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Avery has just met her hot upstairs neighbor. He's irresistible. Tattooed. And a virgin.

Nursing student Avery Michaels wants nothing to do with dating—she's perfectly happy single. Privy to too many of her mother's bad decisions and even worse taste in boyfriends, all Avery can handle is a string of uncomplicated hookups whenever the mood strikes.

When she meets smoking hot tattoo artist Bennett, she wants him—for just one night. But he won't accept a no-strings-attached arrangement. He lives by a straight-laced code of values based on his own troubled upbringing.

Bennett sees something special in Avery and he wants more from her. Way more. As Avery wrestles with her emotions for Bennett, danger and tragedy force them to open up to each other. And Avery must face the terrifying realization that she wants more from him, too.

So she needs to make a choice—let Bennett go or finally let him in.

303 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 17, 2013

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About the author

Christina Lee

50 books1,892 followers
Christina writes romance in different sub-genres, mostly with LGBTQ characters, not only because she's part of the community, but because representation matters, and everyone deserves a happily-ever-after. 

You can find more info on her website: www.christinalee.net. From there you can link to her Facebook reader group as well as her IG account and newsletter.

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September 22, 2013
4 Sweet Stars!!


Avery doesn’t do commitments. She will never be like her mother, putting her happiness in hands of mans.
She will take care of herself and she strongly believes that love is not on her future. Not only because she refuses to search for it, but also because she doesn’t believe being worth of.


On the other side, Bennet doesn’t do one-night-stands. He’s looking for love and for the girl who will change his life.
Being the only male role-model in her sister’s lives, he swears will never play with a girl’s hearth and show her sisters that they can fall in love and be happily ever after.


But in their search for completely different things Avery and Bennett’s worlds will collide and their beliefs will all change.
Feelings will start to get in the middle and they’ll soon have to find out that when all of their rules start to seem wrong… that maybe it’s time to create new ones.


This was not an original book. It was a NA book that was already written hundreds of times: Girl meets boy, they’re both broken and have to face some obstacles, they fall in love anyway.
However, it was so well written, the characters were so likeable and the story was so sweet that you end up forgetting it.

One thing I’ve got to say it was great to read, not to mention a very good change of pace, was the fact that in this book the girl was the “player” and the guy was the virgin. Usually is the other way around and I loved to see things from the opposite perspective.

If you’re looking for a nice NA book, sweet, romantic, with just a little angst and some steam… well… this is just the book for you! : )
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Want to read
August 5, 2013
What's this? A tattooed hero who is not only "not" a manwhore, but is actually a VIRGIN??!

This I must read!

In this powerfully emotional debut New Adult novel, Avery has just met her hot upstairs neighbor. He's irresistible. Tattooed. And a virgin.

Nursing student Avery Michaels wants nothing to do with dating—she's perfectly happy single. Privy to too many of her mother's bad decisions and even worse taste in boyfriends, all Avery can handle is a string of uncomplicated hookups whenever the mood strikes.

When she meets smoking hot tattoo artist Bennett, she wants him—for just one night. But he won't accept a no-strings-attached arrangement. He lives by a straight-laced code of values based on his own troubled upbringing.

Bennett sees something special in Avery and he wants more from her. Way more. As Avery wrestles with her emotions for Bennett, danger and tragedy force them to open up to each other. And Avery must face the terrifying realization that she wants more from him, too.

So she needs to make a choice—let Bennett go or finally let him in.
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September 22, 2013

Attension please!!!



"Love is like a loaded gun, slide your bullet into the cold metal chamber as a safeguard for the inevitable day that everything went to shit. At the first sign of trouble, you blew your opponent to pieces long before their finger found the trigger."

This is a story about a girl who is afraid of commitment...and does only one-night stands..
and a boy who wants a commitment and love before he has sex...

Avery has had a rough past....Her mother doesn’t care for her and a terrible incident that happened..make her change...
She is very determined to keep control and to have control over boys... She wants nothing more than random hookups..and she allows boys only into her pants and not into her heart...


Until she meets Bennett.......
He moves into Avery's apartment building and instantly there is attraction between them...

Bennett has his own problems..sow his mother relationship with men went wrong.. and decide to stay a virgin until he will meet the woman who will make him o and happiness..
Bennett (OMG OMG HE IS SO CUTE <3) What I love about him is that he is a good guy. He isn’t a player but he has tattoos and works as a tattoo artist so I guess you could say he combines what we love about the bad boys ;)


Avery wants him only for one night...but soon finds out that one night just isn't enough for either of them... They quickly become friends...Avery and Bennett find out that they have more in common..
Feelings quickly develop between them but wounds are not easily healed...
Walls around hearts are hard to break down...But Avery must face her demons and she must figure out if all of these worth it...

"As I sat there listening to him, something profound happened in the very centre of me. Stuff began rearranging and clicking into place. My heart burst through my chest and landed at Bennett's feet- asking, pleading, begging him to smooth out her creases, sooth all her wounded 0parts and med her shattered centre."

Sometimes she try my nerves with hiding her feelings.. but she was the way she was for some specific reasons and I accept some of her not great decisions...But I like the fact that she was real for me!!

"I'm incredibly turned on when I'm with you. I feel every kiss.Every touch.Everything."

"Bennett was kissing the shit out of me and I couldn't breathe but I didn't care because if this is what kissing him felt like,I could get my fill of oxygen later."


This story is definitely differend from other books that I have read!!Normally it's the heroine who is the innocent... but in this book it is the male who is the virgin...and the reason is so sweet...

I recomend it to everyone!!! Read it!!You will not regret it!!
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Author 50 books1,892 followers
August 30, 2016
I wrote this book. ;-) I loved living in Avery and Bennett's world. And I hope you do, too.

A little teaser photo:

"An unforgettable read! Christina Lee's All of You will melt your heart, curl your toes, and awaken all the butterflies in your tummy."--Katy Evans, NYT bestselling author of the Real series

"At its core, All of You is pure NA goodness, full of mistrust and hardened hearts, angst and anguish, hot and steamy scenes, and a satisfying HEA. But, the way the author has reversed the roles in terms of the experienced vs. innocence trope turns the classic model on its head, making it new and oh-so compelling."--New York Times bestselling author Jasinda Wilder

"A one-sitting read simply because I could not put it down. From steamy to sweet and every emotion in between, Christina Lee had me glued to the pages in her unforgettable debut, ALL OF YOU. This is one New Adult you don’t want to miss."--New York Times and USA Today bestselling author A. L. Jackson

"Christina Lee's debut is a smoking hot read. With a heroine who is real and unapologetic, a hero who made me swoon, ALL OF YOU, is a must read. Hands down one of the best I've read this year."--Juliana Stone, author of THE SUMMER HE CAME HOME

"Bennett stole my heart! If you like hot, sweet, sexy, caring good guys, he'll claim yours too."-- NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely
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September 13, 2016
One of the recurring themes in this book was a high school game Avery and her friends devised where they answer a certain question with five words or less. And since I can’t even find a quote remotely interesting enough to start off this review I’m just going to Five Finger this, baby:

There are books that waste your time with a bad story or unlikable characters or implausible plot development or cheesy dialogue or… really I could go on, but this one suffered a healthy dose of each of that plus the enraging promise of something that is original, interesting and gourmet but ultimately delivering something bland, lazy and gag-worthy.

Avery Michaels is a Nursing student who sleeps around, shying away from any form of commitment after her mother’s old boyfriend attempted to rape her when she was sixteen. Adding insult to the injury, her mother refuses to believe her claims and instead sees her as competition. She then meets Bennett Reynolds, the art student slash tattoo artist who just moved in her apartment building. He smells like coconuts (he smelled like coconuts NINE fucking times in this book, by the way) and she kinda wants to hook up with him… except he’s a virgin.
”Are you waiting for marriage?”

“No.” He looked me dead in the eye. “I’m just waiting for love.”

Seeing as this was technically the sole reason I gave this book a shot (Because really, I need another sexually adventurous heroine with father figure issues like a higher interest rate on my mortgage) I was quite interested why an attractive, strapping young man with an adequately sized penis would make this decision. I mean, a petri dish as soaked in hormones and alcohol as college is, it’s practically The Road NotLess Travelled.

Unfortunately, Bennett’s explanation was quite fuzzy and confusing. He claims he swore off casual sex altogether because he has to take responsibility of his family seeing as his mother is unreliable and his sister got pregnant when she was sixteen. Which is sweet, though a bit extreme and when called out by Avery on this bullshit reason the conversation strayed to some slut-shaming.
But don’t you think that’s extreme?” I asked. He rolled his eyes, like he’d heard that one before, too. Probably from the hordes of girls that wanted him so badly. But still, I tried making my point. ”There’s plenty of good birth control out there, and lots of people are having sex and not getting pregnant.”

“Like you?”

Oh yeah?

Oh fine, he can actually drive.

And he apologizes after, but then apologies are only good until you repeat the offense and Bennett’s judgment of Avery’s lifestyle was quite stark and recurrent throughout the time when they weren’t together yet.

I really should feel more enraged by this but Avery’s such a cardboard heroine. I’m still not quite sure she has an issue to begin with. I hardly remember anything about her. She’s made out to be a “hardened, broken and closed off” character when her depth was more along the line of coconut scenting, checking out Bennett and those who are checking out Bennett and hanging out with friends who I am supposed to believe are close to her because they call each other bitch, dickhead, asshat, asshead, dick, dill weed among other things. She’s supposed to be strong and independent but gets the first tattoo Bennett suggests while they were making out. Christina Lee wants me to believe she’s experienced and mature but sends her to Bennett’s room to talk about their relationship after he expressly tells her he needs time alone to think.

Much of the tension and kerfuffle came from Avery and Bennett NOT having sex that I was expecting some climactic profession of love and overwhelming emotion when they eventually DID have sex… which of course didn’t happen. In the end I was scratching my head why they held it off for so long in the first place while gagging over the cheesy dialogue courtesy of our virginal hero in the throes of passion:
”Avery, I have this overwhelming need… to be inside you.” I melted into the covers, my body becoming liquid. “Will you let me?”

Followed by…
”Jesus, Avery, you feel fucking incredible.”

And then…
”Fuck, baby, I’m so deep.”

Oh and also…
”You’re so warm, Avery. God, so warm.”

And finally…
”Oh God, Avery.” He thrust himself back inside, the tempo controlled and deliberate. “You… I… Jesus, this is unbelievable.”

Yes, this was ALL WITHIN ONE SCENE between Bennett and Avery's Magical Vagina. It’s like listening to ESPN with the players commentating on the sport as they play. And Bennett must do a lot of cardio to be able to do all that action and think of all that craptastic sex-talk.

I was going to list down what this book did right but it just gave me too much of a headache. I was going to say something nice to balance out all that animosity because to be fair, I did finish it.

Someone might mistakenly find a reason to pick this up and I don't want that on my conscience.

Also on BookLikes. Where the gifs are better -_-.
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August 23, 2013

All of You is sweet and sexy story that totally caught my attention and kept it to the last page. It’s one of this novels that warm you heart and make you grin like an idiot long after you finished. It’s powerful and emotional and full of explosive chemistry! It’s book that you read for pure fan and just to close your eyes for a minute and daydream.

Avery is not interested in dating or falling in love. Her issues from childhood are still present, so she shields herself from men that can break her heart or body. That’s why she looks only for casual sex, that will never lead to something more. One night she calls the dibs on Bennett, extremely sexy and mysterious guy. Unfortunately he seems not interested, with stinging rejection Avery comes back to home, only to realize Bennett is her neighbor.

Bennett is tattoo artist. His childhood wasn’t the best one, so he made a rule, to sleep only with the one he loves. But kisment made him feel this explosive chemistry with woman that is not interested in commitment.

'I'm sorry you have to be attracted to someone like me. I can't be that girl for you, Bennett.'

'You can't, or you won't?'


Do they have a chance in happily ever after? Can Avery sacriface her independance and have normal relationship? Or will Bennett forget about his rule and become fuck buddy?

„What made you want to kiss me?” I whispered. I wasn’t even sure he heard me, until he finally spoke.
„Explosive chemistry… powerful conversations… beautiful”

All of You is refreshing read. Finally we have roles that are reversed. Instead of getting normal inexperienced girl and man whore we have a girl with commitment issues, who enjoyes to sleep around and boy who’s a virgin with strong beliefs. I don’t know if it’s only me who thinks that tattooed men virgin are sexy as hell, but Bennett is one of the sexiest book boyfriends I’ve read about in ages. Of course rock stars or dirty talkers who know what they are doing are hot, but the orginality and innocence that oozes from Bennet made him the hottest man on the planet for me. He’s the boy I would fall in love with in reality. As much as I like bad boys, they are only good to read about and fantasize, but Bennett is definitely a man who could steal my heart, mind and soul within minutes. I wouldn’t think twice about marring a man like him. Good, caring and gentelman, with artistic spark and this sexual vibe which changes girls into pile of mush. He’s realistic character and for the first time I saw young man who knows he needs love. True love.

All of You is phenomenal way to spend evening with butterflies in stomach. It’s great story that will make you smile and wish for that kind of romance for yourself. It’ll make you swoon and tingle. It’s truly romantic story about first love and fighting for it.

**ARC provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for honest review **
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September 16, 2013
My Avery and Bennett:

21 years old Avery never dates. Avery is not looking for love, she uses boys only for her sexual release. Avery built a steel cage around her heart and she blames it all on her mother who definitely was never a good example of how relationships should work.

When new hot neighbour moves into her apartement building, Avery has to have him. For one night only. But sexy Bennett is chivalrous gentleman who is looking for much more than just one night stand. Will they be ever able to work out their differences?

"I was jumping off a cliff, sinking, drowning, and couldn't care less about being saved as long as he kept kissing me."

When I found out that book hero in this book is virgin, I had to read it. There are plenty of books out there about womanizers and inexperienced girls. But to have roles reversed - male virging looking for The One and sluty girl with commitement issues - my attention was picked.

I never mind that Avery was "A Slutasaurus rex" as she called herself, but her idea of strong and independent woman was over the top. She was so extremely stubborn when it comes to her perception of men and it caused many personal problems in her life.

On the other side, Bennett was incredibly adorable, caring and so hot! I really liked his character! Moreover, I liked the fact that once I learned exact reasons behing Avery's and Bennett's decisions to live their lives the way that did (sluty vs. virgin) I did believe it and found if realistic.

All Of You is lovely sexy story with explosive chemistry between the main characters. Maybe I would prefer if it was a litle bit longer, but I enjoyed reading it a lot!

*ARC provided by publisher as an exchange for honest review*

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June 3, 2013
Five words to describe this book (and you'll get this once you read it): Hot, sweet, emotional, page-turner, awesome.

I'm a sucker for a virgin hero and Bennett didn't disappoint. I love a good story where on the surface the characters don't look like they have anything in common but once you start getting deeper, you see the commonalities that draw them helplessly together. That's Avery and Bennett. Great dialogue, delicious sexual tension and I loved the secondary characters too.

Add this to your Goodreads shelf people!!!

*copy provided to me for possible cover quote*
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November 5, 2015

-- A Romantic Book Affairs Review

Promiscuous Heroine meets Virgin Hero – of course I would be drawn to this story like bees to honey. I love virgin heroes. Two of my all-time favorite books have virgin heroes. I really liked the idea that the roles were reversed in this story. And I liked the fact that Avery didn’t apologize for her promiscuous ways.

At a party one night, Avery zeroes in on Bennett Reynolds aka ‘Hot Boy’ from across the room. Like a lioness after her prey. She’s taking him home. But when Bennett doesn’t show any interest towards Avery, she feels rejected. That stung. Come to find out Bennett is her new neighbor. When Bennett intercepts someone trying to break into Avery’s apartment, they become friends.

Avery is a nursing student working on getting her RN degree at the local university. She doesn’t do commitments. She only does one-night-stands with no-strings attached. The men she sleeps with, whom she calls her fuck buddies, are a quick fix to sexual frustration. No emotional ties. Her issues with men stem from her childhood, when she was almost raped by her stepfather. She feels ruined. Her issues go even deeper because of her mother, who has always had a string of men come and go out of her life; always putting them before her children.

Bennett is a tattoo artist and comes from a similar background as Avery. They’re able to connect since they both come from broken homes. But the one thing they don’t have in common is the number of sexual partners. Bennett is a virgin and his philosophy on sex is the opposite of Avery’s. He wants to save himself for when he falls in love. He’s a commitment kind of guy. The first time Bennett sees Avery, he’s actually very attracted her. He sees something special in her that he’s drawn to. Bennett slowly starts to break down her defenses and shows her that being intimate with someone can be more than just a quick fix. It can beautiful… If only Avery could let go of her emotional baggage and let herself feel.

I adored Bennett. He’s super sexy, protective, patient, charming, and genuine. I admired him for standing by his beliefs. I could fall for a guy like Bennett. Avery is a likeable heroine. She’s strong but has a lot of emotional baggage, which is what this story is centered around. Bennett was the perfect guy to help her along her journey of finding herself again. Though, I wouldn’t have minded if the author went deeper into Bennett’s character. I like a hero with flaws. Instead, he was depicted as this nearly perfect guy.

Avery and Bennett have really good chemistry together that was prevalent right from the beginning. There is tons of lust that I definitely felt. The author does an excellent job with the sexual tension and the slow building romance, but I wanted more passion between them… more heart to the romance.

It was hard to rate this book, since I really liked the characters, but the story just wasn’t that interesting. With an intriguing blurb like that, I was hoping for more substance – I wanted to be wooed and wowed and emotionally impacted. Instead, I was left wanting more.

What didn’t work for me, might work for another person. This is a quick and light read that I do think a lot of readers will find enjoyable. The romance is very sweet and sexy and there is a happy ending that will make you say AWE. I KNOW the ladies are going to love Bennett. He is definitely swoon-worthy.

Rating: C
Heat: Hot

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February 11, 2016
Review — All of You by Christina Lee

When I saw that this book was about a male virgin, I had to knew I had to read it. I'm always on the hunt for books that are outside of the norm.  All of You was very entertaining and emotional read that I really enjoyed.

"Guys were easy to figure out-at least in the hormonal sense. You needed only appear helpless or horny, and their pants instantly dropped to their ankles."

Twenty-one year old Avery is a player.  She sleeps with a lot of guys and keeps any emotions out of the picture.  The story opens with Avery on the prowl at a college party and she seems a guy, who she calls "Hot Boy".  She has her mind set on taking him home, but *gasp* he doesn't even give her the time of day.  Turns out "Hot Boy" is Avery's new upstairs neighbor.  And hot boy has a name, Bennett.

Avery has a past, a past that has shaped who she is.  What happened to her caused her mind to flip a switch.  She is now in complete control of her body and what she does with it.  The traumatic past storyline bothered me to be quite honest.  Do I think it is overused?  Yes.  But I don't have a problem when it is done really well.  Here, while I didn't hate it, I didn't love it.  Avery's reasons for being the female version of Travis Maddox just didn't do it for me.

Bennett Reynolds is student, but he is also a tattoo artist.  Though, he isn't your typical bad boy tattoo artist looking for the next chick to bed.  No, he's more of the strong silent type.  I get tired of the same overprotective alpha males rescuing the seemingly weak girls.  Bennett is more subdued and he's a virgin (remember?).  Growing up, Bennett's mom was more focused on her next boyfriend rather than caring for him and Bennett's three sister, leaving him to raise his sisters and set a good example.  For this reason, he swore off casual sex until he found someone to make that experience mean something.

I really did like seeing the female be the sexual prowess in the story.  Though, at times, I felt like the author was trying to hard to do a complete gender role reversal.  It seemed a little forced to me.  Nonetheless, I liked that Avery had to hold back her physical attraction from Bennett.  It forced her to learn more about him as a person and really  feel  what it was like to be with someone who cares about you instead of the wham bam thank you...um...sir.

"When he reached over to turn the volume on the remote, his thigh rubbed again my shorts and I nearly flinched.
I was like some lovesick tween desperate to have my crush finally notice me."

I'm a huge fan of the slow-building romance.  That's why I have such predilection towards the young adult genre.  Don't get me wrong, I love new adult, adult contemporary, and a good smut book.  But there is something special about the tug and pull of a good tension filled romance.  All of You had that feel to it, given the character's sexual situations.  But once the fires were going it was hot! I loved it so much!

"Bennett was kissing the shit out of me and I couldn't breathe but I didn't care because if this is what kissing felt like, I could get my fill of oxygen later.
He pulled my lower lip into his mouth, and then my top lip, taking his time sucking each one of as my fingers dug deeper into his neck.
His hands never traveled south even though I would have welcomed them. All of his focus was on my lips. And then on my neck. And then on my ear. His hot breath making my toes curl.
This man knew how to kiss."

Avery and Bennett were great together.  I loved seeing Avery finally get to experience what being in love was like and experiencing butterflies towards another person.  With the fling lifestyle she had BB (Before Bennett) she cut off any chance of having feelings towards another person.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story, especially the ending.  There were a few scenes that I've gone back and reread a few times just because I loved them so much.  However, I felt like the overall plotline was a bit predictable.  I did appreciate the sort of role reversal with the male being the virgin, instead of the girl.  I am getting tired of the female virgin storyline, so this was somewhat refreshing.  Many of the conversations between Avery and her friends focused on their sexual conquests and I felt like it was over-the-top and unnecessary.

I look forward to reading Before You Break , the next book in the All of You series.  It is a companion novel and will feature a different couple.

*I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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September 11, 2013

Confessions of an Opinionated Book Geek

What is the formula for new adult fiction? I am glad you asked! I have the ingredients below:

1. College kid in living situation they shouldn’t realistically be able to afford with their background and economic status?

2. Messed up parents?

3. Abuse, most likely sexual, in their past?

4. They are not looking for romance, more they don’t want it, but a guy falls from the sky?

Now, Naomi, does ALL OF YOU have those ingredients? Check, check, check and check.

This book is one if the most formulaic books I have ever read. There are no surprises. Everything you think is going to happen, happens. The villains are exactly who you think they are. The tragedies come exactly when you expect and the relationship progresses exactly how you imagined it would when you read the synopsis. 100% formulaic. The author made a feeble attempt to shake it up… Lets make the girl the player and the boy the Virgin!

My biggest problem with the book is that the guy is still the better character. Avery, the girl and narrator, is strong, sexual, confident, the aggressor and I am still more interested in the boy. The girl is a player and the boy is a Virgin trope is new for me, but just didn’t work. Why? Because Avery is still a bland Mary Sue heroine. The boy still wears the armor.The boy still has to take care of the girl, still has to do all the heavy lifting and has to hold the girls hand in the journey to commitment.

I hate this kind of romance. The kind where the girl is all over the place and expects the guy to keep up. Avery says on one page that she respects Bennett’s choice to stay a virgin, then pushes her way into his bathroom and forces an intimate encounter that he went into the bathroom to get away from. She says she’s not the girl for him, because she doesn’t want a commitment then gets mad when he doesn’t call.

When he sees her with his boss, a man she has slept with, and gets upset she flips out and immediately thinks he’s judging her. But, doesn’t think it’s strange that she gets jealous when a girl stands next to Bennett. Honestly, Avery is an emotional basket case in the worst way. She’s the kind of mess that makes us girls look like messes.

For once I would like to read a book about a promiscuous character who does not malign the opposite sex. Avery is very similar to her male counterparts. She has lots of sex, but looks down on her sexual partners. Why are sexual characters in books either misogynists or man haters? Why can’t they just have lots of sex, because they like sex? If authors really believed in sexual freedom they would write characters who just enjoy the opposite sex.Why does something always have to be wrong with them? Why do they always have to feel that the ppl they sleep with are not good enough for them?

Avery thinks that Bennett is judging her sexual lifestyle every single time he twitches. If she was really so sexually free, why does she care what people think? Why does she expect everyone is judging her?

I picked up this book, because the twist of experience girl and virgin boy was too much to resist. Unfortunately. The twist does carry the book. It’s like every other book in this genre. With one distinction; the experienced males in New Adult romances wouldn’t treat their love interest the way Bennett is treated. In one scene he is overwhelmed and tempted, so he takes himself away from the situation and Avery refuses to take no for an answer. She bursts into his shower and begins foundling him. If a male character did that to a female virgin we would have posts upon posts calling this guy out for his complete disregard for the virgin’s personal space, rights and choices.

This book has 2 stars, because Bennett is actually pretty good.
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524 reviews105 followers
August 15, 2013

Seeing all the buzz around this book in my Twitter feed made me run straight over to request a copy so I could read it immediately. Especially after I read the summary. I mean, how often do we encounter a boy who's a virgin? I don't think I've ever read it before, to be quite honest. So yeah, I was sold. Plus? Pretty, pretty cover.

And inside that cover? We meet Avery, a nursing student who's as independent as they come. She's kind of a maneater. Not looking for a relationship, and completely okay with that. She's funny, and a little quirky, and I liked her character a lot (for the most part).

While at a party with her friends, she first encounters the yummy that is Bennett Reynolds...

My gaze locked on the guy entering the back door through the kitchen. A red baseball cap was slung low on his head and inky black curls escaped beneath it. His arms were muscular, and his charcoal T-shirt hugged his lean chest. He was Grade A Prime Meat and probably knew exactly how to put those full lips to good use.

I'll be totally honest, even though Avery didn't annoy me *much*...Bennett was why I kept reading. After these two strike up a friendship, Lee had me totally sucked in. The sexual tension between them was smokin' hot.

"I like when you wear your hair down." He twined his fingers through the ends of my curls and it sent a shiver ricocheting through my body.

"You haven't come up," he breathed against my ear.

"I figured it was time to be a big girl and sleep in my own bed," I said.

"Understood." He held on to my waist and swayed along with me. His fingers trailed beneath the hem of my shirt and a couple of inches upward. I found to keep my breaths under control.

"I know this is going to sound crazy," he whispered. "But I kind of missed you."


Serious. Swoons.

And it took some time, but Bennett's easygoing sweet side, and his convictions about life and love help Avery start to see that there's something to trusting another person with your heart.

Despite the fact that I'm a huge new adult fan, oftentimes I end up disappointed. And while I did feel like the pacing was a bit too rushed in the beginning of the book for my liking, I still enjoyed the heck out of it. Plus, the plot was fresher than others I've read in that the tables were turned and instead of the usual bad-boy we find in books, Bennett was the sweet guy who was saving himself for someone he loved. Who can resist that? It also had a bit of a Wait For You vibe for me, which is one of my very favorites. So that was a definite plus. There were a few editing issues, but considering that I read an ARC, I can forgive that. And yes, there were times when I was annoyed with one or both of them, but for the most part, I enjoyed these characters--not just Bennett, but especially Mrs. Jackson, too. And I also liked the story. Oh, and have I mentioned the sexual tension yet? Because damn.

So, in short...I'm pretty sure a lot of people who read and love the same things I do will enjoy this one just as much as me. ;)
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September 25, 2013
Christina Lee…may you write books for many, many years to come!!  In my opinion—and, as always, take that for whatever it’s worth to you—All of You was a phenomenal debut!
I’ll be perfectly honest, as I am without fail, and say that when I first read the summary for this book, I was hooked.  I mean, I had to read it.  Had to!  ‘Cause, c’mon.  Who writes a virgin, tattoo-artist hottie as a hero, right?!  That’s a story begging to be read!  However, and here’s where the honesty comes in, even while I was adding All of You to my to-be-read stack, I was contemplating the sexiness, or lack thereof, of a virgin hero.  I know.  Shallow, right?  But…I like my bad boys best, and I just couldn’t imagine how the author was going to pull this off.  Plus, Christina Lee was new to me.  I won’t keep anyone in suspense.  Christina Lee wrote the rockingest, sexiest, most soulful tattoo-artist, virgin hero EVER!  Um, of course, he could very well also be the only tattoo-artist, virgin hero ever.  I dunno. 
So, let’s talk Avery for a bit.  Avery was a tough nut to crack, but I understood where she was coming from, based on her past.  I’m not always the biggest fan of female characters housed in tough, bitchy outer shells.  The reason for that, I’m pretty sure, is because that’s usually the only side of them I tend to see.  Avery was different.  I could feel Avery’s complexity.  She had a three-dimensional personality, and only one of those dimensions featured what, at first glance, appeared to be a tough girl with no time for relationships.  The more I came to know about Avery, the more I understood what made her tick.  Her past, her relationship (or non-relationship) with her mother, the feeling of responsibility for her younger brother, all of these made Avery into an independent, no-nonsense young woman who was emotionally closed off to just about every other than her brother and Mrs. Jackson, one of her patients in the nursing facility.  She was blindsided, meeting Bennett.
OMG, Bennett!!!  I fell so hard for this guy.  I did have a couple of rough moments early on where I wasn’t sure if I was going to connect with him like I needed to.  There were a quick couple of scenes where he just seemed entirely too innocent for his age.  BUT!  Those passed, and I kept reading, and I am so, so glad that I did!!  Bennett had legitimate reasons for making the decision to stay a virgin until he found someone he loved, someone he believed would go the distance with him.  As with most people, family and circumstances helped to shape Bennett and formed the basis for his choices.  Also, as with Avery, Bennett was a fully-formed individual.  Neither Avery nor Bennett were one-dimensional characters.  Throughout the first part of the story, I believed him to be a sweet, gentle, loving, deep soul,  who was almost in a role reversal with Avery.  However, the scenes with Bennett’s mother and sisters very much added another layer to his personality.  He became almost a different person with them.  He was confident and take-charge, and I loved seeing that side of him!
Together, Avery and Bennett were a fascinating couple.  Truly, I was completely absorbed by their story and the feelings which grew between them.  Also, let’s just say, for a virgin hero, that dude was scorching HOT!!  Those two had real chemistry together…chemistry and intimacy.  The relationship evolved over time.  There was no instant love, though I do believe Avery knew she’d met someone whom she wouldn’t be able to maintain her usual distance with.  As fascinating as I found the two of them together, I feel like Bennett had that same fascination with Avery.  He was deeply attracted to her, but I also think he knew a kindred spirit when he met one, even as different as they may have seemed on the outside. 
I also have to discuss how impressed I am with Christina Lee as a writer and storyteller.  There were a number of unquestionably beautiful lines in this book.  There were moments of such lovely and well-crafted wisdom interspersed throughout the story, and I have more highlighted passages in my copy than I could ever share here.  All of You had a wonderful flow, and I was just…enamored…with Christina Lee’s style, her ‘voice’.
Finally, just for me, I have to give a shout-out to Mrs. Jackson, Avery’s favorite patient in the nursing facility where she worked.  When you read this book, I think you’ll understand.  At least, I hope you will.  But, I fell in love with Mrs. Jackson.  Honestly?  I would have read an entire book all about her <3
5 Stars!


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September 24, 2013
This is how I picture Bennett

Can we all just take a minute and say how dreamy we think he is... Ahhh. I loved Bennett like really really loved Bennett. I'm pretty sure if he walked into my life, I would totally leave my husband for him because he is just AH-MAZING! The thing that makes it even better is he's a virgin... I mean c'mon there aren't that many men out there that save themselves for love anymore. So reading about one has me throwing my panties across the room.

I wasn't a huge fan of Avery, she was too moody, and I know the author had to write it like this to make the book more interesting, but I found her very whiny at times. Not my favorite lead character, but Bennett saved the book but his amazingness.

We start out learning that something has happened in Avery's past, she doesn't exactly tell you what happens but you kind of know right from the get go. So one night her and her friend Ella and Rachel are at this party and that's where she meats Bennett. She's instantly attracted to him, and doesn't know why. All she does know is that she can't get him out of her head.

So the next day when she's leaving for work she's surprised to see he is moving into her apartment building, and from there you can figure out how it ends by reading it. I promise it is a very quick read and you'll be doing a lot of this at the end.

and this

and even some of this



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897 reviews
September 23, 2018

The heroine sleeps with the Hero (They have even kissed) but since has no intimacy (sex) and she is hot for him ... she goes and sleeps with a friend to get rid of the sexual frustration he feels for him.

Virgin Hero? Not that much. Exactly the same as the "virgins" heroines, and has oral sex, etc.
I hate that. It always seems to me that the authors take us for fools, saying again and again that is innocent/virginal.

La heroína duerme con el héroe (incluso se han besado) pero como no tienen intimidad (sexo) y ella está caliente por él ... va y se acuesta con un amigo para deshacerse de la frustración sexual que siente por él.

¿Héroe virgen? No tanto. Exactamente lo mismo que las heroínas "vírgenes", y tienen sexo oral, etc.
Odio eso. Siempre me parece que los autores nos toman por tontos, diciendo una y otra vez que es inocente/virginal.

Ah, y la historia, los personajes, tienen cieeertooo tufillo al libro Make Me Yours de Kendall Ryan ... Da la impresión de estar leyendo a los mismos protagonistas con sus mismos problemas y/o pensamientos. Incluso está la amiga más "centrada" (que estudia psicología) que acaba con el chico atormentado...

EDITED: How true!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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Want to read
August 5, 2013
Jeeeeeesus, that blurb has me salivating for this book. A male virgin? Am I reading that wrong?! I need to get me hands on theeeees book. Yes I know I'm misspelling words. But I really need it. Grrrrr!
254 reviews396 followers
September 17, 2013


Love is like a loaded gun. You slid your bullet inside the cold metal chamber as a safeguard for the inevitable day that everything went to shit. At the fist sign of trouble, you blew your opponent to pieces, long before their finger found the trigger.

That's what Nursing student Avery Michaels mother has taught her.
She wants nothing to do with love —she's perfectly happy single. All Avery can handle is a string of uncomplicated hookups whenever the mood strikes.

When she meets smoking hot tattoo artist Bennett, she wants him, only just for one night.
Avery has never met a guy that won't accept a no-strings-attached arrangement.
Bennett lives by a straight-laced code of values. His own upbringing affecting the way he sees relationships.

But Avery is different. He is drawn to her. He sees more than what she portrays. But his values are what have him from holding back.
He wants more but won't settle for what he believes in.
They start up a friendship, they have explosive chemistry and constantly find themselves in the heat of the moment.


Avery knows this is dangerous. She respects Bennetts decisions to hold off on a sexual relationship, but can't seem to walk away.
Avery needs to decide if she is going to let Bennett go, or let go of the walls she holds up to protect her.

~ Because I was so not ready for someone as amazing as Bennett Reynold. And I never would be. I was fucked up, and it wouldn't take him long to figure that out and hit the road. ~

Bennett manages to break down her walls and starts getting deeper.
It scares her. She doesn't know how to deal with the closeness that he brings or the emotions that he evokes.

~ "They don't make me feel anything. Not one. Damn. Thing." I shove against his chest and his face crumpled. "But you…. You already own a piece of me. Don't you get it? I yelled, stumbling back. ~

Bennett makes her feel alive and helps her let go of the darkness that holds her back. She has no control over how he is slowly beginning to hold her heart.

~ As I sat there listening to him, something profound happened in the very centre of me. Stuff began rearranging and clicking into place. My heart burst through my chest and landed at Bennett's feet- asking, pleading, begging him to smooth out her creases, sooth all her wounded parts and med her shattered centre.

When Avery's past comes back and puts her back in danger, she finds herself holding on to the one man that she trusts with all her heart, giving her the strength to face her fears and move forward from the one thing that has always held her back.

~ He has somehow embedded himself beneath my skin, made me feel secure and protected, and here I was telling him one of my deepest, darkest secrets. ~

I loved this. Bennett was so hot and sweet. I haven't read a lot of books with a Virgin Hero, but the ones I have read I absolutely loved! There is just something about it. And Bennett is no different.
Their 1st time, was so hot! You feel their Passion.


I can't wait for more from this author. She really has a way with words. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of NA. But do enjoy it when it's hits all the right spots.
Christina Lee definitely hits all the right spots.
Definitely give this one a go, you won't be disappointed.

~ "There's a kind of love that's unhealthy all- consuming. You give up entirely who you are for that other person.
And the other kind of love is freeing. It allows yo to be your best self. Your seamless when you're with the person you love unfathomably- but never invisible." ~

★ 4.5 Stars ★

Buy it
Read it
Love it

*Arc provided by PENGUIN GROUP Berkley via NetGallery in exchange for an honesty Review*
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November 6, 2013
Initial reaction: Not bad, but I'll admit I'm disappointed because while I could see the author was trying to approach different things, it never strayed from the New Adult formula and I found several things here to be problematic.

Full review:

I give credit to Christina Lee in the set up of the storyline, in that a Nursing student (Avery) ends up meeting a guy one night who happens to be a virgin and seems like a upstanding guy (Bennett). He's an artist, he lives upstairs, he's cute (hot in her terms), and all I could think of at first was "Thank goodness this guy isn't a jerk! Someone who's actually *normal* for a change and isn't going to bash some other guy's head in for sheer abrasiveness."

That reaction lasted all of about a minute before I realized...oh, wait - Avery's the abrasive one instead.

Oh dear.

I blame this book for getting the phrase "Slutasaurus" implanted in my head. (And yes, Avery describes herself as this when she considers her relationships with men, and somehow corrupting Bennett's innocence. Because he's a virgin and she's not.)

I'll applaud Lee in that there really aren't that many male heroes who are portrayed as virgins, but the stereotyping against sexuality and choice is still in full thrum here, as are a number of other different stereotypes that are often seen in New Adult. The more I think about this novel, the more I realized I thought it was okay, but it didn't leave any lingering impressions on me personally. It's too cut from the same cloth from the genre for me to really connect with it. I did like the focal touches to Avery and Bennett's family, among other details, But it progresses pretty much how you think it would, what with Avery's tragic past and that having a mark on her relationships and sexual interludes, and Bennett - while a decent character, really wasn't memorable to me as a hero that I could connect to more.

A light read, and probably appealing to fans of the genre, but it left me wanting more.

Overall score: 2/5 stars

Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Intermix/Penguin Group.
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166 reviews
May 13, 2014
3 Stars!

“Your whole life can’t be defined by that one single moment. Or even a series of awful moments.”

This story started as a total cliché- a damaged girl that doesn’t believe in relationships (doesn’t trust men) and sleeps around only in order to prove herself she is independent and no one could control her. Yep…this plot is not new and doesn’t surprise me. But what actually DID surprise me is that the hero in the story...is a virgin! Well…this was interesting :D It’s really refreshing to read about a girl that has more experience than a guy .

The story:
Avery knows everything about men- they are unreliable, untrustworthy and simple-minded. She is perfectly happy with the fact she is single and the only relationship with a guy she has is a ‘friends with benefits’ one.

“Guys were easy to figure out —at least in the hormonal sense. You needed only appear helpless or horny, and their pants instantly dropped to their ankles.”

But this is until she meets her new neighbor who is hot, tattooed and absolutely irresistible. Like a mentioned before…he is also a virgin. Avery knows she can’t give him what he wants (true love and a relationship) but she just cannot stay away from Bennett. He sees her true side and will try to break all her barriers. But will Bennett be able to wait for her and will Avery ever be ready to open up?!?!

‘All Of You’ is a really nice and sweet story. I am giving it only three stars because there was something missing for me and the last 40% were a bit boring. But I heard that the next books in the series are better so I will definitely give them a chance.

For more reviews check our book blog: The Blue Owlary

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July 27, 2015
4-1/2 stars. Or 4 stars. Or whatever. The bottom line is: I. Loved. This. Book.

Nursing student Avery Michaels is happy with her no-strings-attached lifestyle hooking up with guys whenever it suits her when she runs into a new Hot Boy at a frat party.
My gaze locked on the guy entering the back door through the kitchen. A red baseball cap was slung low on his head and inky black curls escaped beneath it. His arms were muscular, and his charcoal T-shirt hugged his lean chest. He was Grade A Prime Meat and probably knew exactly how to put those full lips to good use.

He brushes off her advances, something that's rarely happened to her.

A couple of days later, she runs into him again outside her apartment building and finds Hot Boy (aka walking dreamboat art student Bennett Reynolds) even more intriguing.
"You're a tattoo artist?" Holy Mother of God, this man just got hotter. I looked at his arms but saw no telltale signs. "I'd think you'd have more tats on you."

My fingers slid over the back of my ear near the tattoo I'd gotten when I'd turned eighteen and finally escaped my mother's house. He'd probably think it was amateurish at best.

"Nah, just a couple of well-placed ones." His cheeks pinched into a grin and he looked down at his feet, almost shy about it. His teeth were perfectly white and straight and mesmerizing. "Sometimes less is more, you know."

The only problem is they both want totally opposite things. Avery refuses to allow herself to be vulnerable and enter into any kind of relationship and Bennett won't settle for less than love. In fact, he never has--Bennett's a virgin.
You know, some guys like to take things a bit slower."

Was this guy for real? Suddenly I felt like a bonafide man-eater. A Slutasaurus rex.

"Huh, guess I didn't take Nate as the relationship type of guy," I said. A deep shade of plum tinged his cheeks. We were speaking in code here, but we both knew the real deal. "And just by association, as Nate's friend, I figured you must be the same way."

"Not true. I'm a commitment kind of guy." His voice was low and smooth, like he was very sure of himself on that one point. "If the right girl comes along."

They dance around each other a bit, trying to deny their chemistry. After a mysterious almost break-in into Avery's apartment, Bennett insists that she sleep over at his place and two start out on a journey of friendship. And crazy sexual tension.
"I can't stop thinking about you." He placed his head in his hands. "You're the sexiest woman I've ever met."

They try to cool things off after reaching an impasse. Meanwhile, both of them are dealing with issues in their families and with their mothers that solidify their reasoning for not wanting to give in to each other. I liked the way that such similar situations with them caused each one of them to head toward opposite ends of the spectrum. Of course, there are ups and downs and there's even a part where Avery thinks Bennett might have given up on her and is moving on.
Would Rebecca try to move in on him? Would he let her today?

"No," he said, meeting my eyes. "Never."

Had I said that out loud?

Or was he just reading my mind?


"I know what you're thinking." He released his grip, and my muscle quivered from the contact.

I still couldn't get any damn words out. "I wasn't..."

"I wouldn't do that, Avery. Even if I'm still ticked and unsure about things. He jammed his hands in his pockets and then clenched his jaw. "Because all day, every day, you're still stuck in my head--in my every damn thought."

Avery's BFF, Ella, finally convinces her to let Bennett in and tell her the real reason she won't allow herself to have a relationship with a man. After Avery's tearful confession, they understand each other so much more and decide to see what happens if they both give in a little.
"I said I was a virgin, Avery. Not a saint."

I want to tell you more and quote all the things but I can't without giving everything away. I found myself swooning and flailing and grinning and just...I just loved it.

There were a couple of things that I didn't love. There were a few moments where Avery's focus shifted from I don't want a relationship so hear me roar! to I'm too fucked up for him to ever really love me. I pretty much hated that. Also, for all the fighting for her Bennett does, he seems to give up on her pretty easily, even if it doesn't last long. I felt like this was just a way to prolong the drama and it wasn't necessary.

In spite of those things, I loved so much more about this story. I actually really liked Avery and her kick-ass attitude. I also really liked Nate and Ella. You already know I flailed and swooned over Bennett (did I mention that he called her precious?), and I loved the way Lee writes. The words at times were visceral and I felt like I was in the moment with them. His hands on her in the tattoo shop--*dies* And I didn't even mention the five words game they play and the note on the flowers he sends *flails forever*.

If you're looking for an amazing New Adult novel with a great twist on an overplayed storyline, a girl you'll root for, and a hot, tatted artist boy that you'll fall in love with, then All of You by Christina Lee is the book for you. I can't wait to read more from this author.
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September 19, 2013
**Find this and other reviews at The Demon Librarian**

Bring On The Heat!

A male virgin. We don't see many of those in books, do we? I think I can count on one hand (maybe two, if I really dig through my book memories) the number of times I have read about one. In the literary world, male virgins are the equivalent of Bigfoot, or the Chupacabra, or other creatures made famous by urban legends. Do they really exist, or are they just a figment of our imaginations?

They exist alright, and as proven by Mr. Hottie McHotterson, aka our hero, Bennett, they can be every bit as swoonworthy as the more experienced heartthrobs we're used to reading about.

But I digress. This is supposed to be a review about the entire book, right? Right. So let's talk about it!

The story begins with a crash-and-burn at a party, is followed soon after by an almost-crime, and then it's off to the Avery and Bennett races as a relationship is slowly formed. And what a relationship it is! Sweet and gentle, and fiery and passionate by turns, it totally sucked me in. I looooove when there is sexual tension between characters, and let me tell you, there is a LOT of tension between Avery and Bennett. Holy smokes! I am pretty sure that my skin was steaming during certain parts. Christina Lee did a fabulous job turning the smallest actions into big, sexually-charged moments.

Avery....oh, Avery, Avery, Avery. Girl's got issues, for sure, but they were issues I understood. She was the way she was for some very good reasons, and that helped me accept some of her not-so-great decisions. Yes, Avery was flawed, but she's got a heap-ton of redeeming qualities too. More than anything, though, she was real, and for me, that was everything. I was completely invested and caught up in her story. The pages practically turned themselves.

As for Bennett....oh, sweet mercy! I could rant and rave about him (like, a lot) but I really think y'all need to discover the wonderfulness of him for yourselves. Make room on your book boyfriend list, that's all I'm sayin'.

All in all, my dears, ALL OF YOU was a thoroughly enjoyable book with a lot to recommend it. It's got feels, hurts and laughs; sweetness and intensity; and two characters who heat up the pages in all the right ways. I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for Christina Lee's next book.

4 Stars ★★★★
ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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2,840 reviews1,483 followers
August 9, 2016
4.25 Letting your heart in Stars

I really liked All of You. It was intense, sweet and very romantic.


Avery doesn’t have the best childhood. Her mother is loose, she doesn’t have a father figure and she’s trying to become a nurse so she can be able to take care of baby brother. Because of all of this, she doesn’t have relationships and she’s a fan of one-night-stands.

Bennett is your tattooed boy next door. Bennett lives in the same apartment complex as Avery. Avery thinks Bennett is hot and wants him, but Bennett isn’t looking for a friends-with-benefits kind of relationship. Both have issues and both aren’t willing to compromise.

Avery and Bennett

I’ve never been fond of loose heroines, but I liked Avery. I got her. She has a tough home situation and she copes by using guys for sex, so when Bennett comes into the picture, it kind of throws her off. Bennett is not your typical Hero.

I really liked Bennett because he is so different! As much as I love the bad boys, I have a soft heart for the good ones too. He’s sweet, loyal and very suborn. He values Avery and doesn’t want to cheapen her to a relationship based on sex. It was a refreshing change for me to have the Hero turned down the Heroine so much.


Of course there’s plenty of tension and sexual tension. Avery wants a no strings attached relationship and Bennett is looking for more. What I enjoyed the most is watching the two characters form a friendship and work out their issues.

The book is very fast pace and I wished it was a touch longer, but overall, it was a very pleasant read and I will be sticking to the series.

AN ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

All of You (Between Breaths, #1) by Christina Lee AMAZON
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Author 1 book280 followers
August 3, 2013
SQUEE!!!! I finished this book last night.. and I seriously-freaking-loved-it!! It is going to be a hit, one of my top 10 NA reads of the year! All of You puts a refreshing spin on the NA genre, one that doesn't copy the market norms. It has all of the swoon of new love that will totally give you 1,000,000 excited butterflies in your tummy! Lee's writing is perfect, and totally entrances you with this amazing love story!

More to come, but if you have a chance to grab this from Netgalley the I highly suggest you get your bottom over there and request! At least add it to your TBR list.

BTW <3 <3 <3 Bennett!
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235 reviews35 followers
August 19, 2013
I became slightly obsessed with the idea of reading All of You as soon as I saw the words irresistible, tattooed and virgin. What's that you say? A hero who is not a womanizing manwhore? Where do I sign up?

It was fun going into All of You, knowing that there would be a role reversal of sorts. I am so used to the shy, inexperienced women, who fall for the bad boy who has been around the park on more than one occasion. Now we have Avery, who would very much be classified as the school slut. This isn't slut shaming, she wears here title proud. She hooks up on regular occasions, and only has one guy who she uses as a multiple booty call. Other than that, love 'em and leave 'em.

“Guys were easy to figure out-at least in the hormonal sense. You needed only appear helpless or horny, and their pants instantly dropped to their ankles.”

Avery. I don't know if we are supposed to like Avery in the beginning. It sure as heck took me a little while to warm to her. Her entire attitude was standoffish, and just on the wrong side of arrogant. But it started to become clear that this was part of her façade. You could see the walls that she had built up to keep any and all real emotion out. By the end, I came to love her and was rooting for her as she started kicking those walls down.

“I want something real," he whispered. "And I'm willing to wait for it.”

Bennett. There was no having to warm up to him, he is perfection. From the very first time he is spotted by Avery, you are in love with him. I was curious to find out the reasons that he had for abstaining from sex, and when it's explained I was happy with his answers. They made sense to me. Now of course, even Bennett says this to Avery, he may be a virgin - but he is no saint.

“I don’t know what this is or what the hell we’re doing,“ he said. “But if I don’t kiss you right now, I might explode.”

What does Bennett mean by being no saint? It means he may have never done the deed but he has done plenty of other things... and this means that Avery and Bennett do plenty of those other things also. Honestly, the sexual tension dripping off of these two is intense. Every slight kiss, every touch, every moment they are alone together feels electric. And I have to say... I loved it. I loved the constant foreplay. It was hot. Too many times the main characters are so eager to jump into sex. Avery and Bennett manage to become intimate, but at the same time saving themselves for that special moment together. It made their relationship that more intense and real.

“I was jumping off a cliff, sinking, drowning, and couldn't care less about being saved as long as he kept kissing me.”

Now, my only major gripe. Avery's friends. It's not that I didn't like them per se, it's just that I didn't like how they spoke to each other. They were forever calling each other names. Maybe these were meant as terms of endearments between friends, and a way to get us to see how close they were. But it annoyed me to no end. They were constantly calling each other things such as bitch, dickhead, dickwad, asshead, dillweed... and so on. I physically cringed every time it happened, unfortunately it happened a lot. I just didn't understand it, as it didn't seem like normal behavior to me.

And in no way is that gripe enough for me not to suggest that you read All of You. I really found it hard to put it down once I started. I was up until 4:00am, then started again as soon as I woke up the next day. I was also very happy with the ending, an epilogue would have been nice... but that is just me wanting more. I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Bennett. My feelings in five words or less: Sweet, sexy, love, HOT.

“I'm not sure I can ever get enough of you," he murmured as he captured the skin at the hallow of my throat. "I know the feeling," I whispered.”

Rainy Day Reads

** I was given an eARC copy of this novel directly from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**
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1,074 reviews73 followers
July 7, 2014
I love starting new series and discovering new authors. The Between Breaths series and Christina Lee was recommended to me by a good friend, and since I have to read series in order...

Avery is a girl wading through her college life with detached sexual encounters and nothing of substance. Her mother's similar lifestyle and the tragic results it brought have taught her that love and relationships are a farce. She sets her sights on hottie Bennett at a party, but he shuts her down hard. Coincidentally, he becomes her new neighbor. Thankfully, he's also a bit of a knight in shining armor, as he demonstrates when he saves Avery from a break-in at her apartment. This starts a sweet friendship between the two of them, especially when they find out their parental situations are actually very similar.

All of You had everything I absolutely love in a new adult book. There was a hot tattoo artist, a slightly damaged bad ass chick, a situation that puts them in peril, and a virgin just waiting to be deflowered. The awesome thing is, in this case, the virginal half of the relationship is the guy. I freaking loved that about this book.

Bennett was definitely a surprise. He's a bad boy with a twist. He's tatted and confusing and complicated. He also paints beautiful pictures and is saving himself for someone who loves him. His mother's track record of going from man to man to man and not caring about any of them, occasionally making babies with them, and then not wanting to care for said babies, has taught him that if you're going to do the deed, make sure it's with someone who means something to you. Then, if something unforeseen happens, at least it would be with someone you love.

Damn. That might make Bennett the most sexy book boyfriend EVER.

Avery has her own issues and a really tragic past. She's buried it deep down below a layer of nonchalance and superficialness. Thankfully, Bennett proves to be her biggest challenge. The friendship they forge was so incredibly sweet. There was all this underlying sexual tension that was totally palpable, but above all that was a kinship and an understanding between Avery and Bennett that was even more sexy than the sexy times.

And yes - despite Bennett's lack of experience, there were sexy times, and wow. Were they fun.

I enjoyed All of You so much, I've already purchased the second book in the series. I look forward to continuing to discover this new-to-me author as I go through all the books in the Between Breaths series.
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September 25, 2013
All of You is definitely one of the best NA contemporaries that I have read so far. I liked Avery and Bennett. I enjoyed watching Avery come to terms with the way she has lived her life, and I loved that Bennett wasn’t your typical bad boy, dropping innuendos every time he opened his mouth. He was nice, wholesome, and still hot. As sad as it may be, that’s a rarity in books these days. PLUS he’s a tattoo artist. Most people love that he has tattoos, but I was more interested in the fact that he’s an artist. The only thing as mesmerizing as a great tattoo is the fact that another human being put it there.

I have to say, the sex left me questioning what being a virgin really means. There is the literal definition of the word, of course, but I don't think it's that simple. At least not in situations like this, where his virgin status is supposed to help define the character. In my opinion, there’s only one way you get good at things like oral sex, and that’s having experience doing it. So I kind of got the impression that the only reason Bennett’s labeled a virgin is because he hasn't had actual intercourse, but he seems to have done everything else. If we’re supposed to believe it just came naturally, I find that a bit unrealistic. I don't think that's what was implied, which leads me back to the question--what does "virgin" really mean? If he's done everything else enough to do it so well, does his being a virgin matter at all? To the characters? Maybe.... To me, as a reader? I don't think it does.

Nevertheless, All of You is an easy and fun read, with just enough depth to keep it from falling into the “fluff” category. But, aside from the fact that the roles were reversed, everything else followed the typical NA formula. Which is exactly what I was in the mood for so that worked for me. If you’re looking for a good new adult contemporary novel, this is probably a good pick for you. If you’re looking for something unique to the genre, I’d have to say this isn’t it. Either way, I’d recommend everyone give it a shot.
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May 11, 2015
2 stars!!

So I have started reading this book with my hopes high. I thought it would be a very touching story, and that I would love it. However I got smacked on my face with the most annoying heroine ever.

 photo tumblr_mlzkzwLD8x1rcy99do1_500-1.gif

When I started reading this, I thought Avery will be a bit more bearable, a bit less annoying. I was looking for that moment when the characters develop and she wouldn't be whining about the fact that she hates boys so much, but still gets turned on on the smallest acts. Her character has so many splits, and I couldn't understand her at all. One minute she swore off all relationships and guys, the next, she's day-dreaming about Bennett. Make up your mind, gurl!!

 photo tumblr_m9molw9K0Q1qgn9dlo1_500.gif

Now, what made this a two stars instead of one, is Bennett. I don't even know how he handled Avery, and why he liked her anyways. He's cute, and a virgin. However, I could't feel Avery and Bennett's connection at all. I felt like they didn't fit together, and he would be way better without her.

In the end, the book wasn't that great, and it was very hard to read even though it's pretty short.

Heroine: 1/5
Level of hotness: 2/5
Writing: 3:5
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July 1, 2017
How could anyone not have a real soft spot for Bennet?

Responsible, sweet, sexy Bennet!

Even with the exclusion of his "virgin" status, he just had so much more going on for him!
I low-key need to find myself a Bennet.

I also pictured him as Steven Kelly.

He could have been more forceful in his pursuit, but the problems predominately came from the heroine, and her refusal to have a relationship with him even though it was clear that was what he wanted.
They weren't together, but after she met him, it annoyed me that she still had sex with her f*ck buddy. Obviously feelings hadn't caught on then, but there was a very strong mutual attraction, and her constant flirt with other men that had me all "grr" even if I was completely fine with her having a past. But I'm one of those readers who can deal with a heroine's OM drama but way more sensitive to a hero's. Hypocritical, totally. But I also think that's because hero OW drama is over used.

Summary of the plot is... good guy making a cynical girl believe in love?
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September 24, 2013
Review originally posted at http://fictionvixen.com/review-christ...

The blurb for All of You immediately jumped out and grabbed my interest…. I mean come on, the hero is an irresistible, tattooed VIRGIN and since I’m all for having irresistible, tattooed virgins in my reading material I requested it for review and had high hopes when I started reading. Bennett and Avery are our two main characters. Bennett is a handsome, swoon worthy art major who works at a tattoo parlor, sells his art at shows and, because of his hot mess mother, is used to being the caregiver of his family. He’s learned lessons from his mother’s mistakes and is bound and determined that he won’t give away his virginity to just anyone. He wants real love. Then there’s Avery who is in college taking classes to get her RN, works in a nursing home and deals with the pain of her traumatic childhood by basically being a man-eater who only lets men in enough to give her an orgasm. Whenever they get too close she runs in the other direction in order to keep from giving them the wrong idea, because she just doesn’t have any interest in a relationship.

Our story opens with the heroine Avery is at a frat party looking to hook up for the night. The man she has set her sights on across the room is gorgeous, sexy and doesn’t seem to have any interest in her. She flirts, she gives him some come hither glances, but he never takes the bait so she decides to head home to sulk (I mean come ON, she doesn’t normally have to hit on men, they hit on HER). Since there wasn’t anyone else at the party that interested her in the same way, she goes home alone. Even turning down getting lucky with her fuck buddy Rob. Amazingly enough the very next morning she sees the pretty boy from the night before is in the process of moving into her building. From there they start a complicated back and forth, push and pull relationship that about drove me nuts.

I think what problems I had with this story start and end with Avery. First let me say I’m all for women owning their sexuality and love it when I get a heroine who is empowered enough to go after and get what she wants. That being said, if Avery were a guy I’d be calling her a douche. She grated on my nerves from the very beginning. I understood where the author was coming from when creating her back story and giving her a way to deal with it, and I so wanted to feel some kind of compassion for her. I just couldn’t get over my feelings of dislike enough to get to there. Then there’s the way she deals with Bennett…

Bennett is the hottie who moves in her building and immediately strikes up a friendship with her. I say friendship, but their relationship is laced with sexual tension from the very beginning. Their friendship takes a deeper turn when Bennett chases away a prowler trying to break into Avery’s window one evening. This brings them closer and Bennett’s protectiveness gets to him so he asks her to stay over so he can watch over her. He’s such a sweet, giving man and really is the saving grace of this story. As Avery pushes him over and over to move onto a sexual level he resists (although, it seemed to be a very difficult thing for him to do) until he finally has to admit that he wants her, but is a virgin. A sexy virgin who didn’t do much fumbling around in the bedroom, but a virgin nonetheless.

To be honest, I understood both Bennett’s reasonings for staying a virgin and Avery’s for sleeping around and staying away from commitment. They were two sides of the same coin. Both having to deal with similar backgrounds, but handling their feelings of the past in opposite ways. Avery had an added traumatic experience that pushed her into her extreme dislike of relationships, but the further I read the more I had the impression that she and Bennett had more in common than either realized. I think I would have enjoyed this story a little more if I had been able to connect to Avery, but for some reason I just was never able to. She was abrasive and didn’t become remotely likable until the very end. She pushed for sex and then stepped back from Bennett so many times I felt like she was playing him after a while. She held back from telling him things he aught to have known, things like having once had a one night stand with his boss, then gets upset when he is pissed. What? When they finally do the deed I still wasn’t sure if I believed their commitment to each other. The dialogue between her and her two best friends is another thing that turned me off. I understand banter and have two bffs myself, but the constant use of name calling toward each other became old after a while. There is just so much asshat, bitch, dillweed, dickhead and asshead one can take in a conversation. And these people supposedly like each other.

My feelings over the heroine aside, this story did show some promise and I enjoyed Bennett and the grandmotherly figure, Mrs. Jackson, enough that I was able to keep reading to see where this relationship ended up. Final Grade- D

Favorite Quote:

“I want something real, ” he whispered. “And I’m willing to wait for it.”

My throat closed up at his words.

“Are you … waiting for marriage?”

“No.” He looked me dead in the eye. “I’m just waiting for love.”

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