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Family Matters #1

One Love, One Mistake

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Dear Author,
One night of mistakes… and I lost him.
I loved him and seduced him for months (I am a notorious player,) and when we tried to have a relationship, my past came back to haunt me. One random consolation fuck with a co-worker, and here comes a baby. The responsible thing to do would be to marry the mother… right? But my lover will not go along with being put in the closet, so he left.
But we finally meet again… and now he is my son’s paediatrician. I never thought my son would be the one who put us together again. I finally have the second chance to prove that I’m ready to settle down with him and build a family.
Thanks son!

Photo Description:
A tattooed man with short, dark, spiky hair holds an adorably chubby baby. They are both in profile, faces pressed together, and the man is blowing a comical kiss to the delighted baby.

This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Love Has No Boundaries" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.

36 pages, ebook

First published July 12, 2013

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About the author

Kelly McGrath

8 books18 followers
Kelly McGrath grew up and lives on the outskirts of Waterford, Ireland with her family. She has been an avid reader since a teenager starting with her mother’s crime novels that she squirreled away before they were taken off of her.

Over the last few years she has read more books than her social life would care to admit and has decided that it was her turn to do the writing.

Getting into the M/M Romance genre in 2011 she hasn't been able to put them down. With a love of books, men and of happily-ever-afters where else would she start?

With a very open minded family she has found the support she needed from all directions.

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Profile Image for Deeze.
1,596 reviews265 followers
July 13, 2013
I feel bad giving 1 star to a free read, but this story really did not work for me.

The plot sounded good, but was misleading. The story was far to rushed, and the cliché female bitch was poorly handled.

The dialogue sounded wooden, nothing really flowed, instead it felt stilted and we were giving explanations of everything, instead of seeing it ourselves.

This actually felt more like an outline, kinda like the idea before it gets fleshed out into a story.

I really appreciate the work these authors put into these free reads, but I’m afraid I really didn’t enjoy this one. Sorry.
Profile Image for Seiran.
429 reviews18 followers
July 30, 2013
I am not going to harp on how the female character was portrayed in this books, as others have done a great job already.

What I am irritated with is the fact that Sean was drugged and then date-raped by Cho, and then he marries her..WTF..NO NO NO! Why can't someone write a story with a strong, big guy who stands up and says no this is wrong, and I am going to do something about it. I know guys are strong and full of pride but just once I would love for an author to portray a strong alpha male showing that strength comes in many different forms. And standing up and putting a woman in prison for date-rape is something that needs to be portrayed positively. But this is just my opinion.

As for this story it just didn't work for me on so many levels.
Profile Image for K.
1,608 reviews70 followers
July 12, 2013
LHNB Story released 12.7.13
Erm... yes... okay... this is the story of two men getting back together again when one rushes his infant son into hospital to find that his ex is the treating doctor. The pair have regrets about how they split up, with them each blaming themselves. However, that was all swiftly put to one side and the ex turns up unannounced in bed with the baby and his father the next day having let himself in with the key to the house he's kept for the previous 11 months....

Okay, so I found that bit slightly creepy...... but then we also have the evil baby-mamma... a stalkerish co-worker who drugs one MC and essentially rapes him, gets pregnant, marries the MC hoping to convert him to being straight and then leaves when the baby is 4 weeks old.... this for me was just too much
Profile Image for Yvonne.
717 reviews38 followers
July 16, 2013
1.5 Stars For a first time writer it was a decent effort. But this one started off with one of those awful one dimensional evil female characters which set the tone for this short story. I also didn't find any of the other characters believable in any way. Added to this is that I found the story a little too sweet and that there was way too much telling. I do appreciate the effort involved with writing this free LHNB story, but this was just not my kind of story.
Profile Image for Samantha.
539 reviews54 followers
July 13, 2013
1.5 rounded up.

A lot of things about this bothered me- from the demonized female to the awkward naming of the child and overall unrealistic quality of the entire thing. But most of all, I had issues with the rot-your-teeth sweetness of this. Not my cup of tea, but I'm sure others will appreciate it.
Profile Image for jules0623.
2,518 reviews8 followers
July 15, 2013
Could we, just once, have a story where the cheating man doesn't turn out to be the victim of an EVIL!FEMALE'S nefarious plot to turn him straight by drugging and raping him? Can he just get drunk and make a huge error instead? And learn from his mistake? That would make a much more interesting and less offensive story.

I love whoops!baby stories usually but the misogyny of this particular story frustrates me. Perhaps it's because it didn't satisfy me in any other area to make up for it? Bland characterisations, weak plot, stiff dialogue... I know it's free and I should be more grateful but this story really did irritate me.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Averin.
Author 3 books24 followers
October 7, 2013
Oh another, cartoon, evil woman with no brain. Her machinations and thought processes make no sense whatsoever. And the rest? Woeful. Every time someone said "player," I heard WWE's Teddy Long and could not jam his voice into a brogue.
Profile Image for Didi.
1,535 reviews85 followers
February 9, 2015
This is a story of second chances. Sean Keogh, known as being a player, got hooked with beautiful Dr. Anthony Ryan. It was one in a lifetime relationship; until it was brutally severed by an Oh-my-gawd incident! Months passes and they met again when Sean brought his baby son who's having a colic to the A&E. And it looked like what's once been lost might have been within both of their grasps once again.

While I find second chances as beautiful story, I'm not happy with the portrayal of the female character in this story. The baby's mother cast as such a horrible person who would do anything to get after her heart's desire and ruined others' heart and happiness. There seemed to be no positive parts at all in her.

I have some reservations to both of MCs as well. But they seemed to learn from past mistakes and willing to try anew and be grown up about it. So... *shrugs*
Profile Image for Annika.
403 reviews10 followers
August 25, 2013
Well, the picture prompt to this story is lovely but I'm afraid that's all I liked about this short story. The review from Deeze summarizes also my thoughts to the point so I won't repeat them here again.
Profile Image for GlamLawyer .
1,391 reviews
August 7, 2014
It just didn't work for me at all. Partly it was too sweet and partly the reactions made me angry.
Profile Image for Jenny.
Author 5 books7 followers
May 4, 2022
Nope. This felt rushed, mysogynistic and biphobic.
Profile Image for m. ✨ On Hiatus ✨ .
624 reviews12 followers
July 13, 2013
Very sweet story about lovers reuniting after a mistake/misunderstanding.

Profile Image for Bitchie.
1,464 reviews77 followers
July 23, 2013
Two stars for the story, added another for the donation of time and effort by the author. It had definite potential, but I hate the evil woman trying to turn the gay man straight trope, and how she went about it was horrible. I also felt it was a bit rushed, but it was a good try for a first time author. I did like both characters, and the writing itself was pretty solid, the author just needs to work on slowing things down, and not villainizing the women.
Profile Image for Janie.
1,702 reviews2 followers
July 12, 2013
LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this story!!! I am a total sucker for a m/m romance that includes children and this was wonderful! I was surprised I like it so much since I was missing a lot of dirty sex, but it was beautiful! And I loved the picture prompt, I've seen that guy and the baby a lot and I just never get tired of looking at them!! Great story, thank you so much!!
Profile Image for Izzah Zulaikha.
414 reviews11 followers
July 13, 2013
This was so beautiful i ken daiiiii ~(*O*~) ~(*O*)~ (~*O*)~
Damn... Still too beautiful for my heart to handle T.T
I love all them~ So meant to be with each other >__<
Wai so short? T.T Meanie.... lol
Hahaha, i seriously love this story and i will make a voodoo doll out of Cho n torture her slowly but constantly -,,-
Thank you!!!
Profile Image for Alicia.
78 reviews8 followers
April 3, 2014
I'm sure I really liked the story the first time I read it, but on a second read not as much. This was a nice story of reconnecting with your one true love, but I found the entire story very wordy. It was all thoughts and emotions and very little in the way of dialogue. Both men also "think" to take things slow and get to know each other again, and then jump right into getting engaged.
Profile Image for melek.
1,168 reviews8 followers
May 15, 2015
All it took is one mistake a mistake he had no idea how he got into to lose the person he loves. Sean slept with a women fell pregnant then his life was over. Now sean left with an baby he loves so much even though it was a mistake that lost his love of his life. Less then a year later he meet Anthony the man he never forgot or stop loving. Can this chance meeting get another chance of happiness.
Profile Image for Jamie.
511 reviews32 followers
November 13, 2013
The premise is a bit silly and it’s very rushed because it’s short, but it answers the prompt and it flows well. I liked Sean and Anthony and wanted them to work it out. There’s just too much coincidence and rush and silly setup here.
Profile Image for Victoria.
1,217 reviews11 followers
April 18, 2015
3.5 - Too cute, sweet and touching. Nice interpretation of the photo and the story letter. Thank you Kelly McGrath for donating your story, your time and your talent.
Profile Image for Penny.
941 reviews
August 4, 2013
The premise was good, but I felt that it lacked realism. Issues were resolved to quickly. 2.5 stars.
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