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In this e-book short story by Rick Riordan, Carter Kane is investigating rumored sightings of a monster on Long Island when he runs into something else: a mysterious boy named Percy Jackson. And their meeting isn't exactly friendly. . . . Includes a sneak peek chapter from HOUSE OF HADES, Book Four in the Heroes of Olympus series.

40 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 1, 2012

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Rick Riordan

508 books403k followers
Rick Riordan is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of many books, including the Percy Jackson series. You can follow him on Twitter and via his official website.

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125 reviews
May 19, 2013
EDIT 6/20/13:

Well that was awesome......... I can't even express my pure love for this crossover. AND THEY TOTALLY GOT THAT THEY WERE FROM DIFFERENT MYTHOLOGIES! *Tears of joy* More! More! More!

What if when the 7 are closing the doors of death Percy calls Carter and.....? Ugh, I can't even. What if the future crossover book includes the Norse Mythology kids?! The best end to HoO would be all four mythologies uniting! 1. I mean..... Can you just imagine all those awesome characters together..? :'D 2. All the bad guys joining forces would create the most bad-ass team of villains in history (LOKI!!!!!!)

Also, this includes the first chapter of HoH so..... *Finds somewhere to cry some more* I just can't take the waiting....

EDIT 5/20/13:

Oh my sweet felafel that is one Percy-filled-awesome cover <3.<3 I'm actually surprised we even got a cover.. But we did... And look at Percy!!!! The gooey form that was my heart can barely wait. June 18. June 18. June 18. June 18..... <\3

EDIT 4/19/13:

It includes an excerpt from the House of Hades!!!!!!! Can SOMEONE just put me into a coma till this comes out?!?!?!?!???!?!?!? Rick Riordan is evil. I bet it'll be like the Mark of Athena excerpt!!! I BET IT WON'T EVEN BE ABOUT PERCY AND ANNABETH IN TARTARUS!!!!!!

I'm gonna go have a mental freak out in my closet because this little crossover of awesomeness just got a side of ice cream. And I really don't have any patience left. *Crying on the floor*

EDIT 3/26/13:

From Rick's website:
Q. Would you ever do a crossover series with Kane characters and Percy Jackson characters?

A. Because of your interest, I recently finished a short story called "The Son of Sobek" in which Carter Kane meets Percy Jackson. It's tons of fun! In the US, you can find this story in the back of the paperback edition of The Serpent's Shadow, available May 2013. It will also be available as an e-single later in the summer. More details to come. Some day, I might write a full-length novel crossover combining the two worlds, but remember that each novel takes one year to write, and I have a lot of other books I have to write first!



I am so excited...... I'm already hyperventilating about the release of this book. OKAY, ENOUGH FANGIRLING!

What do I expect? I expect lots of Percyness. I want sarcastic Percyness, as always. Also... since it's a short story, will there even be enough time for them to grasp that THEY ARE FROM DIFFERENT MYTHOLOGIES?! IF THEY JUST WALK AWAY CONFUSED, I WILL DIE .-. I've waited so long for this crossover that if Rick Riordan makes this really short and basically just an easy means out of having to write the crossover (That everybody was asking for).. Well.... I'm gonna cry, or scream, or most likely... die inside.
I was waiting for a crossover series.. So what I always imagined was something like Carter and the rest of them showing up at camp asking about the weird magical activity.. Then Idk.. Awesomeness. A collab fight? BUT WILL ANYTHING HAPPEN NOW?! And if it's only the two of them (Percy and Carter)...

Idk.. Lets just wait and see. But right now I feel like a nervous ball of anticipation is knocking around my insides and when I finally get to read the short story, it will explode and I will die, painfully.
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1,030 reviews1,045 followers
October 9, 2015
3.5 stars

A refreshing, short read from Uncle Rick the second. <3

Carter coincidentally (or perhaps not) meets Percy in Long Island as Carter tries to capture a huge monster crocodile called “petshuchos”, the son of the crocodile god, Sobek which Percy has been trying to seize for a long time already (Long Island being his home turf). Initially, the meeting wasn’t very civil because of unfamiliarity but they call a truce in a united mission to capture the monster. Of course, it’s Mr. Riordan so it ends with a cliffy! I didn’t expect any less! Lol! Told in Carter’s POV, this is a recommended fun read for fans of Carter Kane and Percy Jackson.^^

You can read the short story here . I hope this is legal because I don’t want to get sued or I guess if there’s anybody that should be sued, it’s the administrator of that site. Lol.
July 22, 2020
”Deal. Now, could you please untie my sword hand from my head? I feel like a freaking unicorn”.

¡Ahhhh! Este es el crossover que no sabía que necesitaba en mi vida. Dioses del Olimpo y de Egipto, ver a Carter y a Percy juntos es absolutamente épico y, si bien en este primer relato aún no confían por completo el uno en el otro, fue increíble verlos unir sus fuerzas y enfrentarse a ese monstruo.

En The Son of Sobek Carter está en Long Island buscando a un monstruo egipcio que está causando destrozos. La cosa es que, en un momento, el cocodrilo gigante se lo zampa entero y, cuando menos lo piensa, es Percy quien lo está salvando. Al principio todo es súper confuso porque ni Carter sabe que existen los semidioses griegos, ni Percy sabe que los magos del Antiguo Egipto también van campantes por la vida y por Nueva York. A pesar de sus diferencias, saben que lo importante es vencer a ese monstruo gigante, así que ambos se ponen manos a la obra.

Creo que Rick Riordan nunca me va a decepcionar cuando se trata de Percy o de Carter. La manera en la que narró este relato fue tan divertida e icónica que, literalmente, me reí unas cinco veces a lo largo de las pocas páginas que tiene esta historia. Amo ese sentido del humor que el tío Rick le da a absolutamente todas las situaciones. No puedo esperar a leer el siguiente relato así que, si me disculpan, acabaré esta reseña ya e iré inmediatamente por mi libro.
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131 reviews60 followers
May 29, 2016
EDIT: 5/9/2013

So I just finished the story. And there's only one word running through my mind:

MORE Dear God, MORE. Please. :'O


EDIT: IT'S OUT YESSS. The version with the SS paperback edition, that is.

So incredibly excited for this! We've been waiting for a crossover ever since Rick wrote 'The Red Pyramid' and we finally have one! :) So. Psyched.

You can read a featurette, here:

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77 reviews60 followers
August 10, 2013

After reading it --

I have no idea about what to say...im kind of still in fangirl satisfaction. (after 5 minutes) *sigh* Ok here i go.
Ok, seriously what do you guys expect? Ofcourse it was AWESOME!! Rick is one of those authors who NEVER EVER fails to satisfy his fans. It was hilarious, amusing, and like all of his books, it had a lot of action. Both were absolutely confused at first, but . Percy was as usual sarcastic and brave, and Carter was also brave and calm and cool and trying to handle the situations in the worst situations. I gotta appreciate Rick in this crossover, because he had been very clever in ending their short awkward meeting, and even if he gives a hint that they can meet again, we definitely can not be sure, because, well, you'll read the ending yourself. He reminds me of one of his own characters in one of his books...his name is Quintus, and percy has mentioned of him that 'He fought the way some people play chess-like you couldn't see the pattern until he made the last stroke and won with a sword on your throat' Rick writes Exactly like that...so if you're all daydreaming about this story proceeding furthur, they'll all be lies because what Rick does is absolutely unexpected!!
More spoilers below

Now its absolutely Rick's choice to write more or not, because even by reading the crossover we can't say that Rick will write on it furthur *shrugs*. But Rick, if you're reading this ( calming my fangirl heart), THANKS A LOT! ITS A HIT!! Even if there wasn't somethings that i was soo keen to see....its Awesome!
When i got to know about the crossover

SHOOT!! I ws waiting for something like this for such a long time..and im getting it news now?? Damn! I wanna be in America..New York would ve best XD. Rick please please make it a blast like you do with each and every book of yours. I am especially excited.for

1. Sadie vs. Clarisse. (leo would be awesome too.)
2. Nico vs. Walt(anubis..take your pick..they're in one body). Hazel Vs. walt would be fun too.
3. Sadie's funny dialogues on Romans!!

But i think its only gonna be Percy vs. Carter!

Rick...if you're 'luckily' reading this, you better make it awesome!! And plzz DON'T end the story in a cliffhanger like u did with the preview of this story And in the MOA (ur fans r still angry wid u fr THAT cliffhanger)!!
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9,566 reviews56.7k followers
April 11, 2020
The Son of Sobek (Percy Jackson & Kane Chronicles Crossover, #1), Rick Riordan

After hearing reports about magical disturbances in the Long Island area, Carter Kane goes to investigate. He is unexpectedly swallowed by an enormous crocodile in the marshes at the edge of Moriches Bay on Long Island's south shore while exploring, but is saved by a strange older teenager who forces the monster to regurgitate him. The teenager turns out to be Percy Jackson. After a brief disagreement that leave both confused about the other's origins, Percy and Carter decide to team up to deal with the monster, which has left them and is terrorizing a nearby suburban neighborhood.

Carter hypothesizes that the beast is a petsuchos, a son of the god Sobek and thus immortal and invincible unless the enchanted necklace that it wears, which is invested with the power of Sobek, is removed. The two work together to remove the necklace from the animal, and save the neighborhood and its residents.

After the necklace is removed, the monster shrinks into a baby crocodile and the heroes head to a diner to talk. Percy and Carter are guarded about what they share, but devise a way to contact each other again if needed. they go their separate ways, and Carter takes both the crocodile and necklace back to the 21st Nome for safekeeping.

تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز هفتم ماه نوامبر سال 2017میلادی

عنوان: پسر سوبک؛ نویسنده: ریک ریوردان؛

اینبار «ریک ریوردان» تصمیم می‌گیرد که یونانی‌ها را با مصری‌ها رو در رو کند؛ در کتاب «پسر سوبک»؛ با اعلام اختلالات جاد��یی در «لانگ آیلند»، «کارتر کین (شخصیت وقایع نگاری کین)» برای بررسی به آنجا می‌رود، و با تمساحی غول‌آسا روبرو می‌شود، تمساح او را قورت می‌دهد؛ «کارتر» در حال گفتن کلمه‌ ی قدرت برای باز کردن راهش در ��ل تمساح بود، که «پرسی جکسون (شخصیت پرسی جکسون و المپی‌ها و قهرمانان المپ)» او را نجات می‌هد؛ ولی «کارتر» اشتباهاً کلمه‌ ی قدرتی که می‌خواست به تمساح بزند را به «پرسی» میزند و…؛ ا. شربیانی
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269 reviews47 followers
Want to read
February 5, 2013

Though before I read this I'm going to actually have to finish the Kane Chronicles.
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355 reviews605 followers
May 9, 2013
It’s so short! There’s hardly a plot! And I'm OK with that!

Yup Carter and Percy meet:
Even if the guy was a jerk, magicians weren’t supposed to go around sucker-punching kids into orbit with the Fist of Horus.

There’s a giant monster:
Unfortunately, the all-American scene was kind of ruined by the monster, who was busily eating a green Prius hatchback with a bumper sticker that read MY POODLE IS SMARTER THAN YOUR HONOR STUDENT.

They have to work out their differences:
“Why do I get to keep him occupied?”
“Because you’re more annoying,” Percy said. “Just try not to get eaten again.”

And defeat the monster:
Not exactly my finest tactical move, but having a hippo shoved up his nose must have been sufficiently distracting.

While looking out for the locals:
I really hoped I hadn’t just flattened some defenseless mortal in the middle of watching Dr Phil.

Sigh, I miss The Serpent’s Shadow all over again...
87 reviews10 followers
July 10, 2013
Finally got my hands on the ebook. I actually read it a few weeks ago, but have neglected to write my review of the book.
I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the crossover of Percy and Carter's worlds. The story was good for its length, and I found that it did not disappoint.
Hopefully, we will see more crossovers between the two in future. If the ending is anything to go by, does that mean the Mr Riordan intends for a crossover of the two worlds to occur in either House of Hades or the final book in the Heroes of Olympus series???

*Happy dance*
Found out (thank you Neha!!) that an eBook version is going to be released June 18. Is that date a world wide release? Or just in the US? Because if that date is US only, what a major bummer.... will that mean that Australians will have to wait longer in order to get a copy?

*excited scream*
Just read the excerpt and i'm super excited. The only thing is I already own the books, so I'm not really inclined to purchase them again. Why can't they come as their own book, rather than in the back of another book?
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1,826 reviews35 followers
December 3, 2015
2.5 to three stars

Completely forgot I had downloaded this haha :)
Mostly not good reading day so thought I would re-visit a couple old friends <3

“Getting eaten by a giant crocodile was bad enough.
The kid with the glowing sword only made my day worse.

Not bad, it was fun to see Percy and Carter reluctantly teaming up and fighting together but I wish it had been longer. It was 50/50 for me, The humor and characterizations were spot on, just... it felt like it should have been a few pages longer. Also felt very rushed in some places.

I liked it but wasn't in love with the story.

Would be interesting to see two series combined in a full-length book but not sure if/how that would work. Makes me nostalgic for the Kane Chronicles too :).

Muse-ic's review
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334 reviews371 followers
November 2, 2020
~3.5 stars~
Re-read 10/30/20

This was a fun and quick read. Not sure if it is something I needed, but I will litterly read anything Rick Riordan. I don't think I've ever read anything from him that I've disliked. I think the biggest thing I didn't like about this re-read was that my knowledge on the Kane Chronichals is fuzzy as it has been I think 3 years since I've last read it. Maybe I should have waited to read this after a re-read of at least The Red Pyramid. But it was a cool crossover. I would have preferred for it to be from Percy's POV, because as much as I like Carter, Percy is my boi. Also if it would have been Carter x Annabeth and Sadie x Percy I would have liked that dynamic better because they are more similar that way. But I'm sure the Annabeth and Sadie short story is gonna be iconic.
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282 reviews353 followers
March 29, 2021
4 stelline.
È stato bellissimo e divertente leggere del primo incontro tra Percy e Carter!
Spero che si rivedranno in futuro, ho le mie teorie.
I crossover delle saghe di zio Rick sempre super apprezzati.
Consiglio di leggere questa novella dopo Il trono di fuoco e la saga di Eroi dell'Olimpo.
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385 reviews
July 8, 2013
THERE'S A COVER PEOPLE!!!*goes to Percy Jackson fans phone line* Quick spread the word!!!
OH MY GODS!!!!! That was amazing. And Hilarious!! I loved it how both Carter and Percy were so shocked and amazed at each other. I wonder how is Percy going to use that hieroglyph. My dream would be to use in in the final battle in the last book of the Heroes of Olympus. Don't you think they might need some Egyptian help from the Brooklyn House Gang?
YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT!!!????? AND IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!! Oh man I have always wanted a book that included both of Rick Riordan's worlds ever since that part in The Throne of Fire where Carter saw a pegasus (Blackjack perhaps?). Percy Jackson and Carter (shucks no Sadie)ALL IN ONE BOOK??!! GENIUS!! THANK YOU SO MUCH RICK RIORDAN!!!!
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167 reviews27 followers
May 26, 2013
Me right now:

I still can't believe this happened!! A crossover such awesome as Percy and Carter is just so heart warming and precious you just end up smiling the whole freaking day. Totally worth reading even if you haven't read the The Kane Chronicles!! (like me, sorry). But I'm totally hooked on Carter!!
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96 reviews164 followers
February 13, 2014
My reaction when I bought this book? Complete and total fangirl freakout(Consisting of squealing, screaming, yelling, dancing, giggling, and thanks the gods- Both Egyptian and Greek -that I had the money to buy it).

In this short story, Rick Riordan has made two of his protagonists, each from different book series and worlds, meet. Who are they, you ask? Carter Kane, head of the 21st Nome in Brooklyn. And Percy Jackson, son of the Earthshaker and hero of the second Titan War. ((No, I am not favoring Percy by putting that he's a hero. Carter's one too! He kicked snake booty.)) The story takes place on Long Island, where the two protagonists meet.

Now, I'm willing to bet that you think the plot is very complex, because it's an Egyptian and Greek together. You, sir(I do not care what your gender is), would be wrong. The plot is simple, exciting, and made me unable to stop reading. Carter's investigating the Island when he hears about a monster sighting. There, he meets Percy, who is also trying to find the monster. The result? The two boys end up working together to stop the beast before it eats everyone.

Okay, one of the things I love best about this book is.....It's told from Carter's Point-of-View!! And no, that is not a spoiler. I loved seeing Percy through Carter's eyes. It was just...Wow. Also, it's been so long since the Kane Chronicles series ended(About a year. But hey, that's long!), so I really enjoyed reading about/seeing him. :3 Carter is such a strong character and I feel like I can relate to him the most..At least with his personality, I can.

Another thing I loved about the book was its humor. Oh my gosh, I loved its humor!!!!!!! It was full of hilarious moments that made me laugh so hard, I had to worry about being too loud, because someone in the room across from mine was asleep. :D :D :D :D
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253 reviews70 followers
July 30, 2015
Wow, I mean, Holy Hades!

This is a great cross-over but I was left hanging! I can sense something about this. I hope Rick Riordan will do a series about this cross-over or atleast continue it! And the words Carter said just build up this excited anticipation:

‘Good working with you, Carter.’

We shook. No sparks flew. No thunder boomed. But I still couldn’t escape the feeling that we’d opened a door, meeting like this – a door that we might not be able to close.

‘You too, Percy.’

Please teach me how to breathe again.

Now, my mind can't stop imagining all the awesome things when this is made into a series. Just imagine.... *fangirl screams* Of course, there's also the whole "what if...Percy called Carter for help in the end of the Heroes of Olympus..."

"Somewhere there’s a kid named Percy with a secret hieroglyph on his hand. And I have a feeling that sooner or later I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and hear one word, spoken urgently in my mind:


Either way, I'll cross my fingers and wish upon a star that this will happen...SOON.
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687 reviews320 followers
June 27, 2015
เหตุการณ์จะเกิดขึ้นหลังจากที่ The Kane Chronicles จบทั้ง 3 เล่มแล้ว แต่อ่านก่อนก็ได้ไม่ว่ากั�� แต่จะมีจุดที่สปอยล์เล็กๆน้อยๆอยู่สองสามจุด ถ้ามองข้ามๆไปก็โอเคแหละ คาร์เตอร์กับเพอร์ซีย์ดูไปดูมาบุคลิกคล้ายกันอยู่นะ แต่เรารู้สึกว่าคาร์เตอร์จะอีโก้สูงกว่าเพอร์ซีย์นิดนึง เนื้อเรื่องไม่ได้มีอะไรมาก ... เป็นการครอสโอเวอร์กันระหว่างกรีกโรมันและอียิปต์ ต่างคนต่างไม่กล้าเล่าความลับฝ่ายของตนให้ฟัง เพราะเรื่องนี้ต้องมีเงื่อนงำ มีใครอยู่เบื้องหลังเหตุการณ์จระเข้ครั้งนี้แน่ๆ อ่านได้เรื่อยๆ สนุกดี ไม่ได้สะเทือนใจอะไรมากมายนัก ถือว่าเป็นบทส่งท้าย The Kane Chronicles แบบยาวๆไปละกัน ^.^

71 reviews
May 19, 2013
Okay, so don't kill me but...I haven't read the Kane Chronicles.
I KNOW, I know I feel terrible and I should be executed for this unspeakable crime but, seriously, this short story convinced me to start reading them ASAP.
This little crossover encounter was CRAY. I mean, we already know Percy Jackson is the baddest badass there is and I'm assuming Carter Kane would be the Egyptian equivalent. So together?
The badassery is off the freaking charts.
What I really loved was when they first met and Percy is all laid back like 'Dude, I'm just trying to kill the monster." and Carter is angry-embarrassed like, "And who the HELL do you think you are?" and Percy is like "Um, I'm the guy who just saved your life. Your welcome."
Of course, I'm paraphrasing but you get it.
I just feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I had kind of a hard time holding it together long enough to write this review. This short story had Rick Riordan written all over it. He's so consistent with his writing and Percy is just SO PERCY. I mean COME ON:
My vision cleared, and I saw two things that irritated me. First, the crocodile was charging me again. Second, my new friend Percy was just standing in the middle of the street, staring at me in shock. Apparently my combat avatar had startled him so much he’d forgotten his part of the plan.
‘What the creeping crud is that?’ he demanded. ‘You’re inside a giant glowing chicken-man!’

If that's not Percy Jackson, I don't know what is.
I also thought it was interesting to see Percy from yet another point of view. I thought it was kind of similar to seeing Percy through Jason's eyes considering that he, Percy and Carter are all sort of evenly matched in the leadership/power department. I guess every group of demigods has a Percy Jackson.
Anyway, this was really short but I have know idea how so much could be said and done in such a short story. It's awesome.
So, I'm gonna go get to know Carter a little better, now. I hope the Kane Chronicles brings me as much joy as PJO did. Wish me luck!
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59 reviews
June 22, 2013
Anyone else completly freaking out? I am barely holding it together! Percy AND Carter? I missed him so much!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH RICK RIORDAN WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?????? Ok calming down. But I am so excited this is going to be completly awesome!!!!!!!

After reading the sample I can only predict that there will be at least a skirmish between Carter and Percy. Personally I have always wanted to know who was stronger. I mean near water Percy is unstoppable also this is before so sorry Carter you will definetly lose.

I wonder if Sadie or Annabeth will be included?

Edit: Well after reading it here are my thoughts:

Well... it was good. I am not surprised by this. Now on to the sneak peek. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
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18 reviews
October 16, 2013
WOW. SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!! There was this part in Throne of Fire that made a reference to the Percy Jackson series that made me smile when i was reading it------ “I looked across the river to Manhattan. It was a great view. When Sadie and I had first arrived at Brooklyn House, Amos had told us that magicians tried to stay out of Manhattan. He said Manhattan had other problems--whatever that meant. And sometimes when I looked across the water, I could swear I was seeing things. Sadie laughed about it, but once I thought I saw a flying horse. Probably just the mansion's magic barriers causing optical illusions, but still, it was weird.”
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24 reviews1 follower
Want to read
February 11, 2013
I should have filmed my freak-out session once I found about this. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed by the second and third Kane Chronicles, but I still love the characters and idea. Ever since Carter mentioned seeing pegasi over the river, and Drew and Lacy were at Sadie's school dance... Well... I've been waiting for this a long time! :)
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197 reviews
September 13, 2021
“Do you know what happens when a magician meets a demigod?”

Percy Jackson and Carter Kane meet for the first time to fight an Egyptian mythological creature. It was a nice short story showing the accidental meeting of a Greek demigod and an Egyptian Magician. It was a bit boring at the start but picked up pace when the main fight commenced.

A fun and exaggerated-mythological fiction.
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753 reviews73 followers
May 16, 2015
Moram reci da sam malo razocaran ovom knjigom. Uzmemo dva eksta zabavna lika sa skroz razlicitim mocima i na kraju nista od toga se ne iskoristi. Scena borbe je odlicna ali problem je sto je ta jedna borba u sustini cela knjiga a za to nije bas dovoljno epic. Plus, a to je mozda moja greska, ali nisam obratio paznju kolko strana ovo ima pa sam se iznenadio kada sam zavrsio sa knigom za pola sata.

Nadam se barem da ce veca prica koja spaja ove tri knjizice biti vrednija paznje.
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