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The Royals #3

Reluctantly Royal

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Maxwell Jameson Trevor, prince of Lilaria, hates his royal role. Despising the limelight, he takes solace in his art studio and steers clear of any drama. But when one of the newly discovered royals passes away, Maxwell's brother Alex asks him to break the news to the old man's granddaughter. Though he hates to be the bearer of doom and gloom, he doesn't want the poor girl to find out from the tabloids. For Maxwell knows all too well how devastating that could be.

Coming from a broken home and modest background, newly ordained Lady Meredith Thysmer has seized her chance to make a better life for herself and her son. She's not afraid to use her best assets to get what she wants. But when the unpretentious yet devastatingly handsome Max delivers his news, her plans for the future come crashing to a halt. In the challenging days ahead, Max's compassion, humor, and steadfast loyalty to Meredith and her son win her over. She quickly finds herself doing something she swore would never happen again: falling in love. And yet Maxwell still refuses to completely drop his guard. Somehow Meredith's got to find a way to seduce this reluctant royal.

384 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published August 24, 2014

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Nichole Chase

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Author Bio:

Nichole Chase is a daydreamer. No, really, just ask any of the math teachers that had the misfortune of seeing her name appear on their class schedule. For years she has had story lines and characters begging for attention, but she resolutely pushed them aside to focus on more normal (read, boring) jobs. Well, no longer! She is currently heeding the voices in her head and frantically writing their stories. Nichole resides in South Georgia with her husband, energetic daughter, super hero dog, Sulcata tortoise, and two cats. When not devouring novels by the dozens, you may find her writing, painting, crafting, or chasing her daughter around the house while making monster noises.

Nichole is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of The Royal Series (Suddenly Royal, Recklessly Royal, and Reluctantly Royal). She has four other novels and several short stories published in different anthologies. Her next novel, The Accidental Assassin, will be available on November 4th.

Nichole Chase is represented by Rebecca Friedman of the Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency.

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569 reviews539 followers
August 26, 2014
Review originally posted at Mostly YA Lit

Reluctantly Royal is the last of Nichole Chase's Suddenly series, the first of which was such an enjoyable romance for a royalty sucker like me. The first book, Suddenly Royal was originally self-published, and did so well that Harper Avon picked it up for another two books.

I really enjoyed the first book, which was steamy and kind of like The Princess Diaries. The second book, Recklessly Royal, was a bit disappointing, because I felt like it didn't live up to the beautiful fairytale of the first book. This last one falls somewhere in the middle. I enjoyed it more than I did Recklessly Royal, but there were a few hiccups that stopped me from really loving it.

First, the good: I liked the feistiness of the female characters, especially the MC, Meredith Thysmer. One thing Chase does very well is create women who aren't afraid to stand up to their male counterparts, and who are strong enough to take some tough times. Meredith has an alcoholic father, her mother died, and she grew up fairly poor. Before the book starts, you know that she's the grand-daughter of one of the recently found dukes of Lilaria, the country where the whole series takes place. Meredith sees her newfound royalty and wealth as an opportunity for her to pursue her dreams of being a musician, while being comfortable enough to take care of her son Marty.

Unfortunately, Meredith's grandfather has recently passed away and it's up to Prince Max of Lilaria to deliver the bad news. Max is known as the slacker prince because he avoids the limelight at all costs. He's a painter who tries to stay away from the media, and because of that, he's been a bit isolated and cold. In this book, you see how close he is with his family, though.

Family is a big theme throughout the series - Lilarians believe family comes first no matter what - and I liked that this book was really about both Max and Meredith trying to find a place for themselves as royal family members. I also liked that Meredith had a son - it was a different take on romance than the other two books because of Marty, and I enjoyed how Max developed a relationship with him.

Unlike the other two books in the series, which were narrated by the female MCs, this book alternated between Max and Meredith's point of view. I thought that worked pretty well, and they had fairly distinct voices, although there were a few times I got a bit lost in the book and unsure of who was narrating.

I did have a big quibble with the the insta-love/timing of the romance. It's very quick and very intense, and while I get that they're dealing with extenuating circumstances that bring people closer...it's just a little too fast. I didn't find it believable. The entire book lasts approximately three days, and since it's a romance, you know that the "L" word is going to be uttered, and it's just too soon.

I also found it hard to believe that Max, being the slacker prince, seemed to change so instantly from being a no-commitment guy to full-on committed to Meredith. We are told many times that Max is not into commitment, but the second Meredith needs help, he's there. It was a little baffling.

Still, there was definitely some chemistry between Meredith and Max. This book isn't going to knock your socks off, but it's a fast romp (har har!) when you're looking for a quick romance.


Sexy Times: The romance was definitely upped a notch from the second book in the series - there are quite a few sexy scenes, and they're pretty smoking.

Cameos: If you enjoyed the other two books in the series, please indulge, if nothing else but to get an update on the other characters' lives! Samantha, Prince Alex, and Princess Cathy are all instrumental to bringing Meredith and Max together, and it's very cute and I enjoyed the family ribbing alot.

The Final Word

Reluctantly Royal is a cute romance, and it's definitely a beach read. I am glad I read it to find out more about the rest of the characters, but I don't know if it has a lot of reread potential. Still, a fun escapism read that I recommend for days when you need to believe in love at first sight.
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293 reviews36 followers
August 26, 2014
**ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review**

**Note: The Suddenly series does NOT need to be read in order. They may each be read as standalones, however, it does make a little more sense to read them in order just to have a better understanding of the other characters. Plus, I love this series so I think you should read them all**

I think Reluctantly Royal is definitely my second favorite book in the Suddenly series. Just because none of them can ever top the first one, Suddenly Royal, with Prince Yummy and all (see review here). I did like Recklessly Royal (see review here), but Max tops David from Cathy's book. I think this is the last book in the series and I'm seriously sad to be letting this royal family go! I loved Alex and Sam, Cathy and David, and Max and Meredith! They seem so real to me, a family that we have grown to love and imagine ourselves a part of. Despite the fact that they are royalty, they have a down-to-earth vibe that makes you feel like you could be one of them. I think that's one of the best things about this series. They're sweet and romantic. They can be hot at times. But, they're mostly feel good books about finding love when you least expect it and surrendering yourself to that love.

"She was everything I should avoid, but it seemed like she kept ending up in my path."

I think that Max and Meredith have the heaviest storyline out of the three couples. They initially meet in Recklessly Royal when they share a dance together. Next, they are thrown closer together after Max is the one to tell Meredith about the death of her grandfather, her father figure in life. After that, their relationship doesn't take off, but rather it builds in what I think is a healthy way. Max helps Meredith manage her son Marty while she makes funeral arrangements and everything. On top of that, Meredith has to deal with her alcoholic father. I swooned hard when Max stooped in to play knight in shining armor in that situation. I think the synopsis explains the story pretty well, so I'm not going to go any more into the plot.

"I was done for. The battle was over, if it had ever begun. I'd lost my heart to a prince. And I hadn't exactly been sitting around waiting for a prince to show up. I'd thought I didn't need anyone; I didn't need anyone. But I wanted him. All of him."

The way Max and Meredith's relationship develops so deeply and steadily has you thinking that this book progresses over the span of many months. But, in reality it was just a few weeks! I think that's my only problem with this book. It wasn't insta-love, it was instant attraction. Yet, I think it would have been more realistic, as realistic as a modern fairy tale romance can be, if they didn't fall in love in just a week. However, that detail didn't stop me from having all the feels. Meredith is such a strong female character, that you can't help but stand by her in figurative female solidarity and cheer for her the entire time. I normally don't read books where the heroine has a kid/children, but I loved Marty too much to stop reading. Also, we finally get to see inside the mind of the mysterious Max. He's the most isolated out of the three royal siblings and it was quite a journey to find out why he is the way he is and fall in love with him nevertheless.

"I wanted to deepen the kiss, to hear her moan, to feel the way her body could wrap around mine, but I kept it soft, sweet, and simple. She was in such a hard place, she needed to be protected, treasured by someone. And right now, I was that person."

I swooned, I laughed, I fanned myself. It was just the short and sweet, with a little steamy, book that I have been looking for. And, of course, we get to see more Alex and Sam! Yay! Oh, and a tiny bit of David and Cathy. I promise, you'll fall in love with Max and Meredith, and of course little Marty, quickly in Reluctantly Royal. They never thought they would fall for each other, but love has a funny way of sorting life out. Saying bye to this world is tough, but I know this isn't a goodbye for my love of Nichole Chase books.

"Meredith, you are my family. I don't know when exactly it happened. Maybe it was when you yelled at me, or poked me in the chest. Maybe it was when I watched you stand up to your father, or how you take care of Marty. But sometime this week, I fell in love with you. You and Marty. You are my family."

See full review here http://www.romanceaddictbookblog.com/...
14 reviews
September 2, 2014
I loved the first 2 in this series, but I was disappointed with this one. I was never captivated, and I just didn't feel the chemistry.
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2,435 reviews378 followers
May 28, 2018
Find this review and more at kimberlyfaye reads.

Much like many of my romance-loving friends, I had full on royal romance fever after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. I started looking at what royal romance to read next when I realized I owned Reluctantly Royal, but hadn’t read it. Since I really enjoyed the first two books so much when I read them, I decided there was no time like the present to finally read this one. It was sweet and swoony and totally fed the royal romance beast.

I loved the characters in this book. Max gave me all the heart eyes. He might’ve been reluctant to take his place in the monarchy, but he was also sweet, thoughtful and protective. And oh so very sexy. Rawr. Meredith was absolutely wonderful. This poor woman went through so much in this book and my heart broke for her. Her son, Marty, was adorable. I loved the chemistry between Max and Meredith from the start and melted all over the place when Marty was in the picture, too. There were so many (good) feels in this book!

If you’re still jonesing for some royal romance and you want something (fairly) low on angst and big on swoons, with a bit of sexy times, look no further. Reluctantly Royal totally fits the bill.


“You should be running from me as fast as you can. I’m everything you don’t want.”

The reality of that thought shot through my system like lightning. I loved this woman. Sometime when I wasn’t paying attention, she had become mine. Did she know that? Would she object?

I was done for. The battle was over, if it had ever begun. I’d lost my heart to a prince. And I hadn’t exactly been sitting around waiting for a prince to show up. I’d thought I didn’t need anyone; I didn’t need anyone. But I wanted him. All of him.
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4,272 reviews92 followers
April 3, 2015
Very good final book in the series. While this is just as good as the previous two books, this one is not as humorous and has some darker undertones. Meredith has made a life for herself and her son in London after her grandfather was discovered to be one of the lost dukes of Lilaria. She has the chance to pursue her dreams of being an entertainer. She is close to her grandfather who was more of a father to her than her own, who is an alcoholic. She's at a rehearsal when she receives a visit from Prince Max, who has come to break the news of her grandfather's passing.

Max is often called the "slacker prince" because of the way he avoids public appearances. He is an artist and one who prefers peace and quiet over the limelight. When his brother asks him to break the news to Meredith, he agrees because he doesn't want her to find out the news from a reporter. He knows how devastating that can be, as that's the way he found out about his father's death when he was a teenager.

I liked both Max and Meredith. Meredith is used to doing things on her own and is very independent because of it. She appreciates Max's offers of help, but her past has shown her that it's better not to depend on anyone else. Her mother left shortly after she was born, her father is an alcoholic who kicked her out when she got pregnant, and her son's father deserted her as soon as he found out about the baby. She tries to keep Max at a distance, but he won't listen. As the days go on, she ends up being more grateful than she expected for his assistance as she has to plan the funeral, take care of her son and deal with her father. She also discovers a growing attraction to Max, something she never expected to feel again. I loved watching Meredith open herself up a little more each day, accepting Max's presence in her life. After doing so much by herself, Max's determination to be there for her, and the way he involves the rest of his family, shows her an entirely different family life. But as she grows closer to Max, she also sees that her plans for her life in the spotlight is exactly the opposite of the life he prefers to lead. Now that she's losing her heart, is there any way she can have both her dream and the man she loves?

Max was pretty sweet. He hates the limelight and doing anything where he's the center of attention. He can handle anything to do with his art, but royal duties are to be avoided whenever possible. He agrees to his brother's request that he tell Meredith about her grandfather, but doesn't expect to find himself wanting to do more for her. It was pretty funny to see him volunteering to do things that would never occurred to him with another person. The more time he spent with Meredith and her son, the more he wanted to help. I also liked the protectiveness he felt for her as he saw what she had to deal with in her father. There were a couple times when he behaved out of character just because he wanted to protect her. I also loved the way he connected with Meredith's son Marty. It was fun to see the two of them together, and how Max's caring for Marty brought him closer to Meredith. Max had never expected to fall for someone, and to have it be someone so different freaks him out a bit. I loved watching him overcome some of his own fears to help her.

I loved the importance of family in the story. Meredith is determined to give her son the best life she can, in spite of the handicaps she is dealing with. Her issues with her father are real, and the things that go on with him are painful for her. I loved Max's protectiveness and support as she does so. I also adored her son Marty. He was a cute kid, not too good or too bad, but pretty normal. He's young, but he also can be sensitive to his mother's feelings. Some of the best things in the book come from the interactions among Max's family. I loved watching them give him a bit of a hard time because of his involvement with Meredith, but they were there to help him when he needed it because "family comes first."
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974 reviews217 followers
January 3, 2015
Od chvíle, kdy se jako malý od novinářů dozvěděl o smrti svého královského otce, má s tiskem a jakýmkoliv větším kontaktem s veřejností problém. Proto se také celý život snaží držet v uctivé vzdálenosti od všech tiskových konferencí, státních akcí a věnovat se jen tomu, co ho dělá šťastným. Malování.

Jenže ve chvíli, kdy je požádán, aby jedné mladé ženě v zastoupení královské koruny vyjádřil upřímnou soustrast ke smrti jejího dědečka a také nositele titulu a aby se o ni také postaral, nabere jeho život úplně jiné obrátky. Sice je do situace jaksi vmanévrován svou mladší sestrou a svou švagrovou, ale pomalu si začíná uvědomovat, že si možná zaslouží něco víc...

Třetí díl se od těch předchozích výrazně liší hlavně tím, že se tentokrát soustřeďujeme na prince. Také sledujeme příběh z pohledu obou hlavních postav, jako by si snad autorka nevěřila natolik, aby knihu napsala jen z toho mužského. Což teda docela chápu, protože která ženská fakt ví, co se v mysli chlapů odehrává? Pokud některá taková z vás existuje, dejte mi hned vědět... páč budeme mít určitě co probírat :D

Je taky možné, že by neměla zase tak moc o čem psát, protože se hlavní zápletka přece jenom motá okolo života Meredith a jejího malého synka Martyho. Ten je naprosto rozkošný! Nevím, jak to některé autorky dělají, že dokážou napsat tak rozkošné malé děti. Pravda... někteří starší jsou docela floutci, ale i tak!

Musím říct, že Max mi přišel daleko smyslnější a přitažlivější než Alex. Ale taky je to možná tím, že první knižní díl série byl vyprávěn jen z pohledu Samanthy a tak Alexův hlas nebyl vůbec slyšet. Každopáááádně takové princátko jako je Max bych si ráda dala k snídani... a obědu... i večeři. Mňamózní.

Meredith mi byla taky sympatická a chápala jsem její pohnutky, ačkoliv mi několikrát pěkně pila krev. Dohromady s Martym a Maxem ale tvořili pěknou trojku a já jim držela pěstičky až do samotného konce. Knížka mě opravdu bavila, od začátku do konce a tak nějak mi připadala opravdovější než ty ostatní.

Po dočtení mi bylo líto, že to už všechno skončilo a já nemám žádný další díl, na který se těšit. Autorka ale přišla s další sérií, tak uvidíme, jestli bude stát za to.

---------------Reakce po dočtení knihy--------------
Začala jsem mít chuť pořídit si nějakého vlastního prince... nejlépe hned.
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469 reviews59 followers
November 23, 2017
Safe safe safe book

Well, i guess the style for all three books were almost the same. The male and female protagonists would somehow or rather fall in love with each other eventually. So same style, same opinion, no climax.
299 reviews
March 26, 2020
4,5 ⭐️ veramente una lettura molto piacevole e scorrevole, belli tutti i personaggi soprattutto Max. L’unico appunto è che a volte, soprattutto ad inizio capitolo, non si capisce subito chi narra, però una lettura leggera che consiglio sicuramente.
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245 reviews47 followers
February 10, 2016
Maxwell Jameson Trevor, prince of Lilaria, hates his royal role. Despising the limelight, he takes solace in his art studio and steers clear of any drama. But when one of the newly discovered royals passes away, Maxwell's brother Alex asks him to break the news to the old man's granddaughter. Though he hates to be the bearer of doom and gloom, he doesn't want the poor girl to find out from the tabloids. For Maxwell knows all too well how devastating that could be.

Coming from a broken home and modest background, newly ordained Lady Meredith Thysmer has seized her chance to make a better life for herself and her son. She's not afraid to use her best assets to get what she wants. But when the unpretentious yet devastatingly handsome Max delivers his news, her plans for the future come crashing to a halt. In the challenging days ahead, Max's compassion, humor, and steadfast loyalty to Meredith and her son win her over. She quickly finds herself doing something she swore would never happen again: falling in love. And yet Maxwell still refuses to completely drop his guard. Somehow Meredith's got to find a way to seduce this reluctant royal.

This is the third book in the series Suddenly by Nichole Chase and I think this was the favourite one out of them all. I don’t know why but I just loved this one. Maybe it was because Marty was absolutely adorable or even maybe because all of the couples were in this book and it was just great to see them all together.
One thing I think I really liked about this book was the way the relationship developed between Max and Meredith. I was not insta - love. I mean it was kind of since it was in a span of like a week. But, it seemed to go really slowly. I think that was because there was just so much put on their shoulders in that one week that both of them changed very quickly. You have to adapt if all your surroundings change in a second.
The plot in this book was different from the other books in a way because Meredith had a child and that played a factor. Its different when the girl you want to date already has made a life with someone else and requires commitment immediately. It changes everything slightly and makes everything much more real. I hated that Meredith had to go through so much. Her drunk father was an idiot. He did not care about his daughter’s well being and I cannot believe Meredith’s grandfather did not see that before he died ( or maybe he did, we will never know ). I am so glad that Max got her out of this god forsaken place. But, she still loved him and that showed a lot about her character. She was certainly not cold hearted like she made herself think.
Max was the best sibling out of the three I think ( that is my personal opinion ). I think he went out of his way to help Meredith even against his own feelings towards being the centre of attention and in the spotlight. He was really a great guy through and through. He also went after what he wanted but in a subtle way so, nobody knew he wanted it until he had it ( except for his siblings of course ) and he wanted Marty and Meredith to be his. He would not stop until he had succeeded.
It was great to see the cameo appearances of all the characters we have grown to love. The way they ribbed each other and teased each other but, were always there for each other. That is how families were supposed to be and the royal family were a perfect example of that. You could not get more ideal than that seriously.
Thats the end of the series. I am really sad. I wanted to read more but I am going to read more by Nichole Chase and please read this series, whoever is reading this review.
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1,056 reviews3 followers
October 13, 2014
Book Review- Reluctantly Royal by Nichole Chase

In the third book of the Royal Series, Meredith Thysmer has been attending school in England and been cast in the holiday show as the lead. During rehearsal one day, she receives a visit from Prince Maxwell. She is shocked to see him and devastated over the news he has to relay. Her grandfather has passed away and Max is there to escort her home to Lilaria. Meredith is reeling from what has happened. Once she and Marty arrive, she is thrust into the whirlwind affair of planning a funeral for a Duke. She is feeling completely overwhelmed and on top of that she has to deal with her alcoholic father.
Everyone keeps offering help but she is used to doing things for herself and is hesitant to accept it, plus she is embarrassed over her father’s behavior. So she wants to keep as many people away as possible. The members of the royal family are relentless, however, and Meredith is no match. Max rescues her and her son and they end up staying with him after her father’s meltdown. Now they are waiting for the reading of the will and Meredith is trying to keep her distance from Max.
Unfortunately for her, he doesn’t agree with her point of view. Meredith’s life changes drastically after her grandfather’s will is read. Max also has to decide what he really wants. It has been a very short time they have been together. Is it what they both want?
I love this series. I am sad to see it end. The characters were royalty but more down to earth than you would expect. You can see yourself hanging out with them. It was also fun to revisit the whole cast of characters. They all showed up again. I enjoyed seeing my favorites and how they interacted with the main characters in this book.
My favorite part of the whole story was watching Max being taken by surprise by Meredith and his feelings. He didn’t know what hit him. Men are entertaining to watch when that occurs. I like to smile smugly about it. She brings him to his knees and makes him want something he didn’t before. It is my favorite format for romances and the author definitely delivered. I give it a 4 out of 5.
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4,072 reviews312 followers
September 8, 2014
I truly enjoy this series. There's just something about a royal family and discovering them to be so down to earth that really appeals to me. And as I started Max's story, I found that sometimes it really is good to throw that royal weight around.

Prince Maxwell hates the spotlight, unless it's for his art. Otherwise any limelight or drama due to his royal status he shies away from, leaving that up to his big brother. So it was interesting that he was willing to step up and use his royal status to protect Lady Meredith and her son Marty. He was willing to help entertain a six year old, when he was fairly certain he didn't want kids. And he most definitely could not imagine not being there for Meredith, when he had been adamant he didn't want any kinds of romantic entanglements. Max soon became the poster child of men who fall and fall hard when they meet "the one."
Meredith had a pretty horrible upbringing. Raised with an alcoholic father and left pregnant at seventeen, Meredith relied heavily on her grandfather to help her. So when he passes, her world is turned upside down. As recently seated royals, Meredith now finds herself giving up her dreams of the stage in order to keep the duchy of her grandfather's intact, despite the fact that her abusive and drunk father is the rightful heir. It's a heavy burden for Meredith, but she discovers that the burden is much easier when Max is there to support her. It's hard for her to let go of the control, but Max shows her that everything is easier if you have someone to lean on.

I love this royal family (the birthing scene at the end had me dying). The interaction between Adam, Sam, Max and Cathy often times had me laughing, because it's just not what I expect from a royal family. SUDDENLY ROYAL is still my favorite of the series, but Max comes in a close second as he follows his big brother's footsteps and manages to sweep his somewhat resistant heroine off her feet.
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725 reviews
November 23, 2014
Prince Max would love to stay in the shadows. He leaves as much of the public life of being a royal to his brother and sister. It freaks him out. He has his reasons why he likes to avoid it but it's not something he can always avoid. While he was in London he was tasked with finding the granddaughter of a newly appointed royal family and let her know that her grandfather had died. Something about Lady Meredith makes him want to push his own set boundaries. He's seeing a life that he never though that he'd want or that he want to put on to someone else.

Lady Meredith doesn't understand why the royal family wants to help her so much. She's always had to take care of things herself. Her father hasn't ever been there in a fatherly sort of way. That was always her grandfather and now he was gone. She was devastated and so was her son. Now she has Prince Max there at every turn, offering his services and his family is sending people to help. Its odd and she wants to push them all away so she can just grieve and get through this and go back to London, school and the life she had there. What she didn't expect is that she would develop real feelings for the prince and him her. She couldn't believe that even after he saw the way her father was that he still wanted to have anything to do with her.

I loved this series of books. It was so nice to read about love that was real and it wasn't a fight. Of course they fought it but not like most books. It was a resistance that wasn't really worth the effort. They soon came to their senses and realized the love they had was worth it. I was hooked on this series from the first book with Samantha and Alex's story. Then Cathy and David's story. We did get to see all of them except David. I loved them all. Check them out!! You'll enjoy them I'm sure!
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929 reviews77 followers
November 9, 2016
As much as I think this is a cute book, it was my least favorite from the series. I couldn’t pass the idea that the main characters, Meredith and Maxwell, fall in love in a matter of days. Yes they’ve known each other for a couple months. But they barely talked in those few months. So I thought they don’t know each other well. Add it with Max and Meredith personalities it was just hard to believe that they can fallen madly in love only after a day and realized it just less than a week. Well basically this story is set in a week. Everything happened too fast to my liking.

I also didn’t like the constant battle “shouldn’t” but “would love” from Meredith. I’m not a fan of push and pull romance. So while I usually got the hero who does this, this time is the heroine. It doesn’t make me ignore it, though. Sadly it was one more thing that I didn’t quite like from the characters. And also I couldn’t connect with their story. And felt bored with it. It was just too bad, really, as I looked forward to read them when I first met them dancing in book 2.

But to be honest there are moments that I quite enjoyed too. Meredith’s six-year-old son, Marty, is one of those things. He’s so adorable. And I was happy I can meet Sam and Alex and Cathy (and a bit of David) again. So I guess it makes this book is an okay one for me.
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September 18, 2014
Max I loved him, but there was something about this book that didn't do it for me where surprisingly I thought it was just okay. My favorite out of the series is still Cathy's book. Meredith she was a total spitfire and would do anything to protect her son and I extremely loved that, I also loved that she was secretly lusting after our boy Max, "okay." I swallowed and followed after him. My eyes dipped down to his rear and I couldn't help but appreciate the way his jeans cupped his nice a**." Also these two are so hot for each other sometimes they forget basic things, "I ground against him and moaned into his ear while he kissed my neck. "Damnit." He groaned. "Door. Gotta close the door." He pulled me away from the wall and kicked the door shut before turning the lock with one hand." Max he's sometimes awkward and blunt, "if you want to be technical about it, you'd be the one having the baby. I'd just be the punching bag in the delivery room." Why did I blurt out idiotic things when I was nervous." There was one thing I wished the author would have done and that's mark whose point of view we were reading I got confused at times of whether it was Max or Meredith.
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August 11, 2016
I missed book two in this series but I don’t feel like it hurt the overall enjoyment of this story at all. Prince Max has the hard task of delivering some very hard news to one of the royals of his kingdom, Lady Meredith. When Meredith loses her support system she and her son travel to their new home in Lilaria to try and pick up the pieces after her grandfather’s death. But becoming responsible for the local town and her alcoholic father was not in her plan. Max doesn’t know what it is but Meredith intrigues him. She may not want his help but Meredith needs help navigating the ins and outs of Lilarian royalty. As Max supports her through this tough time, slowly they realize that their feelings have grown so deep so quick. What I really enjoyed was that each chapter switched first person narration between Max and Meredith. This made it really interesting when there was a smexy scene told from Max’s perspective, not something I’m used to in romance reading. Great appearances from characters from the early stories really rounded the enjoyment of the story. Fun read!

*I received a copy of this eBook directly from the publisher*
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February 29, 2016
I don't know why but I just did not like Meredith. Oh wait.. Maybe it was because she does nothing but silently take shit from and make excuses for her abusive alcoholic father. She puts not only the house staff but her son and herself at risk. To me that is something that is just plain unforgivable. Stop being so selfish and not wanting other people to know your problems and put your big girl panties on and get the help you need. But no, she doesn't do that. And when sincere and caring people come to help she's annoyed. And let's not forget she goes from hating/not feeling anything for her father to omg, daddy I love you when he gets hurt. Yeah.. No. Personally, I don't see any redeeming qualities in that horrible character who seems to only wants money and many, many drinks.

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October 1, 2015
5++++++++++++ STARS

You could probably tell how much I loved this book with the amount of plus signs I put on top. Holy shiz, I DEVOURED THIS BOOK THE WAY I EAT FRENCH FRIES. I swooned the whole time because honestly, Max is Alex's brother, and you know how much I love Alex. So yeah, Max, you have got my heart the minute you stepped inside this story. AND THE WAY he treats Marty is just qlsnakzbsjsnja, I squealed the whole time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention the oh so steamy romance between Max and Meredith. This book was perfection and I'm really sad that this concludes the whole series. I really am. :(
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Author 1 book15 followers
September 26, 2015
Booooook hangover I looooved this book to bits! Max was perfect and I was laughing so hard at some parts it hurt lol and I loooove their relationship and how he interacted with Marty!!!! And aw man!!!! What is the baby's name I need more lol I hope there will be novellas love this story soooo much!!! And I wanted to see what her dad was going to say after he got out of surgery like would he want to change or will he still be bitter and won't care. I looooooove how Max was he was purrrrrrrrrrr FECT! Lol #swoon bahahhaha OVARY EXPLOSION times a million Hahahaha sighhhhhhi loved it now I don't know if I should read something else or read this again lol
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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January 1, 2018
I love this series! It fed my royal fantasies… Hahaha! Hard to bid farewell with the royal family of Lilaria.

The last of the series focuses on the other prince. Prince Maxwell, and a Singing Duchess Meredith. Their love story is so complicated that I’m doubtful they would end-up together. But Ms. Chase spun their story with some sneek of our most loved Queen-and-Mother-to-be Sam. It’s an endearing finale if you ask me.

The mix of family drama and royals reluctant with their roles but soon accepted it.

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3,015 reviews
January 4, 2020
When Meredith Thysmer's grandfather dies, Lalaria Prince Max Trevor is asked to tell her since they are both in London. He takes Meredith and her son back to Lalaria for the funeral, where she's force to handle things because her alcoholic father isn't capable. Max and Meredith are attracted to each other, but they want different things in life - Max wants to stay out of the spotlight, and Meredith wants to be a singer/performer. While she's home she has to deal with her abusive father. This book seemed more serious than the other books, but I did enjoy it.
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September 18, 2019
Nemohla jsem si nechat třetí a poslední příběh z Lilarie. Max byl v předchozích dílech docela záhada, takže jsem na jeho příběh byla docela zvědavá. A když pomineme, jak to bylo všechno rychlé, tak to bylo super. Přišlo mi, že se do sebe zamilovali až moc rychle, ale tak to je pointou té knihy. Jinak to bylo hrozně milé, jen mě teda naštvalo, že
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November 21, 2019
Ehm.. nebylo to nějak podezřele krátký, strohý a tak nějak ošizený? Upřímně mám pocit jako by mě někdo oškubal o "něco" co mělo tuhle knihu vytunit... za mě naprosto jednoduchá kniha s primitivním příběhem... na nudný večer ideální zabavení...
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November 28, 2019
Salve a tutti!
Torno a parlarvi di una serie leggera e carina, ideale nei momenti in cui si cerca una lettura veloce e fresca.
Oggi vi parlo di "Un amore di principe", terzo libro della serie "Royals" di Nichole Chase, edito Newton Compton editori, che ringrazio per l'opportunità di avermi fatto leggere questa storia.
Protagonisti del terzo volume sono il principe Max, l'artista e il più schivo alla vita pubblica tra i fratelli di Liliara, e Meredith, una futura attrice dalla voce magica come quella di un angelo.
Il nonno di Meredith è anche il duca riportato a casa dalla regina di un'altra delle famiglie fuggite durante i tempi bui, ma non solo: è la colonna portante della famiglia e il suo scudo contro un padre alcolizzato e violento.
Meredith ha sempre avuto rapporti ambivalenti con gli uomini, soprattutto dopo esser rimasta ferita dal ragazzo che l'ha messa incinta a diciassette anni, per poi abbandonarla.
Nonostante sia una madre single di un meraviglioso bambino, Marty, con una situazione familiare difficile, non si è arresa: grazie anche al colpo di fortuna di aver scoperto di far parte della nobiltà lilariana e dell'aiuto del suo meraviglioso nonno, ha potuto iscriversi all'università in Inghilterra per seguire il suo sogno di cantare sui palchi di tutto il mondo. Quando finalmente a ventitré anni la sua vita è sulla strada giusta, accade una tragedia che la getta nel caos: il suo adorato nonno viene a mancare.
È proprio Max che le dà la notizia e non riesce a lasciarla da sola, in balia della tristezza e delle questioni amministrative, accompagnandola a Liliaria.
Quando viene poi a scoprire che il padre di Meredith è una persona inaffidabile e violenta, non può fare a meno di intervenire, nonostante lui in genere odi le complicazioni e stare al centro dell'attenzione.
Ma quando la vita ti mette davanti la persona che ti completa ed è destinata a te, non puoi semplicemente girarti dall'altra parte o cedere alla paura di rimanere feriti.
"Aveva fatto saltare tutti i miei limiti e le mie barriere senza neanche provarci. Ora dovevo capire come fare a tenerla con me."
Max è veramente il principe azzurro che tutte le donne vorrebbero. È bello, affascinante, ha un animo romantico che non sapeva di avere fino a che non incontra Meredith, ed è un artista.
Se c'è qualcosa che mi piace molto della scrittura di questa autrice è la capacità di farti entrare nelle teste dei suoi personaggi.
Ti fa respirare ed entrare nei loro dubbi e nelle loro angosce, ti fa vivere il momento in cui cambiano prospettiva e idea.
Max è il fratello schivo, che quasi odia essere un principe, fino a che non capisce che questo ruolo ha dei risvolti positivi, come poter aiutare la donna che capisce di amare.
Il doppio punto di vista non guasta affatto, rispetto ai precedenti volumi in cui c'era solo un narratore. La narrazione è scorrevole e veloce. È decisamente una lettura leggera, ma non priva di spunti e passaggi che fanno riflettere su come a volte le aspettative vengano ribaltate, ma il risultato è migliore di quanto avessimo mai immaginato.
Forse l'unico aspetto negativo resta che la loro storia matura in veramente poco tempo, ma è una scelta giustificata dal più classico dei colpi di fulmini.
Per il resto è sicuramente una storia che vi farà sorridere.
Voto 3
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April 14, 2020
Ultimo capitolo della serie “Royal” con la quale l’autrice ha fatto battere i cuori di tante lettrici che, come me, adorano le favole a lieto fine.

Il principe protagonista di quest’ultima storia è Max, fratello del ben più noto Alex. Max è sempre stato il fratello allergico agli impegni, sia quelli di corte sia quelli sentimentali eppure nel giro di pochi giorni si ritrova coinvolto in una situazione più grande di lui. Il nonno di Meredith è morto improvvisamente e le cose da fare per aiutare la ragazza sono tante: organizzare il funerale, tenere a bada suo padre alcolizzato e violento, badare suo il figlio di sei anni pieno di energie.

Se a questo aggiungiamo una fortissima attrazione fra i due protagonisti è facile capire in quali guai si possa cacciare il rampollo della regina.

Una bella storia romantica divisa fra momenti più leggeri e passionali e altri più commoventi; dei personaggi carismatici che conquistano; il tutto unito dalla spumeggiante scrittura della Chase che non sbaglia un colpo.

La regina di Brodway e un principe ereditario. Che accoppiata ragazzi!


Lei dalla voce di un usignolo, lui con la paura dei paparazzi.

Il cuore palpita di fronte alla fragilità dell’anima, ad un lutto improvviso, al dolore di quelle violenze senza un perché. Trovare l’amore, una famiglia stabile, il principe delle favole è il sogno di ogni fanciulla. Un principe che si innamora dapprima della madre e poi della donna in Meredith, le paure che vengono messe a tacere per mettere le basi per qualcosa alla “vissero felici e contenti”.

Il principe e la sua Lady cantante.

Una lettura leggera dove il vero protagonista è il cuore. Semplice e lineare, si lascia leggere in un batter d’occhio. A me piace la scrittura della Chase, le sue storie con quel “qualcosa da favola”, ci donano il sogno d’amore.
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November 6, 2017
Don’t usually rate books this low and it probably doesn’t deserve it but it’s what I felt straight after finishing it. It wasn’t like it was awful but there were too many things that didn’t work for me.

Going in I already knew this book would be less fluffy and warm from the synopsis. Mostly didn’t want to DNF it because I wanted closure by finishing the series (the ending basically unrelated to Max and all about Sam and Alex made it worth it)

I agreed with the choice of using 2 povs. Loved Marty, he was adorable.

The insta love connection didn’t really work in comparison to the tone of some of the issues the characters were dealing with. Too intense and complicated of a situation for it to be believable or get sucked into like the other couples. Did not give of the sponateousy whirlwind vibe as the other books did.

Everything happened waaaaaaaay too fast. They’d known each other for half a week and there was already a proposal. I screamed in shock when that happened out of nowhere.

Mere had every right to want and need to slow things down but didn’t. Max claimed he didn’t like commitment and the limelight and was agreeing to commit to becoming a family with a 6 year old child.

With the resolution and stressful situation of the will was something that didn’t really cause tension because I basically already knew what it was going to have.

The blurb didn’t really match up with the actual events, Mere didn’t try to seduce Max for any gain. She didn’t need him for stability.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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May 7, 2021
Se existem duas coisas que gosto no mundo dos livros, estas são histórias que se passam na realeza e finalizar uma série. Então, imagine o quanto eu estava empolgado para ler a terceira e última parte da série Royal, da Nichole Chase - que por muito tempo eu acreditei que nem seria finalizada aqui no Brasil e que descobri que havia sim sido publicado, de "surpresa", no ano passado? Pois é, eu estava empolgado com a leitura, mesmo que o segundo livro tenha sido meio decepcionante, se compararmos com o primeiro.

Então, a primeira coisa que acho necessária dizer por aqui é que, sim, eu achei este livro melhor do que o segundo. Talvez por conhecer pouco do personagem do Max, eu não senti ele diferente do que já havia sido apresentado, como aconteceu com o David, melhor amigo da protagonista de De Repente, no livro da Princesa Cathy. E mesmo que, no começo, eu tenha achado o tom escolhido para a voz do Max meio "forçada" (já que ele não parecia ser um príncipe, apenas um cara aleatório), a forma como Nichole Chase tratou assuntos delicados como alcoolismo e relações familiares abusivas foi correta e responsável, o que fez o livro ganhar muitos pontos comigo.

Enfim, mesmo tendo uma história mais linear e "safe" para o gênero, eu achei sim que foi uma conclusão satisfatória e uma leitura agradável. A autora não vai reinventar a roda com "Relutante", mas vai entreter e de quebra trazer assuntos importantes para serem debatidos de uma maneira correta e pés no chão. Mesmo que o clima de "despedida" só aconteça durante o epílogo do livro, foi uma boa forma de dizer adeus ao país de Lilaria e sua Família Real.
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