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These Things About Us

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Antonia is leaving the last shards of her life in Tucson behind to find her mother and start over. Turns out that's easier said than done. London is a pretty big city, a hundred bucks don't get you far and you can't just make your past disappear.

When sweet and caring uni student Wesley gets her a job and a room in his father's pub, Tony is unprepared for his older brother Trace who despises her at first sight. She's unprepared for someone whose secrets might be darker than her own.

Following a path of breadcrumbs and tangling up in Trace's past, Tony slips back into a world she thought she'd escaped the day her father went to prison.


First published August 2, 2013

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Laura Beege

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566 reviews96 followers
August 28, 2013
TTAU Collage

Holy hot damn. These Things About Us caught me majorly by surprise. I'm going to be honest, the cover didn't scream out at me, and the synopsis didn't grab me by the jugular and demand I read it, but I was asked to read it, and read it I did. No, that's wrong, I didn't read it. I DEVOURED IT. Basically in one sitting. At the end I wanted to punch myself in the face for procrastinating for days! This was a book that I spoonfed my toddler dinner with one hand, and had my kindle in the other hand reading it. (Don't judge!), I sat in the car reading all anti-social at my daughters dance class instead of chatting to other mums. It was THAT good. Beege drew me in and kept me for the duration. I highlighted 39 pages of passages I want to mention here. Moments that I know I will want to read over again. God, the story, the romance, the sizzle, the background. This book checked all the boxes. This story, Trace, Tony, is all one-click worthy. Go do it!!!

18 year old Tony Ainsley, aka Kitty, aka Ninja, is on the run from her past. Her father, his associates. His drama. She is working everyday to escape from the Antonia she used to be. Before she changed and became the girl she wants to be, Tony. She is searching for the mother that would never have abandoned her by choice & once she does, everything will be ok. Won't it? She strikes some luck and ends up at the last glimmer of hope, The Dirty Dungeon. Fortunately she is taken in by some do-gooders where she sets up base and makes a day-to-day plan to find her mum. What she didn't expect was for her room mate to despise her on sight, his brother to become a close friend, and her co-worker a shoulder to cry on. With clues being crossed off every day, an attraction she definitely shouldn't feel and her past closing in on her things don't go as smooth as she hoped.

There was so much to love about These Things About Us. I giggled all the way through & even shed some tears. Seeing London for the first time through Tony's eyes, the British-isms - I loved them because I experience translation issues all the time being an Australian, while reading, often set in America, a Yank learning Brit speak. The fake sex was gold. Hahahahahaha & of course the bickering and banter. Tough Tony that didn't lay down and take no shit from no one. Every moment of every day she made conscious decisions to make better choices. And of course we have Trace the hug-aholic. Now, I know there will be people that don't get him til closer to the end, but I had him pegged from day dot. He's a big hot, tattooed, scary teddy bear that is sexy as all get out. Totally caring & cuddly. The perfect partner for his perfectly imperfect Kitty.

Much of the story is a mystery but the journey we are taken on was the fun part. Playing in the rain, sculling coffee, waitressing for drunk prats, dealing with stolen phones, putting up with noisy sex all night long, meeting Jesus, finding our way around London on public transport and mostly getting to know Tony and her daily internal struggles. When you read this and meet Trace, I know you will fall head over heels in love like I did. There is drama but I don't want to give anything away. This is a book you need to sit down and read until the last page. It's a book that you need to read.

The story was touching and engaging, the characters were well developed and had real personality & the prose was smooth with perfect flow. I couldn't put in down. I still can't stop thinking about it. I'm ready for more. Book 2? Pleassssssse, I'm begging!!!
August 22, 2013

An intense, gritty read with an amazingly real feel to it, this debut novel is amazing! It left me wanting more and had me flying through it, it had a completely different feel to other books out there like it and I am desperate for more from this author!

I love that this book is set in the UK as it’s where I’m from and feel like ones that are often have a grittier feel to them because of that. Most books of this genre tend to be set in America, which depending on the setting, can come across as very idealistic no matter what is going on with the characters, so it’s always a nice change to find a book that doesn’t have that.

Running from her past and her criminal father, Tony is in London, alone, for the first time looking for her mother who left when she was a little girl. With no address, phone number, or any idea at all where she might be, Tony struggles to stay afloat with the little money that she brought with her. So when she walks in to a pub one night to use a phone book and pay phone, she is lucky enough to not only find a job, but also a place to stay. However, that place also comes with a guy who can’t stand her for no apparent reason at all!

Tony was unlike any heroine I had ever read about before. Although she is clearly very lonely and vulnerable, there is also a fire within her that makes her extremely proud and strong, making her want to be better than what she was before. I found it incredibly brave that she would go all the way to a foreign country without knowing anyone, although a little stupid at the same time as she didn’t have much money to keep her going with. I found it amazing that she was trying her best to make her self a better person, but also sympathetic that she didn’t feel she could be herself at all.

When she first meets Trace there is instant angst as he seems to hate her in the beginning and she has no idea why . Despite this, there connection was always there and it was always just a question as to when they were going to get together. I loved these initial moments when she thought he hated her, as although he acted a certain way, he would suddenly do something small and nice, like buying her sweets and letting her borrow his shirts, subtly showing what he was really like, making me love him for more than just his broody attitude!

Trace was confusing enough on his own, completely nuts one second, sort if sweet the next, it didn’t help that I was contributing to this miserable confusion by allowing myself to become comfortable in his clothes and breathing his scent like I was stuck underwater and his smell was my oxygen.

Trace was an amazing book boyfriend! He was such a pure guy…if that makes sense… He was never overly romantic or sappy with the things he said, but instead was very realistic. He clearly had feelings for Tony and despite the way he acted in the beginning, it was always really clear! The fact that he came across as mean in the beginning, that only made me like him more as his walls began to slowly came down and you get to see a sweeter, more considerate side.

Trace’s brother Wesley also plays quite a large part in this book. The one who convinces his dad to let Tony stay, to begin with you instantly think that this book may have a bit of a love triangle as he came across as a possible love interest, but thankfully this doesn’t happen. Although I don’t want to give too much away about him, I will say that I am desperately hoping for a companion novel for Wes as he is such an amazing, sweet character and he deserves his HEA!

The ending of this book was amazing and has me desperate for another one! The epilogue especially, opened this book up to something completely new. There is just so many things getting in Trace and Tony’s way that I really don’t know how everything will turn out for them, normally I have some theories, but with this one…I’ve got nothing, which only makes me need to know more!

I looked at Trace’s face, outlined by the yellow glow from outside, and realized that there was no happily ever after for us.

This book was completely original, with one of a kind characters and a very different, edgy feel which was extremely visceral. Laura’s writing flows beautifully and I can’t stress enough how different and original I felt her tone was. I am so looking forward to the next book and would highly recommend it to someone looking to get away from the typical romance story!
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August 10, 2013
Antonia has gone to England with very little money to try and find her mother, who left her when she was 5 years old. She has very little information and happens upon a bar where she can hopefully use a phone and a phone book to try and narrow down her search. There she finds not just a phone, but a place to stay and a job as a waitress. She also finds the friendly and charming Wesley, and the hot but extremely moody Trace- two brothers who work in the bar their father owns. Tony has a past she is trying to escape, and Trace obviously has some secrets that are causing some serious tension between he and Tony.

This book hooked me right from the start, and I kept reading until there was nothing left to read. There were so many little mysteries throughout that kept me engaged and wanting to see what would happen next. It is easy to feel along with Tony as she tries to put her new life together and figure out how to get in touch with her mom. She is a character I had no problem connecting with. I was eager to find out what was causing Trace's abhorrent behavior and get to know what his intent was. So eager, in fact, that I was pretty blindsided by the truths of Tony's past. It was an interesting experience as a reader to feel like you know a character and are experiencing things right along with them, and then suddenly find yourself surprised by the truth about their past. We start to see little things, but I still wasn't prepared for the full truth.

The pacing of this book is fantastic, and the rate at which information is revealed feels right. I also loved the development and evolution of Tony and Trace's relationship. It felt real, and for the first third of the book I couldn't see how I would ever be able to get past Trace's jerky behavior towards Tony after they first met. But I did. The scenes after they finally connect and are being honest with one another are pretty spectacular. I really enjoyed the character development of Tony, Trace, and Wesley. There is definitely some strong tension and delicious angst going on here. I was debating between 4 and 5 stars, but I'm going to round up to 5 because I really have almost no complaints about this book. The ending was a little abrupt, but the more I think about it, the more I like it the way it is. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in a New Adult novel with some meat to it.
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June 3, 2014
What. The. Fuck.

That ending sucks! The last chapter was heartbreaking so that's where epilogues come in right? They fix up every wrong and tie a big nice bow on the whole thing. But this ending? It's just plain sad. And a poor way to end a story. Where's the hope? So Tony just succumbs to her fathers wishes because she has a closet full of pretty clothes? That's just not right. Ugh I hate that I went in reading this book looking for a good read and I get this? I just can't believe that's all there is! I really loved Tony throughout the book. I liked that she wanted to be a better person an was taking steps to do that. But that damn epilogue just ruined her. Oh so what if she didn't touch her fancy new tablets. She mentioned sitting in on a guy getting his knees shot at! It's like she went backwards.

I'm so disappointed. There needs to be an alternative ending where Tony finds a way to get out of her fathers life for good. I also feel like the good relationships she had with the people in London were just ruined. They were all good people but then Alex had to have gambling problem and Wes had to withhold the truth about Traces past.

I thought for sure that the song and message Trace gave Tony was the perfect motivation for her to fight her way back to him. But nope. She takes on the LA life her father has for her.


This sucks.
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230 reviews58 followers
August 13, 2013
This book was pretty freaking good! Seriously though, what is with all of these books being set in the UK? I am totally not complaining… But let me tell you, I REALLY want to visit all of these places I read about and the UK is just so damn far and expensive!

Anyways! You don’t want to read about my travel ambitions sooo let’s talk about These Things About Us!

I absolutely loved Tony right away! I knew there was a bigger story to her past, but when I found out what it was and how her life use to be… Compared to what it was now, I was totally blown away, I expected something but not THAT!! She is seriously such a strong character to have gone through what sh did, and regardless of her past she is seriously selfless.

When Tony meets Trace, he is such an ass to her and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to like him, boy was I wrong… He went from total douch to book boyfriend material! Trace is a perfect blend of all my book boyfriends, he is tough, but sweet, broken but healing, he is the ultimate bad boy that any bad boy lover such as myself can’t help but fall in love with.

There are also a few side characters that totally surprised me which I totally loved, because really? Who wants to read a book that’s predictable?

The author Laura Beege takes you on an adventure through London that is at times sad, but throughout it all makes it come alive with joy and happiness.

The only thing that really upset me is that there was no HEA, and but the end of the book leaves so many possibilities and is totally open to any interpretation… So of course I gave Tony and Trace my own HEA in my head… But I am holding out hope for a true ending whether good or bad, their story is definitely not over!
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286 reviews350 followers
September 4, 2013
2 STARS ☆☆
These Things About Us BY : Laura Beege
Genres: Contemporary Romance

At first i gave this story 3 stars. Then i thought 2 stars is more than enough. I'm not trying to me mean so i'm sorry for advance; but honestly what was that?! Aside from the emptiness of the characters the story line was horrible. The style of writing was so Immature. It seems like this "writer" did't think about this whole "book" if you even can call it that. Or maybe she did, and if this was her best work then...
From experience i found that if the cover is hot or interesting in this case, usually it means that the story will be horrible and empty.
I really wanted to like it but my taste couldn't handle it. Maybe it worked for some people but i'm sure not one of them.
The synopsis promised more and i got nothing exciting and relevant. The story was all over the place.
If this writer wanted to write more books in the future she's really need to think carefully and write something that is more than 120 pages-not that lots of pages means that the book is awesome.
But i really think that she's one of those people that cannot write short stories and make them epic.

Did i like it?2 stars probably were too much for it.But i'm that nice!
Do i recommend it to you? No.

Have a nice week guys :)
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Author 28 books190 followers
October 13, 2013
I was right into this book pretty much from the start, and I couldn't seem to stop reading it, despite Trace being a douche in the beginning. He certainly makes up for it later on. What made me rate this as an ok book at two stars, rather than higher, was because the ending was so depressing.

Maybe it's just me, but I prefer a happily ever after finish and this story did not deliver it.

It left me wanting in the end to see Tony and Trace re-united. So she buys a concert ticket, what happens afterward?...

This opinion is strictly my own.
Author 1 book26 followers
August 11, 2013
When Laura emailed me and asked me if I would like to read her book These Things About Us and be a part of her tour, well once I had read the synopsis, I said yes. A girl looking for her mum and wanting to forget her past life, a caring guy who takes her under his wing and a broken man who despises her from first sight. What isn’t there to love?

For a debut, Laura really sucks you into the story. From the synopsis, nothing is revealed and so throughout the book you keep thinking about Tony’s past life, what her secrets are, what Trace’s secrets are, why he doesn’t like her, why he’s intrigued by her. Because there are so many questions you are drumming up throughout each page, you just keep flicking through the pages, needing to find the answer to your questions.

There are also a few shocking revelations along the way too – which of course I am not going to spoil for you but I didn’t expect any of them to happen. Especially with Wes. I’m probably blind but I did not catch on.

I started this book on a lazy Sunday afternoon and had finished it on the Monday evening (damn work getting in the way). It’s a quick read, but only because you will be reading at lightning speed. You will be sucked into the story, into the drama, into the secrets and as I’ve mentioned, the synopsis reveals hardly anything and you will not want to put the book down. Nope, not at all.

I love books like this, the ones where you just don’t want to sleep or eat, and Laura really made this happen with me. Although work did get in the way, I was reading it through lunch and on the way home and then just lounged on the sofa reading it. Yupp that is how much I was infatuated by her book.

“You look at me like that with your big eyes and I think of ripping those clothes off your body.”

Trace is broken. He sleeps around to get so exhausted he falls asleep, he blows hot and cold and he has a temper, but on the other side he’s caring, he does have a heart and music is a big part of him. His past is something that although he wants to forget, he can’t and then along comes Tony and everything is brought up once again, hence why he doesn’t want to be near her and acts like a complete and utter douchebag when they are in the same proximity. But to me, there was just something about him that I liked. Despite his douchebaggyness, I was drawn to him. I really liked him and I knew underneath everything he was actually a sweet and caring guy, he just had a bad past that made him act out.

He does blow hot and cold with Tony but you can see that he does like her, even if he doesn’t or won’t admit it to himself or to her. I know many of you will probably dislike him at first, but I actually didn’t. Is that weird? I really did like him from the start. His cocky demure, his tattoos, especially the spider on his neck, his musicality and then his sweet side. The side that I suppose no one has seen for quite a long time. But there is just something about Tony, or should I say Kitty that just brings it out in him.

When the secret is out, ohhh I just wanted to jump into my kindle and hug the shit out of Trace. You understand why he didn’t like Tony at the start but then why he let himself get to know her and fall for her and then at the end, my heart broke. I’m not going to spoil it but dear god, there NEEDS to be a book two. I need to know what will happen with Tony and Trace. Like right now!

Tony is a strong girl. She’s had to be with the father she has but her past is one that she wants to forget and change. From being a party girl, who slept around and had a bucket loads of cash to flying over to London to find her mother with a backpack full of clothes and hardly any money. She’s doing her best to stay afloat. She’s spunky and courageous and wants to put her past behind her and change her lifestyle and her style up. She doesn’t want anyone to know about her past – it’s off limits. She can stick up for herself, she can give as good as she gets but deep inside shes also vulnerable. She’s in London to find her mother and despite the fact she now knows Wes, shes still alone in her search, in walking around London. You really do feel for her, from the way Trace acts towards her, to wanting and needing to find her mother. All she wants is her mother, as any teenage girl would.

I really enjoyed that although she didn’t want to go back to how she was, and with Trace she was scared she was going to, admitting it out loud really was the first step and she thought being with trace would make her take steps backward yet it didn’t. She was stronger and more aware than anyone and Trace was there every step, convincing her that she would never return to the person she used to be. I was really proud of her throughout the whole book, even when sad events at the end took place.

Enter Wes, who is her new BFF and takes her under his wing so she had a job and somewhere to stay whilst she searches for her mother. Thing is, Wes is Trace’s brother and Trace is not happy at all. Wes is charming and funny and the sweetest guy around. He’s put up with shit from Trace and now that Tony has entered his life, I think he feels freer, that is has someone he can tell his secret too, as hes scared of telling his dad and Trace. Despite the fact he knows Trace’s secret and he warns Tony away, he still looks out for her. There was a time where I was like “just leave Tony and Trace along Wes” but then

I loved the chemistry between Trace and Tony. It actually is instant, even Trace acted like a dick towards her at first, they both have this hot and cold relationship, towards one another but Trace does care for Tony, in his weird way. Although he didn’t like her, he was always there for her, and Tony just couldn’t help wanting him even though he was a knobhead at times. They really were suppose to just gyrate towards one another, they couldn’t stay away and getting past the rocky start it was easy for them to be together, to spend time together and be there for one another. It broke my heart at the end but what Trace does, you can truly see that Tony is the one for him, that he will always be there for her.

I will fangirl over Laura and this book so much. I will fangirl and love Trace too. Even though I’m not allowed him because he is Tony’s, a girl can dream about an imaginary character cant she? I’m too greedy for more of Tony and Trace’s story so much so, that after this review, there is a deleted scene. Yes, I am a greedy little girl but I will always want more, so you bloody better buy this book and join me in pestering Laura for her to write book two pretty damn fast.

For the deleted scene, go to The Book Lovers
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August 8, 2013

These Things About Us by Laura Beege
Rated: 3.5-4 Stars
Genre: New Adult

Purchase These Things About Us

This book was unexpected. I was asked for an honest review by the author, Laura Beege, and the blurb sounded interesting so I gave it a shot. I love reading the work of a first time author. It’s like discovering diamond in a sand box. Corny analogy, I know, but I couldn’t think of anything better. This story is about a mafia princess of sorts, whose life crumbles in the wake of her father’s arrest and subsequent move to prison. She leaves behind her life in the states to find her mother in London and hopefully get a new start. Along the way, she makes some amazing friends and finds a man who has a tortured past even worse than hers. Before I write my full review, I will tell you this book has a cliffhanger. I know a lot of you will wait for the next book’s release before reading both, but don’t forget about it on your long TBR list. ;)

Antonia’s father was involved in a lot of illegal activity and hurt a lot of people. The law finally caught up to him and Antonia ‘s life was changed drastically. She hit a low point and was constantly in the news for her out of control behavior. She wanted out of this life and refused to step into her role in the “family business” while her father was in prison. She escaped to London in hopes of finding the mother she barely remembered.

So it starts out like this: Girl walks in to a bar and meets a nice older man who feeds her, then girl meets broody, angry looking son of the other man and it all begins with a look of utter disgust…
Tony is in London with barely $100 to her name and on a hunt to find the mother who left her with her father over thirteen years ago. She has no idea how to find her mother, other than looking in a phone book and calling every Theresa Lawrence she comes across. Her phone goes dead and she enters a bar to borrow a phone book and use the pay phone. This is where she meets Alex, a kind older man who feeds her and offers her a friendly smile. Next she meets his son, Trace. A womanizing, broody, angry man who seems to be instantly disgusted with the very appearance of her in his bar. And finally we meet Wesley, the sweet guy about her age who offers her a job and a place to sleep upstairs. He becomes a great friend and confidant to Tony.

Along the way we start to see another side to Trace. He starts to open up to Tony and begins falling in love with her. The only problem is he has a dark secret he peasant want to reveal to her just yet. Once they finally allow themselves to put their guards down and love one another Trace's secret is revealed and its devastating to Tony. She overreacts and says hurtful things. Then another problem arises that causes her to make the ultimate sacrifice forTrace and his family....will they end up together? I don't know...I guess we will have to wait for the next book to find out. ;)
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August 9, 2013
Blog tour: http://lisleslivres.blogspot.com/2013...

Characters: Antonia "Tony" is very admirable and brave for trying to find her mother, go to a city completely unknown to her, and find a job and housing with complete strangers. I don't necessarily agree with all of the ways she goes about finding her mom, but I wonder how far any of us would go for love. She has justification for what she does,and in fact I feel sorry for her. Yet, she's nothing but selfless. Thank god Trace and Wes are there to make her feel better! Okay, so when I read that Trace has tattoos, I instantly thought of Trace Cyrus. I know, absolutely gross! My image of fictional Trace was pretty much shattered so I'm giving you a new image to make you completely forget about that yucky one. Voila...

Mike Vogel, the only reason you are still watching Under the Dome
Yeah, just imagine him with tattoos:) This was actually the photo that Laura sent me when I asked her who she pictured as Trace. Trace's personality is so much like a girl PMSing. Sometimes he is sweet. Sometimes he is kinda short with Tony. It took me awhile to like Trace, and I was as confused about his behavior as Tony is throughout. After learning his unfortunate history, I did develop a crush on the guy!
Wes is my favorite character of the book. He's super fun and kind to Tony. Even after the turn of events, I still loved this guy. I hope he shows up in Laura's books again.

Plot: I liked the pacing and building of character relationships in this book, but I hated the ending! I'm such a sucker for cute, perfect endings and I wasn't satisfied!!!!! I hope that there is a sequel because it can't end like that! Where's the sweet, cheesy line that romantics live for?

Would I recommend it to a friend? Nes. There is drama, tension, romance, and a little bit of action, but it lacks the ending that I seek for in books. It's not the best New Adult, but it has originality so try it if you don't mind bittersweet.
38 reviews
August 7, 2013
Beege has written a really interesting and attention holding story in These Things About Us. While I was nervous because I felt the introduction to the characters was a tad shaky, the plot quickly sucked me in and didn't let me go until the very last page. Meeting Tony while she's lost in London was interesting. While I consider myself a pretty brave person, I draw the line at traveling to a foreign country by myself to look for a family member. This was the case with Tony. She is in London looking for her mom who left when she was a little girl.

The point that I was making about These Things About Us being a tad shaky in the beginning was what exactly Toni's past was. It does unravel itself throughout the rest of the book, but I feel that one vital piece of information could have been given to us at the beginning that would have solved a lot of my confusion. However, after you get past those few instances the story really heats up.

When we meet the other characters mentioned in the synopsis, Wesley and Trace, I was prepared for a love triangle. Laura Beege, thank you, from the bottom of my icy heart for not putting me through hell and back with love triangle angst. Seriously, if I knew where you lived I would mail you cookies, because I was not expecting what your created in that "triangle."

Full Review Here: http://bendthebind.blogspot.com/2013/...
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834 reviews21 followers
September 2, 2013
These things about us is not your typical romance. American Tony is in London trying to find her mother who left her 13 years ago. Taken in and given a job and boarding at a pub we meet Wes, his dad Alex and moody as all hell Trace. This was different as slowly secrets were revealed and our heroine Tony is not at all like I first believed. I had a love/hate relationship with Trace as he was a douche 90% of the time. Not really knowing how things were going to end, I did find the ending unsatisfying. I'm thinking another book is needed! A great read.
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104 reviews28 followers
August 10, 2013
A detailed review can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIFx9...

1 star +
characters: very interesting + 1 star
plot: not the regular but surprising! + 1 star
ever boring? not one second + 1 star
couldn't put it down: + 1 star

= 5 stars easily

This is a book I will definately reread lots of times.
22 reviews1 follower
January 25, 2014
This was ok as far as it went, it's like a prequel but there is nothing to say there's at least another book to follow. If there isn't then it's quite disappointing.
Actually after reading the blog posting mentioned in another review http://laurabeegeblog.blogspot.co.uk/... I'll change my stars and say don't bother reading it!
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179 reviews2 followers
October 14, 2013
I really enjoyed this book. Story line was a little different than the usual books I read so that was a plus. And the ending OMG, let's just say I cried. Didn't think it would end this way. Waiting and hoping for a sequel!!!
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350 reviews6 followers
October 14, 2013
I really enjoyed this story. I couldn't put it down, I hope the story continues... I was disappointed in the ending. I want more!
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1,231 reviews11 followers
March 13, 2014
What a great story. Definitely will cry, laugh, and keep reading. I need to find out more about these characters, there's got to be a happy ending.
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183 reviews10 followers
July 8, 2018
Did not finish. Since I started this, it didn't rub me the right way. Plot felt half a$$ed, not solid all the way through at all. I looked at my Currents and thought, why am I still with this book and I don't even have the zeal to read another word. The heroine I don't find interesting and the environment is full of no descriptions whatsoever. Like just random events occurring all over?
Not my cup of tea.
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367 reviews4 followers
June 22, 2016
I like it. Not the like we've expecting in a YA romance. The heroine thankfully not some whiny, boycrazy, or weak girl.
What i dont like:
The part where she get closure from but i understand why the story goes that way.
Sometimes the story feels a little rushed, like the last chapter involved Jean, i think its better if there was reintroduced part about him like 'Jean, the man who's calling his wife everyday back in the pub' or something before he start getting bigger role in the story, not merely part of a scene background like before.
Also, too bad Alex doesn't seem regretting his mistake (makes me think he will do it again since it's addictive hmm). There's no struggling related his mistakes and consequences apart from his distraught appearance and i think Tony too quick give a solution.

The ending indeed give an illusion on a sequel :) but i satisfied with it.
It's like watching a movie with open ending interpretation :p.
Leave Tony-Trace next journey to reader imagination.
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746 reviews90 followers
May 19, 2016
Put it in the YA shelf but it's more of a NA (new adult) as the sex (at the end) is very graphic and Tony or Antonia is fully 18. She runs from the US to London to find her mother but what she finds is not what she was hoping for.
She tries to be someone she hasn't been in a long time, but things don't go as she expected and at the end daddy is the only one she can ask for help. I would have liked a very different ending, something more in the line of her being the saviour and not just the victim but hopefully there is a new come back and she can find happiness where she deserves.
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October 13, 2013
I was really enjoying the book. It was great but the ending disappointed me a bit! Will there be another book? It wasn't a bad ending, kind of happy, it just left me wanting a little more. I guess you assume Tony will seek out Trace and find her HEA. Maybe a novella would be great just to satisfy everyone curiosity!!
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October 12, 2013

Aw drat, downloaded it before I scrutinised the reviews more closely to find a cliffhanger ending, little wonder I love reviews. I truly detest cliffhangers and heads up to the reviewers who sent out the warning - its back on the shelf probably permanently since I suspect I'll forget about it with too many others on my TBR pile.
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September 17, 2013
This book was pretty poorly edited, which normally irritates me to no end when I'm trying to lose myself in a story. But this book was pretty amazing despite that. Even with the massive cliffhanger. I want a longer epilogue, dammit!
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May 24, 2014
Honestly the plot was a little dumb...and the main character was so naive, I wanted to smack her...but overall the story (if you could keep from rolling your eyes the entire time) was fairly quick and easy. I think there was one emotional bit that got me, but other than that...not my cup of tea.
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