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A high concept, cinematic read with a surprising twist, MINDERS asks the question: who is really watching whom?

Q: If the boy you love commits a crime, would you turn him in?

Sadie Ames is a type-A teenager from the wealthy suburbs. She's been accepted to the prestigious Mind Corps Fellowship program, where she'll spend six weeks as an observer inside the head of Ford, a troubled boy with a passion for the crumbling architecture of the inner city. There's just one problem: Sadie's fallen in love with him.

Q: What if the crime is murder?

Ford Winters is haunted by the murder of his older brother, James. As Sadie falls deeper into his world, dazzled by the shimmering pinpricks of color that form images in his mind, she begins to think she knows him. Then Ford does something unthinkable.

Q: What if you saw it happen from inside his mind?

Back in her own body, Sadie is faced with the ultimate dilemma. With Ford's life in her hands, she must decide what is right and what is wrong. And how well she can really ever know someone, even someone she loves.

395 pages, Hardcover

First published January 30, 2014

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About the author

Michele Jaffe

23 books393 followers
Michele Jaffe (b. March 20 in Los Angeles, California), is an American writer. She has authored novels in several genres, including historical romance, suspense thrillers, and novels for Young Adults.

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990 reviews6,363 followers
February 19, 2014
Minders is a futuristic story about a new science that allows a person to piggyback on someone else's mind. During what's called Syncopy, minders see what their host sees, read their thoughts, feel their pleasure and pain, however they can't control anything, and their host don't know they're being watched.

I was quite surprised by the depth of this story. For the most part, it comes off as a contemporary novel inside a sci-fi bubble. We're literally thrown inside Ford's mind; someone hurt, broken, and deeply troubled by grief. It's saddening to see his family crumbling from his brother's murder. With a now useless mother, Ford is the one who has to raise his sister and put food on the table. He's also starting to realize there's more to his brother's death than he thought. This gives us an intriguing mystery that ultimately ties everything together, with a few twists and turns along the way.

Being in someone's head gives us a character angle like no other. Jaffe's depiction of the mind itself is incredible and fascinating. Our subconscious, our thoughts and ways of compartmentalizing, our external vs internal selves; it's impressively creative. It also allows us to learn a lot about Ford; we get to know his most honest, raw self. He has a gentle, sweet soul. He's also very much a 19 year old boy when it comes to relationships and insecurities. I came to love his character even though he isn't perfect by any means. I can't say the same about Sadie's, though. her character building left a lot to be desired. At one point she describes a past with uncaring parents in a way that seemed as if it was just to make her three-dimensional. I never felt the emotional depth of her character, nor did I feel connected to her overall. Fortunately, this is Ford's story while she comes off as a side character, but unfortunately, it also makes the romance that blooms between them feel forced. Although it was very original, as far as romantic storylines go. Furthermore, there are some side character that I felt unnecessary to the story. Cali and Marcus, for instance, were like peons drifting in and out without aim or purpose.

Moving on to the plot itself. While it can be described as original and in many ways, compelling, I found myself underwhelmed, even confused at times, with the world building. Or I should say the lack thereof. We're thrown into a world that is clearly not in our present, but we don't know when, futuristically, it's set, how the city fell apart to such a degree, how the world is doing. Nothing. All we're told is of this city's crumbling appearance, the Minders scientific advancement, and irrelevant eccentricities like streets named "Love Your Feet Road" and "H3O Purified Water-Style Beverage Way". I mean, you can't just mention those streets and not explain! As a result, this makes it just Ford's story and nothing more. It doesn't expand beyond the direct mysteries surrounding him and Mind Corps - probably to keep it a stand-alone (which is nice!). So it's an entertaining plot, but kept fairly narrow. Much of the ending is also predictable, if a bit rushed, though luckily I found this book was more about the journey than its destination.

Minders brings us a neat sci-fi concept that delves into the heart of grief and guilt. I enjoyed many aspects of this book, but I felt as if the story was sometimes let loose to wander. I would recommend this to fans of Starters and The Host.

An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.

For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads
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182 reviews78 followers
November 8, 2014
After reading both Ghost Flower and Minders by Michele Jaffe, I have no doubt that this woman knows the way to my heart and tear ducts because boy, did I sob after finishing Minders.

This book was everything I needed without knowing I needed it. I've been in a reading slump for months and Minders didn't only get me out of it, it also reminded me why I love reading so much. The excitement I felt while reading this was priceless. I had all different kinds of emotional responses to whatever happened but the important thing was, never for a second was I bored, I was emotionally attached the whole time and couldn't flip the pages fast enough. And after reading so many meh books lately, I kept looking for a book to amaze me and just suck me in so bad that I forget about everything else and Minders was most definitely what I was looking for and I couldn't be happier that I read it because basically, SADIE AND FORD ARE EVERYTHING.

Let's talk about Ford. It just has to be said that Ford Winter is an asshole. (This is a true fact brought to you by Rose.) I do love him but he's an asshole. Still, although he made stupid decisions, was just being a dick with his actions (sometimes), annoyed the hell out of me, I couldn't help but love him. Especially because there were so many moments where I understood why Ford was the way he is and it broke my heart and made me just love him even more. As Sadie says, one moment he has you swallowing back a lump in your throat, the next he's making you roll your eyes. (Really hard.)

And then there's Sadie. I haven't loved a female character this much since what feels like FOREVER. I really could relate to Sadie in certain situations, which made this whole read even more emotional for me than it already was and it just made me want to hug her and tell her it's all going to be okay.

Together Sadie and Ford build my ultimate ship. I've never shipped so hard in my life and the shippy moments were LEGIT THE BEST SHIPPY MOMENTS I'VE EVER READ. I've never rooted this much for two fictional characters in my life and it was just FULL OF FEELS AND IT WAS AWESOME AND I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT.

What I didn't love was the ending that almost gave me a heart attack. Seriously, I couldn't believe what I was reading when I read that epilogue but then the END END happened and I was never so relieved and sad at the same time because all was okay in the end but also not because the book was over??? Which is why the moment I turned off my Kindle after I was done, I was a sobbing mess. I'm literally having the worst book hangover ever right now and am also in denial that it's over. Like, there has to be sequel, IT CAN'T JUST BE OVER. Before I finished the book, I literally put my thumb on the % number on my Kindle because I didn't want to see how close to the end I was because it would just make me even sadder that yes, this book will end, and no, I will not be emotionally prepared. And now it's over and I'll forever be in denial.

First Michele Jaffe knocked me off my socks with Ghost Flower and now with Minders, which means that from now on she's on my forever auto-buy and favourite authors list. Also, she literally thanks pizza in her acknowledgements. Which makes her even more awesome. I'm still in denial that I'm done with Minders because this is one of those books I just never wanted to end and I'm praying to all the Book Lords out there that there's going to be a sequel or at least a companion novel where Sadie and Ford and Lulu appear because IT JUST CAN'T BE OVER. (Can you tell I'm in denial?)

Honestly, I recommend this book to everyone, just if you don't like your books a bit more on the mature side content-wise (there are some pretty explicit scenes) I wouldn't advise you to read it.
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87 reviews10 followers
December 11, 2014
I don't know what it was about this book. It started out great. Sadie had a clear cut-personality, and while she wasn't super interesting, she wasn't infuriating either. The actual concept--these teenagers becoming observers inside the minds of lower class individuals--is pretty interesting, and it's introduced in an intriguing way. I wanted to know more about these technologies, and what it meant in the grand scheme of things.

Then Sadie enters Ford's mind. And it just goes downhill from there.

Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't make myself give a crap about the sudden Who Killed James plot. It just felt...odd. Like the writer came up with a really cool concept but didn't know how to implement it correctly and just wrote another plot on top of it. Yeah, it sort of comes together in the end, but that felt clumsy as hell.

I honestly didn't understand what was up with Sadie's sudden love for Ford. I can't even remember a proper transition. She finds him interesting at times, other times she thinks he's an idiot, she says he's hot once, and then it's all "But Ford deserved better." "But Ford can't be in trouble!" "But I care about him." "But Ford, I'm the one who loves you!" Wut. Since when??? This mood change was just too abrupt for me.

And maybe I could believe it if Ford had been a more likable character. He wasn't. He was kind of a douche. I never felt like the death of his brother had any lasting impact on him. Oh sure, he'd wince when someone said his name, or pondered over him at times. But it was kind of soulless.

And oh god, his douchey behavior to women. His slut-shaming was driving me crazy. He insulted almost every woman in his life, from playful teasing with his little sister (normal) to outright verbal abuse with his girlfriend (BAD BAD BAD). And in the latter, the idiot is

I wouldn't really mind, but the book pretty much opens up establishing Sadie's virginal status. I don't have anything against virgin heroines. I'm not one for virgin-shaming. But when your good female lead is "pure" and good and the other prominent women are mostly defined by their sexuality or promiscuity...err...sorry, but I'm gonna read into it. And shit got uncomfortable after that.

Eventually, Sadie's reactions to Ford felt out of place. She wasn't interesting enough to operate as an observer because it was just...bland. When something weird happened, she thought it was weird. When Ford was rude, she thought it was rude. When someone was a jerk, she thought they were a jerk. COME ON, SADIE. I know she was supposed to "stay objective" and document her observations, but that just made it boring as all hell. And even when she'd given all that and was all "Oh Ford keep going, I love you," she was still tedious to read. I get that this concept is challenging. You can't exactly have an active protagonist when all she can do is watch someone's thoughts. But that doesn't make it any less annoying. I'm sure there was a way to make her influence him, or to make her act in the world outside with a goal in mind.

I admire the author for what she tried to do. The actual descriptions of how Sadie feels and interprets Ford's thoughts could get a bit abstract, but she managed to keep the sensory detail consistent. At times.

And then when it was nearing the end...

Oh boy.

In the end, this book's worst crime is that it's boring. An interesting premise can only do so much.
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Author 20 books4,866 followers
August 17, 2013
What if you fell in love with the boy you were spying on...while trapped inside his mind? A riveting page-turner that kept me guessing until the very end.

You can pop me into Ford Winter’s mind any day. A sexy, futuristic tale of love and betrayal. I devoured it!

(I don't give stars to YA books, since that's the age category I write for!)
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1,857 reviews1,048 followers
March 6, 2014
Review to come soon. Good moments mixed with meh moments. I liked the set up, but I wasn't in awe of the execution, which at times lost momentum. Nonetheless, I thought it was decent for the concept.
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Author 2 books20 followers
January 30, 2015
First of all, this book was well written. Its style, pace, plot, and characters were absolutely perfect and I'm tempted to rate this book five stars alone for those points.

But I cannot.

I'm a older teen. I'm not a older man that's disconnected from young adults lives by many years. I'm still in the middle of my Young Adult years. And I dislike reading "hate" comments on Goodreads and I'm doing my best not to make one. The sexual themes and explicit situations forced me to stop reading this book three quarters of the way through. If this book could be rated like a movie - it would be rated R: For Sexuality alone. I'm shocked that this book was recommended for 12 year old children. We wonder why our Western society is falling apart when we have books that are molesting the minds of the children around us.

Though this story has its merit, its good characters, interesting mystery, cool imagery, and intense action, and unique love story, I cannot recommend this book to anyone. I do really admire Michele Jaffe's hard work to make this book believable and enjoyable but unfortunately in one respect she missed the mark entirely.
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53 reviews9 followers
February 7, 2017

Wow. This was way better than I expected. I decided to read this book after i saw fan art of ford and sadie, and when I searched it, i found that it wasn't a very well known book, so I thought, is it really good? Well, one way to find out. So i got it, read it, and abso-fucking-lutely loved it. God, why is it so unknown?? I have never read anything like it. Ford is one of the most interesting characters i have ever read. He was complex and badass and so so sweet.

I've learned that a good book is a book that makes you think about it when your not reading it. And I thought about Minders a lot in past two days.

I just wish i have a mini pocket sized ford and sadie to take with me at all time lol.

Ps: search phantomrin for the fan art that inspired me to read it, its gorgeous:)


I totally forgot to say that the ending was soooo NOT what was I expecting, but in the best way possible.
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1,747 reviews167 followers
March 31, 2014
*Gave up approx 200 pages in*

Well, actually, I was going to finish it till I ran across a scene I was so disgusted with that there was just no way I was going to bother reading the rest of this.

But other than that:

Writing was fine.
Idea was so/so.
Didn't give a crap about Sadie.
Didn't give a crap about Ford.
Hated Plum.
Loved Lulu. And actually the best part of this entire book was Lulu and Ford's interaction with her.
Can't be bothered to remember the names of anyone else.

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1 review1 follower
August 9, 2016
4.5 stars

I'm currently having one of those feelings where you wish you forgot you read a certain book and you could read it over again. To feel all those feels anew. To get all surprised because you didn't know what's about to happen. This book is just that. I'm having major book hangover right now. And i hate that feeling cause i'll probably be ending up in a book rut more or else.

I'm kinda regretting that I read the book in one sitting. I just want to savor and cuddle with it as long as possible. I didn't expect that I would love this book so much. I started the book without reading any reviews or even reading the blurb at the back. Just picked it up, headed to the cashier and rushed home to start reading it. Just because I saw Wendy gave it 4 stars. Yup. That's how much I trust her taste.

Michele Jaffe wrote the book beautifully. Not lacking in describing the scenery and such. It was like you were right there. You were Sadie seeing through the eyes of Ford. But It still lacks that sort of world building that you want to completely immerse yourself into. It's as if your just in the edge of something wonderful but don't have enough strength to just fall into it and be mindlessly entralled. I think it's because of the extra characters such as Willy, Linc or Plum. I wanted to understand them more. But I get it. Sadie was just visiting Ford's mind after all so there is this kinda semi detached feeling into it. I think that was how Michelle Jaffe wrote it. Because if you compare it to the way Ford is written the scenes with Lulu, it was beautiful. I could go on. And on about this but I'll just end up boring you.

Ford Winters. Swoon worthy alert. I fell in love with him. I really did. Lonely and confused and smoking hot and a bad boy. Yup complete turn on.

I don't like the epilogue part or the last pages of the book. I wish it was written longer.

Just read the book. Hope you love it as much as I did.
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182 reviews22 followers
May 21, 2014
~~This review might contain spoilers~~

I don't know why but i liked it. The truth is that i was expecting something different from this book. When i read the book blurb mentioning a girl who is inside a guy's mind i was looking forward to see the main characters communicate with each other inside the male protagonist's head. Instead we see Ford's thoughts and feelings and his not-so-peaceful life plus Sadie's commentary about Ford's choices. Of course there is some interaction between them since Sadie finally manages to talk to him while she is inside his head and even face to face when she gets out of it, but this happens at the end of the book. Still i enjoyed the story and especially the ending.
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4,615 reviews160 followers
September 13, 2014
"When you're lost, every direction looks the same."

ooooooh. This one completely surprised me with how much I enjoyed it.
At first, I wasn't so sure about Sadie. And the general synopsis made me nervous. This could be silly fluff about a girl pining over a boy.

but before I realized it, I'd hit half way. And I was sure I was enjoying it but I wasn't sure I was loving it until...the crux of the plot hit and I realized how much I knew the characters. How I was rooting them on and hoping they won! This one is sneaky and has you falling for the story and the people so easily you don't notice. Definitely one I'd read again.
340 reviews114 followers
May 14, 2016
My mind is still reeling, and I may have developed cardiac issues.

The only note I have to make is that this book is not exactly suitable for YA. There are various sex scenes, even if not explicitly described.
Also: in the synopsis there is a major spoiler.
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184 reviews1 follower
October 15, 2018
This would have been a perfect 5 stars if the ending hadn’t been rushed out so quick. The start tells the story so well and really sets a stage, and the end is told quick without enough detail or proper explanations
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1,212 reviews391 followers
Shelved as 'abandoned'
December 19, 2014
A prologue and two straight chapters of infodump and telling me everything about Sadie at once instead of letting me see it gradually = NO.
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121 reviews7 followers
August 10, 2017
I loved this book a lot, especially the character development and the chemistry between them.
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14 reviews
May 31, 2021
Overall, this was a great book. The plot was very intricate and well thought-out. Probably one of the most unique and different storylines I’ve read in a long time. You felt attached to the story, as if you were actually in Ford’s mind, more than just reading from an outside perspective. The one thing that fell flat for me was Sadie. I didn’t connect with her and didn’t really agree with any of her thoughts/decisions. She seemed underdeveloped and I didn’t care for her much. The romance aspect was also a little forced and just not very convincing. Nonetheless, this was more a story about Ford and I think that his storyline was done very well. The ending was also very surprising and I didn’t at all expect it. Very creative and interesting concept!
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8 reviews
June 29, 2021
This book was an absolute trip. What a delightfully unexpected library find.
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198 reviews1 follower
September 12, 2021
I really, extremely, enjoyed this novel! The storyline had me entranced since the first page! The ending to this story left me feeling so happy and giddy for Sadie and Ford as we experienced their lives with them during the syncopy - Sadie in Ford’s mind - experiencing Ford’s life. Such an amazing story and so many twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. I couldn’t believe the plot twist towards the end of the book! I should have known but the story really keeps you in the present time with them so you can’t think ahead and guess the story.
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1,312 reviews50 followers
December 21, 2014
*3.5 star rating*

I've honestly seen this book everywhere I go, and I feel like it kept on following me, so I then decided to borrow it from the library to give it a go. Since August due to my crazy schedule, it has been stalling in my bookshelf waiting to be picked up and loved from. Minders was a psychological thriller, with some flaws in between. But overall, it was a great novel and a total change.

"He took a step forward, then another. Dread filled her. She wanted to close her eyes, look away, but that wouldn't change anything. He raised the gun, and as he stepped into the office she heard him think, Watch this Sadie. As if she had a choice."

Okay, so this book did have some peculiar events where I thought things were too good to be true. But really, the plot is simple but so good. What's happening in this dystopia world is that the government basically hire spies to read other people's minds of troubled people. Sadie Ames is a girl who's perfect for this role, as she will be listening to the thoughts of Ford, who is troubled by his dead brother's past. What happens when she falls in love with someone who doesn't even know that she exists?

"I want to feel what pressures other people feel. Experience the world guided by someone else's moral compass. See and hear and taste with senses formed in a completely different mold than mine. I want to see what it's like to live someone else's lie."

The concept of this book was one of the most unique that I've read about for a while. Mind-reading slash dystopia? WHAT AWESOMENESS. This was like a less dystopian Hunger Games, if you get what I mean. There was almost always action at every corner of every page. Like legit, the word "action." xD Just kidding—but this book was a total joke with the romance and characters.

At first, I saw Sadie as kick-ass and literally perfect. She was the new "Tris," and the character I've been looking for, for the longest time. And then Ford happened. EWEWEWEWEWEW NO. Their "love" ruined it all because it was completely fake and Sadie was so obsessed. GIRL DO YOUR JOB.

Honestly, that's the part that frustrated me the most. I was expecting something more simple and special. As I began reading, I was pretty intrigued. Jaffe had something so intriguing in her words and I just wanted to know what would happen and how the ending will come to be. Next thing next, the middle portion was a little too boring and I lost the real amazingness of the story until the ending came. Meh.

Minders was something I haven't read about for a long time. The plot was pretty well, and the idea was perfect. Minus some bland and flaws in the characters, I was really impressed with the outcome, and it was a great standalone.

This review can also be found on A Thousand Lives Lived check it out for more reviews!
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99 reviews27 followers
January 29, 2015
First of all, in all honesty, I was about to give this one a 2 or 3 stars nothing less and nothing more. However, because I loved the very last few chapters and the perfect ending, I changed my mind.

The idea of being able to be inside somebody's mind was really fascinating and interesting but there were some problems all along that sometimes, I just put in so much effort to continue reading this one. Thankfully, I am glad I continued reading. First, Ford was really intense and it was just great to see and feel all the emotions and thoughts that went through his head and you just grow fond of him. You try to figure out what has been going through his mind and the good writing made it possible to grasp that intensity and just react to this character throughout the story. You find yourself curled up in bed with ticklish sensations like when he was having one of these angry episodes where he hurt himself that it felt like I could see him right there in front of me, I wanted to shout just like Sadie did and urge him to stop. This part was just brutal. Second, comes the character of Sadie who was just trapped in someone else's mind, so most of the time she was just the obserever. So here comes one of the regrets I have regarding this book: it is the fact that I wish is was written from Sadie's point of view. That would have made it more intense with better pace for thrill. Consequently, I would have been more involved in Sadie's thoughts and that feeling of her hopelessness and passivity would have been more understandable and bearable. That is to say, it would have been another enhancing point if I, as a reader, took the role of a "minder" As a third good point to what drove me to finish and eventually love this book, is Ford's connection with Sadie, though I wish it was established at the very beginning of the book in order to deepen the relation between them. But the ending was just perfect that I could ignore that unpleasant dissatisfaction. Overall, I want to say that this book would have been much more better if it was written from Sadie's point of you, which I conclude that it is my biggest regret.

On another note, I just want to say that I really loved the cover of this book and I could care less about the other characters, who were a bit scattered pointlessly here and there and just disappeared from the story except Lulu, who was just a bright sunshine and "cleverly lovely" if I may say.
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98 reviews1 follower
August 11, 2016
This is one of those books that leaves me breathless after finishing it. Honestly, I wished there was more so I could go back to reading this book every morning over a cup of coffee. I've been getting quite bored of paranormal romance (the genre I absolutely love,) because there is so many that feel like the same cup of tea. Well this was a huge change of pace, and I'm glad I picked it up at my local library.

I was first introduced to Michele Jaffe's writing from a short story collection I picked up. Her characters are always witty, leaving her works with a comical feel. Now imagine two of those characters, in the same body. One has always been high strung; she lives on the rich side of town, with the perfect boyfriend, and school life. She's afraid to go out and do new things, but being put inside the mind of Ford Winter, she is forced to experience a life she would have never experienced otherwise. Ford is one of those people who is always getting into trouble. Always at the wrong place, at the wrong time. This book was like a part mystery, part crime drama, and full on paranormal romance. It was beautiful; it made me laugh, it made me cry, and I am super upset that this joyful ride is now over.

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406 reviews931 followers
June 18, 2016

There are some books that simply scream out at you to read them. Whether with their gorgeous covers or intriguing summaries, these are the books that you can't live without reading. To me, Minders by Michele Jaffe was one of those books. From the moment I read the synopsis, I was absolutely hooked.

Minders is set in the future where scientists have created a way for people to observe the minds of others. Our protagonist, Sadie, has just been offered to spend six weeks inside the head of a troubled boy named Ford; and, without much thought, she agrees. But while inside his mind, he commits a horrible crime - and gets away with it. Sadie is stuck with a dilemma: should she turn him in or not?

While the plot was certainly the best part of the story, and what drew me in originally, there were times I felt that some parts of the story were a bit unnecessary. There was a huge "evil corporation" subplot that I felt the book would have done better without as it didn't add much to the development of the plot or the characters and made the pacing significantly slower.

As for the character of Sadie herself, I started out the story rather liking her. She is driven and intelligent, and she knows what she wants and how to get it. However, in the middle of the story, while in Ford's mind, she begins to fall in love with him, and that's where I got a bit annoyed. Gone was the determined and driven young lady I enjoyed; replaced by someone lovesick and a bit annoying.

While certainly original and groundbreaking, it seemed that Michele Jaffe just tried to tackle a little too much with this novel with the multitude of unnecessary subplots.
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1,205 reviews130 followers
May 3, 2014
Set in the near future, Minders captivated me in a way few books do. Sadie Ames, a gifted, highly intelligent teenager, has to spend six weeks as an observer in Ford Winter's mind. Although she prides herself on being cold and analytical, can she remain objective?

Completely engaging and moving forward all the time, this book is a true page-turner. As it starts with Sadie being interviewed, it immediately gives the reader a good insight into Sadie's personality. She clearly wants to do well but she is determined to remain the perfect objective observer and ultimately succeed in the mind corps program.

Ford Winter, still trying to deal with his brother's murder, is a troubled young man with a whole lot of anger inside him. Sadie needs to decide whether he is too troubled or whether he is, deep down, a good, caring, and above all, innocent person.

The way in which the author portrays the human mind as well as the subconscious, is simply incredible and brilliantly imaginative. She masterfully blends Sadie's perceptions with Ford's thoughts and actions while keeping it simple to understand for the reader.

Most of the time I felt like I was right there in Ford's mind with Sadie. This made for some nail-biting moments, instances of deep sadness, and several laugh out loud opportunities.

Although Sadie is not supposed to get involved, she finds herself drawn into Ford's life within the first week; a mistake that almost costs her her place in the program. In the end Sadie must make decisions which no teenager should have to make.

For a read that will take your emotions on a fascinating, often suspenseful, and sometimes very sad ride inside Ford Winter's mind, I recommend Minders as an absolute must read. (Ellen Fritz)
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39 reviews3 followers
February 17, 2014
5 out of 5 stars

What it's about:

I'm going to use the blurb from the book because I'm finding it a little hard to summarize.

"In a not-so-distant future Detroit, reading someone's mind is no longer just a fantasy

"An unflinching perfectionist, Sadie Ames is about to embark on every teenage girl's dream-she will be an observer in a boy's mind. Her task is to gather information for a corporation that is working to improve inner-city conditions.

"But as Sadie watches Ford struggle to peel back the mystery of his older brother's death, she begins to realize their is a dark truth lurking at the heart of the city. And when Ford does something criminal, she'll find out how well she can ever really know someone, even someone she loves."

My review:

The cover is really interesting but it's only about a quarter of the reason I requested this book. The concept is just so interesting.

The story played out very well and I have nothing about this book that I didn't like. Except maybe the way the characters talked. Other than that, I totally loved the book.

I know, this is a very short review but all I can really extend is more praise and I think that will get a little boring so I'll end it here.

Thanks for reading!
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October 28, 2014
I'm being nice with three stars, it should be two but what gave it an extra star is literally the beauty of the cover. I struggled to get through this, trying to read it as fast as I could to finish it. Don't get me wrong the concept for the book was what made me buy it (no spoilers) but I felt that it could have been better executed. The love story was forced, like what did Sadie thank was going to happen when Ford found out that he had someone in his head? And saying that she loved him? What?? She has/had a boyfriend like a day ago. I didn't get the ending and it was either too slow or so fast that I didn't know what was happening. Defiantly pick it up if you're into dystopic weird as hell love stories.
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May 13, 2014
This book took me on a journey and made me feel things I didn't think I could emotionally handle. nothing is more terrifying than being in the mind of a teenage boy, but Sadie made it happen and to fall in love with him? that's rough.

I don't want to say too much and give something away, but I do want to let you know that Sadie and Ford ' relationship is like a grenade. it is deadly and bound to explode so you need to duck to avoid the shrapnel.

All that matter is that there is enough big pieces left over to pick up off the ground.

So good, I'd read it again.

Well done Michele. A beautiful novel
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December 11, 2017
I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book thanks to the Goodreads Giveaways.

I really liked this book. The plot was so unique, not like any other book I've read. Starting almost right away, I didn't want to put the book down. I just wanted to keep reading, find out what happened next. Great twists at the end that I didn't see coming at all. The ending was a bit abrupt, but overall it was a great book ☺
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