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Search No Further

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Family secrets can kill in this twisty psychological suspense thriller from AJ Campbell, Amazon bestselling author of The Phone Call and Her Missing Husband.

‘A mind-blowing psychological thriller which cements AJ Campbell as a master in this genre’ The Twist and Turn Book Blog ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Be careful who you trust... especially those closest to you.

Cara De Rosa has it all. She’s the heart of her family and community; her restaurant business is booming, and she’s found a second chance at love.

But there’s no such thing as a perfect life. And the good times never last forever.

Because someone wants Cara dead.

And she harbours a chilling suspicion it’s someone she knows.


First published December 7, 2021

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About the author

A.J. Campbell

7 books342 followers
AJ CAMPBELL is an Amazon bestselling author of six psychological suspense novels and promises stories full of twists, turns and torment. Her fourth book The Phone Call was released in July 2022, and it topped the Amazon charts for several months. It was shortlisted for the Adult Prize for Fiction at the Selfie Book Awards 2023. She released her fifth novel The Wrong Key in January 2023, and her sixth one Her Missing Husband in May 2023.

AJ draws inspiration for her stories from seemingly unbelievable situations in which ordinary people find themselves. She creates compelling characters that resonate with her readers. AJ lives in the UK on the Essex / Hertfordshire border with her husband, sons, and cocker spaniel, Max. She is a dog lover, Netflix junkie, and a wine and Asian food enthusiast. And, either reading, watching TV, or writing, AJ enjoys nothing more than getting stuck into a twisty story!

Connect with AJ here:


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Profile Image for Nina (ninjasbooks).
953 reviews374 followers
March 14, 2023
Oh, man. This book really had potential. The pace is fast and you get stressed from all that happens. My problem was with all the secrets. Could there not have been a slice of normality? Too many twists that made me think ‘come on’.
Profile Image for Mandy White (mandylovestoread).
2,137 reviews580 followers
December 11, 2021
Warning, do not read this book when hungry! All the descriptions of the Italian food at the family restaurant will have your mouth watering!

I read Search No Further in an afternoon. I love a book about family secrets and this one is jam packed with them. Cara De Rosa is the centre of her family. She runs her family business and keeps the family together. But when she collapses it marks the beginning of the family collapse as well. Her granddaughter Sienna is determined to get answers when Cara tells her something that will change her life forever

This book was fantastic. Everytime I thought that I had it all sussed out there would be another twist - and I loved it. I look forward to reading more books by this author.

Thank you to the author for sending me a copy of this book to read. Highly recommend.
Profile Image for Amy McKenzie.
27 reviews33 followers
January 5, 2022
The third novel from AJ Campbell and it’s my favourite yet - it did not disappoint! This twisty psychological thriller gripped me from the very beginning and I was invested in all the characters, especially Sienna who I was really rooting for. It felt authentic and immersive and I loved the setting of the Italian restaurant (some of the descriptions of the food made me hungry!) If you love a suspenseful thriller where you are kept guessing right to the end, then you’ll love this.
Profile Image for Whispering Stories.
2,756 reviews2,580 followers
January 14, 2022
Reading Search No Further over the Christmas period seemed like the perfect plan. I had long lazy days to sit and enjoy a great novel… except this grabbed me on page one and I just didn’t want to put it down.

I do like a plot that envelops you in family life, so much so, that you feel you are a part of the clan. Chapter one opens with an intricate description of a birthday party in a family-run Italian restaurant. Apart from salivating at the fabulous food description, you’re immediately caught up in the intricacies of the De Rosa family life. Nonna dominates but it’s Sienna who takes on the narration and whose story we follow. It’s clear from the opening that something isn’t quite right with Nonna and when she collapses at the party it seems she really is not heeding the advice of her family to slow down but then we get to the first plot twist and off we go into the tangled web.

It’s hard to review the novel without spoiling the plot and this is definitely a plot that keeps you turning the pages. On one hand, you have perceptive insight into the challenges of family life, especially when your family all live and work together. On the other hand, there’s a sinister undercurrent that threatens to take Sienna’s beloved Nonna away from her forever and practically everyone is a suspect.

As a psychological suspense, it has all the elements that make it great. It is tense, dark, and yet frighteningly realistic. But there’s also Sienna’s backstory which is portrayed with real sensitivity and emotion that makes you respond to her character. This is effective storytelling. I genuinely wanted to know what was going to happen next and I cared about the characters. The dialogue is punchy and realistic and I found the relationship between Sienna and Nonna a positive example of female friendship as well as family relationships. And I binged it – along with the Christmas chocolates – it was wonderfully addictive!
Profile Image for Susan Z.
664 reviews115 followers
January 8, 2022
Sienna is part of a large Italian family who owns an amazing restaurant, how lucky is she? I was seriously drooling with the talk of food and was feeling quite inferior in the kitchen. Time to up my game!!

The beloved matriarch, Cara, Sienna's grandma, passes out during a party, diagnosed as a heart attack. But Cara thinks something nefarious is going on and adamantly believes she was poisoned. In her brief coherent moments, Cara shares this startling revelation with Sienna.

What transpires is an uncovering of numerous skeletons in the family's closet. So many secrets, lies and acts of deception. I was completely glued to the story and devoured it in 2 days, which is very fast for me.
Profile Image for Krista crone.
217 reviews62 followers
March 6, 2022
4.5 star rating rounding up to 5 stars on Goodreads.

Wow, you will not see the ending coming! While the beginning started out more as a family drama, it definitely is a twisty psychological thriller. There is so much lying, deceit, and everyone has their secrets and regrets. If you like psychological suspense/thrillers you need to add this to your bookshelf! This was my first book that I have read by AJ Campbell and I guarantee it won’t be my last!
Profile Image for Jayne.
570 reviews260 followers
November 16, 2022
"Search No Further" was not what I was searching for.

I enjoyed A.J. Campbell's "Don't Come Looking" and I was "searching" for a repeat performance by a very talented author.

Instead, I listened to a book with shallow characterizations, too many protagonists, repetitive text, and a plotline that was just all over the place.

I listened to the audiobook and narrator Deirdra Whelan did a superb job with the book's narration.

2 stars, rounded up.
Profile Image for Ivo Ferry Haas.
108 reviews33 followers
March 16, 2022
Another amazing work!
A captivating read! holds the reader's attention from beginning to end. I really liked the progressive way the events take place. The pace are comfortable and keeps the reading flowing.
I must confess; I was a bit confused to organize in my mind the bond between the characters.

There are several people in one plot.

But nothing that interferes with the dynamics.
Another excellent work! Worth for every page.
Amanda is certainly in my hall of favorite authors.

Profile Image for Mellisa.
525 reviews126 followers
January 28, 2022
Cara De Rosa, glamorous, rich grandmother with a chain of successful restaurants, a loving family and an upcoming marriage to a younger man. This should be a happy time, celebrating her great-grandaughters birthday. Until she collapses, a suspected heart attack. Yet Cara knows better - someone is out to get Cara, someone who has too many secrets that could be exposed. As granddaughter Sienna digs for the truth, she realises every single person around Cara has something to hide, they each have secrets they can't have exposed. Sienna's determined for revenge - whatever the cost.

This is the first book I've read by this author, after first hearing about her books last year. I wish I hadn't waited this long to start one, what a wild ride!

That ending - wow! Every time a secret was exposed, I was just sat in shock. An incredible, twisty thriller that had me gripped the whole way through. Lies, secrets, betrayel - what more could you ask for in this rollercoaster of a book?! I recommend buying this immediately, it's too good to miss (don't be like me, leaving this incredible book for far too long!)
Profile Image for Melanie’s reads.
737 reviews71 followers
December 28, 2021
It isn’t very often that a book has both a well crafted plot and characters. A large (and I must add extremely readable) Italian family with a few outsiders, also working at their restaurant, means there are quite a few suspects. With granddaughter Sienna taking on the role of detective to try and pick out the truth from the lies, this is a terrific whodunnit.

Imagine Agatha Christie as a bit of a foodie and you can see where I’m going with this. The way the author has fleshed out her characters I could picture them clearly and could easily have plonked them on the Orient Express or in an old country house.

Not just a whodunnit this book will also have you asking why? I will happily put my hands up and admit to not figuring out either. Perfectly placed twists and enough red herrings and misdirection to have me looking in the wrong direction put pay to that.

The pace was balanced, enough that the plot held my attention while the characters and family dynamics had the benefit of getting more consideration. While bringing in the subplot of Sienna’s past it not only gave more to the story it also brought me more questions. Was there a connection? I scrutinised every family member alongside Sienna and trusted no one. Guilty till proven innocent is my readers motto. What a family they are too, I loved so many of them and I was holding my breath that my favourite wouldn’t be the guilty party.

My only suggestion is that you don’t read this hungry, as you may not be able to sink your teeth into the deliciously described food amongst the pages but you certainly can the story and the family.
Profile Image for Eloise Mohan.
164 reviews3 followers
December 11, 2021
A book set around Christmas time about an attempted murder, lies, family affairs and a whole lot of drama. Perfect.

The plot was enough to get me into this book, but the writing style, alongside the character and setting development really gripped me. Even the side characters had their own narratives and personalities portrayed really well, and each of them was actually important to the plot in some way.

My heart felt for Sienna, her morals conflicted and her heart broken on many occasions, she stayed true to herself and her Nonna to get the answers they deserved.

I love how every character had their own means and motives for the attempted murder, and it had me questioning my own thoughts after every chapter. I'll defiantly admit that I didn't see this one coming until pretty late into the book.

I'm not sure there's any negative things to say about Search no Further, even the title fits perfectly. I also adored delving into the Italian culture through this story.. I now want to visit an authentic Italian restaurant and learn to cook my own Italian dishes (obviously not like a true Italian chef would do though!)

Huge thank you to the author for allowing me to read this book and share my opinions with you all ahead of publication day today!
Profile Image for Elaine.
663 reviews38 followers
June 28, 2022
Search no Further.
By AJ Campbell .

Coming December 11th-2021

I feel honored to have this author reach out to me to read her book before publication day..

This is a wonderfully written book about a family, Full of deceit lies and anything else they can get away With.
Telling the truth won't happen until something Major happens..

Is the glue that holds the family together. Everyone loves
Nonna.. Nonna believes In The good of every one. Loves her family.. runs her Restaurant She's just the best everybody in the family loves her..

Nonna new man every one has doubts about. His role.

granddaughter of Nonna .
Is determined to find out who is trying to kill her Nonna.
Along the way finding out more things than she ever expected. Lies truth manipulations will all come out in the end

But in the end, will this family be able to keep the closeness.

Definitely pick up a copy and check it out it's well worth the read many twists many turns you'll never guess Who done it it's that good I definitely enjoyed this book I recommend it to all who are into this suspense type a book.

Thank you for this 💜💜
4 reviews
November 27, 2021
This really is, to coin a phrase, a page turner. This is Amanda’s third book, I’ve read the other two and this one certainly does not disappoint.
Very easy to get into, well paced and with short chapters and new characters that draw you in and make you want to keep reading.
The story follows an Italien family who run restaurants and hair salons in London, and the author really paints a vivid picture of restaurant life. We start with a party and the collapse of the matriarch and follow as her youngest granddaughter tries to find out the truth of what happened to her Nonna.
Uncovering secrets and lies along the way, with twists and turns, and covering topics such as mental health issues, grief, family relationships this book will keep you guessing right to the very end.
Be prepared to clear your diary before you start reading this one. You really won’t want to put it down!

I received an advance copy of this novel in return for writing a review. Views and opinions are my own
Profile Image for Zelda FeatzReviews.
390 reviews21 followers
April 8, 2022
If you have ever wondered what secrets are hiding in your family closet, then reading Search No Further will convince you to rather not ask too many questions. Search No Further digs deep into the consequences of family lies and secrets. The author looks at the dynamics in a close-knit family who not only work together but who live within walking distance of one another. She adds some secrets and then slowly reveals them to the characters and the reader, producing an entertaining, twisty read that leaves you intrigued by this fascinating family.
As a first-time reader of AJ Campbell’s books, you can expect a relaxed writing style. She focuses the story around one main character and shows her relationships with the various family members unravel as she uncovers the family secrets one by one. The story leaves you amazed at how much can be hiding behind the appearance of a perfect, happy family.
Sienna adores her grandmother, if anything, Cara has been like a mother to her. Cara is a successful, dynamic woman who is adored by the members of her community. When Cara collapses at Sienna’s daughter’s birthday party, Sienna’s foundation is rocked. As a young widowed single mom, Sienna depends on Cara. Since the death of her husband, Cara has held Sienna together – guiding her from day today.
Seeing Cara frail and helpless in the hospital leaves Sienna shaken. But when Cara briefly wakes up, she makes a few confusing statements. Leaving Sienna desperate to find her own strength to uncover the truth about the people in her world. Yet nothing could have prepared her for the secrets and lies she is about to uncover.
This book leaves you questioning if it’s ever okay to keep things from your family. As one secret unearthed leads to the discovery of another and another you quickly come to realise that eventually, even the smallest lie can lead to disastrous consequences. I could not imagine being a part of the De Rosa family. These people are a pretty shocking bunch. You must love how far the author took the family secrets. Every time you think it cannot get any worse, the author delivers a whopper you did not expect.
The story is told from Sienna’s perspective and focuses on her relationships with the various family members. However, Cara is the woman of importance. Cara De Rosa is a strong, successful woman who holds her family together. Everything is about Cara. Sienna develops from a guilt-ridden, fragile character into a young woman strong enough to take on everyone in her search for the truth. You see how this young woman draws strength from her love and loyalty to Cara to reveal secrets from the past. If only she knew what was awaiting her, she might have left things alone. This poor woman’s foundations are not only rocked in this story, they are completely blown away. You must sympathise with her, what a family?
I was quickly intrigued by this story and the characters. While this might not be an edge of your seat read, I loved the relaxed, easy way the story unfolded.
If ever you think you were born into a strange, messy family – I recommend you read this book. The De Rosa family is guaranteed to leave you appreciating the members of your family.
This is a book you will quickly find yourself intrigued by. Add it to your TBR, it’s sure to leave you amazed at all the secrets that come tumbling out of the De Rosa family cupboard.
Profile Image for Nik's Nook.
854 reviews54 followers
December 22, 2021
Cara De Rosa is the family matriarch, owner of the family's Italian restaurant, and Sienna's role model. So, when her grandmother collapses at a family party, Sienna is beside herself. When visiting her grandmother in the hospital, Cara, in what seems to be a drug-induced haze, drops multiple bombs on Sienna - bombs that threaten to detonate Sienna's whole life. Is it the meds talking, or is someone out to silence the head of the family once and for all?

This was my third AJ Campbell book, and it was definitely my favorite. I love a good family drama, and this one had it all. Literally ALL the drama. I thought I had it all figured out, and then I was thrown for a loop. Then I hunkered down to try to figure it out again, and nope! This was a whirlwind of family secrets and lies, and I loved every minute of it. The best part though? All of the twists and turns and reveals were believable to me, and that's the kind of book I can get behind.

AJ's writing had me feeling like I was right there with Sienna as everything unfolded. And the descriptions of her OCD? I was getting phantom pains every time she rubbed hand sanitizer onto her poor, cracked hands. ���

Oh, and don't go into this one hungry! The descriptions of the food at the family restaurant (and even Zach's meals) had me craving Italian.
1,550 reviews28 followers
November 24, 2021
BookFunnel gave me a copy of Search No Further. My review is given after reading the novel without an obligation and my opinions are my own. This is the first novel I have read by A.J. Campbell and her writing is well developed. Her characters are well developed and her storyline is quite creative and flows smoothly. This novel is about a beautiful woman that has worked hard and has been very successful. She has developed a delicious restaurant and has been able to expand her initial family run Italian restaurants. She is very popular and is in a solid marriage with a much younger man. When she collapses at a family party, it appears that she has had a heart attack. Carra knows better. Someone has poisoned her. Someone wants her dead. Sienna, her granddaughter seeks to find out who. She wants answers. You will have to read the book to find out the who and why. This novel has many twists and turns. Just when I figured out who done it, the novel went a totally new direction. I highly recommend this novel
4 reviews1 follower
December 20, 2021
I was part of AJ Campbell’s ARC team and received an advanced copy to read.

The views below are however independent and entirely ny own.

I loved this book. I have read AJ’s previous books which I enjoyed immensely however this is my favourite.

Without giving spoilers, I am a reader who likes to guess / work out ‘whodunnit’! I have to say there were so many twists and turns in the plot I was miles away from working out the culprit/culprits 😄

The De Rosa family is a tangled web and I hugely enjoyed reading about them and I really recommend this book.
6 reviews1 follower
December 5, 2021
I was asked to read AJ’s third book as part of her ARC team.

On the outside a seemingly strong Italian family who are devoted to each other, but you soon discover appearances can be deceptive.

A twisty and engrossing story of secrets and lies, rich and intricately twisted. This enthralling whodunnit family saga kept me captivated from the very beginning.

Great characterisation, a fascinating read with a great conclusion.
Profile Image for Bookswithacuppa.
176 reviews19 followers
December 11, 2021
Holy crap! Ok, if you are looking for a thriller that will hurtle you through a story of deceit, lies, emotion, grief, and WTAF moments, then search no further! AJ Campbell has produced an absolute belter. This gets all the stars!!!

First things first - do not read this book hungry! The story features the family’s Italian restaurant a lot, and Campbell’s descriptions of the food are mouthwatering…

Straight off the bat, I loved Nonna. What a power house of a woman. At her great granddaughters birthday party, she collapses and ends up in hospital. But was her collapse encouraged by the hands of someone close… her granddaughter Sienna has had enough of needing answers and decides to get to the bottom of it before it’s too late.

Cue a whirlwind of sordid secrets, deceit, greed, guilt - how much can one family take?! My heart went out to Sienna, it really did. The pain and emotions that poor woman has had to endure is heartbreaking. The first half of the book was a delicious tease of suspense and the second half was an onslaught of twists and turns that kept me gripped up to the last word!

Campbell’s writing is fantastic - it’s bingeable and easy to read, flowing steadily with masterfully crafted characters, that I fully invested in. I was so immersed in trying to figure out just who had it in for Nonna, and why, as well as feeling Sienna’s pain as her family was tearing apart right before her eyes!

This was my first book by Campbell and I will most definitely be reading her others. I am so grateful to AJ Campbell for reaching out to me for the opportunity to read this book and offer my personal thoughts. Which are, if you like a deviously delicious thriller full of sordid family secrets, do not let this one pass you by!!
11 reviews
November 28, 2021
In the spirit of openness, I should declare that I was fortunate to be given an advanced copy of this book to read and review.

This is the third A.J. Campbell book and they just get better and better. This book kept me guessing from start to finish and with its complex plot and family relationships, every time I thought that I had worked it out, I was wrong. The characters were all described in perfect detail, which allowed the reader a real insight into Cara De Rosa's family. The main plot was well supported by a sub plot involving one of the main characters, which tied in really nicely and only added to the intrigue and mystery.

A.J. Campbell has an excellent writing style, with none of what I usually call 'convenient coincidences', that some authors revert to when they run out of ideas. The plot of this book was entirely plausible and with its twists and turns, it will keep readers engaged as it was so difficult to put down.

I have no hesitation in recommending this book and I guarantee that you will not be able to put it down either.

Thank you AJ for another excellent novel and I cannot wait for the next.
Profile Image for Maddiestanden.
19 reviews1 follower
November 27, 2021
I was asked to read AJ’s third book as part of her ARC team. After reading her first two books I was a little apprehensive to learn that her third book introduced new characters and was not following Eva’s journey as her two previous books had. I quickly began to like Sienna and her family, the strong Italian sense of connection to one another and the relationship between Sienna and her Nonna. The story was fast paced and full of detail. I liked Sienna’s inquisitive nature and was able to draw comparisons to her and Eva. The story was full of surprises especially at the end. I will be recommending this to everyone.
December 11, 2021
Another amazing book!!

Amanda is always leaving me on the edge of my seat! I love the development on the characters, the story and all the twists and turns the book brings, it always gets me trying to anticipate what’s next… but there is always something I don’t expect! With every chapter, I just couldn’t wait to get to the next to find out what had happened!

A family saga, and an amazing story about secrets and lies that unravel, I just couldn’t put it down once I had started. It kept me guessing up until the end. I just love how it all unfolds.

I highly recommend, you will not be disappointed!
Profile Image for Claire Ball.
118 reviews9 followers
December 28, 2021
This book was a brilliant read! I really liked the main character Sienna - I really felt for her while never feeling she was too whiny, which can sometimes happen when so much happens to the person telling the story. The way it was written made me feel I was there actually watching it all unfold. It caused me to feel such a wide range of emotions and I loved every minute of it! I’m adding all other books written by A J Campbell to my list right now…
Profile Image for Chris Hannon.
Author 7 books8 followers
December 28, 2021
Search no Further is a whodunnit with a twist, the victim still clings to life leaving behind a series of mysteries to her fate, and a web of lies and family secrets to untangle.

Set around a successful family-run Italian restaurant in London, Search No Further is a great read for fans of familial mysteries.
Profile Image for Luisa Gonzalez.
134 reviews2 followers
April 20, 2022

I couldn't get into it. I couldn't connect with any of the characters, everyone was playing a part and it never felt real. I did finish it but wasn't able to get anything out of the book. Meh
Profile Image for Donna Mallery.
368 reviews33 followers
May 27, 2023
This was a quick read. I was hoping for some suspense. It’s not a bad story, but it just felt like a huge soap opera. I have REALLY enjoyed her other books very much! She is different than the usual popcorn thriller. Her topics are more unique. She is one author who I anticipate new reads.
Profile Image for Kayleigh.
249 reviews11 followers
March 30, 2022
What a gripping thriller! I whizzed through and truly couldn't have guessed that ending if I tried - what a tangled web of lies
Profile Image for Liz T.
158 reviews3 followers
December 7, 2021
I loved everything about this book, the De Rosa Family and the setting of the story in a family run Italian Restaurant. The reader is introduced to the De Rosa Family as they prepare for a family Birthday party but the party ends abruptly when the Matriarch of the family is suddenly taken seriously ill. It is assumed that Nonna has suffered another heart attack but Sienna, her granddaughter is shocked to hear from her grandmother that she suspects that she has been poisoned. Sienna is determined to find out who is responsible and will do anything to try and save her grandmother.
I loved getting to know the De Rosa family and the characters were so well described that I felt that I knew them. None of them were perfect, something which came as quite a shock to Sienna as family secrets started to surface.
I found Nonna to be a strong but flawed character. Every relationship in the family was based on a web of deceit and the family are never going to be the same again. Sienna is a complex character. She suffers from OCD and is having problems moving on with her life since the death of her husband, Matt, in a car accident where the other driver left the scene and was never traced. She is bringing up Lola, her and Matt's daughter with the help of her Nonna and her boyfriend Zac but because of her grief she seems unable to commit to her relationship with Zac.
I agree with the quote in the book that "Death is Universal, grief is unique. In Sienna's case it still overwhelms her but thinking that she might lose her Nonna too gives her something to concentrate on and fight to find out the truth. So much "has been swept under the carpet" but Sienna comes along with her dustpan and brush and succeeds in making her family face the truth.
I enjoyed the pace of the book and the way the story builds, all lose ends are tied up in a dramatic but believable ending.
Thank you A J for giving me an ARC of Search No Further. This is my own unbiased review of the book. I have read all of A J Campbell's previous books and I really admire her writing style and highly recommend this author.

Profile Image for Carrie Shields.
1,053 reviews84 followers
December 6, 2021
Many thanks to the author for reaching out and sending me an e-ARC of her upcoming book. SEARCH NO FURTHER was a strong family-centered thriller filled with drama and deception.

Much like my Nana was, Cara De Rosa is the center of her large, robust Italian family. She runs a successful restaurant and adores her granddaughter Sienna, who refers to her as Nonna. Through her connections with administration at the local prison, Cara decides to offer one of the prisoners a job as assistant chef, although most of her family disapproves of this decision.

During a special dinner at the restaurant, Cara announces her engagement and upcoming marriage to Nik, a much younger man. No one has yet recovered from the shock of the announcement when Cara collapses of a presumed heart attack...when she regains consciousness later in the hospital, she tells Sienna she was poisoned. Nik and her new assistant chef are the likely suspects; after all, who else could possibly want to harm this vivacious grandmother?

I loved the family dynamics in this book and often found myself wishing that I was part of a large, loud Italian family. I enjoyed the tenaciousness with which Sienna worked to find out what happened to her Nonna, and the juiciness of the sub-plots within the family kept me invested in the story.

Thank you so much to the author for this early copy. Highly recommended.
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