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Here's how it's going to be, Goddess.

Until you surrender yourself to me fully, I will not touch you.

Until the world can know you belong to me, I will not kiss you.

I'm going to be inches away, at your side. I'm going to whisper in your ear and put my breath on your neck, but the heat of my skin will not feel the shudder of yours until you commit yourself to me completely and without reservation.

197 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 4, 2013

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About the author

C.D. Reiss

107 books9,203 followers
CD Reiss is a New York Times bestselling author. She still has to chop wood and carry water, which was buried in the fine print. Her lawyer is working it out with God but in the meantime, if you call and she doesn't pick up she's at the well hauling buckets.

Born in New York City, she moved to Hollywood, California to get her master's degree in screenwriting from USC. In case you want to know, that went nowhere but it did give her a big enough ego to write novels.

She's frequently referred to as the Shakespeare of Smut which is flattering but hasn't ever gotten her out of chopping a single cord of wood.

If you meet her in person, you should call her Christine.


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158 reviews1,919 followers
September 30, 2013
 photo e04291631925ecfe4deb3e9e390f6b1c.jpg

Dark. ♦ Erotic. ♦ Raw. ♦ Infatuating. ♦ Sexy. ♦ Disturbing. ♦ Edgy. ♦ Sinful. ♦ Enigmatic. ♦ Addictive. ♦ Sensual. ♦ Stimulating. ♦ Maddening. ♦ Frenzied. ♦ Beautiful. ♦ Chilling. ♦ Provocative. ♦ Haunting. ♦ Electrifying. Intense. ♦ Intimate.

 photo download-4.png

She tried to walk away from him.

He knew she would.

He also knew that she’d come back.

And she did.

But Jonathan doesn’t play games.

Not before he shows her how to play, that is.

 photo 0c8582a606fb8b4be15c118d2e708191.jpg

♦ She begged him.

He teased her. ♦

♦ She submitted.

He controlled.

And now she will burn.

 photo 321ebf0ae767ec34ffee211dab20f982.jpg

He kissed between my thighs. Licked. Sucked.

“Yes,” I whispered. “Please.”

He put his tongue on me and my back arched. He backed off until I calmed, and he licked me again in earnest.

“Come then,” he said. “Won’t be your last time tonight.”

 photo 8c869a4312fb85b8e3c51037f430399f.jpg

♦ She will burn.

And she will commit to Jonathan. ♦

♦ Only Jonathan.

Because he won’t touch her and sate her. ♦

♦ Until she does.

 photo 72315d8c3c6120bc9d644677bb9eb1cb.jpg

He dragged his lips along my jawline and said, “What do you want, Monica?”

“I want you.”

 photo a08328e8b7ac48ead7ee8f7a4351334f.jpg

I’m not a toy.” He said while kissing my ear, touching my throat with his fingertips. He used his most tender voice.

 photo fc56fc7d99b98cb3834113242d6213a4.jpg

“You can’t throw me away, then reel me back whenever you feel like fucking.

That's all.
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346 reviews132 followers
June 3, 2013

FULL SPOILER FREE REVIEW.... (except quotes)

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

OMFG.......Jonathan you have ruined me for all my other book boyfriends......

This was such a hard review to write because firstly I've been left almost speechless by how freakin awesome this book was, and secondly I like to ensure my reviews are all spoiler free so I don't ruin any part of this amazing series for other readers.

So with that in mind I think it's fair to say I was more than a little impatient to get my hands on this instalment. But I was also a little nervous because I have loved this series from the very beginning, and with each new book there was always this little niggling concern that Jonathan and Monica's story wouldn't meet my expectations......Well shame on me for ever doubting the powerful pull of MY Jonathan and Monica..... as well as the astounding talent of this author.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, (as I think I've said this after each book in the series thus far) this is definitely the BEST, MOST INTENSE, DRAMA FILLED story. in the series to date. This author has well and truly pulled me into Jonathan and Monica's lives in such a way that I simply can not get enough......and I seriously need my next Jonathan fix already.

In this instalment we are thrown right back into Monica and Jonathan's evolving relationship......or lack of relationship, given that Monica had decided in the last 'episode' that she needed to distance herself from Jonathan and his dominating ways........



It is in this instalment that we follow Monica to the art exhibition, and never failing to disappoint Jonathan is right there with her, stead fast in his resolve to make her his, but Monica is conflicted between what she wants and what she thinks she needs.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

We also get reacquainted with Monica's weirdo ex Kevin..... And Jonathan's bitch face ex; Jessica.....Who I just know are both up to no good!!!!

As I have come to expect from this author the story line in this book doesn't fail to excite me, the writing is flawless, and where do I start on how beautifully erotic the writing is? Well what I can say is, hands down, this book contains some of the BEST and MOST INTENSE erotic scenes I have EVER read, and believe me I've read a lot of erotic fiction. But what I love most about this whole series is this author doesn't just throw in the usual repetitive erotic dialogue that seems to be on the increase in a lot of books these days. No this isn't erotic paragraph after erotic paragraph just to fill a few pages, this is erotic fiction with a great storyline woven through it.

This is a story that has captivated me, kept me guessing, kept me turning the pages and kept me literally begging for more, and its a story where five stars are simply not enough!

So what are you waiting for???? If you haven't been introduced to Jonathan yet...then go, go, go....he doesn't like to be kept waiting!!!!!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

*Arc courtesy of C.D Reiss in exchange for an honest review*
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1,802 reviews2,159 followers
June 9, 2016
4 stars

“What we have isn’t something we made. It’s something that existed before we even met.”

It's been a while since I last sank my teeth into the Songs of Submission series, for some reason I stopped in the middle and didn't pick it up. Well, I'm baaaacccckkkkk and loving Jonathon and all of his domineering and stalkerish ways (that just seem to work in this series).

So if you haven't read this series there will be mild spoilers. If you have... well you already know lol.

Burn is about Monica and Jonathon, a couple that started out as just sex but has turned into so much more. Monica has fought for years to make it in the music industry and she comes to realize her relationship with Jonathon could jeopardize that before it even begins. Jonathon wants Monica in his life, but only when she comes to him.

“When this ice cube melts, I’m going to make love to you so slow, everyone in this hotel is going to know my name. It won’t be play. It’s going to be dead serious.”

It was very easy to get back into the swing of this series even though it had been a long time since I read the previous books. Reiss is a very eloquent writer and I could read this book without any breaks in the flow. I love how LA has such a strong presence in this series, it's my hometown and CD nails it! (Probably because she lives here too).

The angst was delicious and the tension palpable. I just wish the plot was a little bit more focused, some of it seems all over the place with the side characters. But still a great, unique series with characters I love to read about. I need to get my shit together and finish this wonderful series.

“I feel your hands on your phone when you read my texts. I go to the Stock after your shifts just to stand where you’ve stood. I fall asleep on the pillow you used when you were in my bed. I need to share whatever piece of the world you’re in. Tell me you don’t feel the same.”

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2,417 reviews13.9k followers
August 15, 2017
 photo ReissBurn5TitlebySueBee_zpsf1623bfa.jpg
 photo bowtiebysb_zps1edd94df.gif
★★★★★! BURN, part 5 of 7.5. The continuation of playboy & mogul Jonathan Drazen’s seduction of aspiring singer Monica Faulkner!

“When do we start?”
“Give me a minute to change from vanilla guy to kinky guy.”

Songs of Submission is the whirlwind saga of aspiring singer Monica Faulkner and hotelier and real estate magnate Jonathan Drazen. Books/novellas should be read in order:
Book 1: Beg
Book 2: Tease
Book 3: Submit
Book 3.5: Jessica & Sharon
Book 4: Control
Book 5: Burn
Book 5.5: Rachel
Book 6: Resist
Book 7: Sing
Book 7.5: Monica
Book 8: Dominance
Book 9: Coda
Book 10: Breathe

In Beg, book 1 waitress and aspiring singer Monica Faulkner meets hotelier Jonathan Drazen and they have an instant attraction, but both have demons in their pasts. Whereas Jonathan is open for no-strings-attached sex, Monica is more looking to focus on her career…

In Tease, book 2 Jonathan and Monica have hooked up for some off-the-charts sex and have come to an agreement that since neither is open for a relationship they will just enjoy each other casually…

Submit, book 3 is very much a journey for both Jonathan and Monica! Their relationship is evolving and sex is not enough….

In Control, book 4, told from alternating POV’s both Jonathan and Monica have had some clarity in their relationship and feelings. They continue to explore each other sexually with some mind-blowing sex, but complications ensue…

Burn, book 5 has Jonathan and Monica at a roadblock…

 photo ReissSongsofSubmission1-7HerobySueBee_zpsdbd38f18.jpg

Seven words to describe Jonathan Drazen: Captivating, enigmatic, private, relentless, in-control, determined and protective.

 photo ReissSongsofSubmission1-7HeroinebySueBee_zpsa558fa92.jpg

Seven words to describe Monica Faulkner: Focused, talented, loyal, interesting, endearing, witty and strong.

Part 5 has a shocking ending, but no worries as part 6 is available. But before reading I recommend part 5.5, Rachel , a short novella that delves into secrets in Jonathan’s past. Spellbinding storytelling! Compelling characters! Scorching sex scenes! I am highly recommending!

“When this ice cube melts, I’m going to make love to you so slow, everyone in this hotel is going to know my name. It won’t be play. It’s going to be dead serious.”

Hero rating: 5+ stars
Heroine rating: 5+ stars
Sex scenes rating: 5+ stars
Sex scenes frequency: 5 stars
Storyline concept rating: 5+ stars
Storytelling skills rating: 5+ stars
Story ending rating: N/A
Book editing rating (5 = no edits spotted): 5 stars
Overall rating: 5+ stars

Would I recommend this series: Yes.
Would I re-read this series: Yes.
Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

 photo tumblr_mrwc5kWQ5a1spkhuro1_500_zpsf1e8f367.gif
(GIF approved by GR 10-2013)

ARC provided to me by author in exchange for an honest review.
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2,239 reviews3,435 followers
May 8, 2018
“I’m going to tie you down and take every part of your body until I’m satisfied. It will hurt, goddess, and you will beg for more.”
“You’re not scared?”
“Actually, I’m kind of really turned on.”

Me, fanning myself furiously

Can I just say one more time that this series is one of the best erotica I have ever read?

This book has everything:
desperation - Jonathan and Monica want to be together, but they are too proud and too scared.
delayed fulfilment and denied orgasms - For the majority of the book, Jonathan and Monica are apart
sheer grit and determination - Jonathan knows what's best. He just needs to convince Monica.
awesome cliffhanger - I think I know why that happened. But I will confirm it in the next book.
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155 reviews203 followers
November 6, 2013
5... SEXY Jonathan stars

 photo SOSburn5_zps0abedaa1.jpg

"Talking is not going to fix this.....
neither is fucking."

 photo SOSburn8_zps1e073c44.jpg

This is Book 5 in the Songs of Submission series.....WOWZA!
What can I say that hasn't already been said?? The pictures speak for themselves...right? loving this series ALOT! xx

 photo SOSburn3_zps5286e7d0.jpg

"I can’t fuck a commitment out of you. That’ll be worthless. I have to have your heart, Monica. The real thing. Without fear.”

 photo SOSburn2_zpsb17b11ec.jpg

“What we have isn’t something we made. It’s something that existed before we even met.”

 photo SOSburn1_zpscda0eb43.jpg

“When this ice cube melts, I’m going to make love to you so slow, everyone in this hotel is going to know my name. It won’t be play. It’s going to be dead serious.”

“When do we start?”
“Give me a minute to change from vanilla guy to kinky guy.”

"I love your honesty, even when it hurts me. I've fallen in love with you, Monica. I didn't think it would happen to me again, but it did. Thank you"

 photo SOSburn4_zpsf46d33ec.jpg

*BR with Jxxx, Deanna, Mo & Lkay**

Arc provided in exchange for an honest review! Thank you CD <3
November 4, 2013
Spoiler free review, apart from direct quotes

"I was a patient man. I could wait...."

".....But he stood still."

The plot thickens....

They struggle with what they want and what they think they should do...

"....my life, my career, my work."

....And Jonathan gets more and more delicious���... Is that possible??? Oh yes!! It is!!!

"Jonathan...... my king." ♥

Burn gave me flutters in my heart, goosebumps on my skin... Lurches in my stomach.... What. Would. Happen????

The sexting!!! Wow, wow, wow!!! They took sexting to a whole new level, is all I'm saying.....

"I feel your hands on your phone when you read my texts." Deep flutters just thinking about this line.... I absolutely adore it, it's so simple but says so much... ♥ It touched my heart.

They Burned for each other....

Monica and Jonathan have a great repartee between them..... A jovial banter..... Even when they are not proper 'friends' they have this amazing communication and chemistry between them.....

You know in your heart they should be together but they need to find a way forward for this to happen....

Until you surrender yourself to me fully,
I will not touch you.

Until the world can know you belong to me,
I will not kiss you.

This author has an incredible way of completely drawing you into her, 'Songs of Submission' world....… the world of Jonathan and Monica, and the characters who surround them.

We get our delicious book mix of fabulous characters, angst and erotic sex.... It's knicker wetting lovely....... Oh yes!!!

then move."
He put his hands all over me, relaxing me, reminding me he was there. "In a minute, it won't hurt at all. It's going to be the complete opposite."
.....he pulled out slowly, coating my ass in unexpected pleasure.

That was HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!! And gave me deep flutters in the, 'you know where!!!'


And then.....

OMG...... What???? Why????

Straight on to Resist to find out.......WHAT. WILL. HAPPEN.

♥ Epic BR with the beautiful Pinks
Arc kindly given for an honest review, thank you ♥

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509 reviews785 followers
October 20, 2014
What can I say about this book/series that I (and so many others) haven't said already ...

Is it brilliant??

You bet!

Is it sexy??


Does it get better with each book??

I don't know how C.D. manages to do so but it sure does!!

The story of Jonathan and Monica continues. This time they invaded my homeland, a.k.a. Canada (EH??), so how can I NOT like this instalment??

All kidding aside though, in Burn we learn things such as Kevin is not only a creep but a giant douchbag as well. If that was his plan to win Monica back, he needs to have a seat and learn a thing or two. I absolutely loved the way Jonathan took "care" of him. I guess when you mess with the bull you do get the horns, right Kevin??

We get somewhat obstructed glimpses into Jonathan's past. Do I get the reason behind his reluctance to share everything with Monica at this time. Yes, I do. Will it bite him in the a$$ later? Possibly. But I do hope Monica keeps an open mind. We all have skeletons in our closets after all ...

We also learn that Jessica is probably one of the most conniving bitches to ever appear in print.

I really liked that Darren [finally] came around. He seemed a bit off [to me] in the last book and I think I got the reason why while reading Burn.

And last but not least we get one of the hottest ever written! Am I right???

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

** ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review **
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1,258 reviews1,516 followers
November 10, 2013
This one fell a bit flat for me. I think the gist of my thoughts is that the series feels a bit directionless. There is a lot happening, but I don't see they WHY of it all. The story with Kevin and his weird little sick obsession should be getting more attention, I would think. And the fact that Jonathan is allowing Monica to work with him still...and not telling her things that she should really know about sort of blows my mind.

The relationship has taken a more serious turn, their feelings beginning to come into play and also to become more honest. Jonathan's character in the first four books seemed to have a few vulnerabilities, which really endeared him to me. Monica, obviously, is in a very tough spot in her life. And I really didn't like the way she started acting here. If this is leading where I think it's leading, I'm going to be very disappointed. I don't want her to turn into a girl who obsesses over her Dom, who can't function without his brand of sex/love on a daily basis. She acts desperate and somewhat pathetic. I suppose I do see the sexy factor to a certain extent. Chickie is horny! And the only relief she can get is Jonathan's brand of lovin'. She's a newbie addict. But I want more romance and less obsessive infatuation, I suppose. I want the desperation to be based on love, not the other way around.

One thing I LOVE about Jonathan is how he has his own limits. There are certain things he doesn't enjoy...sharing and humiliation being two of them. And although he will do whatever Monica truly wants him to do, it's all about the pleasure for them both. He pushes Monica because he knows she will enjoy something...not because HE will dig it. He truly considers her pleasure at all times.
Still, there is plenty of room for character growth and plenty of room for the forever kind of love to happen. I'm anxious to see where the author takes them from here.

Copy provided by the author for review.
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2,000 reviews11.8k followers
October 31, 2013

He was the last thing I needed. He was trouble. Six feet two inches of life-damaging trouble in a sweet, tempting motherfucking devil of a package.

These books!

(see what I did there? LOL!)

The writing


When this ice cube melts, I’m going to make love to you so slow, everyone in this hotel is going to know my name. It won’t be play. It’s going to be dead serious." "Okay."
"Then it’s playtime. I’m going to tie you down and take every part of your body until I’m satisfied. It will hurt, goddess, and you will beg for more."

The ending

I've run out of words to describe the pure awesome that is this series, so this is all you will be getting from me in this review. I'm suprised I was even able to get this much written, since I need to be getting back to Jonny. And you know what?

Book 1: Beg (my review)
Book 2: Tease (my review)
Book 3: Submit (my review)
Book 4: Control (my review)

For more reviews visit
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559 reviews835 followers
August 12, 2016
The fifth book in the Songs of Submission Series adds an extra helping of angst and sexual tension to complicate an already emotional tug-of-war between Jonathan & Monica.

(Beware of vulgar language & Spoilers if you haven't read the previous books in the series)

Two weeks after Monica walks out on Jonathan to save her career & social standing, both parties are going crazy without each other...
Darren is having a bit of an existential meltdown of his own...
Monica is being pressured into being a puppet for the recording industry...
To top it all off Darren & Monica are collaborating with douche-bag Kevin. Because... Reasons...

I think I'm basically just a mess of reactions to this book at this point... It was fantastic, and so much went down, but I don't know how to give you the breakdown without spoilers, so here's the best I can do spoiler free:

and her angst:

and his emotional honesty:

and his fucking antics:

and her all bullshit:

and his slimy ultimatums:

I'd also like to say that if I didn't have the whole series lined up on my Kindle and waiting, I would probably be rocking back & forth like a crazy person anxiously awaiting the next book. Once again, C.D. Reiss proves she knows how to finish a book with maximum tension.

I'm off to read Rachel, then get back into this crazy situation we've got going on here...

Some of My Favorite Moments:

My Full Reviews in the Songs of Submission Series:
(I will update links as more reviews become available)
1 --- Beg - Read my review here
2 --- Tease - Read my review here
3 --- Submit - Read my review here
3.5 - Jessica & Sharon - Read my review here
4 --- Control - Read my review here
5 --- Burn - YOU'RE READING IT
5.5 - Rachel - Read my review here
6 --- Resist - Read my review here
7 --- Sing - Read my review here
7.5 - Monica - Read my review here

My Reviews of the Songs of Submission Sequences:
Songs of Submission: Sequence One - Read my review here
Songs of Submission: Sequence Two - Read my review here

My Reviews of the Songs of Dominance Duo:
1 - Jessica - Read my review here
2 - Sharon - Read my review here

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278 reviews206 followers
December 26, 2013
Wow, that one really ended with a bang!! Jessica, I still hate you!

Anyway, on to the things I loved about this book....EVERYTHING ELSE!

 photo Moldiv_1388065105699_zpsplvmkkcy.jpg

Monica is struggling with her potential fame and becoming "Bondage Girl" because of the song she has written. She doesn't want to be the image of submissive females so she has steered clear of Jonathan for two weeks after she walked away from him.

Jonathan wants her back and needs to convince her to be with him. He wants a full commitment with her and he promise to never walk away from him again.

 photo 46aee702-0f96-49a8-9769-43e2b836542a_zps8772f615.gif

I wrote verses about his eyes and choruses on his voice. I wanted to exorcise him through music, but I feared I was doing nothing more than keeping the burn in my belly alive.
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59 reviews2 followers
September 22, 2015
*****5 "Sea and sky" stars*****

March 2014 re-read and still brilliant!

 photo 63351cce-7ba2-40e4-bb12-8e41f88d46e7_zps10f9a743.jpg

Original review:

This is the best part of the series so far, IMO. It gets better and better and I'm sure this will not stop.

 photo burn_zpsdf3d9554.jpg
Monica almost burned it all to ashes in this installment.

I cannot say much about what happens in Burn without spoiling it.
So, I will say some general things about the characters. What I love about Jonathan is that even though he has an apparently dark past and baggage (who doesn't?), he is playful, has humor, has an easy smile and uses the whole BDSM kinkery in order to play and have fun.
I like very much that he is so clear about that and makes sure it is restricted in the "bedroom".
I also love the way he cares about Monica, even as a dominant, without dictating what she eats and when she can speak. He cares about her in a different, more subtle and profound way that I have come to love. I adored him when he said that he does not like humiliating things for his sub. It might be weird but I found that sweet!

 photo monica_zps29a663de.jpg

Monica is the best heroine I have met lately in the genre. Finally a woman who goes after what she wants, without playing games, being whiny and pseudo-innocent.

 photo burn_zpsdc1d6ea3.jpg

"When this ice cube melts, I’m going to make love to you so slow, everyone in this hotel is going to know my name. It won’t be play. It’s going to be dead serious."

I love how C.D. uses the notions of burning vs. ice in this book. Just brilliant!

 photo burn_zps33d1f48f.jpg

This part of the story was a slow burn for both characters. Even Jonathan seemed to be hanging by a fine thread. And I enjoyed it immensely, even though the sex scenes were fewer, but this does not mean that the story was not sexual, sensual and HOT this time. It was still intense and also intimate at the same time.

 photo door_zps9fdc939a.jpg

Symbolisms are one of my favourite parts in this series. The door concept amazed me, but I will not say anything further.
I cannot wait for the next installment.

If you have not started this series yet, you cannot imagine what you are missing out.

 photo Burn_zps90f4fc61.jpg
Profile Image for D.L. Howe.
Author 10 books363 followers
September 10, 2022

Jonathan does a lot of waiting, a lot of hoping that Monica will come back to him. Actually to him it’s more a matter of when not if. Of course Monica does her level best to focus on her career, failing miserably.

Their exes are the gifts that just keep giving (heavy sarcasm implied). Especially Jonathan’s ex-wife, this bitch doesn’t like to lose even if she forfeited in the first quarter.

As you can imagine lots of drama in this one and I’m here for it. I especially look forward to Jessica being put in her place.
October 5, 2013
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Jonathan is a known kinky dominant. His ex wife made sure to make the world know his sexual ways are anything but vanilla. He draws something out of Monica that she craves but does she want a life with that stigma? Does she want to be labelled Bondage Girl in her budding music career? She wants to write her music and sing it her way, not influenced by Jonathan's reputation. How can she have both? Maybe she can't......

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Gah! This installment was the most fidgety for me. Jonathan wants Monica to commit to him....all of him. It's not about a fuck anymore. He wants all of her, to accept him publicly their relationship the way it is.....accepted and not embarrassed by it.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Gah! This is new..... The guy playing hard to get. Loved it! You just sat and read, clenched your fists, fidgeting.... Praying he'll cave and touch her. But no, he's holding strong. He wants a commitment and not just behind closed doors. Not just fuck buddies anymore......

Devouring this series! Another cliffy ending. Moving on.....

 photo ReissSongsofSubmission1-9_zpsaf86859c.jpg
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1,351 reviews2 followers
October 29, 2013

Here's how it's going to be, Goddess.

Until you surrender yourself to me fully, I will not touch you.

Until the world can know you belong to me, I will not kiss you.

I'm going to be inches away, at your side. I'm going to whisper in your ear and put my breath on your neck, but the heat of my skin will not feel the shudder of yours until you commit yourself to me completely and without reservation.

“When I met you, I thought you were an asshole.”
He smiled. “You did not.”
“I did. A gorgeous asshole.”


I told my love, I told my love, I told her all my heart, trembling, cold, in ghastly fears – Ah, she doth depart.

Off to read ...

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813 reviews832 followers
November 4, 2013
b>5 flames banner photo: flames banner flames.gif Stars

It's been 2 weeks since Monica has left Jonathan and it's not easy.
I wanted to exorcise him through music but I feared I was doing nothing more than keeping the BURN in my belly alive.
 photo image_zpsb2420ee1.jpg

 photo image_zpsaaf3bccf.jpg

 photo Monica-burn_zps29787acf.jpg

 photo jonathan-burn1_zpsdbe72b56.jpg
Six feet two inches of life-damaging trouble in a sweet, tempting motherfucking devil of a package.

 photo image_zpse0a83e68.jpg

 photo image_zps917a3d56.jpg

Jonathan once again comes to Monica's rescue. They are at least talking and opening up, exposing their fears, vulnerabilities, desires, and passion. As they are working their way back together, there is a super sexy texting scene on Jonathan's plane......
 photo orgasm_zpsbe285e32.gif

Outside forces are front and center in this book. But what Monica and Jonathan have with one another is a connection, a spirituality, a bond that draws them together no matter what life throws at them.

 photo 97fa807b-5cf0-4f0f-84a3-5fa9443355c5_zps773ef082.jpg

"...I love your filthy mouth. And I love your mouth when it sings and jokes. I love your body, and everything it does to me. I love when you come, when you squirm under me, begging for it. I love your hands, and your eyes. I love you honor and integrity. I love your loyalty, your intelligence. I love your honesty, even when it hurt me. I've fallen in love with you, Monica. I didn't think it would happen to me again, but it did. Thank you."

At the end, we are thinking that all is good in the universe but CD had another idea. But I must say that I knew Jonathan was gonna get his ass handed to him, I just knew it!
Jessica  photo tumblr_lvpg6gunPM1qc8ct6_zps823903c1.gif
Of course I jumped immediately into Resist to see what fabulousness CD Reiss had in store for us next. I must say that I think I know what an addict in pursuit of their fix feel like!! I had this overwhelming desire to keep reading at all cost to my sanity and need for sleep.

Epic BR with my Pinkies, Mo, Lkay and Stella

♥ARC so graciously given in exchange for a honest review♥
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June 3, 2013
 photo drazenquotey_zps11fa2540.jpg

I told my love, I told my love,

I told her all my heart,

Trembling, cold, in ghastly fears—

Ah, she doth depart.

I really enjoyed this one. To date, I think this is my favourite ‘episode’ from the Songs of Submission. We have got to know Monica and Jonathan so well by now and the series is fully in its stride. There’s so much emotional pain going on in Burn, a mutual heartrending longing for one other that pleases me greatly, There’s a part of me that is never happier when book characters are suffering, it makes the ultimate happy ending all the sweeter and Jonathan and Monica are both in the depths of despair in Burn.

We re-join them as we left them in Control – Monica has walked away from Jonathan. She believes firmly that their kink, joyfully indulged in private, now has far reaching ramifications for both of them in their professional lives. Every time she meets with someone in a professional capacity she is convinced they are imagining her bound and spread and waiting to be dominated. She has written song lyrics that she feels everyone will know are about Jonathan. She’s convinced that the world has thrown them together and shown them how perfect that can be and then spitefully shown them they can’t comfortably be a couple without being the puppets of other people’s imaginations.

Their separation is painful to say the least. Monica’s mind and body is a dry, arid desert without him – she can’t seem to have a normal physical response to anything, her body is so very well trained to react to Jonathan. Jonathan also firmly believes that they belong together but Monica has made the decision to walk away and he insists that she must make the decision to come back to him, fully prepared to fully commit.

I felt their pain so keenly due to the beautiful ,hauntingly atmospheric quality of the narrative. I love CD Reiss’s style so much – she completely sucks me in. My attention is always held right from the first word right through to wherever she chooses to leave us dangling and this time we’re left with a major cliffy. At least we know we don’t have too long to wait, the next episode will be along in a month or so but be prepared.

Of course, they were never going to be able keep that painful physical distance for very long as they both ache so badly for the other’s touch and you can expect a hot and sexy scene that we really have come to expect and crave.

“When this ice cube melts, I’m going to make love to you so slow, everyone in this hotel is going to know my name. It won’t be play. It’s going to be dead serious.”

As I mentioned previously, there’s a huge cliffhanger and there are a couple of serious Uh-Oh moments in this one when you know something is going to come roaring back to hurt them in a later episode. Really excellent erotic romance.

4.5 beautifully atmospheric stars

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March 28, 2015
With how the last book ended, this book doesn't exactly start off happy. Both Monica and Jonathan are feeling the effects of what they have done. It was really interesting to see how much they swayed back and forth.

Jonathan very much tries to stay in control but (again) so thankful to get his POV and to be able to see how he really feels.

Jessica is still causing problems. I was shocked at what happened...I guess all that pent up anger? You just know this is going to come back and bite him in the butt, literally.


Also, Monica's been busy doing an art exhibit with Kevin and Darren. Again, it's pretty obvious that this is a disaster waiting to happen with Kevin and things get taken to a whole 'nother level...shockingly so.

Of course, Debbie always has her hand in their business and gives things a little push. And it was a good thing especially when they all went to Vancouver, well almost all.

And the book can't end without a major cliffhanger and this one is a doozy!

♦ FYI, these stories are short and most have some type of cliffhanger. You will probably want the next one or two ready!


Favorite quotes:

♥ “This, I want. I’ve never wanted anything so badly. I feel your hands on your phone when you read my texts. I go to the Stock after your shifts just to stand where you’ve stood. I fall asleep on the pillow you used when you were in my bed. I need to share whatever piece of the world you’re in. Tell me you don’t feel the same.”

♥ “Give me a minute to change from vanilla guy to kinky guy.”
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October 14, 2013
This is turning out to be one of my favorite series! The sex is off the charts HOT, kinky, and adventurous!! Jonathon and Monica are a couple who I adore! I love how they have such an intensity about them when they are together; but even with that they can turn around and laugh together! To me, that is the ultimate kind of relationship! They are for sure two halves that make up the whole!

Not only is there explosive sex; but there is a great storyline and it includes secondary characters that either you love or hate! In this novella there has been some drama from Monica's ex; Kevin. And in the end we are left with a Cliffy regarding Jonathon! I am so glad the next instalment is out, and nothing will stop me from cracking it open to see what will happen!!!.... Well... Alright... Real life maybe... But not for long!!! ( I hope!!)
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October 25, 2013
I am soooooo glad I waited until this series was complete before I started it.. I would be dying right now if I had to wait on book 6... but I don't have to wait!! So here I go


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2,082 reviews857 followers
July 24, 2014
Five Smutastic Stars. C.D. Reiss uses words like a Jonathan uses his cock.

Can I just say that I adore this series? Even though each story is short; it doesn't feel like it - you completely forget that this just a sliver of the whole story. Each one is beautifully written, words seamlessly fit into place. And we aren't talking 'pull out the thesaurus' shit here. We are talking about poetry, perfection and words that draw out images in your head.

The only draw back for me was the number of sex scenes, but I get that this was the story of after she left and him trying to get her back. A ton of sexy time did not fit this story, but CD Reiss writes sex scenes so well that I just crave being able to read her words.

If you have not read this series you are missing out, I know some may be waiting until all are released; and believe me having to wait is killing me too. But I need more Jonathan and Monica that I can't help but devour these books the day they come out - leaving me wanting for more every time.

Now on with the story. So Monica walked away from Jonathan. Afraid of the risk of giving in and giving up her career to be with him - but it's not just about her music. It's about her fear of the ease in which she wants needs to submit to him. He is in her every waking thought, his skin, his voice, his touch, his mouth, his cock... But she just as her fear of being used by Jonathan held her back, her fear of being seen as used by everyone else binds her from the man she has fallen in love with.

Jonathan is waiting. She has ran away twice and he knows she will return, but when fear sets in that she might move on - his plans change and he knows that he will have to convince her to give herself to him. Sex binds them, their bodies know one another like no other - but to claim her soul she has to go to him without it being fueled by lust.

And although this story is the fight of the push/pull of Jonathan and Monica. We can't forget the other players. Kevin. He sums up douche-bag perfectly. In fact I think that the word was invented because the first person to use it as a slanderous word had a premonition that Kevin would be created. I could not justify his actions and I was a little pissed at how easily everyone placated what he did. And lets not leave out the bitch, otherwise known as Jessica.

I can't wrap my head around her. Is it that she wants what she can't have so badly or that she was so humiliated by Jonathan's kink that she is seeking out punishing him? She couldn't be his submissive, but yet there are signs that are pointing that control is driving her desire to torment Jonathan. And lets just clear up my feelings for this woman....

And of course we have our lovely cliffhanger, but it could have been a little worse, it could have ended just a little sooner and left you hanging without giving you the two words that explain it all. But those two words opens up so much possibilities for the next book. And I have a feeling that the omission at the end might just come back to haunt a certain someone....

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November 3, 2013
(BR with Patty)

This book was wonderful! So much happens. The book starts off with them apart but still communicating. Jonathan is just waiting for her to come back to him. He has faith that things will work out & that they are meant to be together. Their relationship really grows and moves forward in this book. There is some stuff that happens and a lot of guessing who is out to get them. It seems so much is against them being together in this book, but they fight for each other. I was not happy with the ending of this one & am very glad I have the next book ready or I would die. lol :)

-He was trouble. Six feet two inches of life-damaging trouble in a sweet, tempting motherfucking devil of a package.

-Stunning creature. I wondered, like he said, God had made him for me as much as I'd been made for him.

-"Commit yourself to me. Be mine for all the world."

-I have to have your heart, Monica. The real thing. Without fear.

-"I want you, and I need everything from you.

-"I want you to feel me," he said. "I want you to see this side of me, how I feel about you."

-"When do we start?" "Give me a minute to change from vanilla guy to kinky guy."

 photo jj2.jpg

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June 15, 2019
Part 5 of 9: The ex-wife finally made her play and it’s a big one. The ex-boyfriend is even more of a sleaze. Monica is still clueless about him. And how can the other ex-boyfriend/best friend think Kevin is better than Jonathan. Was he never around during their relationship? I like Jonathan more and more with each book.
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May 28, 2013
Due June 10 (or thereabouts).
Cover reveal 2 weeks prior.

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May 27, 2013
You thought the first four were hot? Watch out, kiddies. In the latest installment of her sex-soaked drama, C.D. Reiss has chopped the wood, soaked it with lighter fluid, and lit a match.

You ever want something you can't have? You ever wanted something--anything--night and day, become obsessed, needed it, felt it, sang it, breathed it?

If there's one character in this book who is burning, there are at least three. Four? Yes, four. And where will *any* of them stop, in pursuit of their hearts' desires?

Oh, honey. This is a hot one.

Burn, baby, burn.

This might be the most intense installment yet. Might be? Is. Is, is, is is. So much drama and I could NOT put it down. I laughed & cried and...yeah. It turned me on.

Just when you think there's nothing new under the sun for J&M, oh, honey. To tell you anything more would be cruel, and I won't do it. Don't even ask.

I'll just say you lucky fans of this series have one hot night to look forward to, and soon. The series just keeps gaining momentum and I am so jazzed to be along for the ride.
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April 9, 2015
I’m now fully entrenched in the Jonathan-can-have-me-anyway-he-wants-me camp. I’m loving his POV chapters.


I’m not fond that most of this story is them being apart. Monica is struggling to come to terms with what being with Jonathan means for her personally and professionally. There is no doubt that she loves him and can easily be swayed to be with him sexually but now Jonathan wants to own her body and soul and won’t take anything less than everything.

“He was the ache between my legs, the desire in my belly, the tingle on my skin, the very embodiment of my gratification.”

“That dress makes me want to destroy you.”

“I’ve fallen in love with you, Monica. I didn’t think it would happen to me again, but it did. Thank you.”

And ending it with him in handcuffs!!! Uh uh no!

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