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Dream #3

Dream Child

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"I would give anything to take this away from her. I would gladly go back to having the nightmares myself – the very worst ones, the ones that had me waking up screaming in a pool of my own vomit – rather than see Lizzie go through this..."

As a resident at Children's Hospital, Sara can handle ninety hour workweeks, fighting to save her young patients from deadly childhood diseases. But she's about to be faced with a challenge that all her training and experience haven't prepared her for: her four-year-old daughter has inherited her ability to see other people's dreams...

"Dream Child" is the suspenseful third novel in the "Dreams" series.

293 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 18, 2013

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About the author

J.J. DiBenedetto

31 books399 followers
J.J. (James) DiBenedetto was born in Yonkers, New York. He attended Case Western Reserve university, where as his classmates can attest, he was a complete nerd. Very little has changed since then.

He currently lives in Arlington, Virginia with his beautiful wife and their cat (who has thoroughly trained them both). When he's not writing, James works in the direct marketing field, enjoys the opera, photography and the New York Giants, among other interests.

J.J. is the author of the Dream Doctor Mysteries, the Jane Barnaby Adventures and several other works.

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Author 78 books181 followers
May 3, 2014
J.J. DiBenedetto’s Dream series of novels just keeps getting better. The characters grow convincingly into their lives. New friends are introduced with an enjoyably natural touch. And the world of a new doctor feels real enough despite this new doctor’s many other activities. Overworked... always overworked... struggling to balance family and job... eager to serve each of her young patients and their parents, Doctor Sara suddenly finds that scary dreams just might be genetic.

Readers who’ve followed the series will find their expectations well fulfilled, while new readers will quickly come up to speed. Clearly Sara has dreamed before. Clearly four-year-old Lizzie hasn’t. But if stopping the dreams means solving the problem first, how will a mother see the problem through her daughter’s eyes?

Of course, there’s always the question of what a daughter will see when she dreams through others’ eyes. Little Lizzie is certainly a bright, inspiring four-year-old, imaginative, friendly, and sweet, but it’s easy to understand her mother’s concerns. Meanwhile a mobster’s daughter needs treatment, a grandmother’s disapproval is balanced with genuine kindness, and a politician’s son has a booboo. It’s all good fun with just the right amount of introspection, intriguing action, and genuine affection. Smooth fast writing, convincing dialog—even from the four-year-old—and genuine family relations combine into a romantic tale that grows with the family; mystery that slides into dreams; and paranormal powers that definitely intrigue—I’m just eager to read more.

Disclosure: I was given a free ecopy, rather a while ago, and I offer my honest, if belated review.
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8,169 reviews145 followers
September 10, 2020
The third book in the Dream series by J.J. DiBenedetto. Sara's young daughter has inherited her ability to see other's dreams. A light paranormal mystery. Entertaining read.
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267 reviews1 follower
April 15, 2015
Sara and Brian's story continues with a new twist...their daughter, Lizzie, has inherited Sara's gift!

The mystery that Sara's, and now Lizzie's, dreams are prompting them to solve is entirely different than the previous two books. There is always a fear that the plots will get boring and formulaic in a series but that is definitely NOT the case with this one. However I was waiting for Sara to get injured in the line of crime fighting this time...maybe it's the klutz in me who can relate to a character injuring herself constantly (says the woman who's been on crutches at least 5 times in the past 18 years).

The political and organized crime aspects are very well-written. I love reading along and putting the pieces together as the characters do.

I have to say DiBenedetto does a great job of balancing very adult topics while staying true to the mind of a very smart, sensitive 4 year old. Nothing that Lizzie does or says seems beyond the scope of a child. I also love how Lizzie's character develops so quickly as she realizes, as much as a small child can, the responsibility she has when she has these dreams.

I have to say that I even liked the "bad guys" in this one! Their characters were very human and personable. I could relate to them as much as I could relate to Sara's fear of them. And I have to agree that Sara has certainly "got a pair."

For me personally Sara's gushing over the perfection of her and Brian's relationship is starting to irk me a little. BUT I did not let that detract from the rating of the book because my cynicism in the arena of love apparently knows no bounds and I realize that my negativity comes from jealousy. Hey, at least I'm honest LOL

Now...ready for the next one! Honestly, I couldn't stop reading them if I tried.
Profile Image for Sassy Beta Reading & Review.
1,240 reviews16 followers
March 19, 2013
If I had to describe this 3rd book and series in 1 word only, it would be FREAKING SPECTACULAR! (Yes I know that is 2 words but hey!) Thank goodness I am not limited to only 1 (or 2) words :) This book was even better than the first and second. It really kept me guessing from start to finish. James had me hooked from the first word....okay maybe not the first...but at least by the 3rd! A few years have passed and surprises awaits! James did a fantastic job in filling us in on what has happened in the past few years and you will not be disappointed!

This book has the right amount of Mystery, Romance, Comedy and leaves you anxious to read the next book. Which thank goodness I did not have to wait long :) * Thank you James! *

The new characters introduced in this installment are easy to relate to, (Esp. one little new addition that just tugs are your heart strings) the story is easy to follow and the details are described so well you do not need a strong imagination to see what is happening and to whom. Great follow up to the previous books and leaves you excited to read the 4th book in the series.

You will not go wrong with reading this series and it is so worth your time and money.

This is a series that you should read in order since they progress in time.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Thank you James for creating such a great series and I can not wait to read more from you in the future!
Profile Image for Jennifer.
Author 37 books196 followers
May 31, 2013
This third book skips ahead a few years. Sara now has Lizzie who is almost 4 as well as 3 months old twins (Ben and Steph). On a trip to a conference where Sara’s mother in law and Lizzie come with them something terrible happens. Lizzie has a dream about a boy that she met on the train. Her friend Billy is really scared. Someone is threatening his daddy and he doesn’t know what’s going on. Of course neither does Lizzie. She runs to her mom and tells her about this terrible dream and that’s when Sara finds out that Lizzie had inherited the same gift/ability that Sara has. And she knows it’s true because she popped into the same dream Lizzie was in as well and Lizzie knows her mommy was there with her! It’s an intense journey trying to figure out who is threatening Billy’s dad, who is a congressman. He apparently won by a close margin and someone wants payback for the favors they did. Sara just wants to get this resolved so that Lizzie can stop having the scary dreams for a while. She knows they’ll never go away, but it’s hard for Lizzie to comprehend what’s happening to her. As Lizzie’s mother would say, it’s complicated!

This book is also so full of cuteness as you see through the eyes of a child. She is bright, bubbly, and you can’t help but smile when she goes on about something that happened to her. Her little story telling mind is amazing and she’s so smart! You’ll fall in love with her as you read. I give this book 4 stars.
Profile Image for Ashley Hedden.
4,627 reviews25 followers
January 10, 2022
Dream Child (Dream #3) was a good read by J.J. DiBenedetto. Sara is a resident at Children's Hospital. She is used to working ninety hour workweeks and saving her young patients from deadly diseases. But she isn't prepared when she finds out her four year old daughter inherited her ability to see others dreams. I enjoyed reading this book and can't wait to read more by the author.
Profile Image for Mary.
455 reviews9 followers
March 21, 2013
This third book in the Dreams series seems to take a little different turn. Sara and Brian have children and the responsibilities of parenthood. Lizzie, their smart little girl, has ended up with Sara's gift of dreams and has her own mystery to solve when she runs into a congressman's son on the train and starts to have dreams of some kind of cover up. Sara and Brian are there to do what they can to help her solve the mystery and track down the clues. This storyline has a lot more mystery in it, which is what I really enjoyed in this book. There were a lot of characters to track down and investigate, but in the end, the little family find the answers they are looking for. The end culminates with Sara in a controntation that is one of the best scenes in the entire book and shows us what a strong character she is. Yes, you can read this book by itself, but I think it would be better to read the other two first to get more background on the main characters and get a feel for their lives.
Profile Image for Mary Lou Hoffman.
1,942 reviews31 followers
May 31, 2016
Book three in the series. This does stand alone, but I highly recommend reading in order.
Category: Fiction, Paranormal
Recommended for: Teens and adults
Grammar/editing: A – near perfect
Received from: J. J. Di Benedetto (in exchange for an honest review)/ Blog Tour

What would you do to prevent fear for your child? To save the life of a child? Twenty children? Two hundred?

This was another terrific, suspenseful, paranormal tale with a large touch of family love. I am loving this series. I could not put this down. Sara and Ben’s daughter, Lizzie, is the sweetest, most precocious four-year-old you will ever read about.

I have to say, Mrs. DiBenedetto must be one very lucky lady. This guy knows how to describe true love and that only happens if you live it.
Profile Image for Kendra.
155 reviews
June 1, 2013
Better than the first two! Dream Child picks up a few years down the road, Sara is a doctor, and her and Brian now have kids- 4 year old Lizzie and the twins. Lizzie has inherited her mother's ability to see others' dreams, and stumbles into a huge political coverup that has her friend scared. Sara and Lizzie are able to see each other in the dreams, Sara can see the nightmares that Lizzie is having about her friend, about this new ordeal that they have to unravel. So many more twists, amazing strength shown from Sara and from Lizzie, and entire new perspectives of their lives.
Review by Kendra @ FaeBooks
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78 reviews30 followers
February 7, 2016
This series is really addictive. Sara gets more interesting with each book. Not only that, but now her daughter Lizzie is having these same dreams about things that they have to fix, so everyone has to work together just to solve the mystery about the scary man in the big black car.

I'm interested in what happens in the next book, because it sounds really dramatic. Plus, it feeds my addiction for the books in this series.
Profile Image for Juyey.
97 reviews7 followers
July 24, 2015
There is a time jump from the last book to this one, as I've read other books in between it did take me a few pages to catch up, however I loved where this story led the characters and the nice twist at the end, I can't wait to read the next book to discover more.
Profile Image for Leta.
60 reviews3 followers
March 19, 2013
Good book about a Doctor who has been having dreams since college. She learns her young daughter starts having these mysterious and sometimes scary dreams as well.
Profile Image for Nicole Dunton.
1,198 reviews25 followers
June 23, 2017
This is the third book in the Dream series by J.J. DiBenedetto. In this book, Sarah's daughter Lizzie starts having dream walking dreams as well. Sarah is understandably upset and does everything in her power to figure everything out so that her daughter will stop having the dreams. Can she stop them in time or are forces out of her control?

I really enjoyed this book! I think it's been the most intense one of the series yet! I can't wait to dive into the rest of the series personally! I kind of wish that the books would be a little longer so that some of the things that are brushed over can be drug out just a tad more, but I'm sure I'm probably one of the few that feels that way. Either way, it's enjoyable.

The narrator is so great! I didn't like her in the first book, but I've gotten used to her now and completely disagree with how I felt about her in the beginning. I'd definitely love to hear other works by her. She definitely knows how to attract attention at all the right moments. I love her Annunciation as well. She's definitely worth listening to!

I fully recommend this book. Though it's definitely not really needed, I would recommend reading the first two books in the series first. It's an amazing book and an amazing series. I'm so glad that I stumbled across it and the author. I may not remember how anymore, but that's unimportant!
Profile Image for Rosemary Hughes.
2,902 reviews15 followers
September 2, 2018
Dreams are bad enough for adults, but for 4 year old child, seeing people you know in a situation that caused them pain. It is extremely hard, but when the mother has had dreams similar and understands that the dreams are sent for a reason, and that reason has to be figured out, to stop the dreams, well compassion and understanding is part of the help that is given to the child, who is experiencing the trauma.
I would suggest books 1 and 2 of this series be read, prior to reading this book, as it is a story that builds on itself. Although the author refers to things that have occurred in past books, the understanding of the dilemma the main characters face, would benefit from the background knowledge gleaned from the previous episodes.
I listened to the audio rendition of this story and have enjoyed the narrator's characterization of the voices used. It adds another dimension to the story.
6 reviews
September 16, 2018
This book was just as captivating as the ones before. I love being able to follow along with the life of a character that I enjoy. Watching her life unfold and finding others in her life that have the same abilities is so fun. I still love the style of writing this author does, and how the story moves at a steady pace that never seems to rush or drag.
Profile Image for Wes.
412 reviews5 followers
March 13, 2019
3.5 stars, I enjoyed the first two books in the series, but this just didn't hit the mark with me. if I'm honest the Lizzie character was just to good to be true for a four year old, a little overbearing.
Profile Image for Penelope Bartotto.
Author 3 books110 followers
February 4, 2014
Today I dive back in to a series that I think is being overlooked by the greater literary market, the Dream Series by J.J. DiBenedetto. First came Dream Student (Read full review: HERE) which brought romance into a very odd development in a young woman's life. Dream Doctor (Read full review: HERE) takes our young heroine into the demanding world of becoming a doctor and a wife. The third book, Dream Child, finds us with Sara and her growing family, and is on review today at The Library.
Of the three books in the series I will say that Dream Student remains my favorite, but that does not diminish the quality of the other books, they are truly exceptional in their own right. Book three is all about the fear a parent has when they need to tell their child something that they wish didn't need to be told quite yet. Lizzie is just four years old and has inherited her mother's unique ability to see other people's dreams. The talent is not a gift all of the time, in fact it tends to be more of a curse. Sara herself has narrowly survived some of the situations her dreams have led her into, and now she wants nothing more than to prevent her daughter from the same frightening encounters.
DiBenedetto does a marvelous job of capturing the torture that a parent would feel in such a situation and does a good job of creating a solution for the family to cope with Lizzie's new skill. Protecting Lizzie's new friend becomes the focus of the adventure that Sara and Brian go on, diving into the dangerous world of shady politics and blackmail. The flow of the story is steady, but there were times that I felt like we were just going in circles, stagnating for brief periods of the story. The characters remain a star in the series, and we have the addition of the twins in this book, who I am hoping we will see more of in the future stories, as they grow from infancy. The plot, this is an area that got a little distorted through the areas that connect two aspects of Sara's life together. Not to say that the story doesn't come together, it just goes in a circuitous route that may drag for a reader not invested in the characters.
I am reading the entire series and will be moving forward with the fourth book very soon.
Profile Image for Nicole.
486 reviews37 followers
August 7, 2013
Dream Series #3. By: J. J. DiBenedetto. Format: eBook. Read: August 2013.

Sara is a resident at Children’s Hospital, which means excruciatingly long work weeks, but it is worth it to come home to Brian and their adorable daughter, Lizzie. Sara is very grateful that she is able to bring Lizzie to work with her when she can’t find a babysitter. All the staff love Lizzie and Lizzie gets to play with the children, which helps distract them from the routines of being a hospital patient. Lizzie is a lot like Sara and is always ready to lend a helping hand. Unfortunately though, Lizzie has picked up something else from Sara too. When Lizzie’s dreams start, Sara’s world is turned upside down, again.

This is the third novel in the Dream series and this is by far the best so far. The addition of Lizzie to the family and to the storyline is perfect. She provides just the right amount of comedic relief that was missing from the previous two books. Lizzie is very young, but she steals the show, so to speak. J. J. DiBenedetto shows a superb talent in his writing his characters. Readers will feel like they have grown with Sara and they will find themselves thinking similar thoughts as Sara tries to juggle work, family, and interpreting her and Lizzie’s dreams. Minor characters from previous books keep popping up to lend a hand, which gives the series another real-life connection. Readers will have extremely high hopes for the next book to see what Sara and Lizzie stumble into, next.

This is a very unique mystery series that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading. I am looking forward to spending more time with Sara, Lizzie and the rest of the family in the next book. I absolutely love a series that ties previous books into current books, with hints towards what could happen next. It keeps me guessing until the very end, which is nice to read. If you are looking for an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow cozy mystery series, with a unique twist, I definitely recommend this series.

The author provided a copy of this book for me to review.
This review was originally posted on Ariesgrl Book Reviews.
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715 reviews19 followers
February 10, 2014
Dr. Sara Alderson is in the middle of her residency, and she hasn't had a dream that needed her interference since her first year of med school. Just when she is about to believe that they have disappeared from her life forever, she gets the biggest shock of her life as she discovers her four-year-old daughter Lizzie has inherited her gift too. Dream Child follows Lizzie's dreams as she meets a new friend on the train to Washington DC for the week, and ends up dreaming about him. Sara and Brian have to calm Lizzie's fears and at the same time work to figure out what her dreams mean. This time Sara is more willing to reach out to other people in the family and allow them to know what is happening, instead of trying to do it completely by herself. J.J. DiBenedetto weaves this story around the children, not only Lizzie, but Sara is working in Pediatrics and a number of the patients on that floor are also introduced into the story as side stories, which are wonderful and heart-warming.

Dream Child is the third book in J.J. DiBenedetto's Dreams series of Cozy Mysteries about Sara, who can see other peoples dreams. It is a light-hearted and fun mystery that is an easy read. Sara has grown up, but there are still times when she is quite flaky and unsure of herself, and yet other times in the book where she is strong and confident. Lizzie is suppose to be a four year old, but sounds much more like a six to eight year old. Also she is allowed to follow her mother around the hospital while she is on rounds during residency, which would never be allowed in any hospital. Then again it's a story, it's not meant to be real life. Being that this one of a series, you can actually read this book without having read the series. It doesn't refer back to the other books much and if it does, it gives you the information you need to understand what it is talking about. If you are into quirky, cozy mysteries then this is the book for you.

**Reviewed for Readers Favorites
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Author 7 books65 followers
December 4, 2013
I confess this is my first foray into J.J. Dibenedetto’s writing. I chose to read book three, unaware they were a series. However, it didn’t matter because the book stood alone.
The story is based around Lizzie, a sweet little girl who has dreams. Some okay, but a number more scary.
Her mother, Sara, is a doctor working in a busy children’s hospital. Sara also dreams, but not as often as she did. Naturally, realising her daughter is going down the same unpleasant road is upsetting for her. It would be a horrible situation for any parent.
As I read the book I felt sorry and concerned for Lizzie…a credit to the authors writing skill. His characters are strong, well fleshed out and so real, you can’t help getting involved and being affected. As the story progresses, Sara and Lizzie find themselves sharing the same dream…spooky!
The dreams are leading Sara and her family to challenge a mobster who is angling to build a waist disposal plant. The plant will create electricity for a vast neighbourhood, but will also be the cause of a lot of sickness. Sara chooses to face the mobster. It helps that she treated his young daughter who has diabetes.
I really like Sara’s husband, Brian, and was a bit disappointed he allowed his wife to face the mobster alone, but as the story progressed I could understand why.
Dream Child is a great read, a little slow to start, but it hots up nicely. There were a few editing issues, like a lack of separation as to who was speaking, which got a little confusing, but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the story.
The ending took me by surprise, but I liked it. You’ll have to read the book to find out for yourself.
Dream Child is an enjoyable read and one I can recommend.

I was given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 39 books350 followers
October 3, 2014
This time, the twist of the entire Dream series on the “What if you could see someone else’s dreams” question has taken an extra new bend. It is, ��What if your child could see your dreams, and the dreams of others? What if she has your power?”

Here is the first time Sara realizes that her daughter, Lizzie, can see inside her: “She was seeing—she was inside—she saw me dreaming. She’s got it just like I do.” Being inside her is doubly frightening because at this point there is a new life inside Sara: she is pregnant again. So in a way, there is a sense of violation when boundaries can be crossed like that, even when the dreamer is only a four-year old, sweet child. On the other hand, there is the motherly wish to keep her daughter safe, which in this case may mean keeping her away from people whose dreams she might penetrate. Which is exactly what happens when Sara and Lizzy meet two strangers, a woman and her son Billy, on the train. Billy’s father is being blackmailed, which will put Billy and his mother in danger.

The conversations are lovely, showing you a family scene between Sara, her mom, her husband Brian, her mother-in-law, Helen, and Lizzy. It is the dialog that wraps the entire mystery in a wholesome, familiar veil, and observations such as this, about Lizzie: “Then she occupies herself by trying to get both twins smiling at the same time, which is a trick none of us have managed yet.” . And, it is also the sense of inheritance of power, and the connection between generations: “I can’t believe that in all this time, for seven whole years, I never once wondered about my mother. If Lizzy got it from me, I had to get it from somewhere too. And I never gave it a thought.”

Five stars.
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Author 3 books33 followers
February 4, 2014
The story continues four years later. Sara is doing her medical residency in Pediatrics. She has a daughter Lizzie, who is almost four years old, and also twin babies. The story begins with Sara,
I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Lizzie and her mother-in-law, Helen going by train to Washington so Sara can attend a conference. On the train, they meet a woman and her son Billy, who Lizzie befriends. They soon discover that they are the family of Congressman Hanratty, a local politician who was recently elected to office. While Sara, Lizzie and Helen are staying at a hotel, Lizzie wakes Sara up to tell her about a dream she had about Billy. Sara soon realizes that her daughter is able to enter others dreams too. Sara also discovers that Billy’s father is being blackmailed which will put Billy and his mother in danger.
This book was very well crafted and held a few tricks and surprises. Sara continues her residency as a capable and caring pediatric doctor while being a devoted and exhausted mother and attempting to figure out who is blackmailing the congressman and why. During all this she has to teach her daughter how to cope with this unusual gift and prevent something terrible from happening. A lot of things happen in this book, but the author continued to keep a good pace with the action. There are some different characters developed in this story, but again they are believable and interesting. I very much enjoyed the surprise in the epilogue!
Profile Image for Perry Martin.
130 reviews1 follower
June 22, 2014
Dream Child by J.J. DiBenedetto and Narrated by Heather Jane Hogan is DiVenedetto's third book in the Dream Series. At this time the first four book are available on Audible.com as well as a short story that takes place between book 3&4 as Betty and Howard Barnes take a European Vacation.

Dream Child revolves around Sara's 4 year old daughter who has inherited Sara's Gift. You learn that as in other books the ability to see others dreams only manifests itself if you meet the person. Keeping a 4 year old from meeting people that she may dream about is just another thing for Sara to think about when raising her daughter.

The audiobook is another excellent listen as Sara meets and begins to see the dreams of relatives and of a Congressman from her district, whom she happened to meet in Washington DC.

If you think you know what a Congressmen is thinking or dreaming about then you may begin to understand how disturbing those dreams could be. 

Sara, while completing her residency and raising children at night and trying to save them during the day; will she solve the mystery of her dreams in time. Will she survive the stress. The personnel conflict and mental anguish are apparent and felt in every chapter.

I highly recommend this series for all but mostly for young women who want to do it all. Sara is an excellent roll model for anyone wanting to achieve their DREAMS....

PerryMartinAudiibookReviews.wordpress.com and follow me @PerryBookReview or @Plmartin68

Read this and other reviews at AudiobookMonthly.com 
630 reviews4 followers
April 17, 2015
Continuing on with J.J. DiBenedetto's 'Dream' series, I, once again, enjoyed the book.

Sara is off to a medical convention in Washington D.C., with her 4 year old daughter, Lizzie and Sara's mom-in-law, Helen, leaving husband Brian at home with the fairly new twins. On the train ride south, they meet up with the wife of a politician and their little boy. Lizzie and the little boy hit it off and Lizzie becomes 'Dr. Lizzie' after she bandages the Billy's 'owie'.

Lizzie begins to have nightmares about bad things happening to her new friend, Billy, and Sara realizes Lizzie has the same ability that she has, being able to 'be' in others dreams. Sara and Brian know they're going to have their hands full with Lizzie!

Heading back home after the conference, we get to see how hectic life is for Sara. Not only keeping her sanity during her long days at the hospital, but helping Lizzie with her new found 'gift', taking care of her new babies, and using the combined 'dreams' of her and Lizzie to try to figure out how to help Billy's dad!

Political intrigue, with Sara confronting the 'bad man' by herself was well done. I'm not too sure that hospitals would allow a 4 year old to follow her mom around as much as Lizzie does, but maybe. It's refreshing to see the love between Sara and Brian, and how the whole family helps them with Lizzie and the infant twins, Ben and Stephanie!

A very nice book for an afternoon read.
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2,104 reviews18 followers
May 30, 2015
The series continues with Sarah and Brian having a daughter who has inherited her mother’s dream talents. As a mother myself I can relate to how Sarah feels wanting to protect your child, take away the bad and leave only the good. To have a child have to deal with these nightmares makes it a nightmare for the parents. I could relate more to the characters than I could in the first two books.

I loved Lizzie she is such a sweet, friendly, smart, cute and bubbly with a wonderful imaginative she is such a delight and a very bright child. The author does a wonderful job writing in the eyes of a 4 year old. It is just a delight to hear her stories as she tells what happens in her world. You are going to love this little girl. Your heart goes out to her and her parents. Watching how this effect the family is intriguing with such a busy life and so much going on there is more on their plate than most families have to deal with.

I felt the author did a wonderful job in pulling the reader in with a great plot and a very intriguing story. The author does a great job balancing between the adult sides to the Childs side. I felt it was a well written story that will keep you guessing as the author spins a tale of suspense. The author gives you characters that feel real which makes this a believable story. I am so looking forward to reading the rest of this series.
Profile Image for Dawn.
1,511 reviews18 followers
May 19, 2015
I received a free copy of the ebook for an honest review.

Dream Child is the third book the Dream Series. I thought the first two books, Dream Student and Dream Doctor, were okay but I liked this one quite a bit more. One thing that I didn’t care for in the first two books was Sara’s rambling thoughts, but there wasn’t near as much of that in this book.

In Dream Child, Sara finds out that her 3 (almost 4) year old daughter, Lizzie, has the same gift (curse?) that she does. She and her husband, Brian, work together to help Lizzie deal with her psychic dreams.

I liked Sara more in Dream Child. She has not only matured, but there weren’t any obvious clues that she missed like she did in the previous books.

Brian is the perfect supportive husband and Lizzie is my favorite character. She’s not only adorable but smart. I’ve met a couple of 4 years olds like her and they amazed me!

Dream Child is about family relationships, Sara’s residency, and a mystery that needs to be solved. I’m glad I stuck with this series. It’s getting better and I’m looking forward to reading the next one, Dream Family.
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Author 44 books45 followers
September 30, 2013
This third installment of the Dream series has jumped more into the future and in its own way is more difficult to deal with the distresses the characters problems. I've always had an emotional connection and protective instinct that kicks in when children are involved and this is no different. DiBenedetto does NOT disappoint in Dream Child. He keeps the same pace and high level of characters as I've come to expect.

I am amazed at the depth reached in Dream Child. Lizzie is a precocious, lovable child that you can instantly believe in. And I love that we get to catch up with Beth, Sara's longtime friend that we met in Dream Student. With completely new dangers on new levels for Sara to struggle with, it is wonderful that she maintains her initial strength and actually has grown over the years of her fictional life, as a doctor, parent, person, and dreamer. I think it was fitting for Sara to go into pediatrics and I love her for it.

Thank you DiBenedetto!! I think it is time to move on to book 4 because I just have to know what you dreamed up for us next!
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May 11, 2015
Sara and Brian now have three kids, Lizzie who is three and the two twins. Sara, Lizzie and Brian's mom Helen, are on their way to DC for a medical conference. On the train ride, Lizzie makes a new friend, Billy. Billy is the son of Congressman Hanratty. Once Lizzie meets Billy, she starts to dream hop into his dreams and realizes that he is really scared. When Lizzie tells her mother about this, Sara realizes that she needs to get to the bottom of why Billy is scared so her daughter doesn't have to have the nightmares anymore. Lizzie is a really brave girl when she tells her mother and father about the dreams. But when they find out who is behind everything, will it put not only Sara and her family's life at risk but the Congressmen's family at risk as well? After all, they see in a dream that Congressman Hanratty is being blackmailed. This is the third book of the series and it really creates a new twist since it's not just Sara having the dreams but her and her daughter can dream hop together.
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April 18, 2015
Things are progressing in lives of Sara and Brian, they now have children to enrich their lives. Their daughter Lizzie is 4 years old and had been gifted with the same ability as her mother, she can enter and see dreams. Its bad enough when you have to see other peoples dreams but how do you protect your 4 year old. Another awesome story to add to this wonderful series. Every book just keeps getting better and I feel as if I am right there when everything happens. The story lines are exciting with lots of humor, mystery , complications and danger. Each book draws you deeper into the untold mysteries of the mind and makes you wonder what if. I love the characters and watching them grow has been a great experience. The new characters add drama and enrich an already unique and interesting tale. If you have not read this story you need to add it to your TO BE READ list, it will be worth it.
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