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Never Too Late to Go Vegan: The Over-50 Guide to Adopting and Thriving on a Plant-Based Diet

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A persuasive body of research from the past 30 years has uncovered a long list of plant food factors that protect against the cell damage and chronic inflammation that are underlying causes of cancer, high blood pressure, Alzheimer s disease, and atherosclerosis. These are exactly the conditions that millions of baby boomers are diagnosed (or already contend) with daily. Now Never Too Late to Go Vegan offers insight and practical guidance for everyone over 50 who is seeking the benefits of a plant-rich vegan diet.Authors Adams, Breitman and Messina who bring close to 75 years of vegan living to this book cover the health advantages of minimally processed vegetables, legumes, fruit, and whole grains for those 50 and older, including greater energy and vitality and more time to enjoy life. And recognizing that going vegan includes adapting one s diet but also one s life more broadly, they also explore the effects of going vegan on relationships, caregiving responsibilities, matters of the spirit, and more. Never Too Late to Go Vegan also includes 75 delicious, easy vegan recipes that meet the nutritional needs of older eaters.

368 pages, Paperback

First published January 7, 2014

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About the author

Carol J. Adams

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Carol J. Adams is a feminist-vegetarian theorist and author of books on eco-feminism and the links between species oppression and gender oppression.

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2,802 reviews1,234 followers
May 5, 2014
So, I’ve loved all of Ginny’s books, and have also enjoyed/admired Carol Adams’s and Patti Breitman’s work. This book is another winner, and is geared toward an important demographic. I consider Ginny a friend and am proud to call her friend. She’s a lovely person and has done so much good for the animals, and for helping people become vegan and helping them be as healthy as possible on vegan diets.

I wouldn’t normally have had this book at the top of my radar given that I went vegan long before age 50, but I like reading all sorts of vegan books (having knowledge is good for outreach and I always learn something new for myself too) and I can’t see Ginny having a book out and not reading it. I’ve even read 2 editions of her book for professional R.D.s

The main thing I can say is don’t avoid this book if you are not yet 50 years old, and definitely read it if you’re considering going vegan, or are a new vegan, no matter what your age, but definitely don’t miss it if you are 40+, 50+.

I went lacto-ovo at age 23, tried to be (and mostly was, at about 95%-99%) vegan from age 34, and finally succeeded going fully vegan (it was a long road) at age 41. My biggest regret about the process is that I didn’t become vegan even sooner than I did. I really envy people who’ve been vegan from a young age, and especially those who are lifelong vegans, but, as the book says, it’s never too late to make a change and go vegan. So, I recommend reading the book no matter what your age.

It’s a wonderful book. It’s packed with all sorts of useful information. I particularly like how, in several short sections, the three authors share their experiences, including what vegan foods they eat. I love vegan food and also think it’s fun to vicariously enjoy what others eat, and imagining myself eating it, not to mention I love getting ideas for foods to actually make. I got all that in this book. Here, “make” is a term used loosely. There are some wonderful included recipes (I was especially happy to see some by Jennifer Raymond, whose recipes are easy to make and delicious) but also included are foods anyone could put together without effort.

I’m grateful for the book’s subtitle, because the focus of this book is vegan, plant-based foods only, not vegan living in every way. For instance, I aim to use no products of any type derived from or tested on animals.

The book’s topics cover proper nutrition, ideas for foods to eat, including how to veganize some favorite non-vegan foods, and aging and various medical conditions and how diet effects them, and really helpful sections on the impact on relationships of making the change to eating vegan when others are still eating non-vegan, and might not understand vegans/vegan foods. Throughout, the authors write about some of their personal experiences, and those are wonderful and very helpful contributions.

I think for people who are interested in but not yet eating vegan, this book will help them see how it’s very possible to succeed eating 100% vegan. It’s an extremely beneficial addition to the genre of vegan “how to” and informational and recipe books.

For those who are over 50, or nearing 50, whether a long time vegan, newly vegan, “veganish”, or interested in vegan eating, I think this book’s contents are helpful and interesting for all these readers.

I often like including the Table of Contents in my vegan books reviews, but I see the Amazon “Look Inside” has that available, for those who want to get a more specific sense of what the book offers.
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253 reviews7 followers
May 23, 2014
I bought this book for my mom for her 60th birthday, but of course I read it before giving it to her, and I ate it right up. I love books by Ginny, who has such well-educated, low-stress nutritional advice and by Carol Adams, who always seems to have delicious recipes and calm, loving advice in her books. This book is the first of its kind. I don't believe I've read any book before that talks about how to eat vegan in assisted living situations or how to handle being vegan if you are a caretaker, since it is now so common for people in their 50s and 60s to be taking care of ailing parents. My very favorite parts were the boxes throughout where Ginny, Patti, and Carol weighed in on different questions about their various personal experiences as vegans such as vegan fashion, how they became vegan, things they eat, etc. And I also absolutely loved the short essays/narratives written by various vegans over 50. I would love to read a book just with this kind of content. I was going to buy a copy of this book for myself, mostly because the recipes look delicious, and I always like adding to my vegan book collection, BUT I lost my job the day after my mom's birthday, so I can't really buy books anymore.

One account that would have been fun to see in this book is of the surgeon who went vegan in his 50s to ward off heart disease and didn't retire until age 95. His colleagues didn't want him to retire; he could have kept operating (at 95+!), but 95 was just an arbitrary age he set for himself to retire at. He's still going strong at age 98 now.
Profile Image for Julie  Durnell.
1,034 reviews114 followers
August 6, 2017
This was a great starter book for someone wanting more information on eating vegan/healthier and especially for people 50+. There are great tips/recipes and the health aspects seem sound. I really liked that the authors did not come off as morally superior because they are vegan; looking askance at those who do eat meat, dairy,and eggs- instead they are encouraging, informative and supportive.
Profile Image for Holly.
1,012 reviews228 followers
September 21, 2017
I'm not yet in the age group of her intended audience, but I read Adams's Sexual Politics of Meat in college and think this will be an interesting book -
Profile Image for Dana.
2,413 reviews
July 11, 2015
This book contains some good information about why a vegan diet is healthy and why it can help you to be healthy even after the age of 50. The book is well-written and easy to read and I did learn some things from it. I was not thrilled, however, with the recipes because they rely on fake meat, fake milks and other fake food highly processed products. I think that the concept of eating a vegan diet sounds great, but I also want to eat whole foods and avoid processed foods, soy and GMOs. I have yet to find a vegan cookbook that is only whole foods and does not contain highly processed fake foods. I have, in the past, tried some of the fake meat - textured vegetable protein crumbles - disgusting, and vegan sausage - also disgusting, and vegan "cheeses" - and really, all of them are not only nasty tasting, but they are highly processed. So, if you don't mind using those ingredients, then you will like the recipes too. I received this book free to review from Netgalley.
Profile Image for Terri Palermo.
1,066 reviews32 followers
April 17, 2015
The more I read, the clearer it becomes that this is what's best for me. This book would be a good resource for anyone...it's not over the top for those over 50...more along the lines of it's never too late to make changes to improve your health and life.
Profile Image for Lesley Looper.
2,199 reviews66 followers
July 2, 2018
This was a good read with lots of interesting information. Some of the sections seemed a little long (like the caregiving section), but others may connect. Good advice on how to deal with family and friends who might feel uncomfortable. (The advice often includes. "Let me bring a dish to contribute!") Good encouragement and reminder that it's never too late to improve the food intake.
94 reviews1 follower
November 25, 2019
Good read

This book showed me that I can achieve superb fitness --- In installments. Every bite I put in my mouth is making a payment toward my goal. Small adjustments have really worked . I've greatly reduced consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs. Looking forward to one day soon going 100% Plant base diet.
Profile Image for A.
107 reviews
November 25, 2022
Honestly a very useful book, with useful information. Normally books like this are a waste of money because we can normally figure out whatever the subject is, on our own. However, I found this book to be useful in the way of recipes and also tips on how to move through this kind of life change. Thank you.
Profile Image for Sarah.
12 reviews
September 10, 2019
Very good information about the benefits of becoming vegan and how to deal with the pitfalls you may encounter. I'm exploring the world of veganism, and highly recommend this book to start on your journey.
Profile Image for Caitlyn.
258 reviews24 followers
June 21, 2023
Charming and niche little book with some unexpectedly deep life advice. The section on being a caregiver was really moving, and the authors are so passionate. I found them very likable and their recipes pretty solid.
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385 reviews4 followers
July 18, 2018
Good book for those thinking about going vegan, new vegans, or for those just wanting to learn a few new things about the positive aspects of being vegan.
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326 reviews3 followers
July 5, 2019
I learned a ton! Includes a lot of simple recipes to try.

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435 reviews
August 14, 2019
I must have been ready for this after thoughts here and there about eating less or no meat. I found the reasons landing harder than ever and stopped eating meat, even though I love the taste.
Profile Image for Bernadette.
399 reviews
February 18, 2017
Excellent book. Makes very convincing points on why it is never too late to change one's lifestyle, including eating, to more mindful, compassionate choices for our fellow animals, the environment and one's own health. Includes a good collection of recipes to get newbies started on eating vegan, with tips on easily adapting non-vegan recipes to vegan. Includes testimonials from the authors on their vegan journeys, as well as from others, some of whom contributed to the recipe collection. My favorite, unexpected yet greatly appreciated, part of the book is that it includes recipes from a wonderful, though deceased, friend and tireless animal rights and compassionate living advocate, the late Shirley Wilkes-Johnson! Thank you, Ben Johnson, Shirley's husband, for allowing Carol J. Adams to include Shirley's recipes in the collection. And thank you to the authors Carol, Patti Breitman and Virginia Messina, for including them, and for your inspiring collaboration.
Profile Image for Coleen.
132 reviews2 followers
August 6, 2015
Easy to read in spurts. Not only recipes and the health reasons to go vegan, but great advice on handling different situations such as the caregiver role for someone who does not eat vegan. Using common sense and compassion, the authors lay the groundwork for the new vegan and how to accept and forgive yourself if you cannot make it 100% vegan right out of the starting gate. Like so many of the books I read, I got this from my local library. It is one of the few that I'm willing to buy for my own shelf.
Profile Image for Cheri.
475 reviews16 followers
September 28, 2015
A well written, useful book for those interested in moving to a plant-based diet. In addition to what you'd expect (basic nutrition and recipes, tips for dining out, online resources), the book addresses the particular needs of people over the age of 50, such as dealing with adult children who are upset by your change in diet; working with the food staff at a retirement community to get plant-based meals; and the challenges of care-giving and being cared for. Overall, both thoughtful and inspiring.
Profile Image for Allyson Faith.
246 reviews16 followers
May 24, 2015
I loved this book. I have been a vegetarian for many years (actually, a pescitarian, since I occasionally eat fish). I am now moving into veganism, having read more about factory farming and the dairy and chicken industries. Even so-called compassionate farming and "cage free" hens are lies, and this book has opened my eyes. For me, new to veganism, it has good, solid information, many suggested websites and book titles, and tasty-sounding recipes.
Profile Image for Astrid.
941 reviews3 followers
June 2, 2014
Not much new for the existing vegan, but had quite a bit of helpful stuff wanna-be vegans, especially for seniors, like how to deal with veganism in the retirement home or hospital and such. The recipes looked easy to make and I'll try some of them.
Profile Image for Emily.
203 reviews6 followers
May 26, 2015
A good basic intro to vegan life, but also a lot of anecdotal filler. Makes its claim to elder status by including chapters on care taking and retirement homes. Many upper middle class assumptions about available resources.
457 reviews1 follower
March 12, 2014
Good for someone who has not read other vegan books.
Profile Image for Barbara.
565 reviews6 followers
January 30, 2016
It was so great to read that becoming Vegan at any age is a great idea. Lots of answers to my many questions and many good ideas for recipes. I am so glad that I found this book!
13 reviews1 follower
November 25, 2015
Good information but pretty much the same as the other vegan books I've read
Profile Image for Ollies_Mom.
163 reviews1 follower
Want to read
July 30, 2017
I am already vegan, but was curious to read what the authors said about calcium. This book is much more for the not-yet-vegan, so I opted not to finish, and will get Vegan for Women instead. Some good recipes I tried, though - yum!
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