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From the bestselling author of PODs comes an unforgettable tale of action, intrigue, and following your heart in the midst of betrayal.

It’s hard being good all the time. Everyone needs to be bad once in a while. But for seventeen-year-old Milayna, being good isn’t a choice. It’s a job requirement. And it’s a job she can’t quit. Born a demi-angel, Milayna steps in when danger and demons threaten the people around her, but being half angel isn’t all halos and happiness. Azazel, Hell’s demon, wants Milayna’s power and he’ll do anything to get it. But he only has until her eighteenth birthday, after which she becomes untouchable.

With the help of other demi-angels, Milayna thwarts the trouble Azazel sends her way. Fighting by her side is Chay. He’s a demi-angel who's sinfully gorgeous, and Milayna falls hard. But is Chay her true love… or her nemesis in disguise?

When she learns of a traitor in her group, there’s no one she can trust… not even the one she loves.

287 pages, Paperback

First published December 2, 2014

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About the author

Michelle K. Pickett

10 books901 followers
Note: Though Michelle's blog entries are cross posted here, she does not frequent Goodreads regularly. The best way to contact her is through her Website or via Email. She can also be found on Twitter and Instagram. She'd love to hear from you, but Michelle's Goodreads Email is NOT monitored.

Michelle is an award-winning YA author... but if you ask her who she really is, she'll answer, "I'm the wife of an amazing man, mom of four awesome kids, a reader of words, and writer of stories. I love candles and books, think garden gnomes are creepy and M&Ms are the perfect food (especially peanut butter). I live and write in Texas, but was born and raised in Flint, Michigan and will always think of the Great Lakes state as home."

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Author 10 books901 followers
September 1, 2014
If you like a strong heroine, some action, a little deception, and some romance thrown in..."Milayna" is the book for you.
Profile Image for Lexie.
2,073 reviews297 followers
March 6, 2015
I'm not in a position to write a long review so here's the hit list:
+ Milayna admits her imperfections and while she's kinda bad at listening to good advice, she at least cleans up her own messes.
+ There's no love triangle! a shade of instalove...but I'll forgive that since her life was one long roller coaster of suck for 6 weeks. That tends to make feelings grow quick.
+ I guarantee if you liked the Concillium (spelled that so wrong) series you'll enjoy this.
+ Parents who do parental things! actual parental guidance! Also family in general is strong in Milayna's life.

Some caveats however:
- the "Evils" aren't very nuanced. The one who turns, who's fairly important to Milayna's life, was the most interesting and even then it peters away.
- we're not given much reason why some of the Evils turn. A lot of it is convenience to the plot. El Baddo Supreme gives us one person's reason...but everyone else just..occurs off camera.
- I somehow wanted more from "Friendly" I kept expecting him to...i don't know not be a nasty goblin imp creature of hell?

I'll go more in depth in my actual review, but just know you should give this a shot. for any leery of the angel angle (like me normally) don't worry, this doesn't require any supreme knowledge of religion beyond the basics of good vs. evil.
Profile Image for Sherry Ficklin.
Author 44 books664 followers
September 17, 2014
This is one of those books that is so good, so full of twists and turns, that you find yourself unable to sleep because you HAVE to keep reading it. I LOVED her other book PODs so I was worried that this one might not be as good. Silly me, I should have known better. The characters grab you from page one and drag you along. I literally caught myself holding my breath.

And I will also say that I know the author personally (We've met twice and I think she is super nice IRL) but that in no way biased this review. I know lots of authors and if one of my friends writes a book I don't enjoy (and it happens a lot)I will just say nothing, but I will never leave a false or biased review. So when I tell you I loved this book, you can count on that! I suggest you pick it up and judge for yourself but fair warning, do it when you don't have anything else going on because this is one of those books that leaves you on the edge of your seat, unable to do anything but keep turning the pages.
Profile Image for Meradeth Houston.
Author 16 books279 followers
March 29, 2015
I've been looking forward to this one for ages because I love Michelle's work! This was a seriously fun read, and I loved the world and characters that populate it. Milyana is hilarious and strong willed, and I loved her for those things. She goes through some serious craziness throughout the book, but handles it well. And then there's Chay. Michelle has a way of creating book boyfriends that you really, really wish would walk out of the pages (and maybe be a decade or so older.... ;). But, yeah, he's swoon-worthy for sure. His and Milayna's relationship was just so sweet--it's nice to see a good, healthy relationship in YA, ya know? Something that I wouldn't be horrified to have a child of mine experiencing (or, for myself, because let's be honest here!). Anyhow, I can't wait for the next two books in the series and definitely recommend this one to those who enjoy some butt-kicking female leads, great chemistry, and all kinds of fun!
Profile Image for Wendy C.
250 reviews4 followers
April 27, 2015
Milayna by Michelle K. Pickett

Milayna by Michelle K. Pickett is a story about a girl named Milayna, who finds out that she is a demiangel. Milayna is upset with her parents that they did not tell her that she was a demiangel and that her father was a high ranking angel. Milayna also finds out that a lot of the people she goes to school with are also demiangels.

Milayna's parents tell her that until she turns 18, she is open to attack from the demon Azazel, who wants to absorb her powers. Chay,(another demiangel) helps protect Milayna along with a group of demiangels from school. Slowly, the people around her, start to switch over to Azazel's side and turn against Milayna.

3.8 Stars
Profile Image for Erika.
93 reviews
April 21, 2018
Interesting fantasy world!

The narration at the beginning was hard to get used to. It was VERY juvenile and outrageously jumpy with the extreme switches of the protagonist’s emotions. It threw me out of the story more times than I care for when I’m reading an author I’ve never read before.

However, once you get through the first third of the book and all the tween angst has been “dealt with” it picks up speed and gets interesting with character development and plot.

To reiterate: be prepared for eye rolling, sighs of disgust, and silent pep talks to get you though the beginning, but the rest of the book I do consider worth the effort for the unique world the author has created.
July 25, 2018
Suspense filled better than an endless bag of m&m's

A mystery, sci fi with angels, whatever the genre couldn't put this one down until the story was complete. Strong yet vulnerable female main character with a supporting cast of friends. Action moved the storyline along with twists of fate to keep you reading. No doubt M would triumph but what casualties would happen during the journey.
Profile Image for Patti.
Author 3 books4 followers
April 6, 2018
Great read

This was a great read. I liked the charectors and how they reacted and paired well with each other and situations in the story. The relationship between Chay and Milayna was nice and added a little romance but wasn't the main focus which was nice. All in all it was pretty darn good.
Profile Image for Joy.
493 reviews120 followers
August 17, 2018
Loved it. I adore Chay. The story was fantastic and it was great the whole way through.
51 reviews
November 22, 2018
I kept waiting for Chay to tell surprise I'm the traitor. Guess dark n broody can go all gooey n romantic...
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Christina.
76 reviews2 followers
February 7, 2017
I was really surprised by this book it was good a tad predictable but it was free so I didn't set the bar to high ...defiantly going to continue this series
Shelved as 'dnf'
June 21, 2017
This was a good book. It's not bad at all. But I'm at this point of my life where I have already read this kind of books. There's nothing new for me. It's the same old. Maybe if I have read it at my initial stages of reading paranormals, I would have loved it for sure. But now I want more.
Note for future reference---
Profile Image for Elen Tabita Bertoldi.
79 reviews5 followers
November 26, 2015
I love a good read about angels or half angels and of course this one attracted me right away.

Not only the covers are beautiful but the synopsis brings my curiosity. And it sure didn't disappoint me.

The story doesn't fall right into the whole demi-angel right away, so we know what Milayna is before she discover it herself. I guess if the synopsis didn't give it away it may have made even more interesting because we would wonder along with Milayna why she had these strange feelings and visions. But it was still nice see Milayna trying to deal with all the new things happening to her and all the discoveries about her own family. But this doesn't happen in one single chapter which for me was great because she needed time to process everything and if Milayna just accept it and became this all might leader they expected her to, this book would be like many others where the main character is just too great without any effort.

I like that Milayna may be more powerful than others demi angels but she still needs others to help her. It's a team work and that makes this book more real to me. I like when a book offers us a lot of likable and some dislikable characters. I like to have a story where everyone is important in their own way and I see that in Milayna's team of demi angels.

Also, just being angels doesn't mean they can't be corrupted so this book made me wonder if anyone could be friend of foe at some point. Anything could change from one moment to another. And of course Pickett had to put a countdown on Milayna's birthday to make us more anxious to Azazel's attempts to turn or kill her before she reaches her transformation.

Another thing I loved was the romance, it wasn't the center of the story but it was greatly done. No insta-love, I loved how Milayna's love life developed so well despite the whole "demons coming for you" thing. And it was so sweet, sweet and cute enough to break some tension of situations in the book.

And of course the end makes you think what comes next.
Profile Image for The Literary .
589 reviews19 followers
February 27, 2015
Milayna is about to turn 18 very soon. Usually a teenager would be excited but not Milayna. She recently started to experience strange visions. They made her dizzy and sick to her stomach. The visions varied but it was always someone who was in danger and she tried to help the stranger out of the danger that awaited them. Looking for an explanation she visits her grandma. Her grandma reveals that Milayna is a demi-angel. Her dad is an angel and her mom is a human. She also explains that there are demi demons as well and Milayna is about to come into real power and that there is an evil who would do anything to possess it. Talk about your mind being blown! It’s hard for Milayna to process all of this and she will admit she didn’t take it very well. Soon she is introduced to a group of demi angels that go to her school. They are faced with things like hobgoblins, demi demons, evils, and demons. The last one of those are very scary. Chay is part of the group and he is what you would call the dark and brooding type. He is also handsome. At first he seems to be annoyed with Milayna but after awhile he starts to show interest. As her birthday gets closer so does the danger. Milline has to make a choice. Will she side with evil or will she fight?

This was an interesting read. I do like reading about Angels and I like the different twist this had. Although at times I felt like I wanted to shake Milayna for her sometimes bratty nature, she ended up becoming one of my favorite characters. This story has a romantic element with plenty of butt kicking. I look forward to the next book! I give this 4 stars
March 19, 2015
Milayna is one of those books that captures your attention from the beginning. It has action, romance, angels and demons. Everything you can ask for when reading a paranormal book. The writer does a fantastic job at creating a world that draws you in and keeps you on your toes till the very end.
Milayna is a character that you want to be your best friend. She is badass and down to earth. She also fights her destiny because all she wants to do is be "normal". I think a lot of readers can connect with her because they too just want to "fit in".
Chay is dark and brooding and has the bad boy vibe that has the females drooling. Beneath the facade, he is just a guy with a big heart. Definitely making my list of book boyfriends.
Pickett does a great job in telling this story. It doesn't slow down at all, it keeps pace from beginning to end. The only time I found myself want to skip ahead was when the suspense was building and I just had to know what would happen. No worries, I was a good reader and kept reading. Most writers would be more graphic with the violence when dealing with this genre. Pickett was able to stay true to the story and not overload it with graphic violence.
This book is not meant for just the YA audience. I think that any reader will find that they enjoy this book. I have to give far warning though, there is a mild cliffhanger that sets you up for the next book. Beware, by the time you are finished with this one, you will be begging for the second book. It is that good.

**I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review.**
Profile Image for lauren..
30 reviews1 follower
March 28, 2015
Spoilers may be ahead. Read at your own risk.

- Milayna was actually a decently likable character. She was believable. She wasn't "too mature," or "too immature," or a total misfit like all other YA characters. And she HAD a brain that she used (a believable amount of the time, for a teen). THANK YOU, MICHELLE K. PICKETT!

-I actually liked how her relationship with Chay grew. Yes, there was a small amount of instalove, but I felt Pickett made up for it with date scenes and trying to develop Chay as a character throughout those scenes.

-Her relationship with her parents; all my yes! I hate all these YA's where I'm always wondering, "Where are the parents/guardians?"
Also, I have a close relationship with my dad.. that's why I really loved Milayna's family dynamics.

-Same, boring format. A bit of development, and more or less the same scenario - whether it be a vision, a fight, or betrayal.

-I suppose there was no need to develop characters who would betray her, but I didnt particularly care when anyone turned because none of them had a real, unique personality.

-Although I liked the development of the relationship, I felt the book lacked in plot due to the romance.

-If I had to hear one more joke about what Victoria's secret was, I was going to scream.
These are just a few things I could think of at the moment.
I'll probably give the next book a try. The foundation has been laid for the relationship, I'm hoping for a little more from the story.
Profile Image for Maribel Platypire Reviews.
74 reviews42 followers
January 13, 2016
***I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.***

Let me just start off with this: Michelle K. Pickett has rapidly become one of my favorite authors. I love that she created characters that had great chemistry together. Dialogue was great and I have to admit that for about 75% of this book, I had a goofy smile on my face because of Chay. He was a swoon-worthy character and he was charming and sweet and so attentive to Milayna. Characters like him are why I love reading, more specifically why I love reading YA.

Milayna's character grew and evolved as the book progressed and you see her start off as this bratty teenager who makes everything about herself like teenagers are prone to do, but at the end she's a strong character who has finally accepted the life she's been handed. It took most of the book for her to accept it, but hey, better late than never is my motto.

I'm glad that the traitor in her group wasn't who I feared it was, but it did leave me with a lot of questions in regards to a character that is close to Milayna.

It's been awhile since I last read a book about angels and demons. This was a different spin on that theme, and I enjoyed it immensely due to all the action that took place in this book. Never a dull moment was to be had here, and even the beginning had me rushing through the first chapters to find out what was going on.

I'm looking forward to the second book in this series, and Milayna gets 5 Platypires from me!
Profile Image for Brittany | BookRamblings.
274 reviews36 followers
July 3, 2015
Ok, so it started off kind of cliché when Milayna was being told that she was a demi-angel. But then a couple of chapters later I realised how captivating the writing was, how twisted the plot was and came to the conclusion that my first impressions were completely wrong.

Milayna comes of full power at the exact time of her 18th 'birth minute'. Until then, she is fair game for Azezel to turn into one of his hellish minions. With the help of the group of demi-angels secretly at her school (all are already of age) she has to survive the next few weeks. So who are these fellow Demi-angels... you have Miriel, her cousin and best friend; Jake, her secret crush; Chay, the 'dark and brooding new guy and a few other classmates. But who can she trust? Azezel is intent on stealing Milyana's powers, so intent he is not only sending his lackeys to terrorize her, but slowly turning her fellow demi-angels against her. Will she have anyone left to turn to and trust with her life?

While the romance between Chay and Milayna was at time cheesy, it made my heart melt and really root for the characters; even if Chay has created a high expectation for a boyfriend that no guy can meet in real life. ;) A must-read and I cant wait for book two and any other book of Michelle's in fact. Happy reading!!

**I received a copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for a honest review.**
Profile Image for Sharon Hughson.
Author 33 books58 followers
November 13, 2015
This book earns a solid four out of five stars from me.
What I liked:
Milayna is likable and relatable. Her plight is gripping and unexpected (especially to her). Other than Chay, I found most of the characters cardboard cut-out and thus wasn't as engaged in the story as I would have been if there was an entire cast who compelled me to read on.
What I questioned:
I thought the kids couldn't be influenced after 18, but every one that turned to the "dark side" was over 18.
Many of the reactions seemed over-the-top, but it was written from the perspective of a teenager girl (go, hormones!)
The relationships (other than the romantic one) could have been developed more so the "shocking" turn at the end would have had more impact.
My gripes:
A vision at the end of the book. Really? Because there's no other way to convince readers that they should read the second book.
You all know how I feel about cliffhangers for the sake of getting people to buy the next book.
My recommendation:
This is a great paranormal YA read without language, the violence isn't graphic and there's nothing more sexual than innuendo. If you like the angel/demon battle, you'll want to read this. It offers up a different-than-usual scenario for why it happens on Earth
Profile Image for Kristy Hamilton.
111 reviews5 followers
May 18, 2015
I received a copy of Milayna for an honest review....
Before I read the book, I really didn't know what it was going to be about. I wanted to read it because of the cover and because I really enjoyed Unspeakable. I thought it was just going to be another YA love story...
Milayna is not another YA love story.
Milayna is almost 18 years old. She is in her last year of high school and just enjoying her life. But she knows something different is happening to her and it scares her.
Milayna is seeing things happen before they happen. The book opens up with her saving a little girl from being hurt. She has absolutely no idea why she sees things and wants them to stop.
Eventually she finds out why and it changes everything for her.
Milayna is a different YA/teen paranormal read. It was different from what I was expecting it to be about and I was very surprised with it. The book is a great mixture of good and bad forces with a bit of action along with love throughout the story. All the characters from major ones to minor ones are developed very well.
I am definitely looking forward to the next book in this new series!
Profile Image for Elizabeth.
422 reviews5 followers
October 28, 2015
Full of action

I was excited to read this. Angels vs demons always gets my brain moving in overdrive. I liked this novel. It kept me entertained. I was actually surprised a bit because normal ya novels tend to bog down with a lot of drama. This novel really balanced action with drama and the high school dramas were resolved very quickly instead of being drawn out. I would definitely pick up the second to see where things end up.
Profile Image for Breana Vachon.
4 reviews1 follower
January 24, 2015
Milayna is one of those books that you start and don't put down until it's done. It's full of twists and turns and countless breathtaking moments. A story of a brave heroine who's story will leave you wanting more and hanging off the edge. Milayna is one of my favorite stories, and I'd like to thank Michelle for allowing me this amazing Beta read experience. Read Milayna!
Profile Image for Mary Beth.
419 reviews3 followers
April 11, 2016
Lots of repetitive fight scenes, but the chemistry between Milayna and her boyfriend is good. Readers can easily see Milayna's growth into her Demi-angelic powers and those powers are pretty cool. A cliffhanger ending makes me want to find out what happens next.
Profile Image for Holly.
458 reviews29 followers
July 8, 2015
loved every second of this book! Can't wait to read the next one!
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