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NYC Angels #6

NYC Angels: Tempting Nurse Scarlet

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Harlequin Mills and Boon Medical Romance NYC Angels continuity, book #6.

Breaking all her rules…

Head nurse Scarlet Miller’s take-no-prisoners attitude makes her a force to be reckoned with on the neo-natal ward, but no one has ever questioned her devotion to her patients. She thought her hidden vulnerability was impenetrable…but ER doc and struggling single dad Lewis Jackson ties her heart up in knots! Suddenly this tough-cookie nurse is wondering if Lewis and his troubled daughter might actually be her undoing…

192 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 1, 2013

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About the author

Wendy S. Marcus

66 books266 followers
Wendy S. Marcus is an award-winning author of contemporary romance who lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley region of New York...where she spends way too much time indoors on her computer. Writing. Really! Okay, more like…where she spends way too much time on Twitter and Facebook! To learn more about Wendy and the books she’s managed to write, in spite of her social media addiction, visit http://WendySMarcus.com.

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Author 33 books115 followers
March 10, 2013
This is an emotion packed read from Wendy S Marcus as part of the NYC Angels series. Scarlet is a high powered professional as head nurse of the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). She is drawn into Lewis Jackson’s life through his newly discovered daughter.
He is struggling with single parenthood of his 13 year old daughter Jessie. His past has left scars that make him wary of woman and commitment and parenthood was never on his agenda.
Scarlet has her own dreams for the future and an affair with a commitment phobic doctor who has a reputation is likely to derail those dreams. So when Jessie’s needs keep bringing them together, the sexual buzz is a real problem.
I really loved this story. Wendy S Marcus always packs a lot into her writing with no wasted verbiage. She writes on the hot side and virgins are thin on the ground and her heroes are usually a bit slutty. In spite of this dose of reality, I find myself totally engaged and begging for more.
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758 reviews77 followers
April 2, 2013

Growing up has never been easy for anyone, even those that you think have it all, have some kind of secret lurking behind closed doors. However generally most of us do thankfully have loving parents that will guide us through life and always be there no matter what.

But their harsh life lessons can for some mean the end of a perfect world and we resent them or wish we had someone else in their place, and in the end you turn your back on them and walk away.

In the sixth book from the Mills and Boon NYC Angels series author Wendy S.Marcus introduced me to the world of adoption, regret and fear of the unknown, showing me as reader that when life throws us a curve ball we have no choice but to step up to the plate and make the hit.

The read tells of Scarlet, always dedicated to her patients and ready to make a difference in the world. She has no time to wonder about the past or what her future might have been like if she had been given the opportunity to take one of life's most precious gifts and live out deck of card dealt.

She befriends a teenager Jessie, she knows that Jessie making her dad out to be the most awful man on planet earth is actually hiding behind a world of hurt and simply needs a friend to talk to and intervene just a little to help set the most awful dad, on the road to perfect single parenthood.

The man to be set on the right path however turns out to be sexy I'll-push-you-into-a-closet-and-do-very-bad-wicked things to your body Dr. Lewis Jackson, a man that most definitely registers on Scarlet's every dirty sexual fantasy scale. Of course having made up her mind to get her life on track this is one closet hopping badboy doc she must resist.

The character of Scarlet was a very touching one, I truly felt such deep sorrow for what she had to go through as a young teenager and I do not wish this kind of pain upon my worst enemy. I loved that the author showed her as confident and dedicated to overcoming her past hurt, showing that what does not break us makes us stronger.

The character of Lewis was simply divine! Smart, fun and sexy but yes also a bit of a jerk-ish type when it came to facing his fears. But I did like how the author takes the little things of having a teenager daughter and underwear and making it a centre-point of Lewis's new found hellish life, offering up some really hilarious moments to give a dash of comedy at watching a man's attempt at raising a teenager, but also letting these moments change his perspective on life.

The backdrop setting of two homes in need of a family was beautifully depicted by the author, she also showed that adoption is not only the hardest thing some woman need to face but also sometimes the only way to ensure your child has a good life.

The dialogue was at most times very sexy and laced with humour but the author also really dug deep into the emotional side of unhappy childhoods and the impact it can have on us and our actions we take at a later stage in adult life.

I highly recommend this read for anyone and everyone looking for a good romance with a heartfelt message of the choices we make are not always our own but when offered the chance to change our lives we need to go for it before it's too late and find a way to make it work.

The author also introduced me to a little bit more information on the mysterious Alejandro as featured only in glimpses so far during the first five books and the one woman that can bring him to his knees. Thus I know am in for even more great reading from this spectacular series.

5/5 star review
" Kissing away each other's insecurities and revealing a lifetime of happiness"
Profile Image for Amy R.
582 reviews
April 30, 2013
As with Wendy's other books, the balance of story, medicine, and romance is done very well in Tempting Nurse Scarlet. There is great character development, a smooth and easy to follow plot and just enough medical snippets to engage readers. There is great dialogue in Tempting Nurse Scarlet, as Scarlet has an endless supply of sarcasm and quips that keeps Dr. Lewis Jackson on his toes and wondering how he could be off his game. He is used to charming any woman he wants. Not this one.

I fell for this book so early with the introduction of Jessie and baby Joey. Children bring such a realism to books that I love. Lewis calls upon the help of Scarlet since she seems to be the only one that can get through to his moody thirteen year old daughter, Jessie. Scarlet is happy to help as she has always wanted a daughter and is a bit honored that Jessie thinks so highly of her. Through Jessie, Lewis and Scarlet become friends and eventually a little more than that. Thought, it takes a few complications, including a preterm delivery of a baby girl that steals Scarlet's heart, Lewis and Scarlet realize they don't need to use Jessie as their go between.

Tempting Nurse Scarlet is an emotional read. My heart would swell with happiness at one time and then break for Scarlet, Jessie, and Jackson the next. I love it when books make me feel the same emotions as the characters. Wendy is careful to spread the romance throughout the entire story and writes the intimate scenes so they are appropriate to the characters and story. I am picky about intimate scenes, so I like to mention when an author does a good job with them. If you are looking for a smart, sexy, heartwarming contemporary medical romance that is hard to put down, I highly recommend you try Tempting Nurse Scarlet!
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Author 5 books34 followers
June 3, 2013
Strong independent head neo-natal nurse Scarlet Miller hides her past behind a mask. However it is a past that shapes her professional and personal life. Sexy A&E doc Lewis Jackson can't dodge his past when it knocks him sideways, in the shape of his pre-teen daughter. Lewis finds himself needing Scarlet in more ways than one.
I love Wendy s. marcus heroines. Usually when I read a book I engage more with the hero. I find myself stepping into the shoes of the heroine, hoping to swept away by the sexy hero. Oh yes Lewis is most definitely sexy and the heroes the author creates always are, but the heroines, no matter what their flaws or vulnerabilities are, have the strength to shove me aside so I can become absorbed in both of their lives.
Scarlet Miller is strong and determined, but when she falls you fall down with her - hard! This story explores adoption and loss, making it a heart clutching read. Scarlet and Lewis's story is yet another fantastic rollercoaster ride of emotion, varying from the heart stomping to the making me blush beneath my smile sexy. Wonderful.
Profile Image for Nas Dean.
811 reviews37 followers
April 1, 2013
NYC Angels: TEMPTING NURSE SCARLET by author Wendy S Marcus is a Mills & Boon and Harlequin Medical Romance series release for May 2013.

Nurse Scarlet Miller is devoted to her duties and hides her vulnerability behind her mask. Then comes Dr Lewis Jackson and she finds her mask slipping.

Lewis Jackson is a single dad who struggles with his teen daughter and needs Scarlet’s help. Will Scarlet help him?

After all, she had an explosive secret from which she had been running away all her life. Would Lewis still look at her with love in his eyes when he learns her secret?

NYC Angels: TEMPTING NURSE SCARLET is a steamy tale which sparkles with plenty of sizzle, sensuality, emotion, passion and romance. A gripping story of past secrets and unquenchable desires. This is another fabulous medical romance from brilliant author Wendy S Marcus.
Profile Image for Debbie.
363 reviews21 followers
May 13, 2013
Loved this book. Made me laugh, made me cry. With a happy ending for all.
Profile Image for Vera Wilson.
505 reviews13 followers
January 24, 2015
Scarlet had a hard childhood, but this make her even a better nurse. She reached out to her young patients and families. Sometimes was hard for her to let go when the time come.

But love the way that Wendy ended her story. Enjoyed the book very much.
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