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A fever ravages New London, but with the Brotherhood sending suspected witches straight to the gallows, the Sisters are powerless against the disease. They can’t help without revealing their powers—as Cate learns when a potent display of magic turns her into the most wanted witch in all of New England.

To make matters worse, Cate has been erased from the memory of her beloved Finn. While she’s torn between protecting him from further attacks and encouraging him to fall for her all over again, she’s certain she can never forgive Maura’s betrayal. And now that Tess’s visions have taken a deadly turn, the prophecy that one Cahill sister will murder another looms ever closer to its fulfillment.

368 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 14, 2014

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About the author

Jessica Spotswood

16 books1,656 followers
Jess is the author of the historical fantasy trilogy The Cahill Witch Chronicles and the contemporary novels Wild Swans and The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls. She is the editor of the anthologies A Tyranny of Petticoats and The Radical Element, and co-editor (with Tess Sharpe) of Toil & Trouble: 15 Tales of Women & Witchcraft. Jess lives in Washington, DC, where she works for the DC Public Library as a children’s library associate. Her newest book is Great or Nothing, a World War II-era retelling of Little Women in which each March sister is written by a different author.

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319 reviews54 followers
May 4, 2015
If there was ever a book I eagerly awaited it’s SISTER’S FATE by Jessica Spotswood. If you want proof of my insane level of devotion to this series, read my review of the second book in the series, STAR CURSED. I’m actually a little crazy.

Reading this book was extra special because I had just gotten back from shooting King of the Nerds and read most of it while watching my kids at the pool, I had missed them so much so it was a really fun time of doing my favorite past time with my favorite people.

As far as series finales go, this was a great one. I’ve read some that are fantastic (ALLEGIANT by Veronica Roth, for example) and extremely disappointing (REQUIEM by Lauren Oliver) so I know how to gauge it pretty well, and I’ve got high expectations for these characters I’ve loved since book one.

I loved that Spotswood kept with the themes I loved from the series like education for girls and overall feminism. I also liked that the cast of characters she had developed for two books got so much page time. It’s always frustrating when authors throw a bunch of new characters at you last-minute when all you wanted was to see how the lives of the characters you’ve grown to love the entire series ended up.

Light spoiler: I did think that the resolution to Cate’s love story was a little too clean. It follows that pattern of falling in love in the first book, things get shitty in the second book, and then we’re happy by the third. I don’t know. I guess I kinda loved the heartbreak in STAR CURSED. It was different, it was sad, it was tragic. I would have been okay if that had continued a little. I’m kind of a sadist, I guess. You all should be glad I don’t write books!

I liked the way that the prophecy played out in the end. It really reminded me of how in Buffy, prophecies are tricky little things that aren’t always what they seem. I would recommend the series as a whole and I think that fans will like the ending to the Cahill Witch Chronicles.


That "Et tu, Brute?" moment at the end broke my heart. Why can't time go faster?!
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125 reviews23 followers
January 5, 2014
It's not often that you encounter a series where each book is better than the previous one, but Jessica Spotswood may have achieved this with her Cahill Witch Chronicles. 'Sisters' Fate' is the third and final chapter in the story of Cate Cahill and her magic-wielding sisters living in an alternate version of late nineteenth-century New England. With the help of their fellow witches, the Cahill sisters work to undermine the corrupt oligarchy of the Brotherhood, which seeks to eliminate magic and all who practice it. Cate joins forces with a group known as the Resistance who have been fighting back against the Brotherhood for years. All the while Cate struggles to balance her increasingly hostile relationship with her sister, dissent among the witches, and her complicated love life. (Unlike most Young Adult series, "complicated" here does not mean that there's a love triangle. Cate's relationship with Finn is actually one of the healthiest examples of teen romance in YA.)

With her fierce spirit and quick wit, Cate Cahill is easily one of my favorite YA heroines. Cate is not defined by her magic, but by how she chooses to use it. She's intelligent, strong, and she'll stop at nothing to protect the people she loves.

'Sisters' Fate' is a breathless race to the finish, never lagging for a second. Spotswood writes with confidence and purpose, expertly juggling old characters and new ones. The alliance with the Resistance provides a fresh angle on the battle against the Brotherhood, and the epic finale is satisfying without pandering. All three books work so well as a whole, you can't help but marvel at the beauty of this trilogy.
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557 reviews1,137 followers
December 3, 2017
Actual rating: 3.5 stars.
You know it's been a really great trilogy when the characters are different people to who they were in the first book, and when a satisfying ending isn't always synonymous with a happy one. This is a seriously underrated series, so if you're interested in witches, sister relationships, powerful women (literally!), historical or romance, this is definitely worth checking out!
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Author 2 books17 followers
Want to read
June 2, 2013
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196 reviews289 followers
October 19, 2021
Nach dem schockierenden Ende von Band 2, war ich super gespannt darauf wie es weitergeht und es knüpft hier nahtlos an. Ich konnte mich total gut in Cate hineinversetzen & fand ihre Entwicklung, ihren Charakter großartig. Wohingegen ich eine so starke Abneigung gegen eine andere Protagonistin entwickelt habe, dass ich am liebsten gar nichts mehr über diese Person lesen wollte 😅🙈 Das Buch lebt absolut von Emotionen, die Jessica Spotswood sehr gut transportiert und greifbar werden lässt. Es gibt spannende Wendungen & auch das Ende fand ich im großen & ganzen gelungen. Ich hatte allerdings das Gefühl, das die Autorin es grade auf den letzten Seiten etwas eilig hatte & fand es einfach schade, das vor allem eine Sache mit nur einem Satz "abgespeist" wurde. Nichtsdestotrotz konnte mich auch der letzte Band der Trilogie gut unterhalten.
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944 reviews1,108 followers
August 21, 2014
2.5 stars - Spoilers

It was okay, the plot was rather predictable and generic but it still managed to be fairly engaging. What really lessened my enjoyment was the rubbish heroine, she wasn't likeable or endearing in any way… But that seems to be the case for most YA heroines.

-Cate was uninteresting and insufferable, her narration really let the book down. She spent most of her time feeling sorry for herself and banging on about Finn… I loathe heroines who waste time moaning about some guy instead of concentrating on the million other more important things going on around them.
I was bored of her acting so hard done by and going around preaching/lecturing as if she was some sort of good person. She didn't come across as a decent person to me, the fact that every character thought she was so amazing and saint-like only made her more loathsome. Cate's number one priority was her love life, I didn't once think that she actually gave a damn about her two younger sisters or the other girls in the sisterhood, she just went through the motions of pretending to care but all she was really bothered about was Finn.
Also, her whole 'I'm-not-pretty-and-woe-is-me' attitude made her even more insufferable… She kept going on about her sisters being more beautiful than her when they were clearly all beautiful in different ways. The silly cow probably only put herself down so other people would compliment her. Ugh.

-Cate was such a horrible sister, she promised her dying mother that she'd look after her younger sisters but she broke that promise for a guy, her sisters should have come first. She treated Maura like absolute rubbish. Yes, Maura did a bad thing when she erased Finn's memory but she didn't do it because she was evil, she did out of childish jealousy and because Inez manipulated her. Did Cate try to help Maura in any way? No, she just provoked her and made her feel like crap. She was meant to be the older, wiser sister… she should have tried to understand Maura and protect her, instead she basically disowned and left her in the clutches of a crazy bitch. If she was a decent sister she shouldn't have abandoned her, made her feel like rubbish, sulked and bitched at her and chose a boy over her. Cate was the worst, she didn't deserve a happy ending after letting her troubled younger sister down so much.

-Tess was a lot less likeable in this one, she was quite irritating actually, she was too shouty and reckless for my liking. Her insistence that she wasn't a child just made her even more annoying. She was still better than Cate though.

-It was obvious that Maura was going to die, I would have preferred a twist or something rather than her being punished with death because of the questionable things she did. I found her far more sympathetic, likeable and interesting than Cate or Tess, the poor cow was just desperate for someone to love and respect her.

-I guess Finn was an okay-ish character, him losing his memory made him come across as kind of flat though. It also made his relationship with Cate seem lukewarm, which shouldn't be the case in the third book of a series. The whole memory loss thing just didn't work for his character or his relationship with Cate.

-One thing I really liked was Cate not being the chosen one. She was already a speshul little snowflake, her being the prophesied sister would have made her even more insufferable.

-I wasn't impressed with the setting, it read like a weird combination of America and England… I would have liked either one or another, not a strange mix of both.

All in all, better than a lot of YA I've read recently, but still a rather mediocre read overall.
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486 reviews115 followers
Want to read
October 7, 2014

Am I the only one who thinks Cate will end up killing Maura in the end? WE SHALL SEE.
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108 reviews3 followers
August 22, 2014
EDITED 08/22/14:
Oh why oh why was there so little of Finn here? Nevertheless, this book was epic. I liked Cate more in this book than the past two. She grew up and was able to decide for herself.

I want an epilogue though. Can't we have one?

EDITED 09/10/13:
OMG! The cover!!! I love it! Jessica, I do like the other title, Thrice Fated. I love consistency. Nonetheless, I can't wait for this. :)


I know this book's going to have an EPIC finale.
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2,709 reviews701 followers
January 22, 2014
This was just spectacular, there aren't even words.

There were so many feels, I'm surprised my head didn't explode. This book is filled with heartbreak and love, pain and happiness, swoons and hatred and the roller coaster of a ride ends with a few twists that I definitely didn't see coming.

Thank you Jessica, for sharing this amazing journey with us.
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260 reviews30 followers
October 28, 2018
So richtig mitreissen konnte mich das Ende dieser Trilogie leider nicht. Die Handlung war nett und auch das Ende nicht schlecht, aber trotzdem fehlte mir noch etwas. Der Wow-Effekt, so spannende Szenen, dass man das Buch nicht mehr aus der Hand hätte legen können. Ein paar unvorhergesehene Szenen, eine spannende Wendung oder vielleicht etwas mehr Emotionen. Schlecht war die Geschichte keinesfalls und sie hat mir auch gefallen, nur war sie etwas vorhersehbar und eben nicht mehr als "ganz nett".
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514 reviews369 followers
September 3, 2016
It was everything I wanted it to be.
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395 reviews144 followers
May 27, 2016
MORE? MORE! @ P.S. I love that book!

THE WORLD: The story is set in old times New England when women were supposed to stay home and look after children and the men be the providers. It is also the time when religious Brotherhood is ruling and witches are being killed or locked in insane asylum. In the third book the world gets even worse for the women because they are forbidden to do any kind of work and provide for the family, their place is at home and at home only.

CHARACTERS: Cate is the main character of the series. She is the oldest Cahill sister and a powerful witch. Now, Cate has a very impressive self control and always thinks about other first. Under normal circumstances I dislike such characters but not in this book. I loved Cate since book one and she stayed my favorite character till the end. Maura is the middle sister and what you call a pain in the ass. She is extremely jealous of Cate but somehow where in the second book my hate for Maura was boiling, in this book she was not as much present and therefore I managed to control my emotions. I liked the ending tho, it fit Maura very well. And finally we have Tess who is the youngest sister and the most powerful one. I must admit, where in the first and second book Tess was super cute curious little side character, in this book she gets super whinny and annoying. I just did not like her anymore. She was too much for me, just too much. But the one thing that makes this series special is Finn...oh my that man. I was so sad for Cate after what Maura did but I never doubted Finn...I just had that feeling that he is worth all of it.

LOVE: In the first book we get pretty clear romance going on but in the second one it gets shaken and now in the third one things slowly get back where they belong. It was lovely, I think from romance perspective third book was my favorite.

PLUS: I really loved how Jessica Spotswood changed her direction and made this book much better than the second one.

MINUS: I am still a little bit confused about Inez and what was her plan really or what she really did. I mean I get the ending is what it is supposed to be but why how and what I am still missing answers to.

IDEA: The thing is, I know many people love this series for it is strong feminism and sisters love. But I must admit, even tho feminism itself was alright I did not see any strong sisters love in this book. Just because Maura did what she did in the end does not make all what she did to Cate alright. When I think about strong sisters love I do not think of jealousy, betrayal or pure hate. I just do not see it.

OVERALL: It was a great series about witches but I must admit, some people stop with book one and I don't blame them. Many times while reading the second book I wished I stopped myself but that need to finish what I start got me through. In the end, I am not sure if the ending was really worth going all through the pain of the second book.

MORE? MORE! @ P.S. I love that book!
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108 reviews10 followers
August 21, 2014
An unforgettable roller coaster ride that delivers surprises you won't see coming. A satisfying end to an essential trilogy. I guess now I need to start over with book 1 again, right?
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700 reviews7 followers
October 5, 2014
This book was AMAZING wrapped in a tortilla of AWESOMENESS and sprinkled with melted glory. Oh first off I loved the first two books. In this one things come to a head and the brotherhood sign their own death warrant. Also the ending was a little predictable but it was very satisfying.
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Author 45 books439 followers
December 31, 2013
Such a satisfying and rich conclusion to a LOVELY trilogy!!!

Review to come closer to release.
2 reviews
Want to read
October 22, 2013
I cried at the end of Star Cursed! I love Finn so much! I need to read this book now!!!
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547 reviews41 followers
July 2, 2017
5 stars. I loved this book!!! It made me feel so many things, if you couldn't already tell from my status updates. I loved all the characters and the end legitimately made me cry! And I never do that!!! I know this will be one of my favourite books of all time now, maybe one of my favourite trilogies. I love the romance between Finn and Cate - seeing how it develops again was wonderful!! Handled beautifully and I swooned so hard!! OTP for sure!!!! 😍😍😍😍I loved that thought it all though the emphasis was on the three sisters and that the book ended with them in the garden just like in the first book. A truly incredible book that I won't soon forget. Beautifully detailed writing, incredibly real characters and a riot of emotions. A wonder and a joy.
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311 reviews180 followers
September 10, 2017
Nachdem ich viele Jahre in dem Glauben war, das Finale nicht mehr lesen zu müssen, hab ich es jetzt doch getan. Natürlich war ich nicht mehr völlig in der Geschichte drin und mein Lesegeschmack hat sich mittlerweile sehr verändert, aber dennoch fand ich das Buch recht gut. Der Abschluss war spannend und mit vielen Wendungen versehen, die unvorhersehbar waren. Das hat mir gut gefallen. Mir ist aber aufgefallen, dass die Sprache nicht immer so schön war, was natürlich an der Übersetzung liegen mag. Ansonsten kann ich nicht viel daran bemängeln, es war solide, nett zu lesen und relativ spannend als Finale. Eigentlich eben ganz gut. Aber auch nicht so viel mehr. Mir hat auf jeden Fall gefallen, dass diese Trilogie viel mit dem Recht der Frauen spielt und damit ein gutes Zeichen setzt. Das finde ich wundervoll. Eine schöne Thematik, auch wenn wir als Frauen in der heutigen Zeit ja eigentlich wirklich fast alle Rechte haben, selbst im Beruflichen mittlerweile.
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512 reviews118 followers
Shelved as 'nope'
September 11, 2014
So the lesbian character, who was manipulated and made evil throughout the series, ends up dying after all?

Note to authors: You don't get to pat yourselves on the back for being "progressive" and "inclusive" when you reuse the same god damn tropes that oppress diverse characters and people in the first fucking place.

This is 20-fucking-14. You should know better.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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238 reviews51 followers
February 20, 2016
The whole series was incredible but this ending is one of the most satisfying endings ever. I wouldn't change a thing because it's got the perfect mix of action, love, heartbreak and plot twists.
Lots of tears at the end because Jessica Spotswood's writing is just phenomenal. I just wish to read about these characters forever but this was the perfect conclusion. A series I'll cherish forever surely.
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531 reviews40 followers
February 11, 2015
Cate, Maura und Tess sind Schwestern und sie sind Hexen. Dies darf jedoch niemand erfahren, denn sie leben zur Zeit der Hexenverfolgung. Sollte jemals jemand erfahren, was sie sind, droht ihnen Verbannung und im schlimmsten Fall sogar der Tod. Eines Tages stößt Cate im Tagebuch ihrer verstorbenen Mutter auf eine Prophezeiung, die besagt, dass drei Hexenschwestern entweder in ein neues goldenes Zeitalter führen oder den Beginn einer Schreckensherrschaft auslösen werden. Schnell ist Cate klar, dass nur sie und ihre Schwestern gemeint sein können und setzt alles daran, dass sich die Prophezeiung zum Guten hin erfüllt.

Dies ist der finale Teil einer Trilogie, die sich um Hexen, Magie, Familie, Freundschaft, Liebe, Loyalität und Verrat dreht. Sie spielt im Mittelalter, in einer Zeit, in der Frauen keine Meinungsfreiheit oder Stimme in der Gesellschaft hatten und solche, die dagegen aufbegehrten ebenso wie Hexen verbannt oder sogar getötet wurden. Das Buch spiegelt diese Stimmung sehr gut wieder und lässt den Leser ganz in dieser Welt versinken.

Geschrieben ist das Buch aus der Sicht der ältesten Schwester Cate, die ihrer Mutter vor ihrem Tod versprochen hat, auf Maura und Tess aufzupassen und zu verhindern, dass ihnen aufgrund der Hexerei etwas schlimmes zustößt. Nicht nur aus diesem Grund herrscht zwischen den Schwestern im Großteil der Trilogie ein gespanntes Verhältnis. Im Verlauf des Buches stellt man jedoch bei allen drei Protagonistinnen eine sehr große Entwicklung fest, welche auf mich authentisch wirkte. Ich mochte besonders Cate, die aufopferungsvoll für ihre Familie, ihre Liebe und für die Rechte der Frauen und Hexen kämpft. Kraft gibt ihr dabei ihre Liebe zu Finn, den sie schon seit ihrer Kindheit kennt. Die Liebesgeschichte zwischen den beiden ist sehr gefühlvoll und gut beschrieben.

Der Schreibstil insgesamt ist leicht zu lesen und kurzweilig. Obwohl am Anfang des Buches eigentlich noch nicht so sehr viel passiert, wird es dennoch nicht langweilig. Die Story rennt nur so dahin und ich wollte das Buch gar nicht mehr aus der Hand legen. Erst ab ungefähr dem zweiten Drittel wird es richtig actionreich und nervenaufreibend. Es kommt zu der ein oder anderen nicht erwarteten Wendung und gipfelt in einem atemraubenden Finale. Es ist ein würdiges und zufriedenstellendes Ende der Trilogie mit teilweise offenen Fragen, bei denen der Leser sich seine eigenen Antworten hineininterpretieren kann.
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1,399 reviews185 followers
October 2, 2014
Well its finally here. The end! I remember when this first installment swept me off my feet. It was a story that I remember and loved so much that I had to follow it. I did. I’m sad to see this series end.

Plot: This story follows what has develop from the first book so if you have not read the books you should. The plot immediately pulls the reader in with a sense of sadness. Much has changed between the sisters even going to far as taking away a loved one. The sisters are having trouble balancing what they want to what they need. They keep fighting, keeping secrets, not to mention with the nonsense the brotherhood is spreading as well as the fever, the sisters find themselves in much trouble. While reading this story I had no problem envisioning the city, the people as well the emotions flowing through the book.

Friendship/Sisters/Love: This area gets very complicated very fast. Though much has been taken away there is much to fight for. I wanted the sisters to reunite and work together. For much of the book they were at odds with each other only thinking of themselves. The love interest was too scrambled to bits so as you can imagine my heart was beating pretty fast. As the plot continues, things began to piece together.

Ending: The ending is not what I expected. I thought the sisters would make up and be together instead I was left with,”What just happen?!” Don’t get me wrong the ending is quite good. It kept me at the edge of my seat. Although I wish it could be different, their choices are their own.

I love this ending. It fits the story just right tying up all loose ends. I’m glad that I got to read the story from start to finish. I certainly enjoyed the series and can’t way to read more by this author.
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284 reviews7 followers
September 15, 2014
Original post at: http://readtomyhearts.blogspot.com/20...

I try not to give spoilers but...this is the last book so it is pretty hard not to give something away. If I do apologize!!

My Thoughts:
Cate has really stepped into her shoes, so to speak. She has come into her own as a woman, as a witch, and as a sister. We have watched this character grow throughout the series to turn into a very powerful and interesting person.
In fact, each sister has contributed to this series in some big and small way to shape it into a fine historical fiction and exciting magical novel.

I wasn't really feeling this cover picture. I just felt it lacked something. I am not sure what, and the model is beautiful but I don't know if that is what I pictured Cate to be like. Of course, this doesn't take away from the novel at all. I was just not into this cover picture.

But the overall plot did deliver very well. There are a few twists and turns that I wasn't expecting but for the most part everything fell into place of how the plot was going in the first two books. We lose some characters I wasn't expecting to and gained a few allies that I was hoping for.
The conflicts between the sisters and Maura comes to a final battle in this story and we are shocked by the turnout. I feel guilty for the way I felt about Maura even though she deserved it and yet I feel like she may have redeemed herself as well. I would have liked for more to happen between the sisters as allies before the ending but again, I understand the way it played out too. Besides, when it comes to series finales I think we will always find something we wanted more just because we really don't want it to end.

Remember how there is always two sides to every story? Well, I really love how our author does that. She shows us that even though the Brothers are the worst people in charge, some of the extreme thoughts of the witches aren't the greatest idea either. Mrs. Spotswood, instead, details one extreme to the next showing us that it is always better to find a compromise or meeting ground.

Another point that I loved about the third book is that there is some revolutionary thinking ( for this time period anyways) where we find the women and men coming together to argue points about breaking away from those in charge.
Besides being a paranormal romance novel, Sisters Fate is truly a great historical novel giving us a look into how women were treated back in this time period. Yes, witches were feared and hated but girls and women were treated terribly too. It is a great novel for someone looking for a magical story but is a very rousting historical fiction.

All in all, I was pretty satisfied with how Sisters' Fate ended the series. There were some things I would have liked to see more of and characters I didn't want to lose but overall the story was carried through very well. I believe we were given what we needed and that is the most important part of a story. Getting what I needed from it not just what I wanted or wished for.

It was a wonderful series and I look forward to anything else that Mrs. Spotswood will bring us in the future!

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,288 reviews546 followers
June 23, 2016
It took me a while to actually get around to reading this, in comparison to the time it took between reading Born Wicked and Star Cursed. I couldn't get it at first, because I need to use the Amazon UK (there's no Irish Amazon sadface) and I had to wait till it was available and it obviously wasn't in the library like the other two cause it was just after being published.

Anywho, I think Star Cursed ended on an EXCELLENT cliff-hanger. What the hell was going to happen between Cate and Maura? Maura had literally broken her sister's heart on purpose. And when it comes to Maura, I don't believe the whole "It's safer for him, and you." She ain't doing nothing in the good interests of Cate. One of the best and steady things in this trilogy has been Maura's character, she was never a character easily liked and she was easy to dislike. She never did anything extraordinarily bad in the first two, but there was something about her, you just knew she was capable..which she then proved by removing Finn's memory.

I almost expected there to be a love triangle when Cate met Alaistair Merriweather and for this trilogy to follow in the awful footsteps of so many before so I can say I'm really glad it didn't. Finn and Cate's romance was always super cute and strong, and I'm so glad they slowly started to fall back in love. It shows they were meant to be. Sigh.

The ending of the book was unexpected, in that there wasn't an overall change but a more realistic one in the Brothers who felt what they had been doing was wrong finally stood up for the innocent. Great to see the bullies get their comeuppance.

While this wasn't my favourite of the Cahill Witch Chronicles overall, it was still pretty damn good and despite everything, kept me guessing. So it got my rare five stars.
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207 reviews24 followers
September 17, 2014
Since reading Born Wicked, I’ve been wondering about the kinds of awful things that might happen to turn the sisters against one another in the grand finale. I got my answer in Sisters’ Fate. And while it’s heartbreaking to witness all the brutality, chaos and deaths, I loved this book so much that I’d made a note in my planner to carve out time in the upcoming weeks to re-read the entire series.

The ending of Star Cursed (book two) was agonizing. Cate was deeply hurt and I wasn’t surprised to see her unleashing her anger in this installment. It’s quick to see who Cate’s true friends were and I liked that we got to see some blossoming friendships among the witches living in the convent.

With Maura continued to act as though she knew what’s best for all witches, it’s not difficult to imagine how antagonistic things were among the sisters. Tess was troubled by her nightmarish vision and when her bigger sisters kept fighting so much, she didn’t know who to turn to for comfort and support. And it certainly didn’t help when Cate was exposed and became the most wanted witch in all of New England! Things went downhill from there and the prophecy was ominously fulfilled, with heart-wrenching moments that made me gasp, cry and sigh.

In the end, I felt I understood all three sisters in ways I’d never expected. They were all courageous, brave and powerful in their own way, and I felt I learned so much about sisterly bond through reading this series.

While I’d hoped to see what New England might become when Tess grew older, it’s satisfying to learn that most things ended on a hopeful note. If I could make a wish, I’d wish that a spinoff series would be written featuring Tess as the main character.

Would you like to see more of Tess?


Originally posted on LeisureReads.com
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1,179 reviews103 followers
August 24, 2014
Why you should read it: This is the final Cahill Witch Chronicle and I'm going to miss the sisters. I love that this isn't set in modern-day times. It gives readers a unique and fun aspect of the series. Cate Cahill is such a great heroine. I feel for her and almost cried when Finn "forgot" her. I hated Maura but wanted her to stop being so devious and start working on her relationship with Cat and Tess. For those of you who haven't picked up Born Wicked, YOU MUST! Cat doesn't think she can do anything to circumvent the prophecy that one of the Cahill sisters will kill another … but she sure as heck tries. There's also the cure the Brotherhood is hoarding, and Tess becomes increasingly distant as she tries to stand on her own. There's so much going on and Jessica weaves each plotlet so perfectly. I plan on downloading the audiobooks post-haste!

Head over to the HEA Blog to see what Jessica has to say about SF and Cate!

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