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Fighting Fire #1

Burn for Me

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She’s the one fire he can’t put out…

Jamie Lansing has had it bad for firefighter Smith Grayson for as long as they’ve been friends. Yes, he’s ridiculously charming and she might stare a little too long at his abs, but his dirty-talking, rough-around-the-edges ways aren’t for her. Plus, she knows that as a serial dater, Smith isn’t the type to settle down. But then a terrible, fantastic, mind-blowing mistake leaves her body craving more than one night.

Smith Grayson has only ever had eyes for one woman in town—his best friend Jamie. But convincing her a relationship between them will work is next to impossible with her refusing to see beyond his past. But when she asks for a week of no-strings-attached sex to get him out of her system, Smith knows this is his one chance to prove he’s not just the man she needs in her bed, but the man she needs in her life.

136 pages, ebook

First published June 9, 2014

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Lauren Blakely

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A #1 New York Times Bestselling, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling, and #1 Audible Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that's sweet, sexy and witty. Her heroines are strong and smart and her heroes have hearts of gold and fantastic funny bones. She'd love to give you a free book today! Check out her web site to grab your free read: https://laurenblakely.com/one-free-book/

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555 reviews1,525 followers
September 3, 2016

"he savoured her, he delighted in her, he cherished her."


A short sweet tale of friends to lovers with plenty of scorching scenes which gives this novella the blush worthy factor. 'Burn for me' started with a bang it got straight to the naughty action and for such a short book this author added plenty of sweet and naughty.

I always want to fall in love with the books I read and whilst this book had some redeeming features it didn't wow or win me over completely. Unfortunately this novella fell a little flat for my tastes, sadly the heroine was a little annoying for me to ever find her likeable and some of the dialogue felt forced and a little eye roll worthy. It wasn't all bad though, the hero even though I found his role a little cliched was loveable and swoon-worthy. The sex scenes were hot and it had a sweet ending that I expected from the start which left me with a smile. Hopefully other readers will enjoy this Lauren Blakley novel a little more than I did but sadly it lacked that brazen zing that I normally get with books under this title.

Final thoughts ...
All in all this is a short and sexy story which holds no surprises but delivered on the sweet, if you are expecting a novella that will give you an hour plus worth of light reading and escape you'll find it here, but for me it didn't quite meet up to my expectations. Release day is just around the corner ... If you like this author and you want a quick story to get lost into then this might be your next read to fall in love with. Enjoy ... Kisses.


*ARC generously provided by entangled publishing in exchange for an honest review.*
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1,987 reviews11.7k followers
June 9, 2014
2 Underwhelming Stars

Am I sure of what?"
"If you take off anything else, I am going to be fucking you. Got that? This is your warning."
"What if I don't want to listen to that warning?"
"Then I am going to need to find out if you're as wet as I think you are right now."

Sadly, as delicious as that blurb sounded, and as much as I loved Smith, that was pretty much my reaction through the whole book. Nothing about it really worked for me. I think it may have been the longest short book I've ever read.



Now you know you have a problem when you're actually rooting for the heroine NOT to get the man. I absolutely hated Jamie. The woman drove me batshit until the very last page. I did NOT get her hangups. If anything, I'd be more understanding if Smith had them, considering his past. She constantly made Smith out to be a philandering playboy in her mind, simply because she believes he's a serial dater. Smith may have dated, but he was no man whore. Her hangups? She didn't want to date someone that's very social because her sister had a bad marriage with a man that was a partyer

She jumped to the worst conclusions of Smith at EVERY possible opportunity. Truthfully I don't know why Smith even continued to bother with her.

The dialogue read somewhat cheesy and cliched. I didn't click with it at all. Smith was a delicious dirty talker, but it just was not enough to bring my rating up any higher than the 2 stars I'm giving it.

I wanted Jamie to be the one to grove for Smith at the end. I really think he just gave her more of a benefit of the doubt than she ever bothered to give him.

This was my first Lauren Blakely novel, so I'll be giving her books another shot to see if it was just this book or perhaps I just don't click with her writing style. Would I recommend this book? Probably not.

***ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review**

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Author 217 books19.1k followers
June 13, 2013
Five scorching hot stars. Of course :) How can you go wrong with lines like "A gentleman always makes sure the lady comes first." And he does make sure of that!! Oh, that Smith. I had fun writing him.
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2,303 reviews704 followers
June 9, 2014
3 - He had seven days to woo her. Stars!

Jamie Lansing is a certain type of woman –

She was organised, a planner, devoted to her to-do list... She was a woman who didn’t swear... She wanted someone serious, someone studious, someone she could see having a future with...

Her best friend Smith Grayson is one of Hidden Oaks hottest Volunteer Fire-fighters, but also has a reputation for being a bit of a ladies’ man...

He was fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants. A fireman with a Sailor mouth...

He might not be relationship material, but he sure was good-in-the-sack material.

The attraction is mutual; Jamie’s reasons for not giving into it are many. But she agrees to a 1 week, no-strings, friends-with benefits arrangement. Smith sees this as his opportunity to show Jamie that he can be the man that she needs him to be.

This is where things went a little off course for me, because I absolutely adored Smith, the guy put himself and his feelings out on the line for Jamie time and time again, and all she seemed to do was look down on him with distrust and suspicion. I was glad when Smith finally stood up for himself.

“You liked fucking me because I’m not proper; I’m not a poet; I’m not the romantic, sensitive, perfect guy. You like the wildside. But I’m never gonna be the kind of guy you want to take home to your parents.”

As you would expect Jamie does eventually pull her head out of her ass, and realises just how stupid she has been, but will Smith take another risk on having his heart stomped all over again...

So although this novella wasn't a total winner for me, I liked the introduction of the town and its people. The potential Lauren Blakely has to turn future books into absolute winners is huge. I just want to fall in love with the heroine as much as I do the hero, which sadly was not the case on this occasion.

ARC provided by Entangled in Exchange for the above honest review.
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1,278 reviews
June 9, 2014
ARC gratefully received from Entangled Publishing in exchange for my honest review..

This was a friends to lovers story, which I was very excited to receive. I have read a few of Lauren Blakely's stories before and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Jamie Lansing is a poet loving bartender, who enjoys the literary pleasures. Having been hurt before, she keeps her heart firmly locked up.

Smith Grayson is a dirty talking, construction working fireman, who occupies the position of Jamie's best friend. He has always had a soft spot for her, but fears their differences would mean they wouldn't make anything romantically.

A familiar storyline, which I don't mind, but not told well IMO. It just didn't flow easily, and I gained zero connection to the characters. I found it dull, stilted and super clichéd.

But saying that, I wouldn't refrain from Lauren's books in the future, as I have enjoyed some immensely.

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19 reviews2 followers
July 4, 2014
Jerzie's Review *3 deliciously wicked stars*

What do you get when you mix a smokin hot volunteer firefighter, and a tool belt wearing construction worker? You get a tall glass of Mr. Smith Grayson. He has a body made for pleasure and a dirty mind to go with it. You’ll love him right from the get go! Who wouldn’t love a man who not only risks his life fighting fires (and rescues cats from trees) but also is a handyman. Perfection! Any book that throws those two combinations together is a winner in my opinion.

Jamie Lansing loves poetry and romance and the idea of happily ever after. She is all about order and doesn’t swear. Smith is a dirty talking, Mad Libs quoting, flirt. Jamie and Smith are best friends. They bowl, hang out and since he is working on construction right behind The Panting Dog where she works, they begin to see a lot more of each other.

Jamie has always had a secret crush on Smith. Its an attraction she tries to keep hidden, not wanting to ruin their friendship or be rejected….but the more time they spend together the harder it is for her to deny. Jamie has never seen Smith with a steady girlfriend. She and Smith are too different, opposites in fact. Does she really want to risk losing Smith and their friendship?

One night the lines blur and the two find themselves caught up, both letting their guards down and throwing caution to the wind.

“If I kissed you right now, would you smack me or kiss me back?”

She shot him a sly smirk. “Why don’t you find out?”

Let me tell you, the chemistry between these two is INTENSE!

“How do you want to take me?”

“Hard. And fast. And up against the wall.”

Holy scorching hotness!

After one night, both Jamie and Smith find themselves addicted. Jamie decides to offer Smith a one week “friends with benefits” deal. What man would ever turn that down? Come on, no strings! Jamie hopes that this week will help curb her feelings for him once and for all, and things can go back to normal. Smith has his own agenda and uses this week to show Jamie what he is really made of. This is where their journey begins.

I found it hard at times to connect with Jamie’s character. Smith makes the book. He is what keeps readers invested and wanting to find out what will happen between them. He is sexy and dominant and a little rough around the edges but with her, he shows his sweeter side.

This is the first book I have read by Lauren Blakely and it won’t be my last. I really wish it wasn't a novella - I didn't want the book to end. Hope to see more from these two in the future ;) It was a great, quick read filled with lots of sinful moments you will just love. At times it was a bit predictable but Lauren does a great job leaving you panting for more.

Can Miss Proper on the outside find her inner wickedness to match that of Smith? Can Smith find a way to show Jamie his Mr. Romantic side? Read to find out.

Deliciously Wicked Books was gifted this early copy for an honest review
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1,093 reviews1,007 followers
Shelved as 'zzz_dnf'
September 5, 2014
DNF @ 28%

I hate to DNF books, I really do, it goes against my compulsive behavior for finishing things, but I chose to put this aside for now. It could be the mood I was in, or the timing of when I read the book that I couldn't grasp any bit of it. The characters or the story line for me didn't grab me enough to want to continue. As a friend of mine once said, why force myself to finish when there are so many other books out there...
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671 reviews994 followers
August 7, 2015
I read this one because the hero is a fire fighter and it has a friends to lovers trope but it was a book that I probably would have DNF if it weren’t a short read. It didn’t WOW me; it was just meh. I was suppose to believe that she got over the reason she didn’t want a relationship with Smith and all is fine and dandy with a German Shepard? Uh, no. That didn't work for me.
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1,573 reviews132 followers
February 4, 2020
jamie and smith have been friends for a few years now and they are attracted to each other. for jamie, smith is a serial dater who wouldn’t want to settle down. for smith, he thinks jamie is looking for someone who is the exact opposite of him. i really liked jamie and smith, their budding romance was incredibly cute. but i felt like nothing much for happening, probably because it was very short. plus, the series is called “fighting fire” but there’s very little firefighting scene. smith was doing construction most of the time while his firefighting scene only had a “cat is stuck on a tree” situation. that’s all. so i was a little disappointed about that.
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355 reviews59 followers
April 5, 2015
Smith isn’t Jamie’s type and she thinks she isn’t his type either. She’s an organized planner who lives by her lists and Smith is more a “fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants” kind of guy. Not one she could see herself building a future with. Still her body and heart are fighting her mind.

“Why did men who were totally unsuitable make a woman’s body feel so good with just a few words?”

Smith’s flirting doesn’t make her fight any easier, heck his mere presence has her in a frenzy.

“I do love the taste of sweet things,” he mused, then inched closer to her, meeting her gaze, speaking in a low and sexy tone, making it clear he was enjoying the word play.”

He isn’t aware of the effect he has on her, though. He enjoys throwing his innuendos at her but he knows she will never go for a rough, dirty mouth kind of guy. Which is exactly the kind of guy he is.

“You do?”

“Some more than others,”

Silly man, you have no idea how wrong you are….

“Like what?”

“The ones that are sinfully delicious,” he said, in a voice laden with innuendo. “The kind of sweetness you almost need to repent for.”

“Burn for Me” is a fiery, sometimes funny short read that has animals in it, characters who love animals. That’s always a big plus for me. Speaking of animals, our hero Smith kind of resembles one too, a puppy to be precise…a sad puppy…

Smith is so worried that he scares Jamie with his rough handling and dirty mouth, that he even browsed through romance novels to find ways to approach Jamie in a gentle way. He can’t put what he learned to the test because Jamie throws him off his game when she suggests a no-strings deal for a week. He’s excited and annoyed at the same time, as he wants to try for a real relationship.

But Jamie is insecure and I think that’s understandable. She saw the disastrous ending her sister’s relationship suffered. She doesn’t want that to happen to her and Smith.

Well she wants a week of no strings sex? Fine he can do that. Just maybe he can charm his way into her heart throughout the week. And maybe Jamie will learn that sometimes you just got to take a chance on someone.

I really liked this story, the against the wall smuttiness and the characters. Yes they were both insecure but I really felt like Jamie and Smith were good friends. And even while they flirted, there is still awkwardness on their transition to something more. The road to “something more” isn’t smooth either, there is no instant “everything is okay”….actually even after the end I’m still not sure if Jamie will truly overcame her trust issues. But I guess that’s the only “hiccup” I had.

One last thing I liked, is the cat that needed rescuing….from its owner.

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Author 1 book27 followers
November 11, 2014
Okay, so first I have to admit I have a thing for firefighters. I’ve been around them all of my life. So when the author asked me if I would like a copy of Burn For Me, of course I said, “yes.” Well, holy hook-and-ladder truck, I never knew any fireman like Smith! I know I’m partial, and I was probably destined to like Burn for Me from the start. After all, it’s written by Lauren Blakely (one of my favorite authors), it’s a steamy romance (who can resist), and it’s about fireman (see above). This was like the daily trifecta for a book, and it did NOT disappoint!

Jamie is a romantic; she loves poetry, hearts and flowers. Although she and Smith Grayson have been friends for some time, she’s always known it could never be more than that. Smith is the stereotypical “hot” fireman. He’s the star of the Volunteer Firefighters’ Calendar, and built to perfection, but while Jamie likes wine and sonnets, Smith is a beer and Mad Libs kind of guy. Smith is a dirty-talker; Jamie has never uttered a swear word in her life. In truth, they couldn’t be any less alike if they tried. When their friendship starts to heat up (pun intended), Jamie proposes the only thing she thinks Smith is capable of – a one-week, no-strings-attached, get-it-out-of-our-system, friends-with-benefits arrangement. Of course Smith accepts her offer. What guy in their right mind could turn that down? Besides, maybe a week is all he needs to convince Jamie that there could be more between them than just bowling and friendly banter.

Even for a novella, Burn For Me has plenty of content and depth of characters. Jamie and Smith are well-developed, likable people, and there are enough supporting characters a sub-plots to move the story along. Burn For Me is a perfect sizzling summer read! It would be great for an afternoon at the beach, or a couple of hours by the pool. I would definitely recommend reading it near water though, because but you’ll need to have something to douse the flames!

Five sizzling, sexy stars!

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1,393 reviews241 followers
June 6, 2014
For a novella that hasn’t the support of a previous full-length novel, Burn for Me is tight and has all the elements I love to find in a Brazen read, i.e sexy guy, feisty lady and passionate extra-curricular activities. I have to confess that Lauren Blakely is a new author to me, but if this is anything to go by, her novels are certainly on my radar now.

Smith Grayson and Jamie Lansing are best friends. He is all man; sexy, buff, a little rough around the edges, has a dirty mouth, but is absolutely adorable with it. And the icing on the cake… he is a Firefighter. Yes I am one of those women who has a thing for he who saves kitties from trees.


But he isn’t Jamie’s type - she wants the hearts and the flowers and a man who will recite Shakespeare to her whilst they lay in a bath surrounded by bubbles and candles. But when Smith asks his bestie for a dance at a party she discovers that the Bard’s words are beaten by Smith’s Ode-to-Sex…

“If you take off anything else, I am going to be f****** you. Got that? This is your warning.”

And once she has a taste, she wants more and proposes a no-strings week of horizontal and vertical pleasure.


I wanted to shake some sense into Jamie for her stubborn denial and launch myself at Smith as he was such a dirty sweetheart. Their chemistry was excellent and with sweet touching moments combined with passion, I devoured it in one sitting. Plus with introductions to various secondary characters, I’m hoping that there will be more romps involving Firefighters. A steamy seductive short read I recommend.

I received a copy of this courtesy of Entangled Publishing for an honest & unbiased opinion
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1,613 reviews141 followers
May 29, 2014
I hate to repeat myself but Lauren Blakely is awesome. She's a writer goddess (is that such a thing?) Anyway, I have read all of her books and they are all great. Amazing even. This book has a little different feel and plot and it's wonderful. It's well written, funny, and hot with a smidge of angst; just the way I like it! Can you say Fireman/Construction worker/Last name as a first name = awesome!! Smith and Jamie have been friends for a while and have feeling for each other but she's afraid he's not romantic enough for her and he's worried that he's not good enough for you. His player reputation is stopping Jamie from even trying until one night he asks her to dance. That's it, just a dance and everything changes. She let's loose and he starts to fall. They are both afraid of getting hurt but she thinks a week together will be perfect for her and he agrees, but wants more. Can he show her that he's the man she's always wanted? Will she run at the first sign of trouble? You have to read it to find out! Do not miss this one!

He had a sinful combination of smolder and charm, with his close-cropped dark blond hair, strong jawline, and pure blue eyes. And his body, Just kill her with its perfection. A body like that should be outlawed.

Taking a one-way ride on the Smith train and then she'd get off it for good.

He was the very reason there were fireman calendars, and fireman erotica, and let's face it, fireman fantasies.
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1,360 reviews343 followers
December 28, 2016
**2.5 stars**

I don't like books that are so one sided, where one character is perfectly reasonable, while the other is a maniac. And that's what happened in this novella. The heroine was just all over the place.

From the beginning, Smith wanted to have a relationship but Jamie thought he wasn't the man for her because "she was supposed to fall for someone classy, who courted her with odes and stanzas." Is this woman for realz? Does she think she's in the 19th century? (I'm not denigrating poetry if that's your thing, but if that's your requisite for a man in the 21st century, good luck!) Instead, she proposes for them to hook up for a week. The poor man is disappointed but sees this as his chance to convince her they can have more.

Even though she's supposedly his "friend", she has all this misconceptions about him. She thinks he's the "love em and leave em" type, just because he seems to have a healthy dating life. She's constantly suspicious that he's seeing other women and at one moment, he cancels a date with her and she just flips. She doesn't trust him at all so you wonder how a relationship between them can work.

Not recommended.
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995 reviews146 followers
August 10, 2019
Lauren Blakely is one of those romance authors that I tremendously enjoy reading, and yet I never find myself overly overwhelmed and excited.
She writes extremely pleasant. And it is catchy. It is sweet, and it is hot.
It just lack that POW WAUW factor.

That being said she is really good at building a setting. Of making her characters likeable(not all, but in general😂). And I truly enjoy her stories.

The blurb sounds amazing. I just didn’t think it lived up to it.

Read: 29/08/2019
1st rating: 3 Stars
Genre: Contemporary romance/ friends-to-lovers
Cover: 2 Stars
Will I recommend: Not this one.
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5,921 reviews216 followers
September 3, 2020
Weirdly enough... I went to the second book.

Burn for Me was okay. Not my favorite from Lauren Blakely but since I love her books to death.. I decided to just keep chugging along. In this, you will meet Smith and Jamie. They were okay but, again, not my favorite couple. I blame Jamie.. I just didn't like her. I don't even think drinking wine would make me like her. She was just the worst in my eyes and I don't know what Smith saw in her.

Smith definitely deserved better in my eyes. Maybe someone who wouldn't assume the very worst out of you every change they go. I wanted to see someone groveling but it didn't really happen. So yeah they were not my cup of tea.
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1,217 reviews8 followers
July 6, 2019
Did not love. Third person books are hard for me to get into as it is, and I really didn’t love the main character. The entire storyline was if she should take a chance on a hot, nice guy who did nothing to deserve her skepticism.
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1,405 reviews
August 4, 2022
Burn me!!! 3.5 for a very hot read! 😁😅

Low angst very short cute book. Its like a snicker bar at the end of a tiring day. Hits the spot. ❤️
June 3, 2014
Burn For Me is a scorching novella that is sure to light your fire!

Jamie Lansing has been tiptoeing around her attraction for firefighter and construction worker, Smith Grayson, for years now. They have a great friendship and she doesn't want to loose that. Besides, the rough-around-the-edges southern boy isn't her type anyways. Jamie likes romance and poetry while Smith probably hasn't ever picked up a book and doesn't keep a girlfriend for more then a few weeks. But when a simple dance turns into a mind-blowing experience in a storage room, Jamie is left craving more. She can have a purely sexual relationship with Smith without involving her heart, right? After all, she has seen first hand what happens when two people who are total opposites try to make a relationship work. Smith wants more then just no-strings-attached sex with Jamie though, but if he has to use it to prove to her that he'll stick around for the long haul he is more then up for the challenge. Can he convince her that the fire between them will burn longer then just a few weeks?

Burn For Me is the definition of short and sexy! The chemistry between Jamie and Smith light up the pages. Jamie is a reserved character; her world is ordered and though she likes to have a good time as much as any girl, she never gets wild. But dirty-talking Smith makes Jamie's motor rev for more! *fans self* Smith is the star of the local fire department's calendar and if that wasn't hard enough to resist, he also volunteers at the local burn center and rescues cats from trees. Despite the novella length I felt well invested in the outcome of Smith and Jamie's relationship. It progressed at a good pace and the sex, holy hotness, I could practically see the smoke rising from my kindle. Burn For Me is the start to the Fighting Fire series from Lauren Blakely and I am looking forward to more stories about the rest of these sexy firemen!
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706 reviews221 followers
June 9, 2014
ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

If you're looking for a quick, hot read with a sexy firefighter/construction worker - this one will do the trick!

Jamie and Smith have been friends for years. And while Jamie is a sweet bookworm (I LOVED that about her, of course!), Smith is the complete opposite and known as the guy who changes girlfriends on a regular basis. She values their friendship and tries to hide her attraction to him because she doesn't want to get involved with someone she thinks is a commitment-phobe and who would definitely break her heart.

But then one night they give in to their attraction for each other and now that she's had a piece, she wants the whole pie. But only for a week - because she's still afraid of getting too close and having her heart broken. And Smith wants more than just a no strings week with her - he wants her heart and is determined to prove to her that he's not the same guy she's pegged him for. Ultimately they have to decide if what they have is worth pursing long term or will it end up breaking both of their hearts.

Short and steamy - this book was just what I needed to get out of the book funk I was in last week. I really enjoyed their banter and of course all of the sexy times were fantastic. It didn't feel rushed because they were already friends and the author made me feel like their relationship was well established before they first got 'together'. These two sizzle off the pages and it made for a perfect quick read.
Profile Image for Sandra Shipman ~ Two Book Pushers.
1,841 reviews44 followers
June 8, 2014
I have read all of Lauren Blakely's books and I love all of them. Her Novellas could be 35 pages or 135 pages and you still feel like you you got so much out of them. This is the 135 page one and it is scorching hot!

Jamie always had the hots for Smith but she knew he was not the serious type when it came to relationships. He was a friend she could talk to and bowl with but nothing more, she didn't want to crash and burn if it didn't work out.

Smith always thought there was something special about Jamie but he didn't think he was her type. Her was rough around the edges and she liked poetry and candlelight. He never would have thought that he would find out that he could be wrong....

Jamie doesn't want to lose their friendship but comes up with a solution that she has read in her novels that Smith can not decline. And he wants to prove to her that he is not who she really thinks he is.

Jamie and Smith are amazing! Did I mention Smith is Fireman and a Construction Worker? Holy Hotness times two! I love both of the characters and they prove that you can't judge a book by it's cover. You might be a good girl on the outside but there just might be bad girl in there somewhere. You just have to discover her.


She was organized, a planner, devoted to her to-do list, and he was fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants.

She didn't want to risk her heart, but maybe there was a way to preserve it and satisfy these cravings.

"Take me so hard I'll still feel it tomorrow."
June 8, 2014
Who does not love a Fireman? Let's face it, they usually are very protective, they are brave and courageous, and let's not forget... built like a brick wall HOT~

In Lauren Blakely's unique writing style, we now get a story of the a local fireman Smith, worth setting your kitchen on fire. The women in town all swarm around him every chance they get. He is charming in his own cocky way. And he has a reputation of being a player.

Our heroine, Jamie cannot help checking him out, although she knows they could never be a couple. Instead, they are good friends while holding back their mutual attraction.

As our story evolves, we are taken on a journey of "friends with benefits" which is the only solution Jamie can think of for getting rid of this attraction she has for Smith. She is determined not to fall for a player - she knows players do not stay loyal! But sex with this man is AWESOME SAUCE FANTASTIC! He has a dirty mouth that can take her through flights of fancy and unlimited virtual sex. As far as stamina is concerned, the man is nuclear! So what is a girl to do?

I love all of Lauren Blakely's novellas. This one in particular had me glued to the page until I finished it. Absolutely recommended with 5 scorching hot stars!
Author 2 books157 followers
September 5, 2016
“She said he was the best sex of her life, and if he was going to have to use sex to win her heart, then dammit, he’d do that. Play to his strengths. Make her feel everything, and in doing so, make her fall for the rest of him He was going to run with it and ensure at the end of the week, she would want all of him.”
A complete series with firefighters….oh be still my heart. Burn for Me was a little shorter than Ms. Blakely’s other books, but it was oh so steamy. Smith & Jamie are a sizzling couple and I couldn’t put it down from the first page. Smith is one naughty, dirty talking firefighter who not only knows how to put out flames, but knows damn well how to ignite one too. He’s a little rough around the edges, but he’s a hard worker with a good heart. Jamie is a good woman who is afraid of getting her heart hurt. She’s seen what love can do through her brokenhearted sister, and she avoids it at every turn. That’s why she chooses Smith to have a small tryst with. But one week of truly ravenous sex just isn’t enough, and the heart wants what the heart wants. Miss Blakely definitely delivers with Burn for Me and I can’t wait to read about that sexy bartender Becker in Melt for Him.
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June 9, 2014
ARC Courtesy of Brazen/Entangled Publishing

This was a really sweet little novella about friends to lovers.

Smith is a volunteer fire fighter as well as owning his own building company. He has had his eye on his friend Jamie for a while now. But is to nervous to let her know he wants more.

Jamie is definitely attracted to Smith and indulges in plenty naughty imaginary scenes in her head, but unfortunately he is not the type of guys she sees herself settling down with. She is looking for sweet, romantic and uncomplicated and Smith is none of those things.

When one night leads to more, Jamie proposes a week of no strings sex to try and work Smith out of her head....problem is it is not working as well as she thought it would.

Will Smith be able to woo Jamie in one week and show her, he can offer her more than just sex....

And can Jamie let go of all her preconceived notions about what she wants and what she actually needs...
Looking forward to reading the rest of this new series....
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December 6, 2014
Rosalie‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews


Smith and Jamie are two very different people with Smith being open and crazy and Jamie being very modest and subdued. However, they both always seem to be at the same place at the same time; at Jamie’s work, the bowling alley, even when Jamie has a flat and Smith comes to the rescue. But good girl Jamie is scared of falling for bad boy Smith. When a supposed to be one night fling turns into a one week no strings attached full on sexcapade, all bets are off.
Smith shows Jamie what it’s like to have sexual freedom, how good it feels to be dirty every now and then! And smith is the perfect dirty talking fireman to fan those flames and show how good that fire can be once started. However, Smith wants more than a hot encounter…he has his eyes set on a long term relationship with Jamie. Reading her, seeing her get past the hot fireman label to love is sexy and romantic as hell.
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June 6, 2014

Lauren Blakely has done it again! "Burn For Me" was the perfect way to spend an evening. This novella was hot front start to finish. LB has absolutely become a MASTER at writing a dirty talking hero. In fact, the love scenes are becoming better and better with every new story she writes. Sure, they're still sweet and romantic, but sometimes, it's just awesome to read down and dirty, hard and fast SEX!

The story was fast paced. It had to be because this is a novella rather than a full length novel. That's ok, though. It feels natural and flowed well. All of LB's books are written this way, and they really are a pleasure to read.

You really need to snatch this one up. I guarantee you'll love it!

**I received an ARC of this story for review**
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December 24, 2014
Smith is a burning HOT fireman/construction worker/charity do-gooder. What's NOT to love? I enjoyed this quick read for sure as I do with all of Lauren Blakely's wonderful books, but I'll admit that the heroine Jamie frustrated me a lot. I couldn't figure out why she was pushing away the opportunity to have a relationship with her long time hot friend Smith. Her sister's bad marriage and warnings about men were not enough to convince me that her hesitation was real. I also wondered if there's more to the backstory of this woman because she was SO distrusting and insecure about her worthiness. All in all, this was very steamy and gave that HEA that you crave in a story like this. I highly recommend it!
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