaking Brandon.

Brandon has been through A LOT! His life and everything that has happened in it has made him hard, void of emotion when most people would break down. Instead, Brandon makes up rules to eliminate further hurt and actually gets a way with it, that is until he meets Regina.

Regina comes from a close knit family where love and support is abundant. However, with as much love and family Regina has, she is haunted by her own demons. Regina herself is broken as well. The things this poor woman has lived through is just heartbreaking!

The coming together of these two was heartwarming and addicting. The past that haunts Brandon catches up to him and attempts to destroy his future with Regina, one that he didn't know he wanted or needed in the beginning. It is so enduring to see the changes that Brandon makes for Regina, the risks that he takes with his heart and emotions. Brandon had me swooning all over the place and at times I melted with his words of love and honesty.

When two broken people get together and need one another to heal in a story, I know that I am in for one great read! I love stories such as this. It makes me giddy and Breaking Brandon did just that!

The story was amazing! It will surely be a re-read. The emotional journey these two characters is one that will stay with me a while. It was that deep and moving. Elizabeth Reyes has once again shocked me with her brilliance and her work! She is hands down one of my favorite authors and Breaking Brandon shows just how much of a talented author she is. Love her!! Enjoy, I don't think you'll be disappointed!
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218 reviews125 followers
November 10, 2013
4.5 stars

When your favorite Author/s releases a new book, it doesn't matter what it's about - You just read it! Without hesitation. Cause you know it'll be awesome either way. That's what I did with this book.

I had no clue who Brandon was in beginning. And when I did finally piece together that he was THE BRANDON from the Moreno Brothers series, I'll admit that I was a bit curious as to how he turned out!

I loved everything about this story. Even though, their love for each other seemed to progress extremely fast, I actually didn't mind it like I normally would. I truly believed in their love was real.

I was super happy when Regina & Brandon finally got their HEA. They both experienced loss and heartache, but they made it through and totally deserved the ending they got!

Can't wait for Book#3 ^-^
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762 reviews125 followers
December 1, 2013
4.5 Prologue Stars

Well hello sweetness. I've been looking for you. Yes you. The new Elizabeth Reyes book. I've been waiting for you and here you are. So glad to you could make your way to my Kindle.

No one has the right to know what you're feeling deep inside but yourself. Showing it is a sign of weakness.

So this is pretty much the anti-social networking statement. In the age of Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter and Goodreads we now think everyone has the right to know how we are feeling. In 140 characters or less. Yes, 140 characters. That's about what Ms Reyes has given us. Breaking Brandon is the second in the Fate Series, but is tied to the Moreno Brothers Series so tight you can't see daylight between them. I think it adds to about 140 characters.....more or less.

Regina has been through the ringer. Her husband died in a motorcycle wreck and she is moving across the country to start a new job and be closer to her family. Her large family that wants to protect her while also holding her up the standard of being the "strong one". That's a lot of pressure.

Brandon is living only a sliver of his life. He loves his job in the Marines, but does not allow himself much more than that. No friends. No family. No ties. Let's just say he doesn't have a lot of followers on Twitter. He has learned that forming attachments leads to hurt. Don't let anyone get close is one of his rules.

Arm yourself with the lessons of your past.

When Regina's new job takes her to the same Marine base as Brandon. It is not hearts and flowers. No little birds chirping here. Nope. He ignores her or worse...openly scowls at her. She is just too cute, too perky, too much of a threat to the rules he has carefully put in place.

When they do fall and I mean, fall into each other, it is Katy Bar The Door Time. There are snippy comments, promises made and broken, ultimatums, and lots of hot kisses. Lots. of. Hot. Kisses. And ghosts from the past. Can they trust each other and themselves enough to not let those ghosts get to them. It won't be easy because there are so many people with an opinion and a finger in the pie. Those 140 characters...yes, they all have an opinion.

I love Ms Reyes writing style and the way she weaves the stories together. She will make you swoon, gasp, and tear up. And then swoon some more. This is ultimately a tale of redemption and finding that person who can make you whole. The person that becomes your whole world. Your own personal social network. But what happens when you make one person your whole world....it only takes one person to bring it down.

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1,169 reviews260 followers
August 11, 2016
 photo 5902047_zps7f01ead2.gif
It's an Elizabeth Reyes book. Enough said ♥
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1,016 reviews245 followers
December 4, 2013
Rating Clarification: 3.5 Stars

YAY! I was so excited to read this book. Brandon finally gets a voice.

We first meet Brandon Billings in Sweet Sofie Moreno Brother's series book 3, where he developed strong feelings for Sofie. Unfortunately, for Brandon that is, she already had someone special in her life. My heart broke for this B.R.O.K.E.N. man then and it broke even more once his story was told in his own book. Brandon was made out to be such a bad guy in Sofie's book however, I had a soft spot for him and wanted to know more about him. I'm so glad we had a chance to learn more about Brandon.

We first meet Regina Brady, as briefly as it may be, in Romero Moreno Brother's series book 4.

Brandon and Regina both struggle with pain and loss in their lives. Brandon does it by becoming emotionally and physically unattached from people and relationships. Regina does so by keeping it all in until she finally has major break downs. Both are not a healthy way of dealing or coping with life.

Brandon and Regina meet twice in predictable circumstances. He automatically decides to be indifferent and cold to her as she reminds him of Sofie. Regina can't figure out what the heck is Brandon's problem when it comes to her. She knows she's never done anything wrong especially since they don't even know each other. He's a jerk to her and she tries to avoid him. Until one night, she's trying to get out of the building before him, and takes the stairs. That ends up being a major mistake, depending on how you look at it, as from that point on their lives will be forever TRIPPED UP , based on trying to avoid the jerkface Brandon. Who knew that could change her destiny?

What I liked about this story:
1. The first half of the story
2. Return of the Moreno gang
3. Brandon doesn't play games and he cuts to the chase of what he wants.
4. The nicknames he gives Regina
5. The epilogue was great and it cracked me up.
6. Fast paced story
7. Told in Regina and Brandon's points of view.
8. Back story for Brandon from Sofie's story and then what happens to him after he moves away.

I really loved the first half of this story. I loved how fast this book read and how it consumed me. I always love seeing the Moreno gang in any form we can get them. I especially love, and I'm grateful, that the author gave us the THEN chapters. These chapters shed light on what was going on with Brandon in Sofie's book and after he packed up and moved away with him mom.

I loved that it didn't take forever for Brandon and Regina to get together and how they seemed to work so great together. It was but wasn't instant love. (Does that even make sense?) That's how I felt anyway.

It really was predictable that we would see a connection with these two people when it came to the Moreno family.(Well, obviously DUH! Since it is a Moreno Brothers spin off.) ;o) I knew there would be a family gathering of some sort. The question really was: How would Brandon deal with the final puzzle pieces fitting together once he and Regina put it all together?

The second half of the book lost a little of Ms Reyes particular writing for me. The major drama parts, except for Brandon and the family gathering, didn't quite pan out to well for me. I just didn't buy in to it as I would have liked. I needed it to be a little more "SOMETHING" to it. Otherwise, I felt like the drama lacked in emotion and connection for me. I didn't feel the FEELING behind it.

I should mention that Brandon has a secret that was pretty shocking to me. I really just didn't see that one coming. ;O)

Anyway, I really did love how it all panned out in the end, the steps Brandon made to healing himself and the epilogue was really the best.

Look for Enzo and Sydney's story next in this Fate Series. We first met him in Fate, book 1, as he's Vincent's brother.
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902 reviews46 followers
November 9, 2013
Brandon was definitely one of my least favourite characters after Sweet Sofie. Everything that had happened between those two, was just too weird and I was rooting for Eric at that moment. So yeah, Brandon could have gone to hell for all I cared.

Enter my surprise when I found out the guy was getting his own book. Obviously I had my doubts, but like always I trust in Elizabeth Reyes to make it good and she definitely did. Goodbye weird stalker boy, hello hot marine! A couple years have gone by and after what has happened in his past, Brandon is no longer the same boy. Now he's a man who has forced himself to become stoic and absolutely make no attachments to anyone, certainly not with women.

Brandon has been able to keep his distance from everyone all these years, until this little Ms. Brady walks into his life. Now he tries to stay away from her, often even gives her the evil eye, but it doesn't work when she literally falls for him. This was not intentionally of course, but it turns out all kinds of interesting.

I really love that Brandon is an all or nothing kind of guy and so straight forward. It's just nice to read a love story where it's not all about miscommunication and high drama. Though I do have to mention there is one surprise I did not see coming and makes we want to read 'Romero' again. For those people who have a better memory than mine, this might not be a surprise. But anyway I loved it!

Regina Brady was also a very interesting character. She's not necessarily the first woman I would have picked for Brandon, but it just works so great. This all could have gone so stereotypical, but the way Elizabeth Reyes has written it, makes it so easy to read. Honestly I finished it and barely noticed any time had gone by. It flows just so well and that's one of the reasons I love reading her books.

My favourite part of the book might be the Epilogue. Without giving away any spoilers, it once again shows what a great and sweet guy Brandon really is. Seriously I think he might have ruined the Moreno's for me; he's my new favourite!
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191 reviews28 followers
November 14, 2013
Holy crap that book was a crazy emotional roller coaster! There were many points during the book (especially at about 92%) that I wanted to sit down with the author and tell her to call down, Satan! I wanted to take custody of Brandon and Regina until the author could learn to play nice. I'm glad I couldn't though because this read turned out to be epic. I couldn't stop reading. This book left me breathless and begging for more. I've been curious about Brandon since Sweet Sofie and I will say that his story does not disappoint.
Readers beware of the scenes that will make you laugh, squeal, cry, hold your breath (which I did for almost a whole chapter, just saying), and want to throw your kindle/book/nook/whatever across the room in despair. I had no idea what to expect from this book as it was brilliantly thrust upon us in surprise by the author. I certainly didn't expect it to consume me from start to finish. I knew it would be good, as I loved every single one of Mrs. Reyes's other novels, but this one was different. I say that about all of them and I have no doubt that I will say it again.
This book fully deserves the 5 (it was amazing!) star rating I am giving it.
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706 reviews34 followers
November 10, 2013
4-4.5 Stars!

I loved Brandon!!! He's just amazing. I do believe that this is the most adult book Elizabeth Reyes has written. By adult I don't mean in sexual nature but character maturity. Her other books come off very NA but in Breaking Brandon it seems more strictly contemporary romance. The characters were more grounded and I think Elizabeth Reyes' writing skills are growing.

One thing that surprised me was I actually didn't like the Morenos in this book. They can come off overbearing and I never did like Sofie as I thought she was immature. In this book it really shows how much they slighted Brandon.

Great book, great hero and lovely couple!
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2,935 reviews2 followers
March 13, 2014
I liked Brandon when he was introduced in the Moreno Brothers series. Even though you didn't hear a lot about him.
In this book my heart just went out to him and when he Regina I knew it was going to be good.

Loved it when he called her 'My Princess'...!

Elizabeth Reyes did not disappoint, can't wait to read more about this family and whatever else she writes about.

So if you like Romance books, then this one is definitely for you!

Another awesome book, that I have to thank my Friend Nas for making me read!! Yes I will never doubt you again! lol
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228 reviews
September 16, 2014
"I won’t be pleading my case to anyone, not them or you. That family can kiss my ass, and if you believe the bullshit they’re feeding you, then you can too.”

I was disappointed with the Moreno family in this whole situation with Sophie and Brandon
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482 reviews59 followers
November 13, 2013
Rated 250 stars.

This is a damn good book. If I didn't love "Romero" more than I love all four of my stepsisters (they're irritating), it would be my favorite Elizabeth Reyes book. Still being my second favorite Elizabeth Reyes book probably isn't too shabby if you give a fig about the random lists I make in my head.


Back to "Breaking Brandon" which, again, is a freaking awesome book, romance, and entry in parallel (you read that correctly) Elizabeth Reyes' series.

I'm marking the rest of this for spoilers because I would not have wanted my surprise ruined so I'll be considerate to those who didn't devour this book in one sitting.

Learning the deep background behind Brandon's past and his previous actions was heartbreaking as well as illuminating and makes the moment when he allows himself to "attach" to Regina and fall in love (in one weekend!) unbelievably powerful. I could go on and on and on and on and will if allowed but I will end with this...

I had no idea what a Chocolate Dalmatian was until I read this book. I'm headed to Starbucks the minute I save this review.
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462 reviews167 followers
December 6, 2013

Breaking Brandon is a spin off to the Moreno brothers so if your a fan of Elizabeth Reyes and follow her books then you meet Brandon in Sweet Sofie. If you haven't read the Moreno Brother’s Series or the 5th Street series, I highly recommend you moving them up on your TBR. I LOVE Elizabeth's books. Breaking Brandon did not disappointment, it may be my favorite yet, but then again I say that with every book Elizabeth releases....emotional, intense, angsty....so so good, there is just something about the wounded, heart-broken hero that gets me every-time! 4.5 stars!

In Breaking Brandon we follow Brandon and Regina. Brandon has a rough life....he's lost his parents and the girl of his dreams doesn't share his feelings, so he just turns his emotions off. He builds these walls up, not letting anyone in and focuses on his career in the military. Then he meets Regina....Regina reminds Brandon so much of the girl that wounded him that he instantly dislikes Regina, and he is not very nice to her. It's not long before Regina breaks down Brandon's walls and wiggles her way into Brandon's heart. But Regina has had her own share of grief and heartbreak and has built up her own walls. It's not long before these two can't stop thinking about the other and definitely can't deny the chemistry they share. Can these two help each other heal or will they runaway from love when faced with an unfortunate twist of fate?

Absolutely, loved this book.....passionate, intense, heartbreaking and sooooo sexy! Can't wait to see who is next up in this series and hopefully get a glance of more of these characters.

*Reviewed by Brandi
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1,186 reviews81 followers
November 13, 2013

Second book in the Fate series. I absolutely loved this story. Brandon was such a wonderfully crafted character the author has really excelled herself creating him. I loved how this closed off man was gradually broken down by his feelings for Regina. He had not had the best start in life, he'd joined the marines eventually becoming a gunnery sergeant. From the very first moment he meets Regina she affects him, determined that he remain aloof to her he's not very nice. Regina is a sweet girl who has demons of her own. This story is about two people overcoming their pasts. Unfortunately those past histories have a way of coming back to haunt you.

Great story with great characters make this a five star read for me. Do I recommend it? That's a no brainer if you're a romance lover you'll love this.
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662 reviews
December 4, 2013
OMG! This book stirred up emotions that I have never felt while reading a book.

I was hating on Sofia and her gossipy friends for awhile. Sofie for what she did to Brandon and her gossipy in laws/friends for talking about it to Regina. It was like they wanted Regina to feel bad about Brandon under the guise of warning her. It made me so mad. I think Brandon was very brave to even go around them. Also the way his mom died, the author was so vivid in her descriptions of it. It made me cry.

Brandon and Regina's story was the most powerful of them all so far. The emotions it pulled from me...there are no words I can use to put it in perspective. The author gets better and better with each novel. I love her and her work! Can't wait for the next one.
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1,022 reviews507 followers
February 12, 2014
I was excited to read this one, because I had a soft spot for Brandon. I felt that he was misunderstood and a bit broken. And I still like him after reading his book and I was glad that he found someone who loved him for him. It did take me a while to feel the chemistry between them though. I had trouble connecting with Regina initially and I think that's why. I just didn't see it right away. Eventually, I felt like the story picked up a bit and I started to enjoy them. I loved the tie in with the Moreno's. I would go as far to say that those were my favorite scenes. Overall, I did enjoy it, but not as much as I had hoped.
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410 reviews17 followers
March 14, 2014
This was a typical Elizabeth Reyes book, meaning I totally loved it! I was a bit reluctant to read Brandon’s story as he was the antagonist in Sophie’s story. The author knows exactly how to make you adore her characters. This was a perfect combination of a sweet/entertaining/glued-to-the-book romance.
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25 reviews
November 17, 2013
She never disappoints! Elizabeth Reyes does it again! What can I say, I am a HUGH fan, I will always read anything done by her. You can't help but fall in love with the characters she write about and that's exactly what has happened here. LOVE LOVE LOVE Brandon, his story just breaks my heart! you want him to have is HEA. Happy with the story am looking forward to the next one!!
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129 reviews22 followers
December 8, 2013
In Sweet Sofie, I felt bad for Brandon, although I was ultimately Team Eric. I have loved all of the Moreno's since Forever Mine, but I wanted to protect Brandon from them in this story. In Breaking Brandon, I was Team Brandon. I just wanted him to be happy. I love everything Elizabeth Reyes writes. She has a way of making her characters so lovable and relatable.
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367 reviews
March 6, 2014
i didn't see how their love developed. it was too fast especially for a guy who doesn't want attachment.
didn't like the characters much.

sofie? yes, she's nice, but selfish. did she tell truth to her brothers? i didn't know. she owed it to B. i didn't finish ( i skipped) the whole book.i hate her. that's it.
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1,168 reviews
May 15, 2016
I just love Elizabeth Reyes's books! I don't know why I waited so long to continue with this series but I'm so happy I decided to read this book. There may have been moments were things were OTT and a few thing I would have liked different but overall I really enjoyed this book. :)
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16 reviews17 followers
November 9, 2013
I loved this book so much that even though I am currently on antibiotics and feel like death that I stayed up to finish reading it and it was totally worth it! Brandon is my new favorite book boyfriend!!!! Can't wait for Sydney and Lorenzo's stories!!!
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290 reviews3 followers
November 22, 2013
Wow!! Wow!! A truly amazing book! I have read all of Elizabeth Reyes books and they are all great. Breaking Brandon is a little different from her other books but is was amazing. I read the book in about 3hrs I could not put it down.
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54 reviews1 follower
November 22, 2013
Wow what another awesome book by Elizabeth Reyes. This was a really great story I always wondered what happened to Brendan.
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10 reviews
December 22, 2013
It was an amazing second book for the fate series! I absolutely fell in love with Brandon like I do with all of Elizabeth Reyes characters! I can't wait for the next one!!!
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797 reviews200 followers
November 21, 2013
Lindy's Thoughts:

Breaking Brandon by Elizabeth Reyes is the second book in the Fate Series, a spinoff of The Moreno Series. We first met the delicious, BAMF Marine, Brandon in Sweet Sofie. Brandon and Sofie came from the same neighborhood, and had become close friends their senior year in high school. Even though Sofie had been in love with Eric, Angel's best friend, for most of her life, she was really attracted to Brandon. When attraction between Sophie and Brandon sparked, along with Sofie's curiosity, they shared an intense and passionate kiss. However, Brandon's heart was broken when Sophie admitted that the kiss they shared was a mistake, and she was in love with Eric.

When Breaking Brandon begins, we get a recap of what happened between Brandon, Sophie, and the Moreno brothers through Brandon's point of view. We quickly learn that Sophie was the only girl that Brandon ever loved. Afterwards, fate deals Brandon a very tragic and unlucky hand, and he is left all alone in the world, without family, friends, or a woman to love. These events end up shaping Brandon into a very hard edged, cold, callus, and serious man who learns how to live without emotions influencing his daily life. Brandon decides to focus on his career as a Marine, and he quickly and successfully moves up the ranks in a short amount of time. He gets offered a promotion, leaves North Carolina, and returns to San Diego, the place he grew up in and vowed never to return to.

On his flight to San Diego, he quickly becomes fascinated and annoyed by a beautiful woman talking on the phone with her "daddy." She has expensive luggage, and as he hears her conversation, he comes to the conclusion that she is a spoiled, rich, brat. He also notices that she is absolutely beautiful, has a knockout body, and very kissable, pouty lips. She flashes him a few smiles, but he never returns them.

Then, Brandon ends up running in to this woman at his new job on the military base. He learns that her name is Regina, she is an engineer, that many of the men on base flock towards, and they can't do enough for her. This irritates Brandon even more, and he acts like a total a** towards Regina. It really bothered me the way Brandon treated Regina at the beginning of the story. His preconceived ideas about her were completely wrong. She was sweet, gentle, kind, and friendly to everyone. Regina had a dark past, and felt very alone in the world. Her and Brandon had a lot in common, and I could tell right away that if Brandon ever gave her a chance, he would realize what an amazing person she was. Thankfully, fate intervened, and when circumstances pushed Brandon and Regina together, the story really took off!

Breaking Brandon was an amazing story. My heart broke numerous times when I watched both Brandon, and Regina deal with tragedy in their lives. All of Ms. Reyes stories are special because they feel very "real" to me. They deal with authentic characters, realistic trials and tribulations that we as readers can relate to and connect with, along with sexy and steamy, hot alpha males, that scorch the pages, and make me swoon with their words, as well as their actions. I was excited to get reunited with some of the amazing characters from previous stories! My heart was so filled with joy to get to revisit some of my favorite characters of all time, and see how they were doing. It was like being surrounded by family, and made me realize how much I've missed them. Breaking Brandon fit perfectly in to everything that I have come to love about Ms. Reyes' stories, and is a perfect example of why she is one of my top favorite authors.

My Rating:

Breaking Brandon by Elizabeth Reyes was a story that tugged on my heart strings. Brandon was an unforgettable character. I felt all of his emotions as he went through them, as if I was experiencing them for myself. I felt his grief when tragedy struck, the darkness that constantly surrounded him, the numbness as he merely existed, and finally his annoyance, excitement, desire, and love when Regina unexpectedly came into his life. I loved Regina. She was very vulnerable, and broken, but tried to be strong and start her life anew. She had a heart filled with such kindness, and love for everyone around her. She was very special, and she was the only one that could break Brandon out of his cold, numb, shell of existence. This story was filled with anticipation, excitement, plot twists, and a great surprise! I give Breaking Brandon, 5 Beautifully-Breathtaking, Emotional, Passionate, and Pounding H-O-T Stars! Read Breaking Brandon, or anything by Elizabeth Reyes, for a beautiful and passionate escape!

My Favorite Quote:

"He may never beg, but spoiling and appeasing his girl he could do. In fact, he couldn't think of anything that felt better than seeing that beautiful smiling face or, in this case, her crying out in pleasure. Just like the spoiling, he wanted to make something perfectly clear: she didn't need anyone else spoiling her or making her cry out in pleasure ever again." (Kindle Loc. 2854)


*To Read More Book Reviews, Visit A Bookish Escape at http://www.abookishescape.com

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November 21, 2013

Breaking Brandon was nothing like I expected. It turned out to be soooo much more! I’ve been a fan of Elizabeth Reyes for a while. I devour her books the moment they go live and my life is put on hold until I finish reading the very last page. I forget about EVERYTHING!!! We got to meet Brandon in Sweet Sofie, which is the third installment in The Moreno Brother’s Series. If you still did not read that series … I suggest you put it on your TBR list ASAP, because it’s AWESOME! I’m not going to deny that Brandon stayed with me after I finished reading Sweet Sofie. That kiss that they shared … Wow! It was so INTENSE! I caught myself cheering for him. Yup! He made an impact and a big one! After I finished the third book, I was secretly hoping that Elizabeth would write a book about him. And, she did. Elizabeth is AWESOME like that! When she announced that Brandon was getting a book in the Fate Series I was "happy dancing" all day long!

In Breaking Brandon we follow Brandon, who has one of the most heartbreaking stories that I ever read. Nothing is easy in Brandon’s life. He had to face rejection and suffer the loss of both his parents. He builds up these unbreakable walls around his heart. Until one day, Regina finds the way to break them down. Coming from a past filled with heartbreak and grief, Regina has walls of her own. From the moment they meet they can’t stop thinking about each other. As fate would have it, they end up working in the same building. Brandon is really mean to Regina. When he sees her, he sees his past. She can’t figure out why Brandon hates her so much. When an unexpected accident brings them together, they can’t deny what they are feeling for one another. Their journey is filled with heartbreak, passion, love and hope. Brandon and Regina are unique characters. Their love story is intense and emotional. Brandon becomes so in love, that there is nothing he would not do for his Princess.

Sweet God! This story broke my heart! I thought that I ugly cried while reading Abel, (5th Street,#4), but NOOOOOOOOO!!! Those were small tears compared to the ones that came out while reading BB. The last few chapters of the book drained me completely!!!! I had difficulty breathing, my heart was beating way too fast, and my stomach was in knots. because of how nervous I was. If that’s not enough, we get a major twist. I was like, ‘’What?!?!?!?! Are you serious?!?!?! OMG!! I never saw that one coming!!!’’ I loved the fact that we got to revisit The Moreno’s at the beginning of the book. It gives us a flash back on what happened in Sweet Sofie.

This book was very different from all the other ones that I read from Eilzabeth Reyes. This book stands on its own into another level of AWESOMENESS! Yes, we still get steamy scenes, unforgettable characters, phenomenal writing, but this story was WOW! I can’t get it out of my mind. I cried, laughed, screamed. Oh, the emotions!!! I’m telling you, just thinking about that BREAK MY HEART chapter, I have tears in my eyes again … Oufff!!! Regina and Brandon absolutely stole my heart, and are now my favorite E.R. couple after Nellie and Abel.

I give Breaking Brandon 5 COLOSSAL, PASSIONATE, DEEP, EMOTIONAL, SEXY, PANTY MELTING, PHENOMENAL stars! I can’t get enough of Elizabeth’s writing. Her books always bring me comfort and they leave a big smile on my face. I’m ready for the next one. The question is … Who will it be ? ;)
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