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Bad Unicorn #2

Fluff Dragon

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Dubbed “deviously enjoyable” by Publishers Weekly, the second book in the hilarious Bad Unicorn trilogy features killer unicorns, good dragons, rogue fire kittens, and a boy who just might be a wizard.

After defeating a killer unicorn and saving a universe, all Max and his friends want to do is go home. Instead, Max discovers that the Codex of Infinite Knowability has stopped working. He can’t use it to get home until he reboots it. The problem is that in order to reboot the book, he’s going to have to carry it into the heart of Rezormoor Dreadbringer’s Wizard’s Tower. Since Dreadbringer has been hunting Max and the book across time and space, getting in may be easy, but getting out will be another story.

Max will just have to find a way to sneak into the tower, avoid the guards, escape Dreadbringer’s clutches, and figure out exactly where inside the tower the Codex was created. No problem…right?!

384 pages, ebook

First published April 15, 2014

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About the author

Platte F. Clark

7 books55 followers
Platte F. Clark shares his first name with the midwestern Platte River, which he's been told means "wide and shallow." Despite that he was able to find a woman to marry and produce seven offspring with.

Platte graduated Cum Laude with a BS in Philosophy and an MS in English, and currently lives with his family in Utah.

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904 reviews323 followers
January 31, 2018
I'm so excited to have completed the sequel the Bad Unicorn, one of my favorite reads of 2017. I loved Bad Unicorn so much I read it twice in 2017! 5 stars!

In Bad Unicorn we learn about the two different worlds. The Magrus (The Magical world) and the Techrus (the Human world). Our main character is Max Spencer a human, who just so happens to be in possession of the very strange book, called the Codex of Infinite Knowability. He has always had it.

There is a powerful sorcerer in the Magrus who wants the descendant of Maximilian Sporazo and the Codex for nefarious plans of world domination (is there any other plans for villains?) So Razormoor Dreadbringer sends a bratty Unicorn Princess and her servant wizard to find the book and the owner.

Max accidentally uses the book to transport himself and his friends Sarah, Dirk and Dwight to the future. While they are there, they have to save the world. Oh yeah, and help save the dragons.

Fluff Dragon is the continuation of that story. Max and his friends are sent into the past to save the dragons and stop Dreadbringer from destroying everything. What Max and his friends don't expect is that they are sent back to the "past" or present, but in the Magrus instead of the Techrus. In the magical world Max learns he no longer can wield the Codex. Somehow it broke during the time travel process and he has to fix it before again...the world comes to an end!

I loved all the new characters we meet in this book. Moki, Puff the fluff dragon, even Tiny! They are all so wonderful!

I don't want to give away this part of the story, so I'll just say, the writing was just as amusing and cute as the last book. My 12 year old continued to get a kick out of the story line and characters. I loved all the gaming references and my son screamed when he figured out a Star Wars reference before I even read it. What a NERD! I didn't even know what scene from Star Wars that it came from (lame mom over here) and he had to explain it to me. The adventure Max and gang had in the Magrus was just enough danger to make the book exciting and funny enough to keep us both guessing what was going to happen next. I absolutely am loving this trilogy.

Bad Ogre is the third and final book in the trilogy and it's the shortest book of them all. I'm going to be sad once this series ends.
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836 reviews16 followers
February 2, 2022
I believe it's rare when a sequel is actually better than the original book but this one definitely is! What had ruined the first book in my opinion was the fact that Princess the unicorn was so sour & grouchy. She has gotten on my nerves so much!! But this story is a classic adventure story and it is so random that it is loads of fun. Yet the plot follows a logical path as well and there are many large events happening. Just a pleasure to read as it was so much fun. I really hadn't wanted to stop reading for the night when it got late but well you have to go to sleep you know...but otherwise I would have kept reading until I had reached the end.

So Max continues his adventure in here with his ultra rare, one-of-a-kind magic book. Plus he meets many new people as well, including a cute fluff dragon and two cute fire kittens. There are some big surprises along the way as well. But I must say the idea about the fluff dragons are totally unique! And so clever as well. Plus the ideas about them are worked throughout the storyline. These are not the scary "burn your village" dragons but small cute furry ones that sort of resemble sheep. And these poor little fellows are often abused by others in power. Max needs to save them.

One thing I really liked about Max in here is he gives people second chances. Plus he doesn't judge people by how they look. What is inside matters more to him. And even though he is just a kid in school, he realizes that sometimes people are a way because they don't know any better and he tries to get them to change. They are unhappy as well. If more people would do this maybe the world wouldn't be such a bad place... But it takes lots of bravery to try and change an enemy into a friend.

But best of all it is a fast moving fantasy adventure story set in a world very similar to Lord of the Rings with elves, dwarves, wizards and mages, a wizard tower, a great evil shadow creature, unicorns & dragons, armies plus a great quest to save the world. For Max needs to save the dragons. If he doesn't the world will freeze to death! But others want to profit off of dragons. And will Max ever get back home? Some humor as well.

I will definitely read the third book in this trilogy.
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7,492 reviews93 followers
July 12, 2014
Max Spencer (aka only person in the multiverse who can read the super powerful magical tome known as the Codex), his best friend Dirk (aka gamer extrodinaire), new-ish friend Sarah (aka girl who can put trolls in head locks and beat up bullies), and Dwight (the dwarf who’s scared of enclosed spaces) are back in the Magrus after their adventures in Bad Unicorn. They’ve been entrusted with the mission of stopping Rezemoor Dreadbringer from killing off all the dragons and pretty much destroying the world in the process. Good ol’ Rez also just happens to be the big, bad magical dude who has tons of minions trying to find Max and the Codex so he can exploit both for his own nefarious ends. It should be easy, right? Avoid Dreadbringer and all his cronies and stop his henchmen. But there’s just one little catch. Max can’t get the Codex to work since they travelled back from the future, and it needs to go back to its origins to get reset. And of course, it just happened to be written in the place that Rezemoor happens to call his personal HQ. So Max and gang are on a seemingly impossible mission, and along the way they run into all sorts of little hiccups, like almost starting a war with the dwarves, or getting drowned by a sea monster, or ending up in a dungeon. Of course, they also make some cool new friends, like a fluff dragon named Puff and a fire kitten named Moki. And of course Princess the Unicorn is back to add to the excitement. It’s one fun, crazy ride from start to finish when you travel with Max and company.

So those of you out there who have issues with making commitments to sequels and series, you’ll be glad to know you can pretty much read this book without having read Bad Unicorn and for the most part not be lost. Of course, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice by missing out on the hilarity of Bad Unicorn, but that’s your choice. I enjoyed both. I still think the first was a touch more funny, but this one is plenty entertaining. Most of that is thanks to Dirk’s philosophy that everything in a magical world works just like in video games, and the introduction of the fire kittens, especially Moki. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

Notes on content: No language issues. No sexual content. Most of the potentially violent parts of the book are diminished thanks to humorous alternatives to traditional vanquishing methods. For example, a necromancer is vanquished by singing.
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752 reviews10 followers
August 22, 2022
3.75 stars

A better story by far, in my opinion, from the first novel. For one, Moki the fire kitten. So sweet, loveable, loyal, and cute. Second, Puff the fluff dragon. Two adorable creatures with personality!

This is the sequel to The Bad Unicorn. We are with Max, Dirk, Sarah, and companions as they try to prevent the future in the first book. There is action, jealousy, betrayal, humor, and redemption of some characters.

Intrigued to finish off the trilogy following the end of this instalment.
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406 reviews16 followers
May 6, 2015
Fluff Dragon picks up almost directly after the events of Bad Unicorn. Max, Dirk, Dwight, and Sarah defeated Robo-Princess (ex-unicorn and committed anthropophage), but it was a rather hollow victory since she'd already eaten humanity and left Earth a wasteland of killer robots. Fortunately, Orbiskar the Dragon-King was in need of assistance. As it turns out, while Robo-Princess was gleefully chowing down on humans, dragons were also being hunted into extinction and it was only after things had gone too far that Orbiskar discovered that the party responsible was none other than the self-same head of the wizards who had sent Princess to get Max from Earth (and the only copy of the Codex of Infinite Knowability) and thus set off her apocalyptic dinner party. ANYWAY, Max and Co. have been flung back in time to the present but they're in Magrus and faced with the daunting quest of stopping the dragon hunts (which everybody else thinks are a really good idea, for obvious reasons). Of course, having come back in time, Princess is still alive and on the prowl, and now that they're in Magrus, they're wide open to attacks by other parties eager to get their hands on the Codex and Max (the only one who can read the codex) from necromancers to the evil toupee makers guild to a rainbro to the fearsome zombie duck itself. Fortunately, they've got new allies including an inside-out dragon named Puff, a post-living wizard mentor, a pair of fire-kittens, and a knight-errant prince with fabulous hair.

Mr. Clark doesn't miss a beat with Fluff Dragon and whereas the first book was a sort of fantasy version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the second book is like a comedy version of one of those anime shows about fantasy games turning real. Let there be no mistake, this is Dirk's book; Max is still the main protagonist (and becomes more of a leader this time around), but Dirk's every word and deed in this book is comedy gold as he somehow accurately gauges every situation and character they run across using video game logic (thanks in part to a unspeakably dangerous potion that he quaffs early on). I don't remember his character being half as amusing in the first book (maybe flawed memory on my part), but from the second they step into Magrus, Dirk reads every situation like he's got a cheat guide, and it's hilarious. As with the first book, the scope and ingenuity of Mr. Clark's imagination (and twisted sense of humor) are a delight to behold and although this is targeted at the middle grade audience, as a 30-something I will proudly add it to my shelf and encourage others to do the same.
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1,512 reviews5 followers
October 29, 2016
The Codex of Infinite Knowability is broken and will no longer respond to Max's need! All he and his best friend Dirk, love interest friend Sarah, and shop owner Dwight want is to go back home. Instead they must cross the Magrus, break into Rezormoor Dreadbringer's Wizard's tower and reset the book, no problem, right!?

I knew this was a sequel but I was drawn to the title Fluff Dragon and wanted to learn what that was without wading through the first book. That may be why I had so much trouble with this book or it may be that it simply is not to my taste. I had trouble right from the prologue - it felt like it was trying too hard. When Max got onto the scene it read better and felt more pulled together but still felt overwrought. If you don't like ridiculous with your funny then this probably is not to your taste either. Though I can imagine a child giggling uncontrollably at the image of a dagger throw so wild it hit an orc in the butt!

My main problem with the book was that it was all over the place. I loved specific plot elements and characters like Tiny the giant and the rat solution while saving the knights was kind of stupid. Dirk was one of the main characters that really grew on me; he is especially outrageous but that plays an active part in the story as he is the unexpected solution to many a problem. I also loved Moki, the fire kitten that always seemed to be game, he made me giggle several times! Another problem I had was that as a traveling story (where characters travel from point A to point B) it was a little boring...

The dwarf part was entertaining though and for the middle of the book was most excellent. This is normally the worst in a middle grade book as writers don't typically develop enough plot to meet in the middle. The "solutions" to problems are rather ridiculous if not entertaining. One one hand I love that children are learning that fighting is not the only solution to enemies and disagreements and on the other I think asking royalty to please forgive the raving egomaniac episodes would not be so easily agreed to, no matter the debts involved... and to tell a child they would be is a falsehood.

The ending was a mass of battles. I do like how Max whipped around those prime spells - and it tied up all the loose threads about the allies... For a middle book and not having read the first book this was pretty good! And the idea of the fluff dragon is quite cute and I like that there was no way to turn him back (consequences!)

BOTTOM LINE: Crazy, ridiculous fantasy adventure fun (if you like that type of humor).
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Author 1 book9 followers
May 4, 2015
I had trouble getting into this one, admittedly. I just wasn't feeling it to start with. That said, I did read the last third in one sitting last night so it's definitely enjoyable!! It's interesting what I end up remembering and the parts that I forget. Definitely recommended and I can't wait to read the next one!

-------first read/reviewed April 21-22, 2014---------
I re-read Bad Unicorn before reading this one and I'm very glad that I did. They fit so well back-to-back and it was wonderful to read the continuing adventures. I love all the new characters (Puff, Moki, even more of the Zombie Duck) and there's distinct character development and growth as they go, which is great to see.

I like that this novel is much more linear because the flipping back and forth got a tad bit confusing in the first novel (although it was definitely better on the second read).

I almost think this one's better than the first book. There's not as much necessary world-building (although there still is some, of course), so the author is able to focus on fleshing out and allowing the characters to grow and the plot to develop. It's a nice thing for a sequel to almost hold my interest more than the first story.

As with novels and series that I really like, my descriptions and analysis usually boils down to me saying, "READ IT. It's awesome!"
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Author 3 books83 followers
January 24, 2014
In this book, Clark spins the fantasy genre on its head once again, filling the pages with fluff dragons, rainbros, fire kittens, and evil toupee makers (yes, you read that right). Old characters return, new characters abound, and situations involving other strong verbs ensue. A must read.
Profile Image for Karen.
132 reviews39 followers
September 23, 2014
Fluff Dragon is book 2 in the Bad Unicorn series. I really enjoyed this one, and my family is happy because they've all read it and had to keep quiet, but now we can all discuss! Lots of adventure, humor, and an ethical hero. My kind of story!
3 reviews
November 2, 2015
Definitely one of my favorite fantasy books. Fluff Dragon was a wonderful magical adventure filled with chuckles along the way.
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800 reviews7 followers
April 13, 2018
In this sequel to Bad Dragon, eighth-grade wizard Max and his friends Dirk and Sarah have been sent back in time from the future - a mechanized future in which human beings have been driven to extinction - to a magical realm where the arch-mage Rezormoor Dreadbringer (nice name, eh?) wants to hunt all the dragons to extinction. Max is intent on keeping his promise to the king of the dragons, the last of his kind, to stop Rezormoor before he turns the Magrus (the magical layer of reality) into a frozen wasteland. Unfortunately, defeating him will mean taking the Codex of Infinite Knowability (a family heirloom spellbook full of awesome power) back to the place where it was written - which happens to be right where Rezormoor lives.

Could Max's quest be tougher? Yes, it could. He also has to face a dwarf king who believes it is his sacred duty to lock the Codex away in a virtually uncrackable vault. Max is also being pursued by the undead necromancers of a dark lord from the shadow realm. He gets betrayed by a friend. One of the fire kittens (don't ask) who has joined the quest is a spy for the enemy. The spirit of a dead wizard keeps appearing to offer mentoring notes, but always just too late to do any good. Before his second magical quest is through, Max will have to gain the trust of one of his deadliest enemies.

This is an adorably funny, magic- and action-filled adventure that stands a lot of sci-fi and fantasy clichés on end. It features an online role-play character brought magically to life, a middle-school bully who has taken being a monster to the next level, a zombie duck, a claustrophobic dwarf, and a dragon who has been rendered harmless in a most embarrassing way. More magic from the codex revealed. More world-building details of the Magrus are filled in. And Max achieves a new level of maturity in his journey from chubby loser to powerful wizard. In spite of some grammatical goofs the editor missed, I loved it. I think kids will like it, too.
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375 reviews
March 10, 2017
Compared to Bad Unicorn, which was creative and fun if not always perfectly written, this book is a major letdown. It was still interesting enough to read all the way through, and I'll probably read the last book in the series out of pure curiosity, but this novel had much more of an unpolished feel to it. My major beefs:

- There weren't many fun or creative new fantasy elements. Most of the interesting things (e.g., fire kittens) were introduced in Bad Unicorn. The most memorable new object to me was the glowing dwarf ants that may or may not exist, and they weren't very interesting. Ho-hum.

- Max continues, in my opinion, to not have a lot of character. I think in this book (as compared to the previous one) he makes more active decisions, instead of being carried by the plot, and I liked that, but for the most part his characterization still seems to be "fat lazy nerd" and that's about it. (As a nerd myself, I wish he had more depth. We still barely know anything about his mom, for example.)

-The use of "The Kraken" in this book was underwhelming. Apparently he's really scary and evil, so he gets invited to a meeting with the book's Big Bad soon after he makes an appearance in the novel...but he still talks like a stupid bully. And he's dispatched in about three seconds by the same spell that finished off Robo-Princess, so that's not super original.

-Speaking of underwhelming, what the heck happened to Princess's character arc? After so much interesting buildup in Bad Unicorn, Max basically just said "Hey Princess, why don't you decide to be good and stop eating people?" the very first time he saw her in person and she was like, "Oh, fer sure, that's a much better idea!" and that was that. Unless there are some reversals in the final novel, I'm really surprised that all of that character development just went kaput.

Honestly, that last point about Princess is really the one that's driving me nuts. I liked the zaniness of Bad Unicorn enough, so I'm disappointed this book didn't deliver for me in the same way.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
1,559 reviews2 followers
July 27, 2018
These novels are such fun! I just finished a dark murder mystery; this was a perfect option.
Max and friends are still stuck in another dimension. The situation has gotten even worse; the Codex isn’t working. Then two fire kittens, a prince, and an ancient wizardly mentor are thrown into the story.
Definitely read Bad Unicorn first. Be ready for an abundance of pure silliness.
Profile Image for Kristina.
519 reviews
July 13, 2021
More ridiculousness and fun with this second of the series. ... it's practically exhausting to read! But in a good way!
New characters are fantastic!
This world is perfect for Netflix! A little Harry Potter, Stranger Things, and Tolkien wrapped up with South Park snark....
2 reviews
March 12, 2020
It sucked. Who in their right mind would ever enjoy this book. It is the only book I have not been able to finish because it sucked so badly. If I could give it 0 stars I would.
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956 reviews20 followers
August 29, 2014
Max Spencer has just finished saving the world from Princess the unicorn, but that was in the future. Now, they're back in the present, but still in the Magrus, a magical realm. Max and his friends, gaming nerd Dirk, comic shop owner (and dwarf) Dwight and Sarah, the brains of the operation and resident kick-boxer, are would love to go home, but the revelation that there are forces far more dangerous than Princess are at work and will still destroy the future if this rag-tag crew doesn't take matters into their own hands. Someone is hard at work killing all the dragons and if the dragons go extinct, the Magrus will grow cold and barren. Also, the Codex of Infinite Knowability is on the fritz, and, since they need it to tell them how to perform the magic to get home, they really can't go anywhere anyway. Not until they can take the Codex to the place where it was written. In the meantime, Max and Co. pick up a few new companions, including the titular Fluff Dragon, Puff and a pair of Fire Kittens named Moki and Loki. Of course, there are also villains galore. Since Princess was defeated in the future, she's still around causing trouble. Then, there's Rezermoor Dreadbringer and his zombie duck, not to mention the insidious Maelshadow who's truly pulling the strings. Max and his friends have their work cut out for them.
So, I really enjoyed the first book in this trilogy, but this one isn't nearly as funny or engaging. Which is not to say that it isn't enjoyable; it is. Just not *as* good as the previous one. It may, perhaps, be because there are far fewer excerpts from the Codex, which typically have a kind of Hitchhiker's Guide feel to them. It may also be because the plot feels murky - there's a lot going on and much of the humorous world-building is lost in the mix. It is, however, nice to meet some of the creatures that were only mentioned in the first book, but never encountered, like the fire kittens. Other characters don't get to spend much time with our primary characters, so one can only hope that they'll be back for the conclusion of the trilogy. This winds up feeling more like a traditional fantasy book (with a sense of humor, of course), rather than the surprisingly clever mashup of fantasy and sci-fi/time travel of the first book. I'm having trouble putting my finger on what exactly is was about Fluff Dragon that didn't quite do it for me, but I still can't help but look forward to the concluding book to this trilogy.
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960 reviews47 followers
January 14, 2015
Max, Sarah, Dirk and Dwight (and Glen!) are back from the future, trying to stop Princess (and Magar) before they can go crazy and end the world, but mostly they are back to keep a promise. At the end of Bad Unicorn, the crew promised the King of the Dragons to come back in time and save his people, not from Princess, but from Reezemore Dreadbringer, the wizard in charge of the Tower who, incidentally, was responsible not only for the dragons extinction, but also for unleashing Princess upon the Techrus (thanks for that, man; we really appreciate it). All this wouldn't be too hard, except that the Codex isn't working, not even for Max. So added to the quest agenda, one stop at the Wizard Tower (you know, home of the bad guy) to reset the temperamental book.

Of course nothing is ever easy for the crew, but thanks to some great new characters (fire kittens named Moki and Loki, a fluff dragon called Puff, and a rather late (insert groan) mentor wizard (oh and did I mention the fire kittens? :) )) the journey is at least eventful! Add in rampaging Rainbros, shear dumb luck, Dirk's infallible gamer logic (it's scary accurate!) and the occasional Shadrus necromancer and you get a pretty good idea that you're in for a great story! Honestly, I liked it better than Bad Unicorn! I know, shock!

Content notes: no language issues; no sensuality issues. Violence is strictly of the crazy-off-the-wall-magical type. Weird things happen, and people / things get broken or killed, but very much not detailed in the blood and guts sense, just in the darkly humorous vein.

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489 reviews7 followers
December 31, 2015
In Fluff Dragon we are introduced to some new creatures. Fluff Dragons, of course, which are dragons that accidentally "put their clothes on inside out." We know dragons can take on human form, sometimes when turning back it goes wonky and their scales are facing in, and when that happens the Escutcheon's Scale keeps reflecting the magic back in and they get really small and they are really stuck.

Fire Kittens, Loki and Moki to be exact. Moki is hilarious! He's overly excited by everything, seriously everything. Even prison excites him. Lesson to be learned here, about living in the moment. Moki is the happiest character, by far.

Max is in trouble, now that they have traveled back to their own time, the Codex is no longer working. It randomly sparks at Max and he can't read anything. It has killed his magic. But he uses the downtime when they are trying to fix it to memorize the names of spells, he's a really bright kid. Now if they can only get the Codex working again and defeat Rezormoor Dreadbringer, in order to save the dragons.

It's another fantasy novel for kids but filled with so much zany adventure that adults are sure to love it, too. I'm not just saying that, my husband groaned just as much as my 9 year old did when story time was over. lol
Profile Image for Tracy.
520 reviews24 followers
June 2, 2015
What's up with the haters? I read a few reviews of Bad Unicorn and the 2-stars all started, "I really wanted to love this book, but..." If you don't like that book, you might need your sense of humor examined by a doctor. This book is for kids, but that doesn't mean adults can't laugh at it, too.

It's silly, it's cute, and has a sort of clever mixed with obnoxious humor. Glenn, the Legendary Dagger of Motivation, is the coolest. I love that dagger. If you've never laughed at Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail, this book might not be for you. But if you quietly giggle every time you picture the old woman beating her rug that protests like a cat "Mrow...Mrow...MROW", this book is what you're looking for.
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338 reviews24 followers
November 17, 2016
"Puchaty smok" został napisany prostym, przystępnym językiem. Dla osób, które czytały pierwszą część trylogii dawno temu przydatne okażą się liczne, choć nienachalne, fragmenty, w których wspomniane zostały wydarzenia ze "Złego jednorożca". Wartka akcja, różnorodni bohaterowie, pełne humoru dialogi oraz ciekawie skonstruowana historia to elementy, na które składa się dobra powieść, zarówno dla młodszych, jak i nieco starszych czytelników. I chociaż w tym tomie brakło frobbitów, to zombie kaczka ma się dobrze.

Całość na: http://wiedzma-czyta.blogspot.com/201...
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182 reviews
August 20, 2014
(Really 3 and a half stars, at least! I'm just trying to reserve more than 3 stars for REALLY GREAT books, and while I did really like this one, I can't say it was REALLY great.)

This is the middle book of a trilogy, but luckily it'd didn't end on a super cliff-hanger like I thought it might. It was just as fun and amusing as the first book in the series (Bad Unicorn) with the added bonus of a fluffy dragon and fire kittens!
Profile Image for D_M_P.
15 reviews
April 29, 2014
Yet another exciting read. There's nothing quite like imagining a rainbro destroying a town. or how a fire kitten would appear riding on the back of a fluff dragon. This trek even deeper into the world of Max and his friends did not disappoint. I loved every minute of it and can't wait till the third book comes out.
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321 reviews10 followers
September 28, 2014
Very fluffy indeed. If you enjoyed Bad Unicorn (which I did), you'll enjoy this immensely entertaining and extremely lightweight sequel. This is the equivalent of chick-lit or bodice-rippers for magic/fantasy fans especially 3rd - 7th graders.
103 reviews
December 23, 2015
Both my husband and my 10 year old loved this book. Puns aplenty. I have not yet read it, but they both rave about the entire series. Anything that talks about an elf that's depressed on account of "elf-esteem" issues gets a thumbs up in my book.
Profile Image for Megan.
312 reviews5 followers
September 12, 2016
Silly, fun. A good fantasy read for those seeking more humor than adventure.
48 reviews
July 8, 2014
It's the second in a series but I couldn't resist the title. It pulled me through to the end with humor and a fast paced plot, even though I'm not a gamer.
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