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Ten Tiny Breaths #4

Five Ways to Fall

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Purple-haired, sharp-tongued Reese MacKay knows all about making the wrong choice; she’s made plenty of them in her twenty-odd-years. So when her impulsive, short-lived marriage ends in heartbreak, she decides it’s time for a change. She moves to Miami with the intention of hitting reset on her irresponsible life, and she does quite well…aside from an epically humiliating one-night stand in Cancun with a hot blond bouncer named Ben. Thank God she can get on a plane and leave that mistake behind her.

Football scholarship and frat parties with hot chicks? Part of charmer Ben Morris’s plan. Blown knee that kills any hope of a professional football career? So not part of the plan. Luckily Ben has brains to go with his knockout looks and magnetism. After three long years of balancing law school with his job as a bouncer at Penny’s Palace, he’s ready to lead a more mature life—until his first day of work, when he finds himself in the office of that crazy, hot chick he met in Cancun. The one he hasn’t stopped thinking about.

If Ben truly were a smart guy, he’d stay clear of Reese. She’s the boss’s stepdaughter and it’s been made very clear that office romances are grounds for dismissal. Plus, rumor has it she’s trouble. The only problem is, he likes trouble, especially when it’s so good-looking…

319 pages, ebook

First published June 24, 2014

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About the author

K.A. Tucker

57 books18.6k followers
K.A. Tucker writes captivating stories with an edge.

She is the internationally bestselling author of the Ten Tiny Breaths and Burying Water series, He Will Be My Ruin, Until It Fades, Keep Her Safe, The Simple Wild, Be the Girl, and Say You Still Love Me. Her books have been featured in national publications including USA Today, Globe & Mail, Suspense Magazine, Publisher's Weekly, Oprah Mag, and First for Women. She has been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance 2013 for TEN TINY BREATHS and Best Romance 2018 for THE SIMPLE WILD. KEEP HER SAFE made Suspense Magazine's Best of 2018 list for Romantic Suspense.

K.A. Tucker currently resides in a quaint town outside of Toronto.

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3,758 reviews32k followers
April 20, 2015
5 Stars!

 photo e396698e-4a40-4527-9329-f9e0dfbccf46_zps8134f138.jpg

Ten Tiny Breaths. This has been a special series for me. The first two books knocked my socks off. I thought they were amazing. The third book was good too, it was just missing a little something for me. This forth book… it brought back the magic of the series. It was different from the others (maybe a little lighter?) but very good!

I’ve always liked Ben. From the moment I met him as a bouncer at Penny’s. I was so happy to hear we would be getting a Ben book. And the girl he's paired with… lets just say this playboy has met his match.

 photo 3204cfbc-5b05-488d-81e6-85e8e1b77be6_zpsdf43ba96.jpg

Reese hasn't had the easiest life. It hasn’t been stable. She was a wild and rebellious youth. She got married at 19 to a man she hardly knew (but was very much in love with) and he cheated on her just months later. She’s not in a good place. Luckily, she has her step dad Jack to help her out. Get her a job and back on her feet. It’s a fresh start for Reese and one she’s not willing to mess up. Going to Cancun for her 21st birthday with her friends was the first fun thing she’d done in a while. It’s there she meets a beautiful blonde man.

Ben. I loved Ben’s response to meeting Reese. He could tell she was a little wild, a little crazy, and he loved it. Their time in Cancun was humorous. Maybe a little embarrassing, but they’ll never see each other again so no big deal. Until they do. Ben just got a job at a law firm. His first job as an attorney. He’ll be working for Jack Warner. The same place Reese works. And Jack makes it very clear his step daughter is off limits.

 photo c55b7b6f-6dd1-4af7-bd2b-7a1f77b687f5_zpsd16d610c.jpg

Ben and Reese have this love hate relationship at first. Their personalities are so different but match perfectly together. I love the back and forth banter they have. This was by far the funniest book of the series. Ben and Reese become friends. Even though they are highly attracted to one another, Ben is anti commitment and Reese is still a little hung up on her ex so it works for them.

The more time they spend together, the more things start to change between them. What starts out as friendship turns into a little something more… no matter what their feelings are, neither can risk a relationship. Ben has his job to think about, and Reese can’t let down Jack. But sometimes, you just can’t fight how you feel.

 photo 69b2457e-094a-42ef-a0e0-455e5af40321_zpse25bc1be.jpg

Reese and Ben are both fabulous characters. Reese had this bad ass vibe going. Purple hair, tattoos, piercings, grumpy in the mornings… but she is actually a really sweet girl with a good heart. Seeing her with Ben’s mom and Jack made me like her so much more. And the paint ball scene… that was classic! Ben is a man whore, but he is actually a really great guy. So funny and charming, sweet and sexy. You can’t help but to love him.
“Have you always loved yourself this much?”

“I had an awkward year in ‘ninety-nine, but I got over it quick.”

I love a good friends to lovers story and this one was wonderful. KA Tucker’s writing is superb as always. If you’re looking for a read thats got a sexy and charming man, a strong female lead, tons of humor, emotions, friendship and romance, pick this one up! Although this is the end of the TTB series, this book doesn’t tie in to the other characters stories much. I think it would be fine to read as a stand alone. But I love them all, so I would recommend starting at the beginning.

 photo 17b9c874-b70d-4ac5-b200-87655aaf7d32_zps7eea13d5.jpg
She just… fits with me. So perfectly.
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1,804 reviews2,159 followers
August 26, 2015
4.5 stars!

“If you have to fight over a guy, he’s not worth it. Go for the one who’s waiting for you.”

 photo five ways to fall_1.png

The fourth and final book in this series, Five Ways to Fall is the story of the bouncer Ben from Penny's, and wild child Reese. The two meet while on vacation in Cancun, and a horribly embarrassing sexual encounter ensues, leaving Ben wondering where the girl with purple streaks in her hair went. A few weeks later and Ben shows up to his new job as a lawyer and discovers Reese is a paralegal at his new firm.

The two embark on a snarky friendship, with Ben being his usual horny self and Reese fending off his advances. Reese recently divorced her husband who she caught cheating on her, and well, she lost her shit. Trashed his apartment and escaped charges being filed against her, Reese is putting her life back together by working for her former stepfather. So while Reese isn't looking for any kind of relationship, Ben is looking for someone with no strings attached. The friendship between the two remains borderline "with benefits" status.

 photo fun.png

I gotta say, I really loved this wrap up to the series. The first three books had such a serious tone, and having Ben and Reese as the main characters added a lightness that weren't in the previous books. After meeting Ben in book 1, I always hoped he would get a girl who would tie him down, and Reese was his perfect match. She was wild enough to keep him on his toes, she didn't take his crap and called him on his corniness at times. The two of them loved spending time together and didn't play games. They saw what they wanted and went after it.

“Have you always loved yourself this much?”
“I had an awkward year in ‘ninety-nine, but I got over it quick.”

I loved the development of the relationship between the two of them. They genuinely didn't mean for anything more serious, but as they spent more time together that changed. There was also very low angst in this book which was very much appreciated. I don't think over the top drama was this couple's style and to add any in this book wouldn't have done right by them. And I have to say KA Tucker is fantastic at writing characters with so much depth, I honestly felt like Reese and Ben were real people I would know.

 photo five ways to fall 2.png

This was an all out genuine friends to lovers story. Yes there was an attraction between the two, but with the development of feelings it was a wonderful slow building romance. This was the perfect end to one of my favorite new adult series.

**sidenote: I really want Nate to get his own book. Is that at all possible?

“I want your womanizing mama’s-boy football-player butt all to myself and if I catch you with any Twinkies or beautify queens or anyone else, you’d better run fast because I will hunt you down.”
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632 reviews2,667 followers
October 17, 2014
Now live!!! AMAZON

4.5 stars!!


A super funny, sexy, and addictive book, Five Ways to Fall has reminded me once again why K.A. Tucker is one of my top favorite NA romance authors.

First, a confession! When I heard that Ben was getting his own book, I wasn’t planning on reading it. I mean, he was too much of a secondary character in the previous books and I didn’t think the author would be able to make me fall in love with him like I did with the other main characters. Well after I finished this book I realized K.A. Tucker doesn’t need to find five ways for me to fall in love with this story. I only had to read a few chapters to recognize brilliance.

Character descriptions:


Reese: K.A. Tucker has a penchant for writing some of my favorite literary heroines (like Kacey from Ten Tiny Breaths) and Reese is no exception. She's full of spunk, impulsive, headstrong and has too many mistakes under her belt to count. Her life hasn’t always been easy – with an absent mother, revolving door of stepfathers, and a cheating ex-husband, Reese has difficulty trusting people because they all end up leaving her or betraying her. What I love so much about her though is that she doesn’t let these experiences block her from living life the way she wants (and deserves) – her carefree, go-with-the-flo and passionate attitude towards life is what appeals to me the most.

Ben: I LOVE Ben’s character. He’s got the entire package – gorgeous, cocky, humorous, and witty (!!!!!). He’s brains and brawn combined and whenever he opens his mouth to talk I just know that I’ll either a) laugh b) laugh c) laugh + maybe add some swoon ;) I think out of all the main characters in this series, Ben’s character is the most deceiving – he seems to have the perfect life any smart, good-looking guy has yet he’s emotionally damaged in ways no one would expect. A tragic accident involving his parents when he was young combined with shaky family dynamics proved to him that with commitment comes betrayal and pain. After all, what better example to have than seeing his parents’ marriage spiral down?

What made this book work for me was how these characters were portrayed. You’d expect these two damaged people to sink into depression, lash out, or have an extremely negative outlook on life yet they don’t. I love K.A. Tucker for not writing the usual “damaged character” storyline and I love that Reese and Ben don’t let their bad past experiences hinder them from living and enjoying life like any normal person would. Granted, they’re more reserved about their feelings but I felt like I could really relate to both of them despite not actually having gone through what they did. I guess what I’m trying to say is that despite constant negativity in their lives, these characters retain big hearts and a positive, full-of-life attitude and that in itself is an admirable and commendable quality. This is the kind of story that long after finishing makes me sigh in contentment and wish that the book wasn’t over.

K.A. Tucker certainly has come a long way since the explosive beginning of the series with Ten Tiny Breaths and now with this fourth book concluding the series, it’s safe to say I’ll be missing these characters so very much. In fact, if K.A. Tucker ever does write a story about another secondary character or even one of the dancers in Penny’s I’d happily and greedily read it.

Each book in this series can be read as a standalone.

ARC provided by Atria Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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622 reviews946 followers
October 6, 2016
2 Stars

Well this is sad. I enjoyed the previous books of this series especially Ten Tiny Breaths and Four Seconds to Lose but this book just wasn't in the cards. I wish I'd love this book but I honestly couldn't get into it.

Five Ways to Fall is the fourth book of Ten Tiny Breaths series. It centers around Ben Morris-- the hot bouncer slash law student that we've met in the previous books, and Reese McKay-- a troubled purple haired girl who experienced such heartache when her husband cheated on her. The two of them met at Cancun when Reese celebrated her 21st birthday. They kind of flirted there but after a drunken night Reese disappeared and left him. It was after two months when they unexpectedly met again.

The problem I had with this book was the plot itself. It was bland. Maybe because Four Seconds to Lose left me with an adrenaline rush that made this book kind of dull for me. Five Ways to Fall lacked an interesting flow of the story. I have no problem with the writing style because K.A. Tucker does it great but the way the story was delivered was kind of meh.

I also didn't feel especially connected to the characters. I loved Ben in the previous books but I don't know why he lacked some appeal here. And Reese-- she's not a bad character at all but there was also something about her that's missing and I guess it's the depth that I'm always looking for.

The romance was also a problem here. The characters kind of lacked chemistry and I felt the romance was forced. And there was no twist and climax (which were present in Ten Tiny Breaths and Four Seconds to Lose).

Much as I tried, I just couldn't like this book. I struggled finishing it and at least half a dozen times I was ready to put this book down for good, but I still did finish it. It unfortunately just came too short and I felt bad about it.

One of the reasons why I rated it 2 stars instead of 1 star is because of the author's writing style which is as always, easy and comfortable to read. I also felt the characters' development in the book. I am glad that Ben finally reached his dreams and Reese was able to move on from her failed marriage. All in all, this book was underwhelming but I still recommend the series to all romance lovers because the previous books are surely a win.

Pages of Pearl

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2,000 reviews11.8k followers
August 6, 2016
5 Perfect Stars

Word to the wise: if you have to fight over a guy, he's not worth it. Go for the one who's waiting for you."

This was. Hands down. Most definitely. My favorite book in the series. I can't say I ever gave Ben much thought after the 1st book...or even when I was reading the first book. But now? Move over Trent and Kacey, because Ben and Reese completely stole my heart with this book.

Want me to tell you 5 reasons I loved it? That wasn't really a question, since I'm going to anyway :)

1. Reese
Reese was snarky, sarcastic, smart mouthed and quick witted. Did I mention that she also drive a Harley? This girl was seriously made of pure awesome...too bad her douchebag of an ex husband broke her heart by cheating on her and asking for a divorce. So what's a girl to do? Get disgustingly drunk in Cancun and exorcise the fuck out of her ex by fucking someone else. Enter, stage right, Ben Morris
I love the angry ones. Of course anyone who knows me would argue that I love any and all women, and I can't exactly disagree. But I love the angry ones the most. They're a challenge to be conquered, the reason for their fury usually fitting neatly into three buckets: insecure, scorned, hormonal.
And this purple-haired chick gazing up at me with fire in her caramel eyes?
I'm betting on bucket number two.

Oh Ben, how right you are. Reese also has a verra big side of crazy. This is a not a girl you want to scorn or fuck with.

2. The Banter!
Oh my god, the banter! It was seriously awesome. Any time these two would talk, it was comedy genius. I think I had a goofy smile on my face the entire time I was reading.
And what is it exactly about me that you don't like?
The womanizing mama's-boy football-player part who spreads charm on like peanut butter and has a different girl in his hotel room every night this week.
Not every night

Well at least you're honest about it Ben

But given enough alcohol and Reese decides to get her exorcism with Ben...too bad it turns into the one night stand from hell. Luckily she never has to seem him again. Right? Imagine Reese's surprise when it looks like that Ben is her new coworker since he was just hired as an associate lawyer at her step-father's law firm where she works.

Which brings me to my next point
3. The banter
Yes, I know I already had it listed. But it deserves more than one mention because it was just THAT good.
They make extra-strong margaritas at Amigos, down the street. Just like you like them. I'll bring a change of clothes, for after, of course."
"Get out."
"We could take a nice long crawl down the boardwalk, and then-"
"Fuck. Right. Off."

Do you see what I mean? I was highlighting practically every barb and insult that they traded.

4. Ben
Swoon. Ben was just total perfection. Yes, he was a manwhore. But he was also sweet, hilarious, honest, make-no-qualms-about-who-he-is fantastic. He also wanted Reese. Bad. But just for sex, of course. He can't compromise his career by dating his boss's daughter PARTICULARLY when there's a specific no dating rule in place. Reese really doesn't make it easy for him, but he's determined
If I laugh, she'll hate my guts. I need her to not hate my guts. Ideally, I need to find a way to make her love my guts. I get the impression she doesn't even like most people, so this may be a challenge.

And you are certainly correct in that, Ben. This is a girl that "accidentally" stumbled on her ex husband and his new wife going at it at a paintball game and proceeded to shoot the living hell out of both of them with paintballs. Naked ass and all.

Duly noted.

Now back to Ben. If you're looking for a hero that's cocky, but in an endearingly funny way? You will LOVE Ben as much as I did.
Have you always loved yourself this much?"
"I had an awkward year in 'ninety-nine, but I got over it quick."

And Reese was no exception. Ben managed to worm himself in to her black little heart and chip away at her defenses and walls little by little.

5. The banter
I'm telling you people, it was just that awesome that it needs to have 3 mentions on my list.
She's my date."
"Date? I guess you don't know Ben very well yet."
"He lied and used medicinal narcotics to bribe me into coming here, so I think I have him pretty well pegged."

So there you have it. 5 Ways i absolutely fell for this book. I laughed, I swooned, I laughed some more. I absolutely loved it.

If you're a fan of NA romance, this is a book that's not to be missed. Seriously. You'll see exactly why I loved it as much as I did when you read it. It's bittersweet to now say goodbye to this series, but what a perfect book and couple to end it with. <3

***ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review***

For more reviews visit
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2,358 reviews4,607 followers
July 1, 2014
4.5 Stars

”You should try the key lime pie.”

[image error]

K.A. Tucker once again delivered a good read and lovable characters with Ben and Reese. This story was told in alternating pov of both characters and it sure delivered on the laughs and banter…


Reese was a fantastic heroine! She is funny, sarcastic, feisty and has a wild streak. Sadly her husband leaves her for his high school sweetheart and our Reese sets out with her girls to Cancun to celebrate her birthday before starting a job for her stepfather (fantastic character).

“I’ve made so many wrong turns along the way, I don’t know how many right ones it will take to course-correct.”

Fans of the series know who Ben is, but I seriously didn’t realize what a complete man whore he really is! Ben is also funny, smart, sexy, commitment phoebe and is vacationing in Cancun with his friends.

Two months later and Reese has toned down her appearance and is working as a paralegal. Guess who is her stepbrother’s friend who just graduated law school and is a new associate at the firm? Yep, Ben!

"Jill? Is that you?" "You don't recognize your one true love?"

Ben and Reese are flirty friends who play the fake boyfriend/girlfriend roles for each other and slowly become more to one another. Ben’s family and Reese’s past come into play and these two support one another through thick and thin. Even the supporting characters were wonderful including that sweet Mama!

”She’s everything I never knew I wanted. She’s everything I never knew I could have.”
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256 reviews213 followers
Shelved as 'not-out-yet'
December 4, 2013


Can I mention my over-obsessive love for K.A.Tucker's writing here? Because I want to. I really want to.

I really, really want to. But then that'd just be stating the facts. And everybody knows that non-fiction isn't exactly the most enthralling thing.

But I'll state the facts anyway: K.A. Tucker is a goddess of literature. Ben makes me swoon. I like pie and chocolate. Miami's the hottest place in the country.

And....I'm done :)
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609 reviews477 followers
August 1, 2020
4,5 stars to be precise.

This book was a pleasent surprise for me.
I expected for it to be good. I just didn't expect for it to be that good.


I have already read Ten Tiny Breaths and tought it was a really good book.
By the time the second book in the series came out, I had some bad experiences when it comes to NA and decided to take a long break from that genre.
This book, and this author, reminded me not all the books in the same genre are the same. There will always be the bad ones, but there will always be the good ones too.

This book didn't have any of those NA clichès I was sure that almost every book in this genre has (at least one of them).

Main characters had some baggage from the past, but they weren't shattered people because of that.
The plot wasn't surrounded with drama all the time. Actually, there weren't any drama. At least not in term that I use it for.
There was zero slut shaming.
There was no "damsel in distress" scene.


The love between main characters took it's time to develop. Although there was an instant attraction, the characters were smart enough to know the difference between attraction and love.


I gladly welcomed the tone of this story. I expected dark feelings, but instead I got light feeling melted with joy.
I even laughed out loud at some scenes .

Anyway, I am glad I read this book and I am looking forward to check K. A. Tucker's other work.
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838 reviews377 followers
April 15, 2015
**4.5 RED Stars!!**

Loved it! Really amazing! Def my fave book in the series, that I've read!

 photo Five Ways to Fall Casting_zpsbnbw6mqs.jpg

 photo 8331999_zpssakwtikf.png Word to the wise: if you have to fight over a guy, he’s not worth it. Go for the one who’s waiting for you.”

I LOVED Ben!!! I absolutely love stories about the male whore who is finally bitten by the love bug and doesn't know what the hell to do with himself about it!! If you are looking for a feel-good, swoony romance with some absolutely kick ass banter between the H/h, pick this up!!

 photo FWTF Teaser_zpsgarcxcg8.jpg

Couple super minor things that kept this from being a 5-star read for me, to get out of the way first, so we can get to the good stuff:

1) The drama with Reese's ex Jared made me want to throw my iPad! It was not only annoying as hell but it just didn't add up for me. She's on this whole revenge quest for her cheating ex , therefore giving him a whole bunch of her time and attention, that he sooo did not deserve. And for Reese to be such a fierce and bad ass character, it never quite landed for me as to why he was her weakness. She had never let anyone in before. Why him? (Cheating is a major trigger for me though, so this might not bother others as much.)

2) This is a personal preference one but the main couple does not truly get together (I am not referring to physically) until really late in the book. Like almost 90%. Up until then it is a friends-with-benefits type arrangement. No feelings or proclamations come out until really late. Some might be totally fine with this. I just prefer to read about epic love stories where we get to be there with the couple while they are trying to make it work, as opposed to stories about how they got together, shortly thereafter followed by the end of the book. Again, just me!!

Seriously though, that's it! Otherwise, this book was AMAZING!! I am still thinking about it a day after finishing it. Ben is the life-long player with a heart of gold and Reese is the black-hearted, feisty, bitch who rode in on a Harley and doesn't take any shit from anyone. She's bitter and she's pissed off at life in general. This is really a friends-to-lovers romance. Ben and Reese really have a great friendship for most of the book. He makes her laugh and allows her to be a little lighter in a way that no one else in her life can.

 photo 8331999_zpssakwtikf.png Reese, well . . . she’s all angry and fire- breathing bitchy until her lips find you, and then you’re sure she must have a cocaine- laced tongue because you can’t get enough of her sweet mouth."

And as much as my point in #1 above bothered me, that plot-line really fizzles and does not cause a bunch of OTT drama in the end like I had feared. So, fret not! This is definitely not a love-triangle!! :)

 photo 8331999_zpssakwtikf.png You’re like a dirty little neighborhood boy who runs around, kissing the girls and making them cry.”

 photo Five Ways to Fall Teaser_zpswefntzz1.jpg

And OMG the side stories here! I F-LOVED Lina and Mason!! Who doesn't love reading about the dorky guy getting to score?!?!!! And the end with Well, let's just say...I had my fingers crossed the whole time there, so I was very happy.

It's definitely an emotional read about family, love, loss, sacrifice, and commitment. I teared up a few times. KA Tucker is one kick ass author and I am sooooo glad that I picked up this series, even though it took me forever!

 photo FWTF Collage_zpschphhjit.jpg

NOTE ON READING ORDER: I have only read Four Seconds to Lose before this one, although I do plan to read the rest of the series at some point because these books are awesome! But, this book can totally be read as a stand-alone. The author does an excellent job of providing background on who the surrounding characters are and it was very easy to follow.
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2,753 reviews1,471 followers
July 2, 2014

5 Fantastic-Banter-Lovin’-Teasing STARS


I feel like every time I pick up a Tucker novel, I’m just setting myself up for a real treat. No books are alike and I love it. Five Ways to Fall is lighter than the previous books, but it’s still perfect.


Reese is a bit rebellious and response emotionally. She had a short marriage and after finding her tattoo husband with his ex, Reese divorced and landed herself in jail.

Reese’s ex-step-father is a lawyer and offers a deal to Reese. If Reese can clean up her act, she can move in with her step-father and become a paralegal.

Reese doesn’t have a place to stay, no money and decides this is the best offer. She accepts.

With a new hair-do and clothes, Reese starts her new life, but before she starts work she goes to Cancun for some fun in the sun and meets Ben. Ben is opposite of everything Reese finds attractive. Ben is blonde, has no tattoos and use to be a jock.


I’m always nervous when I read about damaged girls and girls who are still hung-up on their ex’s. However, I really liked Reese. I liked how she was this dark, wild thing and she realized that sometimes you need to take a step back and better yourself. I didn’t expect her to follow her step-father and pursue a white collar job.


Ben is adorable and I love how opposite he is to what Reese finds attractive. Yes, we all love those bad boys, but sometimes you just need to fall in love with a mama’s boy and I did that with Ben. I want Ben, I want to be with Ben and I want to have dinner with Ben and his mama.


I didn’t know what to expect with Five Ways to Fall, but I have to stay with the lightness of the read, it was a REAL treat. I love the banter between Reese and Ben. Reese and Ben don’t have a typical relationship. There’s no BS between them and there’s a lot of cute banter and dialogue. You can tell that they have feelings for each other, but they have their personal issues to deal with to start anything serious.

Reese has her daddy issues and Ben has his daddy issues too, but on top of that, both just don’t have a serious relationship. I can’t say this enough, but oh my gosh, this read was so good. There’s so much that goes on and what I enjoyed the most is seeing character development and watching the chemistry between Reese and Ben.

It’s just so GOOD!!!

I loved it, I love Tucker and I love this series.

Makes me want to do a happy dance!!!

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1,232 reviews2,029 followers
June 12, 2014
4.5 stars!!


♥ Ben. *sigh I know there's much more to him than meets the eye. Behind that cocky facade is a really sensitive and loyal mama's boy. I absolutely adored Ben. He's hiding a world of guilt but that didn't stop him from enjoying his life and achieving his dreams. At first, I thought he was just another immature frat boy but he is so much more than that.

♥ Reese. I admit it took me a while to warm up to her character only because she seemed hellbent on being as difficult as possible. But her backstory explains a lot of her behavior. I loved how she slowly changed from a beautiful girl with a giant chip on her shoulder to a confident, self-assured young woman. I loved her relationship with her stepfather and stepbrother. And of course, the way she finally admitted her feelings for Ben was just plain awesome.

♥ Jack, Reese's stepfather was wonderful secondary character. He was really there for Reese and did everything he could to give her a chance when others have all but forgotten about her.

Didn't love...

- Jared. Cheating scumbag. He needs to castrated. I was a little annoyed that he kept popping up and Reese can't him to forget him easily. But still he's not match for Ben Morris.

Other than that, I really, really enjoyed this book. I'm glad I continued on with this series. K.A. Tucker is definitely a talented storyteller.

An ARC was provided by Atria Books in exchange for an honest review.
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November 1, 2016
4 stars

Awesome, sweet read. Not normally a fan of man-whores but Ben worked for me. Right from the first book, we get to meet this charming, happy-go-lucky, manwhore and we get his story as he starts a friends-with-benefits relationship with Reese; a purple-haired, tattoo'd, Harley-riding bad-ass chick. LOVED the banter, LOVED the connection and i LOVED how they needed each other to get through their emotional journeys.

Highly recommended!
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1,493 reviews3,627 followers
August 17, 2017
3.75 Stars

Overall Opinion: This was an enjoyable read. I actually liked both of the characters. The h was on the crazy side, but I liked that about her. And Ben was fun to experience again after having him in the other books in the series. Even though I wanted more, I also enjoyed the connection between them. Their dialogue and banter was fun and on point, and their chemistry was hot. My biggest complaint would be the lack of closure and a HEA. I needed more!!

Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Reese and Ben's story. They meet in Cancun at a bar, and end up going back to the hotel together and almost having a ONS. They meet again months later in Miami where Ben is the new lawyer at Reese's step-dad's firm that she is also a paralegal at. They form a friendship of sorts, but they struggle to fight their attraction to one another. Reese is dealing with some pretty heavy ex drama, and Ben had a childhood that doesn't promote good relationships-- so more than a friendship with maybe some benefits is all they want from each other. But the more time they spend together, the more their feelings start to develop...and they get a HFN ending.

POV: This alternated between Reese and Ben's POV.

Overall Pace of Story: Good. I never skimmed and I thought it flowed well.

Instalove: No, they take a while to develop stronger feelings.

H rating: 4.5 stars. Ben. Yes, he was a slutty manwhore before the h -- but I really liked him! He was a great combination of sexy and sweet and a total mama's boy.

h rating: 4 stars. Reese. I liked her crazy! She stood up for herself, and never apologized for who she was.

Sadness level: Low, no tissues needed

Push/Pull: Yes

Heat level: Hot. They have some hot tension, chemistry, and scenes -- but not so much it takes away from the story.

Descriptive sex: Yes

Safe sex: Yes

OW/OM drama: Yes

Sex scene with OW or OM: Kind of

Cheating: Not IMO

Separation: No. Once they are together they stay together.

Possible Triggers: Yes

Closure: This didn't have anywhere near enough closure for me! I would call it a HFN ending. I would've lived to have a farther jump ahead epilogue and a HEA for the couple.

How I got it: It was part of my scribed subscription.

Safety: This one is probably Not Safe for most safety gang readers
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June 21, 2014

My casting for Ben....

“If you have to fight over a guy, he’s not worth it. Go for the one who’s waiting for you.”

I have loved every single book in this series and this one was no exception!! The one thing you can count on from the Ten Tiny Breaths series is that each book delivers a fresh, unique storyline with fantastic characters, a heart warming romance, and an all-round wonderful read.

“I’ve made so many wrong turns along the way, I don’t know how many right ones it will take to course-correct.”

This particular story was about a fiesty, rebellious spitfire of a heroine named Reece with a past as colorful as her hair that had landed her in and out of police cars for the better part of her teenage years. But underneath her tough exterior was girl who’d been abandoned by the ones she was supposed to count on and was just desperate to be loved.

But her life changed when one particular incident went a little too far and landed her back in a holding cell… this time though, she was offered a surprising chance to turn her life around. And she took it.

This was all going quite well until an epically humiliating one-night stand with a hot blond guy in Cancun who she prayed she’d never have to face again. She was hoping to just put that whole night behind her but when she turned up for work, she found herself face to face with him again…. her new co-worker!!

Ohhhhh and the fun began!!

While this is certainly a romance, there is no insta-love here. Or at least… it was there deeeeeep down but, on the surface, Ben and Reece had a total love-hate relationship and it was so much fun reading their banter and seeing them dance around each other. These two couldn’t be more different but they were also a wonderful match and I really appreciated how realistically and believably paced their relationship was.

I just have to say that I absolutely loved Ben!! I’m smiling right now just thinking about him. He was a big, strong, powerful, sexy, and protective ex-football-player-turned-bouncer-turned-lawyer with a huge heart, a soft spot for his Mama, and also interestingly absolutely no desire to commit to any one woman.

“You’re not my type.”
I’ve heard this before and I don’t believe her. Hell, I’m everybody’s type! Eventually.

What he did love though was a challenge. Especially the challenge of an angry woman….

“I see the shift in her, the moment when she realized that, though she’d prefer to castrate the entire male species right now, she can’t ignore her attraction to me.”

And I really can’t talk about Ben without giving a shout-out to his amazing mother. That woman was all kinds of awesome and she and Ben had such a fun dynamic!

“I’ve watched you chasing girls since you were six years old, so don’t pretend otherwise… This one’s different, though, isn’t she?”

“No.” The bells. The fucking church bells are ringing in her head. I know it.

I absolutely love KA Tuckers writing style! There’s an ease and fluidity to her words that draws you right in and lets you get lost in the story. I don’t want to give too much away of the plot but I’ll just say that there was a lot more going on than I’ve mentioned here but I think it’ll be more fun for you to discover it for yourselves. I enjoyed it from start to finish. It was surprising, fun, and tugged my heart strings while also making me laugh out loud many times and even tear up!

Just like with all the other books in this series, you really can read any of the books as a complete standalone and be fine understanding everything but there is a core group of interrelated characters between all the books and since I have genuinely loved each book in this series, my personal recommendation is to read all the books in order. Really though, it’s up to you.

I highly recommend this for everyone!

Rating: 4.5 stars. Standalone romance.

Review of Book #1 ➜ http://bit.ly/1ig3hb1
Review of Book #2 ➜ http://bit.ly/1kV8Gi7
Review of Book #3 ➜ http://bit.ly/1pm3M1L

More BEN casting....


For more of my reviews, book news and updates:
Main blog: Aestas Book Blog
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June 20, 2015
4.5 ★'s

We finally get to Ben's book...he's a bouncer from Penny's who finally got his law degree. Ben and Reese meet in Cancún when he 's celebrating. Unfortunately, their first meeting doesn't go too well. Fortunately, their second meeting is better.

Ben is such a great character...so charismatic and endearing. I loved seeing the endearing side of him and getting his POV!


Reese is a great character...a bit too much at times but I liked her spunkiness. She was dealt a raw hand and I felt bad for what she went through with Jake but the ending was great!

This is a friends to lovers story and the buildup is slow with lots of sexual tension. There's some great almost moments with Reese and Ben but I was really happy when things finally happened with them.

I loved getting to know both Ben and Reese but I felt like Reese's story overtook Ben's. We really got to know her and get inside her head. I felt like we got to know a lot about Ben too but not as much about what he was thinking and who he is.


I really enjoyed Reese's two friends, Lina and Nicki. They are hilarious! And even Reese's stepbrother, Mason, added a lot to the story. I loved how their relationship evolved.

Ben's family was wonderful especially his mother but I loved his relationships with his siblings! It was horrible what happened with his Dad but I liked how the family came together.

I was happy with how things wrapped up. I'm glad that Reese matured a bit while still enjoying life...and with Ben with her every step of the way. I loved how she handled her mom! And Jack and Wilma? No surprise at all.

Sad that this is basically the last book with the exception of the Trent's prequel, In Her Wake. I have really enjoyed each and every book in the series and would definitely recommend them.

Favorite quotes

♥ “The womanizing mama’s-boy football-player part who spreads the charm on like peanut butter and has had a different girl in his hotel room every night this week.”

♥ “I just helped you make your ex-husband jealous, so you’re welcome. I don’t do pretend boyfriend shit. I’m normally Switzerland. I went rogue for you, so be grateful.”

♥ “Did we just pull the ultimate ‘fuck you’ on your ex and his new wife?”

♥ "I pull out a bright red T-shirt that says: “I got puked on in Cancún and all I have to show for it is this ugly red shirt.”

♥ “I want your womanizing mama’s-boy football-player butt all to myself and if I catch you with any Twinkies or beautify queens or anyone else, you’d better run fast because I will hunt you down.”

♥ “I warned you—Jiminy talks.”

♥ "She just . . . fits with me. So perfectly.

I’m vaguely aware of the processional coming down the aisle. I probably should be paying attention to the bride.

But I’m too busy staring at my Reese."
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May 23, 2015
Five Perfect Stars

Reese has made her share of mistakes, but after trashing her husband’s apartment and going to jail she knows a change is needed.

When her former stepdad Jack Warner offers her a chance to change her life she takes it. After months of studying, she is now a paralegal and with her 21st birthday on the horizon her and her girlfriends decide to go to Mexico.

Ben, former bouncer at Penny’s, has graduated law school and found a job at Warners. He and his law school buddies all take a trip to Mexico to celebrate and have one last hurrah.

Ben, self assured and arrogant, meets Reese, moody and bitchy, on his last night Mexico, and I will just say this is seriously one of the best scenes in the book.

Despite their first meeting both can leave knowing they will never see each other again...that is until the meet at the office.

Reese, abandon at the age of five and left with her neglectful mother, has a lot of trust issues. She hides behind her sarcasm and does not let people get too close.

Ben was an All-American Football player but an injury in college ends that dream for him. While Ben appears to have the perfect life nothing is as perfect as it seems. His alcoholic and verbally abusive father has created a wedge in his family, and he his left trying to take care of his sick mother.

So while this seems like a light read it does have some depth to it. Honestly, its absolutely perfect: hot sex, humor, sweetness and a real story line. I have enjoyed all the books in the series, but this one was by far my favorite.

In closing, I absolutely loved this and hated to reach the end. I definite re-read!
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July 9, 2014
I’ve been a big fan of K.A. Tucker with her Ten Tiny Breaths series but Five Ways to Fall is definitely my favorite of the lot. It was a perfect romance with just the right amounts of snarky humor, sexiness, and heart!

Reece has moved to Miami to work for her stepfather, Jack Warner after a disastrous short-lived marriage. Reece thought she found the love of her life in Jared. Someone who appreciated her individuality, and instead she got a cheating douchebag! The way she discovered Jared cheating would’ve shattered me on the spot, and I could easily picture reacting the same way! Reece tried to move on and almost did with Ben, in a drunken almost-one-night stand that will have you cracking up and cringing at the same time. Reece is beyond shocked and mortified when Ben comes to work for Jack’s firm.

Ben has just passed the bar and quit working for Penny’s as a bouncer. Those of us who’ve followed the series know Ben as the happy-go-lucky, incorrigible flirt with a long list of casual hookups. Ben makes it no secret that he’s not looking for anything serious, and we find out why in this installment. When he goes to work for Jack Warner’s firm, he’s surprised that the purple haired little minx that got away in Cancun not only works there, but is Jack’s stepdaughter. Reece’s dialed her sass down by dying her hair back to blond and removing most of her piercings, but she still has the spunk and attitude that completely fascinated him. Now that they’re working together the pull is stronger than ever even though they tease and insult each other at every turn. There was sexual tension brewing a-plenty and these two just couldn’t keep their hands off of each other!

Both Reece and Ben’s back story were engrossing. Both spoke right to my heart, and were woven in seamlessly, and with just enough information without distracting your attention from the overall story.
I ADORED Ben’s family, his mother especially, and the time at the family’s orange grove was magical. His father was a completely different story and it was sad for both Ben and his mother that this man behaved the way he did.

Reece’s step-family was wonderful, too. Even though Jack abandoned her when Annabelle (Reece’s mom) cheated and left him, he redeemed himself by stepping up and rescuing Reece when she was at an all time low. The interactions between Mason (her stepbrother) and her were priceless. So funny! Some may take issue with Reece’s storyline with Jared, but I totally got it. Who wouldn’t be tempted by a man who utterly crushed and humiliated you when he started paying attention again? No worries, though. I think Reece dealt with the situation admirably, for the most part. Jared and Caroline really got what they deserved: each other.

I don’t remember laughing as hard in any other K.A. Tucker book! Really, the humor was one of the best things about this story, and it balanced the more serious issues perfectly. K.A. Tucker’s writing talent just shines in Five Ways to Fall!

As a side note, the cover is perfect for this story. The girl is completely Reece with her blond hair and black cherry ends walking up to the Bernard/Morris family’s grove. Love it when the cover matches the story!

I read that this is the last in the Ten Tiny Breath series, but I sincerely hope Ms. Tucker considers doing an offshoot series on Ben’s family. I would LOVE a story about one or more of the Morris siblings, especially Josh. A story centered around Josh winning his ex-wife and kids back would amazing!

A copy was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

You can read this review and more at The Readers Den.
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January 14, 2015
4.5 Reese’s Pieces Stars

Oh how I loved this book, let me count the ways, eh?

Purple hair, sassy pants heroine aka Reese…

Ben, well…
Man whore, right.

Fantastic snarky banter, that is both cute and wildly entertaining..


There is more of course to the story. Reese gets dumped by her cheating husband, now ex-husband. She goes away with her girls to Mexico and meets Ben. Sparks fly, one night stands are upon us, but Reesey decides to puke on him instead. They cross paths months later when Ben takes a job as a lawyer in the same firm Reese is working at. They can’t deny the hotness but neither of them is ready to dive into a relationship as they both have trust issues. The author does an amazing job mixing funny with serious. I felt so bad for Ben and the crap he had to deal with at home, but I loved seeing him interact with his mamma.

Reese was a great heroine. I loved her fiesty, bad girl vibe. Loved the fact that she rode a motorcyle, and appreciated and could relate to the "don't talk to me before caffeine" morning rule. I also loved that Reese held her own in this story. Ben was really open about his slootiness and she never really got annoyed with him. I sure did at one point, hence the half star deduction. Because Benny took this quite literally..
When I wished he hadn’t. Enter here if you care to see more

Other than that, perfection, a really fantastic mix of broken pasts, angst, funny, tears, steam, and obnoxiously superb banter!! Definitely recommend!
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July 2, 2019
Reese și Ben... doi tineri cum nu se poate mai diferiți și totuși, atât de asemănători! O poveste frumoasa, captivanta si cu multe emoții. Poveste de viața, de curaj, despre asumarea riscurilor... O iubire care îți rămâne în suflet!
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Want to read
November 8, 2013
I want Nate's story!!! *pouts* I guess Ben will have to do ;-)
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October 12, 2016
This book is about love, friendship, and overcoming the past with a little bit of humor and drama thrown in there.
There were so many good moments. It is difficult to write this review because I don’t want to give any spoilers away.

I want to say what happend Cancun stay Cancun....:D
I hold up my glass. “Besides, I’ve already found my Cancun fling. Lina, meet Mr. Cuervo. Mr. Curevo…My best friend, Lina.” Leaning in, I waggle my brow and whisper, “If you’re nice, he’ll let you call him Jose. I plan on spending the next six nights with this naughty little Mexican.” I wave a hand at the server as he whizzes by, letting him know that I need another drink by pointing to my nearly empty glass, as I add, “He can be a bit of a whiny bitch in the morning but he makes up for it by dark.”

Then somethind happend....and Reese had new terms.
Mr. Cuervo and I—and all of his Mexican cousins—are no longer on speaking terms.

What can I say, you just have to love Ben and Reese. They are so different yet so similar. I like how their relationship develops and how honest they were with each other. Ben is kind, playful, funny, easygoing guy and Reese is wild, independent, sarcastic and with good humor.

“Too bad you’re not allowed to climb the trees,” I murmur with a head shake as I watch Reese wrap her arms around a tree branch and start pulling herself up. Handing my gun to Mason, I hook an arm around her small waist and yank her down just as she’s about to throw her leg over it. “I have a feeling you’re worse with following rules than I am.”

They’re friends, but at the same time attracted to each other.
Reese, well… she’s all angry and fire-breathing bitchy until her lips find you, and then you’re sure she must have a cocaine-laced tongue because you can’t get enough of her sweet mouth.

Lovely ending
She’s everything I never knew I wanted. She’s everything I never knew I could have.

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Author 33 books1,053 followers
July 16, 2014

This series has been near and dear to my heart from the moment I read Ten Tiny Breaths. I absolutely LOVED the first two books with the third book a good read but lacking that magical "butterflies in your stomach" and "holding your breath in anticipation" feeling that KA Tucker wrapped around both Kacey's and Livie's stories. Well, let me just say that this book had ALL THAT MAGIC!!

I have loved Ben from the first book. Reese MacKay could not have been more perfect for him. Ben, the obnoxiously gorgeous, easy-going ex-football player/bouncer/lawyer needed someone who would test his limits, keep him in check and match him laugh for laugh. Reese is all that and more. From the first few lines of the book, I knew I was going to love Reese. She's smart, funny, sarcastic, witty, sexy and underneath it all, just wants someone to pick her for once. She's not had an easy life and has been abandoned several times by those who are supposed to love and protect her.

 photo Fiveways1_zps8292e541.jpg

Ben and Reese develop a great friendship that grows into something more. Ms. Tucker's telling of this story was fantastic as usual and while we did not see a lot of the other characters, it was still a great ending to a fantastic series. I will miss them all!!

 photo Quotefiveways_zpsb57f9dd2.jpg

If you're looking for excellent writing, flawed yet lovable and endearing characters (superb female leads and charming, sexy men), loads of laughs, emotions, friends as family and romance...this book and the entire series is worth reading!!
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June 9, 2014
4 stars

 photo 20140609_152819-kdcollage_zpsv9qvgzsy.jpg

Reese is turning over a new leaf and has started working at her stepdads law firm. When Ben starts work, will they both overcome their commitement issues and fall for each other?

I liked Reese. She was sarcastic and blunt and kind of a bitch. Although I felt her fixation with her ex dragged on a bit. Ben was kind of a manwhore and it was a little offputting to read some parts. Other than that I liked how these two grew to become friends/co-workers to lovers.

The story captured my attention but by halfway I started to lose a little interest with Reese's ex drama. Overall if you are looking for great banter, YA/NA with great characters I would give this a go.

Arc provided by the Publishers via NetGalley
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September 8, 2017
Five Ways to Fall left me with mixed feelings just like the second book in this series. Since this is the finale, I expected it will either step up or at least match the greatness of Four Seconds to Lose . That wasn't the case but it's still a good story.

The main characters are Ben Morris and Reese MacKay. Ben was a former bouncer at Penny's and works for his best friend's father's law firm. Surprisingly, he sees Reese again at the office whom he met at Cancun two months ago. She used to have a purple hair instead of blonde with streaks. The problem is she's his boss's stepdaughter.

A lot of times I rolled my eyes on Reese from annoyance. She's shallow, immature and bitter. It's understandable because of her rough upbringing. She's afraid of rejection and craves for affection that her biological parents barely gave. Sometimes someone needs to to talk some sense in her. Wasting her energy stalking her cheating ex-husband is unhealthy. It's a waste of energy and that douchebag doesn't deserve an ounce of her attention. Those are her flaws and on the bright side, I like her sense of humor and sass. She reminds me of Kacey.

Ben may be crass, cocky and self-assured, he's a sweet guy. I adore him whenever he's with his mama. He looks out for her and makes sure she's okay. The chemistry between him and Reese was great but not really intense. Plot wise, it has a potential but I wish it's added with more spice. The ending was cliché and lackluster. It's quite a let down. Overall, it's slightly better than the second book but it's not as good as the first and the third book.

Final rating: 3.5 / 5 stars

[Full review posted]
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1,277 reviews109 followers
May 20, 2019
4.5 Switzerland Stars

Ok, this one was really cute and fun, but still had Tucker's signature tug on the heartstrings effect. I loved how this one was more light hearted and relaxed but still had some serious undertones. If you've read her Simple Wild and loved Calla and Jonah's banter, then you have to give Ben and Reese a try!
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177 reviews356 followers
August 5, 2019
Actual rating 3.5⭐
Not my favorite from all of them and a little boring sometimes.
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1,229 reviews
August 4, 2015
Wow… la Tucker colpisce ancora! E lo fa nel migliore dei modi!
Per questo ultimo capitolo della serie, abbandona lo stereotipo del bello e dannato e della ragazzina acqua e sapone per abbracciare due nuovi tipi di protagonisti: il sornione e la gatta selvatica.
Ben è bello, intelligente e affascinante, col suo sorriso stende ogni tipo di ragazza possibile e adora usarlo per abbordare le sue conquiste e portarsele a letto. Non rinnega nulla, è scanzonato, simpatico e onesto.
Reese ha una vita costellata di azioni discutibili, una fedina penale non proprio immacolata e un matrimonio lampo finito con un tradimento da parte del suo sposo che le ha spaccato il cuore. Ma invece di disperarsi, la ragazza viene travolta da una rabbia indicibile! Dotata di un temperamento focoso e di un carattere tutt’altro che docile, Reese si ritrova ad essere accudita da un ex-patrigno benevolo e a rincontrare Ben, una sua (quasi)vecchia avventura.
La Tucker abbandona le tinte scure del mondo dei Night Club e abbraccia il mondo degli studi associati.
Quello che colpisce di questo ultimo romanzo è soprattutto la freschezza che si respira ad ogni pagina, perché Ben e Reese sono due protagonisti scanzonati, simpatici, divertenti. Con loro si ride, ci si diverte, si esplora in modo diverso, ma non per questo meno profondo, le complesse dinamiche della vita familiare, dell’importanza, in ogni fase della vita, di un punto affettivo di riferimento. Di questo libro ho adorato ogni personaggio: dalla famiglia di Ben, a Mason, alle folli amiche di Reese. Con questa lettura mi sono divertita da morire, ho imparato il dolce sapore della vendetta e il profondo cambiamento che viene ispirato dal perdono.
L’autrice costruisce una storia brillante irriverente e simpatica, ma che affonda le sue radici su argomenti molto solidi e tutt’altro che leggeri. Questa è una cosa che io apprezzo molto.
Ottimo lavoro. Brava Tucker.
Ora, questa serie è conclusa….
E adesso?!
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August 20, 2014
“She’s everything I never knew I wanted. She’s everything I never knew I could have.”

It is truly rare to find a series that delivers so consistently and at such a remarkable level one book after another, each story unique, gripping, unforgettable, a series that never stops getting better and better. So it came as no surprise to me that this last (fingers crossed that it is not!) book would become my personal favourite of the lot. Reese and Ben’s story had all the magic of its ‘predecessors’—a strong, independent female lead; a charming, irresistible hero who changes his bad-boy ways for the woman he cannot stay away from; a whirlwind romance with all the right ups and downs to make us hopelessly addicted and clinging onto every single word. But this story had something more for me, an added pinch of angst that made me wholeheartedly invested in these characters’ ultimate happy ending. There is so much bittersweet emotion driving this story forward, so much hidden self-deprecation in these characters, all under the guise of fearlessness and over-confidence. Mesmerised by all the beautiful layers of this story, and once more, by this author’s inimitable trademark humour and flawless prose, I was in book heaven cover to cover.

“I was smart. Some may say I’m still smart. But I’ve made so many wrong turns along the way, I don’t know how many right ones it will take to course-correct.”

Reese MacKay has been a thorn in her social-climbing mother’s sight ever since adolescence, her rebellious, reckless shenanigans landing her in hot water time after time, and so we meet her in the middle of her latest trouble, at a police station, arrested for destruction of private property, her only hope of getting herself out of this situation being to call a man who raised her, but whom she hadn’t seen for nine long years, ever since he divorced her mother. But her ‘get out of jail free card’ comes with conditions—to come to work for him as a paralegal and start sorting herself out, away from the pain of her past and all the reasons she acted out in the first place. Six months later, she is on the cusp of getting a fresh start in life by starting her new job, in a new city, living with and working for the only quasi-parent who has ever seen her true potential. But during her twenty-first birthday celebration in Mexico, her last act as a careless youth, she meets a cocky playboy whose wide grin and steely blue eyes become her undoing. Their connection is immediate, their attraction indisputable, and yet all she walks away with is the memory of one embarrassing night spent in his room hugging the toilet bowl, too drunk to do much else. Two months later, that same cocky guy walks into her office, and he does not waste a second reminding her of their one disastrous night together.

“… I’m trying to control the hyperbolic flashback that took weeks to suppress… as the walking, breathing proof of one of my most mortifying nights stands in my office.”

Ben Morris is the confident new lawyer hired by Reese’s stepfather. His good looks and flirty personality have made him a hit with the ladies, something he did not mind in the least while working nights as a strip club bouncer to pay for his law degree. But his obnoxious swagger is only a playful façade he enjoys teasing Reese with, riling her up having soon become his favourite past time.

“Have you always loved yourself this much?”
“I had an awkward year in ‘ninety-nine, but I got over it quick.”

As they play a delicious game of cat and mouse, their daily interactions quickly blur the lines that Reese is so adamant to preserve, especially when her cheating ex-husband enters the scene and she needs someone to be her fake boyfriend. One kiss is all it takes for them to re-ignite the spark between them, something that no friends-with-benefits agreement can suppress. The more they pretend to be in love and the more they try not to fall for one another, the more they can’t keep their hands off each other.

“Reese, well . . . she’s all angry and fire-breathing bitchy until her lips find you, and then you’re sure she must have a cocaine-laced tongue because you can’t get enough of her sweet mouth.”

Reese and Ben are polar opposites in so many ways. While Ben is like a ray of sunshine any minute of the day, having been raised by a mother who loved and supported his every decision, and nurtured his interests in life, Reece has never felt that kind of unconditional love from a parent. She craves for someone to make her come first in their life, for someone to finally choose her, love her, make her their priority. Everyone who ever counted the most has always let her down, made her feel rejected and thus naturally distrustful of people around her. Ben is the first person in her adult life who makes her feel wanted, appreciated, good about herself. His cheerfulness and protectiveness towards her ground her and make her blossom as a person. Reese, on the other hand, is the first woman in Ben’s life to make him want to believe in something he has always looked at with disdain—love.

“I think Ben has a strange power over me— the ability to balance my chaos. And, the more time I spend here on the grove— in his life— the more I think that his entire world seems to stabilize me.”

A truly beautiful, light-hearted and yet deeply emotional story of two people quieting each other’s demons and becoming one another’s anchors in life—this is one of those books that warms you from the inside out and draws you to re-read it whenever you need a story to make you feel happy. From two charismatic leading characters to one of the most colourful casts of secondary characters I have ever encountered, this is a tale that shows the true meaning of family bonds as much as it is a love story, all laced with a delightful undercurrent of humour and wit. I am besotted, I am in awe, and I cannot recommend this book, as well as the series as a whole, highly enough.

“… if you have to fight over a guy, he’s not worth it. Go for the one who’s waiting for you.”

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February 17, 2019
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After her failed marriage, Reese McKay takes a trip to Cancun with her friends as a distraction. There, she meets a charming bouncer named Ben. After an embarrassing one-night stand, she flies home and tries to put the past behind her. That is until Ben walks into her step-dads law firm, the newest hired staff member. As time goes on and their attraction to each other continues, they need to keep their growing relationship a secret or risk losing their jobs.

I devoured this book in one day. It is so light-hearted and fun but also touches on some tough subjects such as family dynamics. I liked the dual POV between Reese and Ben. Reese is extremely feisty and witty but has such a big heart. She also has purple hair so OBVIOUSLY I have a special place for her in my heart. I loved the banter between her and Ben. I found myself giggling at many of the situations the two found themselves in. I liked Ben's chapters significantly less than Reese's as they were mostly just describing how hot Reese and her body was - it got old very quickly. But, I still enjoyed him as a character once I got past the obnoxious commentary every couple of sentences. One of my favourite tropes is friends to lovers so I instantly fell for this couple. The slow build of their relationship got me right in the feels and I couldn't help rooting for them both. It was amazing watching them grow apart but also together. I also love the fake girlfriend/boyfriend trope so I WAS HERE FOR IT.

Overall, very cute and I recommend if you're looking for a quick, fun romance!
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June 13, 2017

Desde que empece a leer la saga Ten Tiny Breaths hace un par de años y conoci a Ben quise que tuviera su propia historia y tengo que decir que no me decepciono para nada, al contrario, si al empezar a leer ya tenia mis expectativas por las nubes, al terminar quede aun mas enamorada de lo que creia posible.

Despues de leer los libros de esta serie y ver que todas las historias eran un tanto " oscuras ", Five Ways to Fall fue la excepcion, me parecio que fue el libro con menos drama, y el mas alegre de todos aunque gran parte de la culpa fue del personaje de Ben, un protagonista tan alegre y comico que era imposible no babear cada vez que decia o hacia algo.

Reese fue una protagonista que me encanto, ame su actitud y aunque hubo momentos en los que queria que actuara un poco mas madura y dejara de estar viviendo en el pasado, tambien entendia su actitud, porque lo que le paso no era facil de superar.

Ben, que decir de mi amado Ben, desde ahora forma parte de mis " novios literarios ", fue un chico que me encanto y su actitud chulesca solo hizo que me gustara aun mas, su caracter bromista que ya vimos un poco en Ten Tiny Breaths, es aun mejor en este libro.

En un principio esperaba que los personajes de los libros anteriores aparecieran mas, en cambio la autora nos presenta unos personajes nuevos, tan maravillosos y unicos como los de los libros anteriores, a los que les coges muchisimo cariño en solo un par de apariciones.

No puedes dejar de leer este libro si eres un fan de esta saga o si quieres leer una historia diferente y que no este llena de cliches.

Para mi, el mejor libro de esta saga!! ( y de los que he leido este año. )

5 Estrellas!!!
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