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For months, shy drummer Jinx Hardwick has been silently crushing on her tall, dark, and scary bandmate, Toombs Badcock. Drawn to his frightening ink and scars, she yearns to uncover the shadowy secrets lurking behind his silver eyes, but Jinx is too intimidated to even look at him, let alone talk to him. When she stumbles upon Toombs and their manipulative lead guitarist Rax in a compromising position, Jinx realizes her chances of winning Toombs’s heart aren’t just a long shot—they’re nonexistent. To make matters worse, Jinx’s family needs her at home. She’s about to back away from it all—Toombs, the band, her dreams of fame and fortune—when Rax makes her an offer she can’t refuse: a no-holds-barred night alone with Toombs. There’s one small catch. She has to go through Rax to get it.

229 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 28, 2013

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About the author

Kendall Grey

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Calm like an F-bomb*, Kendall writes books about fierce women rockers who have a hard time keeping their clothes on, gender-swapped Norse gods who don't understand modern idioms, and the occasional murderer. Her aliases include Kendall Day (FALLING FOR MR. SLATER) and Seven Slade (COMING OUT).

Kendall lives near Athens, Georgia with her dashing geek husband, a one-eyed dachshund that thinks she's a cat, and an incorrigible yet adorable mutt whose ice-blue eyes will steal your heart and hold it for ransom.

* Detonation manual not included.

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724 reviews2,615 followers
December 21, 2015
re read December 2015.
Holy hell, I'd forgotten how seriously HOT this series is.M/F/M...M/M/F....definitely my thing.I enjoyed it even more the second time.

I read this about a year ago and loved it and I enjoyed it even more this time.
This book concentrates on the relationship between Jinx and Toombs but Rax plays an important part....
Jinx is totally crushing on Toombs,her band mate,and she thought he felt the same....until one night when she caught him and Rax together and Toombs started to withdraw and blank her.

Rax is a total manwhore but he has become fixated with Jinx.
Rax and Toombs are involved....it's hard to even call it a relationship.Toombs needs dominance and pain to get off and Rax is the only one who has really been able to satisfy this desires.They share girls but it's always Rax who is in control.
This story is a tangled web between Toombs,Jinx and Rax.

'What an ironic clusterfuck.Toombs loves Rax,Rax loves me and I love Toombs.....

Jinx is actually quite shy and introverted but when Rax suggests a threesome so she can get close to Toombs,she agrees.But does Rax really want her for himself?

When these 3 get together it's explosive....not always pretty,especially with Rax controlling things.
Toombs is a flawed,beautiful character.He's really conflicted.He thinks he's in love with Rax but feels such a strong pull to Jinx.

Rax really is the bad boy you can't help loving.He's a beautiful man who uses his sexuality to get what he wants.He's a real manipulator and it's all about him but I couldn't help loving him .

This is definitely my favorite Rock Star series.It won't be for everyone.But if you like raw,dirty sex and fucked up characters I highly recommend it.....
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December 18, 2015
**3.5 Beating Stars**

This is the story of Gianna 'Jinx' the drummer in Killer Buzz Float. Jinx is in love with Toombs, one of the guitarists and ex-drummer in Killer Dixon. She had a crush on him since forever, but she doesn't dare to make a move, because she knows that Toombs has something going on with the other guitarist and best friend of him, Rax and she doesn't want to get in between them, thinking that she also doesn't stand a chance.

Gianna has also problems back at home with her family and she doesn't know what to do to help them. Is she going to drop the band and the tour and get back home or is she going to work her ass of and try to find the lack of mojo that she desperately needs to continue being a part of the band?

Jinx is so obvious that Rax approaches her with an offer that could be profitable for all of them. She can't have a chance with Toombs without Rax being a part of it. A tempting offer, but Jinx has always been shy and quiet and her personality seems to come in conflict with her deepest desires.

"Our beats become one. Heart beats. Drum beats. Sex beats."

I enjoyed 'Beats' way more than I had enjoyed Strings. Jinx & Toombs stole my heart and they are definately my favorite members of the band. I loved the character development, her inner battles and the scenes were schorching!

If you need to read a steamy read with rock stars and you don't mind ménage scenes, give this book a chance!
May 11, 2020
Great Rock Star Romance!

Drummer Jinx Hardwick has been in love with her band mate, Toombs Badcock for months and for a while he seemed to be drawn to her. Until one night she caught him in a compromising situation with another male band mate Rax, and she realized that her chances with Toombs were very slim indeed.

However, one night they invited her to join them and she realized that in order to have a chance with Toombs she would have to do so via Rax. The story is complex because she finds out that Rax and Toombs have known each other since high school and Rax helped Toombs through some very difficult times.

Rax helped Toombs understand that he was not a freak and kept him sane when he might have wanted to die. But now Jinx believes Rax is just using Toombs and things are all messed up because she loves Toombs, Toombs loves Rax, and Rax loves her. The story sounds complex and a bit smutty but it is actually a good story with some real emotions, and some good humor. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

September 3, 2013
3.75-4 Stars

Toombs & Jinx*
 photo ToombsfromBeatsPhotobyAnnieGabor_zpsf9cfc90f.jpg

“Anybody can have sex. It’s a primitive bodily function. Hey, cock, meet pussy. Insert, agitate, release. Love is completely different, much more complicated animal. Love is like music. You have to work at it. Love is ugly and dirty and painful sometimes. But it can also be pretty fucking awesome once you figure out how to play the right notes to the right rhythm.”

I absolutely loved Strings, book one of this Hard Rock Harlots series. I loved the bluntness, the dirtiness and the overall crude humor of it all. So when this came out, I just had to have it. However, fans of Strings should be aware up front that this is NOT Strings. Letty is her own entity in that story, do not expect Jinx to be the same way.

Letty pinches my cheek. “You’re so fuckin’ cute, Jinx. I’ll tell you what I think, percussionist. You’re happiest when you’re beating on shit. So why don’t you get it over with and beat Toomb’s meat?”

Jinx is her own person, almost the complete opposite of Letty. She’s shy and isn’t the in-your-face type. She has loved her band mate, Toombs, since she first laid eyes on him. At one time, it seemed that Toombs was into her as well, but their connection took a slight detour when Jinx saw Toombs in a compromising situation with their other band mate, Rax. Things were definitely strained between Toombs and Jinx, especially when Rax is in the picture. Things definitely get a lot more complicated.

What an ironic clusterfuck. Toombs loves Rax, Rax loves me, and I love Toombs. And none of us has enough sense to run away from the burning building before the flaming rafters crush us all.

Wow. This story just got more interesting when Rax was thrown in the mix. Interesting in both a good and a bad way. Toombs and Rax have been friends for a long time. Toombs has certain needs, needs that Rax can fulfill and has always fulfilled. His connection to Toombs is strong, but Jinx’s pull on him is slowly weaving its way into his flesh as well. When Rax sees this connection between the two, he attempts to use it to his advantage. Will Rax ever allow Toombs to have Jinx? Can Jinx share Toombs with Rax? Can they make their relationship work?

“Goddamn it, Gianna.” Another stripe drenches my clit. I slide my finger through it and suck him off. “Goddamn you for making me love you so fucking hard.”

I fucking LOVE Toombs. His sexy-tortured-tattooed soul just grabbed a hold of me and I never wanted to let him go. He was hard man to crack; I just couldn’t figure him out, but once I did, I loved him even more. As for Jinx, I admired her. She is a strong heroine, but her masochistic side was a little tough pill to swallow. I respected that she never gave up on Toombs, no matter how strong his bond to Rax was. She fought the fight and I couldn’t help but love her for it.

As for Rax, well the jury is still out on that one. I’m a bit torn about his behavior, but I’m hoping he’ll redeem himself in the next book. At least I’m hoping the next book will be about him. It will be, right?!

*Photo courtesy of Annie Gabor, found on Rockers & Harlots FB page
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1,093 reviews1,015 followers
September 6, 2013
4 stars
"Our beats become one. Heart beats. Drum beats. Sex beats."

Jinx is in love, too bad the one she loves won’t give her the time of day, what makes it worse is that they are stuck on a bus together as they finish off their tour. Thanks to Letty’s twelve step program on how to fuck ‘em and bag ‘em she may finally get her shot
“I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. The way to a guy’s heart is straight through his dick. Once you conquer the cock, his soul is a piece of pecan pie drizzled with cum, begging to be savored.”

Losing her mojo could not have come at a worse time, not only does her band rely on her to pull her own weight, her family needs all the help they can get, is it a coincidence that her she lost her mojo the same time Toombs started to pretend she didn’t exists?!?
“You wanna know why I can’t lay any drum tracks? It’s because I’m heartbroken. It’s because I want things I’ll never have. It’s because I—” love someone who doesn’t love me back, “because I’m a stupid dreamer living in a harsh reality that blocks my every move.”

Toombs is torn, between the man who gave him everything he needed and the girl who’s willing to give herself all to him, even as fucked up as he is. He knows she deserves better but he’s tired of staying away, these meaningless fucks don’t hold the same appeal as before. How do you turn away from the one who mastered your body...
“Toombs, you’re a bisexual man who’s in love with his best friend. I have no intention of coming between you. You’re happy with Rax. I just hate seeing him pushing you around. You deserve to be treated better.”

Rax is a selfish bastard who does what he wants when he wants, and right now he has his sights set on Jimx, especially since he knows he’s in love with Toombs. Why throw away a chance to own them both
“Be with me, Jinx. Right here. Right now. You’re mine. Forget about Toombs. He’s mine too.”

Jinx will take what she can get, even if she knows at the end of it all she will be left shattered and broken.
"What an ironic clusterfucks. Toombs loves Rax, Rax loves me, and I love Toombs."

Don’t let the author’s warning fool you, yes there is sex, plenty of dirty hot sex, but there is also a story line to it all. Beats wasn’t as crazy as the first one, don’t get me wrong I loved the first one, I just wasn’t sure what to expect with this one and was pleasantly surprised. Loved Toombs, the big gentle giant who loves deeply and I was totally rooting for him and Jinx the whole way. Rax is a prick, the man knows how to fuck but not love … can’t wait to see where the author takes his story.
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509 reviews784 followers
Want to read
November 21, 2014
After having finished "Strings" just yesteday, I am really looking forward to this book! Something tells me Jinx has a wild side that rivals Letty's ...
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1,434 reviews619 followers
February 15, 2018
Not any better the second time around...unintentional reread :/
It said ménage.
It said sexy as fuck.
It said light and funny.

Well...IT lied.

The 3 way...forced and unhappy.
The sexy...not visible anywhere.
The L and F...dumb and dumber.

WTF did I just read?
This really was TERRIBLE.
The H is an asshole, when he's not being a lame lump.


WHY DO I CARE????????????

What I really hate, is the fact that I feel like Jinx only had sex (was pressured into having sex) with Rax to get Toombs to like her again.

“I trust this man to take care of me. I have no other choice.”


That shit is just plain wrong.

“Toombs’s gaze shifts from me to Rax on the floor. “I wanna watch you fuck Rax.”
And my balloon of hope pops louder than the deafening crashes outside.
No. Please, no. I want to do you.”

“I turn away from them both, grab the absinthe, and swig it. I stifle a cough. The green alcohol is disgusting, but I need to fuel this unexpected surge of bravery now more than ever. I’m going to do Rax and get it over with. I hope Toombs is as devastated as I am when it’s all said and done.”

“Nothing about this scene is right, but at this point, I’m so full of wrong, I’ll do whatever they want and ask myself for forgiveness later.”

“Why do I feel like I’m drowning in wrong? Because I’m staring into Toombs’s eyes, wishing it were him eating me out rather than his best friend, that’s why."

She feels like Toombs is humiliated when giving Rax head. And she hates having sex with Rax. She is forced into it so Rax doesn't fuck Toombs in front of her instead...which he does anyway much to her "horror."
Jesus, if the M/f/M wasn't bad enough, the M/M was way more uncomfortable. The entire sex scene felt humiliating to everyone BUT Rax. I don't want that for my H/h.

Then once her mom loses her job, Rax offers the h some "quid pro quo" and she agrees and feels like a "whore" -- the plot lines aren't troubling me as a reader, it's their delivery that make me not like this book. It doesn't feel smut/slut-tastic...it feels sad, abusive, and most unlover-like.

They all come off as degenerates, not sexy or cool or dark and edgy. Just deviant fucking losers.

And I love it in 3s ;)

I'd 0 star this puppy if I could.
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866 reviews1,245 followers
February 12, 2015
5++++ “chameleon” “Toombs Badcock” “Forever jinxed.” Kisses

Okay...so...Kendall Grey just blew my mind...

Absolutely amazing...bravo!

So now that I've had time to try and figure out my emotions...

Here we go...

Well if Strings rocked my face off…then Beats just melted me into a puddle of emotions. Holy SHIT I was not expecting what just devoured me – that’s right, I was chewed up, savored and spat out by this book. I went into Beats with the same expectations as Strings…lots of laughs, some hot sex, kick ass characters, a mild amount of angst – an all around blast in a glass. Nope. Wrong party bus. This emotional roller coaster had me gripping my kindle, tears streaming down my face, denying myself sleep because I could not physically stop reading. GAHHH!!!! Kendall - wtf have you done to me???

Jinx Hardwick….or is it Gianna Donato? Whatever you wanna call her, I loved the shit out of her. She calls herself a chameleon…and I can see that. She spends so much of her time worrying about other people that she doesn’t really take time to stop and think about what she wants for herself. Wrapped up in this little tiny body is this brave, bold girl just waiting to explode…cause trust me, after living for the past 24 hours in her head, I am testament to how amazing she is. She amazed me with how thoughtful and kind she was, she’s truly beautiful from the inside out. God Bless America, this girl gripped my heart and did not let it go from page one till the end.

‘In addition to being a hardcore drummer, I am also a caring daughter, a protective sister, a quiet friend, and hopefully, someone’s future lover. Yet none of these roles defines the whole of me. So, like the chameleon, I adjust to fit the situation and morph into whatever my surroundings need me to be.’

Toombs Badcock…or Jefferson Toombs…or Jeff…*sigh*….wtf have you done to me. When Jinx wasn’t carving up my soul, then he was. He. Broke. Me. Down. He made me mad, sad, confused, angry, enraged, heartbroken, then picked me up and pieced me back together and made me fall head over heals for him. And 90% of it was the way he was with Jinx. This man knows no bounds when it comes to that girl and I looooooved it. Without even trying she disintegrated the walls he had put up that he thought were impenetrable and irrevocably changed him in ways he never thought possible. He’s not an easy guy to understand, but he’s definitely worth the time and effort.

‘Toombs sees me. This man I’ve admired in agonizing silence for so long sees me.
And I see him too. Up close, in vivid colors. He’s a moving symphony of darkness, wicked temptation, and macabre tattoos.
He’s beautiful.’

I’m not sure who I loved more, Jinx or Toombs. But combined these two just made my soul happy. These two broken, miserable people that when you put them together…are just perfect for each other. And watching them go through the pain of being apart and then the joy of them coming together…the push, the pull…the up’s, the down’s…you feel like a yo-yo but for those moments of bliss…it’s so worth it. Now their love is far from simple…Toombs is very different…but I love that Jinx gets that. She would rather be what he needs her to be and be with him, then to be without him.

‘An asteroid crashes the put of my stomach and jostles loose an explosion of unfulfilled desires. What I wouldn’t give to spend on day with him, just talking. I want to understand what makes him tick. Why he’s made the choices he has. Not to pass judgment or drive decision about where to go – if anywhere – with him, but because I yearn to know him as a person. He means more than a dick that can pleasure me or a guitarist/drummer who helps pay the band’s bills.
I’m drawn to his darkness. I think it’s a cover for his light. Maybe he feels as misunderstood as I do. Maybe he’s never had someone care about him. Maybe he needs somebody to tell him he matters.’

So there is a big difference in Strings and Beats. Huge. Monumental. What’s the difference? Well, if you haven’t already guessed…it’s the level of angst. I never cried in Strings…I laughed, a lot. Beats was the angsty love affair I didn’t know I was craving, wanting or desiring. Of course Letty still makes her appearances and we have that classic humor that I loved so much in Strings but oh-my-angsty-goodness Jinx was just a whole other battlefield. Letty is good, great and fabulous, but Jinx is turmoil, heartache and pain. And Toombs…my heart wasn’t big enough to handle his pain. Thus…the tears.

‘It’s official. I’m in love with his lips. I think I could go the rest of my life never touching another part of him if I could just keep his mouth. His tenderness overwhelms me.’

And let me just get Rax out of the way….now this mother effer just can’t stop causing problems, can he? I had a love/hate thing for him. Okay…there was no love, but damn it I wanted to love him, so that has to count for something, right? Ehh…maybe not. Jinx, Toombs and Rax are so much deeper and complex then Letty and Shades. Letty and Shades were great and fun and fabulous, but (no offense) they were a walk in the park compared to these three. The relationship between Rax and Toombs is…complicated at best. Really, I do understand it…it breaks my heart on so many levels, but…it is what it is.

‘I stroke his rough cheek and resist the urge to blab the three words pogoing through the chambers of my heart like kids in a bouncy castle. “I’m yours. Anything you want from me.”
A pleased smile spreads across his features. “I was hoping you’d say that.”’

Beats made me question things…it’s not black and white or grey, it’s fucking a rainbow of good and bad, right and wrong, pain and pleasure, love and hate…and your feelings and emotions get tied up in all of it until you don’t know which way is up. And then you find it. And it’s not perfect or pretty in a conventional sense but to me that’s what made it so fucking right. Jinx and Toombs…I can’t put into words what these two mean to me. They bring tears to my eyes…my heart swells for them, for their pain, their love, their journey. I sound like a babbling idiot but they fuckin knocked me on my ass.

‘But the truth is, I’m not the woman I want to be. I’m Gianna Donato whether I like her or not. Flaws and insecurities. Strengths and talents. I’m not infallible or perfect any more than he is. I’m just…me.
And his smile tells me just me is okay with him.’

Alright, so the ending…I liked the ending, I got my HEA…but it feel like an ending with a 'dot dot dot' at the end. There was no question in my mind with Shades and Letty at the end of Strings - they’re good to go. Jinx and Toombs are good…but they could be better! And of course there is always Rax and his holy hell of shit storm issues that need to be delt with/addressed/handled. And…some of those apply to Toombs as well. Hopefully all this will be tied up in a nice neat bow in Nocturnes. Needless to say this series has me by the 'womancock' (to quote Letty of course. Long Live The Rock!

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September 1, 2013
I liked this one, did not love it like I did Strings but still glad I read it. Kendall Grey 'rocks out' and 'beats' some incredibly creative smutty sex scenes. I love her writing style.

I am satisfied with the way this one ended, but I do believe book three is going to be more of what I am looking for.

Oh... thanks for the vegetable visual of Toombs...

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323 reviews80 followers
August 6, 2013
WARNING! If you are easily offended, grossed out, or have no idea what a strap-on is. This review is not for you. Please move on before your eyeballs start on fire.

Kendall Grey, I want to shrink you down to a fun size little mini and carry you around in my pocket. Anyone who can come up with the fantastic-ness that is Strings and then follow it up with the
awesomeness of Beats is seriously a genius. Now let me warn you, while I love, love, loved Strings do not start Beats thinking it’s going to be all strap-ons and squirting.

Where Strings was sexy and funny, Beats is raw and intense. Just like Strings, Beats made me squirm, but for entirely different reasons. Yes, there were piercings, tattoos, man-on-man action, and unconventional use of drumsticks. But it was also so much more. The relationship between Toombs, Rax, and Jinx was fucked-up to the max. I changed my mind about who I wanted to end up together no more than five thousand times (okay, slight exaggeration, it was more like four thousand).

I adored Jinx’s character. While Letty is what you see is what you get, Jinx is this complex person being pulled in different directions. I thought bringing her family into the story made her even more real. The addition of her family added another layer to her responsibilities and put so much more weight behind her decisions.

Now the guys . . . wow. How is it possible to loathe a character so much and at the same time fall in love with him? And no, I’m not going to tell you who. You’re going to have to read it yourself to find out! So how did this little relationship triangle play out, well there was Toombs and Rax, Toobs and Jinx, Rax and Jinx, Toobs, Rax, and Jinx. Not only were these pairings hot, they were dark and raw. Nothing like the happy-go-lucky dick sucking going on in Strings. Oh, and special piercings in fun deliciously naughty places? Fuck. Yes. Kendall Grey you know the way to my heart and it is paved with tattoos and piercings.

I don’t know what else to say besides this story flipped me upside down, turned me around, spanked my ass, turned me on, and frightened the shit out of me. You know, just your normal day with Kendall Grey. How would I rate this book? 4.9 ass-kicking, sex-coma inducing, rock-loving stars.

Now, go pick up some batteries, ‘cause bitch, you are gonna need them.

Read more amazing reviews at Love Between the Sheets
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479 reviews73 followers
August 30, 2013
Kendall Grey I'm giving you 5 Hot Stars
 photo 1234969_498581586897542_914791017_n_zps5c568923.jpg
I enjoyed this as much as Strings but in a different way.
This is Jinx and Toombs story...
Jinx has a huge crush on Toombs but to get to him she will need to go through Rax first.
Rax and Toombs have a special relationship. Jinx is about to find out how special..

Where Strings was rauncher, smuttier and lol funny, Beats had more of a story.. It still has the one liners but this time it pulls at the heart strings every now and again.
 photo 2497_655405747812462_1515963933_n_zpsf0352ea3.jpg
 photo 99d7b68b-64f9-4cd6-bfdb-6f9384963fa1_zps5103c3dd.jpg
 photo af849849-880e-412a-a713-fb71e24d03e3_zps9d842f4b.jpg

This is still as hot as hell!!! There are no hold backs here, every thing the warning tells you is there...I loved it..
Its a fun read...

I just want to know one thing!!!
 photo indexjpgs_zps5199eefd.jpg
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937 reviews84 followers
August 26, 2013
Review for Beats by Kendall Grey
ARC provided by author for honest review.

Kendall Fuckin’ Grey. If you’ve heard her name you think one of two things “I love that chic” or “She rocks so fuckin’ hard” both are true statements… Kendall is one of the kindest and “real” people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Her genuine love for her readers, bloggers, and fellow authors is a testament to what the Indie community is all about. I am honored to know her and to have had the opportunity to read Beats before it’s release.

If you haven’t read Strings, I would strongly encourage you to read it prior to picking up Beats.

I don’t even know where I should start with this review. Kendall, you’ve left this book whore tongue-tied and brain-fried. I fell in crazy-mad love with Letty and Shades in Strings. I never doubted that Beats would be phenomenal, but I did doubt my ability to fall in love with Jinx and Toombs in the same crazy-mad way. I needn’t have worried. Jinx and Toombs blew past crazy-mad and straight into never going to get over them all-consuming love.

Kendall has a way of writing that keeps it real, raw, and in your face. She doesn’t pull punches, she pummels you until you are a mass of bloody flesh pleading for mercy- yet insanely begging for more. Beats will get under your skin then burrow it’s way into your heart and settle in for the duration. I bled for these characters, ached through the moments of pain, heartbreak, and guilt. I fluttered on the edge of bliss and crashed down into the depths of despair with them, for them.

Jinx isn’t one dimensional. She isn’t at all what I thought she would be from reading Strings. When Kendall said this book was different, she wasn’t joking. Jinx is different. Readers are going to relate to her. She isn’t just some fictional character that you dream you could be… sure she is a rockstar (who wouldn’t want that dream), but she is also just a girl who is trying to figure out who the hell she really is- just like you and me. Her struggles are real. She’s not the overly-confident-my-shit-don’t-stink kind of rockstar. She doubts herself, her place, her talent.

Love is patient, Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud… at least that’s what they tell you.

Love is painful, spiteful, jealous, ugly, prideful… love is hard. Toombs and Rax are best friends among other things. Jinx wants Toombs. Does Toombs want Jinx? Rax wants Jinx. Toombs needs Rax. Jinx hates Rax. Love, hate, desire, want, need… lust.

Toombs is one sexy ass rocker. I think he is my favorite member of Killer Buzz Float and will be warming my dreams for many, many nights (Sorry, Shades, baby…) Again, Kendall managed to make a fictional character feel REAL. He is the dark tunnel you don’t want to walk down because you are terrified of where it might lead. At least until you notice the flickering light at the end and curiosity gets the better of you.
“I’ll dick you so hard, you won’t be able to walk for a week.”

Did I mention he talks a good dirty? Whew… these rocker boys know how to sweet talk the ladies that’s for sure! Don’t bother with panties while reading this book.

Rax… well, all I can say is part of me wants to hate him. Unfortunately, I love that asshole too. There is a moment in the book when I would have gone total muff-diver for Jinx because of how awesomely she handled Rax. (You’ll get it when you read, I refuse to spoil it.) Just know… Jinx is a spitfire and I have a bit of a whore-crush on her.

Of course we get a dose of Shades and Letty in this book… Get out the pen and paper for Letty’s lessons. She pulls out all the stops to help Jinx get her man. The lessons are epic and totally 100 % Letty.

This book is my new number one book of 2013. It gets 5.5 stars for storyline and 5.5 drenched panties for the smut factor. (I’m throwing in a bottle of lube with that one because you can never be TOO drenched.) This is an absolute MUST READ.

“Find your rhythm under my skin and build a song.” (Toombs)

The rhythm, the beat, The Rock is in us all - never to be captured, always to be free. Discover The Rock like never before in the Hard Rock Harlots series by Kendall Grey. Strings is available now. Find Beats on August 29th. Long live The Rock

Review by the Head Whore at Mommy’s a Book Whore.
October 23, 2013

2.5 Extremely Disappointing Stars

With the controversy and drama addressed and put aside, Beats was still a colossal disappointment. I was so intrigued by Jinx and Toombs in Strings that I immediately decided to read the next book in the series when I found out it was theirs. Unfortunately what could have been an intensely passionate and beautiful love story was ruined by a love triangle that was totally out of character for Jinx. I had absolutely no clue who this girl was; she was all over the place!! Although Toombs always had her heart, she fluctuated between hating how Rax treated his lovers to being one of those mistreated lovers to feeling guilty for being said mistreated lover to going back for more hot mistreatment 0_0 Trying to keep up with her ever changing personality was enough to give me whiplash. Despite all of this, the book still could have been saved if it wasn't for an absolutely despicable Rax. Despite showing some glimmers of sweetness, he was the unredeemable dark cloud that single handedly destroyed this book for me. He went from being the constantly horny yet lovable wise ass in Strings to being a vile, manipulative user in this book. Not quite sure why Kendall felt the need to do 180°s with both Jinx and Rax but it left me cold and confused. In the end, neither of them ended up being characters I understood or could truly root for.

So looks like my ride with the Hard Rock Harlots ends here. Although I must admit I'm curious to see if Kendall can redeem Rax and write him out of the corner she put him in.
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May 31, 2016
OMG Holy Motherfucking Shit I fucking loved it Stars :)

I adore Kendall Grey, I just love her wicked sense of humor, her compassion, her passion for her readers, and just because she is one kick ass person. I fucking loved Strings, but Beats...it fucking consumed me! It was the perfect blend of romance, hot steamy sex scenes, and crude humor.

Toombs...sigh...Toombs is fucking mine! Don't anybody even try to mess with my man! You can just call me Jinx from now on!

 photo Beats.jpg

I am VERY interested in Toombs "package" I am kind of afraid to google the pearls because it may make me blind, but I am interested in how exactly that works...and how that makes the sex for the woman.

"I'd carry you up a mountain, through a desert, across an ocean. Anywhere you go, I'm there to hold you up, baby. "

And Letty's 12 step program was off the charts hilarious! But she made some very good points, most of the time. My absolute favorite quote from Letty was " The way to a guy's heart is straight through his dick. Once you conquer the cock, his soul is a piece of pecan pie drizzled with cum, begging to be savored."

If you read and loved Strings you for sure want to pick up Beats, it was 100 times more than what I expected. Kendall gets the full 5 star rating for Beats and I can't wait for Rax's story!
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August 30, 2013
I wish I could say I loved this as much as Strings but it just wasn't meant to be, I'm afraid. I can't put my finger on what it was that didn't work this time around but so often whilst reading I felt myself either disgusted, bored or just plain confused.

I think my biggest issue was actually with Jinx, which is so bizarre as I loved her in Strings. She was one of the characters I really wanted to read about so I was pleased when I knew this book was hers.. Only, once I started reading this I felt like I didn't know her at all. Some of the things she does throughout this book shocked the hell out of me. It seemed so unlike the character we had previously met.

I didn't buy in to the Rax-Toombs-Jinx love story at all. I couldn't wrap my head around Jinx putting herself out there like she did and letting both Toombs and Rax treat her like absolute dirt. They used her and had her do and watch some awful crap. I'm sure I was supposed to find it hot and sexy but nah, not for me.

Aside from the endless sex scenes I really can't say that there was even much of a story, hence me being bored. All in all I was just pretty disappointed which is a shame when I loved Strings so much.
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September 3, 2013
4.5 to 5 stars. I have to be honest with you. When I read Strings (Hard Rock Harlots, #1) by Kendall Grey by Kendall Grey, I was NOT prepared. Prepared for what you ask???? How about the raunchiest, most gag-worthy rock-in-roll romance I have ever had the privilege of reading. I swear to you that I read Strings with my mouth hanging open in shock. There were things that Letty and Shades did that I………..I…..I don’t even know……I….*gag*....just…eeewwwwww. I had never read anything like it, never met anyone like them, and it made me wonder what kind of person was this Kendall Grey, that she could make up people who acted like that, who did those kinds of things. And what kind of person did it make me that I kind of liked it???? It made me uncomfortable, but it was so fascinating and unusual and…….funny!!! I just couldn’t look away. I knew when Beats came out, I would have to read it, but this time I would be prepared for more of the same. Boy was I wrong!!

Beats isn’t anything like Strings, because Jinx isn’t anything like Letty. No matter how you feel about Kendall Grey, the girl can write. I find it really disappointing when you start reading a book, and the Hero/heroine has all of these really quirky mannerisms, or personality traits, then half way through the book they have been forgotten, and the character has become just a slightly different shade of the same idea as all of the rest of the characters in the book. No worries of that here. The author has created a world where everyone is their own person, personality flaws and all, and they consistently remain that same person throughout the whole book, or in this case throughout 2 books. Letty is still her inappropriate, horny self, with no inhibitions, and no filter. It’s the same with all of the characters. They are all distinctively and consistently themselves. I love it!!!

Beats is the story of Jinx, Toombs……..and Rax. Jinx is in love with Toombs, but Toombs and Rax have something going. Jinx finds out that Toombs and Rax’s “something” is really long term, and permanent, and that Toombs is in love with Rax. Toombs also really, really wants, maybe even loves, Jinx but Rax wants Jinx too, and Rax is going to make sure he gets her first. But Jinx doesn’t want Rax……really, but Toombs won’t touch her without Rax, even though Rax has no problem leaving Toombs behind to be with other women whenever it suits him. *whew*

So what is the deal???? Why can’t Toombs just be with Jinx without Rax there???? WHY!?!? What is really going on???? Huh?!?! WHAT?!?! Well there is really no way to go any further without giving it all away. I will say that most of the time I wanted Toombs and Jinx together, and sometimes I thought he wasn’t worth it. Most of the time I loved Toombs, and other times I wanted to bash him in the head, and tell him to stop being such a pussy. Most of the time I thought Rax was a self- centered prick, and sometimes I thought he was…………..less of a self-centered prick. Most of the time I hated him and how he treated Toombs and Jinx, but every now and then you could see a tiny glimpse of something that made you think, that deep down he really did love them both, aaaannnnnnnddddd… then he would be a dick again. I always loved Jinx. She is very loveable, and I’m glad she gets what she wants.

This story ends with a HFN, which is great, but there is still a lot of unfinished business. Jinx is going to have to step up if it’s going to be a HEA for her and Toombs. I think she will; she was well on her way.

The next book is about Rax. I know how I want it to go. It’s not him finding some chick, and falling in love…blah, blah, blah. It’s him getting his head out of his A#& and realizing what he had, how much better he could have had it, and then working his butt off to fix it. And groveling…..he needs to do a whole lot of groveling. That’s just my wish. Whatever the author decides, I’ll read it. I’m sure it will be amazing. Great job Kendall Grey!!!!! Highly recommend.
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October 25, 2013
I really liked Strings and was looking forward to this...was excited about "getting to know" Jinx. My mistake. Jinx ended up coming across as boring to me...for the most part, anyway. She had glimpses of fun, rockstar, sexiness but only after she'd internally whined for so long that I was ready to tell her that she should, indeed, go home.

The whole Jinx/Toombs/Rax thing...? Ugh. I felt like there was this constant, underlying, likeness to Cunning's Reagan/Trey/Ethan from Double Time...with hints of Trey's relationship with Brian too...but not done nearly as well and (this next part I've totally stolen from my friend Eric) with the exception of not one of Cunning's characters coming anywhere close to the ASSHOLISHNESS that is Rax...it's true...Rax is an asshole of epic proportions. His manipulation/blackmail of Jinx...ugh. So gross.

The "hints" of Cunning's books/characters don't end with Double Time. Given Rax & Toombs' relationship, it seems like Grey really liked Hot Ticket and Jace & Aggie too...so, why not spin THAT into a M/m DOM/sub relationship...again, it just wasn't done anywhere near as well as the original...it felt borne of manipulation (which is clearly Rax's thing) and a lot harder to buy than Jace & Aggie's relationship which was CLEARLY about their love for one another.

I'm not saying that all D/s relationships are created equal or have to give us the same feelings as others we've read...I just think that when you open yourself up for comparisons to other authors in the genre (and Grey really has, here...IMO), you should make sure your story is either completely different or better. It's neither of those things.

After everything that went down between Grey & the "Goodreads motherfuckers who can't read", I was still willing to give this book a chance (which, I'm sure, Grey could not care less about). Because, even though I think she fucked up & then didn't bother with an apology to the MANY people she offended after bragging that those illiterate GR motherfuckers put $10,000 in her pocket in 2 weeks (I've paraphrased, obviously)...aside from all that, like I said before, I liked the characters and was looking forward to more...so, I decided that I could totally overlook one woman's temporary break from sanity...the one minute she forgot to NOT be a complete asshole... because I'm magnanimous like that. My mistake, again.

Bottom line, if you're going to rip off other, well known characters, created by an author who hasn't shit all over her fans and the very genre that she's trying to sell, you should really try to make the story good...not a completely subpar copy of something better. Deceivingly, some of us motherfuckers CAN read and we expect quality (yes, even in smutty genres) when we spend money...not just lackluster, no name brand imitations.

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September 11, 2013
Long Live Rock****

This book was, as one of the members of the band would put it- Totally Rad...

If you are in the mood for something shocking, highly sexually charged and fun,Beats is the book for you.

I found that I enjoyed this second book way more than the first one, as much fun as Letty and Shades were, I just loved Jinx and Toombs story, their connection was more personal and super intense. Jinx is the shy girl in the band, she sees herself as a chameleon but in all honesty she is just trying to figure out who she is, but one thing Jinx is certain of is that she is completely in love with Toombs.

Toombs Badcock (I know! great name, right?) is a very complicated man, he is the sexy tattooed and scary musician that perpetually carries pain in his eyes and Jinx just want to surrender to him, but there's a problem... Toombs has a very strong and unique relationship with his best friend Rax;and even though this scares Jinx more than anything, she knows the only way to get close to the man she loves is through his best friend. Rax is the sexy asshole that nobody likes but everybody wants to DO and he knows it, taking advantage of this on a daily basis. Rax loves a challenge and he has his eyes on Jinx, so this makes for a sexy and perfectly dysfunctional love triangle that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

The sex scenes in this book are CRAZY, CRUDE and totally EROTIC, all with capital letters. I found myself holding my breath every time I was reading about the sex escapades of all this characters, and even though there were a lot of cringe worthy moments throughout, the author just made it all work.

I was tapping my feet, reading the beats and feeling the music Jinx and Toombs were making and enjoyed it a great deal. This unique story will wake up your senses and take you to a place were is okay to let go of everything that is holding you back and just enjoy the ride... Rock On bitches!!!
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August 31, 2013
Beats is good, off the charts sexy and I can't begin to fathom how Kendall Grey walks around with that crap in her head. These sex scenes were CRAY-Z, and I loved every filthy dirty line!! The only down side was I think I missed Letty, her smart-ass mouth and quick comebacks. Jinx was a kitten compared to Letty, although I still enjoyed her story.

Jinx is a good Catholic girl on the outside and a bit of a sexual wildcat on the inside. She keeps that sexual prowess hidden well until Letty steps in. We all know that Jinx admired the strange Toombs in Strings and in Beats she wants to take that a bit further. Letty decides to introduce her twelve steps to getting Toombs to Jinx. The only problem is Toombs and Rax are a package deal. Speaking of package, I will admit to some Internet research (pictures included) on what Toombs had going on. WOW! My hubby said although he loves me, probably not that much. Bummer.

Toombs is just as strange as ever, although we learn a lot more about him and Rax and what the heck is going on. Jinx tries her hardest to garner Toombs attention, but can't get it until Rax gets involved. Jinx is desperate, her family needs help and Rax is offering it to her on a sliver platter, along with himself. Jinx then signs a deal with the devil and gets Toombs alone for one night.

This is as twisted as a threesome can get (that I have read anyway). Jinx, Rax and Toombs try and navigate murky waters of love and lust, while trying to keep their feelings for each other intact. Easier said than done. Hearts are broken, friendships may not survive and oh yeah these three are still in a band together. What a mess.

I enjoyed Beats, maybe just a smidgen less that Strings however. Kendall Grey is quite the wordsmith in this series, the things she comes up with kills me. It is another well written, filthy dirty romance.
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July 13, 2014
You are a genius I devoured this book in hours I could not put it down I fricking love Jinx and Toombs I never wanted the book to end Rax drove me crazy but I still loved him too he just needs to find someone who loves him like the others found each other maybe Lola the stripper lol hothothot sex scenes holy smokes where is my husband when I need him away Kendall thanks for that hehe any who I would follow you down any path you want to lead me I love your talent and bask in your creations thanks for the journey can't wait for book 3 SQUEEEE!!! 10 blooming stars
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September 13, 2013
I loved the first cause I like gross humor stuff, but this one I thought she took up with the story line. It's a good book. Don't get me wrong there are some seriously sexy scenes but I loved the self discovery the characters went through and I'll be on the look out for the next one.
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November 9, 2019
I just finished proofing the audiobook of BEATS, narrated by Lessa Lamb.

It. Is. Awesome.

Lessa is a talented voice actress who brings a new dimension to the series with her spot-on portrayals of Jinx, Toombs, Rax, and the rest of the Killer Buzz Float crew.

BEATS is a very different book from STRINGS. Lessa totally nailed Letty's voice, style, and attitude in the first book (if you haven't listened to STRINGS, go download the sample NOW. You won't regret it!), but I worried about whether she'd be able to pull off Jinx, who's essentially the polar opposite of Letty. Having finished listening last night, I can say with confidence, hell yeah, Lessa pulled it off. With fireworks shooting behind her the entire time.

Jinx is much more reserved than Letty, and her strength comes from her heart rather than the humor we saw with Letty in STRINGS. Go into BEATS with an open mind. Expect a completely different voice and attitude. If you enjoy hot sex, bisexual menage, BDSM, and loads of heart, you'll love BEATS!

BEATS will be out on audio very soon. Stay tuned!
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September 1, 2013
I was a little nervous diving into this. Strings just about gave little ole me a heart attack. I still liked it but I wasn't sure that I could handle a whole other book full of new terms for my lady bits. That, however, did NOT stop me from picking up this book the minute I found out it was LIVE. I knew I would read this but it surprised me just how badly I wanted to read it until it became available. I felt a little dirty reading the first book. Kendall even tweeted that she would hold my hand for me while reading this and promised not to lick it. LOL. Anyhow, I ended up liking this book even more. Honestly, I wish I could give Kendall 5 stars just for having huge BALLS for writing this and for making it damn entertaining. I just don't give 5 star reviews very often. 4 stars is really great from me. I think Kendall Grey ROCKS!

Anyhow, read Grey's warning before you buy this. I don't want you coming back to me and saying I didn't warn you.

WARNING: BEATS is specially formulated for horn dogs, porn oglers, smut peddlers, BDSM junkies, M/M and M/M/F addicts, DP dabblers, and lovers of A2M backdoor sexy times. If you don’t fall into these categories, can’t stomach hot man-on-man action, or if you have no idea what the above acronyms mean, please back away from BEATS now. This isn’t the book you’re looking for. Failure to heed this warning could inadvertently throw unauthorized users into a persistent vegetative state, or at the very least, require administration of a defibrillator to the chest and/or groin area. Nobody wants that.

I just need to say that I didn't know all of the acronyms before I started. I had to ask JJ and she had to ask her husband. She was a little horrified that he knew them all without missing a beat. LOL.

I reeeeeally liked Jinx's story. Jinx is NOT Letty. I think we knew that from reading the first book. I still had somehow convinced myself that she would be as raunchy as Letty. She wasn't. I really appreciated that Kendall Grey didn't just write this story using the same formula as Strings. We've all seen authors do that. Sometimes I don't care and sometimes it irritates the shit out of me. With this, I think the story worked much better by having Jinx take it her own way. *Giggle*. Soooooo... anyways... this story is a little darker and a little more emotional than Strings. Letty is a little stuck and needs to figure out what to do with her life. I enjoyed that part of it. There was a good story to this. Although this wasn't quite as funny as the first book, I found that it was a better balance in terms of raunch factor. We could laugh at the hilarity of Letty without it overpowering the story. I loved every moment she was in the book. AND I still totally love Shades.

Whereas this book had a different tone to it because it wasn't narrated by amusing Letty, it still was extremely sexy. Sometimes it was totally hawt. Seriously. WOW! I'm not gonna lie though and say that I wasn't grossed out during parts. I was. I read the warning. I've read Strings. That wasn't going to stop me, but yeah, some of it was pretty wild. Sometimes I had to pause and actually try to figure out HOW they were doing THAT. LOL. Maybe I don't want to know.

Overall, I couldn't put this bad boy down. I know this isn't for everyone. Read the warning. I think if you really liked Strings than you will enjoy this as well. I can't wait for Book 3! I never thought I'd say that considering that I'm guessing it's about Rax. As much as I think he's such an asshole and I want to punch him in the face, I still really NEED to hear his story.
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December 14, 2020
Last time I read Beats by Kendall Grey, I rated it a three star rating.
This time around I found I preferred Jinx and Toombs story a bit more than I did Letty and Shade's story!!

In My Own Words:

All It took was one amateur lap dance for Jinx to fall hopelessly in love with Toombs.
But a relationship with Toombs isn't in the cards and won't end with a happily ever after.
You see, Jinx is a girl brought up by the bible, and being the drummer in a band, she's always felt the demon lurking beneath the surface. And Toombs is calling out to her demon.

But Toombs has his own demons to attest for. He feels the connection with Jinx, and there is no denying he wants her as his. But his heart and his body is already spoken for.....

My Thoughts:

Honestly, the last time I read this novel, I was starting to get annoyed by all the BDSM books that were flying on the shelf. It seemed like every book, at the time, threw out this trope. Trust me when I say, I read my fair share of them. So I can see why I rated Jinx and Toombs book so low.

Now, It's been a long time since I read a trope like this, and I found I enjoyed the emotions and the mental conflict that weaves its way through this story. Jinx loves Toombs, but is unsure she can give him what he needs, in all aspects of life.

As the story evolves, I started to feel for each and every character wrapped up within this triangle. That's right, if you dislike love triangles with an MMF, MM, and MFM vibe, this one probably won't be for you. I was a Toombs and Jinx fan from the start, I never liked the 'third person' in this equation.

But, I do have to say, I'm intrigued to read 'he who shall not be named' story. I want him to find love and I can't wait to see love knock him flat on his ass!!



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The Staircase Reader
September 24, 2013
This is one screwed up sex triangle (yes I said sex triangle if you want to know why I say that read the book!) that makes you want to punch someone one minute and grab your vibrator the next. I loved the connection between Jinx and Toombs. All Jinx wanted was to be with Toombs, Toombs wanted to be with Jinx too but it couldn’t be that simple. Jinx had to go through Rax get to Toombs.

Jinx doubted her talent. She had a lot on her plate that she didn’t share with anyone. She was trying to support not only herself but help out her family back home. She needed to prove to herself that she was as good a drummer as Toombs, and no one could do that except for herself.

Toombs broke my heart at times. He thinks he deserves how Rax treats him at times, and he does love Rax. He also is falling hard for Jinx. Jinx brings out this other side of him. I think I fell in love with Toombs while reading this book.

Rax, what can I say about Rax, he is a complete and utter douchebag that I honestly want to punt in the balls but love at the same time. There is more to him than what we have seen so far. He loves Toombs in his own screwed up way. I honestly can’t wait to read his book because there is so much more to him than what we have seen.

Beats is a funny, make you scream WHAT THE FUCK type of book and if you don’t have an open mind, are easily offended or don’t have a sense of humor then then I suggest you don’t read it. But, if you do then you will love this book. It is also emotional and heartbreaking at times too. I freaking loved this book!
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November 4, 2013

4 crazy, dirty, horny, hillarious, WTF stars!

Toombs & Jinx

I don't even know where to start, I try to think about it and I just end up laughing

Toombs was all like

Jinx was all like

And I was

I had fun, loved them all (except Rax the sleazeball, ugh) and I'm happy for Giana & Jeff <3

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August 30, 2013
Okay, the sex scenes are a little hard core for me, but I knew that going in. Nothing is off limits and nothing is taboo. Sometimes you just have to go there. I loved Beats, maybe even more than the first. I love Letty, don't get me wrong but she's balls to the wall all of the time. Jinx has a totally different vibe and it counterbalanced the sex scenes for me, gave me a break if you know what I mean. Funny one liners, hot sex, sweet love story, rock and roll...what's not to like?
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