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The Fated #1

Hope's Decree

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When everything else is lost, there is always hope.

Most teens want an epic senior year. All Trinity Whitebone hoped for was a normal one. She is the direct descendant of Pandora and fated to rectify the terrors released into the world by her curious ancestor.

Blain Heros is the sworn guardian created by Zeus to protect Trinity. His mission is to train her to defend humans against Pandora's curse. For Blain, training a mortal for battle is impossible. For Trinity, taking orders from an overbearing immortal whose touch leaves her dizzy, is hopeless. But with each passing lesson, frustration and confusion give way to an electrifying bond.

Together they are a force to be feared, only defending humans against an ancient curse isn’t the only threat in the world anymore. A band of rogue immortals is hunting Trinity because her power is key to unleashing an unholy darkness into the mortal realm. As the war between light and dark brews, Trinity vows to fully embrace her fate—or die trying.

*The final book in The Fated trilogy is coming out soon*

284 pages, ebook

First published August 13, 2013

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Angela McPherson

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Born and currently residing in Texas, Angela works as a nurse during the day and an author by night. She's addicted to cleaning, coffee, and fuzzy socks. When not spending time with her husband and their three children, working or writing, she's reading a good book or listening to music.

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December 29, 2014

Dear Hope's Decree,

You gave me hope that not all YA books are the same.
It was like being able to breathe fresh air again.
It was a really good feeling.

It's been a while since I've read anything outside contemporary YA/NA books and this was a good break from that. I've always been a fan of anything that has any kind of Myth in the story. A few of my faves are the Goddess Test series and Starcrossed series. And you my friend, have been added to the list.

The characters from start to finish were great. I loved the development of the characters. How each and every one of them had their own roles.

Another thing I loved about this is the unpredictability of where the story was going to go. It was like I was blinded the entire time. I've always liked being the know-it-all reader who guesses what will happen next. Most of the time, I am right and I was so surprised that I was wrong like half of the time for this one. Just when I thought the story will be going this direction, it goes exactly the opposite of that. AMAZING! I love it!


Trinity started having bad dreams again. And not just dreams. They're more of a nightmare that has been hunting her when she was still a kid.
Everything was normal (normal isincluding her ability to feel other people's emotion), that was until the new guy at school came.
He made her feel different.
She knows when he's coming. It's as if her body knows that he's there.
It was as if they were connected.
There was like a bond between them.

As soon as his hand touched mine my inner light washed over me, killing the darkness with its beauty. The constant tug-of-war battling inside of me no longe held.

She was determined to find out what it was but Blain wouldn't allow her to get to close.
Then even weirder things started happening and before she knew it, she was discovering things about her that she didn't even know.
She was the hope of humankind.
She was the decendant of Pandora, the woman who unleased evil into the world.
She was born to correct that mistake.
She was hope.
The problem is.. Will she embrace that gift or will she run?

I didn't see any plot holes. All the questions were explained in a proper way. It book as a real page-turner. I'm a slow reader because of work and taking care of my kid and my boyfriend and for a book to take me just 5 days to read. It means the book was that good.

TRINITY: At first I thought she was going to be like the others. Shy, awkward and pretty-without-knowing-it type of character. I'm so relieved when she wasn't at all like that. She did start out that way but she really surprised me towards the middle and even towards the end. There were times where I sort of wanted to punch her because of... Well it is going to be a spoiler if I said it but she was an amazing character.

I loved how she didn't take crap from Blain. I liked that. She knew what she wanted and knew what she deserved.

"I'm the one whose life is on the line." I continued. "How can you expect me to do anything if you won't give me the details? You've hardly told me anything! I've been patient - hell I even accept my role in this crazy situation - but I will walk away from this, from everything, if you don't start treating me with respect."

She was brave and weak at the same time. I like that in a character. We can't all be strong and fearless. At some point, people get weak and that's why I like her. She had her moment of weakness and that's what makes her relatable and real.

BLAIN: So.. I'm kind of in the middle when it comes to Blain. Well I understand his role. I understand everything about what he has done for Trin but.. I kind of felt there was something lacking about him. I was totally rooting for Trevor the first few chapters because I felt he was a bit hmmm.. how do I say it??? of an ass?? But I would have to say, he does look insanely hot to me. :)

Tall and lean, his black T-shirt clung to his body, providing a hint of muscle beneath. His sandy blond hair was short, but long enough to weave your fingers through its thick layers.


Blain greeted us with a slow smile. A lone dimple indented in his left cheek. His royal blue shirt mimicked the color of his eyes - as if he could look any more gorgeous..


I didn't like him during the first few chapters because honestly, I'm all good with honesty but please don't send mix signals! Pulheasseee.. It was a bit of a turn-off. The good thing about Blain was he totally redeemed himself. I guessed his reasons and they are totally acceptable but still... I dunno just had mixed feelings towards him but at the end.. He blew me away.. Not in the sense that some of you might think. Hihi. :)

MORPHEUS: The dark one but I loved him. Yeah he was evil in a way but... NAH. Not gonna say anything and spoil this character. I love Morpheus! He is HILARIOUSLY CHARMING! But he is bad too.

He is supposedly the opposite of Blain. Instead of blond, he had dark hair. Instead of blue eyes, he had green. But honestly, this guy won my heart. HEHE. This wasn't the first time I fell for the more villany-type (is that even a word??) character rather than the main guy.. I just couldn't help it.

He was cocky as hell but in a very cute way. He uses all types of cute pet namesthat made me giggle. Examples are: love, hunk of burnin love, love monkey, love machine. Haha. It was very cute how he uses them. *giggles like a highschool girl*

"I'd try to keep your desire for me hidden from your love monkey. He might get jealous.

See what I mean? Absolutely cute. Plus he was hot too.

TRIN + BLAIN: You guys are cute. Especially when you're arguing but I would have to say I felt a little short on the whole romance thing. At least on the first part. Most of the time, they were bickering but you know the connection is there.

Hey Blain! I know you have a duty but you also have a duty to your heart.

But like I said, on the romance part, I think this lost this book some points to me. I was expecting more. I just wanted more of them but there was sooo little. I WANTED MOOOOREE! I'm saying that in a good way.

I love this book so much!
It was a mix of a lot of things.
Humor. Romance. Suspense. Mystery.
There was a bunch of stuff in here that was VERY good. I am very impressed with you and I am wishing to read the installment.
The ending was not a cliffhanger but it was a very open ending that there wold be a sequel.
I will definitely be looking forward for the next book.

I am highly recommending you, Hope's Decree, to every YA reader there who loves Greek Myth retellings.

I don't have anything but praises for this book. But like I said earlier, the romance part lacked for me a little tiny bit. I love my romance. :) Hence, the 4 star rating. It's actually more of a 4.95 rating but because I only rate books either 4 or a 5. I stuck with 4. :)


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1,138 reviews82 followers
May 27, 2014
A new NA book coming from this author too...waiting on it while I do a re-read of this one.

Huge thanks to the amazing author for an ARC...I just learned that the book was released yesterday and on Amazon...posted my review there too.

I like many of you read the Twilight series, despite the fact that I do not read YA/NA as a general rule. But that series put me back into my high school years...the longing, the hope, the crushing heart ache of first love. Hope's Decree had all of those: the longing for a boy/ young man you can't have; hope for an awesome life after high school being bigger, better, more; the soul deep loss when you realize you love someone who will never love you back...

Trinity is extremely likeable: a good friend, smart, quiet, and yet quirky and her own person. Her two BFFs are interesting, but Crystal stands out above Keri. Crystal is the gritty, edgy friend who likes to party with college boys and embrace bad. Keri, on the other hand, is dating a football player from the "clique" at school and successfully balances being Trin's friends and dating Garrett.

Trinity is the chosen vessel of hope and the over-arching plot is a unique twist on Pandora's Box. Trinity is sent guardians and watchers to help her along her destined path. This first book in the series revolves around Trin's awakening and her struggle to release her powers, whatever they may be. The action is fast paced and I really enjoyed the training/combat scenes. I found myself laughing out loud, cheering for Trinity and longing with her from kiss to kiss...

Must read! Enjoy!
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599 reviews3 followers
October 13, 2018
I really dont know where to start when it comes to Hope's Decree accept to say that it was AMAZING!!! I fell in love with the characters especially Blain, he is swoon and blush worthy all wrapped up in hotness! There was so much drama in this story, Angela keeps her readers wanting more, never wanting to put the book down and the suspense OMG!!! I love mythology even in high school and getting the chance to read about about some of the God's is beyond epic. Angela McPherson did not disappoint with Hope's Decree I can not wait to read the sequel, I mean the cliff hanger she left us with was such a tease!!

Trinity has been thrown into a world unknown to her til Blain and a bunch of others showed up in her home town. Now that she has learned about this world she would give anything to be normal again, however she will not let those she loves down and is willing to do anything to keep them safe.

Blain is HOT and every girls dream, but he is giving Trinity mixed messages, she doesnt know whether to run from him or throw herself at him. She can barely think when he's around but the connection they share is un-avoidable. However, there is too much going down for her to think of him while already having a boyfriend. She just needs Blain to train her so she can be ready for what is to come.
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Author 32 books15.6k followers
September 27, 2013
Phenomenal book! Hope’s Decree is a YA novel that will have you hooked from the first chapter. The premise is based on the myth of Pandora’s box. But where that myth ended, Hope’s Decree began.

I’ll save telling you about the storyline itself and instead focus on what made this book so fantastic. First, there’s the main character. Okay, Trinity is a kickass protagonist. Throughout the novel, she dealt with frightening nightmares, several frustrating men, and a few murder attempts. And she handled them like a champ—I often found myself nodding my head and/or rooting for her.

Second, the action was fantastic! So many books shy away from conflict. This one did not. And again, let me reemphasize that Trinity can kick major butt!

Third, the book was unpredictable (in such a refreshing way). This I can’t really go into since I don't want to give away too much about the storyline. However, many of you, like me, have read so many books that the twists and turns are unsurprising. With Hope’s Decree I often had no idea what was coming next.

Fourth, I loved the ambience. Most books skim over this aspect of the story, but here the author didn’t! And oh boy, the ambience here was deliciously creepy.

Lastly the ending—geez, I couldn’t tear my eyes away! I want more! I seriously hope a sequel is in the works because I’m so not ready to leave this world!

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612 reviews17 followers
August 31, 2013
**I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review**
I was so happy to find out this was Greek mythology I have always loved it and this book made me love it even more. This was a fantastic tale of Pandora's box, I loved how the author took the story and elaborated it in a beautiful and modern way, I just couldn't get enough. I have read a few books with their take on Greek mythology, but Pandora's box was a new one for me and since I have always been interested in the tale I was excited and I was not disappointed or let down in the least.
This book took me on an insane ride and I enjoyed every minute of it. Bad guys gone good, good guys gone bad, memory loss and a centuries old destiny, what more could a reader ask for. I could never know what was coming next and that was the most exciting part. I was also pleasantly surprised by the warriors and rouges it was like a fresh, different take on Angels vs Daemons or good vs evil, but if I can be so bold this was better for me, as I have started to feel like the Angel Daemon thing has been over done a bit.
The one thing that bugged me a little was that both Blaine and Trinity seemed to flip-flop a bit to much for me. They always wanted to be with each other at opposite times it was a little frustrating. Then with Trinity she seemed to want her destiny and then she wants nothing to so with it, when you read it you will know why I don't want to spoil anything,but for me I did not understand it fully. But as you can tell by my 5 star rating it was a small annoyance that I got over quickly with all the adventure and excitement. I found Blaine and Trinity to be cute when they were admitting how they felt, and even when they were pushing and pulling their witty banter was funny and adorable. Speaking of witty banter I think Morpheus was my favorite I loved his smart ass attitude and even found him endearing when no one else did, I always saw his "light" in there somewhere.
The end left me with the feeling of impending doom and I am very curious to see were they go from here. I loved this book and I know many others will too.
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September 3, 2013
I think the main merit of this book is that it manages to arouse the reader’s interest both for the book itself and for the Greek mythology in general. And that there is not less given that these days the Young Adult and Fantasy literature (and I refer to all subgenres and / or related genres) knows such flourishing and spreading.

The author build a good game between realities and different plans: real, dream, past, present ... a well led game that obliges the reader to actively participate. He is helped by the author's descriptive and flowing style; you’ll not know how pages pass and the images roll like in a movie.

Also, the author is doing very well when shows the feelings and emotions of the characters, the way that they evolve. Although the use of mythological aspects provides a freedom to create worlds and different plots, it can lead to somewhat illogical actions. Angela McPherson avoids this trap, keeping the action logic and offering premises that allow a natural development of the action and of the characters. The author gives us clues, red herrings that you’ll sometimes follow, but in due course she provides the necessary explanations. As for the rest, you will find deceptive or correct appearances, betrayals, broken or renewed alliances, unexpected and a satisfying ending, but not final.

The action starts from the old dilemma: destiny or free will. From here begins the struggle for survival of our heroine that finds herself in a position to have to fight and repair the harm done by his predecessors or die.

And as this would not be enough, she will discover the thrills of first love, first disappointments and doubts, uncertainties that love brings. Of course, this aspect of the story will be the readers’ delight... but will "torment" a bit Trinity.

So, if you love to daydream at impossible love, if you like the Greek mythology and Fantasy in general, but also want some action you will not be disappointed by Hope's Decree. If you do not like them, but you’ll read the book, there are big chances to become a fan of them.
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319 reviews62 followers
August 28, 2013
First I wish to thank the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I also wish to thank Lady Amber Reviews who made it possible to review this book in conjunction with the Hope’s Decree blog tour.

I’ve always been intrigued with mythology. In the past couple of years I’ve read numerous YA books that have weaved mythology in to the storyline. Some are retellings of old myths, some just graze on it but something about the use of the mythology always seems to bring the story to life in a way that keeps the readers nose in the book and staying up to the wee hours to finish it. Hope’s Decree fits that bill and then some.

Hope’s Decree centers on the Greek myth of Pandora’s Box. For those that do not remember this myth very well, the author gives us the basics plus more in the book in a creative and well done way. You will start to see characters in a new light and will find yourself starting to put pieces of the puzzle together.

Being a story within a story, the layers mesh well with each other. Sometimes overlapping, sometimes paralleling and sometimes bouncing off each other like two magnets repealing. Do not fret; the answers will be given to you when the time is right. Sometimes I found myself cussing the author for making me wait, but the outcome of the waiting was well worth it. For those who are in to book boyfriends, you will find a worthy one in Blain. Mysterious, good looking and totally bad ass.

The first part of the book was a push and pull. Some details and areas were just too drawn out while some were given than taken away too quickly. Parts of the first half of the book just seemed too drawn out, too much time spent on some trivial moments, but all in all it was a good read. I would recommend this to readers 15 and older and definitely for readers who love Greek mythology.
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125 reviews12 followers
December 27, 2015
This book was a really great read. I genuinely enjoyed the storyline. Although the book was more of an issue of love and who to choose, the fiction part was quite interesting and I really did enjoy it.

My favorite part, aside from the love tension and frustrations, has to be the language from Crystal and Morpheus. I found myself laughing at their silly choice of words. I think it was a good choice to have them talk that way. The sassiness was brilliant.

As for the love tension, that was brilliant. While she was dating Trevor, she had intense feelings for Blain, as he did for her. I like that he kept her guessing throughout the book. But I’m not going to lie; I did get frustrated a few times when he said he didn’t. I found myself sighing and shaking my head at his indecision. I think I even yelled “STOP IT!” at the screen!

The ending was shocking, and the epilogue suggests that there will be more to the story. I really hope that it’s true! I have to give this book 5 out of 5 stars! :)
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1 review1 follower
March 21, 2014
"Hope's Decree" by Angela McPherson this is book one of (The Fated)

I absolutely hands down loved this book. This book is not in my normal reading genera, I typically stay away from YA and follow more of the hot seamy stuff, But I did however get completely sunk in and couldn't put it down! I liked greek mythology in school but haven't thought once about it sense reading "Hope's Decree". Angela McPherson puts an amazing spin on it and even if you have never studied or heard of Greek Mythology (you know Hercules Hercules disney movie) " Hope's Decree" is not confusing or hard to follow whatsoever. Even being a YA book there is still the so called "good vs. bad boy" "Blain vs. Morpheus".

Its written wonderfully in first person main character being Trinity seventeen year old senior getting close to the big eight teen. I am so excited for the next book to come out in "The Fated" series!

Bottom line I would truly recommend this book!
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Author 3 books41 followers
April 27, 2016
3.5 stars

This was quite the ride for me. I flip-flopped between not liking it and loving it, hence the rating. Between characters I found a little annoying, and really cool fighting scenes, Hope’s Decree is a fun, entertaining ride into a different take on Greek mythology.

The story starts with Trinity, a fairly regular kid in high school just trying to make it through her life. She’s a pretty typical teenager, with her close group of friends and a rivalry with the “mean girls” clique. As I continued reading the book, she reminded me of Bella from Twilight – feels plain but everyone around her continuously tells her she’s special, better looking than her peers, etc. Her inner monologue is supremely entertaining as, like a typical teenager, she has no filter. Part of what kept me reading was how real she felt as a person. Unlike Bella, though, she’s a much more proactive lead, taking on anything her surroundings throw at her, no matter how scared she is. As far as leads go, I enjoyed watching her grow from an unsure teenager thrown into a destiny she isn’t ready for into someone who wields her power if not with ease, then with confidence that she can handle herself.

As for the rest of the cast, I found them all really enjoyable. The only one I had a problem with was Blain, the male lead. I’ve never been a huge fan of romances that include a supremely possessive, almost domineering guy. He’s reminiscent of Twilight’s Edward (right down to removing the battery from a car) and that put me off him a bit, making me like all the other characters better. To be fair, it makes much more sense for Blain to be possessive and protective than Edward, since it’s his job, so I let that slide for the most part. Also, one of the other characters calls him out on it, which appeased any issues I might have had.

One of the best things about the story is definitely the mythology behind it. To avoid spoilers, I won’t go into it too much, but McPherson brings a great twist and expansion to the Pandora myth, one that makes one of the more well-known Greek myths something completely new. She does a great job of telling the reader the story in way that’s engaging, as well. I’m usually not a fan of exposition, but the way that she wrote it made sense in the context of the story. Every time the mythology came up, or something supernatural happened, I couldn’t put the book down. Each fight scene and instance when the characters used their powers was like watching an action movie. With fast-paced action and easy descriptions, I had no trouble picturing what went on in a scene. These moments carried me through the book much faster than I thought I’d get through it, and I was surprised at how quick a read it was – I read it in a day.

All in all, it’s a pretty fun book that does a good job of setting the stage for a fun Greek-themed adventure. Though it’s the first in a series, I think it’s able to stand alone as it provides pretty good closure and answers most of the reader’s questions by the end. I don’t feel a burning need to pick up the next one, but I probably will anyway, since I’d like to see where Trinity’s powers take her next, and how she’s going to further evolve. I’d recommend this book to anyone who’s a fan of Twilight and Vampire Academy.
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321 reviews31 followers
April 6, 2014
It would have to really draw me in to read a Greek Mythology and this book was one for me. Loved how it had a lil bit of the love triangle, suspense and also a bit of thriller, the hearing voices part. Drama in school was also included in this book..popular kids, quite kids...you know the rest.

Trinity is a badass leading lady. Throughout the novel, dealing with scary nightmares, a few testosterones to deal with and a few people wanting to kill her. She's such a strong person and isn't scared to fight what's coming for her. Every time she kicked one of the bad guys ass, I would be like "YEAH TAKE THAT ASSHOLE!" She also loves to spend some time with her friends. And there's also a guy name Trevor who becomes her boyfriend but since she has had no experience she agreed to go out with him. And Trevor ends up really liking Trinity but she did not feel the same way because of a one mysterious hotty. Which turns out to be her guardian. Their relationship is a push and pull type. I felt like tying both Trinity and Blain down and just have them freaking go at it. She finds out the reason why she's been hearing voices in her head. She needs to be trained in combat and she meets the guys who gives her the nightmares...Morpheus, who turned out to be one of her trainers. At first I wasn't so sure about his character but in the end he turned out to be one of the guys who I wished he'd be.
And as for Blain...He is one of the original Watchers and a guardian to a stubborn Trinity. He trains her so when she needed to fight the murders after her she would know what to do. And what makes Blain mostly frustrated is when she doesn't listen to him and it almost gotten her killed a few times. He's very moody...one minute he's hot and one minute he's cold. He has feelings for her but he is trying to fight not to act on it.

You'll have to read the book to find out what happens with this longing both Trinity and Blain feel towards each other. The plot was captivating. This is a unputdownable type of book. So overall the story definitely kept me hooked from the beginning to the end. This is a book one of The Fated series. When I got to the very end of the book, it left me wanting more. Please hurry and write the book two Angela McPherson❤️❤️❤️
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199 reviews29 followers
November 2, 2015
Title: "Hope's Decree"
Author: Angela McPherson
Publication Date: August 2013
Genre: Young Adult/Fanasty/Mythology

My Rating: 4 Stars

I was so very lucky to be given a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

The book gods have looked down upon me and seen the horrible strife I've been muddling through with one awful young adult/fanasty book after another. Yes, they looked down upon me and decided to spare me. The delivered unto me a shining jem called "Hope's Decree".

If you can't tell by the overly dramatic rendition of the above paragraph, I found this book to be beyond stellar. Seriously, the cover and the description just do not do this book any justice. Actually, if I had just seen the cover and read the description on my own time and I had not been given a copy of this book, I actually don't think I would have read it. Thank goodness fate intervened and a copy of this book fell into my lap!

I'm sure all my fellow readers are aware that this genre is quickly becoming worn out with awful, unoriginal stories that make you cringe while reading them; so to find a fresh, original book like this, is a rare occasion indeed.

The author writes a fantastically creative and captivating storyline. I was thoroughly impressed with how she took the 'Pandora's Box' theme and somehow made it completely new and intriguing. Seriously, hands down, this has got to be one of my favorite spins on old school mythology.

The characters are so freaking intense and they play off of each other magnificently. Both Morpheus and Blain have a starring slot on my 'bookshelf boyfriends' shelf. Although, is it so wrong that I really wanted Morpheus to be the 'one'? I think I just like to be contradictory, honestly. Anyways, they are both amazing, you feel me, love? ;)

The only reason that this book rated at 4 Stars instead of 5 Stars was actually due to the back and forth complete indecision of Trinity and Blaine's romantic(or perhaps not so romantic) relationship. It was almost like watching a ping pong tournament on crack. I think I got whiplash trying to keep up with them.

All in all, this was a very fun and exciting read and I can't wait to see what else I can discover from this author.
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211 reviews
September 2, 2013
*I was provided with a free copy of this book for the blog tour. Thank you!*

‘Hope’s decree’ is a fascinating Paranormal YA book. It’s a read that I loved and that I would re-read any time. This book is full of mystery, paranormal, suspense and an incredible love story.

To be honest, ‘Hope’s decree’ surprised me. Since I discovered this genre, Paranormal YA, I have read a lot of books in this genre. But not all of them made me stay up all night to read. ‘Hope’s decree’ did this too me. I was very hooked by the story and I liked the characters too much to put the book down. So I stayed up all night and read this amazing book.

Ok, so the world-building is AH-MAZING! Everything is unique, well portrated and fascinating. The world built by Angela is one of the greatest paranormal world I’ve read about.The story is brought to life in a special way. The real and the paranormal worlds intertwined in a way that made me feel like I was in the middle of the actions. I would love to have Trinity’s powers!

Blain…. Let me just say that the guy is h.o.t. Hot and confusing in the same time. When time he was so kind and awesome and the other moment he was cold as ice. But he’s mysterious, smart, protective. Every girl’s dream.

In the beginning I had some problems getting into the story, but after I got attached to Trinity and I began to love her, I could not stop reading. I had a lot of questions and sometimes I got annoyed that one question would bug me for too long. But everything is answered at the right time.

In “Hope’s Decree” I found action, mystery, love, and mythology. It’s a book that made me turn the page very fast, that made me love mythology again, and that made my heart melt.

All for all, “Hope’s decree” is a great paranormal read, with lot of twists and turns. The book is filled with action, mystery and love, the character development is amazing and the world is set up really great! I definitely recommend it!

Rate: 4.5 stars out of 5
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859 reviews24 followers
April 17, 2014
This ebook was given to me by the Author for an honest review.

When I was given this book I wasn't sure what to expect, but after I read just a chapter I was hooked. I read and read, I could not put the book down. Lately all I been reading have been Contemporary Romance. I haven't been able to get back into the swing of reading Paranormal YA, until this book. I am now ready to read more Paranormal YA (Romance). This book just reminded me how much I love YA Paranormal.

This book mostly focuses on main character Trinity and what she was born to do. The world of Zeus, Pandora's box, watchers and of course beloved Guardian an oh so hot Blain. The electricity between Trinity and Blain are undeniable. Blain tried so very hard on focusing on watching over Trinity and being a good Guardian to her, by teaching and training Trinity to be her best. The looks and even just a little touch they give each other always shoots out so much electricity and emotions for each other. I love the way they protect each other and how they will do anything to keep each other safe.

I really don't want to ruin the story for others who haven't read the book, so all I want to say is:

Thank you Angela you are awesome! I thank you for sharing this awesome book with me. I cannot wait for the 2nd book.
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71 reviews
October 7, 2013

OK i want to start with the positives of this book.

Pandora's Box. In a book world where its either vampires, werewolves or dystopian, a here and now book with a Greek mythology plot is a nice difference.

Trinity is a strong character, sure she has some flaws but all in all she is a strong, capable, determined young woman. She also has some strong friends, sometimes they come across as bitchy but as someone who has been a teenage girl i know that is what we are like sometimes.

Blain is smoking hot. If i was the kind of woman that had 'book boyfriends' he would top the list. He is strong, moody and dangerous, all while being the good guy.

Morpheus, what can i say about him without giving to much away. He is epic. Dark, dangerous and deadly, but what happens with him is a nice change from most of the stories out there now says.

Amnesia. This twist is great, especially how Angela reveals it.

And now some not so positives.

The chapters tend to drag a bit. There was the occasional time that i got bogged down with details i didnt think were overly important.

Having a 'school bully' in the book i expected a bit more drama from Courtney. Usually if a character is built up to be the bully they have some sort of epic moment, but not here.

All in all a great read. Will i read the next book(s) in the series? Yes i think i might.
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August 22, 2013
I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.
I love this cover and how it ties into the Mythology aspects. I enjoyed how Hope's Decree was about the Pandora's Box myth because it is one that I haven't read about before. I did find the story to be a little jumpy at times which sometimes lead me to be a bit confused for a few paragraphs. Otherwise this was a great read and I'm excited for book two.
Obviously Trinity is a "goddess" who has not one, not two, but possibly three guys drooling over her. Geez. And not only that but they are all hotties! Even with the three of them vying for her attention she on,y has eyes for one, whether she wants to admit it or not. I loved Trin's sarcastic ways, it had me laughing a lot thoughtful the book. I liked the boys but they made me mad when she wasn't informed sooner about everything going on and what she was. I want a novella from Melina's POV because I want to know what to know what her deal is. Also I can't wait to see if Trinity's estranged grandparents play any role in her destiny.
This was a great read from Angela McPherson. I will be reading more from her in the future. I would recommend this book to mythology lovers and anyone looking for a funny and romantic read with a hint of action. Well actually quite a lot of action.
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February 28, 2017
3.5 stars

Hope's Decree is about a high schooler named Trinity. She has the ability to feel people's emotions and it drives her up the wall, quite frankly. Enter the new hot neighbor, Blain, in town. And then this happens...

Anyway, the entire book is about how special Trinity is and Blain constantly pushing towards and pulling away from Trinity. Seriously, He changes his mind so fast it could give you whiplash.
Get your shit together man and DTR.

Onto better things: Morpheus was a fun character. Him, I honestly enjoyed. I love the relationship he and Blain have and how he loves to tease the more man. It was also nice seeing a main character have somewhat developed best friends despite them not knowing about her secret paranormal life. Kerri and Crystal were sweet. I really liked Trevor too, even though I was determined not too. Overall, a very well rounded set of characters.

Overall a decent read if you're looking for something quick and fun!

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September 18, 2013
I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book directly from the author. She had asked for my help in doing a bit of last minute editing, nothing too strenuous. I agreed wholeheartedly, thinking it wouldn't take long.
I was mistaken. I began reading the book looking for grammar and syntax errors, but soon found myself immersed in the story. I quickly forgot what it was I was supposed to be doing as I devoured every word of the story. Once I had reached the end, I remembered that I had actually started reading it for another purpose altogether. I then had to reread the entire novel, forcing myself to not get too involved in the story.

This book is a breath of fresh air. We've all read the Twilights and the like. But there are surprisingly few dealing with ancient mythologies. I loved this book because the concept was so original. I haven't read any version of this story before, and I am confident that the next in the series will be just as good.
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August 29, 2013
I loved reading Hope's Decree. This book had my full attention from the beginning. I loved reading about mythology and all of the details about Pandora. The characters are all amazing, especially Trinity and Blain. Trinity is sarcastic, loves her friends and will do anything to keep them safe. Then there is Blain, he is sweet, sexy and drives Trinity completely crazy with all the mixed signals he keeps giving her.

Hopes Decree is full of action, drama, mythology and plenty of love interests. Once you start reading this book you will not be able to put it down. Angela McPherson is an amazing author and I can't wait for the chance to read the next book in the series.

I was given an ARC copy of Deadly Crush in exchange for an honest review.
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September 4, 2013
Angela McPherson
Hope's Decree
Fated #1

Despite the market being saturated with YA paranormal romance books at the moment, there is still the odd one that stands out above the rest and Hope’s Decree is definitely one of those. Intriguing from the start, I loved the way the book entwined Greek mythology with high school drama and I found it really hard to put down. It’s full of adventure, action and so many twists and turns that it will keep you turning page after page. A strong start to the series, it’s hard to believe this is a debut novel.

I received an e-copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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September 9, 2013
Love the take on the Greek theme! Something different from normal paranormal characters seen! Trinity is kind-hearted yet headstrong character with the perfect match of the HOT Blain. Love the wit of Morpheus. Characters are well thought out with individual personalities. Story line is action packed with perfect love triangle. Very impressed how well book is written for first time author!!! Can't wait for second book!!!
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August 18, 2013
This story has it all! Great story line, awesome character development, wit, love, action, and an ending that makes you want to beg Ms. Mcpherson to release the next in the series asap! Cant wait to see what will happen next with all those characters i've fallin in love with so fast!!! Way to go you've knocked it out of the park with Hope's Decree!
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October 29, 2014
Great story! I loved the mythology base of it. It reminds me of the Paranormal book series by JL Bryan. I couldn't put those down either. Well done Angela McPherson. I can't wait for book #2. I'll be spreading the good word about this book on Amazon as well !
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August 23, 2013
I am usually not into these types of books but I loved it!!!! It is a must read!
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October 15, 2013
Fantastic book! Love the balance between teen drama and mythology. Angela is a gifted writer!
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November 29, 2018
Hope’s Decree by Angela McPherson a four-star read that will give you hope. This is the first novel in the Fated series and what a start to the series. Even though the story has its roots in Greek mythology it is still a compelling and easy to read. Trinity is someone you can get into and understand her struggle. This was a great story and the author has a great descriptive writing style and I can’t wait for the rest of the series.
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November 12, 2014
I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Rating: I give the book 4.5 of 5 stars

I really liked this book. I like Greek mythology and this was an interesting different point of view of the Pandora myth.
The whole story about Pandora is so interesting and imaginative. It made me read about the real myth, which I didn’t remember that well anymore.

The story is sweet and adventurous. Danger following Trinity everywhere she goes. But she doesn’t have to worry because she has her own abilities and a Guardian to protect her.
The story became more interesting chapter after chapter.

Also, the Characters are cool.
I like Morpheus, he is kind of irritating but so fun, and kind of sexy, in a bad boy way. He kind of remembers me of Emmett from Twilight, cocky and cute and always searching for a fight to compare his strength with others. I had to shake my head with a smile on my face after every of his teases and nicknames.
Crystal is really similar to Morpheus so I like her as well. They are like “oh my god, such funny idiots”.

Trinity is nice but also kind of frustrating and so is Blaine. Especially at the beginning and when Blaine behaves like a macho. He is also kind of sexy and knows it and knows how to use it, especially against Trinity.

But the way Trinity thinks/reacts about Blain at the beginning is kind of strange. They have barely talked but fell the attraction, ok I can understand that, but at the dance, it’s like they have been on an on-off- relationship, what hasn’t happened. He flirts with her, but goes with Rebecca. But that between him and Trinity can't be. I found it kind of forced. They act like they have been together but are not anymore and now she is angry because he is cheating on her? She kind of overreacts like they have some story behind them but don't. They hardly know each other an almost all the time he has been with Rebecca and they have barely talked to each other but act like they have had a thing since a few time.
And of course Trinity had to forget everything about Blaine for him to decide he does like her and want her. Perfect timing I would say.

I also didn’t like that Trinity doesn’t believe that she is beautiful. I don’t understand why in so many stories the main character is always beautiful but doesn't know it or believe it, even if everyone tells her. I mean, one can be beautiful and know it and not behave like an asshole. Just have a little self-confidence and know how you look or how others see you. They always need a boy to come along and tell them they are beautiful for them to believe it and that also needs time. And why do they only believe it when a boy says it and not their friends, family or someone else? It's like, girls doesn't know what they are worth until the charming boy comes along and tells them. Even if you don't have self-confidence you have to notice how others react to you.
It’s as if they have to be bitches when they’re beautiful, but one can be beautiful and be nice at the same time.

And, what happened to Rebecca and Courtney? Shouldn’t Rebecca be totally pissed that Blaine is interested in Trinity? They just disappear from the face of the earth and reappeared at the end of the story.

I noticed a little error: At the beginning of the story it was said that the man that appeared in trinity's dream didn't have any eye-color: "His eyes showed no color, only screaming souls begging for release" (p.6) but later on she says she "could make out the familiar glow of his green eyes" (p.20). It was a little confusing but when you keep on reading you understand it and forget about it.

The whole story left me wanting for more and I am so curious about some unanswered questions, like Trinity's father’s past.

I can recommend this book to all who like Greek mythology retellings and a cute love story with amusing characters and some action.
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January 20, 2014
Also posted to Jen in Bookland

2.5 stars

Hope's Decree was kind of a mixed bag for me. I liked the idea of the story, but then it got repetitive at the end and the writing didn't make me as enthralled as I could have been. There may be some spoilers ahead.

Trinity was alright at first, but she quickly became annoying. Same with Blain and his hot and cold. I quickly tired of the connection, but then Blain is all no I can't and Trinity is all crying because she is so hurt by his rejection. It was just over and over and over again. So then she all goes out with Trevor even though she wants Blain. I hate that. It is so mean to the second guy. No one wants to be the second choice, the person that the other person is only with because the person they really want to be with is not available. Lame. Then when Blain finally caves and wants to be with her, no she lost her memory so she keeps pushing him away. Lame lame lame lame lame. I just got super tired of the one wants to be together the other doesn't. It made me not care about either of them. I really just wanted her to really move on and find someone else. After a while I just didn't see the connection even though it was told to us over and over how much of a connection they have.

The other issue I had with Trinity? After she loses her memory she turns into such a whiny little brat. But I don't want to! Stomp foot, run off, cry, whatever. I was just like you are almost 18! Grow up some! I know you don't remember everything, but this is not the way you reacted when you first learned of this stuff so why are you now? Did that memory potion also revert you back to a much younger age? Throughout the whole book she is pretty stupid. She doesn't call Blain for backup when bad things happen. I mean why would the evil bad guy do anything in front of someone else? I mean there is no way he would ever kill 2 people...he is not the evil bad guy or anything. Then when Blain points out that he could have killed the other person Trinity is all oh noes! I didn't think of that! I just was like ugh!!! I wish you could use your brain! The end where she keeps trying to fight people without help was stupid as well. If I do this Blain will respect me! Sure he will. He won't be super upset you put yourself in danger. Plus, if she hadn't put herself in danger maybe Blain won't turn evil in the next book (it is kind of obvious that he will succumb to the darkness). Really both of them snapped all the time and were acting not like themselves for the second part of the book.

The other main issue I had was the writing itself. It was full of unimportant details, or sentence cut up too much. "Inside my mom waited for me in the living room. We watched a movie, but I couldn't stay awake to finish it. I went to bed."That is like too much detail that is unnecessary. It just felt very stiff to me. It made the book drag on a little bit.

I did not like when Trinity lost her memory at all. Then we had a repeat of a few chapters ago all over again! She has to learn everything again! Who she is, what she can do, etc. Fun. I just read this, so yes I would like to read it once more! I did like Morpheus though in the second half. He was probably my favorite character and I would have loved to have seen more of him.

I did like the general story though. I found it interesting the mythology and everything. The evil that Trinity has to fight to save humanity. Very interesting, I just wish it would have been written better with better characters that didn't annoy me so much. I would read the next book to see what happens, but it is not something that I am on the edge of my seat waiting for. Not a horrible book, even though I have a lot of complains above, but not great either. Just a so so read for me.
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