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Modern Love Story #2

Geoducks Are for Lovers

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#1 Humorous Women's Fiction Bestseller
Barnes & Noble Top 10 Bestseller
Amazon Top 100 Bestseller
Top 20 Bestselling Romantic Comedy

A second chance at a first crush.

When I met my best friends in college, the lives ahead of us felt infinite and charmed. Twenty years later, divorced and living on a quiet island with my dog, I’m all too aware of how fleeting life is. With our official reunion coming up as fast as the tide in Useless Bay, I invite them to come spend a weekend catching up first.

But when they arrive, they bring an unexpected guest- Gil Morrow, the one who got away. I remember him as a grunge rocker, but it turns out he’s even more handsome now as a history professor.

I’d thought my days of romance were long over. One summer weekend, a few wishing rocks, and many bottles of wine later, I’m finding that my story might just be beginning…

Geoducks Are for Lovers is a standalone novel in the sweet, funny Modern Love Stories series.

274 pages, Paperback

First published May 13, 2013

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Daisy Prescott

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USA Today Bestselling author Daisy Prescott lives in a real life Stars Hollow in the Boston suburbs with her husband and an indeterminate number of imaginary housegoats. When not writing about people falling in love, she can be found traveling, gardening, baking, and reading a good book.

Her series include: Love with Altitude, Modern Love Stories, Wingmen and Bewitched.

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942 reviews571 followers
February 18, 2016
5 Lovely Stars*****

---Re-read on Feb 2016---
Reading this book for a second time just made me fall in love all over again for these amazing characters. Reading my previous review, I realized that I still felt all the same emotions again, but elevating that to about 100 levels more. This is such a wonderful story and I can't wait to re-read it again. <3

You know that feeling you get when eating a piece of your favorite chocolate; warm and and fuzzy inside; well that's exactly how this book made me feel but without the calories, total bliss!

This is the story of Maggie, she is a forty year old food critic and writer who lives a very peaceful life on a beautiful cabin by the beach. She's had a couple of rough years; had to deal with a messy divorce and the death of her parents, but with the help of her friends and since time heals all, she's finally comfortable and content with her life. She has an amazing group of friends, who all had been very close since college, and they are all coming to spend the weekend with her to have some fun in the sun. She's super excited but also nervous since one of those friends is Gil, the one that got away...

daisies photo: Daisies Daisies.jpg

The story unfolds with this group eating delicious food, drinking and reminiscing on their lives, and that was just my favorite part... I loved the witty banter and the connection between all the characters, it was simply delightful to read. Gil and Maggie's love is one that has stand through time, he just knows she is it for him and even though he doesn't want to force his feeling on her he is set on telling her the truth he's kept locked in his heart for so long.

Maggie is her happiest when Gil is around but she is scared to give into her feelings because she doesn't want to loose him as a friend or complicate things between them. Their bond was truly special, I swear I got goosebumps reading about it, it was so freaking romantic.

 photo image_zpsfma4ozol.jpeg

Let me tell you, every single character was so lovable and unforgettable, even Maggie's dog Biscuit was amazing. This book was pure perfection in my opinion, it made me smile, laugh and cry; anybody who reads it can relate to it because it was very real-life-like and beautifully written. I'm really surprise this gem of a book hasn't gotten more attention. As I write this review I still have a huge smile in my face, Daisy Prescott was able to make my day brighter with her lovely book. So if you want this happy feeling by all means go read this book NOW!!!

PS. There's two songs that I thought go great with this book: First Day of my Life by Bright Eyes (perfect for the final scene of the book)
and On top of the World by Imagine Dragons (just because is such a happy song)

beach photo: Beach BeachAvatar.gif
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Author 2 books22 followers
August 13, 2014
I am a little confused. How did this book get so many 4- and 5-star ratings?

Okay, so it's not awful. It just isn't as wonderful as most reviewers seem to think it is, for the following reasons (written in the style of the book's opening).

1. It starts out with a to-do list. A TO-DO LIST, for crying out loud. Gee, what a hook. I don't even want to read my own to-do lists, let alone someone else's.

2. It's written in present tense. I cannot stand books written in present tense. It just feels awkward and amateur.

3. The characters are flat. The only one I liked 100% was Quinn... he wasn't a total stereotype. His jokes were funny, and he seemed genuine. Ben and Jo had absolutely no development, Selah was a typical cougar and nothing more, Ryan was basically just arm candy. Obviously Prescott spends more time on Gil and Maggie, but they too are slaves to their stereotypes.

4. The conflict isn't conflicting enough, and the ending (heck, the whole book) is predictable... Gil tells Maggie he loves her (which, by the way, was so expected it wasn't the revelation Maggie seemed to think it was), and Maggie freaks out (typical, by the way). So what? It wasn't like "I love you, but I only have 3 months to live." See, THAT's not expected. That's a REAL conflict. In any case, everyone knows they're going to end up together. I don't even feel like I need to put that in a spoiler tag. You know that going in.

5. The writing is amateurish and the dialogue is uninteresting. Prescott transcribes conversations from beginning to end: "Hi. Hello. How are you? I'm fine, you? Great. What do you want to do today? Let's go hiking or out for lunch or sit on the beach or play a game. Oh, a hike sounds good. No, I don't want to go on a hike." For crying out loud, SUMMARIZE! No one wants to hear an entire conversation, because the bulk of most conversations (or at least the beginning and end) is boring and awkward. That, and the fact that Prescott doesn't seem to understand that we, the readers, are not inside her head and can't tell which of seven people are talking when she puts the "so-and-so says" at the very end of a monologue. First I found myself skipping ahead to the end of the speech and then going back, just so I knew who was talking... then I found myself skipping entire conversations because they are downright BORING.

6. It seemed to me that Prescott was trying to sound smarter than she actually is by using a thesaurus. How many ways can you write "so-and-so says"? It's OK most of the time just to use "says." Prescott uses not only says, but asks, enquires, whispers, answers, agrees, calls, hums, purrs, pouts, comments, whines, adds, greets, and a couple dozen other verbs that half the time don't even make sense. And don't even get me started on when she adds adverbs too. Also, I found cases in which she used words she thought were right but were actually wrong. (A prospectus to describe Selah's love interest, for example.)

7. She uses "The End" at the conclusion. Unless you are writing a children's book or a fairy tale, no professional author would ever do that. Ever. Don't insult your readers; the back cover will alert them to the book's end for you.

Prescott's simplistic writing style really took away any chance this plot had at succeeding. I mistakenly thought that, since it had such great reviews, it would turn around for the better at some point. Nope. It's a love story, and you know what's going to happen... so take my advice and skip this one.
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1,290 reviews698 followers
March 12, 2014

4.5 stars

This was a really good read.
The depth of the characters, and the writing (particularly the dialogue) was amazing.
I really enjoyed the cast of characters in this wonderful ensemble of people who met in college, and have remained friends for over 20 years.

Over a period of 4 days the reader is taken on a journey of getting to know the characters, and we get to see snippets of who they were in college then who they've become today.
We also get to witness how their relationships have changed, grown, and strengthened.

This story kinda had a "Big Chill" kinda feel to it.

I loved Maggie's complexity, and Gil's perseverance (the H/h).
But, my absolute favorite character was Quinn...LOVED HIM!

I look forward to reading more work by this author.
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241 reviews
May 12, 2013
It's been a while since I've read a book like this. Lately, it's all about YA and new loves and starting life. But Geoducks it's about second chances, about real life and friendships and letting go and giving yourself permission to love again. I am also thrilled to read about people I have a lot of things in common with! I hade many moments of chuckling and laughing out load recalling our younger years and reading references to those!
This is a simple beautiful story about a woman who has built a wall around her heart to protect it from pain and about a wise man that comes back to her life to show her that she can climb that wall! It's about the time being right, about growing and moving on.
It's a great debut novel and one I highly recommend! Very enjoyable read ( I'm typing this with a smile on my face). I do wonder, will be get more Maggie and Gil? Not that is needed, but I am greedy and would love to hear about how they work things about. I also loved the whole group of friends. All of them are lovely people and ones I would definitely love to hang out with. The island is like a character too! I felt like I was there and would love to come back for weekends! And who does not love a heroine that is such a good mom to her doggy?
So, overall, a 4 1/2 star book for me.
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1,840 reviews68 followers
March 29, 2019
This first book published back in 2013 set the stage for this extensive series of Geoducks and wingmen! A bunch of college friends meet back up on Whidbey Island 20 years after graduation. They have all managed to stay friends throughout the years, some better than others. One couple has always remained a mystery and this is the story where everyone in the group finds out how it all really went down.

But if you really want to know the whole story of their college years - you first need to read the prequel, We were here. After having read both books - I'm not sure which one is best to read first?? as the author obviously intended something different than her original publishing?? sorry for the confusion and non-direction!!! I enjoyed the 2 books, but am satisfied and probably won't continue on with the series. I do like storylines to have a little bit more bite and swoon to them and these characters are very fun and simple. I absolutely adored all the 90's references though - which were all mostly laid out in the prequel!!!
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547 reviews553 followers
August 13, 2016
... "I think life is better when you have love. Not a friendly neighbor or old friends kind of love either, but a love that causes your heart to race and your toes to curl."...

This book came under my radar through my friend, Heather. Loving a small town setting and especially one occurring on an island, I was anxious to give this a try. It wasn’t long before I found myself absorbed in Maggie’s journey.

While the past few years have been difficult, Maggie now finds contentment in her surroundings as well as career choice. The views from her deck are spectacular making her freelance writing even more pleasurable.

 photo whidbey5_zpse9e9a607.jpg

Cut off from main stream America, there are times island living can become lonely. However, the friendship with her hot, sexy neighbor keeps her company as well as her long time companion, Biscuit….

 photo Biscuitbordercollie_zpsa91ef435.jpg

Maggie shares a strong, supportive relationship with a unique group of friends from her college days. With their twentieth reunion approaching, everyone is gathering at Maggie’s beach cottage on Whidbey Island for a mini-reunion. Included in this group is Gil, the only man she's ever truly loved. While she's excited to see him again, she's also worried and anxious about his visit.

 photo c9431442-0104-4b5c-82f1-838cfadadf36_zps63df5caa.jpg

Ms. Prescott captures the camaraderie between close friends as they share laughter, tears, as well as their hopes and dreams for the future. Maggie's friends fear she's avoiding life and has hidden herself away. They're hoping the big rift between Maggie and Gil can finally be resolved, opening the door to second chances.

 photo wishingstone1_zpsd2bd79cf.jpg

The sparks are definitely reignited between Maggie and Gil. He's determined not to make the same mistake of keeping his feelings locked inside. While Maggie wants more, she's afraid of moving forward and possibly ruining their friendship.... “He still affects her the same way he did back in college. Gil is a friend, an old friend. He isn’t the same Gil she loved from not-so-afar in college, she reminds herself...No, he might be better.”…

 photo 9fd45b2cca1a218a8920021cm8_zps542290df.jpg

Ms. Prescott’s writing style, voice and setting are all elements that made this Women’s Fiction debut work for me. The story line is predictable, however it's very well written, engaging, at times humorous and also includes a strong cast of characters. The theme is not bogged down with heavy RL issues and the interactions between the friends flowed smoothly with plenty of dialogue. The only quibble I had was wanting a more passionate romance.

All in all, an entertaining and enjoyable read. I'll definitely be reading more by this author and look forward to John's story. He's the sexy, lumberjack neighbor and I found him very intriguing.
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1,659 reviews31 followers
July 21, 2013
No one starts reading a book not expecting to like it. Unfortunately, that happened. I was bored while reading and that makes me sad. :(

You know when there's a group of friends who have this shared history and a newcomer tries to join that group but because of the history of the group, the newcomer never quite fits in? As a reader, I feel like that newcomer to this close knit group of friends.

Sure it's sweet and cute. It's also sentimental. Maggie and Gil just fell flat for me. Maybe their actions would be more understandable when they're young but they are in their 40's. The conflict could have been resolved had they simply communicated with each other.
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2,372 reviews204 followers
February 22, 2016
It seems silly to call this a 'coming of age' story but it is just that.

A group of friends in their early 40's meet up for a weekend at the beach. For two of them this is a chance to explore/rekindle what could have been all those years ago.

They are all at different stages in their lives now, some are still single, some are married and some divorced.

Everything that has happened in the past 20 years has shaped who they are now.

I loved this!
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596 reviews2,881 followers
August 15, 2013

“We’re going to have a blast. It will be like The Big Chill without Kevin Costner and with better music.”

A lovely glass of red wine. A hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. The smell of the ocean and the feel of cool sand on your toes. The smell of freshly baked scones. The laughter of friends that evokes the feeling of home, the warmth of unbreakable love. That’s this story. It’s all that goodness embedded into the pages of this book, both literally and figuratively. I felt happy, at ease, and enthralled with the story of this group of friends, in their forties, reuniting to invigorate their connection, rejuvenate their souls and even challenge each other in ways that only old friends can. It was such a welcome breath of fresh air… so different from what I typically read, but beautiful in its easy grace and style.

Maggie Marrion, a food writer, invites her closest friends from college for a weekend get-together. You’ve got a gay artist, an erotica writer, a businessman and a housewife, and lastly and very much a surprise guest, a history professor who is Maggie’s ex-love. Suddenly, 41 year-old Maggie is transported back to her twenty-something self as feelings deeply buried resurface.

“He still affects her the same way he did back in college. Gil is a friend, an old friend. He isn’t the same Gil she loved from not-so-afar in college, she reminds herself. No, he might be better.”

Both Gil and Maggie have been divorced and finally find themselves single and in the same place after not seeing each other for the past five years. Lingering embers of their chemistry are suddenly re-igniting and with the oh-so-very-direct encouragement of their fiesty friends, the weekend takes a turn into something she didn’t expect.

“There’s always been something between you and Gil. Stewing, brewing, steeping, fermenting between the two of you, but the timing was never right. Now the time is right.”

I loved seeing them around each other… I visualized the story so vividly, playing like a movie before my eyes. Daisy Prescott does an amazing job of describing the idyllic island environment, setting this laid-back, easygoing tone in the book. The story takes place at Whidbey Island at Maggie’s beach house. Maggie is very much the type of woman that likes to be in control… especially at 41 and living alone, she’s used to doing what she wants, when she wants, how she wants without the responsibility of considering anyone else’s wants and needs. When Gil comes back, unsettling all those feelings, she senses her control start to slip and old fears and insecurities consume her thoughts. At the same time, after some recent tragedy, she feels the fog begin to lift from her heart, finding herself happy and laughing amongst this group of close friends.

“It’s amazing to laugh and feel light after so much darkness and death, like the sun is out again after a long rain.”

But there’s no denying that her source of happiness is primarily coming from Gil. They are just so perfect together… it felt to me like he conjured up this feeling of home and happiness, even though those memories were rooted in the past. They’ve both gone through so much since then and despite the twenty years of not being together… being together now, is well, almost effortless.

“I’m glad you’re here. Even if it has taken us too long to come back together.”

Effortless perhaps laced with a little… scratch that… a whole lot of sexual desire.

“What? We are friends. Friends who kiss every twenty years.”

All the friends in their group are all really captivating characters. Each of them adding their own special sprinkle of uniqueness to this unlikely medley of friends. And despite the fact that they each lead very different lives, I loved that they all had the wisdom of their age, sharing experiences that were relatable and not angsty and insecure as we would see in a YA/NA novel. At the same time, it brings to the forefront, that even in your forties (or really at any age past your twenties, I think), there are parts to our personality that still suffer from the insecurities we cultivate over the years. We just get better at living despite of them. So when Gil is brave enough to reveal that he still has feelings for Maggie, that sends her into a frenzy of questions she’s afraid to ponder.

“I think you know I love you. Not past tense, not friendly love. Love. Love that lassos the moon and lays it at your feet.”

With the story falling into place like puzzle pieces, you realize that sometimes things have to happen in a way that may not make sense at first, but that somehow brings the present to its rightful destiny. I just really loved everything about this book. From its music and movie mentions, to the vivid setting and the endearing friendships… it’s just so enjoyable to read. It’s not some explosive, angst-ridden, high highs, low lows read… it’s a soft swirling of nostalgic and intimate moments with more subtle peaks and valleys of emotions and humor that grip you with relatable experiences and heartfelt feelings. There are two more books planned in the series, but they are spin-offs, not a continuation of Maggie and Gil’s story. Although I will say, I would love to see more of how their story evolves. After all, with a wish of a “little extra hope and faith”, you never know what life holds in store for these two lovers.


For more reviews, connect with me: Vilma's Book Blog | Facebook | Twitter
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429 reviews23 followers
June 6, 2013
I'll be the first to admit that I read a disproportionate amount of YA and New Adult books -- mostly because books are my escape from real life and why would I want to read about the same problems that I have on a daily basis? But every now and then a book about those of us in the "not so new Adult" age range catches my eye and that is what happened with Geoducks Are For Lovers.

I had seen a few tweets about it while author stalking doing some blog promoting on Twitter and I was intrigued...especially when the blurb on Goodreads asked "What happens when the generation from The Breakfast Club and Reality Bites meets The Big Chill?"

reality bites photo: Reality Bites 4201550378_24cd964590_o.gif

It was like it was speaking directly to me.

Once I started reading Geoducks (which is pronounced Gooey-ducks -- who knew?!?!), I couldn't put it down. Her characters are so real and...normal. I mean, Maggie blogs in her pajamas -- guess what I'm doing RIGHT NOW! I could so relate to her - not because our lives have taken the same paths, but because her story is believable. And maybe because a little part of me is jealous of where and how she lives.

This is a story of second chances. Love and heart-flutters aren't limited to the YA crowd. Just because we are closer to 40 than 20 doesn't mean that our boys can't still be swoony. Because Gil...hello! It is also a story lauding the bonds of true friendship. Maggie and her group all live in different places and lead different lives -- but once they get together, none of that matters. All the pieces come together like a jigsaw puzzle...or a game of scrabble.

I stayed up until almost 1:00 AM reading this book because I couldn't go to bed without knowing how it ended. And while I had to take a nap the next day, I have no regrets. It was a super sweet, super real, super enjoyable read and I recommend it to everybody who likes reading about second chances and self-discovery.

You can also find this review on my blog Flutters and Flails
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1,134 reviews99 followers
February 13, 2016

I loved EVERYTHING about this one.
The interaction between the friends...
the story line - though i got a tad bit annoyed at times with some characters...
the setting. Just added it on my bucket list
the whole nineties vibes- i am of the grunge generation after all
the writing style- Prescott did pace things just right, the smut is hot and the scenery is beautifully described, emotions are so well conveyed that i felt with each and every one of them

A character driven 'real' love story. I fell in love with each character and could relate to everything on a personal level.
After I finished this I felt like I had been on an island with old friends.
Simply beautiful, Geoducks Are For Lovers did touch a rather personal corner of my heart. A favorite!
Profile Image for Stacey.
1,447 reviews1,162 followers
August 16, 2015
What are Geoducks?

I had absolutely no idea what a Geoducks was until now. This was a love story with a long history between the H and h. I was a little frustrated with Maggie and can't say I was a huge fan of hers. Gil on the other hand was lovely and I really wanted a HEA for him.

Nice and sweet story. Will maybe read the next one soon.
Profile Image for  Lori (Ficwishes).
679 reviews19 followers
June 1, 2013
This book was such a refreshing change from the books I've been reading lately. Maggie Marrion is a 40-something year old woman living on her own after divorce, the death of her father, and the illness and then 2 years ago, the death of her mother.

Living on the island in the house that has been passed down through her family, Maggie is finally starting to feel accepted and at peace with her life. She has established a routine and she and her dog, Biscuit have made a few friends in the area.

She invites her college friends to come to the island for a long weekend visit. When she discovers that her friend Selah is bringing a date, Gil Morrow, Maggie determines to make things as un-awkward as possible.

Gil Morrow, history professor, former grunge rocker, and once Maggie's best friend, is the one that got away. Or rather, the one Maggie ran from. After secretly hooking up in college, Maggie went to France and there met her would be ex-husband. Things never were the same for Maggie and Gil, but now they are both here. And unattached.

I very much enjoyed reading a grown-up romance. Maggie and Gil did have some awkwardness and communication problems, but they are also adult enough to not let these things get in the way of what could be a very good thing.

I love Maggie's relationship with her college friends. Their closeness is to be envied. I absolutely had a blast reading this book and recommend it to anyone who enjoys books by Jill Shalvis and Kristan Higgins as it falls into their styles.

This review as well as a corresponding recipe can be found on my blog http://ficwishes.blogspot.com/2013/06/im-your-huckleberry.html
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173 reviews153 followers
May 23, 2013
I need to be upfront about the fact that I know the author, she's my friend and a wonderful, wonderful person. With that being said, I also need to say that I would have loved this book regardless.

I read a lot. And y'all know, I love romance. Well, this is a romance. But it's not about the fluttering feelings of first kisses and young love. It's about how even when you're older, even when you're slightly jaded and closed off, finding love again can cause just as many flutters and feels as any new, young love.

I loved the heroine, Maggie. Her quiet life and yoga pants. Which, tbh, I related to so much. She wasn't perfect, but that only made her real to me. And I loved our hero Gil. Swoony, sweet motherfucker that he was.

The supporting cast of characters were equally likable, and I found myself falling inside this book with them as if they were my old friends. I loved the island in the book, and while I was reading, it was almost like I was there.

This is a wonderful first book. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a sweet story of reawakening and rediscovery.

Profile Image for Eleanor.
1,358 reviews58 followers
June 11, 2013
Where is Daisy Prescott? I need to give her a hug. FINALLY a great romance that's not about 20 year old kids fresh out of college or high school, no first loves, losing virginities and dealing with new careers. And I love the genre, I do. But every now and then reading an adult romance novel is so refreshing and sweet.
In Geoducks, we have a group of college friends facing their 20 year reunion. They meet up for a weekend of catching up prior to the scheduled reunion, and an old flame of Maggie (the weekend is in her house on an island off the coasts of the pacific northwest) is sprung by one of the friends and is joining them. Gil is a college history professor, and Maggie's great love. She's his great love, as well, and now that they're both single again.... things happen.
There are puns, pop culture references, 80's pop culture references (loooooved!) and smart, intellectual, balanced writing. There is a lot of tension, a LOT. And there is a group of friends that all function as supporting characters to Maggie and Gil's story in such a perfect way, I felt there was absolutely nothing missing from this romance.
Also, props for it being a stand alone.
Profile Image for Laura.
143 reviews8 followers
July 4, 2013
First of all, I implore you guys to go google some images of geoducks. Done? You're welcome. There are some things that once seen can sadly never be "un-seen".

On to the book. Loved it. Stayed up way past my bedtime reading it. How great is it to read a HAE romance with two adults? Awesome, that's how. There are no virgins who turn out to be multi-orgasmic from their first sexual encounter, no insane alpha males beating other guys up. This is a straight up romance about two 40 somethings who want a do over from a college encounter 20 years ago.

There are a few typos and errors that I caught, but honestly, the story itself is so refreshing and overall well written that I didn't care.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a change from the NA genre.
Profile Image for Jennifer.
Author 15 books976 followers
August 1, 2013
I should begin this review by mentioning that I first met Daisy Prescott online three years ago. We were introduced when she read and reviewed a story written by my husband and in the years since we’ve become friends. I’ve enjoyed discussing several stories and authors with her and I’ve also read stories she’s edited for mutual author friends. I’ve always thought highly of Daisy. She’s kind, intelligent and has a sharp sense of humor; so when I heard she was going to publish a book of her own, I was genuinely thrilled for her.

My favorite kinds of stories are ones with well-developed and smart characters. I love to lose myself in novels whose characters possess distinct personalities and interact effortlessly with the other players within the narrative. In a nutshell, I love ensemble casts. They allow me to become more emotionally invested in a novel as each character offers a unique perspective and insight about their counterparts and the overall plot.

Geoducks Are For Lovers is one such story. It is full of heart, humor and heat and is one of the few novels I’ve given a five star rating during 2013.

Prescott’s novel takes place in the Pacific Northwest setting of Whidbey Island. After the loss of her parents and her marriage, Maggie Marrion has retreated to the sanctuary of a family-owned cabin where she has settled into a quiet routine. Making her living as a food blogger, she works from home and enjoys the companionship of her dog, Biscuit, and her friendly neighbor, John Day.

As her twentieth college reunion approaches, Maggie decides to host a pre-reunion weekend with her closest university friends. As friends often do, they appear when you need them the most and with compassion and hilarity, they let call it like they see it.

Distracted by the image of a giant pile of cheese, she ignores Selah’s point.

“All I’m saying, and I’m saying this with love, is I don’t want to watch you hide your life away on the beach. Live more, laugh more.”

“You sound like a greeting card.”

“Shoot me now. I can give you this whole speech again sans the treacle if you want.”

“Nah, it’s okay. I get the point. No hiding, get laid.”

“In a nutshell, yes. Ding ding ding…we have a winner.” Selah fakes enthusiasm.

“With the discussion of my non-existent sex life over, how about we go pick blackberries?”

“Will said berries be turned into delicious carbs? Cause if no one is going to get laid this weekend, we might as well eat all the carbs.”

Maggie’s friend, Selah, goes a bit further than just offering advice about Maggie’s non-existent love life. She also brings along their old friend, Gil Morrow, to Maggie’s home. Gil is someone Maggie hasn’t spent any quality time with since her college days. Two decades earlier, the two were friends with a close connection but circumstances and a complication referred to as the “French Incident” put distance between them. When Maggie and Gil reunite, it quickly becomes clear the chemistry between them still exists.

“Gil brushes past her and drops Selah’s bags in the den. “This is cozy. I didn’t notice a TV in the living room and thought you became one of those anti-TV recluse types for a minute.” He teases her.

“Lord no! I’m addicted to horrible, embarrassing television. I like to hide my shame from company,” Maggie explains.

“So, this is where you watch porn?” Gil gestures around.

He’s flirting with her. Or at least she thinks he is. Two can play at this.

“No, silly. I watch my porn online in my bedroom like most people.” She winks at him.

Apparently momentarily stunned by the thought of her watching porn in her bedroom, in her bed, Gil takes a few seconds to react. She chuckles that she stunned him into silence. His shocked expression pleases her.

“Your room is upstairs next to Quinn’s. Ryan arrives Saturday, so you’re in the room with the two twin beds. Hope you don’t mind.”

Maggie walks up the stairs with Gil following behind her. She swears she senses his eyes on her but she’s afraid to look back. Instead, she adds a little extra swing in case he’s looking.”

And so the get-together commences…

During the course of the weekend more of Maggie’s friends arrive at the cabin. Undergoing different stations in their lives, the story becomes enriched with their unique life experiences. As a result, the more Maggie hears from her friends, the more she begins to wonder about her own life – past, present and future.

Geoducks Are For Lovers is a great novel if you’re looking for an uplifting read. There is plenty of fun, but there is also plenty of warmth. The characters were crafted with a great deal of care and consideration and Daisy Prescott’s gift for writing organic, smart and funny dialogue is on brilliant display here. While reading this book, it reminded me of weekend gatherings I’ve spent with close friends – weekends that were fun and meaningful and sometimes life altering.

If you’re having a weekend off from visiting your friends and looking for a wonderful summer read, then you should really start here. I guarantee you’ll feel right at home with this group of characters.
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May 19, 2013
Review to be posted soon on http://TheSubClubBooks.com

“Growing up and growing old don’t need to be the same thing.”

Life can take its toll on us; the choices we made good or bad, the things we said or left unspoken and the opportunities we embraced or that eluded us. The all affect who we are today. But what if all these things lead us to be afraid to take a chance, isolating ourselves from all that can cause us more pain? What if we were became isolated by choice, happy to pass the days by in our own secluded part of the world, content?

Firstly, I have to say that I loved how refreshing it was to read a book that in which the characters were that little bit older and with that dealing with different issues. I loved the idea of getting a second chance at love, life and forever.

Maggie has had a rough time of it in the past. She moved to Whidbey Island to help take care of her mother when she became ill and just hasn’t found the need to leave. She’s happy with her life’s lot on the island. Little flirtations with the hot lumberjack next door, writing her food reviews, living in her cottage on the beach, enjoying all the bounty of the island, what more does she need? She doesn’t think she needs anything more. But when her friends come to visit, and an unexpected tag-along, Gil, some things are brought into light and some things are rekindled.

“Maybe she is a geoduck, living in her same, comfortable spot, unwilling to ever stick her neck out, and retreating at the first sign of contact. Has she subconsciously buried herself away from life’s risks all together?”

I loved the progression of the relationship between Maggie and Gil. There were valid concerns on her part, having built an impregnable barricade around her heart because of past decisions.

“But we don’t know each other anymore. Not like we did in college. We’ve changed. We’ve lived lives apart. Been married to other people. We’re different now.”

Granted, there were times I felt that Maggie was being selfish and cold towards Gil, not considering how their actions would impact him or his feelings for her. I did want to shake some sense into her but I think Selah and Quinn’s not so subtle attempts to convince her of the perfect second chance were enough.

The feeling of family and solidarity between a group of friends that have been friends for twenty odd years, spotted across the country but still as much a part of each other’s lives as they were in their younger years.

“I’m the gay glue holding this grout together,” Quinn boasts. “Selah is the heart, Maggie is the memory and you are the brain, Pinky.”

And just to note, I want Quinn and Selah as friends because they are simply fricking awesome. I love that they had no filter and said what they (and everyone else) were thinking. As well as that, they gave Maggie the push she needed and they always had each other’s back no matter what.

The imagery Daisy Prescott’s uses is so vivid and captivating that I felt like I was there on the beach with the gang enjoying the S’mores or simply just basking in the beauty of the island. Thanks to this book I have added Whidbey Island to my bucket list of places to visit because that is how enchanting I felt her descriptions were.

I was watching a TV show the other day and I felt one quote from a character resonated the feeling and emotions and one of the underlying messages I got from Geoducks Are For Lovers:

“Everything that happens to us, good and bad, is a part of us. It took me a long time to realize that… uh… it doesn’t have to define who we are. We get to decide.”

Geoducks Are For Lovers is a story of a love that has never been truly extinguished, those embers that still glow deep in the recesses of our heart; even if we think we have locked them away never to be revived. It is about second chances, love and trust. Sometimes things don’t work out the way we plan, sometimes they go in a completely different direction, but with a little faith things can work out for the better.

Geoducks may be for lovers, but this book is for everyone who believes or wants to believe in second chances and enduring love, hope and life-long friendship.

“In case you need a reminder.”
Glancing down, she sees a perfect wishing rock. When she looks back up, Gil is getting in the car and everyone waves their goodbyes as they depart.
After closing his door, Gill sees her bring the rock up to her mouth and kiss it before closing her eyes. He wonders if she made a wish and what her wish might be.
“What did you give Maggie from your pocked?” Selah asks as she turns toward the main road.
“What she needs most. Hope and faith.”

I give Geoducks Are For Lovers 5 Stars!

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November 30, 2014
A Charming and Thought-Provoking Read on Lasting Friendships and Second Chance Romance

Geoducks are for Lovers, the first book in the Modern Love Stories series by Daisy Prescott, is lovely work of fiction that highlights the staying power of lasting friendships and shows how taking a chance on romance the second time around can be even better.

The main character, Maggie, invites her college friends to her home for a twentieth pre-reunion get together on Whidbey Island to have fun and reminisce over their college days. Maggie is surprised when her friend, Selah, brings Gil, the “one that got away” in college. Both Gil and Maggie are divorced, and Gil is ready to rekindle the romance they started 22 years ago. There is a little matchmaking over the week among friends who want to see them together. Maggie has been through a lot of changes over the past including a divorce, the death of her parents, a career change and a big move. She is just now settling into her life. Is Maggie ready to take that leap of faith and accept Gil’s love without knowing the outcome?

Ms. Prescott paints a very realistic and detailed picture of life on Whidbey Island in Washington. The locale description is wonderful. Also, I really like the cover for this book. The flat wishing stones have special significance throughout the story between Gil and Maggie. In addition, some wonderful, reflective quotes are in the book, which are very thought provoking and encourage you to think back on your own life and reminisce on the times you spent with friends. And the way Ms. Prescott writes about food – I am hungry for a scone, Nutella and an iced mocha latte!

There are some fun moments throughout the book where the characters reference 90s pop culture, and there are some very real moments when the characters discuss how different their lives are and how they feel about it now that they are in their forties.

This book is for any adult who has pondered on how different life would be if past events were changed or if different decisions were made. Would your life still be the same? Would you still have those close friendships? Ms. Prescott creates a diverse group of characters that share a common bond of friendship. These characters have gone through different life experiences, so it’s very easy for a reader to find a character he or she can connect with on a personal level. The story is a great representation on how deeply forged friendships can last through different life experiences and stages in life. Time and experiences have molded these characters, but their love for one another and deep friendship remain.

Geoducks are for Lovers is a good read for anyone – no matter your current stage in life. It’s low on plot-driven angst and focuses on the characters and how they interact with each other after 20 years of friendship. In addition, there is a charming second chance romance that is woven into the story. It makes a great and fun beach read.

Favorite Quotes:
“I am blessed to be here. This life is a gift no matter if it’s what I planned or not, since life rarely turns out the way we expect.”

“Life’s messy, with no guarantees, but you still need to live and love. None of us know how long we have here.”
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May 8, 2016
4.5 stars
“I’m not waiting another twenty-two years.” ~Gil
Writing style: 3rd person POV
Cover/chapter heading design shout-out: I like the purple color for the font and the beachy feel to it. I also like the shell design for the chapter headings.
Minor spoilers alert!!!

I am so glad I found out about the group readalong for this novel which had been sitting in my TBR e-book collection for almost a year. I got to know these characters a short time before when I read their prequel novel, We Were Here which focused on their college years of self-discovery, romantic disappointments and successes. Fast forward twenty odd years later and the gang decides to have a reunion weekend at Maggie's place in Washington state minus .

I loved the teasing encouragement Selah and Quinn gave both Maggie and Gil to finally admit and dive into a romantic relationship together. Everyone knew these two were a match made in the stars. There was no time like the present now that they were both unattached romantically. At times, I wanted to shake Maggie for her reticence, but ultimately I understood where she was coming from considering past events in her life. I was so team Gil and applauded his “no regrets” determination to snag the girl this time around, no matter how long it took for her to catch up to his level of readiness. The man deserved a medal for patience.
A favorite moment:

“I’ve wanted to kiss you all afternoon. Why weren’t we doing this all day?”

“I have no idea.” She breaks away from his lips to kiss his neck.

“It was your idea to fly under the radar.” Tilting his head, he gives her more access. Her hands wander down his chest.

“It was a terrible, terrible idea.”

And I couldn't get enough of Biscuit, Maggie's dog. Or as I like to call him, the world's best furry companion. Overall, I loved the realistic slice of life feel to this novel. I look forward to eventually continuing with the short stories and subsequent full length novels in this wonderful series of connected standalone novels.
“Life’s messy, with no guarantees, but you still need to live and love. None of us know how long we have here.” ~Jo

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177 reviews
June 18, 2013
I really enjoyed this book. It was a refreshing change from all the young and new adult romances that have flooded the market.

Maggie, a forty something divorcee, lives on Whidbey Island and has been digging herself out from under a pile of grief and loss. When her college friends come to visit in anticipation of their twentieth reunion, a surprise guest comes along with them: Gil.

Gill Morrow is probably my favorite character in this book (well, there's Quinn, the requisite gay bestie who I adored as well). He's solid, rational, mature, and knows when to push and when to back off. As a mature adult man, I was impressed to see him fight for what he wants. There was no innuendo. He said what he wanted and felt, and it was just SO nice.

The secondary characters in this book are great and very real. Selah, the pirate smut-writing best friend who's looking for love but isn't content to settle; Quinn, the gay bestie who is newly married to Ryan with news of their own; Jo and Ben, college sweethearts who are suburban, upper-middle class parents. Each of these characters bring a unique element to the story, good banter, and a touch of realism you would expect from grown adults. Again, so refreshing that there were no theatrics with this crew.

This story is well told and the little elements (Biscuit, wishing stone, and the geoducks (GOD the geoducks... google those bad boys... LOL)) add additional charm. My one complaint with this book was the editing. There were countless typographical and grammatical errors, and to be honest, they pulled me out of the story every time. I would love to see this edited properly so that it can be given the due it deserves.

A solid 3.5 stars. With additional editing I'd definitely give this 4, maybe more.
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November 29, 2014
4 1/2 stars! I really enjoyed this!! This was a buddy read with friends, I've had this for ages, and what great encouragement to start it!!
This is a slow burn, old-school romance between Forty-something's getting together at Maggie's beach house just before their 20 year College reunion. A pre-reunion, reunion! Best friends catching up, great food, lots of drinking, an abundance of laugh out loud 90's references in their reminiscing.
My buddy read friends and I had so much fun laughing over this!
A second chance at love rekindling with Gil. This is frustratingly slow burn. But, with all the fast moving erotica I've read, this slowed down pace is a wonderful change, to be able to squeal and shake those pom-poms at their first kiss (Wow!!), to savour that thrill that reachers her spine as he strokes her hand, to go awwww when he hands her his clean hanky when she has an emotional reaction to great news. Romance is never dead!! This certainly fed my need to rekindle with true romance again. The sexy does catch up, we all sigh with relief!!
This was a refreshing change to read about love within people my age (ssssh!!), I felt as though I was reminiscing the 90's along with them. The beach house location felt like another second character, it was written so lovingly and enticing: I want one!! All the gorgeously written characters are hysterical, and filled with depth, I loved them all.
I can't wait to read the next book!!
A new favourite series.
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February 25, 2017
"What happens when the generation from The Breakfast Club and Reality Bites meets The Big Chill?" I will tell you...you will get a breath of fresh air.
I love friend banter and this group has plenty of it. I felt like an additional member snooping in on their weekend. Maggie & Gil have the awkward love found, love lost and love found again aura going and add in feisty one liners from Quinn & Selah and you have a pretty fun group, one I can see myself being friends with and doing the same thing, "pushing" Maggie and Gil together at last.
It was easy for me to giggle along, being from their generation I was able to follow along with the jokes from the 90's and appreciate the feeling of being old when you hit forty when you really are not that old at all.
I love a book that flows along and can put a smile on your face. This would be the perfect beach book! Loved it.
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May 17, 2013
This debut novel is available now!

Food writer Maggie Marrion is just getting back on her feet after a horrible year, or two, or three. With their twentieth reunion approaching, she invites four of her closest friends from college for a weekend at her beach cabin on Whidbey Island. What she doesn’t expect is her best friends, artist Quinn Dayton and part-time erotica novelist, Selah Elmore, to play matchmaker. The two plot a surprise that will make the weekend, and her life, a lot more interesting.

Gil Morrow, former grunge musician turned history professor, joins them as Selah’s date for the weekend. After coming face to face with the one who got away, he decides he's waited long enough to get the girl. With the support of old friends, a few wishing rocks, the world’s largest burrowing clam, and a hot lumberjack thrown into the mix, Gil reminds Maggie that forty-something isn’t too old for second chances.

Can we learn to love the life we have and let go of who we expected to be? What happens when the generation from The Breakfast Club and Reality Bites meets The Big Chill? Come spend a weekend with these Generation X-ers as they share laughter, tears, life’s ups and downs, old stories, and new beginnings.

Just because you are over 40 doesn't mean that you can't fall in love, or back in love as the case may be. Maggie has invited her best friends from college to her home on Whidbey Island, Washington for a pre-reunion reunion. Gil Morrow is a surprise addition to the party when he arrives as her friend Selah's guest. He and Maggie had a "thing," sort of, at the end of their college years. As the blurb states, two of her friends have decided that enough is enough and they conspire to bring Maggie and Gil back together. They are both now single and twenty-two years apart is surely enough. Surely it's time for second chances.

This group of Gen X-ers reconnects through bonfires, scones, great coffee, good feelings, and longing looks. The writing is full of remarks and asides that pay homage to these characters' college years and those those that grew up during that time frame will enjoy them, too. Takes one back, for sure! The witty dialog was fun to read.

One tends to root for a woman who has had a very tough couple of years, and for the man who is ready to embrace her.

This is written in third person, present tense, with a lot of step-by-step narration. This style isn't for everyone, but Ms. Prescott did keep it consistent throughout the book. It was an interesting style choice.

This was a gentle read. No explosions, no huge drama...just a quiet look into how one can find love, if one lets down the walls that surround you. I'll be looking forward to seeing what else Ms. Prescott has for us.

I am giving this a SOLID 3.5 BOOKMARK rating, rounded to 4.0 for Goodreads.
Grab a cup of coffee and settle in.

*Thank you, Daisy Prescott, for giving us the ARC of your debut novel.
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1,386 reviews168 followers
November 8, 2022
I have bought and read this book because of We Were Here, which I loved immensely. And having in mind that I simply wanted a happy ending for Maggie and Gil I should be satisfied.

Part of me is. This second chance for Maggie and Gil had many lovely moments. I really liked how they balanced between friendship and wanting something more. It was quite believable.

Moreover, it was funny. Especially Quinn and Selah. I had a smile on my face many times and laughed out loud a few times (e.g. when they played in a game 'I Never').

There were also connections to the stories which were told in 'We Were Here'. So, it brought some memories.

It had also something to tell about growing up, being adult etc.

It seems all so long ago. We're forty. How did we get to be forty? Where did the past two decades go?

When you get your own shit figured out, you’re dealing with parents or kids, or both. Control is an illusion.

“The last time I felt totally in control of my life, and also the first time I felt like I was a real adult, was at twenty-seven.” Maggie muses. “I had a husband, a career, a NYC life. Recent grads were young and silly. Anyone over thirty was stuck. Forty was ancient."

I say don’t worry about it. Live your life. Fall in love when you find the one and figure out your life together as you go. Schedules are for ferries.

But part of me is disappointed. Some fragments were too long and I was bored (e.g. after friends went home and Maggie stayed alone). Then, there was too much Maggie's musing. I understood her doubts but I didn't have to hear them over and over again. It would have been better also if there was another romance. As it was I had one second-chance romance and a bunch of memories from a college. Perhaps it could have been enough for a really good novel but it wasn't, at least not for me.

I can't imagine how I would have liked it if I hadn't read first 'We Were Here'. I am afraid I would have liked it even less. Perhaps, three years between 'Geoducks Are for Lovers' and 'We Were Here' make the difference. Perhaps, Daisy Prescott learned more about writing novels through those years. Or perhaps it is only a matter of my perception.
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4 reviews
May 13, 2013
I will admit that I let my love and fascination for “Twilight” steer me on a course of all things young and in love. I’ve found myself over the last several years devouring many YA novels where real life is just beginning and love is new – and often times hot and sweaty. And that’s OK. It’s fun and often very sexy and I love it.

But as “a woman of certain age” it is rare to find myself reflected back in the pages – or computer screen – of the book where I want to lose myself for a few hours. Thank God for “Geoducks Are for Lovers.” Finally a book I can relate to. Finally characters that look, and sound and feel like I know them, and better yet, I’m friends with them.

Geoducks is a love story, but instead of the newness of first love it’s about second chances, and hope. And friendship. And facing life with a renewed sense of purpose and spirit. I found myself wondering if author Daisy Prescott had snuck a peek at my own journals. Maggie is a soul sister, building a good life for herself and cultivating strong and loving friendships and intriguing acquaintances. But buried under the contentment of her lovely island life is an ember of hope of something more, maybe something she lost long ago but can find again. You find yourself going along with Maggie on this reunion weekend and rooting for her to open eyes to the second chance presenting itself. It’s never too late to love and be loved.

This is a wonderful debut novel from Daisy Prescott and I hope not only to see more from Prescott but maybe even more from these characters. I wasn’t ready to leave Maggie’s cabin. Her Pacific Northwest island home is almost as much a character in this story as Maggie, Gil, Sela, Quinn, Ben and Jo. It felt like coming home each time I found myself imaging the view of the beach from Maggie’s deck. It was the perfect backdrop to renew friendships and feel the once forgotten sparks found in flirting with a lost love.

Maggie and Gil found their way into my heart and I would love to see where they go from here. And I want to get that warm feeling again reading about characters who I can relate to and who seem as comforting and supportive and fun and infuriating as my own group of friends. Geoducks Are for Lovers made me hopeful again.
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