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Off #3

Off the Record

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A USA Today best-selling novel

Ever Montgomery suffered the ultimate betrayal by the one man who she should have been able to count on for anything. It has left her hurt, jaded, and incapable of forming relationships, but it also means that she can spot a liar a mile away. These traits are earning her a reputation as a reporter with a keen nose for a good story and a complete understanding of the extreme power of the written word.

Lincoln Caldwell is the hot goalie for the New York Rangers. At 24 and a rising star, he works hard and he plays even harder. He's gorgeous and carefree - the ultimate charmer. Ladies fall at his feet and the single life has never been lived the way Linc Caldwell does it.

When Ever publishes an article about Linc containing information that she received off the record, she finds herself on the receiving end of the athlete's fury. Rather than basking in the glory of exposing Linc as a shameless user of women, she finds herself at his mercy when he demands and receives retribution. Required by her editor to trail Linc for six weeks, Ever is forced to look at the real Linc Caldwell.

And she just might find that she has misjudged him.

**Note From Sawyer Bennett: This book is part of the Off Series but it can be heard as a standalone book. Nothing in the prior or subsequent books will diminish your understanding of this novel. This is a New Adult, Contemporary Romance.

236 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 8, 2013

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About the author

Sawyer Bennett

166 books13.6k followers
New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Sawyer Bennett uses real life experience to create relatable stories that appeal to a wide array of readers. From contemporary romance, fantasy romance, and both women’s and general fiction, Sawyer writes something for just about everyone.

A former trial lawyer from North Carolina, when she is not bringing fiction to life, Sawyer is a chauffeur, stylist, chef, maid, and personal assistant to her very adorable daughter, as well as full-time servant to her wonderfully naughty dogs.

If you’d like to receive a notification when Sawyer releases a new book, sign up for her newsletter (sawyerbennett.com/signup).

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1,591 reviews308 followers
February 13, 2021
Spoilers ahead

I liked the H more than his brother in the previous book, he seemed like such a great guy. Unfortunately he's a gross manwhore who had sex with OW after meeting AND asking the h out. We get the really gross details of his sexual activity too.
It's stuff like this why this is an author I tend to avoid, the first book wasn't bad.... Book 2 was a bit of a conflict for me but I'm done here.
Manwhores are played out, can we see something new please? What about Alpha heroes who still manage to have basic respect for women and care about their own health enough not to poke their sticks into every available hole??? I'm over the bs tbh.
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1,348 reviews2 followers
August 8, 2013
The first two books in this series sucked me in and I loved them. Was looking forward to reading about Linc, the brother of Nix. It did not disappoint.

I did like Ever and could understand her anger and sense of betrayal….

Loved to catch up with Emily and Nix and love the Dad.

The next one is set partly in Ireland and the Hero is Irish – I hope I am not going to be a harsh critic with this one as I am very wary of novels depicting Irish characters, if they are not done correctly. We shall wait and see.

Meant to include this guy for Linc.....

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1,499 reviews134 followers
July 14, 2019
What I love about this series is the deep love and devotion these men feel for their women. What I didn't like was the heroine hearing and witnessing this hero with another woman going at it against the wall so in that sense it was not safe because he did this right after asking the heroine out and her saying know because she was doing a story on him. She thought she was going into a restroom and walked into his bedroom while he was banging a woman against the wall. I found it difficult to like him after that. It turned this five star read into a two-star failure. I must admit that it is important to me for the hero to only be intimate with the heroine after meeting.

Everette (Ever) Montgomery was betrayed and abandoned by her father when she was sixteen-years-old as her mother was undergoing chemo treatment and trying to recover from a double mastectomy due to breast cancer. Left to handle everything from driving her mother to treatment to holding her at night as she shook and shivered and cleaning up the vomit, she had become a bitter young woman and extremely angry at the abandonment by her father. He not only abandoned Ever but her mother in their hour of need. She has allowed that to affect every area of her life in a negative way and I felt that she chose not to move past it. She kept her pain and anger right there in the present with her, calling on it constantly to keep herself from getting involved with a man. Close friendships were not really on her to do list either. Trust was absent from her life. She is incapable of forming relationships and fears any man she would become involved with will abandon her like her father did or cheat on her like the ex-fiance did whom she caught in their bed with her friend. After all, she wasn’t important enough for her father to maintain a relationship with her and she was his flesh and bloodh. How could she ever hope to keep a man. She can spot a liar from great distance and this has made her a very good reporter.

Lincoln Caldwell (the major man-whore) is the very hot goalie for the New York Rangers Hockey Franchise. He’s gorgeous, carefree and loves to throw parties at his place and entice women into his bed, or against the wall, or bent over the dresser or...you get what I’m saying, right? He claims not to be a man-whore, that he is selective about who he bangs. But that isn't how I saw it at all. He starts the night flirting and carrying on with two women who were there together. Then he hits on the heroine and when she doesn't take the bait a while later he is found in his bedroom (with the door open-how irresponsible...and gross) up against the wall with a six foot beauty who he says he likes to 69 with when they meet up because her heighth fits him perfectly. We get to hear details which I hate when it is someone other than the heroine. It's a sex only relationship but to say he is not a man-whore I did not believe. He was up to his women-antics in the previous book when he had two women all over him at a party in front of everyone and told his brother that they were spending the night and one was for him. I found it disturbing, even more so because he was such a nice, kind, and generous guy.

Ever publishes an article about Linc the next day that has bits that were supposed to be off the record. She was so angry because when she went to use the restroom in the hall bath (inhabited by three women who were talking about their hook-ups with Linc earlier in the evening-which turns out to be untrue) it is then that she sees the door open to the master bedroom where she was headed to use the facilities since the other bath was taken. When she walks in to visit the ladies' room Linc is banging a woman up against the wall. This was soon after he had shown interest in Ever and it hurt and angered her. They had talked earlier in the evening at the party he was throwing and he showed interest in her and asked her out on a date. Wow...did he ever move on quickly. It really stung! Unfortunately, later he throws it in her face by describing his sexual encounter and telling her he took that woman hard etc. I was ready to put the book away or throw my Kindle out the window.

In my opinion, if you are a any type of star or celebrity and you desire to be a good example to the children and teens who look up to you, you should live your life in a way that exudes that. But Linc didn’t. It was kept on the down low and now he was exposed...IMHO it was his own fault.

I have a couple of book triggers and this hit a big one. It’s bad enough reading about all the man-whores that are so prevalent in most books today, but if after meeting the one, even just an introduction, and then he is with another woman or women it just ruins it for me. And good grief, if he was going to do the down and dirty at his party with a house and yard full of guests did it not occur to him to close and/or lock the bedroom door? It was not uncommon for his guests to use the restroom in the master.

That just made me ill and or that reason I cannot recomment this.
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1,005 reviews914 followers
June 25, 2013

Sawyer Bennett is an "auto buy" for me...I've loved this whole series! She knows how to write couples that have some of the best chemistry and gives us a love story with mild drama, very little angst, and some of the most sizzling sex scenes around... This was a quick, easy, steamy read and I really enjoyed it!

This whole series is good and you're totally missing out if you've not read it... so get on it!!!
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1,423 reviews
June 10, 2013
3.5 stars

This is book 3 in the Off series and features New York Ranger, Lincoln Caldwell and emerging reporter, Ever Montgomery. I love the Off series and admittedly, I am a fan of Sawyer Bennett's storytelling and writing. The previous two books dealt with themes such as class bias, stereotyping, wounded warrior, and mental health - compelling topics. Her characters have become quickly beloved and the tradition continues in this book as well. Linc is a great character. He is giving, kind, family-oriented, friendly, and loving.

I thought this was a sweet read but something was missing for me. I did not feel the same drive as I did with the other two books. I was not as emotionally vested as I was before. And although I liked Ever, I did not find her as memorable as Danny or Emily. Perhaps it was her rash and defensive behavior that put me off in the beginning and her character never fully recovered.

IN A NUTSHELL: I would still recommend the read because I'm invested in the series and like the evolution of the characters and the story. I am anxious to see where Sawyer Bennett will take our characters next.

Thank you to the author for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Ummm, hello.

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1,800 reviews828 followers
October 14, 2013
I didn’t expect to be so weepy by the end of this read, but I loved it!

Ever is a new and upcoming reporter and is sent to write a piece on Lincoln Caldwell a hockey player for the New York Rangers. They chat easily and there’s an immediate attraction between the two, but when Linc asks Ever out for dinner she declines. She’s got an assignment that will take her out of state for weeks but more than that, Ever’s just come out of an engagement. The first time she’s allowed someone into her heart since the age of sixteen and the JERK screws it up, literally. Ever’s not looking for someone else to stomp on her heart.

Not hours after Linc asks Ever out, she overhears talk, and then catches something with her own eyes that makes her seethe with anger, and a little misplaced betrayal. To be honest, I would feel exactly the way Ever did, even though, technically she had no right. Unfortunately, this leads her to write a scathing, blown out of proportion opinion piece on Linc. She let her anger and emotions overrule her common sense and just let it go. Again, I can sympathize with this, because I’ve been a victim of my big impulsive mouth, as well. *sigh* Well, Linc is not one to take it lying down and insists that Ever pay. She has to accompany him for six weeks, and get to know exactly how wrong she is about his character and then write and article setting the record straight.

You can guess what happens. All the time together forces them to look at each other honestly and both Ever and Linc can’t help but be drawn in by what they see, and what they feel. Oh, I do love a slow burn romance! Those are the ones that turn out fiercely HOT!! And this one was a sizzler.

I have to say, though, that what I loved most about this story was Linc’s patience and understanding when it came to Ever. She really needed that. Her past made it so difficult to trust men and not expect hurt and betrayal, and not just because of her dip-sh*t ex-fiancé! She’s got some major daddy issues, and I can see why. I felt deeply for Ever, because her past hit really close to home. So, yes, in the end I had some tears, but they were happy tears.

Now I’m off to press the “buy it with one click” button to download the next one!
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2,358 reviews182 followers
July 10, 2013
4.5 stars

OK I will admit that this book so far is my favorite of the three. I thought Nix was going to be a hard act to follow but Linc stole the show. Those Caldwell brother are made of some sturdy stuff.

Lincoln Caldwell the player (or so we think) who loves his life of having fun and playing hockey.

Ever the jaded girl who has a steel doors around her heart who doesn't trust males.

Instantly Ever and Linc are drawn to one another and connect but with Ever's skeptism and quick judgement she makes a grave error against Linc.

To amend this issue Linc forces Ever to get to know the real him so she can fix the problem that she caused.

With Ever I got her issues but I wanted her to step back and re-evaluate because it is ruining her life. Thank goodness Linc has the power to help her with these personal demons.

With Linc he didn't think he was ready to settle down until he met Ever. Once his heart was open he became the biggest sweetheart. What can go wrong once you open your heart to all possibilities?

Well Ever is what can go wrong. That damn stubborn fool breaking my Linc's heart.

Well reality was quite the bitch slap to Ever and forgivenss is tough pill to swallow but letting go and moving forward are what needs to be done if she has a chance with Linc.

Super cute story. Loved Ever and Linc (well once Ever softened up) loved having Nix and Emily along for the journey. This is such a cute series, Can't wait for more to come.

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2,082 reviews861 followers
August 9, 2015
Ever Montgomery is fresh out of a break up with her cheating ex, coming to terms with the idea that men are just destined to let her down. She barely survived the betrayal of her father, so when sexy hockey star, Linc hits on her while interviewing him, she isn’t quite ready to say yes to his tempting offer. But when she witnesses and hears about his sexual escapades that take place moments have his failed attempt at picking her up, her bitterness gets the best of her and her article is proof of just how deep her hatred of all things men run.

Linc’s first thought after reading the article Ever wrote was to destroy her. But he comes up with an even better plan. A new article, one that will force her to be by his side day in and day out to get to know the real Lincoln Caldwell.

As these two are forced to share space the sexual tension heats up, but neither of them seem to be willing to trust each other. Linc knows that Ever could twist it with words in the article and Ever is in danger of having yet another man break her heart. But sometimes sexual frustration reaches the breaking point and you just have to take the risk hoping for the best.

I love this author. She’s my slump solver. In the middle of thumbing through several books trying to find one that held my attention, I just couldn’t resist but go back to the Off Sides Series. I was excited to get Linc’s story, although he was portrayed as a ladies man in Off Limits, but deep down you just knew he was going to be a fantastic guy.

I was having some major issues with Ever through most of this. I got that she had issues with the men in her life, starting with her father... but it wasn’t until that full story was revealed that I could get behind her actions and feelings. Until that point, I felt that she was over reacting just a tad, but given what she experienced as a teen – I can totes see where she was going to have struggles trusting any man. Ever.

One thing that I love about this author’s ability to tell a story is that she gives you a fantastic story. It is a story that can stand on its own – it doesn’t need fluff to make it exciting or excessive drama to keep your attention. She simply writes characters that are so damn likable that you want to see how everything works out for them. You cheer them on the entire time.

I can’t wait for the final books in this series and for the upcoming releases for her other series. I simply cannot get enough of this author.
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670 reviews
August 22, 2014
I love this series each book gets better. I loved the story between Ever and Linc their relationship has it's ups and downs and nearly had me in tears and it was nice to have a bit of Emily and Nix in the story as well. Can't wait for the next book in this series.
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1,234 reviews108 followers
November 15, 2020
This was pretty good. I think I would've enjoyed it more if there was a little more depth with Ever's relationship with her Dad. Honestly I wish that she would've just told him off and cut him off like he did her. But I really loved how Linc opened up to her and put himself out there. If you like a good guy finished first story, this is a good one.
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1,264 reviews1,368 followers
November 15, 2015
I can't gush enough about Sawyer Bennett's heroes...

Ever Montgomery, 21, is a reporter for the NY Post. Thanks to her friend Emily Burnham (Off Limits), she's invited to an end-of-the-season party given by NY Rangers hot young goalie Lincoln Caldwell, 24. (Linc is the brother of Emily's boyfriend, Nix Caldwell). Ever is assigned to do a lifestyle piece for the paper and Linc is to be her subject. All goes well during the interview. Linc is funny and down to earth and seems like a nice guy. There's a mutual spark between Ever and Linc, but Ever turns down his request for a dinner date. She is just coming out of a relationship marred by betrayal and is not looking to give her trust/heart to a man again. Plus, she's got daddy issues (the source of her trust problems) but we won't get into that. Let's just say she has some pretty big walls built around her heart, and thinks all men are the same--not to be trusted.


 photo b80888a9-4cc9-407b-9795-129fc7bfafc2_zpsshv4qqbh.jpg

Feeling good about her interview subject and the article she needs to write, Ever overhears something that makes her think the worst of Linc. To top it off, she Quickly Ever changes the slant of her article, and makes Linc out to be a sleezy 'player'. Incensed when he reads the article, Linc wants Ever's head on a platter. But he works out an agreement with her boss that Ever is to follow him 24/7 for 6 weeks to prove he's not that kind of guy. His reputation is at stake here!

 photo af049256-d0bf-4d97-839b-88337a82086f_zpssbthcyjg.jpg

You can guess how this is going to develop--Ever is going to have her eyes opened to see just what kind of man Linc really is (the swoon-worthy type!) and Linc is going to see why Ever initially got that (wrong) impression of him (the girl has some baggage). Of course romance blossoms, even though Ever is scared to death to open her heart to another man--what if she's rejected again?

Let me say that Sawyer Bennett specializes in the most delectable heroes! Even though Linc was young, he seemed so mature (compared to Ever). You could see that he was raised right (loved the scenes with brother Nix and his father) and had a good head on his (broad) shoulders. He was patient and loving with Ever (not to mention sexy), and determined to help her get past her fear of commitment. I was totally impressed with him, and wanted Ever to wake up girl and grab onto the best thing that ever happened to you! Fix those Daddy issues of yours so you can love again!

Most of the times when Ever did something stupid, I passed it off to her age and lack of maturity and life experience. She did go through some rough times when she was 16, and clearly she did not put that behind her yet. I thought she was very lucky to have a level headed guy like Linc come into her life. And even though she ended up hurting him (*sniff*) I was still rooting for them to get their HEA. To her credit, she knew she was messed up but just needed the nudge and the courage to take a chance again.

Did I mention that these two really scorched the sheets? Oh yeah...

Linc takes my legs and drapes them over his shoulders. He wraps his arms under them, placing his hands over my stomach. Then he simply stares at me for a minute, and I hold the contact. I'm helpless to look away.

"Feel free to scream," he says, a salacious smile sliding into place.

This is book #3 of the Off series, and every one has been a winner. Actually, everything this lady writes is a winner for me. She is one of the few authors around who can tempt me to not put a book down and to ignore sleep and all my responsibilities without feeling guilty. So now, I think I will start on the next one (Off Course...there's plenty of hours left in the day to read! 5 stars
June 10, 2013
check out this review and others at

I received this book from the author as an ARC copy. I have to say I have read all 3 of the books in the series and I have grown so in love with them. The author is wonderfully personal and open. She is a lot of fun to read for.

This is book 3 in this series. I honestly loved each book and think the writing is solid and amazing. I cannot say which book is my favorite because each book is so different. The books cover different topics that the main characters have to get over to be together. It is really a tough pick. I will say Linc and Ever's journey to HEA was a great read.

Linc is a hottie who is known as a player and it was even hinted a bit in book 2 about his playboy ways but this book you find out it may not alllll be so true. Ever is a broken woman. Her heart has been broken and betrayed by 2 very important men in her life and she will not let anyone in. She is a journalist of a prominent newspaper. She gets her friend Emily to hook her up with an interview with Emily's boyfriends brother. She chats Linc up at a party and is kinda interested but she is leaving for 6 weeks so no reason to accept his dinner invitation right??? When she leaves the party he is throwing, she believes some "incorrect" information and believes he is a man-whore. She goes home and the heart broken woman writes a not very nice story about him. Linc doesn't take it so well and threatens legal action. He manages to get her assigned to him for 6 weeks to get to know him and write a better, more accurate article about him......needless to say 6 weeks a lot happens between the 2 of them in 6 weeks.

The chemistry between the two of them is hot but if you have read the other 2 books you know the chemistry is always hot.....Linc gets Ever to open up and that scares the crap out of her. She WILL NOT be hurt again but he is slowly melting her icy heart. I think my favorite scenes are when Ever get jealous of Linc's hockey fans....er.....groupies trying to get his attention. Althought when Linc defends Ever to a few of the fans...er groupies and calls her his Girlfriend I just remember saying "Awwwwww his girlfriend...sniff".

Well I love this series and will do just about anything to read any of this authors books because I abso love them. I love how they are quick reads but full of emotion and heart. I feel very connected to the characters she writes about. I love that we get to go back ans see Nix and Emily's relationship from book 2 grow. I will admit to missing Danny and Ryan from book 1 and would love to see how the new family is doing :) So I guess I am saying I need more from this series *hint hint* to get more information on my favorite hockey couples .......
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439 reviews162 followers
June 15, 2013
Linc Caldwell has the life. He is single, sexy, and one of the New York Rangers most eligible bachelors. But even though Linc enjoys the ladies, he is by no means a player.

:cue Ever Montgomery:


When journalist, Ever Montgomery, goes to a BBQ at Linc's home, she is just expecting to interview the NY Rangers goaltender. Little does she expect to enjoy their playful banter and the attraction that ensues. Linc tries (unsuccessfully) to convince Ever out on a date with him, but Ever doesn't have time for romantic entanglements despite the enticing temptation. Just as Ever is getting ready to leave, she overhears about Linc's extracurricular bedroom activities from MULTIPLE women, and then tops it off with catching Linc in a compromising position.

This sets up off Ever, who has a horrible track record with the men in her life, and she decides to set in motion an article about Linc that paints him in a very unflattering picture.

When Linc discovers Ever's betrayal he is determined to make her pay for her mistakes.


but Linc can't help the underlying attraction and curiosity of his new nemesis. Linc decides that not only is Ever going to retract the scandalous story she wrote, but he is going to prove to her that he is not like the men in her life. This leads to Ever spending her summer with Linc.

Not only is Ever forced to spend her days with Linc but she is starting to realize she was all wrong about him. As their attraction and sexual tension hits a fever pitch, these two are forced to examine what they want out of life and each other.

Sawyer Bennett has done it again. Not only is Linc absolutely delicious like his brother, Nix, but he is sweet, seductive and worthy of his book-boyfriend status. And Ever is a character I found myself rooting for. Her eyes as well as her heart have been closed off because of past experiences that have left her bitter. Ever is a spitfire, but she is also vulnerable and you feel her fears, insecurities and doubts. Despite how tough Ever portrays herself, you can't help but root for her.

Off the Record is a story about second chances, taking risks, and the glory of opening your heart to the unknown.

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226 reviews1 follower
June 15, 2013
3.75 stars

HUGE fan of this series and this author. I have my fingers crossed we will get more from this series and our beloved couples (especially Em & Nix) in the future.

So why not more stars? Well, in my opinion it just didn't shine as bright as book two. Where the Hero, Linc was immediately likeable, the heroine, Ever had a bit of a rocky start for me. It was hard for me to forgive Ever's childish ways. She was a bit too stubborn until the bitter end. Because of this, Linc & Ever's connection didn't feel solid until too late and I found that frustrating. The bliss felt like a blip compared to the angst.

Also, coming off of the high of book two, the chemistry just wasn't as intense as it was with our previous couple, Em & Nix. Book two was incredibly touching & emotional and definitely set the bar. I was almost more anxious to read about the glimpses of Em & Nix than Ever & Linc. Linc was definitely likeable but Ever seemed to have deeper emotions swirling around and his character seemed to be overshadowed by her inner turmoil. In both book one and two we never doubted the feelings and emotions of our characters because they communicated and were open. This time around felt fueled by angst and obstinance.

That said, I gobbled this story up and was left wanting more. Once again, I will be anxiously waiting to see what Sawyer Bennett has for us next.
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905 reviews35 followers
June 13, 2013
4.5 Stars

Off the Record is the third book in the Off Series where we meet Linc and Ever.

Lincoln Caldwell is the Gorgeous and carefree Goalie for the New York Rangers, who has no trouble with women falling at his feet.

Ever Montgomery is a news reporter that has been betrayed by the only two men she has ever loved which has left her jaded and incapable of forming a relationship.

When Ever publishes an article about Linc containing information she learnt Off the Record and making him out the be a man whoring playboy, he goes to her editor and suggests she spend 6 weeks with him 24/7 to get to know the real Linc.

I really enjoyed this just like the first two books in the series, the chemistry between Ever and Linc was perfect, and Ever was such a strong female lead. It was touch and go towards the end if they would get their HEA but i'm so glad they did.

I'm looking forward to reading more by this author.
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627 reviews120 followers
November 4, 2020
I have officially fallen in love with the Caldwell family. I mean, yes, we've only gotten two Caldwells but I've fallen in love. Nixon was beyond perfect in Off Limits and now I've finished reading about Lincoln's romance with Ever and now I know for sure that the Caldwell family is just amazing.

🥀 “I'm just saying love has a lot to do with the power of forgiveness.” 🥀

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1,745 reviews433 followers
August 21, 2022
Off the Record is book 3 of the Off series by Sawyer Bennett. A standalone, contemporary romance told from both points of view with a happy ending.

✔️ Hero describes Ever as a modern day Snow White. Swoon!
✔️ Sports - hockey
✔️ enemies to lovers
✔️ reformed man-whore
✔️ forced proximity

Ever Montgomery is a jaded journalist. Lincoln Caldwell is an NHL star and player (with the ladies). When Ever publishes a less than flattering and a tad exaggerated article (without checking her facts) about Linc, she’s forced to spend six weeks getting to know the real man. What she discovers is a love worth fighting for.

Linc and Ever were instantly attracted to one another. Ever turned him down though and Linc just went along his merry way, which prompted the nasty article. But the two have so much potential together.

There was sweet and tender moments as well as emotional ones, contrasted by very sexy times between the two. Yet, Ever had a lot of maturing to do.

★ Hero: 👤👤👤👤
★ Heroine: 👤👤👤👤
★ Plot: 📚📚📚📚
★ Romance: 💕💕💕💕
★ Sexiness: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
★ Performance: 👤👤👤👤👤
★ Overall Rating: 4.3

★ I listened to this audiobook via Audible. The excerpts are from that copy. I am voluntarily reviewing this title.
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2,929 reviews44 followers
November 13, 2022
J'aime toujours autant la saga Off et ce nouveau tome a su me conquérir également. Dans ce nouveau tome, nous revoyons évidemment les anciens personnages mais nous partirons également à la découverte d'une journaliste et d'un sportif à la réputation mensongère. Il s'agira donc de dépasser ses préjugés et ne plus mettre tous les hommes dans le même sac.

Bref, un nouveau tome que j'ai adoré découvrir. Les thématiques abordées seront intéressantes et nous permettrons d'aller au delà des apparences. Sawyer Bennett nous permet donc de nous attacher plus aux précédents héros tout en nous offrant deux nouveaux héros qui sauront tirer leur épingle du jeu.

Avis complet à lire sur: https://thelovelyteacheraddictions.bl...
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3,399 reviews437 followers
June 16, 2013
Even though I'm a major fan of sports-themed romances - and hockey being one of my favorites- the lackluster storyline here just left me feeling empty. It wasn't that I hated the story because I didn't. Actually, it was a decent story with some fairly entertaining characters. Both Ever (Everette Mae - can you imagine?) and hockey superstar, Linc were likable. Neither they or their story grabbed me. There was nothing new or refreshing. Just plug in some different faces with different names and put them in different places. Same ole/same ole. Frankly, I just didn't love it.
254 reviews399 followers
July 20, 2013

Sawyer Bennett had me at Offsides and I haven't been able to let go…


Ever Montgomery has closed herself off from men.
After coming home early one day and catching her fiancé in bed with her classmate, she vows never to let a man betray her again.

Hot goalie for the New York Rangers, Lincoln Caldwell is a rising star at the age of twenty- four. He works hard and he plays even harder. Ladies fall at his feet.
Then Ever walks into his life.

~"Aside from her stunning looks, I find her to be charming, hilarious and interesting. I can't remember the last time a woman intrigued me past the point of wondering what her bra size was, although I peg her at a nice B cup, which is my preference."~

Ever jumps at the chance to further her journalism career when her friend, Emily, gets her an interview with Linc, at his annual BBQ for his Team mates.

With a little banter and flirting, Linc opens up freely with Ever, even speaking off the Record. He leaves feeling like the interview went well, with the dark haired beauty on his mind.
With a few miss understandings and wrong place wrong time, Ever gets the wrong idea, and publishes her interview, painting Linc to be nothing but a womanising jerk, plus giving the information given Off the Record.

Linc is furious and instead of getting Ever fired he comes up with the idea that Ever come and stay with him, to see the real him, so she can write an honest retraction and public apology.
He refuses to allow her to paint him that way to his fans. What he doesn't understand is how he could possible be so wrong about her.

~"But I did fuck the woman you saw me with in my bedroom, and I fucked her hard and more than once. That's after I got her off with my hand. You remember that part, don't you? Now that's the truth.
And you can look at me all you want with contempt, but I don't apologise for who I am. You have no right to judge me or my sex life.~

As Ever starts to get to know the real Linc, she starts to realise her 1st impression was totally wrong.

~ Less than a week ago, I was beyond infuriated with this man, believing him to be the lowest form of scum on this earth.


I see someone different.

I not only misjudged his character, but I've learned very quickly that it runs deeper than I would have imagined. ~

As she spends more time with Linc, her attraction grows. Trying to push it aside, some things he says just makes it harder and harder to deny their attraction.

~“Your smile would bring a lesser man to his knees. But if you wore your glasses and smiled at me like that, it would topple me.” ~

Linc starts to see a different side to the infuriating woman. His feelings toward her have been all over the place from instant attraction to anger to vengeance then amusement and fascination back to fighting his attraction.
But Ever holds something over him. He fights the attraction due to fear she is setting him up for more bad Press.

It's a slow sexual build up, The kiss on the couch.. The whole build up was totally hot. You could just feel the sexual tension coming at you.

The Hotel scene! OMG...
Bennett has this amazing talent with the buildup. It's believable and keeps you hanging on for more.

~The massage started out as I'd expected. He diligently worked my sore muscles until I was feeling loose and relaxed.
But the closer Linc got to my Ass, the more I kept imagining him taking his fingers a bit further. What would it be like if he just dragged one finger down the middle of my ass cheeks? Or as he worked his way up my legs, what if he cupped me with his hand? Would he feel how hot I was for him? ~

With Linc in doubt over her sincerity and Ever's distrust in men they slowly move past their issues and take their attraction further.

~His actions were intense and raw. I was stripped naked, but he made me feel more exposed and vulnerable…. stripped to my core.. with the way he moved inside of me.~

The sex was HOT. Of course, Sawyer does not disappoint.

~ His eyes bore into mine and he growled, I'm close… you better come with me, Ever. You better fucking come with me."

As they grow closer and cross the line to something more, Linc sees the anger that Ever holds inside herself. Not allowing herself to let go.
He wants to pull her out and help her heal.

~"You're not broken. You just need some time to come to grips with what happened."~

But Ever holds back, not allowing the chance to give her self true happiness.

~"Linc… I don't deserve your goodness. And you don't deserve my badness..I am damaged goods. And I tried.. I really did. I wanted to be able to let you in so bad. But I'm just not emotionally able to."~

Will she push him away for good? Can she move past the hurt and truly allow love into her life. Give herself completely over to someone else?

~"Love has a lot to do with the power of forgiveness.”~

I really enjoyed this one. It had everything I wanted, plus more.
I must admit I'm still 100% Nix girl. ( I love me a grouchy bad boy) But Linc comes in a close second.
If you haven't started this series, Get on it. Off the Record is the 3rd in series but all 3 can be read as standalone.

★ 4 Sexy Stars ★

Buy it
Read it
Love it

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Profile Image for Big Joe  Rossi.
1,743 reviews46 followers
June 8, 2017
This was an OK read for me. Ever Montgomery is a newbie Journo for the Post and is to write an article about hockey goalie, Lincoln Caldwell. But a recent betrayal leads her to use personal demons and her recent past to blast the star player.

When he threatens to get her fired he comes up with a crazy idea of her following him and learning about the true him. As she spends more and more time with him, she realizes her rush to judgment was a 180 from the man he really was. They soon start to test the magnetic chemistry they have but soon everything is at risk.

His career, her issues. A too sappy fight to get him/her back.

Profile Image for Jennifer.
478 reviews
June 9, 2013
When I read Off the Record it was an ARC so it had no cover photo to distract me. Now that I have seen the cover I am so infatuated with it. That is one “nice” cover. I could just stare at it and get lost. I can’t afford to do that since I am a busy person, but, oh, that eye candy is quite tasty. Yum! Okay, moving on.

This is the third book in the Off Series. Off the Record is made up of all the good stuff. A hot guy, well maybe two if you count Nix, a woman protecting her wounded heart, two people forced together, and the breaking down of protective walls. Linc Caldwell is the brother of Nix, that hot marine from book two. Linc is the goalie for the New York Rangers. His reputation with the ladies is well known. He’s single and likes to have his fun. No harm, no foul. That is until he meets Ever.

Ever seems to be a smart girl. She’s a graduate from Columbia University and is starting her journalism career with the New York Post. One of her assignments is to interview Linc Caldwell. Underneath Ever’s professional persona is a woman with daddy issues, which translates into man issues. She unreasonably puts all her preconceived notions about men onto Linc and writes an unflattering article. In her mind he is a scummy man-whore. No one wants to be portrayed in the media in an unflattering way; that includes Linc. Ever is forced to be with Linc for six weeks to get to know him well enough to write a truthful article. One that will also include an apology. This is where the story really began for me. How Linc handles the situation is what makes this book sizzle.

I loved every minute of this story. Ever was a tough nut to crack but Linc was perfect for her. He chipped away at Ever’s preconceived notions with all of his charm. He was so much more than the great looking hockey player. He wasn’t as shallow as Ever portrayed him to be. She gets to see how hard he works to keep in shape, his love of his family, his volunteer work and compassion. If she didn’t fall for him I knew I would. He was perfect, not to mention his skills in the bedroom and sometimes outdoors (yeah, that was HOT!!!).

Even though I drooled over Linc, I must say that this story was more about Ever. She had reasons for closing off her heart and emotions. Her hurt was from someone she should have been able to count on. Her dad leaving her mom and her left its mark. Her one relationship ended with the guy cheating so she locked up her heart. Sometimes I felt sad for Ever. Watching each of her layers disappear to the point where she was vulnerable was one of the best parts. Sawyer wrote Ever with so much care that as a reader I felt her hurts and wariness. Ever’s epiphany towards the end, where her last layer was peeled, was what good writing is all about. This made my heart swoon. I was kind of feeling the same way. “If I was dying and only had a few days to live, my bucket list would consist of nothing but having Linc hold me in his arms.”

Just like Ever, Linc reminded me of a few truths. 1) you have to forgive to be forgiven 2) it’s okay to love with your whole heart 3) crying can be cathartic 4) we are never truly broken beyond repair. I can’t believe I’m going to say it, but I’m going on the record to say I think I loved Off the Record just a little bit more than the others. I was moved by Off Limits and at the time I didn’t think it could get better than Nix, but with Linc I just melted. Ever and Linc are going down in my book of favorite couples. I also loved Off the Record a little bit more because of the epilogue. If you know my feelings about Nix then you can probably guess why. Overall, Sawyer provides great reading experiences. Her writing is so spot-on that I connect with her characters and get lost in the story. With every story I find connections to some part of my own life. Isn’t that what makes reading meaningful? The Off Series is one that I will happily come back to again and again. It just doesn’t get any better than this.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Kristiej.
1,173 reviews71 followers
July 24, 2014
I'm not sure how I came across this one, it might have been a Kindle Daily Deal. But however I came across it, when I read the synopsis, I was sold. I love sports romance and hockey in particular. I do hold my breath sometimes though. Although there are many who know the game more, I do pride myself in knowing quite a bit about the sports I enjoy and sadly, I dock major points if the author doesn't know the sport they are writing about.

I could breath with this one though. The entire story takes place during the off season so it wasn't really an issue. Lincoln Caldwell is a young goalie for the New York Rangers. If I had any reservation and it kept this from being 5 stars is how young he is. But that's a rather small quibble.

Lincoln is young, he is hot and he lives in New York. He's a normal guy. But Ever Montgomery, who is writing an article on him for the paper she works for brings misinformation and her own screwed over issues into the article and writes a scathing piece, calling him a man whore when he really isn't. As payback Linc insists Ever spend the next six weeks with him in order to get to really know him.

I liked this book, I really did. I wasn't sure if I would as it's written in the first person and not only that but also in the present tense. This is not normally something I read. When I discover it's first person, unless it's a well known author, or a book with real good buzz, when I find it's in the first tense, I tend to move to another book but I am SO GLAD I kept going. The author alternates with one chapter from Ever's POV and the next chapter from Lincs so we get to see what they are both thinking.

And I liked both characters immensely, Linc just a tad more than Evers. She was just a tiny bit harder to warm up too and took a bit longer to get over her issues resulting from being abandoned by her father and cheated on by her fiancé. But considering these things, I could see why she was the way she was. And her grovel was very well written.

I very happily recommend this book and as it's part of a series, I fully plan on getting more books by Sawyer Bennett
Profile Image for hugsandcookies.
944 reviews70 followers
February 17, 2014
Happy to know that Linc has his own book. This started of really good and I was getting into the story. We have Ever Montgomery who is, yes a nice sweet wholesome girl and I was hoping that Linc will be knocked on his ass by Ever. Which I hate to admit he was.

then Ever Montgomery goes and I'm like...

and again I'm like OKAY WTH just happened here. Ever Montgomery went from heroine to zeroine in my eyes.

Still I get why Ever did what she did to Linc but I thought no matter what, you should never hurt someone that has done no wrong to you ESPECIALLY if you just met them, HELLO.

She kind of redeemed herself here by saying, I'm starting to think I may have judged him too harsly! ummmm girl go figure you actually did JUDGE him. And reason been is what happened to her when she was younger. The major fact in Ever's life was her FATHER ISSUES. But yeah I think that's where I fell flat with Ever. I like and I don't like her sometimes.

Besides Linc makes up for the 3stars that I gave for this book. So despite me being a little harsh towards Ever she is still sweet no doubt but I'm glad that Linc managed to be the gentleman that he is for Ever. Linc is a rough (in a sexy way) and sweet and just the right combination for that sweet but stubborn Ever.

Overall though, the story is worth a read and you will get to see the sad the heartache and the teary moments of Ever. Still I love how the other characters appeared also in this book.
Profile Image for Jacqueline.
1,600 reviews139 followers
May 18, 2014
3.5 stars
Somehow I managed to read the 'off' series out of sequence, but to date I've really loved all of them. They've all been sweet, low angst, well written sexy stories and while this was no exception, I didn't enjoy it as much of the others.
First up, I thought the storyline was just too improbable; she's a junior reporter, he's an ice hockey star, they meet through a mutual friend and there's an attraction followed swiftly by a misunderstanding and she ends up writing a bitchy opinion article that suggests he's a man whore. Ok so no newspaper I can imagine would print that article in the first place, but he decides to get even by forcing her to spend six weeks with him to discover what he's really like. Yep he invites this hostile, untrustworthy reporter into his home and what's more her editor apparently pays her to spend six weeks with this guy in order for her to write one puff piece at the end of it. Yep....really. But I went with it and followed their story, which like the rest of this series is sweet, hot etc etc... Then right at the end, another thing happens straight from my list of things I hate to read in stories - a huge pda moment, this time in the form of an article she writes (and again, it's an article that no newspaper would ever print) that had me wincing with its naffness. Ew, just, no.
Fortunately, the rest of the book saved it and I know lots of people love pdas but sadly not a great read for me.
Profile Image for Karmen.
1,016 reviews25 followers
May 23, 2013
After reading the first two Off Series book, I was excited to get a third. Especially about Nix’s (who I loved in Off Limits) hot hockey player brother, Linc. Lincoln Caldwell is the goalie for the New York Rangers and is considered one of the hottest athletes, but also as a player on and off the ice! Ever Montgomery, apprising journalist and friends with Emily, who happens to be dating Nix, gets Ever an personal interview with Linc.

Ever is jaded with men since finding out her ex-fiance is a cheater and having her father walk out on her. So jumping to conclusions and not get facts right, Ever ends up writing a PR nightmare article about Linc. And to get even, Linc has Ever live with him for six weeks, so she can get to know the real Linc and re-write the article. And what happens when you stuck with a hot hockey player (who really is a good guy!) for 24/7 for six weeks? Sparks happen, along with drama! Off the Record is a must read!
Profile Image for Sarah Camargo.
142 reviews9 followers
June 28, 2013
4.5 stars

This is the third book in the series and it was just as entertaining as the other two! I love all the guy's names too. Lincoln had me hooked from Nix's book but he made me stay hooked in his own book.

Ever is my kind of girl and has her insecure moments and she really caused some drama when she let her hurt feelings guide her. I can so relate to her there.

If you're looking to read some embarrassing scenes, hot sex and a little angst than this is the book for you.
3,601 reviews8 followers
November 26, 2019
I did not finish reading Off the Record because I did not care for Ever’s actions. I thought her article was unprofessional and there weren’t any actual good sources. I’m also surprised that the article wasn’t vetted first.
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