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They thought they had escaped. They were wrong.

After fleeing the Branch with Sam, Cas, and Nick, Anna is learning how to survive in hiding, following Sam's rules: Don't draw attention to yourself. Always carry a weapon. Know your surroundings. Watch your back.

When memories from Anna's old life begin to resurface--and a figure from her childhood reappears--Anna's loyalties are tested. Is it a Branch set-up, or could it be the reunion Anna has hoped for? Ultimately, the answers hinge on one question: What was the real reason her memories were erased in the first place?

Jennifer Rush delivers a thrilling sequel to Altered in a novel packed with mysteries, lies, and surprises that are sure to keep readers guessing until the last page is turned.

288 pages, Audiobook

First published January 7, 2014

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About the author

Jennifer Rush

17 books1,640 followers
Jennifer Rush grew up reading vampire fiction and took her first stab at writing her own bloodsucker book as a teenager (it might win an award for the worst vampire fiction ever written).

Now, many years and many books later, Jennifer enjoys writing action-packed middle grade and YA. She is the author of the Altered saga and Bot Wars series (written under the pen name J.V. Kade).

Jennifer currently lives on the shoreline of Lake Michigan with her husband and daughter, and occasionally gets to see her son when he needs to do laundry.

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Shelved as 'up-next-priority'
August 26, 2015
So there is a Nick teaser

Nicks is making origami paper cranes ...

But then, I remembered this scene from altered, when Anna and Sam went to her old house ...

"I pulled the box out, flipped the saffron lid open. Inside lay an origami paper crane. A knotted beaded necklace, and a picture, the edge crisp and torn, the photo itself folded into a crescent."

Love triangle??????

Well ... No love triangle ... see comments below :P

******MORE TEASERS********


Gotta love the guy ...

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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March 10, 2013
I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Erased, the hotly anticipated sequel to Altered. It did not disappoint!

First, let me start off by saying that I loved Altered. I had been hesitant at first to read it, because the description of the story, in my mind, made it seem like it could either be really good or really cheesy. It was not, in any sense of the word, cheesy. It sucked me in and created a knot of anxiety that rode in my chest throughout the entire reading. When I finished, I was distraught to find that the sequel would not be released for another year!

Thankfully, I didn't have to wait that long to read Erased. I received my ARC yesterday and read it in one sitting because I could not physically put it down. Jenn Rush has this innate talent for writing suspense. I had the same knot of tension riding my chest through this sequel. I wasn't sure how she would manage to continue this story without it feeling artificial or forced, extended simply for the sake of having a second book. But somehow, she pulled it off.

Erased picks up where Altered left off. And instead of a story for a story's sake, it truly feels like you never stopped reading Altered, and moves forward into such a natural progression for the characters. The best part, to me, was that in Erased, we learn more about the Altered characters' backstories. It fills them out, and fills the holes that I'm sure many of us were desperately wanting filled after the first book. Nick, especially, develops such a wonderful depth of character, that he has quickly become my favorite of the boys.

I spent the entire reading gasping out loud, yelling at the characters, cursing decisions that were being made, creating working theories about who I thought was to blame for the current predicament, and being overwhelmed with affection for the characters as they found their way through it all. That, in my opinion, is the mark of a truly great book and a truly great author. I, for one, will be reading anything Jenn Rush publishes going forward. She has proven herself as the type of writer who can evoke tremendous emotional (and physical!) reactions to her work, and those are the writers I want to read.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who read Altered. And if you haven't read Altered yet, what are you waiting for??
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135 reviews
April 14, 2021
Ramazanda okunamayacaklar listesinden sonra ramazanda okunabilcek kitap serisi ile beraberiz bugün de 😂😂

Kitap yorumuma gelecek olursam olaylar olaylar amma velakin beni sarmadı. Nedense bazı yerler gereksiz uzadı. Düz yazı gibi anlatmış yazar çoğu olayı o yüzden duyguyu çok nadir tesadüfi aldım kitaptan. Ben pek sevemedim ama bakalım belki sonda toplarlar.
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November 22, 2017
Kitabın 280 sayfa oluşu üzücüydü çünkü bu kitapta ilk kitaba nazaran daha çok olay vardı. Ve çok hızlı oldu her şey. Sadece daha uzun olmasını isterdim.
Bu kitapta Anna'nın benim çocuklarım diyip durmasına o kadar sinir oldum ki. Nereden senin çocukların oluyorlarmış acaba diye diye tokatlayasım geldi.
Geçmişe dönüşler sayesinde bir çok şey açıklığa kavuştu. Ve Nick. Önceki kitapta en çok Cas'i sevdim diye düşünüyordum ama bu kitabı da okuduktan sonra en çok sevdiğim kişinin Nick olduğuna karar verdim.
Şimdi gelde üçüncü kitabı bekle :')
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1,046 reviews148 followers
April 1, 2021
Erased starts few weeks after where Altered finished. Like the first book this was thrilling and fast paced. And I love the boys even more now and even though there wasn't that much of them. But being the book not that long I can look past it.

Anna, I didn't much like her in the first book and I liked her even less in this (if that's even possible). She got more dumb and naive and of course jealous. I want Sam, I also want Nick, throw in Cas there too. She makes stupid decisions and doesn't even take responsibility for them. She finds her once thought to be dead sister Dani and without asking her all the right and not to mention important questions, she just thinks about how she looks and gets jealous because Dani and Sam have history. Even after being jealous and all, she trusts her and doesn't tell Sam about going to Port Cadia. She wants to be treated equally when it came to making decisions and plans but when it comes to keeping watch, she falls asleep and never once did I encounter her keeping a watch or doing something constructive. Umm.. you want to be treated equally but don't want to work girl? That's exactly how it works. It was her own decision to go to Port Cadia but when she comes back to the condo where Sam, Cas and Dani were staying she gets jealous all over again and starts saying stuff like, "having fun, are you? If I'd known you guys were taking a vacation, I would have stuffed myself in one of your suitcases." I mean, seriously girl?. She wants to know about her past and her family and she doesn't even ask much about the boys' past or if they want to know more except for once. Yep in her own words and I agree that she's petty and whiny.

Now that that's out of the way let's focus on the good stuff, I liked the thrill, fast paced and all that action. A lot of my questions were answered but I still have a few and I'm guessing they'll be answered in the next one. Yes the boys as I've already mentioned I loved them even more. Even Dani whatever shady character she was, I liked her. But may be not her death, I think that wasn't necessary but okay.

I'm still not sure about the boys' super powers or super human strength except for that they are fast, muscles and trained assassins. Again I was lead to believe by the author in the first book that there were some super human things going on but the author never answered that and also I don't think it will be answered but I just wanted to put it out there. For the most part I did love the book.

Leaning towards 4 stars
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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November 23, 2017
Amnezi ile ilgili düşüncelerimin aynısı bu kitap içinde geçerli. Konu olarak çok farklı ve güzel. Sağlam da bir kurgusu var ama yazar olayları çok oldu bittiye getirmiş. Kitap sadece 280 sayfa ve bir sürü olay, aksiyon içeriyor. Aslında bu her ne kadar olumlu birşey olsa da yaşanan şeylerin daha detayına girilmesi lazımdı. Bu kadar yüzeysel geçilmesini beni üzdü. Çünkü dediğim gibi güzel bir kurgu temelde yatıyor. Bunun dışında geçmişe dönüşlerin olması hoşuma gitti. Olayların başlangıcının bir kısmını ve karakterlerin aslında nasıl kişisel özelliklere sahip olduğunu biraz daha iyi bir şekilde anlamış oldum. Üçüncü kitapta geçmişte tam olarak neler olduğunu, yaşandığını daha iyi bir şekilde göreceğiz sanırım.
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January 20, 2014
After reading: First off, the title isn't justified. Enough said without spreading spoilers (But you can guess a teensy bit of something right? Right?).


This was a good read nonetheless. I adore Jennifer Rush even more now because she doesn't do the predictable. For instance,


The book ended quickly, almost too quickly that it felt like Rush was rushing (Yeah I saw that too!) to conclude the book because she was running out of her designated pages the publishers decided for her (Does that happen really though?) to complete the story.


What is she going to write about in Untitled? I thought all the loose ends were kind of knitted back (Despite I don't know, it kind of felt like an ending for me. I was shocked even because I thought I knew there was a third book, but then thought may be Jennifer had changed her mind. But she clearly hasn't, and that has puzzled me with that ending with Erased.

We'll see.

Before reading: That's like one year away from now.

I'm pissed.
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196 reviews289 followers
November 29, 2015
Eine wirklich gelungene Fortsetzung! Es gab Spannung, überraschende Wendungen und jede Menge Action!
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319 reviews63 followers
June 26, 2016
Hide or Erased is the second book of the Altered series by Jennifer Rush

After loving Altered so much I was actually disappointed with Erased.

First of all, the story was too short. Too short. The German edition has only about 272 pages and this is maybe the shortest book I own. Because of this, the story was too fast and I couldn't enjoy all the myteries and action scenes. On top, I feel like this book could have been more detailed and better written. We get to know some new characters and they ... let's say it was obvious to know their real intentions.

Seconldy, the characters. Anna gets vmore self-confident and can fight for her own but oh my ... she does so many stupid mistakes. Very stupid mistakes. Some things/secrets are so obvious from the beginning and our dear Anna doesn't think twice. Besides, there aren't many scenes with Sam or Cas, but, fortunately, many scenes with Nick. Nick has been probably the most mysterious characters from the series. Erased gives us many clues and answers about Anna's and Nick's past and honestly ... I prefer Anna and Nick. I loved their dynamic!

All in all I have enjoyed Hide/Erased, but it wasn't as good as Altered.

4 stars
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415 reviews1,105 followers
May 11, 2017
Az önce dönüp baktım acaba ilk kitapla ilgili ne söylemişim? diye fakat hiçbir şey söylememişim. Kitap hakkında nasıl hissettiğimi az çok hatırlıyorum gerçi ve ikinci kitabın birinci kitaptan bu açıdan pek bir farkı yoktu.

Bazı noktalarda karakterler etrafta boş boş koşturuyormuş gibi hissettim ve olan biten de düzgünce açıklanmamıştı bana sorarsanız. İlk kitabın nasıl bittiğini pek hatırlamıyordum ama Bellek'e başladıktan sonra kitabın içine girmekte hiç sorun yaşamadım (sanırım ilk kitabın bıraktığı noktadan devam etmiyordu ama emin olamıyorum).

Akıcıydı ve oldukça hızlı okunuyordu. (Bknz, kitabı dört buçuk saatte bitirdim.) Ama bunun dışında kitaba özel bir ilgim yoktu, eğer ilk kitabı okumamış olsaydım (ve Bellek elimde olmasaydı) tahminen alıp okuyacağım bir kitap değildi. Ha, okurken eğlendim ve beğendiğim yerleri de vardı fakat çok daha iyi kitaplar var.

Not: Az önce "Yazar acaba üçüncü kitapta ne anlatmış?" diye düşünüyordum çünkü Bellek bir seri sonu gibiydi, meğersem gerçekten de öyleymiş ve üçüncü kitap Nick'in ağzından anlatılıyormuş.
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53 reviews
Want to read
March 10, 2013
Update March 10th, 2013:
Can I just say that the cover of the book looks epic! Though I was waiting to see how Anna would look like. Maybe Anna and Sam together?
A whatever this one looks pretty mouthwathering too!


If I may speak for every single one that read book one,

it was awesome. Just mind-blowing, crazy-jumping, fan-girling awesome.

When I was first in the story I was really annoyed with the hopeless act Anna performed. That was untill she kicked-ass and said what she thought, not what she was supposed to say. I really like a strong character with confidence.

So let me wrap up how I felt while I was reading the book.

Of course, page 1 began like this:


Then, while Sam finally remembered that Anna was another human being, and not also that but also a GIRL, I felt relieved. Finally Anna could get over the 'please-notice-me' act (really, I loooooved the book but I just need to say that haha).

thank god. yes. love them. ship them.

THEN I saw when book two is supposed to be coming out.

I mean come on..... Januari 2014? I CAN'T POSSIBLY WAIT THAT LONG.

Well I guess I will just go cry in my room for another year..

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104 reviews28 followers
December 5, 2017
Kısa olduğu için hemencecik okuyup bitirdim ama bu sefer de tadı damağımda kaldı biraz.
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January 11, 2014
This is an absolute Hot Mess of a Sequel and not in a good way
Micah is not impressed at all. Spoilers are ahead

Review also posted at Chaos Reads: The YA Forums

2014 is not looking good for me at all guys. it's january 10th, 2014 and i've read 6 books and I am sort of disappointed with all but one of them. But none has disappointed me like Erased has. Let me save you th e trouble of reading the book and just read my review.

1. Plot: 2 out of 5

Erased takes place a few months after the events of Altered. Anna, Sam, Nick, and Cas are trying to adjust live while still keeping their guard up and eyes open for potential attacks from the branch. Anna's memories are coming back to her in flashbacks of her past live but more importantly so are Nick's memories as well...Memories Nick is not sure he wants to remember.

Sound good so far, right?

A Figure from Anna's past returns(And if you read Altered, it's not hard to figure out that it is Dani) and Anna is struggling to connect with a sister she doesn't know much of except from flashbacks. But the closer Anna gets to discovering the truth she discovers a horrifying secret that changes everything.

The plot sounds good right? Except this is not exactly how the book went down.
Yes Anna's memories are returning as are Nick's.....Yes Dani returns in this book but nobody really has much suspicion that someone they thought was dead suddenly has reappeared looking for Anna?

Red Flag #1....More importantly, bad things start happening when Dani is around but Nobody(except Nick) puts two and two together...Red flag #2....

More importantly, this book feels more about Anna worrying about Sam treating her like she is fragile and her worrying that Dani's return means trouble for her and her Sam...you know since Anna is dating her sister's boyfriend.

No offense but if i found out the guy i love used to date(and probably have sex with) my sister that is now dead, that is probably going to kill the relationship.

The book's summary is not even an accurate description. basically, Anna begins remembering the past and her sister returns and shit starts hitting the ceiling and Anna naively follows what her sister tells her while ignoring obvious red flags.

2. Writing: 1 out of 5 stars
I am assuming this is the end of the book. I mean I can't see where the book can go from here. But this is the perfect example of a book that is rushed like hell.

Several things happen only to be resolved a page or two later....Nick's memories begin returning and Nick in true Nick form, closes out everyone and decides to leave only to return back the next chapter with the news of Dani. Nick's departure from the group could have been better expanded upon. He literally returns back to the group in like 5 pages. Which makes it feel like a childish temper tantrum.

More importantly, there is a brief scene in the book where they meet up with Trev for information but it feels so rushed and it becomes more about Anna and Trev but no offense who cares about Anna? Trev was locked up with the boys for years and they had formed a brotherhood...I want to see more of Trev with the boys not Anna.

The worst part is Dani...Dani's return just feels incredibly weak. She goes into a store asking about Anna and looks into the camera on the off chance that Anna and the boys come looking for her. Nobody finds that suspicious for longer than like 2-3 seconds. More importantly, Anna kept saying stupid shit like "She's blood" so i trust her.

Bitch....YOU DONT KNOW HER. You have no memory of her. Blood does not work here. Use some common sense you stupid girl. I wanted to slap Anna.

The worst thing about Dani is that everything was too obvious. It was OBVIOUS to the reader that Danie was behind everything going on. That's poor writing to me.

A reader should NEVER be able to guess what is happening before the characters. I could seriously guess everything that happened becuase it was too obvious. There was a slight twist with Sam and I was like okay maybe it is not going to be so obvious...But nope, Jenn Rush basically pulled a "SIKE! Just playing" and i was pissed.

There was no build up. No suspense. No anything except a girl doing stupid stuff and putting people she cares about in Danger.

I really wished they'd just shoot her.

3. Characters: 1 out of 5 stars

Lord Jesus...The characters. Altered proved to me that the strongest characters are Nick and Trev. Anna is the narrator but she is just a horrible lead. She is basically a girl trying to prove that she can hang with the boys and doesn't want to be treated like she is fragile yet several times she whines and has a borderline temper tantrum like a fragile girl.

She makes incredibly stupid choices....So you're going to believe and follow behind a girl who is your sister that you can't remember but you don't trust the instincts of the guys you DO KNOW and you make it easy for them to be captured because you're a basic ass bitch.

Sam is just as bad. I have nothing positive to say about Sam. He is the leader of the boys, yes, but he is basically Anna's love interest who treats her like she can't do anything and more or less makes her feel dumb when she makes a decision(though in his defense, her choices usually are dumb). He is a bit of a jerk and rude and I honestly the only reason I can see that the others follow him is because that is how they were programmed. Sam was more interesting in Altered before they went on the run. Since then, He just became a hard ass who loved Anna. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Cas is just irrelevant. He was treated as the jokester in Book one, only to become even more useless in this book. He is given ZERO moment of development. He flirts with Anna and makes a joke about being hungry and then goes back into the shadows. There is literally no point to him.

Dani...I am not even going to spend much time on her. She is literally the second worst thing about this story because nothing about her is original or catches you by surprise. I was just waiting for when the characters discovered...Wait a minute, this bitch might be cray cray. Hold up, Maybe we shouldn't trust her.

Unfortunately, the two best parts of Altered were Nick and Trev only to be incredibly neutered(Nick) or severely under-utilized(Trev). The best part about Nick is his brash and blunt attitude. He doesn't care(so it seems) about much and especially hates Anna. Hence why i love him xD Several times he calls Anna out on her stupidity while the other boys kissed her ass.

So what happens in Erased? His doucheness is more or less erased becuase his memories come back and Anna discovers that in her past life, they were close friends and he looked out for her. Nick gradually more or less becomes yet another lapdog of Anna's, doing as she wishes despite him being the one saying he didn't trust Dani. Nick more or less ignored instinct because the Author wanted him to soften up to Anna, thus she made him stupid. Thankfully, Nick didn't magically develop a sweet persona. He is still Nick...just nice to Anna. Ugh.

Trev is woefully underutilized in this book. he makes a few appearances and once again, Like Dani, Trev is far too obvious. Dani you can tell is working with the bad guys while Trev is obviously still looking out for his old friends and Anna. The biggest travesty about Trev is the fact he has more chemistry with Anna. In fact, Anna seems to care so much more about Trev and how he treats/speak to her, than Sam. Yet of course, Anna is stuck with the less interesting person who she has zero chemistry with. I loved Trev because he is a sweet guy who made a horrible choice and is paying for it but even though he made up for it in the end, he still loses. I don't get it....

4. Overall

I am highly disappointed. I didn't finish Altered a fan, but i finished Altered as a potential fan hoping to be swept away in Book 2, Erased. Unfortunately not even Nick and trev could make me into a fan.

This is a story that had a Decent(not flawless) first book and had room to grow on. Book 1 didn't have as many annoying traits. However, Erased totally just destroys that.

The writing feels different. The problem in Altered was things moved a bit slow. I can handle Slow. It got to its point, it just took forever.

Erased on the other hand, is way too fast. Slow you can stop and enjoy the scenery. Enjoy the smells and sounds. Fast...you just see everything in a blur.

Anna is literally the stupidest person I have read about. And I've read books like Divergent with Tris(see Allegiant's ending), Unnatural: Archangel Academy and many many more books.

But Anna literally is so stupid I have to wonder do people like her exist in real life? I hope not because who the hell is that naive and gullible. It never once struck her as odd about Dani to take a moment to pause...until it was too late.

The biggest slap in the face is that this book is so Anna focused(which to be fair, she is the narrator) but i wanted to learn more about the boy's memories. Why are we so focused on Anna yet it seemed like Book 1 was trying to get us to understand the boys and their lack of memories. By the end of erased, Nick has some of his memories back, Anna has all of hers...Who knows about Sam, Cas and Trev.

Sam had a past life with Dani and they literally hugged once only to not even really interact ever again for the rest of the book...Yet Sam is so focused on Anna? So you mean to tell me a girl you used to be madly in love with has returned and you don't seem to be the least bit phased? More importantly, you drill into Anna's head about being stupid and making dumb choices yet you more or less always follow what she wants. I can't even with that.

I am so disappointed with Erased because i assume this is the ending, because there is no story left to tell is there with the way it ended. It had the potential to be great and it winded up being a bitter disappointment full of stupidity and ignorance.

I think I may be done reading books with Female Protags because these books make females look stupid as fuck.

Congrats Tris from Divergent...you have a character who is worse than you.

Still love you, Nick & Trev
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July 19, 2013
Rating:    photo 4-1.png  1/2

**There will probably be minor spoilers for the first book...I can't help myself. I have to talk about it. :)**

So, I liked Altered  when I read it earlier this year...A LOT. Like, even more than I thought I was going to. So I pretty much already knew that the sequel was a must-read and that it was probably going to be just as intense.  And, boy, was it!

But before I get to that, a little side-note. I read Altered before I'd ever even heard of the Elementals series by Brigid Kemmerer, and though the premises are very different, the group dynamic is very similar and just as entertaining:

- has twin brothers named Nick and Gabriel
- oldest brother Michael is the no-nonsense head of the family
- Becca discovers she's also an Elemental

- has altered boy named Nick who has previously used Gabriel as an alias
- Sam, the boy who's been in the Altered program the longest, is also a no-nonsense kind of leader
- Anna was also in the Altered program with the boys

- both series include an outsider who gains acceptance, only to betray the group

So many similarities from two totally different stories! So, if you've been debating one series or the other, well...just read them both! They are both awesome and I can't recommend them enough.  Both are completely addictive and insanely readable.

Okay, now that that's out of the way...

As I said before, Erased is intense. I couldn't put the book down. And when I absolutely had to stop reading, I rushed back to it with super-human quickness.  Simply put, I was utterly compelled to continue reading, as Anna, Sam, Nick, and Cas searched for the answers to their past and discovered more than they ever bargained for when it came to their futures.

Erased finds the characters two months after the events of Altered, on the run and hiding out.  They're all kind of on auto-pilot, doing what they need to do to survive and not much else.  The flashbacks are getting worse, and it's difficult for any of them to discern what's real and what's not anymore.  But they're sticking it out, staying together to evade the Branch as long as they possibly can.

Except, it soon becomes clear that their "safety in numbers" theory isn't going to cut it anymore, and Anna is forced to head out with only the ill-tempered Nick by her side.  These two have never been the best of friends, the animosity between them crackling like lightning.  I liked this little interlude, and not just because we get to see Nick and Anna as badasses, working together in tandem to take down some Branch agents that are on their trail.  No, I enjoyed this turn of events much more because it shows a softer side of Nick and through a series of flashbacks, we learn more of each of these characters' history.  At one time, they might not have hated each other.

 photo unabashedshipping_zps751ba2a0.gif

Stop looking at me like that.  There's no love triangle...not really, anyway.  It's only my ardent wish that Nick was a viable suitor for Anna.  Sam's great and all, but he just seems like a shell of a person at times. But these kids have been through an awful lot, so I'll chalk his behavior up to that.  Especially since he is unfailingly faithful to dear Anna.

I love the team dynamic, with Sam as the leader.  Except, because of some weird bonding experiment done as part of the Altered program, Anna's actually the head of the group.  They are her boys, and she is theirs to protect.  It makes for some interesting situations and some rather funny tests on their part as they try to determine just how far that bond goes.

Exhilarating and fast-paced doesn't begin to describe this novel, but that's a good jumping off point.  As with the first book, I found bits of the plot to be on the predictable side, but again, it didn't keep me from enjoying the story as quickly as I could, especially with some of the awesome twists thrown into the mix.  And though there's more story to tell, and their pasts are anything but clear, this second installment leaves the reader with at least some semblance of closure.  And yet, this reader can't wait to get her hands on the next book.  =)

Thanks to Little, Brown BFYR and Around the World ARC Tours for providing a copy for review!

This review can be found at The Starry-Eyed Revue closer to the release date.
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96 reviews25 followers
December 15, 2014
Amazing! Like the first book.
Something that I really liked was the "relationship" between Nick and Anna. That was surprising. And thank god for no love triangle.
Something about that ending left me wanting more.
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Author 2 books299 followers
December 16, 2018
خب، خوب بود. شاهکار قرن نبود، ولی با دو انگشتم هم به سمت سطل زباله هدایتش نکردم. نه، خوب بود به نظرم. :)
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177 reviews42 followers
April 29, 2016
Gerçekten harikaydı, hala bu kadar kısa kitapta bu kadar çok olayın eksiksiz anlatılabilmiş olması beni şaşırtıyor.
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1,422 reviews1,326 followers
September 29, 2014
Erased, the follow-up to Altered was exactly what I was hoping it would be. Fast-paced, intense, and full of action.

Erased picks up just after the end of Altered. Anna has fled the Branch with Sam, Cas and Nick and they are searching for answers. They are struggling to survive… following strict rules in order to keep themselves hidden, and struggling with memories that they can’t make sense of.

The tension in the house is thick and Nick’s attitude doesn’t really help. But assistance from someone they least expect helps lead them to someone Anna has been searching for and hopefully some answers as well as a way to destroy The Branch.

They quickly realize that they need to split up which leaves Anna traveling with Nick. For reasons unknown, Nick has always shown a bit of animosity towards Anna and despite that I loved the time the two spend together. As we’re slowly given information regarding their pasts, his actions start to make more and more sense.

Despite all the action, we get a bit of the romance too. Sam and Anna are struggling to make sense of the past as well, and the relationship he had with her sister… but we definitely still get the swoons.

He leaned into me, his other hand cupping the side of my face. He kissed me softly, slowly, in a way that was more than just lips on lips. A kiss that was not only physical but something more, something deeper. A kiss I felt in my soul.
 photo tumblr_m7i9mfW4E21rzgc8xo1_500_zps0aba00bb.gif

But what I love most about this series is the camaraderie between everyone… Anna is like the little sister to these boys… they tease and taunt but they honestly love her and would do anything for her.

Cas sat down next to me on the bed and put his hand on my leg. “I offered to give you mouth-to-mouth but Sam vetoed. I don’t know why. I said I wouldn’t use tongue.”

I think my favorite thing about Rush and her writing would have to be the wonderful characters that she creates. They just jump off the page. The depth of the relationships are realistic and perfectly written in my opinion and the affection I find that I have for these characters is a testament to her writing.

Rush provides readers with an amazing second part to Altered. With twists and turns you couldn’t expect and a riveting story that will have you turning pages, you definitely want to pick this book up when it releases in January. And if you haven’t yet read Altered, go get it today!

Thank you to Little Brown for the advance copy in exchange for my honest thoughts.

Quotes are taken from an advance copy and may change in the published version.

This review can be found on my blog, Fic Fare:
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2,285 reviews482 followers
March 21, 2013
This is such an addictively readable series full of intrigue and heart-pounding action! I loved the first book, and this second book didn't disappoint. I might have liked it even better than the first. It was full of suspense and unexpected reveals and the excitement of people on the run for their lives. Delving further into the secrecy and conspiracy behind the Branch, twists and surprises abound. And all of that is happening to these characters that are likeable and entertaining and that I want to root for. If you liked ALTERED, you'll definitely want to get your hands on ERASED as soon as you can to find out more about what was happening beyond the events of the story...and to spend more time with Anna and the boys. And if you haven't read ALTERED yet, go read it and then get ready for ERASED.
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41 reviews12 followers
November 3, 2015
Vom ersten Teil 'Escape' war ich soooo begeistert, dass ich so schnell wie möglich den zweiten Teil lesen wollte.
An sich war die Geschichte weiterhin ziemlich spannend aber das Ende war meiner Meinung nach sehr vorhersehbar.
Anna erfährt mehr über Ihre Vergangenheit und so ziemlich alles erklärt sich, allerdings finde ich schade, dass wenig auf Nick eingegangen wird. Es wird mit keinem Wort erzählt, wieso er so schlecht auf Anna zu sprechen ist, obwohl er in der Vergangenheit ihr ziemlich nahe stand. Was war das damals für eine Beziehung zu ihm ? Und Cas, was ist mit ihm ? Er wuchs bei seiner Großmutter auf, isst gerne und muss dauernd sagen, wie gut er doch aussieht.. das war alles über diesen Charakter - sehr schwach meiner Meinung nach. Hätte mir gewünscht, dass Frau Rush mehr auf die beiden eingegangen wäre.
Trotz allem eine gute Geschichte!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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Want to read
May 3, 2015
UPDATE: I prefer the old covers but nothing much changed and I understand why they needed to change it a bit. :)

Thank you, for not ending Altered with a cliffhanger. Thank you so much, Jennifer. I now have the patience to wai- NO GIVE IT TO ME NOW! NOW! GIVE IT TO ME! I NEED IT! AGH I NEED IT! WANT IT! NEED IT! WANT IT! I NEED MORE!
34 reviews13 followers
February 6, 2017
O neydi öyle?!? BAYILDIM.Çok güzeldi.Yazar ikinci kitapla kurguyu zirveye taşımış resmen.Kurgu harikaydı.Açığa çıkan sırlar,taşların teker teker yerine oturması ve aksiyonun hiç durmaması..tüm bunlar kitabı mükemmel ötesi yapmış.Kesinlikle favorilerimde.
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684 reviews200 followers
August 12, 2016

WTF pretty much describes this book

-Pacing: Fast. Sometimes TOO fast.

-Plot twists: Predictable and laughable.

-The story: So many underdeveloped stuff and lots of missed opportunities. Also, I don't like how things are still very unexplained.

-Romance: The way it is handled is the biggest slap in the face


...and they have zero chemistry. He was in love with her sister for crying out loud

To tell you the truth I find Nick as a more compelling character. He has a interesting dynamic with Anna and them getting together makes more sense because of the connection they had in the past.

-Other relationships; ok friendships, worst siblings relationship ever. Worst ex girlfriend encounter ever -he just ignores her!!! So you mean to tell me a girl you used to be madly in love with has returned and you don't seem to be the least bit phased?


My favorite characters are Nick and Cas. Everyone else just pissed me off.


Cas got me a paranormal romance novel. "They're making it into a movie," he said. "So it must be good, right?".”

Oh Cas, I love how naive you are! You are still adorable. There is literally no point to you (no character devlopment, just a jokester) but since the other characters were just so annoying I liked how un-annoying you were

-Nick; I love his brash and blunt attitude. Several times he calls Anna out on her stupidity while the other boys kissed her ass.

-Sam; all he does is brooding. Here he is.

Seriously. That's it. He is just there.

-Anna; I wanted to shake her a lot because she was soooo frigging stupid!!! I am so annoyed at her because of how much she repeats her stupid decisions! Why don’t characters ever learn the lessons they’ve learned in earlier books? Anna barely went through any character development -sighs-

And she is a complete blank placeholder with no moral compass whatsoever.

-Dani; the worst part of the book. Nothing about her is original or catches you by surprise. Everything done about her ends up being just incredibly weak; her return, her non-existing relationship with Anna, the choices she does and her reasons and what happens to her etc.




The ending and who Anna kills just made me pretty much say WTF is going on.

Do I recommend it?


Let me get back to you on that later
185 reviews15 followers
Want to read
January 31, 2013
We are supposed to wait one year for the sequel?!

You must be kidding me?

Since when did we have a cover and title!
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80 reviews32 followers
December 17, 2016
Dieses Buch hat mich so in seinen Bann gezogen, sodass ich es in einem Rutsch lesen musste ♡
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175 reviews48 followers
January 27, 2016

EDIT: I JUST FOUND OUT THAT REBORN (#3) IS JUST ABOUT NICK AND ANOTHER GIRL, is not that i don't like Nick but i thought it was going to be about all of my kids and wrap up the whole Riley and Branch thing, im sad :(

Oh my god I devoured this freaking book, i don’t know if it’s because of the fact that it was fast pased or because i was really enjoying it and it was really short, i mean 288 pages c’mon i wanted more!

This second book wasn’t as nice as Altered, it was good but quite repetitive in some points so it felt like we were going in circles but still Erased managed to kept me at the edge of my seat ‘cause god so much action

(Major spoilers are going to be hidden but some situations/scenes that don’t reveal much of the plot are not so if you haven’t read the book or wtver you’ve been warned.)

So who the fuck are we supposed to trust in this book? Every single time they went somewhere i felt like i was there with my kids looking over my shoulder expecting that Branch agent’s will appear through the door. There was so much action in this book and I freaking loved that
Anna was so much better in this book she was alert every single time, she didn’t trust every single soul and she wasn’t as reckless as in the first book. She has grown up so much between the first and this book and im so proud of this lady. Tbh she was so fucking badass I was cheering her at least 94% of the book.

Cas as always is my little cupcake and the funny one of the book i love him so so much
“Cas came straight over to my bedside. “My love. I’m so glad you’re awake.” And then he planted hi slips on mine, cradling my head in his hands.
I pused him off. “Cas!”
Sam reached across me and whacked Cas on the side of the head. “Quit being and idiot.”
Cas frowned. “Don’t you remember? She said she didn’t love you. She realized she loved me instead.”
I rolled my eyes.”

Even tho Trev’s betrayal made me distrust him and be mad at him, in this book he tried to demonstrate that he wasn’t a boy controlled by Branch and he showed that to Anna when he gave her the info of the lab, saved her there (in the lab), and the most important thing: he gave my kids the “weapon” to destroy Branch or at least to dissolve them.

The relationship between Nick and Anna in this book was really important to me. I didn’t wanted them to become more than friends because around the book you can see in Anna’s flashback that she trust Nick so much, like if he was part of his family or something and not in a romantic way and I was so scared that Jennifer will turn their relationship into that and im so glad that she didn’t because now that all Anna’s family is gone i feel like she needs someone to lean on no matter what (im not counting Sam on this one).
“I remember making you a promise that day,” Nick continued. “I told you I would look out for you.”

My thoughts abou Sam and Anna’s relationship are the same as in book one (you can read my review for Altered right here). Now i do admit that Sam was more open about his thought and feelings in this book and also i realized that there was moments that he was “focused” on Anna. What i want to say with that is that in book one they were kinda together but they barely talk to each other Anna was just crushing over him and it didn’t even felt like they were a “couple” not like in this book that Sam actually wanted to be there for Anna. Kudos to the kid.

Let’s talk about Dani for a second, when we realize that she’s alive i was very nervous because I felt it was going to be this really awkward ‘lost sister is back, yes that one that was dating Sam but now is dating Anna who’s Dani’s sister’ reunion. For a moment i thought that Dani was going to be a little mad about Sam and Anna’s relationship…but then we realize it was never about that, the only thing that Dani wanted is to protect her sister no matter what.

Jennifer Rush amazed me with this book, despite my desire for it to be longer. It ended like we have all solved up and thaaat is what scares me the most but I was visibly happy with everything else.
Again really shitty review because im lazy. Don’t expect too much
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611 reviews226 followers
August 13, 2013
I really hope this is not the ending of this series!! Loved it! Full review to come!

Full review:

Erased was one of the books that were on my MUST-HAVE and MUST-READ list. I loved ALTERED so much and just could not wait to jump back into the world of my three favorite boys, Sam, Cas, and Nick.

Erased is filled with so much mystery and suspense that I just couldn't contain myself while reading. I was grunting, screaming, telling everyone around to shut up so I can read, and at times I was even talking to the book like I was a part of the story. It was pretty funny actually. My husband thinks I am crazy. But that is how involved I was in the story and how much I loved it. I enjoyed Erased a lot more than the first. I loved all the twist and turns the story took.

Jumping into it I was expecting it to be similar to the first book, but I felt Erased had a whole different plot. The only thing similar to Altered was Nick, Sam, Cas and Anna were on the run, and the agency is still a huge threat. But so much goes down that I literally felt like I was reading a spin-off of some sort. I loved that! It wasn’t what I was expecting at all.

Erased also focuses a lot on Nick and Anna. You really get to know Nick and his past. I’ve read some concerns about a possible love triangle happening in Erased, but I can tell you there isn’t. I absolutely hate love triangles, but this is the one time I was hoping and hoping something would blossom between Nick and Anna. I liked Nick’s character in Altered, but in Erased I fell in love with him.

Erased is a great sequel! If you’re new to the series, you still have to read Altered to follow along in Erased. Even though Erased felt fresh and different to me, there is so much information shared in Altered that you need in order to get a true feel for the world Jennifer Rush has created, and her characters. I recommend this series and think it would be great a TV show.
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Author 16 books5,126 followers
March 17, 2014
This series is easily one of my new favorites.

I fell in love with book 1, ALTERED, flying through it in a day. I moved right onto book 2, and flew through that in half a day!

This isn't really going to be a review. It's going to be more of a "ZOMG I AM FANGIRLING BUY THIS SERIES NOW" post.

Why did I love it so much? Because it was SO unique. So different from what I expected! I didn't realize there would be so much action, mystery and betrayal! This is the perfectly webbed story, where things don't make sense in the beginning---you're following right along with Anna and the boys, as they figure everything out. And you NEVER know what's going to happen next. You don't know who to trust!
You don't even know if you can trust Anna....or Sam, her sexy love interest, who is so multi-faceted.

I loved the writing style, so punchy and fast paced. I LOVED the characters, and I honestly don't know how Jennifer Rush made them all so unique and so loveable, even the douchebaggish one, Nick! The Branch is a great "bad guy" type of corporation, and they aren't afraid to kill to get what they want.

But neither are Anna and the boys. I just LOVE that in a YA book, where an author isn't afraid to push the limits and just do some wicked good killing scenes.

I can't say a bad thing about this series. Other than the fact that it kept me from sleeping for a full 2 nights in a row, and now, I am DYING for book 3.
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