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Rapid Fall

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Sonia and JD’s tempestuous attraction is as stormy as the rapids at Rishikesh. Not even a dip in icy waters can douse the sparks that fly when they are around each other.

JD’s recent divorce, however, has left him commitment phobic and bitter, and he doesn’t seem to want more than a physical relationship. At heart, Sonia is conservative; can she bring herself to accept a modern ‘live-in’ relationship, or will she push him away with her demands for a commitment?

85 pages, ebook

First published June 12, 2013

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Adiana Ray

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Profile Image for Heather Bennett.
98 reviews1 follower
February 27, 2014
Adiana Ray has written a short action packed romance story. There are romantic fireworks between Sonia and JD, the main characters. Rapid Fall is a exciting romantic adventure.
Profile Image for Adite.
Author 9 books342 followers
September 12, 2014
When was the last time you read a romance that begins with the protagonists falling in love while at a white water rafting event? I haven't. EVER. The title of Adiana Ray's novella hooked me from the word go. Rishikesh, rafting, romance...what's not to love!

Adiana Ray creates tension with her description of rafting in the Ganges. And I was immediately transported to Rishikesh and the raging waters. Where Sonia, the heroine, has carted her politicking colleagues for a session of bonding, corporate style. There she meets handsome and brooding JD, a rafting aficionado, who is pitching in for his friend as a rafting guide. Sparks fly and after an accident - where JD's skills as an expert rafter come into play and he saves Sonia - the two can't deny their attraction for each other. However, a misunderstanding leads them to go their separate ways. The rest of this short, pacy novella is about how the two meet again and overcome their own insecurities to recognise their love for each other.

I enjoyed Adiana' vivid writing style and the rafting and romantic scenes were particularly well done. Adiana quickly creates empathy for her characters. I only wish there wasn't as much back story about the protags, so early on in the story, told via the secondary characters. Overall, though, it was a quick, lovely read and I look forward to reading more from Adiana.
Profile Image for Shaley.
3 reviews1 follower
March 18, 2014
Rapid Fall is a good choice if you simply want a quick and reader- friendly book to read on the weekend or whilst commuting to and from work. It is a short punchy novella that sometimes manages to keep the reader on their toes, or wanting to find out more about the lives of the characters,in a voyeuristic kind of way. This Novella probably would do well if it was aimed at the Young Adult market.

However, I must admit I was a little disappointed with the overall story.After reading the back cover blurb for Rapid Fall I genuinely thought the story would be far more action packed with some added elements of romance thrown in.The picture on the front cover of the book depicting people white water rafting also gives the impression that there would be some more adventure within the story. Add to this the exotic location of Rishikesh high up in the Himalaya's and the reader could be forgiven for thinking they have chosen an action packed story. Unfortunately, this is certainly not the case and after reading the book I have to be honest and admit that the story did not live up to my expectations. The two main characters Sonia and JD both came across as immature and self obsessed and I found it difficult to find anything likeable about either of them. The story line didn't allow for much growth along the way and at times I felt myself wandering off.

The story would also have more appeal if there was a lot less 'Tell and Backstory' and a lot more 'Show'. This is important for the reader and would provide the opportunity to engage on a much deeper level with the main characters thoughts and feelings. I found myself becoming bored at times with the story line and wondering when the real action or deeper story would begin.

Overall I would have to give this book a maximum of only three stars
Profile Image for Ipshita Ranjana.
308 reviews17 followers
January 24, 2015

Rapid Fall by Adiana Ray is an adventure romance novella.JD and Sonia meet at an adventure camp at a white-water rafting campsite in Rishikesh and after that destiny just keeps them bringing together.The main conflict is basically JD's commitment issues and the usual clashing of egos where they fail to agree on a common point.The plot is quite simple but its setting and narration makes it standout.

JD and Sonia share an amazing chemistry and the tension between them is well portrayed.Sonia is an independent,strong heroine with her own set of insecurities and though she can have her weak moments,she stands her ground and faces JD quite well.JD is a workaholic who has commitment issues and there is a good reason for the same.There are some secondary characters as well who are well integrated in the story.

Novellas generally have a problem with how the story is developed in a span of a few pages.The pace of the story was a little uneven.The Rishikesh part was exciting and had me hooked throughout but there were some parts were the story got a little monotonous.Overall,I liked the romance and my time was definitely not wasted.

Rapid Fall by Adiana Ray is a short well written romance whose greatest strength lies in its unique setting and beautiful narration.

Profile Image for Madhur Nevatia.
2 reviews16 followers
May 21, 2014
Adiana Ray’s “Rapid Fall” is a very with the times love story. JD and Sonia – the lead characters are people that you and me would be easily familiar with. JD is a successful, divorced workaholic who as a result is a commitment phobe. Sonia is a young, ambitious corporate executive hailing from a small town bearing her own baggage of insecurities. Their attration is very interesting and the manner in which Adiana has depicted their sizzling physical chemistry is very mature. If you like a reading a steamy romance with all the trials and tribulations, you should definitely pick “Rapid Fall”.
4 reviews8 followers
February 25, 2014
Loved the authenticity of characterization and dialogue. Fast and action packed Adiana has written a story that one has to finish at one go. Chemistry between Sonia and JD is hot and sizzling. Highly recommended for lovers of romantic tales that end happily.
Profile Image for Rubina.
Author 16 books84 followers
October 17, 2014
Sonia comes as a very strong character. Her life in Mumbai is very relatable for any Indian, working girl in Mumbai. I loved the way Adiana has touched small details like how Sonia thinks she has to reach home on time before the nightfall, without making her sound like a damsel in distress.

On the other hand, I could not understand, why Sonia was a weeping willow in front of JD. ( OMG, I am getting old and forgetting the turmoils of first love!) But then at Sonia's age, I did expect more maturity. Well, love sees no reason. But I do applaud her stand against JD's boorishness.

JD is one heck of a character. If I had to analyze JD's character he would come out more of a taker than a giver. So he falls a bit short in the level of my admiration in front Sonia. Women power and all, We women are sticking together. :D

The passion between them is a burning livewire and executed very well. The language of the book and the editing is superb and a pleasure to read. Though the title 'Rapid Fall' suggests a more outdoor kind of name but keeping in mind that they met at the Rapids, the title is apt enough.

Any peeves? Hmmm. Maybe one.. the attraction that had flared between Sonia and JD was too sudden. His jealousy and her tears would have been more subtle has they occurred a bit later in their relationship. But in a novella, I suppose it can be overlooked. A damn good action packed read for any romance lover.

Check out the full review at
Profile Image for Shilpa Garg.
142 reviews80 followers
September 22, 2014

Rapid Fall is a short and a fast paced love story of JD and Sonia. They meet at a white-water rafting campsite at Rishikesh. They fall in love but realize their love for each other a bit late. Ego and misunderstandings separate them for a while and then good judgement brings them back again.

I liked the plot of the story which is novel and unique. The initial part of the story is set against the backdrop of the rafting expedition at Rishikesh. The challenging and thrilling adventure of navigating the raft on the rough waters of Ganges through different degrees of rapids, brought back memories of my own rafting experiences. And that certainly set my adrenaline soaring.

The story does not have much of twists and turns except for the commitment issues of JD which is understandable. As I finished reading Rapid Fall in less than an hour, one word that reverberated in my head all through the various chapters and even the climax was ‘Abrupt’! Sonia’s crying on JD’s shoulders or the accident or the sparks flying between them and even the climax came in all too suddenly and abruptly. The duo let the differences between them unresolved for six months and then sort them out suddenly in one evening is too far-fetched too.

The language and editing is impeccable though. And the title of the story is apt too.

Despite a few shortcomings in the story, Rapid Fall is a short tale of love and all that jazz!
Profile Image for Inderpreet Uppal.
Author 3 books71 followers
August 8, 2014
Soaring Swiftly

The fast paced novella is true to its name Rapid Fall; Rapid because you want to eagerly turn the next page to know more and Fall because by the end of the book you are in love with the characters and the writer.

The story line is simple much like most romantic fiction – boy meets girl but what sets it apart is the way it is narrated. As the story that unfolds and you get to read about the apprehensions of JD as well as Sonia. Adiana has been very candid in her writing; she has made the characters very realistic, showing their flawed personalities and insecurities.

Sonia as the feisty lady who know her mind reminded me of the strong women we see so much today. A girl who knows her mind and is not afraid to show it. JD the hero is so real, cool confident, sexy and conflicted at the same time. The sparks fly every time the two of them interact and I ended up wishing that the book should have been longer than a novella.

The friends, the description of rafting are all quite realistic and all of it comes together to make a good read.

I highly recommend this for a perfect weekend read.

Profile Image for Shalini | Kohl Eyed Me.
140 reviews70 followers
September 23, 2014

Rapid Fall had been on my list since the last few weeks when I saw the reviews on each and every blog or platform possible. And I’m glad that I got a chance to read and review. This is a love story of JD and Sonia who meets at a water rafting camp at Rishikesh. When JD is a successful workaholic who has commitment issues because of a failed marriage, Sonia is a young ambitious corporate executive who bears her own baggage of insecurities. The sizzling chemistry between the two keeps you going.
The author has given marvelous descriptions of the scenic beauty of Rishikesh and the falls that you feel like visiting the place any sooner.
True to it’s title, the story is quick and fast paced. You finish it in an hour or two and is great for a lazy weekend. The language and writing is impeccable. I enjoyed Adiana’s writing style and how she brought about each character. I must say, that the story ended quite abruptly like a rapid fall but it did justice.
The cover page is attractive and makes you take the book in hand.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Mkittysamom.
1,467 reviews49 followers
December 30, 2015
This is Adiana's first published book I read at the end and I am really impressed! The story of Sonia and JD kept me entertained and thoughtful. I like that Sonia is an independent woman, who works as an Assistant HR Manager. She lives alone in the city, went to school and got her MBA. JD has some relationship issues from his past, being divorced with an 11 yr old daughter. They get off to a rocky start at Camp RapidZ, where Sonia's work retreat was scheduled and JD happened to be her guide. Some time later after both went back to their jobs and after a lot of yelling and crazy emotions! .JD's friend and work partner, Monica sets up a "meeting" between JD and Sonia's jobs... They agree to try a new beginning. I am amazed that JD was able to work through his own issues of fear, rejection and guilt. It is like a fresh breeze to read and feel two people genuinely working to be together and love each other!! Great first story and very down to earth!!
Profile Image for Priti.
92 reviews13 followers
July 22, 2014
The title of this love story is so intriguing and suitable to the story. Kudos to the author for excellent writing and mesmerizing the beautiful scenery of Rishikesh in the book. The author has chosen the wonderful set-up for her story. What can be more majestic and adventurous then the rapid falls of Rishikesh? The book brought back my memories of rafting and the adventure I had with my friends. We don’t have the naive girls and boys in the book but rather a set of strong characters who knows what they want. The book is a spicy mix of romance, battle-of-wits, humor and raw desire with added affection of tender love and relationships.

For complete review visit: http://bibilophile.wordpress.com/2014...
Profile Image for Reet Singh.
Author 11 books82 followers
September 17, 2014
As the title suggests, Rapid Fall is a fast paced tumble down the slippery slope of love. Adiana Ray, the author, is patently an adventure enthusiast. In the opening scenes of the story, she paints a fabulous - though frightening – picture of what it is to be a brave-heart. Her hero, JD, is a toughie who thinks nothing of hurtling down the rapids. The description of his (mis)adventure is fantastic and I had my heart in my mouth the whole time. It is no wonder Sonia falls for him at first sight, although they both baulk at doing anything about it. Their journey from sizzling antagonism to hot capitulation is rapid, and a short, fun read!
Author 3 books4 followers
January 6, 2015
JD is a hero you want to love from the moment you meet him. Impetuous, imperious, a wee bit confused, he is man as God made him before He made woman. Sonia is the perfect match for JD. And when the two meet at a white water rafting camp, expectedly, the fireworks begin. But where Adiana Ray, author of Rapid Fall, really shows her genius is in her supporting cast, JD’s friend, Monica, and Sonia’s smarmy colleague, Navin. You leave the book with the warm feeling that JD and Sonia are really, truly destined for each other, so what if she had to practically drown to get him!
-- M M George, author of A Scandalous Proposition, published by Indireads.com
Profile Image for Pratibha Pandey.
Author 3 books45 followers
August 20, 2014
JD meets Sonia on a trip to Rishikesh , training and saving her life during river rafting. They begin on a not so good note but something about each other keeps both wondering. finally it is JD who decides to take a chance at setting things right only to mess it up with his insecurities.

Of course there is happy ending but the build up is amazingly done. I thoroughly enjoyed this. It is a fresh feeling to read love stories that are real and handled with keeping in mind that readers wish to read about intelligent and real people.
2 reviews
October 17, 2014
This book is very good. The only thing I would have liked done better was to have the part about the rapids a little longer then what actually was written but in all it was very well written and I enjoyed this book. I give this book 5 star.
Profile Image for Zahra Habib.
Author 3 books9 followers
March 10, 2014
A nice quick read. If you are in the mood for a quick adventurous romance novella, this is the one.
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