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Nominee for Best Romance (2014)
Long live the King...

After turning his back on the throne for centuries, Wrath, son of Wrath, finally assumed his father’s mantle—with the help of his beloved mate. But the crown sets heavily on his head. As the war with the Lessening Society rages on, and the threat from the Band of Bastards truly hits home, he is forced to make choices that put everything—and everyone—at risk.

Beth Randall thought she knew what she was getting into when she mated the last pure blooded vampire on the planet: An easy ride was not it. But when she decides she wants a child, she’s unprepared for Wrath’s response—or the distance it creates between them.

The question is, will true love win out... or tortured legacy take over?

591 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 1, 2014

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About the author

J.R. Ward

191 books48.5k followers
J.R. Ward is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of numerous novels, including the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. She lives in the South her family.

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Want to read
March 30, 2013
Hey, I just thought of something . . .


*passes out*

Scroll down for exciting news on the future of the BDB series, tidbits about the Fallen Angels series, and info on the next book. But be warned: there are spoilers if you've not finished reading Lover At Last.

>The next book is about Wrath and Beth and is titled The King; it will be about him having an heir.

>We will see more of Murdher in the future books, but something needs to happen with Xhex before Murdher will get his own book; more on that when the timing is right.

>Saxton – Big keep reading!

>About Rhage and Mary’s novella: Ward is about 146 pages in, now she only needs to finish it.

>The next Fallen Angels book is titled Possession and the cover was shown at the event. (I am guessing it will be only soon too, then?)

>Lassiter will get a book when he’s ready – he opens up a whole storyline and she’s not sure whether he’ll feature in BDB or Fallen Angels (she didn’t not say both ;) )

>What about movies? She’s focused on the books but said that could only happen with someone who could do the books justice.

>She doesn’t know how Layla’s pregnancy will go – another KEEP READING! However, she did say that Layla's pregnancy will take a long time since she is a pure bred, but Beth’s pregnancy may be more in line with humans since she is a half breed.

>Lash WILL be back, she just doesn’t know when.

>Is there a connection between Michael (Story of Son) and Murdher – answer “Duh!” but doesn’t know if it will be “seen” in a book.

>Sola isn’t related to Manny and Butch.

>How will it work with Qhuinn and Blay, Layla, Xcor and the baby – KEEEEEP REEEADING!!

>Did the Scribe Virgin create the Shadows – they are a subspecies that developed on their own.

>In regard to Assail – Warden thinks he’s awesome, she’s obsessed with him and his cousins are totally effin HOT!!

>There is a nexus with the Fallen Angels battle for good and the development of the BDB plotline – she thinks it could go either way but a crossover is logical.

>There wasn’t anything else (or anyone else) in the barrels with Luchas.

>Qhuinn and Luchas return to their parent’s house, Qhuinn sees Luchas as a victim and we’ll see more of Luchas in future books.

>Will we find out more about the glymera female who had an orgy with the Bastards – yes! She also hosted that dinner with Wrath . . . she is married to the really old guy.

>Why didn’t we get Ehric’s twin’s name – because she writes what she sees and doesn’t know it yet.

>Are Sissy and Jim going to fall in love – KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP REEEEEEEEEADING!!

>Will Nalla have a book so we can see Zsadist lose his sh!t? She doesn’t know yet.

>Will Xcor turn on the Bastards for Layla – KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP REEEEEEEEEEEADING!!!

>Will we find out about Butch and Manny’s father and if there are more kids – KEEEEEEEEEEEEEP REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEADING!!

>Layla is considered Fallen (Chosen, not angel ;) )

>Will Butch be in another book? Yes, and we’ll see some closure for him and José.

>Are they going to expand the rules for brotherhood inductions? Yes and Blay, Payne and Xhex could be inducted in future.

>Were there a lot of edits for the Blay and Qhuinn sex scenes? – There was nothing edited out.

>Payne can help heal the Brothers of injuries etc but she doesn’t know if Payne’s gift is with limits or has to be replenished but she WILL keep George alive (as in longer than reg dogs ;) )

>No definite plans for a second Insiders’ Guide buuuuuuuut maybe in the future.

>Will the Sribe Virgin be in The King? She doesn’t know but something will need to be done with her.

>Wrath still owes the Scribe Virgin that favor . . .

>There WILL be more about Jane and V – she’s also talking to her publisher about revisiting each couple in full book form. (HELL YES!!!)

>Do we know who Elan was talking to? ANSWER: Yes - SAXTON’S FATHER!!!!!


>Both Blay and Qhuinn release bonding scents(!)

>Is Saxton working on the full blooded heir law? Not yet.

>Are Tohr and Xcor brothers? She's not saying a thing . . . (My guess is yes, and that will be Xcor's saving grace.)

>Will there be two males bonded to one female – again she ain’t talking.

>Are Throe’s family alive and in/be in the books? KEEEEEEEEEEEEEP REEEEEEEEEEEEEEADING!!!!

>Will Fritz get a story – she doesn’t think he can be developed into a story.

>Will Havers ever be redeemed and have a story? NO!!!

>Will Havers be in The King and deliver Wrath and Beth’s baby – KEEP READING (but over the WARDen’s dead body!!!)

>Is Sola human? 100%, absolutely human.

>Is Xhex living in the mansion with John Matthew? Yep, they have worked through their issues :D

>Will we see Layla’s baby soon? Yes.

>Do we know about the coffins in the garage? Not yet but she *thinks* it may come up in The King.

>Is Phury going to do better by the Chosen? KEEEEEEEEEEEEEP REEEEEEEEEEEEEADING!!

>Is Eddie coming back? We’ll see him buuuuuuuuuuut KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP REEEEADING!!!

>Phury’s future is tied up with the Scribe Virgin.

>Saxton will play a major part in an upcoming plot line.

>And, lastly, Qhuinn and Blay will be mated (as in, the whole ceremony with the carving of the names in each of their backs, true?). (Again, HELL YES!!!)
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March 25, 2015

1. Wrath/Beth - LOVED! Every bit of it!!!!! Made me cry the scene where he shows the picture to everyone <3

2. Assail/Sola - First half of the book was good with them, I liked how he was , but then, in second half Assail turned into a p*ssy (pardon my language) and I didn't like him or Sola.

3. Trez/Selena - I don't give a sh*t about those two.

4. Xcor/Layla - I don't give an even bigger sh*t about those two

5. John M. - <3 Loved scenes with him, wish there were more <3

6. iAm - the only interesting side-character in this book

I doubt I'll even try the next book. Shame cause I want to see what happened to the Brotherhood but this is just ridiculous where this series is heading.

*buddy with Glam, I had more fun with the buddy than the actual book :DDD*

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Want to read
June 20, 2013
Eeeeeeeeeee we have the cover :D

Wrath looks scary but I love it!!


Omg a 12th book???

They are going to try and have a baby!

But we have to wait until 2014.

April 6, 2023
5 “Long live the King.” Stars

 photo edYpA_zpsxerbgw8x.gif


First read 2014
Reread 4/13/2017
reread 2023

“I’m goin’ nowhere, leelan. You don’t worry about a goddamn thing. Understand me?” Beth wanted to believe him. Needed to. But she feared it was a promise far harder to keep than speak. “Beth?” “Make love to me.” It was the only truth she could put out there that wouldn’t burst the bubble. “Please.” He kissed her once. Twice. And then started to move again. “Always, leelan. Always.”-Wrath and Beth

I loved The King! It was so good. I love when long running series retouch past favorite couples. The King of course is about Wrath and Beth with little bits of the whole gang sprinkled in. And as with all Black Dagger Brotherhood books there are other story plots going on in this book as well. We have Assail and Sola, Xcor and Layla, Trez and Selena, and a surprising plot line of Wrath's father and mother Wrath(Sr) and Anha. Can I just say that Wrath's parents were so sweet and damn was Wrath Sr sexy. I totally see where the son gets it. I loved getting to see Wrath Sr fall so hard for Anha and make her his one and only. It was a little bitter sweet though since anyone following the series knows that Wrath Sr. and Anha are horrifically murdered in front of their pretran son. I still loved getting to know them and see the parallels between the father and son. I knew when I finished the last book that Wrath and Beth were going to be having some problems since Beth caught baby fever and Wrath didn't want a child.

“I need you to hear this,” he said in a dead voice, “and know that it’s the God’s honest. I will not service you in your needing. Ever.” Now it was her turn to breathe out like she’d been socked in the gut. “I can’t … I can’t believe you just said that.” “It is never, ever going to happen. I will never get you pregnant.”-Wrath and Beth

 photo 111915-just-give-me-your-sperm-gif-jl-DBrq_zps5ycak3yv.gif

“You can call me Pastor—and before Mr. Sox Fan gets his panties in a wad, I want everyone to know I’m legit. I went online, took a minister’s course in under an hour, and I’m ordained, baby.” Rhage raised his hand. “Pastor Ass-hat, I have a question.” “Yes, my son, you are going to hell.”-Lassiter and Rhage

Even though I hated seeing Beth and Wrath fight, I loved seeing them grow in their relationship. All couples have ups and downs and I felt J.R. Ward keeps that real in this series. I totally got were both Wrath and Beth were coming from. I loved that even though Wrath was scared to get Beth pregnant he decided to go for it anyways. Although she was already 4 months pregnant and they just didn't know it. And OMG the way Wrath acted when he found out they were having a son was so damn cute I was smiling like a crazy woman. Now having a child wasn't the only problem Wrath and Beth were having in this book. Xcor was at it again getting the glymera to declare that Wrath can't be King because he mated a half breed and their heir wouldn't be full blooded vampire. I hated Beth's guilt over something she couldn't help, and I hated the glymera more than ever for them using his love to try and strip Wrath of his throne. I loved that Beth was the one that came up with the solution. Vampire mate divorce and a human wedding. The human wedding which was done by Lassiter was hilarious but very sweet too. I also loved Wrath embraced his blindness in this book. He accepted himself and really grew as a mate, father, and King.

“…a son?” “Yes. A son.” All of a sudden, he felt the biggest, widest, happiest grin hit his face, the goddamn thing stretching his cheeks until they hurt, making his eyes water from the strain, pulling at his temples until they burned. And the joy wasn’t just on his puss. A flush so great it burned him alive flooded through his body, cleansing him in places he didn’t know were dirty, washing out cobwebs that had crept into his corners, making him feel alive in a way he hadn’t been in a very, very long time. Before he knew what he was doing, he burst to his feet with Beth in his arms, leaned back, and hollered at the top of his lungs, with more pride than his six-foot-nine frame could hold. “A soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon! I’m having a soooooooooooooooooooooooon!”-Wrath and Beth

 photo Bethwrathandlittlewrath_zpsq03cka7d.jpg

“My brother.” Z shoved out his palm, his scarred face in a half smile, his yellow eyes warm. “Congratulations.” Instead of shaking anything, Wrath shoved that ultrasound picture into his Brother’s face. “Do you see him? See my son? He’s big, right, Beth?” She kissed Nalla’s super soft hair. “Yes.” “Big and healthy, right?” Beth laughed some more. “Big and healthy. Absolutely perfect.” “Perfect!” Wrath bellowed. “And this is a doctor saying it—I mean, she went to medical school.” Even Z started laughing at that point. Beth gave Nalla back to her parents. “And Dr. Sam told me she’s delivered over fifteen thousand babies over the course of her career—” “See!” Wrath yelled. “She knows these things. My son is perfect! Where’s the champagne? Fritz! Get the fucking champagne!”-Z, Wrath, and Beth

Normally I am bored with the Assail and Sola plot but I really enjoyed it in this book. I loved seeing Assail save Sola. I melted a little when he bonded with her. Their relationship really started in this book for me. Their passion was strong in this book. I liked Assail a lot more in this book. At times though there are things about him I really dislike. Like his drug use. Their relationship was rocky and ended with a to be continued feel, but the connection was there and strong. I am looking forward to seeing where these two go. I really don't care about Trez and the forced mating plot. I am however a little intrigued by the Selena and Trez story line. I think they are cute together. What the hell is up with Selena's illness? I liked that iAm was more talkative in this book. He seemed very sweet and I think it was cute that he has never been with a woman before. I have always loved John Matthew and I was so glad he was in this book a lot. It was so sweet seeing him and Beth in a close relationship. I loved how supportive Xhex was of John's seizures. I really wish everyone including John knew John was Darius. Not that it really takes away anything that they don't but I just wish they knew. Abalone and his daughter were new characters in this book. It was fun to see Abalone's father and Wrath's father's relationship and comparing it to his and Wrath. Now for my favorite side plot Xcor and Layla. God I don't know what it is about that chosen and bastard but I just love them. I eat up ever single minute I can with them. I love how sweet Xcor gets around her. I love how vulnerable he is with her but still puts himself out there because he wants her that much. I love how drawn Layla is to him. How she doesn't see him as ugly but fierce, and worthy. That part with Xcor at the mall buying nice clothes for his kinda date with Layla was funny as fuck. I can't wait to get their story. The King was an amazing and fun read.

“I abolished the monarchy last night.” Cue the crickets. “What …?” she said. "You told me you didn’t want to be the cause of my giving up the throne. You weren’t. In the end, it was my choice. Sooner or later, someone else is going to make a run at me—and by extension you and him. And then if I die? My son’s going to end up having to fight to keep something that shouldn’t be decided by bloodline. It should be decided by merit.” Beth put her hands up to her face. “Oh, my God…” “So we’re a democracy now. Saxton helped make it legal. And elections are going to take place in a little while. I’ve talked to Abalone—he’s going to coordinate it all. Hell, the guy already had a good slate of candidates. Oh, and the best thing? The glymera’s out of a job. I did away with the Council. See ya, motherfuckers.”-Wrath
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555 reviews1,524 followers
April 8, 2014



JR Ward has not failed me yet, this series is nothing short of phenomenal and I don't ever want to stop reading about this band of brothers. My fascination with this series started in April 2013 and I can say without hesitation that it has been a consistently fabulous series. 'The King' was received with excitement from myself mainly because since book one I've had a soft spot for Wrath, the Alpha warrior King and as a result you can imagine that I've been impatiently waiting to get my hands all over this novel. There are no words that I can put together to describe how insanely good this series is but for now here are my 'All hail the king' thoughts ...

What's it all about?
The throne is at threat from enemies made in secret places and a vigilante group of rebelling vampires that desire to see a change in power. Desperate to keep honour to his families name, Wrath must fight for a throne that was never in his heart to keep. With years of having his beloved, Beth by his side Wrath believes they can overcome almost anything but with change comes unrest and this couple are not only fighting an external battle but they encounter battles from within. Follow the continuing storyline of JR Wards most beloved series where we are also discovering more about surrounding characters, impossible romance and an alpha vampire world that you'll never want to forget.



What did I love?
JR Ward has an imagination that is second to none, her writing style and well thought out story telling is other worldly - quite literally. The Black dagger brotherhood is a series that makes me cry, laugh and smile and there's certainly no escape from 'feeling the heat' Mrs Ward knows how to make her characters burst with lust and longing and she doesn't let her readers fell left out either, her ovary exploding sex scenes would turn a nun to sin. The pages are crammed full with clever twists and turns and ongoing character and story development and I am always kept right on my toes wondering what this author will deliver next. As for 'The King' well I can assuredly confirm that nothing could tear me away from the pages of this novel and as my most anticipated book of 2014 I savoured every single one of the 592 pages. In this particular book of the series you can expect more romance, more action, and more 'getting to know' some additional characters, here JR Ward focuses on the king and queen, Wrath and Beth, Assail the drug lord and his obsession with Sola the human con artist and finally iAm and Trez the mysterious Shadows. Each developing storyline really draws me in, so much so that I have blurred lines of reality when I'm spending time with a JR book. Without question there are not words I have adequate enough to sum up how I feel about this series, JR Ward has me wrapped around her little finger and now I have to wait patiently, or not so patiently in my case for book number thirteen to be revealed.



Final thoughts ...
If it's a gritty, paranormal romance series that you are waiting to sink your teeth into, then you don't want to miss out on the brotherhood. I can't explain how addictive or how obsessive I feel about this series, but I do know that I want everyone to pick up this series and love it as much as I do. I loved the idea that JR Ward has gone full circle with a story about The king and I can only say that this book made me feel a whole range of emotions from loved up to turned on, to heart break to smiling like a mad woman, so much so that I'm sure I'll not forget. If you already love this series then this book will be the icing on the cake and if you've yet to meet the brothers well all I can say is that you are in for a treat. Go grab it readers, release day was April 1st. Enjoy, kisses.


**Thanks to my BDB girls for another fang-tastic buddy read. I Love that we do this together, you feel me?**
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April 11, 2014
4 Long Live the King Stars

To survive one must not be alone.
And one must have a partner of worth.
Possess that? And you are richer than any King or queen who e'er roamed the earth.

The players we know...

But the game is more painful than we could ever imagine...

What happens after the HEA? When everyday troubles creep around the corner, family and duties busts your bubble of happiness.

For a normal couple? Counseling.
For the Blind King and his Half-Breed Queen? Hoping to stay together, alive and save the whole race in the meantime.

J.R. Ward , delivers the 12th novel in her amazing and intricate Black Dagger Brotherhood with a twist. Rev-visiting the very first and most beloved couple, fighting for the right to stay together and have a chance at happiness.

As usual, she just can't stay there... At least 5 other characters and their stories complete this story that follows different directions and tries to make us like heroes and villains, virgins and sluts, commoners and glymera aristocrats.

What I liked:

✓ Wrath and Beth.
The reigning couple simply RULES!!! It was a huge plus that we were already familiar with their story and we have got glimpses of their struggles throughout the series. Keeping the main focus on them again flowed effortlessly. They stayed true to themselves and they grew. It was also refreshing that the spotlight wasn't on their sexual encounters but their emotional turmoil and helping the whole vampire race for a change. The threat to the throne brought them more close than ever and the ending simply stunned me!

✓ iAm
In a sea of POVs and various characters interrupting my love affair with Wrath, the Shadow was a refreshing new voice. Caustic, ironic, loyal and just unable to not care, the chef is a sight to behold and the only thread in this tangled web of stories that I am excited to read.

✓ Doc Jane
*shameful admition* I wasn't a fan... *ducks head*
But book by book, her integrity, loyalty, fierceness and dry wit, won me over. Vishous couldn't have found a better mate, Ghost or not.

✓ Wrath and Anya
Giving us a rare glimpse at the past, we got introduced to Wrath's parents! HOOOOORAY! It was a great emotional sidestory and one of the best parts of the book.

✓ John Matthews

What it bored me:

✗ X'cor and his Bastards
Seriously Layla????? Seriously???

✗ Trez
Manslut. End.

✗ Assail
Waste of pages..... Sorry, I couldn't connect at any point. Almost forced to skip...

✗ Glymera

Overall assessment: ✓ ♥

Would it be greedy of me to ask for more Wrath? Well, maybe yeah.... But how about Zhadist? Sounds fair right? I need more Zhadist!!!



Pre-release excitement
The next BDB book will take us back, to our first and favourite couple...

Wrath son of Wrath and Beth Randall




And................A BABY?!?!?!?!?!!?


My mind exploded but somehow, it keeps screaming!!!!!!


Expected publication: March 25th 2014

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July 25, 2015
If this was fanfiction it'd be good. But as an entry in the series by the actual author, it's bad. Very bad.

The series started off with the typical PNR conventions of insta-love, but ever since Lover Unbound was let down by a number of fans declaring an undying loathing for its heroine, Ward has branched out into a new form of story-telling. Whereas the first four concentrated solely on the main couple and their story, with a few fights in the war and a hint of subsequent couplings, the books after that began to assume a different shape. Subplot after subplot began to emerge, one of which gave us Qhuay, the others finally coalescing in the over-arcing plot in which the glymera (nobility) of the vampire race, dissatisfied with the virtual non-reign of King Wrath, seek his overthrow. 

Add to this a seeming compulsion of Ward's to introduce at least two new characters and half a dozen subplots into every novel since Lover Unleashed and you discover a real problem; Ward barely has the literary stamina to continue the main plot to its conclusion, let alone six, and she is very easily distracted. Very easily.

As a consequence The King suffers. What could easily have been a plot in which the Queen wants a child and tries to convince her hellren of the merits of such an idea during a time of political upheaval, because of Ward's need to throw herself into three different POVs and showcase a different subplot every chapter, instead we get a sequence of events in which both act--quite frankly--like assholes, storming in and out of rooms screaming at each other and throwing tantrums like children. That events such as these tie into the central premise of the book, the attempt to overthrow Wrath, is disconcerting at best. Both characters are now so unattractive personality wise that it is hard to root for the survival of the race, let alone whether or not they get the baby Beth so desperately thinks will solve all her problems.

At this point in the series there is a definite feel that Ward is taking things somewhere that the characters themselves don't particularly want to go and the books are so formulaic at this stage it's easy to call events before you see them. As a result whereas once an idle daydream of spending an evening in the mansion may have been a pleasant way to pass the time, in order to make the revisits and subplots happen everyone has been made so damned stupid and unpleasant that making your way through a new Brotherhood novel is more of an achievement then entertainment and the pushing forward of her favourites, Assail and Doc Jane in particular, only compounds this.

Assail is an obvious retelling of a still existent character with every single redeeming quality removed in an attempt to make him edgy and while Doc Jane is one of the Brotherhood's two doctors and as such should be featured, the prevalence of medical emergencies in every novel since her introduction in Lover Unbound and the attempt at reworking her relationship with Vishous in Lover Unleashed mean that things have gotten to the point where it's a wonder someone can open a door without shattering their arm, leading to a visit in the clinic with the Spectral Surgeon if only so the hurt character can go into raptures about how lovely and awesome she is. As a result no less then two characters completely unrelated to the Brothers have recently been allowed in the apparently super secret compound the Brothers live in, just so they can be treated by Ward's favourite female.

While this may seem completely innocuous by itself (and reveal my detestation of that character), it highlights Ward's willingness to throw out the rules of her own world-building in order to push forward certain characters or resolve problems with an easy and completely nonsensical solution, which has been achieved so far by making her characters completely and unerringly stupid. Unfortunately such an approach demands that her readers dumb themselves down too, or at least develop the memory capabilities of a goldfish, as she often seeks to rationalise unpopular actions in subsequent novels. An example of this being the new rules about bonding. In the books prior to Lover Reborn we were told that bonding is a permanent attachment and that if a female died, her bonded mate would be so devastated that he he couldn't live without her, an action that rationalised the need to find a way for Mary and Doc Jane's continued presences in the novels and find a way for their HEA.

Unfortunately the events of Lover Reborn and Ward's need to push these events as commonplace completely undermine the central drama of The King. If Tohr, a bonded male, can move on from his shellan's death and find love and happiness with another as a number of others are described as doing in this book, then why can't Wrath? Sure, Beth dying from pregnancy would be bad for him for a while, but with the idea of bonding shorn of all association with the concept of forever, it's hard to think that Wrath wouldn't find someone else he likes just as much a few books later. Coupled with the realisation that with the exception of Wellsie every female has found a way to come back even if the worst has happened, the tension disappears completely.

This could've been countered with a compelling installment of the plot to overthrow Wrath, now including newish characters the Band of Bastards, and while the book does contain a degree of uncertainty on that issue for most of its span, the ending is so completely, utterly, and unfailingly stupid that I felt insulted as a reader. It couldn't be more obvious that Ward couldn't plot a political storyline if her life depended on it and as such we are expected to deal with a few scenes of utter bullshit at the end that if thought about for more then a moment, actually creates more problems for their society then it solves. But Ward wanted it wrapped up in order to concentrate on other things. With a seeming conclusion of the Wrath and Beth storyline on a personal front, the political had to be finished up too. It's just a shame there was less time dedicated to an apparent major societal shift then there was to Sola's time thinking how about kind Doc Jane was. Even if it did leave everything exactly the same.

And therein lies the problem. Whereas the first four books concentrated in the personal, when something outside of the couple happened, you had the feeling it mattered and that things had changed. Now, no matter what happens everything always ends the same. There may be a new couple or a new baby, but the same people are in the same places--unless they've moved into the mansion-- and everyone's a little less appealing as a result.
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1,185 reviews376 followers
January 31, 2020
April 5, 2014
Sometimes, you didn’t get what you wanted.
But if you had all you needed?

2.5 stars

The King is one of the most anticipated books of the year, book 12 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

Book 11, Lover at Last was a huge disappointment, so I had no intention of reading further books of the series, but I’ve read it anyway.


Well, I realized this series is more and more like... no, actually it IS a soap opera. You don’t really want to watch, or read it anymore, but you want to know what happens to the characters because you care for them, and somehow, throughout the years, they grew to your heart.

But it couldn’t live up even to my already low expectations…

Sadly, many!

Wrath and Beth. Their storyline is obvious and very predictable: they fight about having a child or not, but have it anyway, ending with a forced giving-birth drama, but everything is going to be okay. After all, it’s a romance, not a tragedy.

Wrath is magnificent and imposing, as always. He is a born ruler, just not always aware of that. I loved the way Ward portrayed the change in him, not only about having a child, but about his approach to the death of his parents, and to the throne as well.
He thought back to the night his parents had been slaughtered. The one thing they had done before that door had been broken down? Hide him. Keep him safe. Preserve him—and it hadn’t been about ensuring the future of the throne. That was not at all what they’d said as they’d locked him in that crawl space.
I love you.
That had been the only message that had mattered when their time had run out. Not, Be a good King. Not, Follow in my footsteps. Not, Make me proud or else …
I love you.
It was the tie that bound, even across the divides of death and time.

Not everything is perfect in this storyline, especially the end, but his feelings, fears, frustrations, self-poisonous thoughts are nicely presented.

He realized he, too, was finally free — and that his parents, if they had had a chance to look over his shoulder, would have approved of him.
Just the way he was.

I was bored to death by Beth’s continuous, repetitive, and often hysterical musings on every little detail of her thoughts and everyday actions, even when she had to go to pee. She is such an irritating character here! How I despise her selfishness and immature behavior!

There are many secondary storylines, and first it seems there is much going on in this book, but actually not much happens. It can be easily summarized on a couple of pages. The plot is fragmented, tiring, and unnecessarily elongated.

Things I couldn’t find in this book:
- originality,
- action and thrill,
- twists and turns,
- surprises,
- lessers, or any capable foe,
- real drama,
- steamy erotic scenes (because they are lukewarm and/or frustrating).

Things in large quantities:
- secondary storylines and viewpoints,
- unnecessary scenes (for example who cares about how Xcor is peeling an apple or about the luxury of the foyer for the millionth time?),
- musings, inner monologues, emotional rantings,
- exhausting and irritating pop-culture references,
- overlong descriptions about nothing,
- boring recollections, and repetitive thoughts.

Things almost made me punch something, or someone:
- Beth
- iAm and Trez are the slightly modified equivalents of Phury and Zsadist. So unimaginative.
- Beth’s almost Twilight-type pregnancy. Ward misled me for a couple of chapters, and the explanation was not satisfying.
- Writing style as a whole: pop-culture references, slang, acronyms, abbreviations, mutilated words (abso, obvi).

Of course, there are scenes I enjoyed:
- many scenes of Wrath’s (as I mentioned above)
- Assail’s quest for Sola
- Sola gets free from her captors
- the wedding ceremony performed by Lassiter (this scene lacks originality too, but at least it is hilarious)
- S’Ex’s scenes
“Let me make myself perfectly clear. You touch iAm and I will find you. Your last breath will be mine and your heart will still be warm when I take it out of your chest and eat it raw.”
“You know, it’s a wonder we don’t get along better.”

All in all

I didn’t expected much, so I’m not disappointed, but sadly I’m not pleasantly surprised either.

Oh, almost forgot how unsatisfied I was with the baby’s name. I hoped they would name him Arrrgh!!!
July 8, 2022
In chess, the Queen protects the King!

If you like the Black Dagger Brotherhood, you can’t help but like Wrath and feel for him. I mean he is the toughest of all the BDB warriors, he never wanted to be the King, all he really wants to do is fight against their enemies, but the fact that he lost his sight prevents him from going out on patrol with his brothers like he wants. Even though he can fight as good as anyone despite his blindness, he gets stuck in his office doing paperwork.

So many things happen in this book, not only between Wrath and Beth, but in other parts of the ongoing storylines. One of the main things that picks up in this book where the last book left off is the fact that the human thief, Sola Morte, was kidnapped at her Gran’s house. If you have read the previous books you will remember that she was hired by Benloise to spy on Assail, the drug dealer.

Assail is very interested in Sola, especially after Benloise shafted her in the payment he owed her and she retaliated by breaking into Benloise’s house, and moving one of his statues a bit off center, barely moving it, but apparently he is such a perfectionist that she knows something like that will really piss him off. Apparently she didn’t know just how much because, he had her kidnapped and brought to a house where he has people tortured to death.

Another storyline is the thing that happens to John Matthew when he gets near Beth. He feels some strange connection, then has a sort of seizure. We have seen where John Matthew is sometimes remembering things that only Darius should know. Beth is Darius’ daughter and John Matthew is his son, so they are half-siblings even though they didn’t meet until one of the early books in the series.

It is looking more and more like either John Matthew is the reincarnation of Darius or has some sort of weird connection to the dead Warrior, in addition to being his son. I have read in the wiki that John is Darius reincarnated, but frankly I think it is something else, like the the soul of Darius is inside John, but so is his own. Though what do I know? That could be the definition of reincarnation.

The storyline about the shadows, Trez Latimer and his bother iAm, is also in this book. You really have to feel for these guys. Trez was sold by his parents to the Queen of the S’Hsibe when he was young and is meant to be the stud to the queens daughter. Basically that will entail a life of sexual servitude in a gilded cage. Trez and iAm left their home for that reason, but they keep getting calls from the Queens High Priest for Trez to return.

Trez will not answer the phone when the High Priest calls, so it falls to iAm to take care of. iAm is constantly taking care of Trez, whether it be when he is downed by one of his frequent migraines or whether he is just trying to get Trez to change his lifestyle. Apparently back home they think of their bodies as temples and even have strict rites when it comes to the sexual act. Starting with bathing and keeping their temple clean. Which is why Trez is so rebellious and he does it with human women so often in just about any way and any place he can. Though now he is starting to really feel something for the chosen, Selena.

Beth wants a baby, and after seeing Wrath nearly bleed out in a prior book when he was shot by XCor, she wants it even more. She feels that then if something happened to him, at least she would have a part of him. However, Wrath knows that the death rate is high among pregnant female vampires, and he doesn’t want to chance losing Beth. They are at odds with each other on that point and the fact that Wrath is working so hard in a job he hates isn’t making things easier.

I really enjoyed this book. I had a long break between the last book and this one because it is a bit hard to read 500-600 page books with the same ongoing storylines one after the other for 10+ books, it is almost like one exceedingly long book. However, the break did me good and I am totally into the lives of the Black Dagger Brotherhood all over again. I really can’t wait to hear what happens to Trez in his book and I am especially waiting to see how (and if) Xcor and Layla get together.

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April 20, 2015
5 Blind King stars!

 photo 604d25c2-3648-4c8a-b417-80d7a846f473_zpsb9f110d8.jpg

I’ve been waiting all year for this book. The 12th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I am obsessed with this series, can’t get enough of my boys. This author could write dozens more books and I would keep on reading. I loved the idea of going back to the beginning- to an original brother. I may have been a little concerned since we’ve already had a Wrath book, but I shouldn’t have been. It was fantastic!

I find these books incredibly difficult to review. In each book, we have the main couple’s story (Wrath and Beth in this particular book) but that’s only the half of it. The other half follows several other characters. I will try to quickly review each smaller story along with the Blind King’s and his half-breed Queens.

 photo 86b8e56c-88e6-4afa-9557-7a4f7cf9489e_zps68e6be70.jpg
“You know what? That shit’s not worth it to me. You’re what’s important. You’re what matters. Everything else- everyone else can fuck off.”

Wrath and Beth
Wrath and Beth have a lot going on. Wrath is getting threatened by many to take what is rightfully his. The throne. Although he never wanted it, it’s his father’s Legacy and he doesn’t want it stolen from him. Wrath loves his Shellan more than anything, the throne included. Beth and Wrath don’t have the easiest journey. I won’t go into the big storyline, but there are issues between them.

I’ve always liked Beth and Wrath, but compared to some of the other brother’s stories, their tale in Dark Lover didn’t stack up. I am glad to say that I loved THIS chapter of their story more than the first. I fell more in love with the King!
“I want you to know something,” he said into her hair. As she went still, he tried to pull something worth hearing out of his ass. Some string of words that were even in the same zip code as what was doing in his chest.

“What?” she whispered.

“You are everything to me.”

It was so incredibly, totally not enough- and yet she sighed and melted into him like that was all she wanted to hear. And a bag of chips.

Sometimes you got lucky.

Xcor and Layla
 photo 9f91cc67-16bf-45ff-83aa-ee635594a5f4_zps3b0e6cb8.jpg

Speaking of the throne being threatened... Xcor is one of the ringleaders. He is the leader of the Band of Bastards. And in his quest to take down the King, he has fallen for the unattainable. The Chosen, Layla. The Chosen that is pregnant by Qhuinn. Layla has unexplainable feelings for Xcor. She knows he isn’t ‘good’, but is he as bad as he seems? I feel Xcor is on the path of redemption.
In this moment of triumph, the only place he wanted to be was with the female he could not have.

And one of the funnies scenes in the book was his shopping trip...
“Knock her dead, my man.”

“Oh, no.” Xcor shook his head. “That shan’t be necessary. This one I like.”

I am very much looking forward to more of these two in the future, hopefully they will get their own book soon!

Trez and Selena

 photo 89f7b1aa-1d8e-44b3-a8d8-27a42a1aa230_zps3b399753.jpg

We’ve gotten to know the Shadows pretty well since Rehv’s book. I love them both equally in different ways. The King focus’s a lot on Trez’s story. Trez is trying to get away from his future. The future he was sold into, the one he doesn’t want. iAm will do anything in his power to help, but things aren’t looking good. The Chosen Selena has feelings for Trez. He feels them too, but he also feels unworthy of her. Their story was left wide open, I’m anxious to see where it goes.

Assail and Sola
 photo e2c7909c-2e59-40b2-ab15-27f26ea26ebb_zpsfc9addfb.jpg

I’m not gonna lie... Assail was a crazy motherfucker. And I adored him! He is also one of those characters that isn’t a ‘good’ guy, but not a bad guy either. He’s stuck in between. Sola, his little burglar has gotten herself into some trouble. Even though it’s not in his nature, Assail feels compelled to help her. He wants her. Their story was also unresolved so we’ll see where it takes us...

As soon as I finished the book, I was instantly curious about who the next book would be about. There were several possibilities, obviously the three above were most likely. When I found out the 13th book in this series would be called The Shadows, I was stoked. Not only do I want more Trez and Selena, but after that little bomb iAm dropped on us, I can’t wait for his story!

 photo be2a684c-e2e2-468c-8595-82e0e4164992_zps4c3fad55.jpg

This series is spectacular. Full of romance, suspense, steam, action and twists and turns. I can’t get enough of these books. When I start reading, the characters and stories captivate me. I feel sucked into this world. I have such a strong connection to the characters and their stories. I just can’t get enough! Thankfully, Ms. Ward isn’t planning on ending this series anytime soon- we have at least three more books to look forward to in the Brotherhood series! Bring it on!

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August 3, 2016
I finally finished the book! My first in April, actually. Yes, it's the 14th. It's called real life, bitches. Sometimes books take a backseat.

By now, most of the die-hard fans who were going to read this have already done so. I've seen the complaints. I share a few of the complaints.

But it's Ward. She's like this comfort-food writer for me. Even when it's bad, I always know that I'll laugh a few times, and will get at the very least a few moments of good sexual tension. So I keep reading.

But dear me, even I couldn't ignore the fifty PoV's this time. I was one of the people who didn't mind when the series left the cookie-cutter PNR format in favor of a more broad-scaled world at around book 7. The extra PoV's were helpful in getting me excited for future stories to come. Yes, sometimes the extras overtook the main story, and I wasn't always a fan of that. But I generally liked the side stories as well, with a few exceptions (I've never been a fan of the lengthy flashbacks).

However, it's gotten out of hand. Between iAm, Trez, Xcor, Assail, Throe, Saxton, etc. (including the flip side with the female PoV's) and the flashbacks, plus the current Wrath/Beth story...yeah. We were more than maxed out on PoV's.

That said... It was really only the Assail/Sola story which didn't work for me. A lot of people like this couple, but I've never attached to them. I'm still in the Xcor/Layla camp. And I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Trez/Selena's chemistry in this book. I love how Trez isn't the traditional white male character. And since Xcor isn't attractive at all (not like how Z is scarred but you can tell he's still hot), I love that too. Ward's starting to write a little out of her comfort zone.

And iam?!? Yay! Yay! Yay!

I know that so many people are throwing in the towel. I won't be. The familiarity and brotherhood and awesome sexual chemistry keeps me coming back, even when it takes me WEEKS to read the darn book because of parts that drag.

The pros are still outweighing the cons. Maybe it won't always be this way, but sometimes I need to have something familiar to fall back on when I'm tired of constantly having to start new books and learn new characters. Familiar works for me in this instance.
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April 14, 2017
3,5 stars
Do I like The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series???? No, I MORE THAN LIKE IT………………
 photo Black_Dagger_Brotherhood_by_AidanG_zps4b42bafe.jpg

I have a secret to tell..….I was absolutely shattered after Lover at Last….. photo wnoy5_zps6vkuydj5.gif
…yes I did. I lost my all-time favorite boyfriend… photo 58149773fb8f3eee55d2c5550a8a61df_zps0d57f9b6.jpg
…yes, Qhuinn left me for someone else!!!!!
Anyway, I have moved on…..and what better way than…..yay….more about Wrath & Beth….i adore the King & Queen of all Vampires….
 photo BannerBooksBlackDaggerBrotherhoo-26_zps68eb84cd.jpg

So, I get THE KING the day it comes out…I am so excited, over the moon…..
 photo 351af7d0-a0c4-4e29-8e49-2d00896c1134_zpsf5de6702.png

And by page 116….I give up…impossible!!!! How can this be??? This is my all time favorite series….I cannot continue…………..and for months I have avoided opening up page 117…….talk about confused!!!!

No, I have to go back …..I can’t give up…not now!!!!

Okay, page 117, 118….next page and well, it was kind of surprising but I actually finished THE KING!!!!

Did I love it???? Oooh, so sad…but wait, I did like it…just not my favorite …a real pity!!! Now, what was it exactly that it did not “snap and crackle” for me????

Was this not Wrath & Beth’s book??? That’s what I thought..instead there is not much happening here with these two………because we have all these other characters and couples that, IMHO just got in the way…..like..

Assail & Marisol…I get it…their story has to be set up for their future book..but did I have to get so much about them…allright, I like Marisol (hell, I hate the shortened version of Sola…her full name is gorgeous…), she’s a kickass exotic…a Brazilian thief….heroine with the most lovable grandmother….but then she’s in lust for Assail, who I HAVE NOT engaged with…never mind that he’s sexy, gorgeous and is nice to her grandmother and his family…he’s still a mobster and drug dealer…….it’s going to take a lot for him to redeem himself to me!!!

Then Trez, the Shadow and his HUGE LUST for the lovely and virginal Chosen, named Selena!!! Let me just say that he and his brother IAm have not done it for me in the previous books. Still uncertain about Trez…all that “pussy-footing” around Selena just got on my nerves so many times. However, I actually began to like I’AM…..in fact I found it totally endearing….how could I not if Boo (remember Beth’s cat!!) loves him!!!! Now, having been given the news that the next novel will be on the Shadow Brothers….not sure if I am that excited about it!!!!

Where are all the BDB brothers and their shellans??? A snip here and there…Xhex and JM….a few pages…a page or two with Tohrment…no Autumn…then a teaser with Zsadist and Bella……and nothing, okay a page or two with Qhuinn!!!!! Heartbroken!!!! Me, it was!!!!

And no action whatsoever….no Lessers, just the boring glymera characters!!!! Where are the fighting brothers????? I wanted more of my BDB heroes...
 photo tumblr_static_tumblr_static__1280_zps7622a3bf.jpg

I was so pro-Layla before but this whole “work-up” romance with Xcor was a total disaster for me!!!!! I felt no connection between their one or two secret hook-ups….no, relax, the two haven’t done the deed yet!!!!! I still want her to be with someone else….I AM NOT A XCOR fan!!!!!

What redeemed this book from being..uhm….not a total loss was LW….LITTLE WRATH!!!!
 photo 7c11824fe77b40af152eaaff37dcaad6_zps5d30987c.jpg
I am beyond in love with this BDB Prince!!!! I want more of him in the future!!!! See, that’s why I am going to get the next book…..because of LW!!!!

“A soooooooooooooooooooooon! I'm having a sooooooooooooooooooooooooon!”

One of my favourite parts in this book was when Lassiter “played” the pastor at Wrath & Beth’s “human” marriage ceremony………
“Okay, so, Beth, follow me. 'I, Beth, a totally awesome chick ...'"

Beth barked out a giggle. "I, Beth ..."

"Where's the 'awesome chick' part? What? Come on, I have a license from the Internet. I know what I'm doing."

Wrath nodded at his leehan. "He's right. You are, in fact, awesome. I think we need to hear it."

"Can I get an amen!" Lassiter shouted.

"Ammmmmmmmmen!" echoed throughout the mansion.

"Fine, fine, fine," she said. "I, Beth, a totally awesome chick ..."

"'... take this meathead, Wrath ...'"

"... take this meathead, Wrath ..."

"'... as my husband to have and to hold from this day forward...”

Lassiter….I so want his book….he’s so fabulous!!!!
“By the power vested in me thanks to Google, I know pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!”

To end my long “tirade”, let’s just say…..not the best in the series but certainly not going to end my affair with BDB!!!!!!
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August 11, 2017
 photo e857035b-2e93-4977-a3af-466994976b3f_zps336c0bae.jpg

If you loved the earlier stories which were filled with passion and romance and happily ever afters obtained through faith, trust, honor, dignity, soul cleansing pain, and making compromises for the one you love because you love them above all else... you'll be happy to know that The King has all of these things, and more!

And that quote up there... "Let yourself go and I shall catch you..." applies to so many people and situations in this story - trust, faith, hope... beautiful things.

Full review to come.........
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December 3, 2020
☆ ☆

No spoilers and and definitely colorful language abound!


The King was set upon us, and as a loyal, albeit disgruntled fan, I proceeded with caution. Despite the arduous and at times hysterical journey, I have triumphed.

It was exactly 3% that I realized the error of my ways. I like many of you awaited the publication of what I hoped to be Wards return to her former glory, to reconnect with the characters who started it all. With a looming sense of dread I started The King, and let my buoyant optimism overshadow the fact that the last two books were a disastrous blunder.

 photo tumblr_inline_mnijcpINDA1qz4rgp_zps01e3a981.gif

The Death Rattle of a Dying Series Recipe Card


4 parts Miley Cyrus references ( added points with the mention of "twerking")
2 dashes of the word "defo" ( added points with the use of "abso" and "jel", use accordingly)
9 mentions of the iPhone ( added points with the mention of Apple, Siri, or the opposer Blackberry)
1 reference to Facebook relationship status updates (It's complicated)
1 nod to Nike's Just Do It
117 uses of the word "sex"
2435 scenes featuring characters no one gives a fuck about
1 epic hose down of jizz
17 excerpts from fanfiction to save time
1 adult temper tantrum with the required use of tranquilizers
1 scene of the "good ole days" just to keep the reader hanging on, use sparingly!


Take all your social references and sift together to remove any lumps.
Measure "sex" and pour in slowly, while mixing by hand.
Add "characters no one gives a fuck about" and "excerpts from fanfiction" blend to fully incorporate.
Whip "epic hose down of jizz" until you have white fluffy peaks, fold into batter gently.
Grease your 9x10 pan with the softened adult tantrum.
Bake for 13 months at a low 250.
Let cool and garnish with 1 scene featuring past favorite characters

Plate and serve to your editor.

Suggestion: If you find that all those dated and unnecessary social references are mucking up your batter, plow forward. You definitely need those, they are not jarring at all.

So there we have it. Yet another disappointing and bizarre installment of the BDB. I will never do this to myself again.

 photo cover_tumblr_mf2vs7su4i1rccyxzo1_500_zps8dff0ae7.gif


Like a true dementia patient, I will read the next one. I will wait for it's publication. I will speculate on who will appear and what will happen. Perhaps a bit on my favorite brothers? I will get excited at the prospect of more time with Rehv or V. I will read every book of this series until she puts it to rest.

And so it begins again.

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April 2, 2014
PSA: Gifapalooza

My internal reactions a few pages into the prologue went something like this


and this


Ward, you almost had me going there for a sec. Unfortunately, my feels didn't get much better as I read on.


I was expecting the usual entertaining story, fun banter, cheesy lines, and a lot of kick-some-lesser-flatassery between the brothers.


Instead, I spent much of this 76 chapter book humming the theme song to Scooby-Doo, because the brothers of the Black Dagger Brotherhood were almost nonexistent.


I'm sad to say that I struggled to finish this book. I kept reading on hoping to get back into the BDB mojo, but there was no mojo to be found. Like Lover at Last, there were too many side characters with their own povs, and all of the side plots made for a frustrating read.

And what the hell is up with the name and brand dropping overload? It was fucking constant.



I like getting to know more about the side characters and all, but why the long ass chapters of Assail and Sola interspersed with short, lame ass I-want-a-baby/I-don't-want-a-baby drama between Beth and Wrath?? Who is this book supposed to be about? And the baby drama was so predictable, it was boring.



In conclusion, all I have to ask the J. R. Ward of the first few BDB books is

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December 9, 2016
“Wrath - Beth x Overnight = Psycho-hose Beast”

I was so pleased that I had a chance to read Wrath and Beth's story again. The King was my favorite book of 2014. Although I reread it again this year, I still insist this is as good as the first book of the series where all the stories begins. Wrath overcame his blindness and live happily ever after with his shellan, Beth, in the last books. Yet in The King, Wrath has to face a new challenge when his Beth wants to have a child, that's not easy for him because even she's a vampire, the risk is still too high, and he can't lose her.

“Rhage raised his hand " Pastor Ass-hat, I have a question." "Yes my son, you are going to hell”

I loved the dynamic Ward put in this book, she broke my beloved characters and made them stronger than ever by the problems in their lives. I liked many scenes from The King, especially That was so heartwarming and the best moment of this book.

Besides, Wrath's parents are a suprising bonus; it shocked me how the two stories releated to each other and the past of his father still affected the present. J.R. Ward planned out this book so good I couldn't have asked for me. Every single page is full of dramas and twists that I grabbed the book very hard while something was happening and I knew that I couldn't stop it.

“By the power vested in me thanks to Google, I know pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!”

April 23, 2014
I am not overstating to say that the release of the new Black Dagger Brotherhood series book is a highlight of my spring, and I view it as JR Ward's present to me for my birthday! That said, let's get to my review:

**Disclaimer: This review is as spoiler-free as I could make it!

Wrath, Son of Wrath and Beth Randall have come a long way since Dark Lover, and it's been my pleasure to accompany them on the ride!

When I first read Dark Lover (about eight years ago), I will be honest in saying that my biggest draw was not Wrath or Beth, but the world and the storyline of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and the strange world within a world of Caldwell, New York. While I enjoyed their relationship, it didn’t blow me away, and neither character is my favorite in this series. However, I knew I was going to keep reading the series, and boy am I glad.

With The King, I feel that an immensely important chapter has been closed in the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and it makes me happy because I feel that all the Brothers and their Shellans have found peace and the close bond of family, drawing close friends into their net. I also feel a sense of excitement in knowing that the storyline can continue and branch off in different ways and directions, and the waters seem uncharted. While there are tendrils that Ms. Ward has planted in this novel, I honestly don't feel I can predict too much about what is coming next. It's going to be fun to see where the story leads, and I am in no way ready for this series to end.

Character Thoughts:


I feel we got to see some added depth to Wrath that was very good for expanding my view and appreciation of the King. He came to terms with some major hurts and issues he was facing, and I felt the flashbacks were a crucial aspect of the storyline. Wrath always regretted that he could not save his parents and he divorced himself from the concept of family and his legacy so long out of a sense of fear and guilt. In this book, he came to terms with his past and how his future did not have to be governed or hemmed in by fear. I loved his evolution as a King and what that responsibility came to mean for him. It was joyous for him to get everything he needed, but didn't even realize he wanted. Even though I know things didn't end well for his parents, their powerful love for each other and their son was still inspiring to me.


Beth's storyline was thought-provoking. She was all over the place emotionally, and I understand why. I feel that she was at some of her deepest lows and her highest highs both in this book. While the story is about her, as Wrath's shellen, I think that more of the story was about Wrath. Her role seems more peripheral, but in a pivotal way. I still enjoyed reading about her character journey in this book. Beth is the best Queen for the race, and I can think of no other shellan to stand at Wrath's side.

Beth and John Matthew

I think this book explored their relationship in a more satisfactory fashion than any of the proceeding books. They know they have each other's backs, and the readers as well. Also, it shows that although you may have your desired life partner, you also need the connection of family (blood and found). I almost thought the thing Ward said would never happen was going to happen, but it turns out that it wasn't necessary. I like the way the story unfolds instead. That John Matthew remains his own person, and his relationships with others aren’t hinged on his secret heritage.


Xcor remains a complicated male, not quite likable in many moments, and captivating and deeply sympathetic in others. Since I like my characters complex, he definitely has my interest, and he may turn out to be a new favorite of mine in this series. He remains a wild card in this new series arc, his behavior not the slightest bit predictable. To his great surprise, his feelings for a certain Chosen have opened closed off parts of his psyche, and this cannot be a bad thing at all. I think he will have a potential enemy in his own nest, but he’s not unaware of that.


Layla is on shaky ground, but she is making her own choices and defining herself as a female. In her own way, she may have helped to avert a war that wasn’t going to end well, and that’s a good thing. I’m happy about that. I’m very excited to see where the story leads her next.

Assail and Sola

Assail is probably the most amoral of the lead characters in this series to date. His behavior chilled me at times, but he was also very sweet in others to Sola and her grandmother. It’s hard to know what to make of him. I hope we see more of his viewpoint. I can’t believe their road ends here. Sola’s in a place where she has to deny the desires of the heart. How long will she be able to tune out the siren call of her unwise feelings for Assail, who logically seems like a ‘very bad man?'

The Shadows: Trez and iAm

I am jubilant at the expansion of their storyline. These two promise to be a gamechanger in the series. We will finally explore the world of the s’Hisbe, and what a fascinating world it is. Trez has been running from his past for a long, long time, dragging his brother iAm along for the bumpy ride, as iAm has ever been his self-appointed guardian. iAm will soon step out of his brother’s shadow and find his own destiny, since Trez must soon face the music. Trez’s character is both repellant and alluring. He breaks my heart in many ways, but I feel hope for his future. I am drawn into this exploration of the dark path he has walked. The Shadows, once merely loyal allies of the Sympath King, have their own grand tale to be told.


I didn’t expect her secret struggle at all. Another case of ‘keep reading’ to see how she will get her happy ending. And she had better!

The Usual Suspects

It's always a pleasure to see the various characters who have had their books, and at the same time, I want more of them. I don't think the WARDen could ever sate my desire for enough of each character, honestly.

Overall Thoughts

JR Ward, like every other author, has her own distinctive voice. There are aspects to her storytelling that turn off some readers. While I can see where she can overdo some of her affectations (like the brand name dropping and the copious use of slang), I love reading her writing. I feel that her depiction of the ancient culture of the vampires and their various subspecies is very poetic and dramatic, like an epic in its own way. Her romantic exposition lushly romantic and deeply sensual. It wraps around me like the dark spices her bonded males exude for their mates. Her tendency to adapt an urban vibe doesn’t bother me, because I think it’s an interesting juxtaposition to the very antiquated rituals of the vampires. While I can’t deny that the Black Dagger Brotherhood is at its heart a soap opera (not a bad thing in itself), it’s an enthralling one that draws me in and doesn’t let go of me until I read the last page (although the stories and characters continue to linger deep in the recesses of my imagination long after I finish the books). I feel like the Brothers, their shellans, and their friends/associations are part of my family, and each book release is like a yearly family reunion that I don’t dare miss. If only I was as excited to go to my real life family reunions!

I’m sure that I could nitpick about the things I felt could have been better written, but I don’t want to. It won’t make me feel I wrote a better review, and I’m not sure it would change my rating at all. I just want to bask in the glow of a new release of one of my top three series. I don’t drink JR Ward Kool-Aid, but I certainly enjoy her fine literary comestibles.

**The countdown has begun until next year’s release.**

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Want to read
June 19, 2013

Ward said this will be about Wrath and Beth. They're going to try and have a baby!

March 25, 2014
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December 7, 2017
Wrath, Beth and LW ( )

It is time for Wrath

1. to fall in love again (And for us to fall in love with him again):

“I can smell you,” he groaned against her ear as he ran his fangs up her throat. “The most beautiful thing in the world—except for your taste.”

2. To renew his vows to Beth:

“You have given me something ... I didn't even know I needed. It's the greatest gift I will ever receive--it's, like, completing me already in places I wasn't aware were empty. And yet ... in spite of all that? I don't love you one bit more. You are as important to me as you've always been." He curled down and pressed a kiss to the loose shirt she was wearing—it was one of his, actually, and wasn't that great. "I was wholly bonded to you before this, and will be after this—and forevermore."

3. To become a father:

Before he knew what he was doing, he burst to his feet with Beth in his arms, leaned back, and hollered at the top of his lungs, with more pride than his six-foot-nine frame could hold.
“A soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon! I’m having a soooooooooooooooooooooooon!”

4. To accept his responsibilities as a King.

Wrath rubbed his face. “They were good people, my parents.”
Abalone put the soda aside and shifted off the armchair, getting on his knees before his King. “I will serve you just as my father did, down to the bone and marrow.”
Abalone was dimly aware that others had filed into the room and were looking at him. He cared naught. History had come full circle … and he was prepared to carry forward with pride.
Wrath nodded once. “I’m making you my chief cleric. Right here and now. Saxton,” he barked out. “What do I need to do?”
A cultured voice answered smoothly, “You just did it all. I’ll draw up the paperwork.”
The King smiled and put out his palm. “You’re the first member of my court. Boom!”

I guess this is the book that starts the second part of the BDB series:

-It breaks the norm with the consistency of the books titles: Dark Lover, Lover Eternal, Lover Awakened etc. No more “lovers” in the titles from now on. I suppose we all know now that all the main characters are badasses and lovers. So there is no point repeating this.

-It breaks the norm “one book, one HEA”. So far the books’ main focus was the main couple: Rhage and Mary, Vishous and Jane, Phury and Cormia etc. Now for the first time we revisit a couple that already had their HEA and we realize that there cannot be an HEA in this series for ever. Or maybe should I say better all the couples that had happily ever afters so far, they need to be really worried because nothing lasts for ever. And they all need to prove how much they love each other over and over again. (Ward laughs evilly here...)

-More children are added in the series and now we can see the Brothers in the role of the father. Zsadist had a daughter already, but we will start from now on to see the interactions with other children as well and the Brothers will start talking to each other about children and ask advices. The series will be more family oriented from now on.

-All the main characters have their HEA. Now the secondary characters will start trying to have their HEA and adopt a more central role in the life of the mansion. The mansion will be overcrowded from now on. Not that this is a bad thing.

-There will be more interaction between
a)the glymera and the king and
b) the king and his subjects.
Vampires will start seeing their lives changing for the best.

- Lessers will cause fewer problems (maybe the readers are tired by Omega and his lessers???) and the focus will be on the vampires and their problems.

This book brings Wrath again on a central role – in case anybody forgot that he is the number one, the top, the ruler and the ultimate KING.

Long live the King!
March 15, 2023
January 15, 2018~ (Audiobook) Reread

It’s been awhile since I’ve read this, I was getting twitchy and needed a Wrath fix. I’m still completely and throughly devoted to Wrath!!
 photo heart_turn_love_zps68f9eb25.gif  photo heart_turn_love_zps68f9eb25.gif  photo smitten_zps82ef75c9-1_zps3c608306.gif  photo heart_turn_love_zps68f9eb25.gif

5 Fantastic Royal Stars!!

We start this book with an introduction of Wrath’s parents, Wrath and Anha, I loved the insight into Wrath's parents. Their introduction, their mating, and the love they find and share. We also, learn of the incidents that turned the former docile King into a Warrior which we first learned about in Lover at Last (remember Wrath’s EPIC speech to the Glymira, still gives me goose bumps!!)

In The King, we get a clearer picture of Wrath, and the recent events that are responsible for him becoming a true King. In the last couple books Wrath has been growing more restless & resentful of his role as King of the Race. He struggles between giving Beth what she craves, needs, and really deserves from him specifically a baby, his duty as King, and his desire to still be a Warrior.

 photo 945F2727-8864-4345-9078-759A3071F7EC_zpstrqmp1ui.jpeg

As usual, we have multiple side stories. I loved reading more about the intriguing shadows Trez & iAm , the continuing story of Assail & Marisol , and Trez & Solena .

I am freaked out & antsy about Xcor & Layla , seriously I have no clue how JR Ward will resolve their bond/relationship and the whole thing is making me nervous. I will say however, that I was a bit surprised that Xcor & Layla had managed to sneak a few meetings, considering how protective Q was in Lover at Last...just how did she manage to slip away so often?

I have many favorite scenes, Beth’s needing being one of them….holy smokes I wanted to be Beth in that moment, Wrath can service me anytime, anywhere!

“I can smell you,” he groaned against her ear as he ran his fangs up her throat. “The most beautiful thing in the world…except for your taste.”

But, I’ve got to say I freaking loved the wedding scene, Rhage, V, and Lassiter were hilarious.

“Rhage raised his hand. “Pastor Ass-hat, I have a question.” Yes, my son, you ARE going the hell.” Lassiter made a sign of the cross and then looked around.

“Wait, wait, wait.” V waved his hand rolled around. “I’m the son of a deity and she picked you?

All in all I’m extremely satisfied with the direction the WARDen is taking with the series, and I’m definitely looking forward to much, much more BDB!!

Reread dates:
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April 4, 2014
Mayhap this was the worst book in the series- well no - the desecration of Qhuinn and Blay's story sucked really bad. Ah shit, no Tohr's book was bad....god, have they all recently gotten bad and we are just glutton's for this stuff? Verily JR Ward has gotten ridiculous with the slang, hip hop references, and the uneven old world language. With alacrity this may be the last book I read in the series. Mayhap...not sure.....Okay I lied - I would read Lassiter, Murhder, I'am, I may even be happy about Xcor's redemption...but we shall see. This was not the King's book - it is a running story of Trez, Xcor, Assail - all major asshats - a back story with The King's parents AND finally, a novella of the King thrown in.

JR Ward has forgotten:

1. The Brotherhood - where were they the majority of the story?
2. Editing - for god's sake woman, GET A FUCKING EDITOR! And if you have one, get a new one.
3. Loose threads - Honestly? The holes in this world are worse than the earth had with the Ozone. The rules have been stomped on so bad, it is hardly recognizable.

What worked - man oh man - Wrath and Beth. JR Ward did the King a disservice by including all that other bullshit in his story. It really took away from the real story. Wrath finding himself as King among the vampires, his brotherhood, and within his relationship with Beth. I will not spoil it, but lets just say, Wrath does not let us down not one second in this book. He will always be the one for me!!!

The book was long, oh so long, yet the ending will feel like JR sucked on some Nitro and took off at 300 mph. What the hell, you give up at the end there JR?

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April 5, 2014
Review Posted on 4th April, 2014

When you were without your husband, perfectly safe was relative.


Multiple Characters POV's, So there's not just one tale to get along with. An extremely hard task to keep the spirit of book and JR did an amazing job with that,
though it annoyed me sometimes.

Characters Development:
Wrath (King of Wrath I) & Anha
flash back of Wrath's father's life, how he married to Anha and ruled the vampire society.
"He was King, yes. But first and foremost, he was the hellren of this magnificent female—and ahvenge her he would."

Wrath (King of Wrath II) & Beth
facing a turned of their lives that forced them to make decision eith of them is not ready to approve which gave us Royally Mad King and Queen full of dominant nuclear power.
"When were you going to tell me?" Wrath demanded.
"Tell you what? That you can be a real a**hole? How about right now."

The Royal Couple had their moments but when it comes to stand by each others side so they can safe the race... they'll do anything they can no matter what.
As he caught the scent of his leelan, all he thought of was that she was everything to him—and not just because she might well be saving his throne, right here and now.

Assail & Sola
Sola's the hot chic burglar Benloise setup to spy on Assail and been abducted in Lover at Last, Assail is on mission Saving His Marisol! and dear God! did he scared the ever living shit outa me which is beyond hotness.
As good as this was, he didn’t need a weakness like her anywhere near his life. But like a wound filled with salt, she was permanently in his skin.

Trez and Selena
Chosen Selena is the silver linning Trez didn't want to lose hold of but he won't allow himself to stake his claim because of s'Hisbe. I loved Selena the moment Trez first met in the last book and JRW made sure of keeping the charm of these two characters lively and steamy


iAm and Boo:
I know what you guys are thinking, character development with CAT?, believe me I was quite surprised too when I saw how iAm has hidden charms under his sleeves. His moment with GODDAMN were extremely hilarious, one moment he was Micheal Jacksonning over the silly cat and
next he was ordering around for proper food for his GODDAMN(BOO). In short, he practically adopted the cat.

Début Character:
s'Ex, an executioner’ came to warn Shadow and iAm about Queen's evil plans if Trez failed to complete the royal deed. s'Ex has so much intensity and power that I would love to learn more about character.

He'd simply stole the book! I have no words to express how much i love this stupid charming angel. (I want JRW to write a book solely on Leisster )
“Do you take this incredible woman who’s just saved your ass as your wife? Will you love and comfort her, honor and keep her in sickness and health, and forsaking all others, be faithful to her as long as you both shall live— crap, I was supposed to do you before him, Beth. How about you answer?”

I like The King , if you'll ask me to rate it on scale 10 I'll give it 8.2 because this book was more about Assial than Wrath which disappoint me a little.
Anyway, back to our Royal Couple. Wrath and Bella are on odd trying to find a way to work out things with each other but having Wrath bull headed and determined on keepin` the love of his life safe and sound is making things more complicated.
I was pissed on Wrath for how he was treating Bella but I can totally understand from where he's coming.

As for the Old Century flash backs, Wrath I and Anha just melt my heart and made cry for the lose Wrath II faced at so young age.


* Wrath and Beth trying for a baby!
* Saxton is part of a major future plot line.
* We will see more of Trez and Selena.
* Ward is working on Mary and Rhage's baby book as well.
* Quhinn and Blay will be mated, their story is not over.
* Lash will be back!
* She's working in Rhage and Mary's book. It's 146 pages as of right now.
* J.R. Ward is obsessed with Assail and his twin brothers are fucking awesome!
* Layla is 100% percent a Chosen fallen!
* Butch and De La Cruz will have a scene together.
* Xcor is going to have to make some serious decisions if he's going to be with Layla.
* The next Angel book is POSSESSION coming out October of this year.
* Butch will get another book.
* Payne and Blay will be brought into the BDB.
* Wrath and Xcor are NOT related, but ignored the question if Tohr and Xcor are related.
* We will see Layla's young soon.
* Havers will have nothing to do with Wrath and Beth's pregnancy.
* Sola is 100% human.
* The guy who was on the phone with Xcor is Saxton's father.
* Can't answer if Throe's family has been in the books....keep reading!
* Payne will be laying her hands on George at some point to restore his youth. Because the Warden is not having that "fucking dog die".
* Is Xcor going to turn on Bastards to get with Layla? "She is not going to be blowing his dick" unless something changes. "Keep reading"
* Ever do a book where 2 males bond to 1 female? "I ain't saying nothing about no shit there."
* Ward has to figure out the right time for Muhrder to come back to "do him" properly.
* Lassiter? You'll see him again. But when she brings him back, it opens up a section of his world. Needs time to do that.
* Lassiter - "Of course you are a Yankees fan you spineless son of a bitch" - Warden
* Beth's pregnancy could be shorter since she is a half-breed, more human. But Layla's is going to be looooong.
* Qhuinn's sister is really dead.
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April 11, 2016
I’ll be honest I was not looking forward to this one, it actually took me a year to finally pick it up and read it. Mainly because I desperately wanted a book for other characters and was disappointed this book was going to be about a character who already had their story.

Well I was wrong, way wrong. I actually loved this one. I felt such a connection to Beth and was able to understand her desires. I felt like this story was so much more than the usual lesser slaying and loved how the story really focused more on them as a couple.

This is actually one of my favorites in the later books. I felt like JR Ward really hit it out of the park on delivering a story that was emotional and heart felt, but still remained true to her BDB style. If you have taken a break I definitely recommend jumping back in! These last few books have really made me fall in love with the series again.

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May 29, 2023
JR Ward is absolutely the master. No questions asked. This was hands down one of my favorites. She has always done a magnificent job of including characters with disabilities in her books. And she doesn't do it in the regular way that most do... these guys are not side characters or "the guy with the disability." JR Ward makes them badasses and every one of the brothers has something going on.

But I just nearly cried in the moment the man tried to hand Wrath the piece of cloth and he asked what it was, and then told him, "I am blind." After three or four books where the Brotherhood had taken great pains to keep this fact from the world, it was just such a great, impromptu moment that was incredibly powerful, and that I never saw coming. Loved it.

Reread 2020: This is one of my favorite books in the series for the great storyline with Beth and Wrath. Beth is one of my favorite characters and I love seeing her back in the spotlight again, and her determination to have a child, and also help Wrath past his struggles with the glymera, fears for what his genetics and his family history could mean for his family’s future, and his blindness. The Beth/Layla scenes were also great. All the ice cream made me hungry, LOL.

This book is probably my favorite one for Sola/Assail. The kidnapping plot where Assail goes after her is Assail in protective mate mode—a way I’d much prefer to read him over murdering, drug dealing Assail (no thank you.)

I loved the medical stuff in this book. JR Ward always does a great job writing those scenes. Enjoyed the continued story line with John Matthew and his seizure episodes the Brothers do not link back to his past as Darius. Xhex trying to explain how JM looks to her through her sympath side. All the pregnancy stuff. Just a great book!
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April 20, 2014

Describe The King in three words

Angela: Satisfying. Emotional. Blissful.

Francesca: Sad. Emotional. Heart-warming.

Suzanne: I Love Wrath

Annie: LONG LIVE THE KING (Yeah yeah, I cheated.)

Did reality of The King live up to the hype?

Angela: Yes! He certainly proved his worth and then some. It’s not a surprise who the people will pick.

Francesca: It certainly did, and in a way that I was not expecting. But Ward is so great at that. This book was magical.

Suzanne: For me…yes it did, in fact it exceeded my expectations! I wasn’t sure what another look at Wrath and Beth was going to entail, would it just be a retelling of Dark Lover? Or them bickering over phantom problems? But it turned out to be much more intense than that and it made me fall in love again, not just with Wrath and Beth, but with the whole Brotherhood.

Annie: To be honest, I went into this book trying not to expect anything. I just wanted to be there for the ride. But Ward did something that not a lot of authors can do. She was able to take a couple who already had their HEA and give them something more. Something that not only added to the series as a whole, but also created some development in the character’s lives as well. Ward writes some of the most heartwrenching and touching moments you’ll ever read in romantic fiction.

How well does this fit in with the rest of the series?

Angela: I think with the turn of events as far as the throne goes, there will be a big shift in how this world interacts with each other. But Ward will have to bring on a big conflict, perhaps in the form of the Virgin Scribe or the Omega or even Lash.

Francesca: It’s crazy that I’m saying this, but this would’ve been a great ending to the series if just some loose ends were tied. I would’ve been satisfied with where this ended. Obviously the greedy reader in me wants more and I’m so happy that we will get more. But this book touched on most of our favorite characters, gave glimpses of the lives of many. And it certainly took their world by the balls. THE KING is definitely one of Ward’s best books as of late, I think, because she wasn’t afraid to go in a different direction. To make some major changes in the world. I’m so excited to see what’s to come.

Suzanne: I thought this fitted in really well, and not just fit in, but really stood out as one of the better books in the series. It ties up some story threads, whilst continuing others and open up whole new ones, keeping the series fresh, when I believe around Tohr’s book, it was feeling a little stale.

Annie: Well, the title doesn’t fit in at all. But despite my initial freak out, I found that THE KING really showcased the “bigger picture” of the BDB world. We see the glymera and their actions towards Wrath, we see Assail and Trez and iAm getting larger roles in the book. Xcor is stepping aside onto another path that I didn’t think we’d see from him, but together, it creates for a story that has its twists and turns while still keeping the several threads of romances going strong with each of the pages in this book. How THE KING is written sticks to Ward’s signature style so there’s much to love there.

There were different storylines and POVs in The King, which was your favourite, which was your least?

Angela: Well, Xcor and Trez spiked my interest equally. Both men are not so innocent in every sense of the word and they will be paired up with women who are completely opposite of their very being. I can’t wait to see them fall to their knees. But Assail is my fave. He is one hot, very hot hero.

Francesca: Obviously my favorite was Wrath and Beth, but aside from the main couple there are many I enjoyed John Matthew because I’m always a greedy whore for him, Saxton – because he’s a male of worth and I just need a full book about him and his HEA, and surprisingly iAm! I cannot wait to see more of iAm! My least favorite was Trez. If his storyline would’ve been wrapped up nicely in this book I would’ve been satisfied. I really have no interest in reading more about him.

Suzanne: I know there are some people who don’t like the different story lines that weave through the books and instead wants it all concentrated on the main couple. But I am not one of those people. I thought the balance of the Wrath and Beth vs the other characters was perfect, there was plenty of the main couple, we didn’t need to spend 90% of the book with them, especially when there were other interesting things happening. The characters story line I thought I would find tedious was Assail and Sola’s, as I hadn’t warmed up to Assail very much…I should have known that Ward would make me do a 180 and I instead found myself looking forward to their POVs. But the POV I found myself loving the most (apart from Wrath and Beth) was Trez and iAm, especially iAm, I canont wait to see what happens with them!

Annie: Obviously Wrath and Beth were my favorite to read about. Their scenes together are so emotional that it’s hard to stay detached from their characters. You definitely feel every ounce of emotion Ward puts in her books. I enjoyed Trez and iAm a lot as well. So by process of elimination, I’ll say that Sola and Assail were my least favorite. I do like Assail, but while I admire Sola’s courage and actions, there’s still a lot of questions surrounding her and her purpose in the series. Until I know more, I can take or leave Sola.

Wrath and Beth…what are you’re thoughts on them after this book?

Angela: I think we will continue to see their progress after this. There is life after happy-ever-after, after all. Just like Z with his girls, life is always a work in progress.

Francesca: I have many thoughts. First Wrath was a major DICK! I was so pissed at him for a while because I think he could’ve handled some things better. But ultimately, I fell in love with him in a way that I didn’t think would happen. Then Beth. She started off annoying me a bit with her moods. But once she took control, she showed me a new side of herself. I can honestly say I ended this book LOVING Beth. She’s strong, she took care of her man and what needed to be done. She fought for her man. And the two of them together? Well, just refer to the sentence a bit back where it says I’m in love. Yeah, they were beautiful together. Beautiful!

Suzanne: I have always had a crazy obsessive love for Wrath, which has now been tripled, but I now have a little girl crush on Beth. Simply put she was awesome, she had an inner strength and compassion that I couldn’t help but admire. And together, they were fantastic.

Annie: IN. LOVE. Really, could you ask for a more perfect ending than that? I cheered, I cried, I panicked and I laughed my freaking ass off too. Dark Lover is my most reread book of all time, but I’m thinking with some time, THE KING will also have many rereads in the future.

In general, love or hate this book?

Angela: I loved this book. Wrath is and will always be my TOP FAVOURITE HERO. I don’t think J. R. Ward could ever do wrong when it comes to THE KING.

Francesca: LOVE! Love, love love. And the main reason why? This book breathes new life into the series. It brings a new love for all the characters. It’ll be the book that will make you fall in love ALL OVER AGAIN with your favorites, and the ones you didn’t think were that special. It showed me why I love Ward’s writing, and how it’s the simple scenes and interactions, a small dialogue maybe, that have such impact on your feelings.

Suzanne: Love, love, love. I think this is one of the best books to come out the series, although it may not have the page devotion to the hot ‘n steamy like the previous books, what it has is a an intense and emotional love story, as well as the beginnings of a few others. It also has some interesting plot development and I can’t wait to see where the story will go from here. And all told in the unique and urban-poetic voice of J.R.Ward.

Annie: I want to caress my book. Does that suffice as an answer?

Who do you think will be next in the series?

Angela: I’m hoping it will be Assail but I have a feeling it will be Xcor. I think he has very strict ties to what happens next to the Brotherhood.

Francesca: Xcor and Layla. For me, that’s the only choice. The only one I want to accept.

Suzanne: I think either, Trez and Selena or Assail and Sola. I would love it to be Layla and Xcor or iAm and whatever lucky female he shacks up with, but I don’t think their stories are quite as well set up yet as Trez and Assail.

Annie: I know Francesca and Angela said Xcor. Suz is going for Trez or Assail, but I’m gonna go for a big, big stretch here and just say Lassiter. Because who honestly wouldn’t more of that Elvis scene? It was definitely the best part of the book!

Read my alternate review at Fresh Fiction
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April 4, 2014
**4.3 Long Live The King Stars**
"Why are you dong this?"
There was only one answer. For tonight...
and evermore:
"Because I love you more than anything else."




Review to come...
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April 23, 2014
I think I've been saying (or thinking) this a lot about the last 5 or so books in the series--"It wasn't my favorite, but I liked it a lot."

There's nothing that can compare (to me) to the first 5 or so books in this series--they were simply outstanding and sooo addicting. That's not to say that there weren't some pretty good books to follow--I remember loving Rehv's book (Lover Avenged and loving the one with Payne and Manny (Lover Unleashed), and Tohr's book (Lover Reborn, and okay I loved JM's book too (Lover Mine) but they're not books about the Brothers (except Tohr), so they're just a tiny step below. So even though this book was partly about Wrath, I didn't have unreasonable expectations going in. And, I was pleasantly surprised. Not knocked out, but very satisfied.

Highlights: ( possible spoilers ahead)

*Wrath and Beth are at odds. Beth wants a baby, Wrath does not. Wrath hates much of the details that go in to being a King, and has moments where he wouldn't care if he was toppled from the throne. Until he has his eyes opened (not literally, unfortunately) and sees a better way to rule...
Loved everything about this storyline. I thought we knew all about Beth and Wrath, but Ward has way more to tell.:)

 photo wrath7_zps95a0c01f.jpg

 photo bethbdb_zpsa55b0fba.jpg

*Drug dealing, cocaine sniffing Assail saves Sola from kidnappers, and they hook up. It's hot, it's exciting, but Marisol sees no future in it if Assail can't give up his lifestyle...
This storyline is far from over. Marisol may have moved far away, but Assail is constantly on her mind.
I'm really starting to get into this sexy couple...

 photo assail_zps281c3287.png

*Trez is getting tired of nailing everything in a skirt and is doing everything he can think of to avoid his unwanted future. What he'd really like is a chance with the Chosen Selena (who really wants him until she finds out about his past). he makes a deal with the Queen's bodyguard that may buy him some time...
I haven't been too interested in Trez until now. His storyline is starting to intrigue me and I like him with Selena. But I am also interested to see the person he's been promised to and has never met.

 photo trez_zps62218dea.jpg

*JM is having seizures and they're connected to his relationship with his "sister" Beth. Will they ever realize that he's Darius reincarnated?

*Xcor gives up his quest for the throne in order to be with Layla. How is this going to play out? I'm dying to find out! What will Qhuinn think of Layla with Xcor? What will everyone think? Could this possibly be a love match? I can't deny that Xcor intrigues me too...

 photo 0c889a93-683d-4062-94c3-bbe1a78fd765_zpse5b723c6.jpg

*iAm--I never gave you much thought but now I want to know more, more, more! I love your relationship with your brother, and I really liked how you were there for Beth. And your sexual history compared to your brother's? What?! I hope JR Ward rewards you with a nice juicy storyline!

*Wrath's parents love story--loved it! Loved how it compared and contrasted with Wrath and Beth's love story. Many similarities, but a lot of differences too. Nice bit of storytelling and beautiful connection between the King and the BDB.

With this book, I think Ward has wrapped up Beth and Wrath's story. A whole lot happens to them but they come out of it better than ever--and happy. And I didn't realize only 2 years have passed since they were married (2 years--really??)
Anyway, Wrath really comes into his own as a ruler and a husband in this story, and Beth proves herself a strong woman and his perfect queen. Love this couple.

The rest of the storylines are all left dangling, to be dealt with in the future. Some of these stories have been around for a couple of books, so I hope Ward completes at least one of them. Every time I start a new BDB book it takes me a little time to get reacquainted with the characters, so the first couple of chapters can get confusing. That's how it was with this book--a lot to remember at first, but then Ward's sure hand and storytelling skills kicked in and it was smooth sailing from then on. The book became unputdownable annnnnd had a really happy ending. Really happy.

If I could have one wish for this book it would be to see more of the "Brothers". In this book we mostly see JM and V and Doc Jane, and that is in small roles. The rest of the brothers either had 'cameos' or just a mention. I realize Ward can't include scenes with every Brother but I wouldn't mind reading 100 or more pages if she could give us an update on the Brothers and their shellans, true?

An entertaining read that should appeal to fans of the series and leaves you hungry for more? 4 stars, easy; maybe even 4 1/2
August 17, 2015

So we all know this is "suppose to be" Beth and Wrath's book and about them wanting/having a baby and while it's certainly that, it's just so much more!

I have a love/hate relationship with JRW's writing and I think the deeper she gets in this series, the worse it is. In certain chapters, she was bouncing all over the place and it was a hot mess. But... it also allows her to give us many more stories and I do love that.

However, it did take till about 20-30% for me to really get into the book and at 592 pages, that took a bit. But that's finally when ALL the stories started to really get a grip on you and get good.

This book is broken up into FOUR main couples:

♥ Wrath & Beth: Naturally, I LOVED their story. To see Wrath come to terms with what happens was amazing but to see him come through for Beth...priceless. Even though I'm not very happy with how he treated her before, I loved seeing him come unglued in the billiards room! The one thing I didn't get was the whole conundrum with the needing...how could she even have one?

And I just love how they are there for each other as a couple. They just get each other...it's a wonderful thing.

The flashbacks to his Mom and Dad were interesting but I Loved, LOVED, loved the dream scenes.

And I just have to mention how JM was with Beth...it was amazing. I just would've loved to have had more of JM's thoughts.


♥ Assail & Sola:

Wow...I really like these two. The intensity of their feelings are so incredible. I even love how the twins and Assail like Sola's grandma. I don't know where this is going but I'm so on board!

♥ Trez & Selena:

Dang, I had no clue what a manwhore Trez was and his sitch (LOL) is pretty FUBAR but...there is hope. And I love him and Selena together although it's crazy what's going on with her.

I cannot wait to get more of Trez and iAm in the next book! I don't know which one I'm more excited about...Trez finding his mate or iAm getting some! And LOL about iAm and the "goddamn cat". And oh yea, the crazy sex god, s'Ex...can't wait to hear more of his story!

♥ Xcor & Layla:

Ugh...Xcor - what can I say? I just don't like him and I don't care that he got all dressed up! Too little, too late! And the only thing that redeems Layla is what her reason is.

But the worse thing? What in the heck is going on with Throe? That was pretty scary and just creepy and I'm so disappointed! I had such high hopes for him but I would carry Mace too!

But never fear, almost everybody makes an appearance although some of them, they're only mentioned. Where in the heck is Mary though? She didn't get discussed AT ALL. I mean I was happy to get some funny moments with Rhage but nothing, nada, zilch about his mate. I'm just going to believe she's off looking for a baby to adopt. Insert *happy thoughts*

I did love all the resolutions especially what happened with the throne and the Council (Rehv busts me up!). Lassiter and his outfit was hilarious! The ending was amazing...how could it not be? LW's guards are the best!

Bonus points - hardly any talk of Lessers, thank goodness. Now just bring back Lash already!



You really can't miss this book if you want to continue on with series. There's just too many things going on that you would miss and of course, why would you want to miss the soft side of Wrath?

Favorite quotes:

♥ “I am the King, you realize.”

“And I’m the daughter of a deity, motherfucker.”
(Best comeback ever!)

♥ "Wrath - Beth × Overnight = Psycho-hose Beast."

♥ "And hell, when she thought about it logically, getting True Love along with Happily Married and Hot Sex Life was already one hell of a trifecta."

♥ “Holy shit.” Rehv shook his head and muttered, “Now we know what the zombie apocalypse looks like.”

♥ “I’m not strong enough for this,” he whispered in her ear—like he didn’t want anyone to hear that coming out of his mouth. Ever.

Running her hands up his powerful back, she held him just as hard. “But I am.”

♥ "Out here, my love, he thought. What you have lost is out here."

♥ "Xhex wasn’t normally down for the sap, but she covered his hand with hers and brought his palm to her mouth. Kissing it, she murmured, “I know. I love you, too. Forever.”

♥ "Rhage raised his hand. “Pastor Ass-hat, I have a question.”

“Yes, my son, you are going to hell.”

♥ “Her eyes are right on you, and that smile of hers? Million bucks, my friend. Million fucking bucks.”

♥ “You have given me something … I didn’t even know I needed. It’s the greatest gift I will ever receive—it’s, like, completing me already in places I wasn’t aware were empty. And yet … in spite of all that? I don’t love you one bit more. You are as important to me as you’ve always been.”

♥ “That’s just about the best compliment anyone’s ever paid me.”

“I don’t know … I just feel like you’re the perfect man.”

“Now you’re making me blush.”

♥ "But that was what happened when an ordinary mortal … did something worthy of a superhero."

♥ “I’m going to give you everything I can,” Wrath said gruffly, glad no one else was around. “Anything you need, I shall provide. And I’m going to love you until my last dying breath.”
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November 11, 2016
Realmente un 3.5

No sé si es porque ya encontraba a faltar la hermandad, pero lo cierto es que he disfrutado mucho este libro. La única pega, y de ahí mí puntuación, es que me ha parecido un libro de transición: es decir, se crea un problema innecesario (la soberanía del rey) y se resuelve sin que nada cambie ¿? Y no sólo eso, sino que vemos el desarrollo de dos historias románticas sin ninguna resolución. Y por si fuera poco, la baza que la autora se reserva para usar en otro momento, pues ¿qué son esos mareos de John, y qué fue lo que le dijo a Beth? Ni idea.
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