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MMA Fighter #1

Worth the Fight

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It didn’t matter that the ref called it a clean hit. Nico Hunter would never be the same.

Elle has a good life. A job she loves, a great apartment, and the guy she’s been dating for more than two years is a catch and a half. But it’s boring…and she strives to keep it that way. Too many emotions are dangerous. Her own past is living proof of what can happen when you lose control.

Then Nico walks into Elle’s office and everything changes…for both of them. But what can the tattooed, hard-bodied MMA fighter and the beautiful and always steady attorney have in common? A lot more than they bargained for.

***Author's note*** THIS IS A STAND-ALONE NOVEL.
Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

378 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 30, 2013

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About the author

Vi Keeland

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Vi Keeland is a #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author. With millions of books sold, her titles have appeared in over one hundred Bestseller lists and are currently translated in twenty-six languages. She resides in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six.

Stop by and meet Vi in her private reader group on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/ViKee...

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July 10, 2015
1 star.* Review completed October 14, 2013

 photo tumblr_mn0vw9QCqX1qffcrao4_500_zps35626da5.gif

 photo tumblr_mn0vw9QCqX1qffcrao1_500_zps7447ee87.gif

 photo tumblr_mn0vw9QCqX1qffcrao2_500_zpsc1e8cfb3.gif

I have nothing positive to say about this book. Considering the very high average rating and all the gushing four and five-star reviews, I'm extremely disappointed that Worth the Fight didn't live up to my expectations. Do you know what I loved about it though? It's most certainly the premise of the story because I devoured Willing Victim. However, I won't beat around the bush. Nico can't hold a candle to Flynn, hero of Willing Victim. In fact, he seriously needs some coaching when it comes to getting down and dirty between the sheets. And don't get me started on the lame dirty talk. He has nothing on Flynn in that department either.

As I see it the entire book was redundant, repetitive, cheesy and extremely boring. To be very blunt it was a poorly written story. The chronology of events:

- young woman is starstruck by hot, tattooed fighter
- insta-lust, smile here and lopsided grin there and boyish charm everywhere
- some bland dialogue
- dull sex

Rinse, repeat.

Add in some dark past and some waterworks aaaaand rinse, repeat. You know that might be another problem of mine. How many times do we get the same plot over and over again? I get it that authors need to spice up a plot by adding MCs with a troubled past. BUT. I don't bond with male characters solely based on their hot physique and I sure as hell don't connect with a woman who acts like a little girl. I really, really need some substance, some GREAT characterization and some darn good and titillating sex otherwise a story won't hold my interest. Period.

Shallow characters, a narrative that reads like a lame class essay and no chemistry between the main protagonists didn't made my Saturday, that's for sure. My mood matched the weather coz it was raining cats and dogs here.

Everywhere I looked Worth the Fight was labeled as adult contemp romance, yet it reads like a sugary sweet NA romance. Sorry but that's definitely not my cup of tea. At all.

Apropos, what's up with all those smiles, looking amused and whatnot?

I smile back. I don't have to fake it, it's a real smile.

He smiles, it's a mischievous smile, lopsided smile that makes me think the man is playful.

His crooked smile makes me smile and I lose my train of thought.

…and his smile is bigger when I return, he looks amused.

And he catches my eyes when I do and smiles. I smile back, even though I'm aware he just completely played me.

Nico smiles a devilish smile and I get the urge to kiss it right off his face.

He smiles, and I'm caught in his boyish charm.

I smile back and raise an eyebrow…

a goofball smile

his face is amused

Nico looks down sheepishly and then I see the cocky lopsided smile that just melts me somehow.

I smile, even though he can't see me. Yep, I'm a school girl with a crush so big, I'm smiling when he says hello on the phone.

I smile at Regina. I'm a little embarrassed that I dressed for a man, but Regina is my friend and won't judge me.

Girl Woman…I can't believe you're twenty-five-years old AND a lawyer…*facepalm*

It goes without saying that all those smiles made me roll my eyes.

Now let's get to the writing. Here are some "quotes" to your perusal.

"It smells good." Nico crinkles up his nose and it is an absolutely adorable face. One that looks like he's five years old. I'm so enthralled by how such a large, powerful man can look so adorable, that it takes me a minute for his words to register.

The part that is touching me is thick and hard…

Thick, long, rock-solid hardness.

private area

impressive manhood

the tip of him

Please, please do call things as they are. To her credit I must say that she came around eventually. Thanks for small favors.

Nico slowly draws out his tongue and licks me unhurriedly from my entrance to my clit. He stops as he reaches my swollen bundle of nerves and flitters his tongue ever so slightly over it.

spearing himself into me…

My already swollen nipples respond, and swell even more, enough so they are no longer below the surface of the water. Now the full tips are sticking out from the still water of the bath. No longer protected by the warm soak, the cool air meets the swells and it's...

Everything about him is just so purely, deliciously male. His square jaw, his green eyes that turn grey with desire when he comes near me, the way he looks at me like he's a hunter and I'm his prey. He's incredibly distracting. Even more so sitting in nothing but a towel. Lucky towel.

Wow. Lucky towel me. Ugh.

Also, the constant swellings got on my very last nerve.

Tingling sensations shoot through my veins and I feel the sensitive skin between my legs swell.

…his thumb gently reaches out and feels the curve of my swell.

The swell between my legs that was ebbing, flows back at a rapid pace.

…taking my swell into his mouth and lashing me with his wicked tongue.

With my eyes still closed, I drag my fingernail over my swollen nipple and it swells even more under my touch.

…squeeze my legs shut to calm the swell growing between them.

The swell of my nipples is now seemingly connected to the swell between my legs.

Seriously??? Coherent thoughts elude me when I have to deal with that kind of writing. It's mind-boggling.

I really don't have a problem with first person POV present tense, but in this case it didn't help to establish a compelling and interesting story. In fact, it felt amateurish and awkward. Also, if my memory serves me right the first person POV present tense did alternate with past tense in the beginning of the story. Anyway, if I'm wrong then it shouldn't bother you because it didn't influence my rating.

Sorry for being harsh but this was another "blah" story. One book among many, many others, once read and easily forgotten. Book goes back to Amazon for a refund of my money. Onwards…

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August 8, 2017
Let me say that I was a bit wary about this book. Whilst I have read all this author’s previous books, which I have loved, the storyline about a MMA fighter didn’t exactly excite me!!!
Worth the Fight by Vi Keeland photo Worth-the-Fight-Cover-500X750-500x280_zpsac930760.jpg
Really, I am not sooooo crazy about huge tattooed men…..nothing against them, but just not my “cup of tea”. I have never watched cage fighting but I have viewed photos of the fighters…and ugh!!!!

So not going to write much about the storyline…by now everyone knows about it!!

MMA fighter meets successful lawyer. Both have dark secrets. They fall in love….you know!!!!!
Two people who meet by chance…………….
Worth the Fight by Vi Keeland photo images_zpsc0e4b51a.jpg Okay, let’s start…open page 1…and 2….next thing I realize….I AM TOTALLY INTO THIS STORY!!!

Forget my pre-conceived ideas of cage fighters….Nico Hunter is my new dreamboat!!!!
 photo 8dba17da44086303c7f2290b2695b36d_zps70b220c2.jpg
I loved this guy…I mean how cool is his name!!! But that’s not the only thing I connected with him. There was so much more to him. He’s guilt-ridden, kind, caring; sensitive, somewhat broken by what happened in his past. But he’s not a cynic….he has emotional depth…he’s fun to be with….and hot in bed too!!! He’s the kind of man we want to have in our lives.

Elle has a successful career and a dead-end “sex” relationship with a friend. Just trying to keep her feelings hidden as much as possible. She’s smart, beautiful, funny, sexy and just like Nico, hiding terrible memories from her past.
Now, what are the chances of this woman falling for Nico????? Worth the Fight by Vi Keeland photo 91cc597f2ec4c3b22d52c6a632f2e03f_zpsd8d7590a.jpg power dresser lawyer....Worth the Fight by Vi Keeland photo b1aacc6223a3dd885c36d6c7f2156054_zps5b539a9a.jpg These two broken people will heal each other….that I felt right from the first moment they met in her office.

Their chemistry was undeniable both physically and emotionally. The love scenes are sensual, hot and explosive. Did I mention inventive as well???
Worth the Fight by Vi Keeland photo b405316a1bcf97e45a1bca47d4f239c1_zpsdd4c6e84.jpg

Lest I forget to mention “bacon” condoms…no…not giving more away on that subject…r just read the book and find out more about it!!!!

Loved how their relationship developed over time.

Great secondary characters – quirky, lovable, endearing, engaging and delightful.

This being the 1st book in the author’s new series and I can’t wait for Vinny’s book!!!

Thank you Vi, for providing me with an ARC copy and I want to let you know….you have changed my views about cage fighters!!!!!!! If they are anything like Nico…I’m gonna be at the next fight!!!!
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October 10, 2013
4 Hard Hitting Stars

Nico Hunter might just be my kryptonite.

I’m a character in my story, going through the chapters of my life as if it was written by an imaginary person, when I should be the author.

I'm woman enough to admit that what initially drew me to this book was the cover. Shallow of me? Perhaps. But is it so wrong that I just want to lick it? I think not. Then I read this: tattooed, hard-bodied MMA fighter and my inner dirty girl was all
and I knew I was sold. Luckily for me, this book lived up to the cover, unlike the many I've read before it.

Elle lives a good, albeit controlled existence. She's a successful lawyer with a good job and boyfriend that technically should be perfect for her. Everything should be perfect, she should be happy. The controlled life is a boring one, but that's the way that she wants it and she likes it that way.
I’ve been this way for a long time. I make responsible choices. My life is neat and organized and my heart rate stays constant. I like it that way most of the time. I should be proud of where I am in my life. But the truth of the matter is sometimes I feel like I’m suffocating in my perfunctory life.

But beneath the perfect layers lies a dark past with an even darker secret. And if controlling her environment allows her to keep it buried and wake up without nightmares, then that is what Elle will do. But then Nico Hunter walks through her office doors, and everything changes. Nico was a six-foot-three, two hundred and twenty-one pounds, green eyed sex on a stick. When he sees Elle, he knows what he wants and the man knew damn well how to go after it. I have to admit he certainly had a way with words.
Why do you want to have dinner with me?"
"Aside from the obvious, that you're gorgeous?"
"When I look in your eyes I see a little light flicker…" He pauses for a second. I look at him, but still don’t speak.
"And for the last twenty four hours all I could think about was what it would take for me to turn that flicker into a flame."

I am not usually a fan on insta-lust, insta-relationships, well insta anything to be honest. But for some reason Nico and Elle's almost instant relationship didn't bother me. Nico's nickname was Lady Killer, but he never really came off as this womanizing, cocky asshole. So that may have been why the quick relationship development made sense? I didn't feel it was rushed or unrealistic.

Nico doesn't want to scare Elle off, so he tries to be a gentleman and doesn't try to instantly jump her bones. Which I would have had no issues with. Really. But then again, I'm a sexual fiend that way LMAO. Nico may have played a gentleman, but beneath that was filthy deliciousness.
You’re a beautiful, smart, strong woman who is used to being treated like a lady." I’m confused at his words and Nico sees it on my face. He pulls me to him and buries his face in my neck. His breath is so close to my ear when he speaks, I feel the words throughout my body as he speaks them. "But when I finally get you underneath me, I’m definitely not going to treat you like a lady."

If you follow my reviews, you know I have a soft spot for the dirty talkers, and Nico did not disappoint in that department.
Ride me. You’re so tight and wet. I’m going to fill up that sexy little pussy and make it mine. I want my smell on you. In you. So that the whole god damn world knows you’re mine.”

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book. There was no unnecessary angst. They didn't play games with each other. I loved that even though Nico had a womanizing past, he doesn't hesitate to stake a claim on Elle. He was a straight shooter and didn't have commitment issues.

The relationship between Nico and Elle was not a perfect one since they are both characters that are trying to deal with a past that has scarred them. While Elle knows the nightmares that haunt Nico, Nico doesn't realize the darkness that Elle hides. While we learn what haunts Nico pretty much right away, there are only hints and pieces alluding to Elle's past. I had a feeling about what it was from the beginning, but I don't think it was meant to be a big secret. But still, when I found out the whole story, my heart broke for her.

My only complaint? I really wished the author gave us some sort of physical descriptions on the supporting characters. Aside from a description of what they wore, I never noticed anything mentioning what they look like: hair color, eyes, anything. When I read a book, I like to have an image in my mind of what I'm reading; to feel like the author is showing me a story as opposed to just telling it. Don't get me wrong, the writing itself was fantastic. I suppose I just wanted a little bit more from it. It wasn't something that bothered me so much that it took away from the story, but it was enough for me to notice it. I'm a reader that likes to have a visual in my head of every character I read, not just the main hero and heroine. The book itself was fantastic, I enjoyed the characters and the story. This is definitely a series that I will be following. If you enjoy steamy stories with sexy MMA fighters, definitely give this one a shot.

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review
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October 7, 2013


I really enjoyed this story!!!  If you are looking for an intense love story THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED!!

“When we met, we were two injured souls. Both keeping the real out of our lives for the fear of what we might find. But nothing could have kept us apart. I never believed in destiny. That was a bunch of crap for people who read too many books. Until I met you. You're it for me, Babe. I didn't even know I was missing something until I found you, but now I don't know how I got through a day without what you've given me. You're my soul mate.

In this book f irst we meet Elle...She is a successful lawyer, and she is happy with her job, she's been dating William since law school... but she's never had an intense relationship with him... their relationship was boring... Someday William introduced Elle to Nico Hunter  his client... Nico is a HOT   MMA fighter, tattoo-ed Alpha Male!! Elle and Nico have an instant connection... Elle realized that she wanted to know more about Nico.  ..and she ends her relationship with William... Elle has built walls around her to protect herself from the memories   of the tragic event that happened to her as a child  .... 

Can Nico make her feel safe with him??

OMG I'm in love with Nico!!!!He is so hot!!!And he wants Elle...he needs  her... But he has his own demons to deal with...h e can't control the past..but seems to think he's ready to face the future..  Elle is a decisive, passionate and a strong woman. But the strength she imbues is just one element to her character, as she is another broken  character, haunted by the guilt and shame of her past.

I love the passion within these characters.I also loved that these two characters complete each other perfectly!! The sexual scenes were so hot!!!Especially the phone sex!!! :)))

This is my first  Vi Keeland's   book and I like it!!I find  her  writing style is fast paced and engaging!! If you love a male who goes after what he wants and a heroine who faces her fears then this story is for you.!!!!

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October 8, 2013

First, I'm a HUGE MMA fan so I love books with fighters anyway.. but throw in one hot sexy yummylicious fighter named Nico...

OH, is that one pic of my newest book boyfriend not enough? Well... ok, if you insist, here's one more. But don't get too attached. I'm keeping him.. How about just an ab shot?

Ok, put your tongue away..like I said above, he's MINE!

ANYWAY....... back to biznezzz

Nico is fighter.. it's his life and what he loves.. but last year that all changed. In one tragic moment, his world came crashing down around him causing him to avoid getting back in the cage on a professional level. He still trains like crazy..but he just can't make himself get back in the cage. His heart hurts..his mind just won't let that one moment ago.The moment he can't change. He lives with horrible guilt. He's a shell of the man he once was....

Enter Elle... sweet, funny, living a VERY boring life Elle. She's got a friend with benefits.. a friend that wants more but she's never willing to give more. She's a lawyer and she loves what she does..but she's far from happy. She also lives with deep guilt.. one horrible moment in her life has haunted her for 15 years. She can't let it go and it keeps her from letting anyone all the way in.

Both Nico and Elle are living their lives but aren't embracing anything...... Until they meet. Nico is in need of an attorney to sort come contract stuff out. The chemistry was immediate.. they both felt the sizzle at first glance. Nico for sure likes what he see's and he goes after her. He's not felt truly alive in so long.. but something about Elle just shocks his system into "go" mode. Elle is tire of her boring existence and something about Nico turns her inside out. She's willing to take a chance on something..something totally different for her. Something that make her really FEEL again. She thinks Nico might just be what she needs.

Not that I’m planning on sleeping with him tonight, but I’d be kidding myself to think I’d stop it if things started to escalate.     Nico Hunter might just be my kryptonite.

Oh Elle, Elle, Elle... poor thing had no idea just what kind of kryptonite Nico was about to put on her.. Dayummmm.... these two were HOT. Sexy, Steamy, Sizzling HOT. yep, HOT.

He knows exactly what he’s doing to me.   Any embarrassment I feel from needing more goes out the window when I realize he’s teasing me and I tangle my fingers into his hair and push his face down into me, desperately seeking the friction I need.

“Ride me.   You’re so tight and wet.   I’m going to fill up that sexy little pussy and make it mine.   I want my smell on you.   In you.   So that the whole god damn world knows you’re mine.”

Nico and Elle were a really great couple! They both recognized in each other the same heartache.. but can they heal each other? Can they help each other? The baggage they both carry can get heavy if you don't let someone else help to carry it. Guilt can eat you up until you have nothing left to give the one that wants to help you the most....

Wow! I just couldn't put this book down! I've had some pretty good luck with some great reads lately and I got lucky again with this one. The back story on each of them was compelling and their chemistry was amazing. I simply loved every single part of this book. Even though it has some deep undercurrents of sorry and guilt, the story still had a fun sexy theme going on at the same time. There was humor , sadness, super hot sexy times, teeny bit of angst... Yep, it was good.

I highly recommend this one. Especially if you love the emotionally damaged hero's, the fighters, the sexy possessive alpha's... this one's for you!

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October 8, 2013

I need a fighter boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!

 photo tumblr_lzrh85k0L21qk8b76o1_500.gif

Nico, come here baby!!

 photo tumblr_mdvd0cJl6r1qlxz9yo1_500.gif

Elle is a lawyer living her day to day with a same routine until Nico. Nico has been living with guilt until Elle. And when they meet...

"And when I look in your eyes I see a little flicker......"
"And for the last 24 hours all I could think about was what it would take for me to turn that flicker into a flame"

 photo tumblr_mpcflqcnf31rjor92o1_400.gif

Now, NICO sexy, sensual, rough, all man

 photo matt-mullins-shirtless-2.jpg

Elle, sexy and smart lawyer

 photo 0bb0a37e1afa6c5677e5358c92f79333.jpg

Elle is hiding her past and Nico is hiding from his past! How will these two broken souls come together? Will they over come it or will it destroy them?
Pick it up!!!!!

No regrets, Nico is so scrumptious, all alpha-male and he cooks!!! GAH! Everything about him screams SEX! And they are explosive!

 photo tumblr_mpm042CZEC1szwn4qo1_400.gif

 photo tumblr_mo9jllLVj91soljxao1_250-1.gif

 photo tumblr_mnry57YtDY1rrh27io4_250.gif

 photo tumblr_mku3r1QVk61s5vfqno4_500.gif


**I had such a wonderful time reading this book with my buddy, Harriet!!!!!!!! Love it! Am looking for our next read already**

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November 5, 2015

First things first… Nico Hunter! There is nothing like an incredibly sexy alpha, MMA fighter covered in tattoos, that fucks and talks dirty in the bedroom, and fights like Superman in the ring. He’s also a sweet and loving man that cooks and snuggles. You must meet this breathtaking man who stole my heart. I’m on Nico cloud nine! I LOVED everything about this story!

 photo nico_zps79a7eae9.jpg

"When we met, we were two injured souls. But keeping the real out of our lives for fear of what we might find. But nothing could have kept us apart. I never believed in destiny. Thought that was a bunch of crap for people who read too many books. Until you."

Elle James is cool, calm, collected; living her neat and organized life. She is a beautiful and successful attorney, casually seeing William Harper, a former law school classmate. He’s handsome, educated, smart, and punctual. There are no strings-attached or emotional ties. He’s perfect for her… More like perfectly boring. But her life is exactly the way she likes it. So why does she feel like she’s suffocating in this well-constructed life? Elle’s perfect life soon changes when William needs Elle’s help with a client who wants out of an endorsement contract. The moment Nico walks into the office, Elle is drawn to the smooth, gorgeous man with amazing green eyes and a devilish grin.

Nico “The Lady Killer” Hunter is a very talented MMA fighter, compassionate, smart, utterly sexy and... damaged. Over a year ago, Nico was fighting in the MMA championship fight when he killed his opponent with an underlying head condition. He hasn’t been the same since; guilt-ridden and unable to move forward. The only ring he’s been in since then is the one in his gym. The moment he meets Elle, sparks fly and he wants her. This woman, who he has fallen hard for, brings out a side of him that has been numb ever since that one fateful night. She makes him feel pumped and excited about life again. He’s ready to get back in the ring.

Elle had a traumatic childhood. She’s numb by it all and doesn’t let anyone in. But meeting Nico flipped a switch inside her. Nico has awakened her passionate side, one that she didn’t even know existed. He makes her crazy with lust and desire. There is no way Elle can deny the all-consuming passion between them. Elle was Nicos’ the moment they met but their first sizzling kiss cemented it. She knew immediately it was time to let William go.

When Nico goes back in the ring for the first time, thinking he’s ready, something inside him changes and the guilt and shame come barreling back to the surface. He shuts down. Elle wants to help Nico. She understands the complexity of the situation and decides it’s time to tell him her secrets; terrible, gut-wrenching secrets that had me choked up. Poor Elle went through hell and back but she's healed now. And, because of Nico, she feels more alive than ever. So, when this couple is faced with another challenge that could rip them apart, there is no doubt in Elle's mind that she will fight for the man she loves. The same man who saved her is definitely worth the fight.

I love this couple. Let me say it again… I LOVE this couple. They are fiercely sexy and charming together. The chemistry between them is stellar. From the very first date, they struggle to keep their hands and lips to themselves. And let me tell you, Vi Keeland sure knows how to write steamy sex scenes that sizzle and possibly fried my Kindle. (Seriously, my Kindle quit working shortly after I read this book. lol) I really loved how this couple faces their problems head on, maturely. They accepted one another – flaws and all. There isn’t a whole lot of over-the-top drama and misunderstandings between them. Hallelujah! Sometimes you just need a romance story where the couple comes together effortlessly and fight together as a team.

Worth the Fight has so much emotion and an underlying beauty in the writing. It has heart and soul. It was just so easy to fall in love with Nico and Elle and to become invested in their lives. It’s such an incredible feeling to be wooed and wowed by a story. I’m looking forward the next story in the MMA Fighter series, Worth the Chance. The next book is about Vinny, Nico’s protégé. I’m dying to meet Vinny all grown up.

Rating: A
Heat: Hot

-- A Romantic Book Affairs Review

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1,232 reviews2,023 followers
October 14, 2013
2 stars for Nico and Elle's back story...

I'm not really in the mood for writing a long review for this one. I almost DNF'd the book halfway through. I did manage to finish it but sadly, the book just didn't get better for me.

The Positives

I did find something that I liked about it. Hooray! Yes, I did. I actually liked Nico's back story. MMA fighter who killed his opponent during a fight. Sadly, this part of the story, while I commend the author for attempting to develop something out of it, the execution fell flat to me. That should have been great for Nico's development as a character but again, it felt flat. Good effort though.

Same with Elle's back story. It was kind of obvious but I felt that the author failed to capitalize on it. It ended up being like any other books out there with a token heroine who has a "dark" past. There are so many of them already and honestly, having a "dark" past just doesn't cut it anymore. If an author chooses to go down that path, like many others do, then they should offer great character development, great dialogue, spot on characterization. Otherwise, it'll just end up like many other books out there.

The Negatives

- Cheesy dialogue. Rolled my eyes too much while reading this book. A ly bad sign.
- The redundant writing that was just...ugh! And I hate purple prose and I hate redundancy even more. Just a few examples:

"Another wave of electricity travels through my nerve endings. Only this time all of the different paths traveled arrive at the same place, at the exact same moment…my clit."

That dialogue right there shouldn't have been a problem but a few lines before that she was already talking those damn electricity. And guess what? She talks about those damn electricity every time Nico kisses her, touches her or looks at her. Either she feels the electricity or the hairs in the back of her neck stands in attention every time Nico is in the same room with her. Every.single.time. It became too much especially when the same words are used over and over again.

"His pale green eyes watch me. Watch me take him in."
"I could no longer move, even if I wanted to. But I don't want to anyway.
"I feel the inexplicable need to chase away every single molecule that is between, until there is nothing left but me and him." (Geez, purple much?)
"I need him inside of me. To be part of me. To be one indivisible body that shares the breath that fills both our lungs." (Color me purple).
"He's so beautiful standing there, a perfect male specimen."

Elle does this all the time. She feels the urge to tell the readers how Nico is the most beautiful man or the handsomest man. She also calls the way Nico made her feel as the "the most beautiful" feeling in the world. Really, if a character tells me how beautiful the hero is, once or twice is enough. No need to mention it every single time you see him or think of him. Plus the superlatives...gawd, somebody needs to step away from using too many superlatives in one sentence. Too much.

And the word "swell" referring to their various state of arousal was used 16 times versus the one time the word was actually used for the describing Nico's injured hand. This is, I feel, my biggest issue with the book--the writing. With the plot as thin as it was, it could have been saved (maybe) by a witty dialogue or great characterization or something. This book lacked both. :(

And another thing, while their individual story was okay despite not being executed well, Elle and Nico's connection as a couple didn't wow me. No, strike that. It didn't even interest me at all. First of all, they have this insta-lust/love going on. Not usually a problem for me when it's done well, but in this book, it wasn't. I mean, just because she's beautiful and troubled and he's gorgeous and hot doesn't mean they click together. Give me something more. Something that will make me buy in to their love story. I didn't get their connection at all. The author failed to convince me no matter how many times Elle or Nico told me otherwise. And that was disappointing.

I'm in the minority here and a lot of my GR friends loved this, so take this review with a grain of salt, okay? This is simply my opinion. Don't let my rating discourage you to read this book. I'm out of here. Peace. :D

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1,473 reviews434 followers
July 9, 2016
3.5 stars. Audiobook. Nico and Elle are two people struggling to cope with a difficult past. They are also combustibly attracted to each other and trying to navigate new relationship territories. These even included a few firsts on either end. Nico is a good guy that made a pretty big mistake and is struggling to find his way back to the sport he loves, MMA. I liked his big heart, shown through his mentoring, relationship with his trainer, and feelings for Elle. Elle does not consider what she did a mistake but she also finds it difficult to connect with people since it occurred and she has suffered a great deal. I liked her sassy, honest, and open demeanor. I think there was definitely good sensuality and chemistry between the MCs. For the most part, I enjoyed them together but found the push/pull to be tedious. The first time, it was ok but the second felt unnecessary. I felt a few core issues weren't addressed either: William? The kiss? The comment Nico made? All in all, I found it a decent read. Safety: No OW/Sharing. h starts book in a "friends with benefits" situation. OM kisses her and I didn't remember hearing her tell the H. No rape. Yes to abuse.
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492 reviews224 followers
October 6, 2013
When I first saw the blurb for this and that it was an MMA Fighter book I was sold... I've read some good ones and I've read some bad ones this was a definite 4.25 stars for me because the entire time I was like...

 photo yesandyes.gif

Nico is Alpha, and possessive, and he bites, growls, and scents and he also says some really genuine and kind things in between and sometimes during his neanderthal moments. I really liked that unlike in some books there was actual description of training and fights in this one. I think it makes it more authentic when the author doesn't just glance over what is supposed to be a major part of an MMA Fighter book!

 photo wrappedfist.jpg

I liked Elle. She did not get on my nerves or have me rolling my eyes at her most of the time. I liked the times where she would steel herself and confront him. I also enjoyed that the conflict did not drag on forever and a day. The main characters both had enough going on with past unresolved issues that they had enough insecurity and demons to battle without too much extra drama being thrown in. It had an epilogue and wrapped up really well. Oh and did I mention it was seriously HOT?!? Because it was! Overall solid read!!!


 photo e4ba22a5-b04e-4997-9b33-a45588c403a2.jpg

 photo b9925cf9-e82f-4b3e-8f27-d7b0083e137f.jpg

 photo 8f15e0ba-1a4e-4b23-b12f-e60789c839b1.jpg
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896 reviews1,931 followers
November 23, 2014
4 Fighting Stars!


Elle lives the apparently perfect life. Beautiful, nice job, nice boyfriend. Nothing exciting happens and her life is just plain and boring. But that’s exactly what she needs in order to have her feelings buried. The capacity of feeling just makes her relive her past… and that’s something she avoids at all costs.
Until the day she meets Nico, MMA fighter, hot as hell, sexy, mysterious… and very interested in her. But not only he has his own ghosts, but he also makes her feel… and feel a lot.
And feelings is something she doesn’t deal very well with… but he’s persistent and he’s decided that Elle is a fighting he’s not willing to lose.


This was a pretty nice reading. Elle annoyed me a little (but what’s new?) but I liked how Nico, even being a former womanizer, didn’t try to deny his feelings or was commitment phobic.
There were moments where this was extremely sweet and a lot of other ones where this was sexy as hell.
If you’re like me, and you’re always ready to read a book with a nice fighter / alpha-male hero, you probably should read this ;)
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2,632 reviews3,209 followers
January 22, 2018
4.5 Caged, Released, Yet Repressed, Wanting Stars
* * * * 1/2 Spoiler Free
There are many types of reads...
There are the kinds that make you think deep emotional thoughts causing self revelations...

There are reads which play with your head just to give you a ride making you experience omg moments over and over again (think the Consequences Series)

And then there are the reads that do not pretend to be anything except what they are. These books present a situation; give you characters that are direct; open with how they are feeling and have chemistry which I can relate to.

Worth the Fight was that type of book for me.

I had just finished back to back 2 of a 3 series mind twister and I wanted something to make me feel good.

I wanted to feel two people being attracted to one another; feel that click that happens when you see someone, are drawn to them and even though you really don’t think that is your life, your type or maybe where you should go… you go there.
I got all of that and more by starting this book.

The book introduces us to Elle, self proclaimed attorney with an existence which seems just fine;
A position with an established yet not over the top law firm
A home which she prides herself on being the way she likes it
A guy who she met in college and became friends/business associates and somehow fell into a “sort of dating thing”.

She has lived this type of life purposely… it has served her well… kept the nightmares way and gave her a sense of control and safety, things she worked for, needed so that she could carry on.

Yet in our first insight to Elle, through her POV, she knows there is more. She wants more but just doesn’t acknowledge it or act on her feelings like she should. She is having her standard drink and dinner with William, the attorney/friend/dating partner and her dread of the situation rings loud and clear. She is always running late and she knows he has been there waiting for her to arrive. She has the conversations and actions down to a science…

He will order a glass of water now because he has had his one drink…
He will use the buzz words of “do you want to see the movie I rented” for let’s have sex…
This is getting old as she has not “seen a movie with him” for a while.

Turns out, William is a selfish lover and doesn’t even know it. So Elle is moving in the direction of having “the talk” with him because try as she might to actually feel something more than friends, she doesn’t. William is passive in his way and allows the decline of the “movie“ to slide and segues into a discussion of a new client needing Elle’s help with one of his endorsement contracts. It is explained the client is a champion MMA fighter with many different endorsement deals and has a following. This particular deal has gone sour due to ethical issues with the manufacturing of the product. The guy wants out; doesn’t care about the cash and will not do business of any kind which uses child labor. A meeting is set for both; client and William to come to Elle’s office to see how to remedy this.

As you figured out, Nico Hunter is the client. An established pro fighter; has all of the charisma, appeal and animal magnetism required for that profession. He even has the nickname of Lady Killer. They could have also nicknamed him panty dropper as when he enters the law office all of the assistants and clerks kind of just do a collective flutter or sigh. He has that build where everything is just where it is supposed to be, like in the magazines, but better because it is in person. There is a slight swagger in his gate but really it is just him being him.

Naturally Elle is overwhelmed trying to get her day straight and forgot about the meeting. She rushes into the conference room; loaded down with tablets, pens, case files which pertain to the issue and acknowledges William with hello and starts asking Hunter questions without looking at him.

As she is waiting for a response, Hunter sits and just takes in the woman. He is use to the acknowledgement of “who” he is and finds it intriguing that there has been none. Getting a bit confused by the silence, Elle looks up to see Hunter’s direct gaze. She is a little taken back and feels the force field he puts out. She regroups and performs the necessary discussion regarding the contract. Before leaving, Nico, who has been watching all of the body language and interaction between William and Elle, throws out the question, “Hey are you together?”

Both William and Elle answer at the same time… with different answers; he with a yes and Elle with a firm distinct no. Awkward…. Goodbyes are done and Elle knows she must have that talk with William. Confused about all of the mixed feeling she is having… she starts to look up Nico's Media profile.

She realizes she saw him fight once. Her nephew is a big MMA fan and she was able to take him a couple of years ago. There she saw him experience the worst cage match in his career; he was fighting clean and his opponent suffered a blood clot embolism causing him to not respond after receiving a winning blow from Nico. At the time, none knew of the other fighter’s condition causing his death.

Nico has not been able to make peace with this. He had a very dark time after this happened and only his trainer, Patch was able to help him. Even though Hunter had the support system of his family, he pulled in, shutting down and just going through the motions expected of him; he trained at the gym he established; worked with young guys who were like him so many years ago, full of anger looking to get into trouble, and hooking up with the cage groupies. These hook ups were easy and a means to an end.

Nico decides to visit Elle’s office with the excuse of asking a question he forgot to ask during their meeting. Elle is surprised, and then stunned when he say the question he forgot to ask was would she have dinner with him. We get to hear Elle’s internal dialogue…. And she finally gives in to going.

The story takes off from there.

These two had a recognition of something was there for them; something different and possibly life changing.

There are secrets, hurdles, conflicts and confused signals to iron out during this story. Yet during all of it, it just had a special feel for me. I cared about the characters.. all of them.

Now I must share at this time, there were moments when Nico Hunter caused me to sigh… and swoon....

Caused me to wish I was there with him whispering all those naughty, sexy thoughts in my ear…. Wishing his sweaty body was making my business suit all crushed with the scent of him…

Worth the Fight was about confronting fears; it used the cages Elle and Hunter had put themselves in. It showed the reader how these characters were locked up nice and tight hiding until they dealt with what was really bothering them and for me, both felt it was Worth The Fight.

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October 12, 2013
This wasn’t a bad read. 3.5 stars. Liked both characters and the book flowed along nicely for me. I see that I did not make any status updates while reading this book so that is a sure sign that it did not blow my mind.

“When we met, we were two injured souls. Both keeping the real out of our lives for fear of what we might find. But nothing could have kept us apart. I never believed in destiny. Thought that was a bunch of crap for people who read too many books. Until I met you. You’re it for me, Babe. I didn’t even know I was missing something until I found you, but now I don’t know how I got through a day without what you’ve given me. You’re my soul mate. As sappy as it sounds, it’s god damn true. Nothing has ever been truer in my life. So no, I’m not worried about this fight not helping me heal from my past, because it’s you who does that for me. You’ve filled all the cracks in my heart and made me better. I never thought I’d say this after what I went through, but I’m the luckiest bastard on this earth.”

“You're here."

I look up at him. "I am." My voice is soft, but I can tell by the smirk on his face that he hears me just fine.

"Does that mean not really is a no then?" His face is serious now.

"Ask me again." I grin up at the handsome face that is towering over me, invading my personal space.

"Are you seeing anyone?"

"No." My response is assertive.

"Yes. You are."

I'm confused. "I am?"

"I don't share Elle."

"Oh." Oh my.”

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October 14, 2013
4.5 Fighter Stars!

Nico "The Lady Killer" Hunter

I am so there!!

He's hot. He's sweet. He's an MMA fighter. And he even likes to cook!!

He also is very troubled. After a tragic accident in the cage, it has been over a year since he has had an actual fight. His trainer is pushing him to get back in and move on.


Elle is a lawyer who lives life on the straight and narrow. She likes things safe and uncomplicated. When she meets Nico, she knows he is the exact opposite of what she thinks she needs in her life. She is helping him with a contract that he wants to get out of.

Nico knows he wants her the minute he sees her. She is nothing like the women he normally goes after. He wants to do everything right with her and not screw things up.

"You're a beautiful, smart, strong woman who is used to being treated like a lady. But when I finally get you underneath me, I'm definitely not going to treat you like a lady."

Elle is trying to help him through his troubles but he withdraws from her. She will do whatever she can to be there for him, even if he ends up hating her for it. Will both of their efforts be Worth the Fight ?

This was a great book. There was a wonderful storyline to it and I really, really loved both Nico and Elle.
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1,155 reviews260 followers
October 11, 2013
This is how I felt at the end:
 photo 0002axyf_zps79cb2fc2.gif
This book was great!

Great story line?

Great characters?

I can safely say there were no annoying characters in this story.

Did the story flow well?

Great chemistry between H/h?

These two were smokin'!

Should you go buy and read this book?
 photo tumblr_lzxkzuCkMi1r104on_zps1008c072.gif<

This is a solid 4.5 stars. Can't wait for the next book in the series. Don't worry this a spinoff. The next book will be about another character introduced in in this story.
November 27, 2013

Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews

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5 Awesome Sizzling Stars

5 Sizzling SCORCHING HOT Hearts for Heat!! ...LOVED EVERY MOMENT

Worth the Fight by Vi Keeland

A story about a man Nico..a fighter..fighting against himself ...feeling nothing but sorrow , guilt and anger.
A woman .. Elle...stumbling through life..feeling nothing ..to prevent remembering her past.

Nico believed he one moment in his past forever deemed him forever broken and unforgiven. The fight of his life comes in the form of a girl with a past that haunts her.

This story is a beautiful journey into healing, acceptance and forgiveness.

Elle was going through life numb and settling for comfortable. When Nico "The Lady Killer" Hunter comes crashing into her life...making her feel for the first time.

His possessive and passionate touch set Elle on fire.

Nico was a dirty talker and I loved every moment of it.

As Nico struggles to put the past behind him...it knocks him to his knees again.

Elle sees the good in this broken man ...she gives everything to help him. The path they took is paved with trials and Nico's fears almost destroy them. But when he realizes Elle is "worth the fight" nothing will stop him until she is his.

I loved this story so much and if you love an alpha male who goes after what he wants and a strong heroine who faces her fears to grab hold of a beautiful love then this story is for you. The chemistry between these two burn up the pages and you just hold your breath wanting them make it. Such beautiful moments are still playing inside my head..this is a must read and I'm so honored to have been able to experience it.

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1,002 reviews280 followers
April 7, 2017
I like this author and I was curious about some of her earlier books, I'm glad she's gotten better. This one missed the mark, the dude was a "kitty cat" towards the end. Lol. The lines he spewed out were super cheesy.
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639 reviews3,803 followers
November 16, 2014

2.5 stars

Being a great fan of alpha males with troubled past, especially when it’s mixed with symbols of musculine power - like physical strenght and seeing friends that swooned over the mistique and sexy persona called Nicholas Hunter ‘The Lady Killer’, I had to meet him. Period.

Despite the fact I had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind, that my high expectations can be easily crushed, I just couldn’t stand being left out. Not when everyone gushed and talked about how fantastic Worth The Fight is. I’ve done the worst mistake I could have by comparing it to Real by Kate Evans, which I devoured. Add to the mix my high expectations and Worth The Fight didn’t have a chance for meeting my softer side.



So, I picked my big girl’s panties, crossed my fingers and started to read. I anticipated meeting Nico, slowly idealizing his character, based on every review I’ve read, but when the time came, I was like Damn, this is it? .

Okay, so he was hot – tall, ripped and all this jazz. Color me surprised. Have we read a book with not so sexy hero? Nope. But being good looking and a MMA fighter doesn’t make a man alpha or even alluring. It’s the actions that count.

Unfortunately, Nico started looking in my eyes like a cheap copy of Remy. Duh. And the worst thing is, that when I was reading Real the couple didn’t have sex almost to the end of the book and I was like a firecracker ready to explode from sexual tension. In Worth The Fight sex didn’t do anything to me. Anything.

There was no dirty talking, no explosive looks or secretive touch, which basicaly means no foreplay. Spread legs – insert penis – have orgasm style is not appealing or a turn on. It’s dull. Boring. I want and expect off the chart, explosive chemistry and sex so hot it burns while reading romance stories.


The plot wasn’t very exciting, but I guess I can’t really bitch about it much. It was based on usual insta lust/love and a had a backstory, that was too clear and the secrets have gone out to easily. I am not exactly sure what’d driven this story forward.

Reasuming, while I was disappointed in creation of Nico, it did not make me hate this book much. It shoved it into ‘meh’ category, where it’ll quickly be forgotten.
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1,921 reviews3,431 followers
October 4, 2013
I'm a total sucker for MMA and MC books, what can I say!

This one definitely didn't dispappoint. Nico....Nico was

Yeah, totally YUMMY! He was alpha and dominant and caveman like and in the next breath sweet and soft and gentle. It was the perfect mix. For being a book about an MMA fighter it was a rather sugary and sweet read....and there wasn't a lot of actual fighting that took place. There also wasn't a lot of drama and angst....and that was A-OK with me!

Elle's been coasting through life. Dating boring William....keeping things safe, predictable, reliable. Until she meets Nico and he shakes everything up. Nico hasn't fought in over a year....after one punch accidentally killed his last opponent. He's been carrying around the guilt ever since.

Turns out Nico and Elle aren't so different. Elle's carrying around some guilt of her own. Guilt that she thinks will make Nico look at her differently.

Things move pretty quickly between Nico and Elle....they had great sexual chemistry though and the sex was HOT. Nico was both demanding yet gentle in the bedroom.

Nico decides to start fighting again....which brings back the guilt and forces Elle to confront hers.

"When we met, we were two injured souls. Both keeping the real out of our lives for fear of what we might find. But nothing could have kept us apart."

Like I said, there really wasn't a lot of drama. It was a really sweet story. It was a standalone. The next book in the series will be about Vinny, who you meet in Worth the Fight. Overall, this was the perfect mix of sweet and sexy.
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1,342 reviews1,246 followers
May 23, 2015
This book was like a big yummy cookie! I certainly could not and WOULD NOT want to read books like this all the time. However, for a quick and easy read this book really hit the spot!

Full review to come!

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884 reviews255 followers
October 3, 2013
Holy Hotness Your all going to LOVE Nico.... If you are a fan of MMA fighting and I know alot of you are add this bad boy to your TBR list!!!! You will not be disappointed !!!!!!

Let me start by saying this is the first book I have read by Vi and it will surely NOT be the last one. I absolutely LOVED this book. If you’re an MMA fighter fan and love a good story then by all means one click this bad boy today.

“When we met, we were two injured souls. But keeping the real out of our lives for fear of what we might find. But nothing could have kept us apart. I never believed in destiny. Thought that was a bunch of crap for people who read too many books. Until you.”

This is the story of Elle & Nico .

Elle works for a lawyers office and she has been seeing William a fellow college buddy and lawyer as well for the last 2 years as a friend with benefits. She has gotten to the point in their situation where she is bored and just not feeling anything for William anymore. After making excuses for not spending the night with him one night she gets caught the next morning in her lie.

William brings one of his clients to meet with Elle to go over his contract and see if she can see anything in it that will help in ending the contract. The Minute Elle meets Nico something happens with her and things will never be the same again.
Elle is having these weird feelings and thoughts about Nico. Nico comes in her office the next day and asks her out on a date.

Nico(the lady killer) is a MMA fighter and a definite Alpha-male and HOT as hell. He is fighting with guilt and when he meets Elle he feels as though she is the light that he needs. Can Elle help Nico with his guilt and help him to see that it is not his fault.

"Elle, run while you have the chance. You can't fix me. I'm not some project for you to take on like charity. You're better off with someone who is more like you."

Elle has her own shady past and once she opens up to Nico she gets him to realize he is not the monster he thinks he is.

I don't know how or why, but I'm as certain of it as I've ever been of anything in my life. I'm in love with this man, and the realization doesn't even scare me.

Definitely a must read. This story is definitely going on my Favorite list. Vi has done an amazing job of bringing these two characters together. It was not rushed, it moved along nice and smoothly throughout the entire book.
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1,530 reviews1,348 followers
October 16, 2018
I have been searching the goodreads for a good MMA fighter read for the past few days and this is my 3rd disappointment. I wanted to find something really good like the HURRICANE but alas, all my efforts were in vain.

Actually, the premise of this book was interesting but the execution felt like a lame class essay. It is so poorly written that I went back and checked if it really was written by Vi Keeland. It must have been a product of hers when she was an amateur writer or something, I guess.

The characters are uninteresting and they feel flat. There is no good banter between them, and I couldn’t feel the chemistry or the sexual tension between them. He doesn’t have to work for it. Everything happens smoothly, which makes it awfully boring. She was seeing someone casually when he met her. He says he wants to date her but she needs to stop seeing that guy and she says OK and they start dating. Easy peasy.

However, I must say that I never got the closure on her ex as he kissed her once some time after they got separated and told her he was waiting for her. She neither said something to help him understand it wasn’t going to happen nor she told the hero about her ex’s kiss. Slimy?

Whatever… As I said, I wasn’t feeling it and it is all because of the poor writing. There is too much telling, but not enough showing.

I hate it when writers tell me what they talked about or how they felt rather than providing me with the dialogues that show it. So, sentences like, “We went out for dinner, we had a nice time and we enjoyed each other’s company” or sentences like, “We had rough sex and I was sore in the morning” (my paraphrases, of course) do not make me feel anything. I need the WORDS, the conversation not a one-sentence paraphrase of it!

The writing suffers heavily from the lack of dialogues and actions. It is mostly the summary of happenings. And a poor lame as* summary.

And when there are dialogues, they are so cheesy and so simple that I couldn’t feel anything again, either. So either pages and pages of summaries with total lack of dialogue or unoriginal and cliché dialogues that felt lacking.

And, in addition to the scarcity of dialogues, the book doesn’t have enough steam and it has very low angst, all of which make it a really boring reading experience. Even the revelation of past secrets are done in an unemotional way - plain & dull!

That’s why, although I enjoyed the plot and the idea behind it when I read the blurb, the book didn’t go further than some lifeless journal entries for me that summarized their routine and the little action in it. If it is not for their background stories, neither of the characters are interesting at all. They are boring and shallow. They neither said or did something to make me laugh or swoon or feel any other emotion.

So, to cut it short, this book is uninspiring and sadly a big yawn!
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1,453 reviews410 followers
October 14, 2013

The good: Solid, interesting, and a definite page-turner! Possesses a realistic story line, decent pacing, and likable characters.

The bad: Hmmm. Nothing constructive to embellish on BUT... I would have liked more Nico smutt!! Hehe. Absolutely loved it when he turned on the charm or became a caveman over Elle! <3

•.¸. ♥★

Story Overview:
"Worth the Fight" tells the story of two damaged souls looking for redemption.

Nicholas 'Nico' "The Lady Killer" Hunter: MMA fighter. Tan skin, deep green eyes, unruly dark hair, and a rugged jaw.


Nico, is a fallen athlete looking to rebuild his career after a devastating accident caused him to live the last eighteen months of his life in guilt and shame. Now with the fight of his life coming up and a certain woman in the mix, he has to decide are they both worth the fight or will he allow his demons to resurface and rule them out of his life forever?

Elle: Lawyer. Sandy blonde hair. Has an irresistible butt that Nico can't keep his eyes and hands off of.


Elle, is running away from a haunting and chilling past that she cannot escape. When she meets Nico she is nothing but an empty shell pouring almost all her time into work and straggling through a meaningless, non-existent relationship with a colleague from another firm.

When these two tortured souls collide, will they be able to grant each other the absolution that each other so desperately craves? Or will their pasts cost their love go down in flames?

Elle: "You really think there's no forgiveness in what happened?"
Nico: "Forgiveness from who, Elle?"

My Thoughts:

"Worth the Fight" may have just picked up my new book boyfriend!! *Squeals* I love alpha possessive men and Nico "The Lady Killer" lives up to that and his nickname!! He was so masculine, sexy, and very dominant when it came to what was his *cough, cough...ELLE!* and his dirty talk was swoon-worthy! Definitely made my girly parts scream when he took control or would 'mark' Elle as his! Don't believe me? Well... O_0

•.¸. ♥★
Exhibit 1: "Ride me. You're so tight and wet. I'm going to fill up that pretty little pussy and make it mine. In you. So that the whole god damn world knows you're mine."

Exhibit 2: "Glad I coated you with my sweat now. It'll keep the other lions away."

Exhibit 3: "An hour later I'm on my way back to the office, with Nico's scent on my clothes and inside of me. I have a sneaking suspicion that Nico wanted it that way, knowing that I was seeing William."


SO HOT!, isn't he?! And also super naughty if you ask me!! Laying his claim on her like an animal! *drools* LOL!

•.¸. ♥★


I appreciated how Ms. Keeland took the time to build a relationship between Nico and Elle before they fell in love. Many at times, I come across reads where the characters have an instant "love at first sight" connection and from there their 'love' evolves so rapidly that they're already sprouting declarations of everlasting love within a couple of days to a week of getting to know one another. SO UNREALISTIC.

I also liked the fact that there was more of an emotional punch to the plot and characters. Both Nico and Elle share a similar yet different kind of bond over their pasts and save each other from their own personal hells of pain and destruction. When they find each other, they're literally

"Two lost souls that found each other and became one"

that ended up changing each other's lives and gave each other peace to move on with their lives.

•.¸. ♥★



A definite must read for readers that love MMA stories as much as me!

"Worth the Fight" is a raw, passionate, and touching journey that is both riveting and consuming.

I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys two characters who against all odds face their fears and conquer their tragedies face on while giving into the inevitable...


"When we met, we were two injured souls. But keeping the real out of our lives for fear of what we might find. But nothing could have kept us apart. I never believed in destiny. Thought that was a bunch of crap for people who read too many books. Until you."
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2,109 reviews54 followers
December 27, 2018

Worth The Fight era un libro que tenia en mi lista de pendientes desde hacia mas de un año, pero nunca encontraba el momento ideal para leerlo, hasta ahora.

Si soy sincera debo reconocer que no esperaba gran cosa de esta lectura, solo queria encontrar una historia sencilla y ligera para estos ultimos dias del año, pero desgraciadamente, Worth The Fight fue una novela muy decepcionante.

La trama es demasiado predecible, sosa y conveniente, la pareja protagonista no destaca en ningun momento y por si fuera poco, no me gustaron ciertas actitudes del protagonista masculino, tenia un aire demasiado cavernicola y y retrogrado para mi gusto.

La segunda mitad la lei practicamente en diagonal y saltandome las partes torridas ( las cuales en mi opinion eran un poco excesivas ), todo lo que narraba era tan simple y basico que cuando al fin llegue al epilogo lo unico que deseaba era terminar con la lectura y olvidarla.

En fin, una historia del monton que solo recomiendo si no tienes nada mejor que leer ( como en mi caso ).

2 Estrellas!
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August 16, 2016

August 16, 2016 RE - REVIEW

4.5 stars
She's worth it...worth the fight.

Just like this book, it was totally worth re-reading it.

Madness or not, one of the best impulsive deeds I have done lately!!!


October 4th, 2014. First review!

This was a very good read.

And I'm smiling like a cheshire cat.

Figure it out for yourself.

I'm not sharing. LOL
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July 20, 2014
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

I was so flippin' excited to get a chance to read an another ARC from Vi Keeland after falling in love with her other books. I had no idea what to expect when I started Worth the Fight, but I was hooked within minutes.

Let's meet Elle.
She's smart and she is reserved. Just in her mid-twenties and her life has become nothing but her job, with a safe friends with benefits relationship that ensures that she keeps everyone at arms length. She holds a painful past and is fearful that revealing that secret will cause everyone to see her differently. She is not an overly weak heroine, although she has cause to be. But she ends up being a fighter and is determined once she has her heart set.

And then there is Nico Hunter.

MMA fighter and all around yummy man-candy.

"Ride me. You're so tight and wet. I'm going to fill up that sexy little pussy and make it mine. I want my smell on you. In you. So that the whole god damn world knows you're mine."

Nico has his own demons. But beyond his own issues, he is everything alpha-male that we all love. He is possessive, demanding, loves deep & rough and he says the most alpha things. Things like...

Elle has never felt the rush of nerves when a man comes into the room, that is until she meets Nico. Her body is reacting on it's own and for the first time she isn't letting her mind rule her heart.

Watching both Elle & Nico find their way was a beautiful journey that was not always roses. They both have a past that they must forgive themselves for. Scars, that until they met one another seemed like they would remain open wounds forever.

Vi Keeland created a story that was not only hot, but very touching with just the right dose of angst. Another great read by this author to add to some of my favorite reads. A great start to a new series that is bound to be a success. I can't wait to see what comes of little Vinny as he grows into a man.
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October 9, 2013

She is worth it...worth the fight.

Nico Hunter...YES YES YES and again...YES!!! :D

The story is about Elle and Nico. HE is a MMA fighter trying to cope with guilt and pain from his past. SHE is a lawyer with boring life and lack of any emotions. She is fighting her own demons. What can they possibly have in common...A LOT!!

A quick, fun, sexy and beautiful story!!! I knew I would love it! I’m such a sucker for fighters!! And Nico Hunter does NOT disappoint! He is sexy as hell, absolute alpha male but also sweet and gentle.

Elle is a strong, smart, beautiful and successful! I really liked her!

Elle and Nico’s story is soooo sweet :) It made me smile sooooo many times (made me cry a bit too). They face their demons together. I love the fact that not only the heroine needed saving... but the hero as well!! And Elle was strong for him!!

"That little lawyer of yours is hot as hell, but sure is a handful.   She could sell ice to an eskimo.”

“I’m no longer running from something that doesn’t exist. I don’t have to. I don’t see my own ghost in a shadow when I look down, I see Nico. His shadow looms over us both. It’s big and it’s bold and it towers over mine protectively. Just like the man.”

I definitely recommend this book!

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February 15, 2014
2.5 Stars

"What is it about you, Elle?"

I'm at a loss Nico.

"What the hell is wrong with me?

Good question, Elle.

"I'm acting like a complete idiot."

Finally, she said something smart.


That one word just about sums up everything I didn't like about this book. I couldn't stand her and I couldn't connect with her. She was flat, she was boring, and I have no idea why both Nico and William did not agree with me.

I only started to "warm up" to her (and by this I mean lukewarm at best) during the last 20% of the book. When I was skimming. Coincidence? I think not.

The one and a half stars added to the one star I initially WANTED to give this book can be directly attributed to Nico.

Holy hotness, he was dead sexy.

Otherwise, this book just didn't do it for me.
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September 30, 2013

Let me just start off and say.. I freaking Loved this!
Vi has given us an awesome story that kept me hooked from the first moment I met Nico…..

Elle is going through the motions of life, living the good life yet still finds herself bored.
The guy she has been seeing for the last 2 years can't even excite her anymore.
Not sure where her life is going, Elle feels disconnected.

I'm a character in my story, going throughout the chapters of my life as if it was written by an imaginary person, when I should be the Author.

When she meets Nico, something changes. She feels like her life has come alive. Something about his eyes seems familiar. The undeniable chemistry between the two is first indication that they could be something great.

Nico is struggling with a past that covers him in guilt. He is fighting his demons, but Elle comes into his life and finally he can see light again.

When Nico tries to take back what he has lost, he finds himself not ready an in turn pushes Elle away, thinking that she could never understand.

"Elle, run while you have the chance. You can't fix me. I'm not some project for you to take on like charity. You're better off with someone who is more like you."

But Elle holds a dark secret that changes the whole game, will Nico let her in enough to see that she is Worth the Fight?

I don't know how or why, but I'm as certain of it as I've ever been of anything in my life. I'm in love with this man, and the realisation doesn't even scare me.

Worth The Fight is one of those books that just have to be read with no spoilers.
Don't get me wrong I want to tell you all about, tell you all the amazing lines I had highlighted in my Kindle. But the small pieces that you learn along the way, that give you a little more each time, is what keeps you hooked. You will definitely want to read this!

I loved Nico! Love him. He was Hard and Soft, Sexy and Sweet. I couldn't get enough of him.

"I've wanted to come inside of you so badly it hurts. Feel that clenching little pussy slide up and down my bare cock. I need in. Now."

The sexy times were SMOKING HOT!!!!!!

Their connection is done perfectly. It's not forced. While reading I felt it was so much more relatable as they have a certain maturity to them. I loved that!

He responds to my declaration with a kiss. Calling it a kiss just doesn't seem like enough, it's so much more. But there's no name for two people becoming so entangled in each other that they get lost. For wanting someone so badly that your body trembles waiting for more. So much more.

This is my second Vi Keeland read and she doesn't disappoint. Her writing hits the mark, and leaves you craving for more.
I Loved every second of this and really really really can't wait to see what's next!

4.5 Stars

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