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99 Days of Laney MacGuire

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Laney can’t wait to spend the summer at her father’s lake resort. It’s a place where time stands still and nothing ever changes – the perfect thing for Laney after the year she just had. But when she gets there, she discovers the lodge isn’t quite as unchanging as she once thought.

Some of the differences are good, like Rory’s new look; some are bad, like whatever secret Karissa is keeping. And then some things are just confusing, like Weston.

Weston, her mysterious new co-worker, who is the cause of so many of the changes Laney hates. She wants to despise him, but she can’t deny the attraction she feels, nor the desire she has to be around the one person who didn’t know her before the summer - the one person she doesn’t have to pretend for.

386 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2013

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About the author

Rachel Bateman

7 books134 followers
Rachel Bateman is an author and screenwriter who lives in the middle of Montana with her charmingly geeky husband, two sons, and more pets than she can keep track of. When she's not writing, you can find Rachel sewing, wrangling chickens, or planning her next road trip. Please visit her at www.rachelbateman.com or on Instagram @rachelbatemanbooks.

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Author 7 books134 followers
October 4, 2013
Not that I'm biased or anything. ;)
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November 24, 2013
Do you ever come across a book that totally knocks you off your feet? A book that you never saw coming, one that totally blows you away with how insanely beautiful it is? 99 Days of Laney MacGuire is that very book for me.

From the very first page of this book I was hooked. Rachel’s writing captured me with how simplistic, honest in the most humorous way, and so very real. I felt like I was right there with Laney as she embarked on a summer spent at her dad’s resort. Laney was easy to connect to from the very beginning. Not only was she funny, but she was also flawed in the best ways possible; the ways that make her complex and human. She had these absolutely wonderful moments throughout the book where she was wild and crazy with her friends, alone and sad while reflecting over the traumas she faced this past year, intense and passionate about her running, being awkward around a really hot guy on more than one occasion, getting drunk and making mistakes a time or two, learning to be happy again and falling in love, running away when things got tough. See all of these things happened throughout the book and while some of them aren’t exactly the best, they all worked so well together to make Laney, well Laney.

Even though this story is laced with humor and lighthearted moments, it became clear to me that there was some pretty dark and heavy things lurking in the background. Throughout the whole course of the book Laney struggles to come to terms with something that happened to her a year ago and has caused great pain. While I found it pretty easy to guess what happened to her, it didn’t make it any easier when Laney finally opened up about it. Like I said, it was like I made a friend while reading this book so it was also like watching a friend grieving and dealing with more pain than one person should have to encounter.

There, helping Laney through a tough time in her life is an absolutely PERFECT set of secondary characters. I adore when authors have the ability to not only write complex main characters but can also write secondary characters who have their own sets of issues and layers. Laney’s best friends, Rory and Karissa were so well-written. Even though you don’t get in their heads quite as much as Laney, you still learn so much about these characters over the course of the book. You learn that Rory is passionate about his music, a little quirky, and incredibly loyal to his best friends. You also learn that Karissa is wild and crazy but also harboring some pretty heavy issues of her own. Seeing these three best friends interact together was like a breath of fresh air. They fought, they had fun, they supported one another but most importantly they were a fantastically written set of friends.

Throughout the story we also get to meet Laney’s dad, Craig and his fiance/wife Angie. These two characters were all I could hope for in supportive, fun parents even if I did have one little issue. But to describe this issue I need to backtrack a bit. Laney’s mom is always quick to marry, quick to divorce, and quick to marry again. Laney’s dad was among the first few husbands. The part that I had an issue was, was the fact that Laney was only introduced to her fathers about 5 years before the story took place. While I get the purpose of this, I feel like it could have been handled just a tad clearer. It took me a while to realize that when Laney said “dad” or “Craig” she was in fact talking about the same person. In fact the reasons behind her meeting her dad so late in life were just kind of brushed over and not until the last half of the book. Despite this small issue, I LOVED the support Craig gave to Laney. He was always there for her, caring and loving, no questions asked. It was nice to see a parent just be there for their child.

This book review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a very important character and an even more important relationship. Weston is the definition of swoon and Laney is not immune to the spell he casts. He is gorgeous, has an accent (irresistible, I know), he reads all the time (even if the fact that he dog-ears his pages is a bit of downfall), he is a great listener, but to Laney the most important thing is that he only sees her for who she is, not the girl she used to be and most certainly the girl she isn’t now. When I say I loved these two together, that is an understatement. There is a connection between these two from the very beginning. They both fight it for their own reasons but to no avail. When they are together though they just get one another. Sure they fight and get caught up in the moment. It’s also no secret that they both come with their slew of personal demons but that’s something they help each other with. It was nice to see the changes they brought out in one another.

When I say you need to read this book, I mean you REALLY need to read this book. Rachel Bateman wrote such a heartfelt story that is full of a little bit of humor and heartache, a real portrayal on friendship and family, and a romance that will melt your heart. 99 Days of Laney MacGuire is a book you're going to want to pick up!
63 reviews1 follower
December 29, 2013
From the beautiful cover to the first page, I knew this book was going to be something special and worth reading. I haven't read a book in a while that genuinely grabs you so instantaneously. As you turn the first page, not only does Laney begin her journey but the reader does as well together until the last page.

So, the story begins with Laney heading out to her father's resort for the summer. Grateful to get away from her mother and her "whatever you call him" sort of situation, she finds comfort knowing that at least for the 3 months she could put things behind her to the comfort of spending time with her dad. Even though she only met him a few years ago, there is something about his resort that puts her at ease not to mention spending the summer with her two best friends, Rory and Karissa. Even though on the surface things seemed familiar, this summer would not be the same.

After reuniting with her friends, she notices a new face, Weston. As they get to know each other, wooed by his good looks and accent, she is completely smitten by him whether she wants to admit it or not. She finds herself thinking of him more than she wants. The more their attraction grows, the harder it becomes to fight what just seems right. Everytime she is around him, it just feels right but so wrong. The more her heart pushes towards him, the more her head struggled pulling her away with the gripping reminder of the day she wish never happened. Haunted unable to hide the scars that she tries to keep hidden, will she be able to finally to break free to let him in?

No matter how great Laney feels about seeing her friends, there was an undeniable difference underlying their familiar facade. Their lives have changed. As the days pass reuniting and enjoying each other's company like any other summer, the closeness that they once shared and the unique characteristics that made them magnetic, seemed different. Trying to figure their way through, noticeable changes begin to surface. Uncovered secrets begin to reveal. Changes in behavior and a break in patterns causes tension that bring up built resentment that have been hidden since they last saw each other. This past year brought some dramatic changes to their lives. When Karissa tried to reach out to her best friend, she wasn't there when she needed her the most. Not that Laney didn't want to be there but something that happened in own her life caused her to shut down and do something that has haunted her ever since. Can these two friends find their way through their painful experiences...

Well, that is just a little bit to get your started but I guarantee you there is more that is worth diving into. This book was one of those books that really absorb you every part of you. From the first page, there is an inviting voice that carries through the book as if you are spending the summer with Laney. As the title suggests, 99 Days of Laney Maguire, each day was captured separately, which made you as a reader follow along as if you were right alongside her. There was this curious anticipation to keep flipping the page because it was one of those stories that you just fall in love with.

I always say the best authors are the ones who read a lot because they are the ones who are able to capture and define genuine characters and human relationships. Rachel is such a wonderful storyteller who really brings to life these characters in a way that humanizes them and makes them more tangible to the reader. These characters are so defined and you really get them. Even though these characters were young, there was a depth to them through their experiences that made you want to connect with them. You share their journey together through friendship, love and family. It also dealt with a couple of sensitive issues that I felt were handled in a way that translated well to the reader. Overall, I think you will really enjoy this story for its entirety. If you are looking for a book that you really can you sink into, add this to your reading list.
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October 24, 2017
I received 99 Days of Laney MacGuire from the author, Rachel Bateman through a Facebook group for authors and reviewers. I read the synopsis and thought it sounded interesting so I requested to review it. This is a contemporary, coming of age, romance novel.

This is Rachel Bateman’s first novel so I was pleasantly surprised when I started the novel and it hooked me right away. I’m always intrigued by a story at the time of someone’s life when they have some major life changes happening and figuring things out. Laney has just finished high school so she’s in that weird transition phase of figuring out where she wants to go next. I like these types of stories because I feel that I’m still in a transition phase despite being out of high school for many years but I’m always curious what people choose to do with their time once they have freedom.

I’ll get into this right away. The one thing that irked me the most was that there were quite a few typing mistakes and I’m not sure if they were mistakes with the file I was given but they were consistent throughout the story. This may have just been an oversight but it was something that bugged me and made it hard to focus on the story sometimes, that might just be me.

Okay, excellent work with side characters! There was some sexual tension with Laney’s best friend Rory and then a lot of dramatic tension between her other best friend Karissa. I liked that they were heavily involved in the story and had their own issues going on that were separate from Laney. However, I was disappointed because the closer it got to the end of the book, the less interest was placed on Rory and Karissa and solving their problems and by the end of it I felt they had fell flat completely. I don’t want that to sound mean or anything but I think it would’ve helped the author to keep up the background stories with Rory and Karissa as it would’ve pushed for a stronger ending with less loose ends.

I loved the romance between Weston and Laney. This is the focal point of the novel. Laney discovering her feelings for Weston, especially after internally (not) dealing with a trauma that happened to her from the previous year. I felt that there was a decent amount of buildup between them and the author didn’t jump to an insta -love type of relationship. The writing does also take a turn from PG related scenes to PG-13 scenes which is totally fine by me.

I related to the setting the most I think. I don’t work at a resort but at a campground and therefore know some of the inner workings of those kind of places and what people you tend to deal with. I felt like I related to Laney in the way that she felt at home at her work and it was a piece of her. She also struggled with the idea of improving the resort but not wanting to get rid of some of the places that were of sentimental value to her – like the rec room (that Weston feels is no longer needed due to non- use). I think this showed a more vulnerable side to Laney, even though she’s dealing with layers upon layers of various kinds of grief there is a strong wall that she has put up. Dealing with the changes of her home and how it has to be made more profitable opens up a softer side of Laney that you don’t see much of in the story so I appreciate how much the setting has an effect on her.

Rating Time:
Romance – 8
Drama – 7
Overall Rating – ***/5
I wanted to give it a higher rating but I also felt there were things that could have made the story, characters and ending stronger. Overall, I still quite enjoyed it and Rachel Bateman’s writing style.

I would recommend this novel if you are looking for a teenage romance. It also deals with friendships and helping (or not) helping friends when they need it most. There are some triggers dealing with sexual assault, just as a warning. Again, mostly PG but there are some PG -13 scenes thrown in. I think it was a really well done story for first time novelist Rachel Bateman and I hope to read more from her in the future.
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92 reviews12 followers
October 30, 2017
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This was such a wonderful story! It took me a few chapters to get into it but once I was into it, I was hooked. It's one of those stories that touches you and has you so invested in the characters. I was a little emotional toward the end of the story.

What I enjoyed about this story is that it felt like the retelling of someone's life. It was flawed and dripped with emotion. I loved that the characters aren't perfect, each dealing with their own demons. The main character Laney felt true to life and her raw emotions dealing with her past is truly heartbreaking. Her emotional journey and character growth is wonderful. Her inner turmoil with her past is a constant narrative throughout the story and the author doesn't hide the fact that Laney isn't perfect. She is funny, awkward, passionate, makes reckless mistakes and wants nothing more than to feel normal again.

I loved the relationships between Laney, Karissa and Rory. Three best friends who have fun, make mistakes, have fights but at the end of the day, love and support one another unconditionally. Then there is the relationship with Weston. It was a slow building relationship that wasn't insta-love you typically see in young adult novels, which was wonderful. The instant chemistry between the two characters made me love them more and I absolutely love how Weston was exactly the person Laney needed in her life. The changes that they brought out in each other was perfect while their relationship wasn't portrayed as a perfect one either.

Throughout the entire book, we only have the knowledge that something rather devastating happened in Laney's past and she carries the scars from it every day. I guessed fairly early on what happened to her but it did nothing to lessen the pain and emotion when she finally admits what she went through.

Overall, this book was an enjoyable quick and easy read. It also was a story that had depth to it and its characters that will resonate with many people. This is a story everyone should add to their reading list.
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892 reviews6 followers
February 25, 2017
DNF 12%

While I struggled to like any of the characters, my main problem with this book was the writing. It lacked fluidity and personality, took too long focusing and over-describing unimportant points and just didn’t win me over.

I always debate with myself over whether or not to not finish a book, because I’m always of the thought that “what if something happens to turn this book around for me?” With a book like this, where there’s a “mysterious past” that isn’t being revealed, the story hinges around this because presumably the fall out from this “secret” is what creates the tension between the characters. The problem for me is that I didn’t care enough about Laney to want to know her secret. There should have been a lot less “hints” about her past and more time spent on making her a likable character, and I might have been a lot more interested in discovering the outcome.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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Author 6 books59 followers
February 21, 2014
It's no secret how much I love this book. I talk about it to my friends, and on my Facebook page, and on Twitter. 99 Days of Laney MacGuire is such an amazing story. The characters feel so real, so flawed, so perfectly human. Laney's journey is heartbreaking and beautiful. Her relationships and her struggles are realistic, even to the point of making me tear up in parts. And don't even get me started on how much I love the romance between her and Weston. (Though a part of my heart will forever be Team Rory.) I can't rave about this book enough.
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Author 21 books428 followers
June 1, 2014
Haunted by something traumatic that happened over one heck of a year, Laney is spending the summer at her father’s resort. She falls for Weston, a hot college boy who fills her with ambivalence. Many secrets unfold, which makes for an awesome plot and lots of page turning. The characters and situations felt so real here. I had a good feeling before I read this from the wonderful cover and description, and this book doesn’t disappoint. This is a great contemporary read. I’m glad I received a copy from the author for an honest review.
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Author 2 books12 followers
December 23, 2015
I'm not the target audience, in fact, this is the first romance novel I've ever read, which didn't include ghosts, time-travel, fairies, vampires, or werewolves. I was hooked after chapter one. I had to know how Laney's summer would end. The pacing and style where perfect and kept me reading page after page. I thoroughly enjoyed this e-book.
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Author 46 books425 followers
September 1, 2013
So great. Laney is a delightfully flawed character and the supporting cast is well developed and a lot of fun. The setting is gorgeous. But the real gem is West because of my goodness, he's pretty freaking amazing. Can't wait for y'all to read it!
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312 reviews32 followers
October 14, 2017
Rather than explain that Laney MacGuire has had one terrible year and is looking forward to a summer away from her North Carolina home and her mother's latest boyfriend while helping her father at his lodge in Wyoming, as I just did, let me tell you that o matter your age, if you want to see inside the world of today's teens and young adults, 99 Days of Laney MacGuire is a burst of lemonade, sunshine, first love, and anguish. While you may figure out the meaning of Laney's bracelet and scars earlier than she reveals it in the book, that does not detract from the plot.

If you have ever felt the need for a safe place or a place that is an anchor as Laney did, you can appreciate her feelings when she arrives at the lodge and a new person is there. Knowing the lodge isn't bringing in enough money to hire extra help, she is suspicious of Weston and his enchanting accent. Bateman does a fine job of blending the chemistry between Laney and Weston as she balances the uncertainty of Laney trusting anyone new. The cast of characters of Karissa and Rory have been the here for Laney each summer she visits, yet now something's different this year. Craig, Laney's father, seems too detached for my liking, but perhaps he is more realistic due to his usual distance. Craig's soon-to-be wife Angie, is motherly in numerous ways, and she comes through when Laney's birth mother doesn't. Weston is so fleshed out that he could be in his own stand-alone book. My only problem is that while many young adults would be attracted to Weston, I do wish the denouement had had a few items come a bit earlier so that he does not become Laney's prince. I do hope we get to see Laney again, perhaps off at college or down the road at her college graduation.

While Rachel Bateman claims this as her first novel, the development of the characters reads as if she has hidden reams in a file cabinet somewhere. I quite enjoy YA and this is one that anyone who works with teens in any capacity should read. Not a spoiler, but I felt as melancholy as Laney just before the last chapter of the book. That shows just how well Bateman created Laney.

Full disclosure: I received an eReader copy of this novel in exchange for an unbiased review of the book.
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238 reviews28 followers
October 26, 2017
I received this book for free in exchange for a review.

I wasn't sure how I felt about this story for the first 40% of it, but once things started happening, I was really into it. Even though it took me awhile for it to hook me, I'm so glad I read this book.

Laney is haunted by something that happened the previous year and escapes to her father's resort for the summer. Laney realizes quickly that things have changed since the last time she was at the resort, including a new boy who is working there.

I absolutely loved that the relationship between Laney and Weston took it's time to develop. One of my most hated things about YA books is instalove and I was so glad that this book didn't fall into that typical story line.

I also liked that the story took its time explaining the issues that Laney is working on. I appreciated that the story didn't rush to explain Laney's past, which could have ruined the story in my opinion.

My only complaint was the ending. I was hoping for a little more from it, but it was still an enjoyable story.
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36 reviews
May 17, 2017
This book was a fun read. I originally picked it up because I've known the author for 12 years now. I support my friends and my friend is a great writer.
She manages to capture the interest of any reader regardless of their age. This book was fun and had me reliving my college years. I recognized some of the settings as my old stomping grounds back in MT. I only docked it a star, because I felt the author has more unique ideas to give and a bit of this book seemed predictable and sometimes cliché, almost like you are trying to fit too many ideas into one ending when the book was good enough on its own already.
Since the author has more to offer and more growth to be had, 4 stars and a big recommendation to read it seems fitting!
187 reviews2 followers
June 1, 2017
It has an interesting premise, I thought the friendship between Laney, Kris, and Rory was well done, and I enjoyed the writing. But I didn't enjoy Laney's repeated refusal to receive her friends' help. It got old after awhile, and I'm always uncomfortable with the idea of boy as a savior to all emotional trauma, despite how delectable Weston is as a character.
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6,766 reviews588 followers
June 12, 2014
From the start, there is a raw and jagged, and brittle feel to 99Days of Laney MacGuire by Rachel Bateman. As Laney looks forward to spending time with her father at the resort he owns, she feels a small part of the burden of shame lifted as she gains a reprieve from living under her mother’s thumb and with the nightmares that have haunted her for a year. Even with her best friends by her side, something is still not right, is it Laney who has changed, become more sullen and quiet or have they all changed? Enter Weston, older than Laney, but at first, equal parts intriguing and repulsive. Was it her obvious attraction to him that made her prickle when he was around? Could he be a safe place to land, not knowing her past? She doesn’t want to be the old Laney, but she doesn’t want to be the new Laney, either. As her secrets begin to choke her, her world is coming unglued and only Weston seems to know how to hold her together as she fights to regain her balance and think beyond herself. It isn’t until her mother comes to take her home and take control of her life that Laney finally faces the truth and reveals why she carries the scar on her wrist. Will the truth set her free? Will Weston still be there for her? What about her friends, her mother, father and his new wife?

What starts out slowly with dark undertones throughout deepens into the heartbreaking and painful journey that Laney must take as she attempts to deal with her past, alone. Rachel Bateman has pulled out all of the stops in portraying the inner turmoil and desire to be “normal” again that Laney faces. She has given life to each character, filling them with heart, flaws and their own set of problems, including the blind spots we all have when looking at the world around us. A beautifully presented tale of the journey to personal redemption and self love. From start to finish each page just got better and better as I was sucked into the mind and world of Laney MacGuire.

I received this copy as part of the 99 Days of Laney MacGuire Tour and Giveaway at Tome Tender until July 9, 2014.

Publication Date: January 9, 2014
Publisher: Metamorphosis Books
Genre: Contemporary YA Romance
Print Length: 324 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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55 reviews28 followers
December 15, 2013
Laney is a seventeen-year-old recent high school graduate. During the summers, she has enjoyed escaping to see the man she met five years ago—her father. This year, she isn’t only escaping the daily grind of your average teenager, though.

There is a secret she’s keeping, and it weighs heavily on her, the kind of thing that causes a girl to need to wear a cuff around her wrist to cover up the lasting effects. It has caused a strain between her and her mother, who has insisted she calls twice a week while she spends her summer working for her father at the resort he owns. Her mother, a relationship counselor, who has been married and divorced numerous times and is working on husband number six.

The best part of going to work for her father is being with her two best friends, Rory and Karissa, and spending time with her horse, Epona. But things have changed. Rory is no longer so boyish and is way more confident, and Karissa seems to be hiding something, much like Laney. I love the interaction of these three, even when the moments are not so nice. They fight and things are severely tense with them throughout a lot of the book. I feel so bad for Rory, he seems so distraught trying to care for these two girls who are like ticking time bombs. His love for them both is apparent and he might be my favorite character in the whole book.

And then there is Weston, the rich college boy mysteriously helping out at the lodge, who drives Laney crazy in more ways than one. His presence unnerves her and she doesn’t understand why her father won’t tell her the real reason Weston is around. More secrets, this book was filled with them.

“99 Days of Laney MacGuire” was nothing like I expected. I thought it would mostly be an angstfest, a torn between two boys for the summer type of book. I am not saying there wasn’t any of that, just that the main focus of this book ran a lot deeper than who is she going to end up with, or will they or won’t they.

This story was about learning to deal with the actions of others, knowing when to accept help and when to give it out, and learning how to be a better friend. I love this book; it was sad at times and beautiful at others. The writing flowed nicely and I loved the way the author described the pain and shame our heroine lives under, and the calm and peace she feels when she branches out.

This was a 4.5 star read for me and I look forward to reading anything else this author has to offer.

Reviewed by Lea for Lives and Breathes Book Blog and posted here:
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657 reviews67 followers
July 17, 2014
99 Days of Laney MacGuire is a thought-provoking and powerful coming of age story, in which Rachel Bateman approaches the issues of trust, love and trauma perceptively and honestly.
Laney is a talented and multi-faceted girl who has returned to her dad's lake resort for the summer, following what has been a difficult year for her. Laney is ambiguous about the events which have caused her emotional breakdown, although she indicates that she has a scar on her wrist and whatever has happened is the cause of her anti-social behaviour.
The book does not have 99 chapters, instead the reader follows Laney through the most important days of her summer and this journey is filled with emotions; anguish, confusion, elation and hope.
This was a story I was eager to reach the end of, not because of any lack on the author's part, but because I became involved in the lives of the characters and their stories.
I was particularly interested in the relationships Laney has with her parents. Craig loves his daughter but is not demonstrative, even failing to reveal his forthcoming marriage until the last minute. Despite this Laney feels more secure with him, rather than with her mother, whose feelings are questionable and seems to want 'ownership' of Laney, using her as a pawn. The depth of Laney's issues with her mother are not revealed until much later, but even before that we dislike her actions.
Laney's friendships with Karissa and Rory are vital to her healing, mainly because she has isolated herself from everyone else who cares for her. It is Karissa who challenges Laney, because she has her own family issues which Laney has been blind to. Rory is the peacemaker and quietly supports the two girls, knowing how important they are to each other.
We slowly watch Laney develop throughout this novel; in confidence and emotionally. This is helped by her relationship with Weston, who encourages her to trust and accept love.
99 Days of Laney is an important story, which reaches out to young adults who have experienced any kind of depression, anxiety or abuse. By surrounding Laney with people who care for her, Rachel Bateman focuses on Laney's recovery and as a part of this we share her often painful emotions. This is a story where a box of tissues is a necessity!
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86 reviews3 followers
June 13, 2014
Typically when I do a review, I give out both the good and the bad feedback. Sometimes there are characters that just make me cringe. Sometimes authors try to speed along the character development and end up with characters who are simply lacking. Sometimes they try to speed the plot along too much and just make the entire story unbelievable. This time, as I wrote out my pro and con list, I realized that as hard as I tried, I couldn't think of any cons.

Bateman has created the ultimate relatable character. Laney is a 17-year-old girl who recently graduated high school. Though she's gone through great changes in the recent year, she has always been a typical teenager. She was always carefree, enjoying her life and making her own choices (even if they weren't always the best.) Recently, she's started doubting her plans for the rest of her life and has decided to spend the summer with her father and best friends trying to figure out what comes next. I feel like I've just described my early adult life.

The refreshing thing about this book is that Bateman doesn't put Laney on a pedestal or try to hide her flaws. Laney and her friends make the same stupid choices we all did as teens, and just like us, they don't know when to ask for help. I think that this is the part that resonated most with me. It seems like every teen has a time in their life where they really should ask for help but just don't know who to ask or how. Bateman has managed to create a character that could easily be 90% of us.

I'm undecided about who to recommend this book to. I have worked with high schoolers for a few years, and though there is a lot to this story that would be appropriate for them, there are other parts that I would find questionable. As a teen reader, I think that I would have fallen in love with this book. As a parent, I would cringe if my daughter read this book. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to find a relatable character, but caution readers that there are adult themes addressed in this book.
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86 reviews6 followers
November 28, 2013
For the past five summers. Laney MacGuire has made the trip from North Carolina to Leisure Lodge, a family owned lake resort in Wyoming. She spends her days helping out on the property and her nights hanging out with her besties, Karissa and Rory. This summer, she hopes the timeless beauty of the lake and her faithful friends will be the anchor she needs after an especially turbulent year. She soon discovers, however, that the people she was counting on for stability are coping with their own troubles; ironically it is in the company of the resort's newest resident that Laney finds comfort.
Like most seventeen year olds, Laney is focused on her immediate future: fun with friends, pleasing her mother, choosing a major. She is also running from a difficult past, and her attempts at hiding painful experiences are holding her back from honest relationships with those who care about her. Laney is at a crossroads, and she isn't the only one: Rory is moving to Texas, Karissa is concealing trouble at home, and her father is facing major changes to the lake resort and his personal life.
This isn't just a "coming of age during one magical summer" story - it is an authentic depiction of what happens when young life faces adult ordeals. The book is honest and cathartic; the are many light hearted and romantic moments in Laney's summer, and I very much enjoyed the camaraderie between friends and family. There are also uncomfortable conversations and situations - it is genuine portrayal of life: good and bad. I enjoyed the realistic characters and original plot... the chapter titles were a log of the 99 days Laney spent at the lake. It is a tremendous journey of self discovery and sacrifice in that narrow window that separates a carefree life from consequences. -kris
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June 10, 2014
Rating: 5 stars

I loved this book; it left me having quite the book hangover when I was done. The story starts with Laney Macguire heading out to Montana to spend the summer with her father. While there, she is reunited with her best friends, who begin to enjoy the summer before they have to work on her fathers mountain lodge. Weston is hired by her father to help the lodge out of its slump. Her and Weston are thrown together by work and form an unlikely friendship. With so many question and mysteries to figure out, they begin the road to solving their pasts.
I loved this story for so many reasons. I had summered in Montana once, and loved everything about it. I love how the story takes place near Missoula, as that is where I had stayed. I could picture everything so vividly when Rachel would tell the story. She did an amazing job on character development, and I never felt out of the loop with anything. Her characters had so much depth that they felt like real people, that I would love to know, especially Weston. Oh Weston where do I begin, he always said the right things and was just generally a great character who I loved getting to know. There were so many swoon worthy moments with him. I loved his cute ways, and I could almost hear his sexy accent when he said:

“I got you, love”

“Relax and wait, love. It will be worth it.”

One of my most favorite lines from this book is :

“I was so numbed by the constant stream of men coming through my mother’s revolving nuptial door”

What a great line, so well written. This book is a MUST-READ, for anyone and everyone who wants a little bit of drama, and a whole lot of love. I can’t wait to read other books from this author.
Just a fun fact, my mother’s name is Elaine McGuire, and she went by Laney growing up. She now can’t wait to read this book as well. I know she will love it as I have.
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November 15, 2013
99 Days of Laney MacGuire by Rachel Bateman is a compelling story about confronting the past in order to move forward with the future. I enjoyed the characters, story, and writing style from start to finish.

The story spans a summer at a lake resort owned by Laney MacGuire’s father and each chapter is a different day during the 99-day block of time. I really like Rachel Bateman’s writing style. It was easy to follow the timeline of the story making this a quick read. I was invested early on and before I knew it I had reached the end.

The characters all have skeletons from their past, especially the girls. I loved following each relationship between the characters and how it evolved as the story progressed. Laney MacGuire has a mother who is callous yet smothering. Her father, although a nice man, has never been overly affectionate. Karissa, her best friend, has grown distant and standoffish. Then there’s Weston. He’s a new employee at the resort and brings a world of change to everything familiar in Laney’s life. As much as Laney is the main character, I felt like each character had their own fully developed subplot and backstory. I enjoyed watching each character face their demons and learn to cope with the ghosts of their past.

By the end of the story I felt satisfied. Not every issue within the story was resolved to perfection and wrapped with a neat and tidy bow and that’s what I loved so much about the story. Not every character did a complete turn around and changed their harmful behavior. To me that made the story authentic and is what really won me over.

If you’re looking for a quick read with mild angst and a happily ever after (for the most part), I highly recommend one-clicking 99 Days of Laney MacGuire by Rachel Bateman.

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December 8, 2013
I recieved a copy of this lovely novel I'm exchange of an honest review thanks to a goodreads giveaway from the author.

My first impression of this book wasn't great. The cover was beautiful, but the plot summary didn't quite pull me in. However, when I started the book and was quite a few chapters in. The plot was quite interesting. It was very nicely developed, however It could have been more intense with the type of plot and characters she used. Yet, overall it was an interesting plot that wasn't snail pace, but not too speedy either. This novel is one of those more personal and emotional stories so it really pulled me in. I Had a connection with this book that drove me to finish it in a mere two hours to see the ending.

The characters were very well fleshed out. There was clear characterization and character development, which was great because you really get to understand the main female protagonist, Laney, thoroughly. The background story of Laney, which we don't figure out until the end leaves an air of mystery around her. We see how her past has affected her and why she thinks the way she thinks. While, I did enjoy reading this book from Laney's view I personally think a few of Weston's point of view chapters could have made this book a lot more intense. There weren't any major twists or swoon moments. It was rather a sweet, romance, yet realistic type of book.

The authors writing is pretty well embellished. She has great writing style and tone. I don't think I spotted many mistakes- just one, which is pretty good considering other books I have read.

Overall, it was enjoyable read. Definitely made me forget my problems for a bit an I'll definitely keep my eye out for more from this author. (After I finish the stack of Arcs on my bedside) ;)
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June 9, 2014
I received a gift copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Laney has changed drastically in the last few months. She no longer speaks to her friends as frequently in fact pushing most of them away; her relationship with her mother has definitely changed and she is no longer as outgoing as she used to be. What has caused the change in her is a secret that she is ashamed of and is not willing to share. In her attempt to get away from her situation she leaves for the summer to go to her dads’ lake resort. Upon arriving she already feels more at home and relaxed. That changes when she sees the new guy. Weston comes from a wealthy family but in no way acts like the pretentious type. Something in Laney draws him in despite their age difference. He tries to get to know her and the more he learns the more he likes her, the same can be said of Laney despite her earlier misgivings of getting involved with anyone. Will Laney finally open up and let the past stay in the past instead of hindering her future happiness? This story is not at all what I expected it to be but I was pleasantly surprised. It has a great plot and an even greater underlying message can be taken away from this book. It shows how truly strong and resilient we can truly be in the face of some of the most difficult of situations. I would highly recommend this book.
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445 reviews
July 10, 2016
I loved the cover, the green grass just swallowed my attention to read the synopsis.

I received the book for an honest review.

This book so beautifully wrapped me, my attention, my time and I could not put it down until i finished it.
The writing is so interesting, i was silently praying for the ending I wanted and at the times wanted to push the main character to act and at the same time enjoyed reading as it was. I believe the novel is perfect, tragic, but a perfect read to any age. The plot has it all - a pain, tragic, love, romance, troubles, stupid actions that's mixed; the story is so smooth, main and side characters, I could easily imagine her mum's reaction and she annoyed me so much, but she was perfectly developed character!
Hahaha...Weston made me lough at the times.
I could go into the details of the plot, but I would reveal some spoilers, so I am not. A new favorite of mines from now on.
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July 20, 2017
99 Days of Laney MacGuire was an intriguing, entertaining and emotional read. It was a real page-turner and memorable.

It starts with Laney spending her summer at her father's lake resort. Things barely change but this year everything is different including Laney herself.

The characters is this novel were very interesting. Laney was a unique character struggling with something that happened to her (this is revealed throughout the novel) and coming to terms with telling those close to her. Weston was a truly great person. He was understanding and never pressured Laney into telling him what happened. Laney's dad, Craig was also understanding and supportive of Laney. And Rory was a true and funny friend.

This novel explores everything from friendship, love and trauma. Throughout the novel we see how Laney and her friends deal with the unique circumstances that they are faced with.

I would recommend this novel for fans of contemporary romance!
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June 9, 2014
I was so super happy to be given a copy of this book to read and review for an honest opinion. Rachel is an amazing writer. She made the characters feel so real and the plot kept you turning the pages faster and faster. This book is a great summer read one that will want you running to the nearest lake and settle down to read. The connection that Laney and Weston have is so undeniable and sweet. For Laney getting away each summer and visiting her father is a little bit of freedom to get away from her ever demanding mother. Laney enjoys going to work for her father during the summer so she can meet up with best friends and also spending time with her horse. How could you not want to read this book just by looking at the fabulous cover itself. Love it! I hope you like it too!
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359 reviews
November 12, 2013
Review: I was given a copy of 99 days of Laney Macguire by Reading Bliss for an honest review. I liked this book. I thought it was interesting and fun! Laney is a good character and has a great personality. I felt like I could connect with her. Weston was just wonderful! I loved his character. He was the new guy on the job but boy was he a good one! Laney feels an attraction to Weston but she tries hard to deny it. She doesn’t have to pretend with him. She likes that. I was envious that Laney had a father who had a summer lake resort. I think it would be cool to be able to have a family business like that. This book was good. I give it 4 out of 5 stars!
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August 4, 2014
This was an enjoyable read - it was a little slow picking up, but I really enjoyed the plot and the centering around a Lakefront Camp. Not your usual place for a coming of age romance. The main character tells her story over the 99 days of summer and it is written almost in a journal style. I liked the characters for he most part, I did find her friend Kris a bit shallow and callous and couldn't figure out why Lainey was friends with her.
Overall, this was a lovely first book and I look forward to more by this author.

-I was gifted a copy of this ebook in exchange for my fair and honest review.
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January 3, 2014
I won this book as a FirstRead.

Laney MacGuire has just graduated high school and can't wait to spend the summer with her best friends Rory and Karissa at her dad's lake resort in Montana. However, between the secrets Laney and Rory are keeping and Weston, the new worker at the resort, things are different than they have been in summers past.

Despite some of the heavy topics discussed, the book is an easy read. The characters will have you cheering for them to make the right decisions and find their own slices of happily ever after.
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August 10, 2016
Laney and Weston.. what a ride... ;) Story captivated me from the start.. with expressions and thoughts that one may have in every day life. Young Laney heads to the resort..to have sometime to mend and get over some family issues and a few other things. With great friends and the trials of keeping good friendships especially when you can't be there just when they hope you would.. just makes this book a do not put down. Weston comes in and omg...she wants yet afraid to let loose.. and their trial of times comes about. Really a terrific story plot.
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