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Ahoy, Mischaps!

Ahoy Gum Drop!

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What if -? What if you no longer could find your favorite chocolate in your candy store? What if the store informed you they may never get in a new shipment? Imagine the horror, the chaos, the wailing and gnashing of teeth, not to mention your impending foul-mood. And then imagine this scenario happening on a worldwide scale! What can be the problem? What can be the solution? It’s up to the brave (?) adventurer, Sir O. Yuri Wiseguy-eh and his mishaps from Gum Drop Island to boldly (double ?) go where no one has gone before. Yes, they must enter the realm of the forbidding and humuggity shrouded land called Moldy Corners. The next question, dear readers, is - can what happens in Moldy Corners affect you?

110 pages, Paperback

First published March 25, 2013

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About the author

Miss Mae

42 books52 followers
All of Miss Mae’s romantic mysteries, “Said the Spider to the Fly”, “When the Bough Breaks”, “Dove Island”, “It’s Extraordinary, My Dear Winifred” and “See No Evil, My Pretty Lady” are award winning best sellers. Her latest, “Catch Me If You Can” has already received top rated five-star reviews. Tantalizing trailers, and more information, is readily available at her website: http://www.themissmaesite.com

Miss Mae also enjoys writing humor and non-fiction articles. Some of her publications can be found in The Front Porch Magazine, Good Old Days, and WritersWeekly.

Autographed print books can be purchased via PM here at GR.

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Profile Image for Karen E. Garcia.
125 reviews57 followers
July 14, 2013
I am glad I won a free copy of this book in a goodreads contest. The book is styled by breaking the 4th wall meaning the characters in the story are aware they are characters in a book and a person is reading their adventure. This made for constant smiles and giggles throughout the story. After reading this book by M.M, even I wanted to visit Gum Drop Island and be friends with the characters who by the way are an interesting, and fun bunch. There were only two things I had a problem with; 1. There is an ending and 2. There is no sequel haha. Overall I absolutely love this book and if you do not mind the 4th wall being broken or a simply fun, and imaginative adventure then check this book out.
Profile Image for Joan Roman Pavlick.
51 reviews14 followers
December 19, 2014
This is an extremely cute and amusing audio listen of the book! Because I am a huge fan of audiobooks and how narrators portrays them. This is the way for the young to the young at heart to listen to this story. This book had me laughing out loud from time to time and smiling all the way thru! Why you ask?

Well, first off this has to be one of the cleverest plots that I have heard in young childrens books. Miss Mae has put together in this short 2 hrs and 19 mins of story in such a way you can not but listen from start to finish! The characters each have their own personalities. Starting the story out as a young girl playing hide and seek with her boy cousins decides a good hiding spot is this large cardboard box. Unknowing to her the boys have a plan and tape her up in the box to ship her off the to Himalayans. However, the postman being drunk sent her off to an entirely different place, No Particular Place fill with the tropics and all those wonderful animals.

One day Sir O. Yuri Wiseguy-eh comes to the island and sees the young girl now all grown up. He invites her to come to Gum Drop Island. However, everytime they say those 3 words - good gracious - music plays. Heading to Gum Drop Island The Narrator (the girl on the island) meets a bevy cast of characters. Each one with their own quirks and cute personalities.

Finding themselves going to Moldy Corners to where all the candy is grown and shipped all over the world. Wondering why a shortage?. Now each time someone ask where they are from or says "Gum Drop Island" the music gets louder and louder. The narrator and all the characters set themselves on a mission to find how they can bring sun back to Moldy Corners to get rid of the mold and get the trees growing candy again and stop that darn awful music. (If it was me producing this audio since the narrator did such an awesome job. I would have added in that music since I have heard music throughout other books - Just saying) Will they find and solve this annoying music? How are the two related?

The Narrator the one actually reading the story, but in the book itself calls herself The Narrator since she has no name. Even though the narration is done by Owen McCuen he entertainingly does every characters voice from the Narrator to Sir O. Yuri Wiseguy-eh to well-known journalist I.B. Nosey. Long ride in the car - pop this in for the kids and they will be laughing all the way! But, make sure that ride is over 2 hrs or you will be sitting in the car till it is done.

The cover is very inviting and makes you wonder if it is I.B. Nosey is the one telling the story. Great job by the author and the narrator! Really can't wait to hear another adventure when it come out!

Note: This review was posted to Goodreads, Amazon and Audible. The Book was provided for review by the author. All views are strictly mine and not in anyway influenced by others. Thank you for your time reading this and comments are always welcome on the other sites I have listed above!
Profile Image for Lynn Worton.
865 reviews28 followers
December 5, 2014
I wanted to read this book as the synopsis intrigued me, but due to time constraints, I opted to download this as an audiobook. I am glad I did, because it was the most entertaining read I have come across so far this year!

The story is narrated by Owen McCuen. I absolutely LOVED his narration! His voice and cadence is wonderful and he made all the characters come alive!

I usually do character breakdowns in my reviews, but I have a little trouble doing this for the main character, who narrates this story in the style of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, as she actually didn't have a name. However, we are introduced to several characters including Sir O Yuri Wiseguy-eh and well known journalist, I.B. Nosy.

This story has a fantastical plot, which kept me hooked from beginning to end. There are several references and play on words that would go over a child's head, but adults would pick them up with ease. This is a sweet (literally, as it deals with candy and chocolate) adventure that is so nonsensical and humourous, I found myself highly entertained. The story starts at No Particular Place and ends on Gum Drop Island. Moldy Corners is a strange and magical place, where candy is grown and harvested to be sold around the world. I could almost imagine Willy Wonka visiting Gum Drop Island and Moldy Corners to place an order or two; it would be interesting indeed if he did! I am not sure what age range this book is aimed at, but I sat with a smile on my face all the way through the story. The only problem I found with this story is that it was too short! It is only 2 hours and 19 minutes long. However, this length would be ideal for children to listen to a chapter or two at bedtime.

Miss Mae has written a wonderfully imaginative story that will enchant adults and children alike. I love her writing style, which is fast paced enough to keep even the most fidgety youngster enthralled, and the flow was wonderful.

I highly recommend this book to children aged 5 upwards and to adults looking for a quick, light read. - Lynn Worton
Profile Image for Julie Powell.
Author 69 books315 followers
October 5, 2015
I'd written a short review on Audible from my Nexus, intending to make it longer when on the PC, however, there is no edit facility, so I thought I'd add more to it here.

This is the one line review on Audible - I love the silly sense of humour, the puns and tongue in cheek ideas, well done!

Ahoy Gum Drop is hilarious! Wonderfully funny, both overtly and 'that tickle further into the hidden meanings'. This author has a fabulous sense of humour and I loved the deceptively simple story and delivery - the narration is superb, doing a amazing job of bringing alive even further the imaginative characters and 'plot'.

If you wish for a 'silly' and very funny 'adventure', this story is for you. If you love to laugh - go for it!
Profile Image for J.Q. Rose.
Author 13 books32 followers
June 23, 2013
There is no end to Miss Mae's imagination. Her very special Gum Drop Island and its cleverly written characters lets the reader escape into a fantastic world. The play on words and the zany situations will keep you reading and very entertained. A great story for kids and kids-at-heart.
Profile Image for Val Pearson.
115 reviews2 followers
July 22, 2013
Introducing .... I.B. NOSEY!!!! What a simply fascinating character I.B. Nosey is. Ahoy Gum Drop isn't your typical children's storybook. Children's minds will be stimulated through larger vocabulary words which makes it not just a story book but an educational book that lets them have fun while learning. Readers and listeners alike will find each character more quirky and zany than the one before. Join the trials and tribulations of characters such as Yuri, Cuddles, Speck, Spang, Heathcliff, Moose and a host of others in their magically enchanting world that is sure to leave readers giggling constantly. Ahoy Gum Drop is a fantasy in which children and parents alike will find an intriguing and captivating place to visit. One particular characteristic of this book that I found charming was at the beginning of each chapter, there was a summary of the chapter before. You just don't typically find that in a book but what a perfect way for parents to remind little ones where they left off the previous day. For a fun filled, exciting read, I highly recommend Ahoy Gum Drop for adults and children. The print version would be the perfect keeper for any storybook shelf. I can't wait to read more from these adventurous characters.
Profile Image for Diane Coto.
389 reviews10 followers
July 3, 2014
Money may not grow on trees, but candy grows on Gum Drop Island. One of the first plants the reader sees is baby candy canes. Wonder what time of year Santa has to place his order. But Santa and all of us who love candy may be in danger of ‘candy withdrawal’. Gum Drop Island has run into a bit of trouble.

This author’s creativity abounds with the various play on words and highly imaginative whimsical characters. As I read, my mind envisioned the characters and their situations in cartoon-like settings. In the same way that Walt Disney characters would be shown to interact with their creator, the characters in Ahoy Gum Drop! addressed the reader often and referred to prior and upcoming chapters. However, I have a hard time figuring out the market or target group for this story. In a story for children, the protagonists are themselves children. This story begins with three children, but most of the adventure is of adults and ‘other’ characters. As for adults, I cannot imagine that most would seek out a story of this nature. I rated it as 2.5 out of 5.

Profile Image for Christopher Hudson.
Author 2 books4 followers
November 8, 2015
"Those of you who are fans of I.B, Nosey's off-the-wall interviews on his website, will be right at home with Miss Mae's highly imaginative Ahoy Gum Drop! Those who aren't, well, here is your chance to experience the inspired lunacy of characters who occupy Gum Drop Island and environs ... a fun ride for the whole family. Now, if you want a nice, neat, linear story, well, you might want to look elsewhere. But if you want a literary carnival ride that takes you places that you can only dream about, then you've found your tome. Follow the protagonist down the rabbit hole into a world of controlled chaos, filled with whacky characters and strange adventures ... it is kinda like Uncle Wiggily meets Baron Von Munchausen ... or maybe Peter Pan meets the Matrix."

"A fun ride with a sweet message (in more ways than one) that doesn't take itself too seriously ... plenty of winks and nods to the reader that keep it all in good fun." "What did you like best about this story?"

"Cudos to Mr. McCuen for bringing all the whacky characters to life with an amazing array of voices and dialects. He is an accomplished reader and actor. Good find, there Miss Mae."
Profile Image for Lynn Lovegreen.
Author 6 books86 followers
October 7, 2015
Sir O. Yuri Wiseguy, the private detective Heathcliff the Possum, and other wacky characters find the ray of sunshine to save the world’s chocolate supply, in between arguing about where the next chapter will start and addressing the Dear Reader. These are just some of the goofy delights in Ahoy Gumdrop Island by Miss Mae. I highly recommend this book for young readers and those who are young at heart.

This quirky book also introduces I. B. Nosey the official unofficial reporter, one of my favorite bloggers. Learn more about him at http://feelingnosey.blogspot.com.

In the audio version, Owen McCuen does a great job providing unique voices for the characters.
Profile Image for LoRee Peery.
Author 28 books49 followers
October 28, 2015
I was carried away by vivid mind pictures. The uniqueness of the concept, new to me, still makes me smile. The story begins with What if…? This chocoholic was hooked at the onset. Who hasn’t played in a cardboard box? From Moldy Corners to Gum Drop Island, I loved Miss Mae’s imaginative names. Narrated by the gifted Owen McCuen, I marveled at his distinct vocal characterization, oftentimes surprising. (How do either author or narrator keep them straight?) I’d laugh, go eeuw out loud, or shake my head at times over the mind pictures conjured by talent. If audible books are your thing, or if you’re ready to try something new, this story is beyond a treat.
Profile Image for Diana Montgomery.
831 reviews8 followers
August 31, 2013
Ahoy Gum Drop
M.M. (Miss Mae)

What would the world be without chocolate? Don’t think I want to know. This was such a cute story. Loved the name of the characters. The main character is never given a name. Must have been writers block. (LOL) What a imagination! I found the story very enjoyable. Gum Drop Island ( what’s that music where is it coming from). Wonder where it comes from read the story you will be giggling. All kinds of things going on here. You even will get to meet I.B. Nosey. He is one awesome character. Kids will love this book.
Profile Image for Inishowen Cailín.
727 reviews39 followers
December 2, 2014
A quirky, fun story, jam packed with humerous scenes and fantastic characters. I loved the imagery and the play on words. This type of story was a complete departure from my usual reading habits but its lighthearted appeal means it can be enjoyed by anyone, young and old alike. Younger readers might appreciate the little recap the narrater relates at the beginning of the chapters. The audio version is brilliant. The inhabitants of the island really come to life and it adds an extra layer of enjoyment.
Profile Image for Charity.
392 reviews28 followers
September 20, 2015
For full review please go to: 5girlsbookreviews.blogspot.com, twitter @camartinez and Facebook "5 Girls Book Reviews"

REVIEW BY: Arianna, age 12 years, 9 months


This is the weirdest book I have ever read and I mean that in a good way!

My favorite part is when the group meets Ray O'Sunshine because it makes my eyes fill with tears from laughing so hard!

My favorite character is Sir O, Yuri Wiseguy because he brings a smile to my face no matter the circumstance.
Profile Image for Terri.
325 reviews12 followers
April 16, 2016
Giggles & Groans for All Ages (Audiobook)
Miss Mae, what amazing things go on in that head of yours and thank you for sharing them with all of us. You filled my head with zany and colorful pictures.

Ahoy Gum Drop! states above that it is for children 5-7 but it should include their parents and others who enjoy tongue in cheek and play on words humor. It is a wacky story featuring all types of life forms with very entertaining names. The chapters are short so little ones can listen to one or more at a time and not get bored. It was definitely entertaining when the characters started arguing over when a chapter was to end or begin.

Owen McCuen is amazing at voicing the human and non-human characters. His inflections were a wonderful tribute to snark for young and old. Your vocalizations drew me into the story as a participant and not an outsider.

This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher in exchange for an unbiased review.
Profile Image for Melissa Levine.
1,024 reviews41 followers
December 6, 2016
Let me start by saying that this was a confusing short story for me and my daughter. We listened to this in audiobook form but I don't think that was the problem. The narrator did a good job with accents and all. It was the story itself. There were many times when one of the characters would comment about how something had been previously mentioned in a different chapter. It's like it's mentioned that first time than it's mentioned in the next chapter and the fact that it had been mentioned in the previous chapter. Make sense? Probably not. Because of this, I kept thinking there was another story to this one or something, again, it was confusing. There was also the part when the main characters get to Gum Drop Island and the music keeps playing. Why the author had the characters comment about this fact and how annoying the music was to the readers, I just don't know.
Profile Image for Deedra.
3,812 reviews22 followers
June 14, 2015
I really had a hard time understanding what was going on in this story.The narrator,Owen Mcuen was fine choice for narrator.
"I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author in exchange for an unbiased review via AudiobookBlast dot com."
Profile Image for Miss Mae.
Author 42 books52 followers
May 12, 2015
Owen McCuen, the narrator, is fantastic in capturing the essence of all these wacky characters!
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