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Magic Tree House #16

Hour of the Olympics

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The #1 bestselling chapter book series of all time celebrates 25 years with new covers and a new, easy-to-use numbering system!

No girls allowed at the Olympic Games! That's the rule when the Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie back to ancient Greece. But when Annie tells jack to go to the games without her, he knows she's up to something. Will Annie find a way to see the games? Or will she get herself—and Jack—into Olympic-size trouble? Find out in Hour of the Olympics.

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74 pages, Paperback

First published October 1, 1998

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About the author

Mary Pope Osborne

822 books2,116 followers
Mary Pope Osborne has channeled a lifelong love of exploration and travel into one of the most popular children’s book series of the past two decades. With her fantastic Magic Tree House series, Mary Pope Osborne keeps the good times rolling for kids all over the world.

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Profile Image for Sophia Triad.
2,239 reviews3,438 followers
September 1, 2020
Another cool adventure.
Children feel that they need to go to the treehouse. They see the open book about ancient greece and they feel they should definitely go there.
"Πήγασος" is a great greek word and a great mythical flying horse!
Ancient Gods and the way of life in ancient greece amaze the children.
Profile Image for Briar's Reviews.
1,788 reviews501 followers
March 1, 2021
Yet another blast from the past for me: Hour of the Olympics by Mary Pope Osborne is a sweet, middle grade read.

This historical series makes learning fun and interesting in a fictional way. Don't enjoy non-fiction books but still want to learn? This series can help your middle grade readers! This book does focus on girls and women in Greece and how they weren't allowed many options to learn or participate in events. I think this is an interesting way to bring this up to young readers.

I wouldn't recommend jumping in with this book. It's not the best story out of all of the ones I've read so far but it is good as part of a series.

Overall, this is a good middle grade book!

Two out of five stars.
Profile Image for Alex.
708 reviews
March 1, 2018
I enjoyed this book because I like Magic Tree House books. I also enjoyed this book because I liked the part when Pegasus saved Jack and Annie.
Profile Image for Erina Komaki.
28 reviews3 followers
September 30, 2012
-7-word summary:Olympia-Plato-poet-women-unfair-Pegasus-stars
-Discussion questions:
1.This story was related to Olympics. Did you watch the London Olympic games in this summer?
Yes,I did. I really enjoyed watching them. Especially, I was moved when Mr.Uchimura got a gold medal.
2.Accordiing to this story, women were not consigered citizens. What do you think about it?
I thought it was a bad thing. Everyone has rights. Whether you are men or women, you should be treated equally.

I liked this story because I could learn about Olympics history. Also, I've already known about Plato so I was glad to read him as character. Ending was very romantic so I really enjoyed to read this story.
37 reviews
January 29, 2015
I thought this book did a great job describing what ancient Greece was like. Mary Pope Osborne did a great job intertwining different known figures of this time. One serious issue that the author brought up was sexism and women's roles at this time. The main characters met the philosopher, Plato, who provided them a fantastic tour of Greece. He introduced the the children to anonymous, who was one of multiple women who would write great works, but did not get the recognition they deserved because they were women. Plato also showed the characters different monuments that were constructed to praise the greek gods. This book was fantastic in regards to teaching about women's roles, greek mythology, and other aspects of ancient Greece.
Profile Image for DivaDiane.
934 reviews84 followers
November 7, 2015
Not the most dramatic or exciting one but interesting nonetheless. Most of the time the children move relatively freely and it's the events of the moment in time where they end up that creates the drama. This time it's they themselves, or rather Annie, simply by being a girl, that creates the conflict. And that is also the main thrust of their adventure this time. That back then girls and women had no rights, but that there were people who worked to change that. Also, that many things are better for girls and women in our time. Pope Osborne doesn't go beyond that, but it's a good beginning of good food for thought for very young readers. It's also a relatively good introduction to Greek Mythology and a couple of the characters.
Profile Image for Loren Dillon.
238 reviews
May 1, 2018
Students love the references they can make to other books with Hercules and Pegasus.
January 7, 2019
Personal Response: I read Hour of the Olympics to my younger sister: Livi. She read a few of the other Magic Tree House books in the past, so she was excited to read this one. She enjoyed learning basic facts on the first Olympics in Greece. She was intrigued by how the Olympics has changed drastically since then. I thought it was interesting to brush up on some of the history and historians involved in the book too.

Plot: Jack and Annie had a magic tree house that could take them anywhere they wanted in the books they had. The tree house belonged to Morgan le Fay who was a magical librarian. She gave the kids missions to go on in order to save stories from ancient libraries. In Hour of the Olympics , Jack and Annie traveled to ancient Greece while the Olympics were going on. They met Plato, a philosopher, who led them to a lady named: Anonymous. She wrote the story they were looking for. Annie learned how ancient Greece did not let girls be equal to men. As a result of the unequal laws, Annie could not attend the Olympics with Jack. She stayed back while Jack went with Plato to watch. All of a sudden, Annie was disguised as a soldier so she could watch too. Eventually, she was caught and almost arrested for being there. Jack found help, and they were saved by Pegasus. When they returned home, Morgan le Fay was glad they saved the story. She, also, explained that all the heroes they helped in the past are now constellations in the sky, so those heroes were always with them long after the mission.

Characterization: Jack, the main character, was eight years old. He loved reading the story they saved and taking notes. Jack was very curious and hungry for knowledge on Greece and the Olympics. He was very protective of his little sister, Annie, when she was taken away. He became courageous and seeked out help to save his sister too.

Annie, younger sister to Jack, was seven years old. She was more reckless than Jack during their mission. She was very upset about how women did not have fair rights, but that did not stop her from having fun and being adventurous. She was very excited to see the Olympics, but she got herself into trouble in result of her emotion. She was, also, more interested in the fantasy figures of Greece. She became attached to them enough to cause sadness of missing them. Overall, Annie was a very emotion-filled character who was not afraid to show it.

Setting: This book took place in Frog Creek Woods in present time at the very beginning. When the kids left on their mission, they were sent back in time to the very first Olympics in ancient Greece. The time and place were important to the plot line, because the poet of the poem they were trying to save was written by an ancient Greek philosopher.

Thematic Connection: The theme of this book was about women’s rights and equality. In ancient Greece, women did not have the same rights as men. They were not able to go to school, go to the Olympics, write books or poems, or act in plays. Annie was very disheartened by this, but she realized that she had it way better off by having full rights. She took for granted everything that she was able to do. In result of being upset, she went against the law and watched the Olympics. This same series of events has happened countless times in society before.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to any gender who is in first through fourth grade. The content was very easy to read and about an elementary reading level. I thought any either gender would enjoy this book because there was a boy and girl character to connect to.
15 reviews
February 18, 2016
Magic Tree House Hour Of The Olympics Review


This book taught me a lot of knowledge about ancient Greece. For example, it taught me about Plato and Zeus, and girls weren’t allowed to go to the Olympic Games. Girls weren’t allowed because men were much stronger than women. It makes sense to me, because in ancient China we had the same problem. Also this book taught me something about the star myths. For example Pegasus is one of the constellations, and Pegasus also means “spring.”


Jack and Annie went to the magic tree house and started the new adventure. When the Magic Tree House whisked Jack and Annie back to the ancient Greece, they met Plato and a young woman who didn’t want to tell them her name. She let them call her Anonymous. And they decided to go to the Olympics, but there was a rule that no girls were allowed at the Olympic Games. Annie told Jack to go to the game without her, and Jack promised he would take some notes and show her after he came back. But in the end Annie still went to the Game. She wore the soldier mask, and when she cheered someone found she was a girl. She got into huge trouble. The crowed shouted, “arrest her!” At that time, a big white horse with wings came and pulled them into the sky; they survived. After they arrived, Morgan told them that horse was Pegasus, and it was one of the constellations. When Annie missed it, she could see it in the sky. They are looking forward to the next adventure.


Magic Tree House Hour Of The Olympics is a book which combines history. Therefore, when we read this book we also can learn some history about ancient Greece. After I read this book, I knew some history which I didn’t know before. For example I learned new information about Plato, and I also learned girls weren’t allowed to go to the Olympic Games. Children are easily fascinated by the plots in the novel, so I think this book is recommended for children who are in elementary school. When children read this book, they also can learn some history. And those interesting histories will let the children be interested in this book and the famous people in history, thus arouse the interest of study.
32 reviews
October 22, 2019
Personal Response
I like this book because it is easy to read. I also like it because it has a good plot behind it even though it's meant for kids. One thing I don’t like is how short it is.

Plot Summary
The book starts with Jack and Annie going to the treehouse to meet Morgan le Fay. Morgan is trying to get all the lost books from time, so she can create a big library of lost stories. To do this, she uses a magic treehouse that has books about different times in history. Morgan uses these books to travel to these times just to visit or to get more books for her library. She sees that Jack and Annie are good at going back in time and getting books, so she makes them Master Librarians. Now that Jack and Annie are Master Librarians they can travel in time for Morgan to get books. Their job on this mission is to get a book from Plato the Philosopher back in the ancient greek times. He has a book by a young lady who wants to be anonymous because in these times women aren’t allowed to read or write. This makes Jack and Annie feel bad because nobody will ever know who wrote the book. Jack and Annie then bring the book back to Morgan and tell her how their mission went.

Throughout the book, while Jack and Annie are in ancient Greece, Plato tells them how women can’t do everything that men can at this time. The men don’t allow the women to go to school, learn to read or write, or even go to the Olympic games. This makes me feel like Annie is the protagonist, and the Greek men are the antagonists because Annie tries to go to the Olympic games, but when they find out she's a girl they chase her out of the stadium.

This book takes place in Ancient Greece over 2,500 years ago. This affects the story greatly because women don’t have very many rights at this time. It also affects the story because there isn’t anyone there to save them if they get into any trouble.

I would recommend this book to people in middle school. I feel like they are at a good reading level for this book. I also feel that they like fiction books like this a lot because they like to imagine a lot more at that age and it would be more believable for them.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Maya Orama.
80 reviews2 followers
November 2, 2014
Tittle: hour of the Olympics
Author: Mary pope Osborn
Who : jack and Annie going to the Olympics.
What go to the magic tree house .
Where: they go in the magic tree house to go to the Olympics .
When: they went at night time .
How : they went in the tree house and travel to the Olympics.
The Olympics is located in Greece

Summary: This story is about a boy and girl nam jack and a girl name Annie . At night in frog creek Pennsylvania, Jack was in his bed. he then went out of bed and woke up his sister name Annie because he wanted to go in the tree house. they put on their clothes and went out side in the woods. there was the tree house. Morgen, their best friend, was the in tree house and had another adventure for them. They needed to go to Greece to find a very important Olympics person that has Morgan's book. So, margin left the very important adventure in their hands. Wen they arrived to Greece, they found the person, but he wouldn't give the book back unless Morgan comes. So, jack tells Annie to try and disguise as Morgan lee fe so they can get the book back. Then, the famous person falls for the trick and hands the book to them, but Annie's wig falls off and he notices that it's not Morgan. Jack and Annie hope to reach the tree house in time so they don't get in serious trouble. They reach the tree house and head home, but they needEd to tell Morgan what happened. Morgan was angry, but was glad they got home with the book quickly and safe.... The end
Profile Image for Ellen.
301 reviews
December 26, 2017
I haven’t read any of the treehouse mystery books before. I found this one while doing a search about the Olympics. The series seems to be intended as an opportunity to teach children about history and world events. It felt like the subject matter was too broad for the intended audience. The author had to pick and choose what to share and her choices may or may not have been the most important or interesting. The book emphasized what women and girls were and weren’t allowed to do in Ancient Greece. They were not allowed to participate in the Olympic Games. But that, to me, is not the most interesting thing that she could have shared. What women and girls did and didn’t do could be shared about any time and place in our world’s history. I guess it’s relevant here because one of the main characters in her books is a girl. I don’t know. Maybe if I were a child I would have enjoyed it more. But I feel like even for children, and perhaps especially for children, this story could have been better told. Actually, there wasn’t even much of a story. It reads like a serial sitcom and I’m guessing that each book has the same plot as this one.
Profile Image for Shelby Bethke.
165 reviews
May 25, 2022
Picked up in a burst of nostalgia after seeing this displayed at the library. Such a cornerstone of my childhood reading! It's a simpler read than I remembered, but still fun with loads of history tidbits
May 27, 2021
I loved this magic Tree house book.
I felt bad for Annie, she did not have a fun time at Ancient Greece because they did not treat lady's nicely.
Profile Image for Yz.
394 reviews2 followers
August 24, 2021
Me and the boys had a really nice time reading this one and discussing what was going on with the whole no girls in Greece thing.
Profile Image for Micah.
33 reviews
January 9, 2023
Good because they got on a Pegasus chariot--I was worried because Annie almost got trapped.
Profile Image for Nelle.
142 reviews
March 29, 2022
I read this with the second grader I tutor. He loves these books, although they are a little easy for him. I'm a teacher and I'd say these are appropriate for 1st-2nd graders.
Profile Image for Heather.
1,073 reviews67 followers
December 2, 2008
We used this during our study of ancient Greece. It didn't add a whole lot we didn't already know but the kids enjoyed it.

My generic review for the Magic Tree House books -

We've loved them all so far. They are fun, easy to read and contain quite a bit of historical information. We use them as read-alouds, but most elementary/middle school kids could read them on their own.

It does have a touch of 'girl power' at the expense of making the brother seem a little dumb. That kinda bugs. But it's not obvious and my boys haven't noticed. They think Jack is just as cool as his sister.
Profile Image for Dolly.
Author 1 book643 followers
April 9, 2009
This is an interesting entry in the Magic Tree House series. It's a bit anticlimactic as Jack and Annie visit Ancient Greece to save a story, the fourth in their quest. It's not as suspenseful as some of the other recent books, but it's full of history and interesting facts about those times. One of the biggest themes is how unfairly women were treated; they weren't considered citizens and couldn't vote, couldn't attend the Olympic Games or theaters, and they weren't even allowed to go to school. This was great for starting a conversation with our girls about what that would be like and how glad we are that we live in these times.
Profile Image for luhvBOOKS.
297 reviews
August 25, 2012
Title: Hour of the Olympics

Author: Mary Pope Osborne

Series: Magic Tree House #16

Rating: ★★★

Summary: No girls allowed at the Olympic Games! That's the rule when the Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie back to ancient Greece. But when Annie tells Jack to go to the games without her, he knows she's up to something. Will Annie find a way to see the games? Or will she get herself — and Jack — into Olympic-size trouble? Find out in Hour of the Olympics.

Review: Riding in chariots and watching the games begin.

Things I Loved: I actually read this one twice. Girl power! <3

Things I Hated: N/A
Profile Image for kristen.
590 reviews14 followers
November 6, 2012
The 4th misssion for Morgan sends Jack and Annie to Greece to save the ancient story of Pegasus. I thought it was great that Mary Pope Osborne included historical facts and people. Jack and Annie were outraged that girls weren't permitted to take part in school or olympic activities as I'm sure all kids these days would be. Fantastic series continues!
Profile Image for Aridio PEREYRA.
13 reviews
November 7, 2007
I like this book because is about two kids that just became
master librarian tis is not just normal librarian they go to
a tree house they fund un forest they they can go
inside the storys all they have to do is say I wish I
was there I totaly recomended
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