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Billy and Monster #2

Billy and Monster: The Superhero with Fart Powers

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From Best selling Author David Chuka

Join Billy and Monster in this second episode of the series -The Fartastic adventures of Billy and Monster.

Billy and Monster love going to school as they learn so much stuff like the different planets, counting to twenty-seven and spelling chewing gum. However, most afternoons, school get's a bit boring and they both end up sleeping in class. At such moments Billy wishes he could be a superhero.

If he was a superhero, Billy could save stray cats from trees, help old ladies across the street and make sure his class had a constant supply of chocolate. He could also count on Monster to confuse the bad guys with his fart powers!

One day at a fancy dress party, Billy and Monster come in contact with a thief whose been stealing people's jewelry. Will they let him get away or will their superhero powers save the day?

Get your copy today and find out how fart powers can be used for good in this funny book for kids of all ages.

24 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 12, 2013

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About the author

David Chuka

18 books278 followers
David Chuka lives in London with his lovely wife and two adorable children. His family are usually the first people to hear his funny and quirky tales. While he has written non-fiction material previously, he is absolutely proud to be called a children's book author. He loves writing stories that educate and entertain.

As a father himself, he has parents at heart when he writes. Bedtime has to be one of the best parts of the day for him as it gives him the opportunity to bond with his little ones. He believes you'll enjoy sharing his stories with your loved ones.

He would like to keep you updated on what he's working on and any giveaways he has on offer. Please subscribe to his newsletter at www.davidchuka.com

You can also follow him on twitter @davidchuka

He has so many stories to tell and can't wait to share them with the world.

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122 reviews12 followers
June 9, 2013
Billy and Monster go to school and learn all kinds of things but they find themselves growing bored as the day progresses. They wish that they could be superheroes rescuing cats and helping the elderly cross the street. Monster would be the side kick with fart powers.

One day, Billy's dad tells them about a criminal who is going around stealing people's jewelry. Billy and Monster go to a party when they see the thief. Will they be able to catch him in time and save the day?

This was a very cute and silly story. It had my daughter laughing. She keeps asking me "Mommy, can we read that book about magic farts again?" haha. We haven't read the first story about Billy and Monster yet but I'm sure my kids would enjoy it just as much as they did this one. Superheroes, fart powers, very cute illustrations, and a lesson about stealing . . . what more could you ask for in a childrens book?! ;)
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2,126 reviews38 followers
January 5, 2014

Honestly this book is a good laughable book, K being a boy I guess all boys like the sounds of farting and actually doing the deed. So when I picked this book from amazon I just knew I would have to read it to K. We loved how Billy and his Monster fought the jewelry thief with their fart super power. I enjoyed how they told the meaning of the word thief, I know everyone should know the word. But it is not a word that everyone uses on a daily basis's so when it was used and was told the actually meaning which is good for younger kids to learn it was great. The mayor promised the city that whoever caught this thief would get a prize, but when Billy and Monster caught him there was really no mention of a prize. Kind of felt like maybe the author could have thrown that in there.
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Author 1 book68 followers
June 16, 2013
Billy and Monster have one wish, they would love to be superheroes. They day dream of this in school. Billy's dad is reading the paper at the table one night when he tells them about a jewelry thief who is stealing jewelry from rich, fancy dinner parties. The mayor has promised a reward. The next day Billy and Monster attend a fancy dinner party with his parents. The jewelry thief shows up. It is up to Billy and Monster to use their super power to save the day. You must read the book to find out how they do it.
Profile Image for Connie.
547 reviews46 followers
September 13, 2013
This is a story with a simple plot with mindless simple characters that are not complicated, but this book was so funny! The superheroes (a boy and his monster sidekick) used their natural body gases to fight crime. I couldn't even read the pages all the way through without laughing towards the end of the book when the superheroes were fighting the bad person. My boys who are 6 & 8 enjoyed it just as much as I did, especially when I did the gas noises. :) This story is best read aloud so that the noises can be heard for the full effect. :)
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Author 5 books70 followers
March 22, 2013
"The Best Yet From Author David Chuka"

This is the second children's story about Billy and his best imaginary friend, Monster. They love going to school together even if they sometimes get bored and get caught napping in class. In this story, dad gets quite upset at dinner time about an article in the newspaper about a young thief. "What's a thief?" Billy wants to know, being unfamiliar with that word. So, this is where the story starts. And, where it leads to is quite an adventure! This book has great illustrations, fantastic dialog, and is well edited. Kids will laugh and then say, "Oh, oh!" A fun, valued lesson to be learned from this book. Don't miss out on any of Author David Chuka's children's books...they just keep getting better and better!
Displaying 1 - 7 of 7 reviews

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