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Maddie's Marine

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A (Very) Short Story - Approx 6901 words

Newspaper reporter Maddie Forester once had a hot affair with Marine major Ryan Cavanaugh. But that was months ago, and Ryan wants nothing to do with her now. When they meet up by accident in Hawaii, they find out their affair isn't quite as final as either of them thought. It's still red-hot and sizzling! A (very) short story from USA Today bestselling author Lynn Raye Harris! Can Ryan ever forgive Maddie for her betrayal? Will Maddie ever win her Marine's heart, or is it hopeless?

31 pages, ebook

First published May 19, 2013

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About the author

Lynn Raye Harris

303 books2,710 followers
Lynn Raye Harris is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of sizzling military romantic suspense novels and contemporary romance novels. She lives in Alabama with her husband (former military), her cat, and her American Saddlebred horse.

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Profile Image for Maria.
Author 2 books30 followers
July 23, 2013
Lynn Raye Harris is well known as an author of sizzling, contemporary romance.

Readers who are already familiar with her work and romance readers who are longing to try out a new writer would certainly enjoy this short but action packed read. Many novelists find the short story form rather daunting, but Lynn Raye Harris packs a lot into this novella meant especially for e readers. The result is a short ebook which will satisfy readers who enjoy contemporary romance.

When Maddie and Ryan meet on the neutral territory of Hawaii, the not so distant past comes to mind. She, as a news reporter, gave out an unflattering story which cost Ryan some of the sweetest moments of his career. The tough Marine finds it difficult to let bygones be bygones. But the sparks of attraction are flying between them. Can this pair bury the hatchet and get to work on that attraction?

When I say it's a hot read, I'm referring to the sizzling hot chemistry between Ryan and Maddie, rather than to sexual descriptionn.

Recommended for fans of contemporary romance.
Profile Image for Nancy Crocker.
230 reviews5 followers
May 26, 2013
In Maddie's Marine by Lynn Raye Harris, Maddie Forester is a war correspondent who writes a blistering article for the magazine The World News. In the article she likens Marine Major Ryan Cavanaugh leadership to that of a petty dictator and compares him to Hitler. The major ends up getting relieved of duty and transferred. But a chance meeting in Hawaii brings these two back together. And one thing is for sure, neither one can forget the passion that they shared.

I do have one compliant, I love Lynn Raye Harris's stories. But this story was way to short as I am sure her fans will agree. Looking forward to Hot Pursuit ( Hostile Operations Team #1 ) due out July 15th.

4.5/5 stars
Profile Image for Nas Dean.
811 reviews37 followers
May 24, 2013
Loved the story and the romance was hot!
Profile Image for Jan.
78 reviews4 followers
May 24, 2013
loved this book however far too short :) going by this I am going to love Hot Pursuit ops books by Lynn just a taste what is yet to come
Profile Image for TashNz.
722 reviews17 followers
May 25, 2013
Great to read during lunchtime when you're out eating your lunch! VERY looking forward to HOT series :)
Profile Image for Sophie (Blogger).
156 reviews8 followers
August 7, 2014
Major Ryan Cavanaugh is a former Marine, Maddie Forester is the reporter that ruined his career. When Maddie came to the war zone where Ryan was fighting, she was there for a story, although it wasn't the one she told Ryan about. Instead she published a different story, one that told lies about him and the Marine's he was in charge of.

Meeting in Hawaii was something they never expected to happen, Maddie is there for a story with her boss/maybe boyfriend, Ryan is there as a get away from his life. Running into Maddie has brought back the feeling he had for her and also the hurt he had for what she had done.

Maddie feels guilty about the story she wrote, her boss wouldn't pull the story even though the facts were not entirely true. Maddie and Ryan had something, something passionate but lies, secrets and distance put the odds against them.

Maddie's Marine is funny and complicated all at the same time, making it a great short story to read. With its strong and passionate characters, you will find yourself reading the last line before you even realise it.

If I had to sum this book up in one word, it would be Tempting.
Profile Image for Char (1RadReader59).
2,074 reviews9 followers
April 24, 2019
This is a short story of thirty-one pages about a Marine and a reporter who met when he was to protect her while she was on a story in Iraq.
Major Ryan Cavanaugh a gorgeous 6’4”, green-eyed, a hunk of a man with a major six pack. Knew she would trouble the minute she stepped off the Humvee. Well, after one glorious night stuck in a sand storm together he promised to protect her. On that night she fell in love.
But when her paper runs with a part of the story that makes the Major look bad, she is not happy. Neither is he as he makes her leave camp leaving a bad taste in his mouth. Also, leaving a wanting and a large hurt in them both. The story leaves lasting repercussions.
What a good story, fast but you could feel the emotion between the couple and their love for one another. A good second chance story.
I give this: 3 stars. Found on Amazon for free.
Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.
Profile Image for Nikki.
961 reviews256 followers
June 18, 2013
This was a pretty short but sweet story. I liked that even though we didn't have a lot of time to get to know the characters, there was enough of their history mentioned for it to not feel like a love at first sight type of situation. I am looking forward to more in depth stories from this author!
"What do you intend, Major?"
"As much as I can get away with, Maddie."

I would even love to see a full length book for Ryan and Maddie! ;)
Profile Image for Lucy.
186 reviews6 followers
June 3, 2013
I loved this book Maddie's Marine by Lynn Raye Harris, it's a very short read, i read it in my lunch break thats was fine, Ryan the hot Marine went down well with my lunch.
the story is of a newspaper reporter Maddie, who reports on a war zone, There is a sandstorm Maddie thakes refuge in Rayan's tent, Hell it got hot in that tent, i won't tell you anymore but i recommend this book
Profile Image for Sarah.
3,323 reviews1,013 followers
September 1, 2016
Not bad for a quick freebie, I would have liked more detail about some of the events but can see why that's not possible when there are only 30 pages.

I'd be interested to read a full length novel by this author where she has more time for character development
Profile Image for Angela Blount.
Author 3 books671 followers
June 12, 2013
Free on Amazon!

A surprising depth of emotion for such a short romance read. A good taste of Lynn Raye Harris's capacities, and incentive for hunting down more of her works.
Profile Image for Shelley.
2,184 reviews27 followers
December 25, 2020
Maddie’s Marine😍

Maddie is on holiday in Hawaii when she bumps into the man that holds her heart❣Unfortunately, he’s upset with her about an article that was published under her name as a journalist which abruptly ended his career and got him transferred to Hawaii😢

A very short story that makes you believe in love after heartbreak💔
Profile Image for Jessica (JT).
478 reviews55 followers
November 16, 2018
Saw this available for free and thought I'd give it a try since it had such great reviews and I've heard good things about the author. This is a very short story but it's not even written well. I will not be looking into more by this author.
Profile Image for Debra.
3,124 reviews8 followers
October 30, 2022
Maddie's Marine

In this very short story Maddie made a mistake. Her story was published and the Marine who she wrote about was disciplined. Now they see each other in Hawaii. What happens when they finally get a chance to talk?
Profile Image for T.
173 reviews6 followers
July 15, 2020
Cute story

Good and quick story - more plot than smut which is nice. I would consider reading this author again for the right book and time.
Profile Image for Malinda.
1,852 reviews229 followers
June 21, 2013
4 stars

This was a very good short story. It has enough background to let you get a feel for the characters and their history so although it was short, it wasn't lacking in the story. This was the first story I've read by this author but based on this I think I'll try more.

Maddie was a journalist in Iraq. She was stationed with Major Ryan (her Marine) and they had a tumultuous relationship. Maddie wrote an article that caused problems for Ryan and never thought she'd see him again when they split badly. When they accidentally run in to each other in Hawaii their feelings come back in full force. This makes things difficult since Ryan is not willing to trust Maddie again.

Obviously things work out and Ryan and Maddie end up with their HEA. I really enjoyed this short story. It was a fun and satisfying read. I'd recommend it. :D
Profile Image for Elizabeth Bennet.
742 reviews8 followers
September 8, 2015
This is a pleasant second chance romance. It has the built marine by the name of Major Ryan Cavanaugh who steps back into the life of Maddie. She is a journalist and met Ryan when covering a story on him. The past left the two with broken hearts. Can they patch up the past pain that can never be changed? I liked the pain that was alive when the two meet after the damage was done. I just wished the author would have taken a longer approach in convincing her readers of the intensity. It had pain, then confrontation with guilt of what was done. The two reconnect through passion but it is short lived because Ryan refuses to believe things could be worked out. It was too choppy from emotion to emotion. Maybe had it been a tad longer the author may have been able to smooth things out with more story as what happened after Ryan leaves. It just felt rushed.
Profile Image for Donna.
418 reviews4 followers
September 18, 2016
This is an amazing short story from one of the USA's Today bestselling authors Lynn Raye Harris!

In this story it follows a Newspaper reporter called Maddie Forester. Maddie once had a steaming hot affair with Marine major Ryan Cavanaugh. That was months ago. Ryan now wants nothing to do with Maddie now. When Ryan and Maddie accidently meet up in Hawaii. They both find out their affair isn't quite as final as either of them imagined. There's still red-hot and sizzling attraction between them! Can Ryan begin to ever forgive Maddie for her betrayal? Can Maddie ever win over her Marine's heart, or is it a lost cause.

I Love Lynn Raye Harris. If i could give more than 5 * i could but again i have to settle for 5.
Profile Image for Michelle.
50 reviews9 followers
October 20, 2013
I downloaded this short story when it was free on Amazon and was not disappointed. This is a reunion between Maddie and Ryan, who met when she was a journalist embedded with his Marine unit. Much of the backstory takes place off-stage, but the reader is given enough information to understand that not only is their lust still simmering, but they have some deep, unresolved feelings for each other. There was a hint of sex, but no descriptions of sex acts, in this story.

I was pleasantly surprised and with the I will start reading Ms. Harris' "Hostile Operations Team (HOT)" series very soon.
Profile Image for Angel **Book Junkie** .
1,162 reviews7 followers
September 22, 2013
I have never read anything by Lynn Raye Harris but I can say that I am going to purchase Hot Pursuit VERY SOON! I really liked the book and I loved the writing style.. The only trouble I had with the entire story was Tom because he just made no sense to me. Why in the world if you loved someone like Ryan would you choose to even "date" a guy like him..I think that was the only thing in this entire story that turned me off! Other than that I loved me some Maggie and Ryan and wish that there was more in store for these two!
Profile Image for Kristin.
1,176 reviews
August 10, 2013
This is advertised as a very short story and that is true. Ryan is a Marine and Maddie is a reporter. They spent an incredible night together in his tent only for him to find out that she wrote a scathing article about him. The article lead to his demotion and transfer, effectively ending his advancement potential. These two people run into each other later and realize that they love each other.

Very short but it was okay, just not very hot at all.
Profile Image for Peni.
4,280 reviews1 follower
August 30, 2013
I am only able to give Maddie's Marine three stars because while the ability of the writer comes through the story is just to disjointed. It reflects back on events in such a way that it isn't until it is pretty much over that the reason for being is even revealed. There was no real beginning, middle and end. When the end came it was like from out of no where. I don't recommend this story as it stands now but will probably give the author another chance.
Profile Image for Maura.
3,870 reviews88 followers
September 27, 2015
Very cute and as mentioned in the description, very short. Maddie, is a journalist who had a very hot affair with Major Ryan Cavanaugh while reporting from Iraq. In her inexperience as a journalist, she accidentally ruins his life. Months later, the meet up again in Hawaii, things sort of rekindle, but Ryan isn't quite sure he's ready to trust. But there's certainly nothing wrong with their chemistry. This is a nicely paced little novella that was very enjoyable to read.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
615 reviews6 followers
February 8, 2015
I would consider this a short short Romance novel. Not fully developed story. Like I said, its short. There is a large back story that just isn't included in this book, which I really wanted. And the conclusion felt more like Lynn just didn't have the correct build up to the end. I liked the story, it just wasn't enough I guess. Maybe they are mentioned in her other books. I could be happy with that.
Profile Image for Jane.
Author 13 books74 followers
April 30, 2015
Maddie's Marine is about conflict resolution between these two. She made a mistake while she was a war correspondent in a war zone and he made a mistake in judgment that had nothing to do with Maddie. The attraction is stronger than the conflict as these two find a hot sexy solution to the conflict that has nothing to do with war.
Profile Image for Stefanie.
913 reviews44 followers
October 7, 2015
I enjoyed this book, who doesn't love a hot Marine. Never read anything else by this author but looking fwd to reading Hot Pursuit. I guess my only criticism would be Tom (he served no real purpose) and the middle (didn't realize that weeks had passed after their hotel scene until a couple of pages later).
Profile Image for Diana Tan.
261 reviews7 followers
May 26, 2013
I love this short story! Short but complete. It won't leave you feeling like you're left hanging. If this is just a taste of Lynn Raye Harris' upcoming release, Hot Pursuit, then I can't wait for that book!!! HOT and passion-filled!
Profile Image for Ashley Hedden.
4,471 reviews22 followers
December 16, 2013
I absolutely loved this story. Being a woman who grew up with a marine grandfather and now navy vet husband, I love military stories.This one did not disappoint. Everyone needs to read this free book.
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