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Hazardous Duty (Presidential Agent, #8)
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Hazardous Duty (The Presidential Agent #8)

3.2 of 5 stars 3.20  ·  rating details  ·  903 ratings  ·  148 reviews
Mexican drug cartels are shooting up the streets of Laredo and El Paso. Somali pirates are holding three U.S. tankers for ransom. The President is fed up and has what he thinks is a pretty bright idea—to get hold of Colonel Charley Castillo and his merry band and put them on the case. Unfortunately, that will be difficult. Everybody knows that the President hates Castillo’ ...more
Hardcover, 406 pages
Published December 31st 2013 by G.P. Putnam's Sons
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Mr. Griffin, father and son, have disrespected themselves and the faithful fans of the Presidential Agent series with this sham of a book. I feel misled and cheated by this error filled mess. This installment of a once very popular series was such a letdown, it insults the readers who have been waiting forever for the next book. It is a poorly written caricature of what I expected when I wasted my money on it. The so-called authors should be ashamed of this book and be handing out refunds to all ...more
I have read every single book of every series by this author, and have thoroughly enjoyed them all, with one exception. The exception being this book
It has the weakest, most disjointed plot of any book I have ever read. I finished the book, but only in the faint hope that it would somehow resurrect itself, but unfortunately No.
I understand that the author for some inane reason, wanted to write a somewhat satirical book, but instead of doing a great job of ruining what up til now has been another
The picture on the cover is not related to the story! I wish that I had read the afterword first, and I recommend that to you. This is a story using the characters of the series, but it isn't really a story in the series.

Like most Griffin stories it uses the same characters as the rest of the series, they are all independently wealthy, or incredibly well connected, or both. They drink only the finest available liquor, most of the time. They are also incredibly witty, and smarter than anyone in
Mark Polino
I'm still trying to figure out what happened in this book. The first half of the book is nothing but catchup from the previous 7 book. The catchup is repetitive and tedious. In the second half of the book, nothing happens. There is next to no action. The cover has more action than the rest of the book. I'm not sure there was singe shot fired in the book. If there was, I missed it because I was falling asleep.

I've read nearly all of WEB Griffin's novels and they typically are hard charging war or police action thrillers. This time WEB and his son take a break and try to turn the Presidential Agent series into MASH, and the humor is actually pretty good. It's just not what I thought I was getting when I bought the book. I guess I'm a hard core Griffin reader, and this one reads like Mitch Rapp encounters the keystone cops. I was actually amazed at the average rating of 4
As many other reviewers have stated, this book was a complete letdown. I feel like I want the time that it took to read this so-called novel back, because nothing really happens in it. There's never really any danger to anyone, there is no "hazardous duty" involved for Charley and the rest of the "Merry Outlaws," and the whole thing feels like it was written just to fulfill a contract for "x" number of books in the series.

Seriously, even if you're a die-hard fan of the Presidential Agent series
Robert Ringler
Still angry after finishing this book yesterday. What a load of CRAP!
Probably the most blatant disregard for a group of fans of a book series that I've ever seen.
Authors "having a hard time writing" the next book in the series, so they ripped off their fans by writing a farce starring the same characters, and didn't have the INTEGRITY to advertise it up front - they wrote a smarmy afterword explaining their lack of enthusiasm.

I'm going to have to calm down about this rip-off before I buy another
Jeff Friedman
Worst of this series

Griffin writes this book as satire, and it is not very funny. It certainly does not measure up to the standards of his earlier works. You could skip this one entirely and not miss anything.

Robin Halvorson
If you like W.E.B. Griffin books, especially the Presidential Agent books, do not buy this book. Don't let anyone loan it to you. Don't get it from the library. Pretend it does not exist.

First, and this is true with all of Griffin's books, the first 3 or 4 books of a series are good but after that he spends almost all the book bringing you the background and current status of all the characters in the series and their background even if it has no relevance to the current book. This is the 8th bo
Very weak storyline. It's laborious and very easy book to put down and never come back too. Okay... I got a few chuckles, and when I read the afterward, I "got it". Not worth the book price, a used price, or even a trip to the library to waste your time reading it for free :(
Jean Poulos
In the afterward W.E.B. Griffin states he was having trouble writing the current volume of the Presidential agent series. Therefore he decided to write in a humorous way. It is a funny story, the President of the U.S. Joshua Ezekiel Clendennen is erratic to the point of being deranged and everyone knows it. He decides to recall Charles Castillo back to duty to deal with the Somali Pirates and the Mexican Drug Cartels but Castillo and Svetlana are in the process of getting married. The result is ...more
Brent Williams
By far, this is the weakest WEB Griffin book I've read. I'm extremely glad I got it from the library and didn't spend my own hard-earned cash on it.

The book reads like a first draft from a less experienced author. The first half of the book is poorly written and consists mainly of historical background information on how the characters got to this point. It's more of a data dump than a carefully calibrated amount of background, with just enough history brought in at the right time. A finely poli
Scott D
I have read pretty much every book Griffin has written. I waited patiently for the next book in each series to come out.

This was by far the worst book he has written. There is no story, there is no "Hazardous Duty". Nothing!! Just rich people flying all over the place for no apparent reason.

This book was for the most part (three quarters at least), a summary of all the other books in the series. The rest was just gibberish.

I have serious doubts about Griffins ability to write a story anymore. Hi
Tom Tischler
This book is not written in the usual W.E.B. Griffin style
and if you make it to the final 2 pages he explains why.
I hope that he got this out of his system and goes back to his
normal stories. They are much better.
Daniel Mcdonald
Until this book I have enjoyed all of his books that I have read but this one plain out right stunk inaccurate histories and as the one person said quoting author their mash novel. They have a responsibility to their readership to write good novels not this piece of crap. I do not recommend this book to any other loyal readers do not waste your money
There is some good humorous writing and unfortunately coupled with too much religousness that adds no value. Therefore, 25% of this novel could have and should have been excised. 5 of 10 stars
Larry H.
W.E.B Griffin writes really good military fiction. And I've been a big fan of his Presidential Agent series. But the last few were beginning to lose me. This book completely lost me and I felt like Bradley Cooper in the Silver Linings Playbook (or whatever that bollocks is called) where I felt the need to toss the book out of the window ... but it was a library book, so there. The cover features special operators with a 50 caliber machine gun mounted boat speeding in the ocean as smoke billows i ...more
Lee Boyland
Comedy, not action or adventure

My first criticism is not identifying the book as a parody (e.g., Hazardous Duty [A Presidential Agent Parody]).

Most authors write best in a specific time period. William Butterworth III’s period is WWII and Korea. His novels shine and I have loved them all. Tom Clancy’s period was the Cold War and I read and loved all of them too. Mine, while admittedly not a giant like Butterworth and Clancy, is nuclear terrorism and the modern era. Authors write best about what
I've been a long-time reader of Griffin but in the past few years the quality of his novels is decreasing. He seems almost as tired of writing them as I am of reading them at this point and this will probably be my last book of his to read.

His novels have always been heavy on detail and light on action but Hazardous Duty takes this to new levels of tedium. The vast majority of this book is telling and retelling the backstory to the numerous characters. It's the 8th book in the series; if we don'
Kerry Cunningham
After reading half of the book and gave up on it, I felt like I had bought a $20 ticket to the "Royal Nonesuch."
Feb 26, 2014 Andy added it
Afterward - PS, this book sucks and, as the authors, we know it and acknowledge it. That's my take on the afterwards. It's like the editors read it, asked what this garbage was, and the authors said, hey, um, it was all a joke, like, um, M*A*S*H. Yeah, that's the ticket. Charley and the Merry Outlaws are back to do... well, nothing. The president is a nut job and decides to try to press him back into service to figure out what to do about problems that are not related and in different parts of t ...more
Lizabeth Tucker
Presidential Agent 8

President Joshua Ezekiel Clendennen, still bonkers, has the bright idea to pull Charley Castillo back into service to lead his war on Mexican drug cartels and Somalian pirates.

This is a delightful series, but in this episode Griffin goes full out for humor, likening it to one of the M*A*S*H book sequels he used to write. Despite the humor and the silliness, you still get to see how everyone is getting on since the last book. Not as much blood and violence as the previous boo
I have read 31 of the Griffin books and enjoyed 30 immensely. This last time was a stab at riding the coattails of earlier successes for purely monetary reasons and as waste of everybody's time. It's filled with sophomoric humor and paragraph after paragraph of boring details about the religious leaders of the church in Spain or South America and then he goes on to reintroduce character after character of the previous stories and these characters play miniscule rolls. Let's hope the authors reco ...more
I did not realize until 1/3 of the way through the book this was meant to be a spoof or a humorous book. All other Charlie Castillo books by Griffin are of a serious nature. Once I realized a spoof, the book became somewhat better. I would not recommend to anyone. If I want humor, I will read Carl Hiasen. The book was about a simpleton of a President who wanted to stop the Mexican drug cartels and kill the Somalia Pirates. He had put Castillo out to pasture, now he wants to bring him back to sol ...more
Sep 19, 2014 Floyd rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: gri
I normally do not write reviews, but I could not resist this one. I have been a fan of W.E.B. Griffin for years and have read most all novels. The author says that this one was a take-off on M.A.S.H. Before I read that, my thoughts were this novel was a graphic novel without pictures and that it was a take-off on Catch 22. The first third of the book was a reminisce of Castillo's career as portrayed in numerous previous books and was a pleasant reminder of all those exploits. The rest of the nov ...more
Ernest Sandoval
Writing style too difficult to follow.

I could not get past the first 20 pages. The writing style does not flow smoothly and takes too much effort to follow. The writing style, unlike that of other writers, that write this and other genres of stories- not including writers of prose and non fiction- modern-day writers, as well as those of yesteryear, male or female, European or western, is too difficult, as opposed to easy, to comfortably, follow.
O.K. I tried to imitate the author's style in a fa
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Carlos Castillo books are my favorite. Lol I read a ton of reviews and people were completely hacked off about this book. Most of the time they are gritty, violent, action packed, non-stop action novels. This was was a little slower, and reviewed a lot of the plot lines from other stories, but I thought it was flippin' hilarious - very tongue in cheek, a little silly at times, maybe over the top silly, but all in all, I thought it was a lot of fun. Kind of put me ...more
Sara Asnault
A great disappointment

All of the other books of this series are phenomenal, this is anything but. there was way too much time spent on the recap and not nearly enough on the story. there are a hundred different directions this could of gone but instead it seemed to end just as the story was starting to move forward. I still truly believe that W.E.B. Griffin is a brilliant author, unfortunately it is obvious this book was rushed. I hope that Griffin will write another book in this series and rede
I have been a fan of W.E.B. Griffin's work for a number of years. His tales tend to have a continuity of events that pass through a number of works and flows well mixing historical fact with interesting characters who do interesting things. The Presidential Agent series has been prior to this and to a lesser extent book #7 of the series a solid series of modern thrillers set in the present day with a decent amount of action, good and occasionally amusing dialog with a relatively believable setti ...more
Initially, I had a bit of trouble getting into this book because all it seemed to be doing was lampooning the current President and making his cabinet a bunch of Keystone Kops. Once I got sort of past that, it seemed as if the Castillo crew was treated as a mockery of themselves. The story seemed almost out of a sitcom, and when I read the closing notes, Griffin finally tipped his hand about a tie in to MASH. I hope the next novel in this series goes far, far away from that...
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W.E.B. Griffin is one of several pseudonyms for William E. Butterworth III.

From the Authors Website:

W.E.B. Griffin is the #1 best-selling author of more than fifty epic novels in seven series, all of which have made The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, and other best-seller lists. More than fifty million of the books are in print in more than ten languages, including Heb
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