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Fixed #1

Fixed on You

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From New York Times Bestselling author, Laurelin Paige, Fixed on You is a USA Today Bestseller and Book One in the Trilogy that PEOPLE Magazine named in their Top Ten Reader Favorites of 2014.

Fixed on You is the first book in a trilogy but ends without a cliffhanger. Due to mature material, it is recommended for ages 17+.

Stalking and restraining orders are a thing of Alayna Wither's past. With her MBA newly in hand, she has her future figured out --move up at the nightclub she works at and stay away from any guy who might trigger her obsessive love disorder. A perfect plan. But what Alayna didn't figure on is Hudson Pierce, the new owner of the nightclub. He's smart, rich, and gorgeous --the kind of guy Alayna knows to stay away from if she wants to keep her past tendencies in check.

Except, Hudson's fixed his sights on her. He wants her in his bed and makes no secret of it. Avoiding him isn't an option after he offers a business proposition she can't turn down and she's drawn further into his universe, unable to resist his gravitational pull.

When she learns Hudson has a dark history of his own, she realizes too late that she's fallen for the worst man she could possibly get involved with. Or maybe their less than ideal pasts give them an opportunity to heal each other and finally find the love their lives have been missing.

231 pages, ebook

First published June 24, 2013

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About the author

Laurelin Paige

118 books15k followers
Laurelin Paige is the NYT, WSJ, USA Today Bestselling Author of the international sensation, The Fixed Trilogy. She's also written other popular books in the Fixed Universe as well as the Dirty Universe and has cowritten with both Kayti McGee and Sierra Simone.
Are you looking for a romantic comedy or something hot and angsty? Here's Laurelin's list of books broken down by trope and reading order.
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2,417 reviews14.2k followers
August 15, 2017

★★★★★! Fixed on You, book 1 of 4. Epic whirlwind saga as the Hudson Alexander Pierce sweeps biz grad of her feet into a world of excess, lies, deceit & betrayals!

Books in Fixed series should be read in order:
Book 1-3: Fixed Trilogy
Book 1: Fixed on You
Book 2: Found in You
Book 3: Forever with You
Book 4: Hudson
- Hudson’s POV

Alayna Wither, Laynie has come a long way from stalking men in the wake of losing her parents in a tragic accident. But it’s a daily struggle. Imagine her dilemma when larger-than-life, heir and business icon Hudson Alexander Pierce flirts with her at the bar while she works.

Then he tempts her with an indecent business proposition that gives her full access to the man, his time, his attention, his body… Much of the story follows their arrangement from fuck-buddies and beyond.

Both are flawed and in many ways broken, more to unfold with story. As they get fixated on each other the world around them plots to keep them apart; Secrets, lies, deceit and betrayal yet their biggest obstacles will always come from within…

Hudson Alexander Pierce had me at hello. Seven words to describe Hudson: secretive, conflicted, complex, broke, flawed, possessive, commanding, private and larger-than-life.

Though Hudson swept me off my feet, Alayna Wither, Laynie, in many ways with her flawed, broken, humble, endearing and candid ways carried the story.

Fixed Trilogy, told from Alayna’s POV, is journey of self-reflection and growth for both Hudson and Alayna. I loved how they both remained true to their faults. The integral plot with many twists and turns kept me on my toes until the very end. Epilogue sorted out the last pieces. Up next, book 4, Hudson their story from Hudson’s POV.

Brilliant story-telling! Excellent plot! Mind-blowing sex! To-die-for hero! Favorite heroine shelf! Epic read!

Hero rating: 5 stars
Heroine rating: 5 stars
Sexual tension rating: 5 stars
Sex scenes rating: 5 stars
Sex scenes frequency: 5 stars
Plot rating: 5 stars
Dialogue rating: 5 stars
Storytelling rating: 5 stars
Story ending rating: 5 stars
Overall rating: 5 stars

Would I recommend this series: Yes.
Would I re-read this series: Maybe later.
Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

Thanks everyone! ShhLYT(F)BR week on Shh… Epic love saga (HEA or none): https://goo.gl/uxYA5g
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1,861 reviews30.1k followers
October 25, 2016
4 Stars

So this felt very "Fifty Fresh Shade-y" to me.


'Fifty Shade-y" is super legit technical term, by the way. I thought of it in the bathroom.

You're welcome.

But as I was saying.

This felt Fifty Fresh Shade-y.

Except in a night club.


With no Red Room.


No virginal lip biter who dresses poorly.


And no Inner Goddess.


GOD, that was so fucking annoying.

But anycrappyinnerdialogue, I don't really care about that, I still really enjoyed it.

I thought it was cool that Alayna has some pumped up kicks - aka ISSUES - too - thus the "fresh" of my Fifty Fresh Shade-y.

Especially since her issue was something this wingnut can totally get down with.


I AM that^^^ friend, homies.

I AM that person who needs things parallel, patterns her closet by color and season, and reorganizes the fucking condiment jar at restaurants. This is quickly followed by a Wet Ones wipe down, of course...which I carry in my purse at all times....

But whatevs!

NEVER doubt the airborne disease power of the Petri dish that is a toddler, people.


I know I may sound high strung, but I swear I'm not.

I'm super chill about life and YOUR mess. It's only MY mess that I care about.

I try to not to foist my crazy onto others.

But I digress.

This book.

I really enjoyed it.

But, also as with Fifty, I don't feel too much urgency to dive into book two for whatever reason...

I must admit, my dumbass didn't remember this was a same-couple/trilogy series - a format I just don't love all that much when I'm not in the mood for it.

Which I'm not right now.

Regardless, I'm sure at some point that I'll get to the rest of the series, but for now I'm content to hit pause...

Find me at:

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1,813 reviews597 followers
July 27, 2014
I have had this series on my TBR for what seems like FOREVER! So I decided to put down everything and read the entire series back to back. First impression...HOLY SHIT! THIS is what I've been missing! THIS is what everyone has been raving about! Erotic and Intense are just two of the words that describe this series. I could give you a million more, but the FIXED Series by Laurelin Paige is something that you absolutely HAVE TO EXPERIENCE ASAP! DO NOT put this off any longer. It is an absolute MUST READ for the die hard romance reader in you! Fans of the Crossfire series and other Billionaire Romances will rejoice for Fixed on You. Some elements are the same, the steam factor raised up a notch, but Ms. Paige gave us a fresh new raw romance, following two damaged characters trying to work together to make a relationship work. Alayna will drive you crazy, but in a good way, and Hudson, well...I just have to say...Christian who?

Full of intense heat, craziness, and mystery, I wanted nothing more than to bury myself in Hudson's world and NEVER EVER leave! Who knew this would be the start of one of my all time favorite series! God help me, if I was made to wait for the sequel!
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1,059 reviews74.9k followers
July 23, 2016

4.5 stars!

If dominant and controlling yet tortured heroes make your heart race, then  Fixed On You will rock your world!

I totally loved this book!!! It gave me that amazing belly fluttering, thrilling feeling of excitement that only my favorite books give me :)

Pretty much my most favorite story line type is flawed or damaged characters working together to try and build a functional relationship while fighting understandable issues but with no stupidity or frustrating behavior and this book basically delivered that to me on a silver platter. I couldn't have been happier - absolute book heaven!

Fans of the Crossfire series should definitely check this one out! Ever since I'd finished those books, I'd been in withdrawal wishing for another book of that type yet I couldn't find one that quite hit the spot... but this one gave me that same 'intense' feeling and I just reveled in it!

That being said, it totally stood on it's own as far as the story went. Yes, many of the base points were the same as a lot of the other billionaire stories out there but the details were unique and so it definitely felt like a fresh story.

The story follows Alayna who, as a result of the circumstances of her past, had developed an obsessive relationship disorder - meaning that she would very easily latch on to relationships and fall in love so much so that she'd strayed into stalker territory at times in her past. It was an issue she was battling and gone to therapy for but she still fought it every day. But she was building her life, had gotten an MBA and was working a great gig at a club bar when the club was suddenly purchased by billionaire Hudson Pierce.

Hudson was exactly the kind of guy she should stay away from - the kind that would trigger her. Gorgeous, alluring, confident, controlled, dominant. Problem was, he had his sights fixed on her and came to her with an intriguing proposition...

He wanted to hire her to act as his public girlfriend. He was in a situation that he wanted to get out of and having a girlfriend would sort out all of his problems so he needed to sell the fact that they were in love.

"This pretend relationship - to what extent would I be expected to perform?"

"Don't pussy foot about it. You're asking about sex." His eyes darkened again. "I never pay for sex, Alayna. When I fuck you, it will be for free."

Granted, Alayna was understandably wary of the proposition at first knowing full well that it would just feed into her compulsion making it even harder for her to not latch on emotionally and it didn't help that Hudson's interest with her was not solely professional...

"I apologize for overwhelming you. That wasn't my intent. But I want you to know that whether or not you decide to help with my situation, I will continue to seduce you. I'm a man who gets what he wants. And I want you."

And he was also harboring dark secrets from his past that made him almost incapable of love...

"First, let me clear up one thing… I will be saying and doing things - romantic things, perhaps - that are not genuine. I need you to remember that. Out of the public eye, I will seduce you. That will be genuine, but it can never be misconstrued as love."

"Because you're incapable of love." …


... but despite all of this, their attraction and feelings were real and even her issues and his secrets couldn't keep them apart :)

I absolutely adored Hudson. He was the kind of guy that makes my heart race. He was alluring and yet contradictory. He remained distant and aloof while at the same time he seemed totally infatuated with her. But I'm just such a sucker for the controlled yet tortured heroes.... they make my heart melt every time and Hudson was no exception.

I honestly wasn't sure how I'd feel about Alayna at first given what I knew about her obsession but I ended up liking that it made her flawed because while she was very aware of her limitations and while it made her wary of their relationship, I liked that she had something real she was struggling with.

I also have to say that I absolutely loved that while Alayna did have issues, she wasn't broken and she certainly wasn't a pushover by any means. The scenes with her facing off with Hudson's mother were just awesome! Here's just a little taste...

"Tell me, Alayna - were you first attracted to my son because of his money or his name?"

Pissed didn't even begin to describe how I felt. I was seething, but in control. Without skipping a beat, I wrapped my arm around Hudson's arm and answered. "Neither. I was attracted to him because he's hot. Though, I stayed with him because he's fucking awesome in bed."

So she had issues, he had secrets, and their relationship was a sham but somehow it all just worked.

There were so many times when you'd wonder... how much of what was going on between them was for show and how much of it was real feelings developing? Where was the line? When did it begin to blur?

"If I wondered that the whole act was a display... his whisper in my ear said otherwise, "This, precious. This is for real."

There's just something about characters with deep problems actually trying to work through them in a functional way that just makes my heart happy. I loved that I never once rolled my eyes or wanted to throttle either Alayna or Hudson. Yes, they both messed up on occasion. No, neither of them were perfect. But... I loved that I could sense that they both did want to make things work and because of that, I loved reading about their ups and downs.

And as the story progressed, their connection deepened and it wasn't just a physical connection, they were a match in intelligence too and because of their dark pasts, they both found things in each other that they could sympathize with.

"I turned to him and found his gaze absent of pity. Instead it held understanding. More and more I realized that I was special to him because of this unique recognition he saw in me."

This book also kept me smiling and fanning myself. It wasn't light-hearted but it was a lot of fun! There were some total shocking moments, some laugh-out-loud moments and boat loads of hotness but the heart of it was what drew me in. For a good chunk of the time I was reading, I had that delicious butterflies-in-my-belly feeling. It was hot, thrilling, and engaging. I really loved it :)

This is the kind of book that gets better as it goes along though. In the beginning, for the first 40% or so, I was sitting at a comfortable 4-star rating. I liked it but was waiting for that extra 'spark' and then just the pieces really started to come together until by the end, I was pretty much at 5-star love. So I'm going to round it off to a very happy 4.5 star rating.

Oh, and I seriously just want to hug the author for not leaving this book on a cliffhanger. I really mean it. Despite this being the first book in a trilogy, there is no cliffhanger!! Nothing. Not even a dark something from the past that creeps in or anything. I mean sure there is more of their story to tell but it was like the author totally trusted that you'd want to read the next book of your own accord and you know what?? I TOTALLY DO!!!!!

All in all, this book pushed all the right buttons for me. I loved the characters, cared for them, and wanted to see them work their issues out. Not to mention that this book has some serious hotness in it - I mean... that's what you get with a dominant, controlling hero *grins* ... so overall, it took a little while in the beginning for this book to fully capture my heart but once it did, it didn't let go and kept it through 'til the very end.

This is definitely the start of a new favorite series for me. Fixed On You is the first book in a trilogy but again, no cliffhanger! You're totally safe to go ahead and read this now!


4.5 stars

The sequel, Found In You, will be released on October 1st, 2013 and will continue Hudson and Alayna's story.

My casting:

Stalking and restraining orders are a thing of Alayna Wither’s past. With her MBA newly in hand, she has her future figured out—move up at the nightclub she works at and stay away from any guy who might trigger her obsessive love disorder. A perfect plan.

But what Alayna didn’t figure on is Hudson Pierce, the new owner of the nightclub. He’s smart, rich, and gorgeous—the kind of guy Alayna knows to stay away from if she wants to keep her past tendencies in check. Except, Hudson’s fixed his sights on her. He wants her in his bed and makes no secret of it.

Avoiding him isn’t an option after he offers a business proposition she can’t turn down and she’s drawn further into his universe, unable to resist his gravitational pull. When she learns Hudson has a dark history of his own, she realizes too late that she’s fallen for the worst man she could possibly get involved with. Or maybe their less than ideal pasts give them an opportunity to heal each other and finally find the love their lives have been missing.

For more of my reviews, book news and updates:
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June 19, 2016
I am finding this pretty hard to rate & review..

My feelings towards Alayna

How Alayna seems to me in this book;

My feelings towards Hudson

How Hudson seems to me in the book;

Alayna's "job"

See where i come from.. she is just called a


I mean seriously together they just seemed to be like;


Hudson's issues.. (IMO)

The whole issue with the book for me is whenever Hudson acted nice or said nice things i was like

Because i didnt trust him I couldnt get into the story enough for me to more than "like" it.
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689 reviews13.5k followers
March 21, 2016
This review is posted on Angie's Dreamy Reads!


One word ladies....Hudson!!! Hudson -panty sizzler- Pierce. He is absolutely delectable. Sexy, rich, dominating, swoon worthy, arrogant, damaged, fanfuckingtastic. He's sex on a stick. That's what he is! He oozes manly yumminess! I didn't just love this book, I freaking ADORED and DEVOURED it. It wasn't too angsty, overly dramatic or intense. It was just perfect. It took you away to that "happy place" and kept you there and when it was over you were screaming, NO, NO, NO, **waving your kindle in the air** this can't, just can't be over..whyyyyyy! I NEED MORE!!! ** Insert dramatic face** He's what I'd call my perfect book husband. This is the man you dream and fantasize about. He makes every page on your eReader sizzle. It’s a no brainer 5 star read for me. There's not one single damn thing I'd change. Not one. It was captivating, steamy and made my little heart thump, thump, thump. I love being whisked away by a rich, damaged, sexy alpha male while being seduced one delicious, scrumptious word at a time. I think I honestly became Laynie when I read this..no joke. It was a complete possession...hahaha! Ok, ok I'm getting a bit melodramatic but I can't help it. This book owned me when I read it. It's been awhile since I've read a book as hot as Damien Stark, Gideon Cross or Bennett Ryan. A book that just tantalizes and teases every single part of you. I love these kinds of reads. I want to escape in the pages and leave all my worries, stresses and day to day troubles behind. This book did that. It took me away from my everyday life and made me NEVER want to return.

Laynie is a very damaged girl. She has some stalker tendencies **insert smirk** , which I found very in endearing. Maybe that makes me insane, but this girl has major family issues and the way she deals with them is by latching on to men. That has earned her quite a bit of trouble in the past. She works at a bar and after counseling she is pretty much walking the straight and narrow. Laynie has her sights set on a management position at The Sky Launch bar and is working her way up to the top. David her current hook up and boss is Laynie’s ticket to what she thinks she wants BUT the bar is sold to a new owner and Laynie’s chance to get that promotion might be a little delayed.

Hudson Pierce is the new owner of The Sky Launch bar. A wealthy, arrogant and sexy businessman, he has his eyes set on Laynie and it’s a little more than meets the eye. Hudson is a man who ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS get what he wants. And this time he needs Laynie to do a job for him. It’s not your typical proposition but comes at the perfect time for Laynie because the life she’s worked hard to build is slowly fizzling away. With an offer too good to refuse and a sexual chemistry too intense to deny Laynie says YES to a proposal that is SURE to change her life.

Together Hudson and Laynie are SCORCHING. The sexual tension they ooze is palpable. This book is FUN, ENJOYABLE and DAMN SEXY. The best part is that Laynie and Hudson are both fantastic characters. Laynie is definitely a lovable, sweet girl. One that I fell in love with. I didn't just love this book because of Huds...No, I loved it because Laynie was a bad ass chick too. She made me feel for her, connect to her and her issues. I loved being in her mind, listening to her thoughts and experiencing her feelings for Huds. The characters are AMAZING. Really they both rocked.

Hudson...Well I told you above! He is EVERYTHING you could want. I love a billionaire, alpha male that takes what he wants and asks questions later. That is my perfect man and Hudson filled every trait.

I would recommend this if you are a fan of Beautiful Bastard, Bared to You and Release Me. This book is in the same category. It’s one HOT read, sure to tug on your heart, wet your panties **wink wink** and make you swoon. Get ready for a ride you won’t EVER want to end.

MY BLOG LINK -->> Angie's Dreamy Reads

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509 reviews561 followers
June 25, 2013
This started so promising and so good. I actually thought it will be some crazy shit to read, with heroine having past with obsession with lovers and having restraining order and with hero being , and i had so many possible scenarios in my head with lots of drama, angst, possible cheating, possible cliffhanger but....


what i got was:

sex, sex, sex, lots of sex, only sex, with some plot if you can actually call it a plot


and of course millions of orgasms, probably orgasm in a second orgasm which is followed by fourth orgasm in third orgasm :)


But the amazing thing is that even though it was so ridiculous to read I just could not put it down. Why? Because all the time I hoped some of that shit I so hoped for will maybe happen and I just had to know....
but no... only lots of sex....

I kinda did like it... not how i wanted, I didn't need clean panties like the warning said, more like grinning bcoz of MC, or eye-rolling on some of their lines, or laughing at some ridiculous parts...

so if you want a book with lots of sex, no actual plot that doesn't involve sex, and if you want to swoon over one delicious alpha controlling male... WELL THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU THEN!

May 23, 2020
I started this book because the plot was different. I wanted to see what happened. However the writing at times was a bit I don't know off putting and I had a hard time staying focused. Even thought there was something off about the book for me I still wanted to know what happened so after 3 days of trying to finish it I got to 50% and skimmed it. I'm not sure if I'll read the next book or just skim it but I still want to know what is going to happen.
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1,288 reviews3,231 followers
June 17, 2017
Ms Paige writes unique, flawed characters and while- in principle- Alayna and Hudson were written perfectly, I neither got sucked in nor did I particularly care about their story. That notwithstanding, I probably will read the next serial.
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420 reviews1,119 followers
July 25, 2016
4 Deliciously Flawed Stars

”In his words, in his actions, I felt fixed. I’d fallen into something that had nothing to do with love. Into healing. And it was love too. If I could stand to admit it to myself, love was exactly what it was.”

Love heals and sooths. It fixes and sets wrongs straight. Have faith in love and trust your feelings. When everything else fails, they will not betray you.


We are far from perfect. Vindictive and lying bastards, scared, wounded people with pasts and a ton of emotional baggage to sort through. Our heads are a mess, but are our hearts can’t be closed off forever. Along comes someone, similarly scarred that knock us off our feet when we are least expecting it.

Love is what we have been searching for, for eternities. Wars have been fought and cities where destroyed in its name. Who are we really to believe that we can escape? How can we deny the other half of our soul, when it stares us right in the eyes and is begging us for a chance at happiness?


Fear and arrogance are the worst bed-mates. They bleed poison in your soul while wrapping you in cotton, supposedly to protect you. Empty affairs, floozy sex partners, dysfunctional families. They seem a lot to overcome but the end will reward you and you got to try, even playing dirty, by any means necessary.

Perfect is overrated and normal is frankly quite boring. Head cases are the new sexy and *orgasm alert* ladies, they will blow you away!


”I’d like to pay you to help me with a problem. I believe you’d be perfect for the job.”
“You win. My curiosity is piqued. What’s the job?”
“I need you to break up an engagement.”
“Um, what? Whose?”
Hudson leaned back, his dazzling gray eyes flickering in the strobe lights. “Mine.”





Alayna Laynie Withers is trying to move on with her life after picking up the pieces of her broken shelf. The girl who lost her parents, was raised by her unloving and simply bastard brother had once tried to find the love and partnership it was denied to her in relationships. But she couldn’t be normal. She was latching on, fixating and getting worked up on guys, until a restraining order put her straight. Having earned her business degree and trying to make the most out of her job in a high-end bar, she mistakenly thinks that sleeping with the right man will give her the place she deserves. Vulnerable and wounded, she will catch the eye of a man so dangerous to her mindset that will shake all her beliefs and will open her eyes to whole new world of sensual pleasure and emotional stability. That is until they admit what they mean to each other…


Hudson Pierce a ruthless businessman, an attractive and arrogant man is the new owner of the nightclub. He needs to set up quickly an elaborate façade to fool everyone and not end up married to a woman he doesn’t want. He propositions Alayna; a sham relationship and sex with no strings. All the pleasure she can handle. In exchange he will pay off her student loans. They just have to fool everyone, especially his total BITCH of a mother, that they are desperately in love and not fall for each other in the process. Piece of cake, right? NOT!

A man incapable of loving and a woman that loves too much. Will they make it? Will they go against the odds and end up with a love of a lifetime? Or fear and cowardice, will forever be holding them hostage?


Sexy, unapologetic, twisted, fun and exciting, full of intense dialogue, funny banter between the characters and a delight to read and fantasize about sex scenes, this book will keep your eyes glued to the page, making you crazy with the heroes antics and inability or maybe unwillingness to face the truth and admit what is obvious to anyone with eyes and functioning reproductive organs.


Small cliffie, no big deal, just makes the sequel all more anticipating. I freaking can’t wait!


Maja, hon, thank you very much, for a great recommendation!

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305 reviews
June 16, 2015
DNF 25%

This is definitely a case of it's not you it's me, because most of my friends who read this really liked it. I only got to 24% in this book and have lost count of how many times this girl has talked about how "wet" she is. I don't know why this is a pet peeve to me, it just is, and once I notice the repetitiveness I can't get past it. This book went overboard with the cheesy dialogue to the point it was comical and distracting.

" His Low murmur had me clenching my thighs together, my panties pooling with moisture"

" Well, didn't that have liquid pooling between my thighs"

( This is why I'm worried about her, she just met the guy and she is swimming in pools of wetness?)

" Your body language expresses it quite well. I wouldn't be surprised to find out you're already wet"

" His black framed glasses had me slipping in my panties"

" I shifted, the inside of my legs feeling sticky and moist"

" Christ Alayna, you're wet. Ah, so wet. You're driving me crazy with your sounds and how wet you are for me."

" My panties are, um soaked." " I can't wear them"

and my favorite...

" I'm not putting on soaking wet panties. I'll smell like sex all night and let me tell you what that does to a bunch of grabby drunk customers."

I know the guy's hot but give me a break! Too cheesy. Don't even get me started on the 29 yr. old billionaire who owns his own bank.

Profile Image for Jacqueline's Reads.
2,840 reviews1,483 followers
February 20, 2015

5 Stars

Fixed On You is the PERFECT light and steamy read.

I just finished a really intense book, so I asked my GF what I should read to get me out of my funk, she told me Fixed on You. I can’t believe I waited to so long to pick up this series!

Alayna has a problem, she kind of loves too hard. Whenever she gets into a relationship with a guy, she goes overboard, into stalkerish territory. Hudson is a successful, sexy business man who doesn’t know how to love, but he needs to get his mom off his back. Hudson makes a deal with Alayna. If Alayna can pretend to be his girlfriend to get his mom off his back, then he will pay for Alayna’s school debt. Alayna desperately wants to get out of debt, but she is afraid she may fall for Hudson because of her problem.

The blurb is really adorable. I actually had no idea what Fixed on You was about, for some reason, I thought Alayna was like a sex addict or something. I haven’t read a “cutesy” book in a very long time and I forget how much I miss these kinds of reads.

The relationship between Hudson and Alayna is very cute, there’s a little tension and banter too. You do not have to wait too long to get to the steam and no there’s no “insta-love”, but definitely “insta-lust” and I’m ALL FOR THAT.

I love the alpha billionaire-story line, it’s probably one of my top favorites and Paige really surprised me on how unique the characters were. I’ve never read a character where the Heroine falls too quickly in love, it was very comical and different. Hudson is the typical rich, sexy, play-boy, but honestly there’s nothing to complain about, because he hits the mark.

Fixed on You is a quick, light and very steamy read. I recommend completely. There is also a HEA, so don’t worry, no cliffy. Now on to book 2…

Fixed on You (Fixed, #1) by Laurelin Paige AMAZON
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April 13, 2018
Audible Review:
Distinguishable between characters: 5 Stars
Impersonating opposite sex: 4 Stars
Accents: n/a
Overall enjoyment of Performance: 5 Stars.
Recommend audible version: Yes

Story Review: When I got this book 2 years ago, this was an unknown author to me. I actually didn't know many authors since I was stuck in the HR phase up until that point. This book just happened to be one of the first freebies I came across on Amazon and I thought why not give it a try. I'm so glad that I did. This series has turned out to be one of my top favorites, even two years later.

I will admit that this first book in the series started out real iffy for me. I do not like needy females and I want a story that has the man chasing the woman. When I found out that Alayna was a reformed stalker...well I had a hard time with her behavior. She kinda came of crazy in this first book.

The real reason I stuck through her crazy, was Hudson. Hudson came off kinda mysterious and frankly that intrigued me. When we find out Hudson has his own issues, instead of turning me off the story, it just hooked me more. I needed to see where this was going.

This is not a low angst book. On top of Alayna and Hudson's own brand of crazy, we get Hudson's train wreck of a family, and then there is his friend Celia. There is something going on with Celia and it's not good. She's fishy and I know I'm going to want to push her off a cliff.
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May 29, 2018
"...you’re looking for something temporary. Something fun to play with.” I leaned even closer to deliver my punch line—the one that would deter even the horniest of men. “And I get attached.” I stood back up to my full height so I could take in his reaction. “Now doesn’t that just scare you shitless?”

I’d expected to see panic flash through his face. Instead, I saw a flicker of amusement. “You, Alayna Withers, do anything but scare me.”

Alayna is one of my most favourite girls and this is one of my favourite romance series.
Alayna is different. She is definitely not like the rest of the main female characters in the romance novels. She is NOT normal. She is not stupid. Some people may say that she is crazy. But she is just extraordinary and unique. She knows what she wants, she knows how this will end up and she stays away.

“I’m going to rock your world”

In this story I really preferred the female character and I was at her side supporting her all the way, while I wanted to punch Hudson's face and make him bleed from the first time we met him in book 1 until the last page in book 3 -although, book 3 is another story, full of twists.

Alanea is a survivor. She has her personal psychological problems like obsession with old boyfriends and she will possibly be obsessed with any future boyfriends. She also has low self esteem. They had press charges against her in the past and now she has been under restricting order. She fights against her obsessions and her herself. She wins so far. She has decided that she will never be obsessed again with anybody. She will never fall in love. Only sex, she will never give heart and soul.

On the other hand there is Hudson, a rich playboy who is a maestro in breaking hearts. Because he is a sociopath. He knows it. Everybody knows it. He has had professional help about this problem. He admits it to Alanea. At the same time he has a proposition for her. It is simple:

“What exactly would you want me to do?”

“Pretend we’re a couple. I’d invite you to several gatherings where my mother would see us together. I’d expect you to hang on my arm and behave as though we’re madly in love.”

“And that’s all?”

That way his family will leave him and in return he will pay all Alayna's student loans. Moreover he warns her that he hurts people and he is incapable of loving anybody.

Alayna needs the money and she also likes what she sees and so she agrees. It is only a game after all and plain sex. Nobody will get hurt. She has made a promise to herself that she will never fall in love.

A guy who cannot love and a girl who always loves too much, more than she should.
This is the recipe for lots of angst.

“No romance? I can do that.”

Hudson leaned back on the front of his desk again. He raised a brow, amusement in his eyes. “Are you also incapable of love?”

I met his gaze and ignored the little voice in my head telling me to run. “No, just the opposite. I love too much. Keeping love out of the equation is a very good thing.”

“Good. No love.”

And then the lies begin and the secrets. And then more lies and more secrets and more lies on top of the lies.

I admit that there is a happy ending in the book. Everybody is happy. A brand new beginning for everyone. But then you already know there is a second book. And your stomach hurts a bit because you have a really bad feeling about the things that will follow...Hudson is still around after all.

“We’re really doing this, aren’t we? Moving forward.”

“We are.”
January 23, 2020
4.5 Double Head Case Stars

Wow... where to begin with this one...? As the title of this review alludes to, both of these characters have some not so small psychological issues. Alayna ("Laynie" to her friends) has just completed her MBA degree and is celebrating her success at the night club where she has been employed for several years. While most people would look for a 9-5 type of corporate job, Laynie enjoys the industry and wants to move up the management ladder by sharing some new ideas she has for improving the club. As she takes a celebratory shot with her friends who also work there, she sees a customer she has never seen before at the end of the bar... and when she gets closer, her panties steam up. He is everything she has sworn to avoid in a man: dominant, gorgeous, confident, and wealthy. But as the bartender on duty, she has to take his order (single malt scotch, neat.... of course). After he tips her a ridiculous amount that she tries to give back, he leaves... and she is relieved as he is anything but safe for her. Laynie has a tendency to go overboard in her relationships, and by overboard, let's just say that there have been restraining orders and law suits. She tends to get quickly attached, and now that she has been in therapy for a few years, she knows it is most likely related to her childhood wherein her parents were killed when she was young, and her older brother took over as a parent, though he was not very supportive or loving. This has led Laynie to seek male approval and security in her romantic relationships, and though she has been issue-free for years now, she knows the mystery man at the bar would most likely tailspin her back to her obsessive days.

Hudson Pierce gets what he wants, and right now what he wants is Alayna. He saw her present her thesis project where he was a judge/panelist, and she is everything he likes in a woman: brunette, large-chested, gorgeous, and smart. She is the perfect person for him to hire to pretend to be his girlfriend to get his mother off his back as she has been bullying him into marrying the daughter of her best friend with whom he has no attraction to or interest in beyond friendship. Laynie, the bartender of the club he has just acquired as a "hot, young billionaire CEO" of {insert generic sounding name here} company, is his type to a T, which is why he is certain she will be convincing in the role of gf who has earned his ever-loving devotion and will release him from any obligation his mother has attempted to entangle him in. And while Hudson believes he is incapable of love, he 100% wants to get it on with Laynie behind-the-scenes. But how can that possibly work between a couple where one cannot connect and the other over-connects? What happens when the line between the pretend and the real starts to blur?

What I liked:
--- Hudson is a mega alpha male - yum!
--- Laynie is a gorgeous woman, but she is super flawed which makes her feel way more relatable
--- STEAMY goodness!

What I didn't like as much:
--- Sometimes there is way more angst than necessary, but the author mostly resolves those issues quickly (meaning miscommunication is rarely the problem, or if it is, it isn't for long)
--- It left me dangling ---- ahhhh!!! Cliffhanger alert!

Overall, a delicious read with plenty of steam, twists, and strong plot line. (And, of course, I had to go and get the next book!)

Plot --- 4.5/5
Main Characters --- 4.5/5
Supporting Cast --- 4/5
Steam Level* --- 4/5
Violence --- none
Language --- the f word makes appearances early & often
POV --- 1st (Laynie's POV)

*Note that steam level is not a rating so much as a how hot was it: 0/5 - clean; 1/5 - mild; 2/5 - sensual but nothing descriptive; 3/5 - now we're getting somewhere; 4/5 - yes please! ; 5/5 - they did EVERYTHING in this one, y'all
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May 20, 2013
If you like the Crossfire series, read this book!! Hudson Pierce rivals Gideon Cross as a book boyfriend, and Laurelin's sexy scenes will have you panting. I reread my favorite ones many, many times. The troubled but intensely sexual relationship between Hudson and Alayna will appeal to fans of Sylvia Day and Katy Evans's REAL. Read it in an air-conditioned room or turn on the fan--it. is. HOT.
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August 6, 2013
This freaking book ends in a cliffhanger!!!!!

News flash...a book with no cliffy has beginning, middle and end or a HEA. This book does not have a HEA...it has a "wait until fall for the sequel" at the end.

God dammit doesn't any one write a full story any more????
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October 11, 2022
I hate to give negative reviews but yeah, I really didn't like this. No matter how hard I tried.

I was quite annoyed with Alayna. Especially when she sees Hudson. I mean, come on! I've read some eroticas but the heroines weren't all like her!

She was kind of the s* word. She keeps on talking about how wet she is, the pool of wetness in her core, or when he looks at her and her sex will clench...I was like, WTF?!!?

I know that this is an erotica but it could still be a fun, interesting, and amusing book without the heroine talking how sexually aroused she felt whenever she sees her guy. It was seriously annoying.

And I understand, Hudson's so hot and he's the only one who could make her feel like that but calm your libido, girl.
And don't even get me started with her emotions.

I'm done. Didn't even bother finishing it.
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August 4, 2013
*ARC Given to Blog for Honest Review*

5 “precious” Kisses!

My heart is full. Very full. Of love. Of promise. Of possibilities. That is what this book has brought me. Oh…and because I’m a dirty book whore, my heart is full of lust. Because jeez louise as much as this book angst’d the crap out of my heart, it equally filled it up with desire and longing…and horniness. Just sayin’… I really had no idea where this book was going to take me, but wow am I more than pleasantly surprised. I couldn’t put this book down, read it in less than a day. Devoured it because that’s what it did to me. It devoured me…mind, body and soul, and I couldn’t get enough! I’m begging for more! Give me more Hudson!!! *deep calming breaths*

Alayna ‘Laynie’ Withers…she’s a 26 year old bombshell with long brown hair and actual brains to go along with all those good looks. She’s graduating with her MBA from Stern…yet she’s a bit of a contradiction because while some would be looking for a job in the field where you get your degree from, Laynie is quite alright staying right where she is…working as a bartender at The Sky Launch Nightclub. But that’s a different issue….of course she’s a catch, she has to be to garner the eye of a certain über rich mogul, but beneath the gorgeous exterior lies a mentally troubled girl. The death of her parents when she was younger left her in a fragile state. Something that wasn’t handled as quickly as it should have been. She was raised by her older brother, leaving their relationship in less than stellar shape because who wants to have to deal with a teenage girl with ‘issues’. But the past is in the past, Laynie is making progress…until he sits down at her bar.

‘“I so got this.” I so didn’t have it. Not with Mr. Draw-Laynie-To-Me-Whatever-The-Cost-To-Her-Sanity sitting at the end of the bar.’

Hudson Pierce – Mr. All Business, Mr. No Emotions, Mr. Holy-shit-you’re-so-freaking-hot-just-screw-me. Hmm…may have gotten carried away with that one. He’s 29 with floppy brown hair and intense grey eyes that just scream ‘fuck me’…or maybe I just screamed that while I was reading about him. There is just something about a dark, brooding, self-contained businessman that just does it for me in all kinds of delicious ways, and Hudson Pierce did that. Very well. It wasn't just all those good looks and sex appeal that did it for me, there is more to Hudson, I promise. He's successful and intelligent and says the most drool worthy things, but when you combine all that in such a steamy package...well, that's just kryptonite for me. :-) So...there’s a…'deal' if you will, I don’t wanna spoil the deal because that was the jaw drop moment for me and I’d hate to steal that from someone. I didn't see it coming...and I loved it.

‘He lowered his head to my ear. “Wait, Alayna.” His breath tickled and burned simultaneously. I closed my eyes, taking it in, bearing it. “I apologize for overwhelming you. That wasn’t my intent. But I want you to know that whether or not you decide to help with my situation, I will continue to seduce you. I’m a man who gets what he wants. And I want you.”
Um, holy wow.
Turned on did not begin to describe how his statement made me feel.’

So welcome to the world of ‘girl with obsessive issues’ meets ‘boy with love and commitment issues’…two people with ‘less than ideal pasts’ that you really shouldn’t want to be together, but damn it, they’re just so flippin’ perfect for each other. He and Laynie have a lot in common in the mental issues department. She loves too much, to the point of obsession and he doesn’t love at all. It’s sex with Hudson…take it or leave – and GOD Bless America, does Laynie ever take it. But seriously, it’s better to have Hudson than to not have him at all. You couldn’t put a better couple together than Alayna (because he doesn’t call her Laynie) and H (her nick name for him….and yes I think it’s the cutest thing on the planet). I can’t lie…the physical aspect of their relationship hooked me first. Hello…this would be a red alert on the ‘panty melting’ – like sweet Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus did this book set me on fire.

He let out a brief laugh, as if he recognized his own vulnerability and it amused him or confounded him. “I’m drawn to you, Alayna. Not because I want to hurt you or make you feel a certain way, but because you’re beautiful and sexy and smart and, yes, a little crazy, maybe, but you’re not broken. And that makes me hopeful. For me.”

I have no shame, clearly, with what I am about to say…this book had me panting. I could feel their chemistry. It was electric. Their connection, their desire, all of it was just so…freaking…. HOT ! I couldn’t get enough. They might be able to deny soooo many things, their feelings, the reality of the situation, anything else – but the one thing they cannot deny is their physical attraction to each other and the fact that they are sexually very compatible. This book is in it’s own category in my brain because the sex scenes were worthy of an erotica book, but the plot, writing, characters, everything else was 100% contemporary romance…it was an amazingly well meshed blend. And there is so much more to this book than all the hotness...there's Hudson's evil mother (I'm not exaggerating...she is evil), the possibly evil 'friend' Celia...there's drama with Laynie's brother...so, it's not all smooth sailing and hot sex...but I tell you that's why it hooked me! If I wasn't all tied up in knots over angst, I was gasping for breath over the sexual chemistry between these two. Win/Win if you ask me!

‘He labeled it as a kiss for our distant spectators, but it was completely ours—a harmonic blending of him and me, so thoroughly fused I could no longer remember where he began, where I ended, whose taste belonged to who. And it was more—a love song without words, a promise without fear. It was a spark, a beginning of something new.’

Holy crap do I need their sequel. God Bless Miss. Paige for not cliffing me, which I thought she might do there for a hot second, but she didn’t…so they’re happy, I’m happy…but we could all be happier. I need my ‘finality’ with them, they’ve worked very hard to get where they are and now they need a conclusion. A beautiful one, that I may have already dreamed up in my imagination – but I have a feeling the actual version will be a million times better. I have yet to be anything less than thrilled to bits with what I have read…I doubt Found In You will be anything short of amazing.

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July 14, 2013

Alayna is working as a bar tender at a bar called The Sky Launch. One night while working she turns to find a HOT stranger watching her or as her friend/cowoker Lisel describes him as “midnight masturbation material “. When their eyes meet there is instant sexual attraction between them. Later she finds out that the hot stranger is actually the new owner of the bar and her boss, Hudson Pierce.


Hudson Pierce is a total alpha male that always gets what he wants. He’s also the type of guy that brings out all of the obsessive tendencies in Alayna and she knows it. Hudson decides that Alayna is the perfect person who can help him with a problem so he confronts her.

“I’d like to pay you to help me with a problem I believe you’d be perfect for the job.”

The whole conversation had my head spinning, but he had my attention. “You win. My curiosity is piqued. What’s the job?”

“I need you to break up an engagement.”


He leaned back, his dazzling gray eyes flickering in the strobe lights.


Hudson offers to pay off all of Alayna’s student loans if she helps convince his family and friends that he’s in love with her. Little does she know that he has secrets of his own, Hudson is not capable of love. Both struggle not to let their addictions not take over in this charade.

“I will be saying and doing things— romantic things, perhaps— that are not genuine.

I need you to remember that. Out of the public eye, I will seduce you.

That will be genuine, but it can never be misconstrued as love.”

As they both do their best to put on the best show they can, the lines soon become blurred and feelings are involved.

I sensed the warning in Hudson’s face, but I couldn’t stop myself from saying more. “We’re falling in love. This is us, falling in love.”

I loved this story and cannot wait to see where the future takes Alayna and Hudson. The second book, “Found in You” is scheduled to come out in October 2013.
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July 1, 2013
This was a really interesting book. In many ways, it's like 100 books I've read before. Rich guy, "poor" girl, an "arrangement" - However, Laurelin Page put a twist on it that has me hooked.

Hudson and Alayna both have issues. BIG issues. Issues that had me biting my fingernails through out the book just waiting for one of them to go over the edge. Yet somehow, their own personal neurosis, which should have made them just about the worse possible match, seem to work. At least so far.

I haven't spent so much time googling while reading a book since I read Consequences. I want to meet Ms. Page just so I can ask her where she got this idea from. I'm totally intrigued by both of the main characters, and I'm fascinated by how this is all moving forward.

For those of you, who like me, cannot stand a cliffhanger, you are probably safe reading this one. While the story is far from over (and my stomach is in knots just thinking about all the things that could go horribly wrong in a permanently psychologically scaring way) it ends in a satisfying place which won't have you tearing your hair out.
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September 23, 2015

***4.5 stars***

It's been a while since I've read a billionaire story, and I'm glad that Hudson Pierce is the one to welcome me back into the genre with a talented, thick cock.....I mean, open arms!

The arrangement is simple: Hudson and Alayna will pretend to date so Hudson's bitch ass mama can think he's "capable" of love and stop trying to marry him off to his "best friend" Celia. He clearly understands his shortcomings and knows he truly is incapable, so of course this will work. Throw in his past track record of manipulating woman for fun and well, we've got ourselves a damaged hero ladies.

Sex is on the table....but that's strictly to scratch an itch and in no way has bearing on the sham relationship. Don't confuse the two Alayna. We know you suffer from an obsessive disorder and need to be loved, which leads to stalking tendencies and hell, let's throw some restraining orders in there.

Quite the fucked up pair these two make. One is obsessed with love and the other is incapable of it. Kind of like 1+1=74?

Doesn't that just sound like a cliche book waiting to happen. Yet, in no way, shape or form does it play out like that. The book is oddly refreshing with its honesty. I could not put it down and read it in one day!

There are no dumb misunderstandings or long soliloquies going on and on about how broken the characters are.....they just are. It's rooted in every gesture.

I REALLY thought Alayna was going to drive me crazy with her OCD. That was my one true hesitation with this series. Especially thinking she could handle an arrangement like this. Seriously, woman, you've had restraining orders against you from men way less awesome than Hudson! Hello!!!

But I LOVED her! She understood her triggers. She thought her feelings through. Yes, she had a couple of outbursts, but once she calmed, she quickly realized where her thoughts took her, apologized and explained her actions. Look at that....an adult!

Since we don't get Hudson's POV, you have to read between the lines to gauge where his head is at. And there is a lot to unravel with him. This first book is just scratching the surface. One thing I will say, I like how he handles Alayna. He respects her thoughts, values her mind and intelligence and craves her body. Ummmmm, yes...

"I'm drawn to you, Alayna. Not because I want to hurt you or make you feel a certain way, but because you're beautiful and sexy and smart and, yes, a little crazy, maybe, but you're not broken. And that makes me hopeful. For me."

The book doesn't end on a cliffy, but a good place to put a pause. There's still so much story to be told. Progress has been made, but the journey isn't done yet. Thankfully, I can dive right into the next book.....which I'll be doing immediately.

Celia, I've got my eye on you! Frankly, I think...

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129 reviews22.6k followers
September 24, 2021
3.75 ⭐️

there’s a lot of parts in here i enjoyed & some parts that didn’t hold my attention. i liked it enough to continue & finish and i’m intrigued enough for the second book cause i need to know what happens with my man hudson 👀👀

spice was pretty good and frequent—detailed in some parts, but not all

it’s a fast read and things happen pretty quickly
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233 reviews123 followers
February 9, 2017
1,000 STARS!


"'No. No one controls me.'"

Normally, when I reread books for a second time, I tend to usually lower my rating by a couple of stars. Why? Well, because I notice more mistakes and flaws about the book that I didn't catch when reading it the first time. Also, overtime, my likes and dislikes change from time to time, and maybe, I might not be interested in that particular genre of the book I'm rereading. There could be a variety of reasons why I lower the rating. But my point is, rarely do I keep the book at the same rating or make it higher. Now for this book, it's a whole other story. This is one of the few books that after rereading, I love it even more!

"'I'm a man who gets what he wants. And I want you.'"


"'Why? We don't bite.' 'Alayna does,' he grinned wickedly. 'And she can be quite loud.'"

I would write a detailed review for this baby and why I loved it even more than when reading it the first time, but eh. Legit, I could give you an essay on why Hudson and Alayna's story is just perfection, but once I go onto "Rant-Mode," I won't be able to stop ;) So I'll just keep it with a simple sentence: This book was utter perfection.

"God, he was adorable."


"'I told you before,' he growled. 'I don't share.'"

"He was such a perfect lover, understanding my body and its demands even better than I did. Submitting to him, everything became easy. I could forget for a moment what barriers lay in between us while he took me in the way where no barriers separated us at all."


"'I wanted to win you. But I didn't want to hurt you.'"

"The ugly things-there were so many ugly things about myself that always lay beneath the surface of every conversion, every moment. They poisons and destroyed. I was well versed in the ugly."


"'That's what were were feeling.' His gaze was soft. 'That it was love.'"

"'Alayna, you're fired. You can't be my pretend girlfriend anymore.' His face grew serious. 'Be my real girlfriend instead.'"

[image error]

"Hudson Pierce" ruler of the business world."

"I was ready-ready to stop being afraid of making mistakes, ready to let myself be truly healed of my past, ready to start again without fear of regret."
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August 8, 2013
Fixed on You is a unique story about a woman who loves too much, and a man who feels he doesn't know how to love and would prefer to be married to his work anyway.

Alayna is working at the bar one night, and in walks a man that knocks her socks off!!--or..maybe I should say..panties!! Hudson Pierce is a hot, rich, successful man who has women falling at his feet; but the woman he sets his eye on is the one that fights their attraction with everything in her. He offers her a heck of a lot of money to pretend she is his girlfriend so his mother will realize that he is able to fall in love. This way he will not have to go through with an arranged marriage to someone who is a close friend, but not someone he wants to be tied to the rest of his life. After a huge amount of reluctance, Alayna finally agrees to do it; but is extremely hesitant about it.

Later on we find out why Alayna is very cautious about becoming involved with Hudson, and we also find out that Hudson also has a few skeletons in his closet too. It turns out that these two are alike in so many ways, and this may benefit them in the long run. It definitely helps them to understand one another in ways that most people would never be able to.

I have to say that I enjoyed seeing that the hero and heroine were not perfect. In fact, they both have a huge battle within themselves to overcome and it added something very different to this romance book. Watching Alayna struggle with her problem, and take healthy steps to make sure she didn't fall into old patterns was interesting. It was also nice that she knew she had to work on herself rather than rely on the man to change her. I would have enjoyed the story more if we were able to see the different struggles that Hudson went through with his own problem, and how he chose to work on them.
Of course, the chemistry between Hudson and Alayna was off the charts, and yes, there is a lot of sex; but it was HOT! I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn't a huge cliff hanger. There is more story to be told; but the author left it in a good place and I will be waiting for the next installment to come out. There is still questions I would like answered, and I have some suspicions about Hudson's mother. I am positive the next book will be even better than the first.
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July 24, 2014
Fixed on You is a story of two broken people who have urges to manipulate and obsess. A game of getting what you want - a game of need - desire - a game of taking what isn't yours... Trying to claim someone to fill a void that you refuse to acknowledge exists. Fixed on you is the story of Alayna Withers and Hudson Pierce.

An arrangement - a simple agreement. A job.

But Alayna has a tendency to obsess - fixate. She has distanced herself from men that she is drawn to. She can't risk falling back into old patterns.

Hudson has money - power but he lacks love. Something that he is incapable of. He has played with those who fell for him. He has taken great pleasure out of the game of taking whatever he desires and then throwing it away without remorse.

But his past has led him on a path that will eventually take the choices away. He needs to show he can fall in love in order to avoid being forced into a relationship. He has urges to still take what he wants without regards to causing pain. But he is drawn to her and she can't seem to refuse him.

Alayna has allowed the men of her past to consume her thoughts. Stalking. Obsessing.
Hudson can hit all of her triggers with just a look - a touch. But she sees beyond the broken man who has been told his whole life that he isn't capable of love. The lines of an arrangement are blurring. Reality and the charade are blending together. What is real and what is an act is getting harder to separate, both have urges that could turn something that doesn't exist into what seems like more. But will either of them realize that there is something more before they revert back into to their own obsessions?

Fixed on You was a steamy read that kept you fully engaged. Trying to sort out what was real and what was make believe - were these two experiencing something beyond there past addictions to manipulations. Could two broken souls come together to fix what was broken within one another?

I adored this story that was quite different than most stories out there. Alayna has a history of taking infatuation too far - letting her thoughts of man consume her. Hudson is the consuming type of alpha male - he has always gotten what he wants, at all costs. These two explode with sexual chemistry and the author did an amazing job with creating two outstanding characters that you can't help but be drawn to.

I am excited to see what Laurelin Paige will bring us in the future.
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