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Searching For #2

Searching for Perfect

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The up-and-coming matchmaking agency Kinnections is the hottest thing to hit Verily, New York—just like Kennedy Ashe, social director for the service she owns with her two best girlfriends. A coach, consultant, and cheerleader rolled into one super-sizzling package, Kennedy creates dream dates, encourages singles to shine, and never refuses a challenge—not even Nate Ellison Raymond Dunkle, rocket scientist, nerd extraordinaire, and Kennedy’s newest client.

Kennedy vows to work her magic and transform this hot mess in a lab coat with a disastrous relationship track record into the most wanted man on the Verily dating scene. If only she could turn the wand on herself . . .

Though she radiates confidence and sex appeal, Kennedy harbors deep-seated insecurities from a tormented past and lifelong struggle with weight issues. When she realizes she and Nate are cut from the same cloth and might be perfect together, can Kennedy learn to let her heart lead the way? Or will her fears sentence her to the sidelines as Nate finds love—with someone else?

352 pages, ebook

First published April 29, 2014

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About the author

Jennifer Probst

98 books9,827 followers
Jennifer Probst wrote her first book at twelve years old. She bound it in a folder, read it to her classmates, and hasn’t stopped writing since. She holds a masters in English Literature and lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley in upstate New York. Her family keeps her active, stressed, joyous, and sad her house will never be truly clean. Her passions include horse racing, Scrabble, rescue dogs, Italian food, and wine—not necessarily in that order.

She is the NYT, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of sexy and erotic contemporary romance. She was thrilled her book, The Marriage Bargain, spent 26 weeks on the NY Times. Her work has been translated in over a dozen countries, sold over a million copies, and was dubbed a "romance phenom" by Kirkus Reviews. She loves hearing from readers. Visit her website for updates on new releases at www.jenniferprobst.com. Sign up of her newsletter at www.jenniferprobst.com/newsletter for a free book.

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1,827 reviews2,186 followers
July 11, 2015
Update 7/11/15 downgrade to 3 stars

3.25 perfect stars

 photo searchingforperfect.png

Searching for Perfect is the story of Ned. Ned is an aerospace engineer, aka rocket scientist, and at the age of thirty has decided he is ready to find a wife and settle down. After attending a speed dating event, Ned meets Kennedy, one of the matchmakers at Kinnections. Kennedy, seeing that Ned is in dire need of a makeover, outside and inside, takes him on as a client, guaranteeing that she will find him his perfect match.

When Kennedy says makeover, she means it. Ned is subjected to various forms of torture, including spa days, waxing, zumba, even changing his name to Nate. But despite all of this, he and Kennedy form an understanding of each other, and their understanding blossoms into full blown feelings. But Kennedy doesn't believe in a long term relationship for herself, and it's up to Nate to convince her to take the risk.

Jennifer Probst is a long time guilty pleasure author for me. There isn't a single book she's written that I haven't enjoyed, and Searching for Perfect continues this tradition. This book was so damn funny. I'm not kidding, 20% in and I was laughing so hard at Nate's makeover escapades I had tears in my eyes. I can't remember the last time a book made me laugh like that.

I loved the characters; Kennedy is a strong complex woman with past issues that make the reader empathize with her. Nate is so socially awkward he makes you giggle, but has such a strong heart you can't help but root for the guy to get what he wants.

I loved the addition of Wolfe in this book, as well and Probst's characters from past novels. It's like having old friends come to visit when she includes them.

Overall a very funny, angsty and sweet read.

ARC kindly provided by Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.
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1,367 reviews153 followers
July 2, 2018
3,5, pero le subo a 4 por lo mucho que me ha hecho reír (Ming es muy grande) el principio de esta historia con reminiscencias de My Fair Lady, pero con los papeles cambiados.

Ned antes del cambio, Nate tras la intervención de la agencia de citas Kinnections y, más concretamente, de Kennedy, es un nerd sin filtro y con una concepción algo particular de lo que quieren o cómo son las mujeres por culpa de su hermano mayor. Un protagonista diferente para una historia que me estaba encantando pero que se va desinflando a medida que pasan las páginas. La culpa la tienen una prota femenina indecisa e insegura (entiendo el equipaje que lleva, pero no cómo lo maneja), ese "ni contigo ni sin ti" que tanto me disgusta y se repite en las novelas de romance contemporáneo y unas escenas de cama que, aunque me han gustado, no me han acabado de convencer. ¿¿Solo leyendo e investigando, Nate se convierte en un Dios del sexo que ríete tú del Grey?? Quien acuñó eso de "la práctica hace al maestro" no conocía a este portento. A pesar de estos peros, es un libro divertido, que se lee muy fácil y bien. Deseando leer la historia de Wolfe y Gen estoy.
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1,409 reviews971 followers
March 27, 2014

"Three words. My. Fair. Lady."

Kennedy is one of the owners of Kinnections matchmaking agency with her two best friends. She's the social director of the company. As a teen she was bullied for her appearance which created body image issues for her. As an adult she keeps her body looking perfect.

Nate is a rocket scientist who has no finesse in the dating department. He wants a wife but his direct approach with women is scaring them away. His nerdy looks and lifestyle are a turn off for the female population.

Kennedy offers to help Nate find his 'HEA'. A complete Eliza Doolittle makeover is performed on this nerdy scientist to help him find his perfect women.

SEARCHING FOR PERFECT is like its predecessor Searching for Someday - it's a fun cute love story with no big plot twist to figure out. The story is told in dual pov.

Searching for Someday (Searching For, #1) by Jennifer Probst Searching for Perfect (Searching For, #2) by Jennifer Probst
No cliffhanger. Each book focuses on a different owner of Kinnections. Not sure if there will be another book in the series but there is one more partner in Kinnections. Click here to find if the author added more books in the series.

50th book of 2014

Release date: April 29, 2014
**Complimentary copy courtesy of Threshold,Pocket Books via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**
(Quotes are taken from arc copy and are subject to change in the published edition)
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1,129 reviews398 followers
April 12, 2018
No puedo hablar. Me encantó. Me gustó un poco más el primero pero es que aquí quedé con tantos corazones y suspiros en mi cora que laskksldkddoodkf

En fin, no me hagan caso... es increíble se los recomiendo. La reseña ya que tenga cosas congruentes que decir jajaja
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2,899 reviews635 followers
October 27, 2021
Searching for Perfect is heavy book. Fills with so many moral messages. The story deals with bully, body issue, family issues.

Nate is a wonderful guy. He is a nerd but he is a sexy nerd. Beneath all of his nerdiness, there is a alpha male waiting to be unleash. I enjoy reading his POV.
While Kennedy dealing with a lot of bullying and body image. She was harrased when she was teenager. It affects her so much.

Miss Probst done a good job writing their story. A lot of moral messages and healing power.
Overall a wonderful read.

4 stars
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937 reviews236 followers
May 9, 2018
¿Es entretenida? Sí
¿es una novela correcta? Sí
Entonces por qué solo 2. Pues porque no me ha enganchado, curiosidad por la historia 0. Es una lectura trivial, que no me ha aportado nada. Mea culpa, Sí!!!
La protagonista creo que está bien, coherente aunque ese super cambio no me ha terminado de convencer. Lo siento
pero con él, no.... me ha parecido un personaje tan tan tan tan perfecto como artificial. Y ya lo último ese sexo tántrico... me ha dejado cao.
No sé, me gustan los personajes imperfectos, pero ese hombre tan inteligente que se deja hasta depilar las cejas para encontrar una mujer no me ha gustado, el mensaje, más bien.
si quieres un cambio de look (voluntario) te vas a un asesor de imagen pero aquí me ha dado la sensación de que ella se enamora de un producto y no del hombre
Ya digo que es algo muy personal.
Por otra parte, el humor es muy personal. a mí esas escenas del principio que sí, que tienen a diviertidas, pues no me han hecho mucha gracia porque me sale la crítica a la moraleja
No soy de contemporánea y esto es una clara muestra. Seguro que con unas enaguas mi puntuación hubiera sido superior.
la recomiendo? seguramente si os gusta la novela contemporánea, esta os gustará. ¿erótica? a mí no me lo ha parecido mucho, la verdad.
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1,346 reviews1,419 followers
April 29, 2014
4 I Want You, Nate Dunkle Stars!
(ARC provided by Netgalley)

 photo fcde506a-2bb1-4895-9a50-9063a108f68b.jpg

 photo 9948160c-315f-473a-878e-6b75776deaad.jpg

Nathan Ellison Raymond Dunkle aka Ned/ Nate is a 32 yr. old Aerospace Engineer. He used to work for NASA, but now does research and works at getting the private sector into space travel. Nate was abandoned by his mother at the age of 10, and raised by his brother Connor, who is his hero. Through the years he has been influenced by his brother, who doesn't believe in settling down with one woman.

Nate is your typical nerdy, socially awkward, clumsy Rocket Scientist complete with pocket protector, thick glasses, and horrible fashion sense. Nate has always put his career first, and is tired of being alone. He wants comfort, sex, and companionship, but isn't interested in one night stands or hanging out at bars. He is looking for something real, and someone to accept him, and all his flaws. He wants a family, and someone special to share hi life with.

 photo e6713a8f-7082-4a04-b0dd-a147af61ea57.jpg

Nate's entire social life consists of spending time with his co-worker Wayne in the lab, and hanging out with his brother. He makes a decision to attend a speed-dating mixer hosted by Kinnections Matchmaking Agency. Nate's whole evening ends up being a bust, and he can't seem to do anything right. He feels pathetic, and is discouraged.

He then spots a beautiful, sexy woman across the room. She is his ideal dream woman. Everything about her is perfection. He ends up talking with her, and finds out she is the social director for Kinnections.

 photo d6de9444-72dc-487e-8f74-3de7cd3cf837.jpg

Kennedy Ashe is the top recruiter, and makeover expert. She spots Nate, and wants to help transform him, and help him find his best self. He explains his goal is to find a wife. Kennedy loves a challenge, and feels if she takes him under her wing, she can teach him how to interact with women, and then send him out on dates to find his soul mate. Nate agrees to put himself in the hands of a stranger to find happiness.

As Kennedy continues to spend time with Nate while coaching him, she begins to see there is more to this geeky guy. He is not only smart and funny, but underneath it all is total hotness! She enjoys his strong, no games, direct, honest personality, and finds they actually have plenty in common.

 photo 45830ea9-68bf-4319-b4ab-4e922b1b2b17.jpg

Kennedy begins to fear the feelings she is developing for Nate. They share a connection, and deep down she is insecure, and scared of being in a relationship. As much as she tries to fight it, she can't help falling for Nate and wanting to keep him for herself.

This was a really cute story. I loved the whole hot nerd thing! Nate was just delicious! Who knew all those yummy muscles were hidden under that lab coat. I was also thrilled Wolfe makes an appearance in this book & hope he gets his own book soon! :D

 photo aba6d602-7555-4b0b-9fd1-904dd611139c.jpg

-Those thumbs stroked under her jaw and began to trace the lines of her mouth. The fascinated, intense look on his face thrilled her. Had a man ever looked at her so...hungrily?

-His fingers tangled in her hair and tipped her head further back while he drank, tasted, demanded, gave. Her head spun and her knees weakened, and in that one moment, Kennedy fell completely under his spell.

 photo gunnssss.gif

-Her fingers itched to uncover what she knew he was hiding: a certain geeky hotness that would intrigue women and find him love.

-What type of lover would he be? All focused and serious? By the book? Or so intent on her pleasure nothing else would matter?

-His lips were a woman's dream. Full, sculpted, with that sexy stubble wrapping them around like a Christmas gift all for her.

-Her girly parts flamed to life and begged for relief. Nate Dunkle was gorgeous.
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323 reviews96 followers
April 14, 2018
3,5 sobre 5.
Una historia bonita y divertida con unos personajes un poco diferentes a lo que solemos encontrarnos. Nate me ha encantado, su personalidad tan atípica pero adorable. Con Kennedy me ha costado un poco más conectar. Aunque me ha gustado, el primero sigue siendo mi favorito.
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719 reviews163 followers
May 20, 2018
3'5 estrellitas
Para leer este libro aconsejo desconectar el cerebro y dedicarte únicamente a leer y a disfrutar de un nadismo contemporáneo destinado a echarte unas buenas risas con su mezcla de La bella y la bestia y My fair lady.
Reconozco que Jennifer Probst es experta en la parte humorística, con unas situaciones vergüenzajenescas que son desternillantes. En el inicio de este libro esas situaciones son brillantes, al mono con platillos que vive en mi cerebro cuando leo estos libros le ha encantado. Lo que para mí baja el nivel es que cuando la relación entre ellos pasa a los roces guarreriles se estanca. Qué queréis que os diga, ya sé que las cabezonerías y la negación de sentimientos están a la orden del día en la romántica pero a mí es algo que me lo tienes que escribir muy bien o me acaba cansando, que es justo lo que me ha pasado en este libro, que he acabado cansada de la actitud de Kennedy.
Nate es un personaje extraño pero que me ha hecho muchísima gracia, un torpe sin filtro que a la hora de la verdad mete la directa para conseguir a la mujer que quiere. Esa actitud a veces me ha parecido algo forzada ya que a mí me gusta un poco más de tonteo a la hora de darse el beso/refrote/lo que sea pero vamos, que son cosas personales.
Las cositas que se ven entre Gen y Wolfe me tienen en un "ay" y tengo muchíííísimas ganas de leer su libro.
En fin, que es un libro divertido que se lee sin ningún esfuerzo pero que en un determinado momento para mí se estanca, lo que me ha hecho bajarle la puntuación.
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2,132 reviews54 followers
May 4, 2018

Searching For Perfect es el segundo libro de la saga Searching For de la autora Jennifer Probst y narra la historia de Kennedy ( personaje que conocemos en el libro anterior ) y Nate.

Durante meses espere ansiosa a que esta novela se publicara, el primer libro fue una sorpresa tan agradable que me moria de ganas de tener esta segunda parte en mi Kindle.

Comenzo de una forma increible : divertido, ameno, ligero .... pero segun fueron pasando los capitulos fue perdiendo esa " magia " del inicio.

Gran parte de mi desilucion con esta historia es debido a mis altas expectativas, pense que me encontraria una lectura igual de refrescante que Searching For Someday pero la realidad es que la historia de Nate y Kennedy no estuvo para nada a la altura.

Le falto intensidad, chispa y sobretodo una pareja mas explosiva, Kennedy y Nate fueron unos personajes agradables pero por desgracia tambien muy cliches y olvidables.

Tampoco me resulto tan amena como su antecesora, obviamente es una novela agil y no fue una tortura leerla pero por ejemplo el ultimo tercio se me hizo bastante repetitivo.

En conclusion, Searching For Perfect es un libro romantico y agradable pero no lo suficiente para volverse inolvidable, ademas en esta ocasion la autora no dejo un mensaje tan importante como el de Searching For Someday : Respetar a los animales y amarlos incondicionalmente, por lo que se queda con casi tres estrellas.

2.75 Estrellas!
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605 reviews176 followers
December 26, 2021
5 Ridiculous, Cute, Feel-good stars!!

I always love a nerdy male make-over so if anyone can recommend others... please let me know in the comments!

Kennedy Ashe is the social director for Kinnections matchmaking agency. She is a beautifully put together coach and consultant with golden⁰ blonde hair cascading down the back of her pink power suits! She creates dream dates to help you find your perfect match!

She's also in a bit of a bored slump and needs a challenge to get her creative juices flowing.

Enter: Nate Ellison Raymond Dunkle, (acronym Is literally NERD) He is a rocket scientist, nerd extraordinaire, and Kennedy vows to turn him into the most wanted bachelor in town.

This book blends some great humour while also exploring the pressures we can place on ourselves because of childhood trauma. Kennedy's confidence masks an array of insecurities and Nate's intellect has been used as a shield against abandonment- together they realise searching for perfection is far riskier, and way more complicated than either of them thought.
Perhaps their vulnerability is the very thing that makes them perfect for each other?

I loved Nate. He was a hilarious disaster from the start but the way trusted Kennedy and challenged her was so endearing! Definitely a diamond in the rough!

I've always loved an ugly-duckling make-over, a My Fair Lady-esque romance, where friendship develops first. But it's usually the female. I've only ever come across two others where the main make-over is an intelligent guy who needs a tweak here and there. But those are usually my favourites!!
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Author 9 books112 followers
May 13, 2018
Por el nivel de enganche de esta novela quizá merecería 4 estrellas, porque no he podido soltarla, pero ha sido más por la curiosidad de saber qué más se iba a sacar de la manga la autora que por un verdadero interés por la historia de amor que cuenta. De todos modos, la contemporánea no es mi subgénero favorito de romántica, y menos cuando se utiliza la fórmula “casamentera que se enamora de uno de sus clientes”, tan jugosa como manida en la histórica y que me encanta, pero tan difícil de que resulte creíble en una novela ambientada en la actualidad. Es lo que me ha ocurrido con esta.
Comienza muy bien, todo muy coherente y real, pero hacia la mitad de la historia se tuerce y empieza a ir cuesta abajo. El protagonista masculino, que parecía auténtico con alguna salvedad que me abstengo de mencionar, se convierte en un ideal de hombre. Aunque la autora le conserva algún defectillo sin importancia para que parezca real y creíble, es totalmente incoherente. ¿Enamora? ¡Claro! Pero no me lo he creído. Parece un personaje que se ha ido construyendo según las necesidades de la protagonista femenina y no en base a su propia personalidad. Algunas de sus reacciones y comportamientos no me cuadran en absoluto con ese científico de elevado cociente intelectual y arraigado en sus costumbres que se nos presenta al principio. Transformación física aparte, que sí es posible (más o menos), el chico es tierno o brutal según se requiere, sumiso o dominador, poco experto en la cama o el mayor conocedor de los puntos erógenos de una mujer.
A diferencia de él, ella sí es un personaje coherente. Por desgracia, ya que nos transmite el mensaje contra el que muchas mujeres luchamos: hay que estar delgada y vestir en plan sexy para enamorar a un hombre, porque la inteligencia no sirve. Olvidemos eso de que “la belleza está en el interior”.
También las amigas son personajes creíbles y bien desarrollados (por lo poco que nos cuenta de ellas, claro). En cambio, los hombres con papel secundario salen con cuentagotas y son clichés que además, tampoco actúan de acuerdo a esos clichés. En fin, 1 estrella para los personajes de esta novela.
En cuanto a la historia, tiene muy poca originalidad y ninguna imaginación por parte de la autora, que se basa en películas y series de TV para desarrollar el argumento y la mayoría de las escenas. Agradezco que nombre algunas de las que le han inspirado, como "My Fair Lady" o "Big Bang Theory", pero hay otros referentes muy claros: "Pretty Woman", "Tin Cup" o "Sexo en Nueva York". Supongo que es normal, en la era del audiovisual, que la imaginación del escritor se vea condicionada por lo que ve en lugar de por lo que lee. No lo censuro, simplemente creo que falta algo de cosecha propia en toda esta historia. Incluso el final es peliculero, algo habitual en esta autora, creo, por los dos libros anteriores que leí de ella.
La novela toca temas tan importantes como el acoso escolar, la anorexia y la dificultad de las relaciones (amistosas y amorosas) en las personas que no encajan en una sociedad superficial y poco tolerante como la nuestra, pero los trata tan de pasada, pasando por ellos de puntillas, que casi agradecería que no los mencionara. Dedica más páginas al encuentro sexual de la pareja (muy bueno, eso sí) que a los auténticos problemas de cada uno de los protagonistas.
De todos modos, la novela está bien escrita, se lee rápido y proporciona esa evasión que buscamos las lectoras de romántica, así que me atrevo a recomendarla, sobre todo a las que hayáis llegado a este género más recientemente. Os gustará.

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269 reviews49 followers
April 13, 2018
Este libro va directo de cabeza a la lista de mis preferidos. Me ha encantado tanto, tanto... de verdad qué pena me ha dado acabarlo!
Enamorada me hallo totalmente del friki pero adorable Nate y de la pareja tan original y bonita que forma con Kennedy. ¿Porqué GR sólo nos deja valorar con cinco estrellas?

Es un libro tan fresco, tan divertido, que me he pasado toda la lectura con la risa floja y la cara de boba. Incluso puedo decir que me ha gustado mucho más que el primero.
Sin duda, es de esos que me apetece releer muchas veces, podría hacerlo ahora mismo y eso que lo acabo de terminar 🙈

¿Quién podría decir que bajo esa fachada de científico empollón y rarito se esconde un hombre con ese magnetismo y sentido del humor? A Nate le comería hasta las manchas de su bata de laboratorio y si quiere que ponga en práctica conmigo todas las leyes de la física y todas las ecuaciones del mundo mundial 😂😂😂
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2,652 reviews3,234 followers
April 12, 2014
4 Second in Series Success Stars * * * *

I am very happy to report this second entry to Ms. Probst's new series really worked for me. I had read the first entry of this series and although it was a pleasant read... I felt there was a lot going on in order to set up the premise. This is something that can happen and is understandable.

What happened with this installment, though, was everything worked. Any of the quirky issues I had from the first book were no where in sight. This presented an easy question... can you take the nerdy smart socially awkward fella and with a little tweaking here and there ..... turn him into a hot property....

The answer is absolutely yes... Was there any question??? But the hook of all of this is he actually is able in his own smart, nerdy focused way able to open the eyes and heart of his love coach.

The journey of discovery is adorable, revealing and touches the heart. All the issues addressed through this tale plague so many. All of us at one time or another have felt we weren't good enough, or weren't the correct image, etc. How these thoughts were instilled in us varies; the damage is the same. How we combat against these negative reels which loop over and over in our heads is what's important. This presented a positive outcome and something to consider.

I am very pleased this worked so well and it gives me the confidence of the upcoming books working, too. Although it is part of a series, it could be read alone without feeling lost.

a gifted copy was provided by the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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659 reviews208 followers
August 15, 2020
3 Estrellitas. Me ha costado mucho ponerle nota a éste libro, es verdad que me ha gustado, pero a la vez me ha costado leerlo. Le tenía bastantes ganas y empezó bien, pero hacia la mitad me empezó a cansar y exasperar. Intentaré ir por partes.

"Buscando al amor perfecto" es el segundo libro de la serie "Searching for". Leí el primero y aunque me gustó no fue para tirar cohetes, éste libro tenía más potencial, pero la autora lo destrozó. Cierto es que más o menos sabía lo que me iba a encontrar, pero debía conocerlo por mí misma.

Esta es la historia de Kennedy y volvemos a Kinnections. Kennedy es junto con Kate y Arilyn una de las fundadoras de la exitosa empresa Kinnections, dedicada al asesoramiento y encontrar parejas duraderas. Kennedy es la asesora personal de imagen y conexiones, y ahora se le presenta un gran reto para su éxito profesional.

El fruto de éste experimento es Nate Dunkle, un ingeniero aeroespacial, y el típico friki torpe y empollón, lo tiene todo hasta el punto de ser un chiste: bata de laboratorio siempre con lamparones, pelo largo, sucio y grasiento y unas gafas enormes que le sientan fatal.

Este libro, como dice Kennedy es el proceso a la inversa de "My fair lady", Kennedy es el profesor Higgins y Nate es Eliza. El reto de Kennedy será convertir al desastroso Nate en un bombón irresistible para encontrarle a la mujer de sus sueños.

Nate ha crecido en un hogar disfuncional y prácticamente lo ha criado su hermano mayor Connor, un hombre que es lo contrario a él, un ligón con miedo al compromiso. Pero Nate quiere algo más, su némesis, una mujer y esposa a la que pueda querer y respetar, una compañera de su vida, pero Nate es un desastre con patas y no se le da bien ligar con mujeres, siempre dice o critica lo que no debería y su apariencia es de todo menos atractiva.

Pues Kennedy efectivamente convertirá a Nate en un bombón, pero a su vez, ella tiene sus propios demonios contra los que luchar. Ken es una persona muy insegura e infravalorada por sí misma. Durante su niñez y adolescencia fue una chica gorda a la que hicieron bullying, nunca creyó en su propio poder ni en que podría ser guapa o atractiva, y siempre la dijeron que nadie la querría si no adelgazaba. Así que Kennedy siguió una dieta muy estricta para adelgazar y agradar, y para que alguien la quisiera, pero en su mundo frívolo y de apariencias es desdichada, pues no ha encontrado a un hombre al que realmente quiera, está aburrida y a todos encuentra defectos. Al menos es feliz con su trabajo y conocer a Nate se convierte en su mundo.

Poco a poco, Nate empieza a encariñarse con su cicerone, cuanto mas conoce a Kennedy, más le gusta, pero a la vez cree saber que no es merecedor de ella, y ella necesita algo o a alguien más. Por parte de Kennedy, me ha costado más aceptar todo, pues se va pillando un poco más por su cliente cada vez que le mejora algo de su físico, primero la sesión de peluquería, luego cambiar sus feas gafas por lentillas y descubrir unos preciosos ojos verdes, después cambiar su vestuario por ropa cara y bonita, tonificar su cuerpo en gimnasios (a pesar de que bajo su fea ropa, escondía un cuerpazo ¿de verdad voy a creerme que Nate practicando golf puede tener un cuerpazo de mojar pan?). Cierto es que me ha costado creer que Kennedy se haya enamorado de Nate, el dulce empollón, o del prototipo de hombre que ha creado, pues es lo que me ha parecido, que se enamoraba de éste prototipo y no existía un hombre guapo bajo sus feas gafas.

Pues eso más o menos es lo que me ha pasado. No es el primer libro que leo de éste tipo y siempre me dejan con una sensación agridulce. Empiezan bien, son divertidos, te echas unas risas. De verdad que me he divertido con los gambazos que metía Nate cuando le presentaban chicas para ligar. Aunque ya digo que a la mitad se me ha desinflado, cuando Nate consigue ser algo más, está pilladísimo por Kennedy, pero ella me ha exasperado mucho. Sí, entiendo de primera mano los traumas de Kennedy, yo misma los he sentido, y no he dejado que eso domine mi vida ni me frene, pero ella es tan insegura y tiene tantos miedos, a querer a alguien, a intentar algo que dure para siempre que me ha entorpecido la lectura y me ponía de mala leche, por eso me ha costado más terminar éste libro.

En el fondo está bien y me ha gustado, pero el amor de éste libro es Nate, un chico realmente bueno y dulce a pesar de su torpeza, pero agradable y sincero, dispuesto a encontrar a la mujer de sus sueños a toda costa, cambiar su vida, su imagen, lo que haga falta; eso es valiente y no la cobardía que muestra Kennedy hasta practicamente el final.

Como digo, en el fondo está bien, pese a la mala leche que me causaba Kennedy. No sé si leeré más de esta autora, pues creo que esta serie no se ha publicado entera en España. Al menos ha servido para entretenerme.
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October 24, 2014
4 perfection takes time stars

I'm not supposed to quote the ARC I have so this will have to do, that picture up there pretty much sums it up, but don't worry there are twist to make it a little bit more exciting, funny and endearing. All Nate wanted was a wife, but he's too absorbed in his job to see that he's going about it all wrong, and Kennedy sees the potential so with her help and Kinnections, he set's off on his goal and transforms himself from Clark Kent to Superman, minus all the cool powers and tights of course.

Searching for Perfect is the second book in the Searching For series, but it is a stand alone read so you can jump right in without reading the first book, which is what I did. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant to start this, hence the delay in my reading, but I should have known better after all I loved the author's previous work. I assumed that Nate was going to be a nerd through-n-through, a too nice of a guy that will get walked over by the ladies someone who I wouldn't be able to respect....boy was I wrong, this man was just absorbed in his job he treats everything as a challenge wanting to conquer and win it all.

Kennedy was another story, in the beginning I thought she was just a self centered girl, who is looking for her next project, but again I was wrong (I actually love it when I am), she had demons and issues of her own that everything she does now is all an attempt to beat her demons back. She was frustrating yet endearing. The rest of the characters all played their part well and I see the next story being set up and I can't honestly wait. This standalone read with dual POV is an entertaining read of cat and mouse; that had me laughing and swooning.

ARC kindly provided by Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review .
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April 10, 2018
He devorado este libro. Ya la sinopsis prometía bastante, una historia al estilo de My Fair Lady (película que adoro) con los roles cambiados, pero jamás pensé que fuera a ser tan bueno como ha resultado ser. Chispeante, ágil, sensual y divertida, así ha sido la lectura de Buscando al amor perfecto de Jennifer Probts. Os cuento un poco como va la cosa...

Reseña completa en el blog: https://misscherrybooks.blogspot.com....
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May 7, 2014
**ARC courtesy of Gallery, Threshold, Pocketbooks via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

Soooo…I waited weeks for an approval of this book only to be disappointed once I’m done reading it. I don’t know, I probably had a really high expectation on it.

Kennedy Ashe is the social director at Kinnection who is in charge of the social events and providing the correct tools for clients to meet and connect with potential life partners. You can’t forget her job, because she will remind you time after time. Also, she co-founded the company with her two best friends from college. She won’t let you forget that either. She’s flirty, sexy and sassy on the outside but insecure and sensitive on the inside.

Nate Dunkle is an aerospace engineer who used to work for NASA. He joined Kinnection in the hopes of meeting someone to share his life with. He’s socially awkward, having spent most of his time in the lab. He studied women’s magazine to communicate with women better, sometimes using cheesy pick-up lines he learnt from his brother. He’s messy, straight-forward and socially inept but self-assured, motivated and loyal.

I already had a problem with the first chapter in this book. Double standard. Nate had to listen to shallow, materialistic and ambitious women criticize him but the moment he said something offensive, in came Kennedy scolding him for almost making a woman cry. How? How can she notice that ONE conversation of him being rude but missed the ones where he was on the receiving end?

The other major issues I have were the inconsistency and redundancy in the story. Nate was Ned before Kennedy made him change it to Nate. For the first 5% of the story, he was Ned. And then he was Nate. Not only that, Kennedy was sometimes Ken. The switcheroo can cause confusion because seriously, there are already too many names to keep up with. Connor, Nate’s sometimes younger brother, sometimes older brother also needed help in the inconsistency department. Hopefully they’re properly amended in the published version.

Nate and Kennedy’s relationship to me was mediocre at best. I didn’t feel the spark at all. She was too busy thinking of what to change in Nate next. When she’s not thinking about changing his appearance, she lusted after him. I can’t even pinpoint the moment where lust changed into love. The sex scenes were…full of lust. And sounds like a science exhibition at one point. You can be a nerd, say nerdy but sexy things AND still not make it sound like I'm attending a science fair.

Don’t get me started on the dog collar scene. That is just wrong and borderline sadistic.

I think Jennifer Probst was trying to instil feminism in this book by showing how crude men can be when dating women and that women should not be easily fooled by a man's charm. To be honest, it seems to lean towards feminazi than feminism.

Some might like it because it’s the typical opposites attract kind of book. Beauty and the geek/nerd. Ugly duckling turned into a pretty swan. The short version of my opinion on this book would be ‘meh’. Meh as in, I won’t remember this in the next few days.
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April 24, 2018
Como me encanta esta escritora, como disfruto de sus historias y sus personajes y como conoce la mente humana ( los defectos, los traumas y las cicatrices del alma)

Como he disfrutado de Nate ( me he enamorado tanto de él como de nerd jejejeje)! Y que descubrimiento ( qué sesiones hot ufffff!) una joya de personaje...

Kennedy es perfecta en sus imperfecciones .... he sufrido con su pasado y con su presente , con sus miedos, traumas y rechazos... una joya de personaje

Deseando leer la historia de genevieve... que sea pronto!!!!!
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July 2, 2018
El libro en general 3'5 estrellitas pero para Nate son 4 sin duda. Es un personaje adorable, con una personalidad diferente, es real, sincero, muy dulce y achuchable.
Kennedy como secundaria me gustó más que como protagonista.
Los momentos Cosmopolita, Glamour... son geniales.
Wolfe intenso y provocando ansias lectoras! ^^
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Shelved as 'life-is-too-short'
February 4, 2018
34% - DNF

Is this New Adult? I thought the hero of this book was looking to settle down and get married? The brother he lives with? Pretty much seems like an insufferable excuse for a human being. The way this genius man listens to him makes him seem like a little kid.

I don't have time for it, although I can 100% see the appeal of this nerdy guy meets survivor girl story, these side characters and character inconsistency (Nate is so self-assured, sensitive, yet so clueless?) use up too much of my patience.
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Author 6 books4 followers
December 25, 2021
Era justo lo que necesitaba. Normalmente me satura leer novelas como esta cuando las escenas de sexo empiezan a abundar y pierdo interés en la trama. Pero esta novela tiene una pizca justa de todo lo necesario para seguir leyendo, entretenerse y suspirar con la historia de amor que se narra. La recomiendo para pasar un buen rato, leerla casi del tirón y soñar despierta con un hombre como Nate...
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1,801 reviews457 followers
February 15, 2017
Nerd? We prefer the term intellectual badass!!

A lighthearted, too cute, funny and steamy story about accepting and believing in oneself. I think Jennifer sums it up perfectly in her dedication to us, her readers and fans, “for anyone who needs to believe they are worthy… of love, forgiveness, success, friendship, or happiness. You are.”

This story doesn’t start out with someone needing to have self faith though, but rather an external remaking. Because nerds are not just smart, they are unexpectedly humorous, adorable and sometimes completely clueless and socially inept. It’s the reason why The Big Bang Theory is a hit.

Searching for Perfect starts with Nate or a rather oblivious, in need to also change his nickname, Ned. Imagine Clark Kent, “geeky, clumsy, socially awkward, but underneath, hotness galore.” He was also a very straight forward, knowledgeable man who had no qualms about it giving him a self assured air.

Ken’s job at Kinnections is to manage social gatherings and handle her client’s makeovers. But when she meets Nate, she takes a special interest in him, knowing he was a great package ready to be unearthed; it was just a lot of work to do it.

Even though their connection takes a while to cement and build, it’s mostly due to the nature of their client/advisor relationship. But it provides a lot of comical situations as well as great opportunities to interact, develop trust and a deeper bond. “They shared a similar past and understood one another on a different level.”

That is not to say there was no physical attraction between them, because theirs was like a roaring steam engine gathering up speed and heat. Behind all the nerdiness there was also a very assertive, dom type geek with a foodie fetish.
“Nerds are underrated.”
“You can’t say that and expect me not to kiss you, Ken.”

While Nate’s social etiquette progressed, there was a teaching technique used on him which I just couldn’t find funny and seemed plain wrong, especially compared to the interactions with loveable supporting characters such as Ming and Benny.
“You ripped my hair off my face. I’m a guy.”
“A hairy guy. You will need to wax regularly.”
“Fuck you.”
“Stop being a mitch and get your ass out of my salon.”
“A what? A mitch? What the hell is that?”
“A male bitch.”
~ Conversation between Nate and Benny

When it finally came down to confronting their feelings, Ken was unable to believe she was worthy and rather thought she deserved to be punished.
“She had to save him. From herself.”
Which I hope is not a recurring theme, because I agree with Arilyn and “feel like we’re doing the Slade thing all over again.”

I couldn’t stop smiling, laughing and blushing during the entire book, well except during that “interesting” therapy session. It also touches on issues may of us can relate to. I enjoyed having the characters from the Marriage to a Billionaire series doing cameos and I am really loving the build up between Wolfe and Gen. That’s a book I Will. Not. Miss! But regardless if it’s the next story or not, I’m in for the entire series.

** ARC provided by Netgalley. The excerpts are from that copy. **
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April 7, 2015
3.5 - 4 Stars!

Another love connection with the Kinnections matchmaking ladies. Nate was a nerdy lab coat, thick glasses wearing aerospace engineer - so yes a rocket scientist. He's been getting the worst advise from his player brother on how to pick women up. He was the perfect "project" for Kennedy to take on and transform him to be his best self. As she got to know him and he slowly transform into a sexy man who just happens to be smart (yes he has studied Kama Sutra, Cosmo magazines, and read Fifty Shades to prepare for his quest of finding love and his future wife), the chemistry and attraction between Nate and Kennedy can't be denied. Though she certainly gives the denial thing her very best shot. And let me just say that all that "reading up" Nate has done more than paid off because the sexy times were hot!!!!
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1,296 reviews20 followers
April 5, 2014
[image error]

Nate - a rocket scientist & Kennedy – a counselor at Kinnections
The two together – fighting to find a lasting relationship.

This book was another good read by Ms Probst. She has a great ESR (easy sexy romantic) formula that is spot on!

ARC is courtesy of Threshold, Pocket Books via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review
***Quotes are subject to change in published edition***
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April 5, 2018
Nate Dunkle ha decidido que ya es hora de sentar cabeza, para ello acude a uno de los eventos de citas rápidas que organiza la agencia Kinnections. Kinnections es la agencia de citas de Kate, Kennedy y Arilyn, en la que se ocupan de buscar la pareja perfecta a sus clientes. La noche acabará siendo un fiasco para él, pero allí conocerá a Kennedy Ashe, una de las socias de la agencia que, después de ver el fracaso de la noche de Nate, le propondrá formar parte de Kinnections donde le ayudarán a encontrar a la mujer perfecta para él. En Nate, Kennedy verá a su próximo proyecto y se pondrá las manos a la obra para convertir al ingeniero aeroespacial, en un hombre apetecible y el soltero más deseado de la agencia.

Nate es un hombre totalmente dedicado a su trabajo apenas vive para otra cosa. Es un hombre de ciencias, analítico, lógico y racional, muy inteligente y completamente decidido a hacer lo que sea necesario para llevar a cabo su propósito, conocer a la mujer perfecta con la pueda formar una familia. ¿Conocéis a la protagonista de la serie de tv Bones, la doctora Brennan? Pues Nate es su versión masculina, un hombre sin filtros, pero brutalmente sincero que dice las cosas sin ningún tacto tal cual y las piensa.

Nate vive con su hermano mayor Connor, con el que está profundamente agradecido y con el que siente que está en deuda pues cuando su madre los abandonó, se hizo cargo de él. Connor lo ayudaba y protegía en el colegio, le ayudo a pagar la universidad, y le enseñó a defenderse y le dio sus mejores consejos y trucos para conquistar a las mujeres.

Kennedy es una mujer que lucha cada día por estar mejor y superar un pasado que ha dejado atrás. Le encanta su trabajo de asesora de imagen en Kinnections. Una mujer que no establece relaciones a largo plazo, una chica que a pesar de la imagen perfecta que da al mundo tiene muy serios problemas tanto con la comida como con su autoestima.

La historia tiene una clara analogía a My Fair Lady en donde Nate será la Eliza a la que hay que enseñar, embellecer y pulir, y Kennedy será el profesor Higgins, su pigmalión, encargada de convertir a la oruga en mariposa y que, muy a su pesar, acaba enamorada de su obra.

A través del trato diario que tendrán que tener en relación al cambio de Nate, empiezan a conocerse, lo cual los llevará a inevitablemente terminar enamorados, pero Kennedy no quiere saltarse las normas y relacionarse con un cliente, por lo que cada vez que Nate da un paso adelante y Kennedy da dos pasos atrás.

Ambos personajes tienen muchas cosas en común, son inteligentes, interesados en las ciencias y ambos han sufrido acoso escolar y sexual en el caso de Kennedy, por lo que tienen cicatrices que no son nada fáciles de curar y que harán que no sea fácil abrirse al otro.

La novela sigue la misma estructura que la anterior, casi desde el comienzo el lector puede ver que ambos personajes se atraen mutuamente, aunque no quieran admitirlo, y que se complementan a la perfección, aunque no se den cuenta de ello. Como en la anterior entrega de la saga, ambos personajes, sobre todo Kennedy, pondrán barreras a su relación para no mezclar lo personal con lo profesional, aún sabiendo que se aman el uno al otro Kennedy piensa que no puede hacerlo feliz por lo que preferirá que encuentre a alguien que sí pueda darle todo lo que él busca en una pareja, sin darse cuenta que ya son perfectos el uno para el otro.

Nos volvemos a reencontrar con los personajes secundarios de Kate y Arilyn las socias de Kennedy en Kinnections, además de Slade (protagonista del primer libro de la serie), su hermana Jane, Genevieve, Alexa y Wolfe y algún otro personaje de Casarse con un millonario, la anterior serie de la autora. Iremos viendo como han ido desarrollando sus vidas desde el final del anterior libro.

El libro tiene trescientas veintinueve páginas divididas en diecisiete capítulos más un epílogo. Narrado en tercera persona por un narrador omnisciente. La lectura es ágil y amena, con lo que lo he devorado antes casi de darme cuenta. Como en el anterior libro las escenas eróticas son pocas y no son lo más relevante en la trama, pero sí muy ardientes.

Por lo que he visto en Goodreads el próximo libro de la serie va a ser la historia de Genevieve, la hermana de Alexa, y es que se ve que aunque parece feliz con su recién iniciada nueva vida con David, algo pasa ahí que no la hace tan feliz como debería.

En definitiva una bonita historia donde dos almas gemelas se encuentran y tendrán que ser valientes y enfrentarse a sus miedos e inseguridades para alcanzar la felicidad.

Reseña completa en: http://bibliotecariarecomienda.blogsp...

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April 27, 2014
Kennedy is a matchmaker. She's poised and confident, assured enough to point others in the right direction. Ned (Nate) is literally a rocket scientist. Brilliant and oddly charming, he's a hot mess when it comes to style and small talk. Smoosh them together and you get a sweet, cute, somewhat predictable, surprisingly sexy little contemporary.

I was a bit hesitant to love Nate at first. Confidence is key to my acceptance of a hero. And it seemed as if that was the area in which Nate was lacking. Not actually so...he had the confidence. Really, the man just needed
1. Some practice
2. The right woman to set his sights on.

Nate reads Cosmo and online dating tips in order to brush up on social clues and such that he seems to be lacking in. And get this: The man reads sexy erotica books such as Fifty Shades of Gray in order to get the skinny on what women want in bed. **rubbing hands together** Yum!

So the gist of the story is how Kennedy starts to reveal...piece by piece...the real Nate, the sexy Nate, the good guy Nate, the sexual BEAST that is Nate. Really, I can't say enough about how smoking hot he was in bed. A take charge kind of guy, surprisingly, and it really worked. For me and for Kennedy. OF course, over the time that these two are forced to be in close proximity to each other, Nate helps Kennedy to reveal and deal with some of her own pent up issues.

There are moments of laugh out loud funny, including a tiny Asian masseuse lady who has everyone cringing in fear and a flaming gay hairdresser that ends up being a confidante and friend. (When do hairdressers NOT become friends?)

A nice break from intense or dark and angsty romances. My first by this author and it was a pleasure!

Advance copy provided by the author in exchange for review
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647 reviews28.6k followers
April 18, 2014
*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

4.5 – nerds are underrated – stars!

This series is really cute. Both books have been light, fun reads for me.

Nate is a hot mess when Kennedy first meets him. He's an aerospace engineer that doesn't put much time into his appearance and can be extremely direct. He attends a speed dating event hosted by Kinnections, which is the matchmaking service that Kennedy runs along with Kate (Searching for Someday) and Arilyn.

When Ken sees Nate almost bring a girl to tears with his blunt comments, she pulls him aside to give him a piece of her mind. She's surprised to learn that he’s actually a nice, genuine guy looking for a wife, but he’s going about it all wrong. He’s been taking horrible advice from his older brother, who’s a one-night stand type of guy, and women’s magazines. Ken sees Nate as a challenge, someone she can transform, and convinces him to become her client at Kinnections. The last thing she expected was to fall for the nerd.
"You're both. Smart and beautiful. On the inside and the outside. You don't have to choose one over the other anymore. You can just be exactly who you were meant to be. And I think that's damn perfect."
Nate is such a great guy! He's funny, charming, loving, and sexy when he's putting his research to the test. They have such insane chemistry and a strong connection. I love that Ken is a closet nerd that totally gets his rocket scientist talk and that Nate was able to help her let go of her insecurities and live a little. They had me smiling and swooning throughout the book. Nate seducing Ken with food was so hot!

I'm hoping that Gen and Wolfe's story is next.
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May 21, 2018
Mi opinión no va a ser muy perfecta, pues llevo luchando casi dos años con una resaca literaria y hace tiempo ni escribía una opinión de un libro. Pero bueno, está historia me gustó al igual que casi todo lo que publica Jennifer Probst. Son historias sencillas, románticas con toques de comedia. Pues en general lo más que me gusta encontrarme en una historia.

Lo más que me ha gustado fue el personaje masculino principal, Nate. En casi todas las historias el chico es el apuesto y perfecto. Así sea un canalla, pero es perfecto, viste bien, huele bien... pero Nate es un desastre y lo adoré por eso. Con Kennedy en algunas ocasiones quise darle unas cuantas cachetadas, pero en general me gustó su historia y el desarrollo de los personajes. Ya quiero leer el siguiente de la Serie, pues al final me dejó muy intrigada.
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