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Reckless Beat #1

Blind Attraction

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He can seduce with a single glance.

Peering down at a sea of fans, rock star, Mitchell Davies can’t deny the innocent beauty of a woman in the front row. He’ll stop at nothing to get to know her. When a public altercation leaves her weak and defenseless, he takes the opportunity to be her savior.

She’s been sheltered from the world.

Alana Shelton wants to spread her wings and experience life away from her restrictive upbringing. But she isn’t prepared for a gorgeous stranger to sweep her off her feet while at her most vulnerable.

Attraction will bring them together, but their pasts will try to tear them apart.

He wants to teach her how to trust, but she’ll show him how to love. In a glamorous world of rock-and-roll, only time will tell if they’re up for the challenge.

257 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 25, 2013

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Eden Summers

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Eden Summers is a bestselling author best known for the Hunting Her World, Reckless Beat series and the Vault.

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Want to read
March 2, 2017
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Stand-alone book 1.
FREE: https://www.amazon.com/Blind-Attracti...
He can seduce with a single glance.

Peering down at a sea of fans, rock star, Mitchell Davies can’t deny the innocent beauty of a woman in the front row. He’ll stop at nothing to get to know her. When a public altercation leaves her weak and defenseless, he takes the opportunity to be her savior.

She’s been sheltered from the world.

Alana Shelton wants to spread her wings and experience life away from her restrictive upbringing. But she isn’t prepared for a gorgeous stranger to sweep her off her feet while at her most vulnerable.

Attraction will bring them together, but their pasts will try to tear them apart.

He wants to teach her how to trust, but she’ll show him how to love. In a glamorous world of rock-and-roll, only time will tell if they’re up for the challenge.

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June 18, 2013
I decided to start this one yesterday as I was heading out to a concert last night and wanted to get the feel for the whole rock band thing. It was ok, but nothing out of the ordinary. Unlike the concert which totally ROCKED. I love you Brandon....

August 15, 2013

4.5 Entertaining Stars!!!

You know what??? I liked it, I really, really liked this book!!!
This book was totally engaging, funny and sweet. I liked both the hero and the heroine and I got what I'd been looking for!!! A bunch of thrilling emotions and plenty of hot sex!

Alana Shelton is at her very first rock concert, and she's thrilled. Never mind that she barely knows the band and she's surrounded by a crowd of screaming panty-throwing women, she's still excited. This is the fist step toward her freedom. You see she's lived most of her life on a reserve with her mentally fragile mother. She's been around men much and she's also very leery of them, which doesn't help the situation.

When she sees the lead guitarist of Reckless Beat (Mitchell Davies) staring down at her from the stage, she literally cannot believe it. But her doubts are blown out the water, when he braves screaming fans to ask her to join him for a drink after the show!

When Mitchell sees the hot brunette with green eyes, he immediately wants her. She isn't like the rest of the fans, when she catches him looking at her she doesn't bat her lashes at him or try to reveal more are her assets to him. Instead she looks away and blushes, Mitch isn't used to this and he immediately wants to know who she is!

When they finally get to have that drink together, a disgruntled ex-employee ruins everything by trying to attack Mitchell but instead hurts Alana!!! Mitchell immediately feels responsible and insists that he'll help her, but he also has ulterior motives. This is his chance to have Alana, work her out of his system because he doesn't understand why he's so drawn to her.

Because of Alana's injuries she's completely dependent on Mitchell, although she's hesitant at first, she trusts Mitchell. He's in no way how her mom told her men were like. He's caring, well mannered and she's definitely not scared of him!

In only a few short days, Alana and Mitchell's feelings grow at a fast pace. But that didn't bother me at all! Although Alana has had a sheltered upbringing she wasn't scared to tell Mitchell how she felt. She wasn't a doormat, if she didn't like something she told him!

Mitchell is an alpha male, who'll do whatever it takes to get what he wants! But he's also thoughtful, caring, sweet and utterly adorable! I really enjoyed reading about Alana's life, the secrets her mom kept from her were huge, but understandably so. Mitchell's band mate and best friend Blake was hot!!! I hope the next book is about him! Read this book!!!

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May 6, 2013
Stayed up and read this one AWESOME!!!!!! FREAKING LOVED IT ~ total 5 stars all the way!!!! Full review after work!!!

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June 15, 2013
He squeezed her neck and rested his forehead against hers. “What is it with you, Allie? Why can’t I take my mind off you? I can’t take a single breath without wishing I was touching you.”

I think you’d have to look hard to find a more unlikely pairing than Alana and Mitchell. She has grown up in a woman’s retreat having being brought up by a mother that taught her that there is danger in men and to BEWARE!! Mitchell is the sexy lead guitarist with the mega successful group Reckless Beat. He has a reputation for being a man-whore and his sex life has been a long and endless stream of easy groupies more than willing to do anything he wants.

BUT - when they meet, they are both ready to make changes in their lives. Alana is preparing to flex her wings and step out into the world and experience new things and Mitchell is sick of the easy women, the meaningless sexual encounters and is looking for something deeper. He spots her in the front of the crowd during one of their performances and insists they meet up later. An unfortunate incident causes Alana to temporarily lose her sight and Mitchell feels responsible and takes her into his care.

So, I did really enjoy this – it’s a very much a beginning to a new series as a whole host of new characters are introduced that we are no doubt going to hear a whole lot more about in future books. I really liked Mitchell and loved the way he cared for Alana when she needed him most. He’s very attentive and very attracted to her. They both share some fairly significant insecurities that will mar any hopes they may have of a future together and it’s going to be a tough and difficult ride for them both as secrets from the past come roaring back to threaten their fragile happiness.

This was wonderfully erotic but I think I could have done with it being slightly longer. Possibly even about 100 pages longer – it rushed from scene to scene when I would have liked to have taken my time and savoured the moment. It was very sexy but I do think slightly more could have been made of the sensuality of Alana being unable to see but only feel what Mitchell was doing to her. I did really enjoy it though and there’s great world building, characters and humour to be found here besides the sinfully sexy erotic romance,

Looking forward to book 2

3.5 stars

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June 12, 2013
I've been dying to read more romances with rock stars since I feel this is the next big trend, especially in self publishing. Blind Attraction by Eden Summers was .99 cents and has some great reviews, so I decided to give it a shot. The premise looked interesting, but then three chapters in I couldn't stop rolling my eyes. The writing is very weak overall and the characters are full of contradictions, specifically the heroine, Alana has all those traits of a naïve and innocent heroine readers may enjoy, but her personality quickly morphs when she meets the rock star hero and is overcome by lust for him based on their eyes locking on one another during a rock concert. They have his instant connection and our rock star hero needs to meet Alana ASAP.

Alana is very much a Mary Sue type heroine who appears to be sheltered by her mother who was abused and raped and feels all men are evil. Alana is more open to finding the best in people. She gives off this innocent, virginal vibe, but that virginal vibe is thrown out the window when she meets Mitch. She finds him sexy, which makes sense. I would have the same reaction. But Alana is wary of his attentions because of her mother’s teachings on men being monsters. That lasts all of a millisecond. We're told Alana doesn't have much experience with the male gender and even admits that less than four men have touched her, but then turns around and says she has had some sexual experiences. I was confused by this because at first I was led to believe Alana hasn’t had much interaction with men for most of her life and she is a bit fearful of the male gender in general.

For someone who at first was wary of men because of her mother's influence, she's more than willing to let Mitch seduce her and embraces his incredible moves in bed. She's a pretty fast learn when it comes to love making, which I find odd because Alana acts skittish around men, but not with Mitch for some reason. When they first meet, she flinches when he touches her, but for some reason she trusts him and relaxes with him. In less than 48 hours Alana welcomes Mitch to show her the wonders of sex. For someone with barely any experience with men in general, she’s very open for sex with Mitch and didn’t have any fears. I expected her to take more time getting to know Mitch because her jumping into bed with him right away seems at odds with her personality. The set up why Alana rushes into things with Mitch didn’t work for me. It comes down to a disturbing act from someone who lashes out at Mitch in anger. Alana is the collateral damage from this event and Mitch feels guilty and wants to take care of her. One of the ways he does this is through amazing sex. Goes to show you orgasmic sex can heal all wounds. Alana becomes more empowered and self assured with herself because of Mitch’s love making. She also becomes a siren and pretty fast-within a day of meeting Mitch. I felt this instalust didn't give me enough time to believe why these two are good for one another. Their relationship is mainly built on their physical attraction and nothing more.

Mitch is also full of contradiction. He wants Alana and wants to keep her by his side every minute of the day, then he's not sure if he should be with her, but in less than 48 hours he's fallen for her because she's special and not like the other groupies he's been with in the past. We're not shown at any point why Alana is so different from these groupies who wanted Mitch just because he's some hot guy who can play a guitar. I guess Alana's naivety is a big turn for him and how fast of a learner she is under his sexual tutelage.

The love scenes felt like a rehash of many love scenes I've read before. They have this very insert slot A into slot B feel to them. Also they border on an almost purple prose cheesy eroticism. Mentions of fluids dripping are a plenty here. I grew bored fairly quickly while reading them.

In all this is pretty unforgettable with characters who don't make sense the majority of the time with their actions and thought processes. The dramatic side of things, which include a few relatives of Alana’s popping up out of the blue, made me think cheesy soap opera.

Sorry to say Blind Attraction is a big pass.
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1,813 reviews592 followers
May 6, 2013

"Feeling heartbroken is better than feeling nothing at all."

This is a Rock Star Romance you will never forget! Mitch and Alana will capture your heart in the first chapter and never let go.

Alana Shelton has lived a sheltered life. Growing up in a women's retreat in Colorado with her mother, she didn't know much about the real world, hell she has never even been to a concert! Who knew attending her first concert would change her world forever. Mitchell Davies was your typical Rock Star. Sexy as hell, popular with the ladies, and knows how to use his fingers.....on the guitar of course! *winks* When he notices the green eyed beauty in the front row, he HAS to have her!

"What is it with you, Allie? Why can't I take my mind off you?"

Blind Attraction is book 1 in Eden Summer's Reckless Beat series....and I already can't wait for the next one! The moment these two locked eyes on one another there was an instant attraction, and I just LOVE IT when that happens. Me, I am a HUGE fan of emotional reads, and this one had me going. The author did an amazing job expressing these emotions through her characters. I felt the vulnerability and the strength from Alana when she was experiencing a lot of "firsts" in her life. I felt the warmth and the lust from Mitch when he was around his Allie.

"I can't take a single breath without wishing I was touching you."

Ok, let's talk SEX SCENES shall we?! This story had one of the most erotic, sensual sex scenes I have read in a long time. So HOT in fact, that I had to read it over and over again! The scenes were intense and tender, beautiful and passionate. I wanted it to go on and on. Nicely done Eden, nicely done.

"I want to take my time. .I want to taste you, savor you, and have you fall asleep in my arms."

Not only did this story have me blushing, but it had me quickly turning the pages to see what happens next. You get pulled in to these characters lives and you start to feel protective over them. Of course, I wanted to smack Mitch upside his head sometimes, and of course he is going to screw up badly...he is the "hero" in a romance novel for cryin' out loud, but that didn't change the fact that I was rooting for these two the entire time. Not only do we get steamy love scenes and heart pounding drama...we get hilarious comic relief from some of the other band members, including Blake and Sean. Let me tell you, some of their one-liners had me laughing out loud on mulitple occasions. I have high hopes for those two!

This is my second read from the amazing Eden Summers and she just gets better and better. Keep an eye out for her everybody....she is going to be one to watch! No pressure my dear! *snicker*

Also Posted on Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads

*ARC given by author in exchange for an honest review*
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May 27, 2013
Break out that favorite concert t-shirt of yours and get ready to rock out with Mitchell Davies and the guys of Reckless Beat in Blind Attraction, the first book in Eden’s Summers’ new rock star series! Blind Attraction is the love story between Reckless Beat’s lead guitarist Mitchell Davies and Alana Shelton. But Blind Attraction also has four more yummy hot rockers in there too, along with Eden’s trademark wicked sense of humor, and not just smoking hot sex scenes but one of the hottest voyeur sex scenes I have ever read. Bravo Eden!

Alana Shelton has lived a very sheltered life on a retreat for women recovering from abuse her mother opened and still runs in Monument, Colorado. So imagine her sensory overload when she finds herself, alongside her best friend Kate, in the front row of a private concert that the international rock band Reckless Beat is throwing in Richmond, Virginia for its most loyal fans. It's no surprise that she tries to figure out if she has won "the hot guy lottery" when uber sexy lead guitarist Mitchell Davies winks at her. Surely he can't be looking at her. Or could he?

Mitchell Davies is hooked the first time he sets his hazel eyes upon Alana. His overwhelming desire to meet this shy, chocolate haired beauty with green eyes has him arranging for an after concert drink with her in the most inventive way. But when there is a snag in the plans and the very reserved Alana has second thoughts about going it is up to Kate to give her the kick in the pants and verbal smack down she needs to get her courage up. What are best friends for right?

“Fine.” She breathed out a sigh. “Let’s do this.”

“About time,” Kate mumbled and turned to walk toward the hotel entrance.

Alana was going to do this. She would walk into the lobby, search for a celebrity who appeared far more stunning than any other man she’d seen in real life and try like hell to not vomit on his shoes. “What if he doesn’t want to see me?”

“Oh, for the love of god.” Kate turned and place her hands on her hips. “Are you fucking serious?”

“He told me earlier the security guard would come get me, and he never showed. Maybe he changed his mind.”

Kate breathed out a calming breath. “Mithchell Davies is a rock legend.” She raised her eyebrows. “He is sex on a stick. He makes my ovaries sigh. And you’ve stood here bitching like a fifth grader for the last twenty minutes. All this anxiety over a man any sensible woman would be inside dry humping right now.” Kate gave her a forced smile. “You’re going to go in there. You’re going to blow his mind, and you won’t be coming back out unless I say so.”

At least she kept the blowing part above the belt.

I just love Kate! She is the perfect yin to Alana's yang and just downright funny as all get out! I'm hoping that we see more of her in the future and hopefully with one of the band members. Hint hint Eden Summers!!

Just when everything looks like it is headed in the right direction after the concert between Mitch and Alana a freak accident occurs leaving Alana temporarily blinded and Mitch on deck playing nursemaid. Things start to really heat up between these two as Mitch tends to Alana for a few days as she recovers. But a past that Alana can't escape and fears that Mitch can't seem to shake could threaten to break them apart before they even get started.

Since the better part of the book spans only a few days I think Eden Summers did an amazing job with not only with character development of Alana and Mitchell but the beginnings of other band members as well. I recently went to a rock concert and when I looked up on stage all I could think about were the guys of Reckless Beat. Sean as he twirled his drumsticks, Ryan playing the rhythm guitar, Blake strumming his bass guitar, Mitchell’s fingers gliding over the strings as he played lead guitar and Mason belting out a tune as lead singer. Blake, who has some great lines in Blind Attraction, gets quite a bit of screen time here and word on the street is that his book will be next. And of course we all are ready to throw down for a chance to be Blake's woman! Luckily Eden throws us enough bones on the other Reckless Beat guys that you'll find you are already chomping at the bit for the full series to come out. I hope you can write fast Eden, really, really fast!

You can find my review at Riverina Romantics http://riverinaromantics.blogspot.com...
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May 6, 2013

This is my third book by Eden Summers, but this is the first one I have re-read two and a half times. I simply love her voice and writing style. Not only are her characters infused with a great sense of humor, they’re also real and easy to connect with. While her debut novella, Sneaking a Peek was full of sexy humor, and Concealed Desire was a little more serious with corporate sexiness, Blind Attraction veers off into a more emotional and vulnerable type of read.

There was never a dull moment with this story. Twenty-seven year old Alana starts off seemingly shy and shrouded in a sense of fragility. When the full force of Mitch’s attraction is directed at her, she shakes off her insecurities and decides to live in the moment, out of the shadows of her upbringing. Although Alana is visually impaired for the majority of the story, I felt that particular obstacle allowed for Mitch to believe in her interest and her advances. After all, the attraction was based solely on a few minutes of eye contact during the concert. It also seemed to help her open up without being able to see his expressions.His actions slowly obliterate everything she was taught to believe about men, and seeing her figure that out through making decisions for herself was sweetly satisfying.

Mitchell Davies is and isn’t the typical rock star hero. When we meet him, he’s at the point in his life where he has come to loathe the string of easy women who just want to be able to say they had bedded a rock star. He’s not ready to settle down, or so he thinks, but he longs to feel a connection to a woman who sees him for himself. Naturally when Alana doesn’t act like the typical crazy fan going all fangirl on him, he intuits that he may be onto something, and that just intrigues him even more. He has to know this woman. When an incident directed at him leaves her temporarily blind, old instincts rise to the forefront, and he just has to take care of her. Get to know her. And so begins their discovery of self, each other and truth.

This story was touching on so many levels. Alana makes a startling discovery about her past that threatens to leave her floundering for a sense of self. But Mitch is there to support her. The warring emotions between Alana and Mitch – not just the differences in their background or places of residence, but also the fact that Mitch would be willing to let her go so that she can spread her wings and fly. One can’t help but feel sorry for him and his misguided good intentions, but the ensuing dialogues between Mitch and his band mates, as well as between him and Alana showed the growth that they had undergone in the short time they were getting acquainted. Their bond may have started out as a purely sexual relationship, but through that they discovered so much more. And let me tell you, each and every encounter was toe-curling in its intensity. And the ending was a superb conclusion to their struggles to make things work. Alana learns empowerment and Mitch learns that he deserves to have it all.

A touching plot, great dialogue and humor, and toe-curling sex —if this was just a taste of what is to come for the rest of the band members, I’m all in. This was the perfect hot romance for a hopeless romantic like me. I will be purchasing a print version in the hopes of getting it signed one day.

Favorite moments:

“Meet me backstage later?”

The deep voice whispered along her skin and her body hummed in appreciation. She turned her focus to the eyes shaded under the cap.

Mitchell Davies.

She wasn’t broken and that was all that mattered. A tear fell down her cheek, and she wiped it away with a relieved breath. Years of brainwashing from her mother hadn’t crippled her. She’d begun to worry that the trauma from being surrounded by abused women had sunk in.

Mitch stared at where her hand lay on Blake’s crotch and appreciated that his friend didn’t comment.

“Please tell me I don’t have my hand some place inappropriate.” Alana’s voice broke.


Disclaimer: I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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May 12, 2013
Blind Attraction is the amazing start to the Reckless Beat series by Eden Summers. This book in a word ROCKS! I loved every page of this story! The series revolves around the members of a famous rock band, their stardom and their women. Ladies, when I tell you these guys are hot and that I've never wanted to be a groupie so bad in my life I am not exaggerating in the slightest. My only complaint is the second book isn't out, yet and I have to wait to read it.

To say Alana Shelton was raised a bit differently than other girls is a bit of an understatement. Her mom suffered an assault at a young age and as a result opened a women’s refuge in the middle of nowhere and has basically sheltered herself and Alana from the world. Alana is all grown up and ready to experience what life has to offer. And boy is she getting a crash course. She’s standing in the front row of an exclusive concert given by one of the hottest rock bands in the country and it appears the smoking hot guitarist is giving her the eye. Surely she’s mistaken.

She was foolish to think his attention rested on her. Who, knew, maybe he loved a good mullet and liked playing the back nine. It would be a damn shame, though. All the drool- worthy sensuality claimed by his own sex wouldn't be fair.

Mitchell Davies can have any woman he wants at pretty much any given time. As the guitarist of the internationally known Reckless Beats life is pretty good. However, when he looks into the audience his eyes meet those of Alana Shelton and he knows this is different. He just has to meet this beautiful woman that is nothing like the women he’s used to seeing at his concerts; he’s not wanted anything this bad in a long time. Thank god, with some urging from her friend, she meets him in the bar after the concert and life gets all sorts of crazy from there. She’s accidentally injured and his protective instincts go into overdrive. This, fortunately, works out for him as he now has an excuse to keep her close for several days. But, can he let her go when his time in her city is up?

“Why can’t I take my mind off you? I can’t take a single breath without wishing I was touching you.”

Mitchell and Alana were heartbreaking in so many ways. He hadn't even realized he wanted a real relationship until it was thrown in his lap and he is so not prepared for the feelings that follow. Alana had lived such a sheltered life and yet it never made her wishy washy or overly dramatic. She handled her very new sexuality with strength, sensuality and a grown up attitude. The couple didn’t just have a scorching attraction. They really liked each other and had great witty banter. Getting to be a part of their new found love and overcoming their obstacles was a ride I will never forget.

Alana’s friend and the other members of the band were laugh out loud funny. Blake had more of a role in this book than the other band mates, yet we get a peak at all of them. I’m pretty sure we will get Blake’s story next and I can only imagine what a great tale that will be.

“He is sex on a stick. He makes my ovaries sigh. And you've stood here bitching like a fifth grader for the last twenty minutes. All this anxiety over a man any sensible woman would be inside dry humping right now.”

This book made me laugh as much as it made me hot! Seriously, read this book! You can thank me later.

I would like to thank Eden Summers from the bottom of my heart for the loan of this amazing book in exchange for my honest review.

You can find this review and others at http://riverinaromantics.blogspot.com and http://tinar1121.blogspot.com.

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1,591 reviews310 followers
October 2, 2018
2.5* rounded up and spoilers ahead

This was a pretty ok rockstar romance that still ran along familiar lines.
The non groupie young lady sees the rockstar he's instantly captivated and surprisingly enough for a rockstar romance he is basically obsessed with her and never looks back. His only dumb move was as usual thinking he knew best and breaking up with her "for her own good" . Thankfully that didn't last long and he wasn't with anyone else during the separation (thank you sweet baby Jesus!!)
The h was ok,her upbringing was weird and her mom seriously needed counseling to deal with the aftereffects of the assault but I
iked that the h was striking out on her own at 27 to try to live life a bit( she could've lived it a bit less in the past and not sleep with 3 guys but 🤷 that's just me)
Little things that bugged me were the jokes and comments about him and Blake having shared women before.
A very naked Blake in the bed with them as they had sex and him asking to at least taste and Mitch giving him a taste of her juices 🤢
Mitch even noticing her friend's breasts( no I don't care that he's only human,he looked!)

Aside from these I liked that he was seriously j/p over her and didn't stray so I'm giving the next one a try.
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206 reviews9 followers
May 30, 2013
Um...where to begin???? WOW! This book was absolutely fantabulous! I picked it up and didn't put it down until the last page was read. It has been awhile since a book has sucked me in and taken me on such a wild ride, but Blind Attraction certainly did!

Mitchell Davies is a typical rock star - he is famous, talented, good looking, and has no problem getting the attention from the ladies.

Alana Shelton is not a typical fan girl - she has been sheltered all her life and has never experienced much of the world outside her mother's retreat for battered women.

Mitchell spies Alana from the stage while performing and knows immediately that he has to meet her. Alana notices Mitchell watching her and can't believe his interest. After some persuasion from a friend, Alana agrees to meet up with Mitchell after the show. The sparks start to fly, along with other objects, just as they meet up. Mitchell comes to Alana's rescue after an altercation at the band's hotel, during which Alana gets injured.
This book is about trust, Alana learns to trust "outsiders" and Mitchell learns to trust his heart.

This book has it all, love, romance, & very hot bedroom scenes! It also has humor, I loved the interaction between the band mates-it gave my imagination quite a bit to look forward to for the next books in this series. I also checked out Eden Summer's Pinterest board for this book & yup exactly what I pictured in my head! You can check it out yourself right here. I can't wait for more!
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497 reviews184 followers
June 6, 2013
Well, color me surprised. I've just about given up on rockstar books. It seems like it's hard for me to find a middle ground that works for me. Too "nice" and it loses the bad boy edge that you are looking for - too "nasty" and I end up hating the hero and doing a lot of "ewwwing" in my head.

So, Mitchell isn't my perfect rock star. (I think that place will always belong to Brian from Backstage Pass) but he's pretty darn great. He definitely falls on the "nice" side of the scale, but not so nice that I don't recognize him as a rockstar. He's sexy, protective, and all around awesome.

The whole band is fantastic. They have a great chemistry and banter that has me itching for the next book (Please let it be Bakes book!). I loved the friendship between the guys. I was amazed at just how much I liked them all, and how distinct their personalities were despite the fact that they got very little "face time".

Coming in at around 200 pages, I was shocked at how into this story I got. I loved Allie - and Mitch together, and despite an egregious case of insta-love (which I'm willing to overlook) their story felt very real and heartfelt. I certainly wouldn't have protested a longer story, but I didn't feel cheated, or too rushed. I smiled, I sighed, I even got a little choked up.

Overall, it was a fun, touching, sexy read. Highly recommended.
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1,279 reviews
May 29, 2013
4.5 sizzling stars...

Well I jumped straight on the giddy train & devoured this book..wowza!

Mitchell was the lead guitarist of the very famous Reckless Beat, who noticed a dark haired beauty at the very front of the crowd. He was captivated by her green stare, and attempted to seduce her with his eyes.

But Alana wasn't a groupie, she wasn't considered ordinary, given the upbringing she had..

An attempt to arrange to meet her backstage was mis-managed, and after nearly losing the opportunity, an altercation occurred which brought Alana & Mitch together.

I loved Mitchell's tenderness when dealing with Alana's situation..and their connection was beautiful, as well as satisfyingly steamy! Blake was a character, who I'm looking very forward to hearing more about. His role of Mitchell's conscience was endearing..

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and its heat level. :-D left me panting for the next instalment!

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584 reviews137 followers
January 17, 2020
The author lost me when she had one of the characters (Close friend of hero) tell the heroine that she shouldn't be shy about him being there in the bedroom with them because "we've often shared women".
Lovely. And I'm outta here, folks.
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2,432 reviews149 followers
May 28, 2013
4.5 stars

This is a sweet rock star romance with some different twists that add more depth to the story. Alana is a reserved girl who has grown up isolated in a women's retreat and without being exposed much to men and the outside world. Her best friend Kate wins concert tickets and they end up on the front row of a show for Reckless Beat. Mitch is the lead guitarist and sparks fly when their eyes meet during the concert.

She stood out like a beacon, her wide eyes and shy smile causing him to lose focus. He could tell she wasn't a show-your-assets-to-get-a-backstage-pass kind of girl. In fact, he didn't think she was a hardcore fan at all. There'd been no screaming, no flashing, and no panties flying at the stage when he smiled at her. Instead of the typical seductive glances he'd grown accustomed to, she gave him a glimpse of her gorgeous dimples and broke eye contact.

He convinces her to meet him afterward(barely with a big push from her friend), but an unfortunate incident leaves her in need of help and supervision for a few days. Mitch makes a wonderful caretaker and along the way they cannot fight their growing attraction and attachment. I really loved Mitch. He was kind, caring, gentle and sweet with Alana. But he could be a little clueless about relationships.

Alana was pretty strong despite her sheltered upbringing and vulnerable state. She has a good outlook on life and is willing to be more adventurous. She is thrust into a situation of trust and handles it well. Together they are sweet, sexy, real, and have strong feelings neither of them knows what to do with. They are both afraid since it all happened so suddenly and so strongly. It was a little "insta-lovey" since it happened in a matter of days, but it did not really bother me because they really were good together.

"What is it with you Allie? Why can't I take my mind off you? I can't take a single breath without wishing I was touching you."

Mitch is protective and just wants to do the right thing for Alana. She is just starting to make a way for herself and figure out what she wants out of life. She also has some family dynamic situations pressing on her. And Mitch knows that the life of a rock star is hard and unstable. I really felt for both of them. They were struggling so much because they truly cared for each other, but knew that their time together was going to be coming to end so they became desperate and unhappy.

He was a fairytale. A handsome and strong and protective fairytale, and she wasn't ready for it to end.

Will they be able to find a way to hold on or have to let go?

This was a fun, fast read. Mitch and Alana were really likable. Mitch was quite down to Earth and swoon worthy at the same time. I liked the supporting characters almost as much as the main ones. Her friend Kate and his band member Blake were really funny. And Blake was literally all up in their business and had no filter. I would love to see him get his own book. And there were various back stories in place that added interest and complications to the story. The writing style flowed easily and kept me interested. I will definitely be reading more in this series. The author has not revealed yet who the next book is about, but I am voting for Blake!

Thanks to Eden Summers for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Will be posted on Reviews by Tammy and Kim
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3,100 reviews418 followers
January 24, 2020
rockstar romance with a shy & sheltered heroine that once she gets it is a pro... she has some moves...
*insert eye roll here*
anyhoo I am not a fan of rockstar romances, the whole plotline always kind of goes in the same direction which is not my liking ( drugs, cheating, whoring, triangles, rehabs, etc)
but....but... I am really curious about book two and I will probably read it...

this was my first read by this author

2,5 stars
July 30, 2013
Michelle's Review: 5 stars
Holly mother of God where can I find me a man like Mitch Davies? Seriously that is all I want to know. And after you read Blind Attraction by Eden Summers you’ll be asking the same thing. So let me get into a little about the book and show you why I’m asking that.

First I’ll introduce you to Alana Shelton, she is a 27 year old woman but is just now starting to spread her wings in life. Being raised by her single mother on a retreat for battered women she hasn’t been around many men in her life. As a matter of fact she was home schooled and very rarely left the retreat. Who knew that the first concert she would ever attend with her best friend would lead to a live altering experience?

Now we met Mitch. He is the sexy and sweet lead guitarist for Reckless Beat, a chart topping band that is holding a private concert for some of their most devoted fans. When he looks down into the front row and catches Alana’s eye he knows that he has got to have her even just for a little while.

“She was the most stunning woman he had ever seen. And he’d seen a shitload of women. With clothes and without.”

“Her beauty came from the emotion in her features, and the way she presented herself.”

He is at his point in life that he s tired of the groupies that throw themselves at the band members and Alana is the perfect alternative. When an altercation after the show leave Alana without her site Mitch steps up to care for her. See didn’t I say he was sweet!!

Now on to the sex. Well for that I’ll just give you a little teaser.

We have sweet:
“She’d never been touched so delicately – with reverence and desire. Yes she’d had lovers, but none had bothered to treasure her.”

And we have smokin’:
“She touched herself, and he closed his eyes at the erotic image she made. He jerked when her fingers brushed his sac, not expecting the sudden shot of awesome……
A smile tilted her lips but she ignored him and lightly massaged his balls, while the other hand dipped lower to play with her clit.”

And that isn’t even the hottest scene in the book.

All in all I loved the characters in this book both the main to and the supporting cast. I can’t wait to read more about them and hopefully the next Reckless Beat book won’t be too long in coming, pun intended *winks*.

Margie's Review: 4.5 Stars
Alana (sheltered girl) meets Mitch (rock star) after he request to meet her after his concert. She is temporarily blinded at his expense. While caring for Alana, Mitch is able to open his heart and awaken her body (Sex,Sex,Sex). This book is more than the classic boy meets girl, the reader is drawn into the sensitive side of raw feelings and emotions on many levels. This book explores the longing of two people looking for what is REAL in their lives. Alana and Mitch have to search their past to seek a future. The personal discovery of the characters brought them together with open eyes and open hearts. Very erotic read with great characters.

*Author provided a free copy of this book for an honest review*
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May 25, 2013
“He knew from experience that the first appendage the grabbed was not your arm and they didn’t grasp lightly.”

When I read that line I knew I was going to love this book. It made me laugh and wonder how many times poor Mitch has been groped hard. Eden’s rockers are hot!! I mean scorching. As soon as I finished Blind Attraction I sent Eden a message saying she needed to write faster as I couldn’t wait to read the next four books. It ranks easily in my Top 10 books of 2013. I decided since I loved this book so damn much I was going to do my review a little differently.

Here are my Top 5 reason why I loved Blind Attraction.

5) Five hot rockers!! I mean seriously who doesn’t love a hot man who can play an instrument, and this book has five! I’m sure you will have a favorite one by the time the books ends and then you can help me bug her to write faster.

4) The Car scene. It was so funny. I laughed till I cried. *Warning: Do Not have a full bladder when you read this scene.* Sean will melt your heart in this scene and you will never want to ride with Mitch. (yes I know he is fictional and you couldn’t ride with him but that is beside the point.)

3) When Blake meets Alana’s Mom. It was even funnier than the car scene. It was one hell of a first impression. I highly doubt Blake will even forget it and I know I won’t. I read it twice because I thought it was so damn funny. It was unlike any scene I had read before.

2) The Voyeur scene!! Holy crap this book has one of the hottest voyeur scenes I have ever read. It was beautifully written and I think my Kindle hasn’t fully recovered from the hotness yet. I did cheer Alana on during the whole scene!

1) Mitch and Alana's Story. It was beautiful story that just pulled you in from the beginning. It has its’ ups and downs. It has some very somber parts and yet some extremely hilarious parts that keep it balanced. I expected it to be good but I didn’t expect it to blow me away.
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2,687 reviews12 followers
January 25, 2020
I was given a copy of Blind Attraction to read months ago, but I have only just read it, and am kicking myself for taking so long to pick it up!

Ask anybody - I am a sucker for a rockstar book, and this one was no exception.

Blind Attraction is a sweet rocker romance that has a bit of substance.

27 year old Alana Shelton (YES!! Someone who is not in high school or college for a change!!!) has led a very sheltered life, never had much interaction with people in general but more specifically men.

Dragged to a concert by her best friend, her eyes connect across the room - or concert venue as it may be - with Reckless Beat guitarist Mitchell Davies.

There is instant attraction, he asks her to meet him after the concert - which brings a whole other set of calamities with it, causing Alana and Mitchell to spend more time together than first thought.

Alana is a mix up of sheltered but ready to spread her wings, goes from pretty much virginal to ride me cowboy in the blink of an eye, wary but willing to trust. She is pretty strong, and her outlook on life changes as she realises all the things she has always been told are not as they seem.

Mitch is a nurturer, just wants to look after and out for Alana, even knowing that things can't go very far with them as his life as a rockstar is not a life for relationships.

I liked the secondary characters - especially Mitch's best friend and band member Blake. There is just no filter from his brain to his mouth, and he likes to stick his nose in where it doesn't belong. Definitely want to read more about him.

Blind Attraction is a fast paced - especially Mitch and Alana's relationship, fun read, and a fantastic way to fill in a few hours.

I look forward to reading more of Eden Summers' work, and looking forward to reading book 2, Passionate Addiction - Blake's story woohoo - when it is released in a couple of month's time!
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May 29, 2013
He's a rock star who is sweet, loving and sexy as all hell!
She's sweet, innocent and been introduced to the big wide word outside her mom's

These 2 meet when she goes to his bands concert and BOOM! Instant sparks!
Hot,tingly and sexy!

Now for my non spoiler review :) awww you say... but I say uh uh you NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!

Eden Summers blew me out of the water with this book, I have loved each and everyone of her books but Blind Attraction had that grab on me and it wasn't letting go.

"I can't take a single breath without wishing I was touching you."

Mitch is totally and utterly swoon worthy I just wanted to cuddle up to him and ....well I don't need to tell you. lol!

Alana is so sweet and so innocent, it was a pleasure watching her grown and develop in this story and I just adored her character.

" I think we may have ruined breakfast"
Let me tell you it was so worth it, these were some of the hottest scenes I have read and boy did I read them... Over and over.. Oh ok and over again!!!!

But the storyline was none I had read before, it had a little twist I didn't see coming, it's really really well developed.

So lovely review readers, if you want romance,passion,angst,and sweet,sweet sexy rockers this book is a MUST!!

Tell you friends, tell your family ....( Maybe not grandma might blow here crochet blanket right off her lap)... Then again she might like it lol!!!
Eden Summers is bringing the house down with the *Reckless Beat Series*
Now Ms Summers, gimme some Blake!!!!

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August 18, 2015
This is the story of a very sheltered woman, Alana, who grew up believing all men are bad, something her mother instilled in her. So when she attends a rock concert with her best friend Kate and Mitch, the lead guitarist wants to meet her after the show, she's quite hesitant. Mitch sees her in the front row during the concert and finds her extremely attractive. He is confused about why he feels so strongly about her. After all, he is a rock star who can have any woman he wants whenever he wants them. Alana decides to take him up on his offer to meet for a drink afterwards, something happens with a disgruntled security guard, leaving her physically injured and vulnerable. Mitch's need to take care of her is overwhelming and they spend the next several days together.

I really liked Alana and I liked the fact that she didn't hide who she was and why she was that way from Mitch. I loved Mitch too, but when he justified his actions half way through the book, I wanted to strangle him.

And I LOVED Blake. He was funny and sweet and caring.

"Don't let him go Alana." He implored her. "He wants you just as much as you want him. Don't let the hurdles surrounding his career stand in your way."

Will the world wide upcoming tour jeopardize the feelings and blossoming relationship between Mitch and Allie? I love that this series continues with what I assume are more in-depth stories of the other characters and can't wait to jump into the next book.

I was gifted a copy of this book in exhange for my honest review.

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2,153 reviews45 followers
July 10, 2016
Great start to a series

Loved Blind attraction, great characters, lots of humour, hotness and good plot.

Alana was a sheltered girl when growing up so the decision to break free and start experiencing life with the help of her friend was the start of a whole new experience.

Mitch is the lead guitarist, women throwing knickers at him on stage is just a part of his life so when his eyes meet Alana's a girl who is anything but a groupie in tbe crowd, the attraction is instant.

Alana is 27 so the characters are mature, the band seem to have had there fare share of women and Mitch has reached the time to settle down but fear of settling down with a demanding career holds him back.

A steady plot told in third person which I don't normally like but with lots of conversations from the characters it didn’t bother me, I enjoyed it.

e.g "I won't let us turn into another statistic"

Reckless Beat had a brilliant balance of everything I love in a contemporary romance read leading to a hea. Following a couple from the moment they meet to falling in love and beyond in the rockstar world.

Looking forward to more in this series, I laughed out loud a few times at the banter with the guys so hoping to read their storys too but also hope to see more of Mitch and Ali

Arc gratefully received for honest review:
FB & Goodreads group
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1,064 reviews1 follower
June 16, 2013
2.5 stars
The blurb sounded great and the first few chapters were promising, but then it all fell apart.
Too many contradictions in Alana's and Mitchell's characters made the whole thing a bit of a confusing mess.
She's had an extremely sheltered and isolated upbringing, yet once she meets Mitchell she seems to turn into someone else.
Found it difficult to like or relate to either one of them.
End of the road for this series.

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378 reviews237 followers
April 3, 2017
This was a bit....of something :/

We have our heroine, a sheltered young thing who ordinarily lives and assists at a battered women's home in the Colorado mountains with her mother who never really let her out of the house or go to school or whatever since she herself was attacked and raped years earlier.

So Alana, has been brought up being taught that all men are a-holes will attack and rape her at any and all contact.

Anyway, Alana has flown across the country (or has she? I dunno, I'm Australian) to vacation with her best friend in Richmond only to be invited by said friend to a super-fan only concert for her favourite band, Reckless Beat. And, since Alana wants to shake off her mother's sheltering and explore all the things, she agrees to go along. Of course she catches the eye of one of the band members and he tracks her down after the show. There is an altercation, some glass to Alana's eyes and eventually, a sleepover.

From here on out it gets a bit wild, and not necessarily in a good way. There is an incidental bumping into previously advised dead - but very much alive - grandparents that leads to the revelation that the aforementioned rapist of Alana's mother is in fact Alana's biological father who is also alive and REAL sorry for his actions and would she like to hang out with her grandparents sometime? Oooookay.

Then there is the sheltered good girl getting boned willingly in front of one of the other band members, while he jerks it. Oooookay.

And the best friend not hooking up with anyone even though SHE was the super-fan. Just mean.

This was fine. Super easy read, but didn't really work for me - in some places, mostly relating to the very contradictory behaviours of Alana.
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1,861 reviews
November 12, 2017
Blind Attraction is book one is the Reckless Beat series and Eden Summers did a great job with the introduction to this rockstar series. This insta-love novel was sweet and fun one. This was Mitch and Alana's story however we are introduced to the other members of the band.
I loved the caring side of Mitchell and as sheltered as Alana was I loved that she was also strong.
This novel has a bit of everything, family drama, angst, romance, friendship, steamy scenes and aHEA ending that will all have you hooked until the end. I enjoyed it and would recommend this rockstar romance to lover of the genre.
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710 reviews182 followers
March 24, 2016
At A Glance
A decent rock star romance.
The Good
I will always have a soft spot in my heart for rock star romances. Blind Attraction was no different. The set-up was definitely different. Alana gets glass thrown in her eyes and her vision is temporarily messed up for a couple days. Mitch feels responsible for what happened to Alana so he takes care of her while she regains her sight. They have a good, though fast, connection and spend some yummy nights together.

I love how serious Mitch was with Alana's care. He held off doing the boom boom with Alana because he didn't want to take advantage of her with her temporary blindness and all. While Alana just kept thinking, "Just fuck me already!" Rock star sex is the best. ;) It was hilarious. The  characters were pretty awesome too. Mitch's band mates were great comedic interludes between the Mitch and Alana drama.
The Bad
The drama felt forced. The main conflict was completely ridiculous and I thought less of Mitch because of it.

It was obsession as first sight which I am getting really tired of. I know authors only have so many pages to make people fall in love, but I know it can be done in a more realistic way.

The ending had me rolling my eyes.
The Snuggly
The sex was pretty dang hot. Not too much, not too little. Juuuuuusssst right.
Final Thoughts
There is nothing special about Blind Attraction, but I enjoyed myself for the most part. I will always enjoy a rock star romance in some way because they are my guilty pleasure. I would recommend this to rock star lovers who are looking for a light read.

He squeezed her neck and rested his forehead against hers, "What is it with you, Allie? Why can't I take my mind off you? I can't take a single breath without wishing I was touching you"

“If you stay you can rest assured I won't get a lick of sleep because all I want to do is grope you and sniff your hair.”  

Mitch stared at where her hand lay on Blake’s crotch and appreciated that his friend didn’t comment.
“Please tell me I don’t have my hand some place inappropriate." Alana’s voice broke.

 This review was originally posted on Bad Bird Reads
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March 3, 2019
Full Review posted on Book Lovin' Mamas

I read this on a road trip to Richmond, VA, and this book happens to be based in Richmond since that is where Alana Shelton goes to Reckless Beat's concert. (Coincidence I think not...Hubs had a convention to go to, and I found the opportunity to read the book finally.) =)

Eden Summers you know how to write a book, my dear. I LOVED every part of this book and now I am officially a groupie of the band "Reckless Beat" even when they are fictional.
My husband kept giving me the strange eyes and asking me why I was continually smiling/giggling while reading on the trip to Richmond. Oh...if only he knew. I could not share with him what I was reading due to little ears listening at the time in the car. This is not a book you share with your children around.

I give this book 5 full moons and highly recommend it to contemporary romance readers and readers who love sexy rockstars in their books. You will fall madly in love with the band members of Reckless Beat.
Just fair warning, I have dibs on Blake. =)
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June 30, 2013
I did not like Blind Attraction at all. The beginning started out okay and I was hoping that there was going to be something beyond the H seeing the h and becoming desperate for her. I liked that he wanted to meet her and I liked the scenario that developed that causes them to spend more time together. But after that the book went from so so to eh pretty quickly.

I didn't like/believe virginal Alana switching to seductress. I didn't believe their feelings for each other and how quickly they developed. I never felt that I knew the characters and I felt no connection between them. I wish the author had chosen this scenario to force them together but that we got to watch them grow as a couple. Too many authors are relying on instant attraction instead of showing a couple as they develop feelings for each other. It takes skill to make me believe in insta love and too many authors aren't skilled enough to do it.
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