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How to Be Happy Now: Even If Things Aren't Going Your Way

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"This little book cuts through the verbosity of most how-to/self-help books and lays out the everyday steps you can take to simply feel happier. It provides easy-to-follow instructions for learning to meditate, developing mindfulness, and shifting your perspective. It also has grounded tips for handling negative people, traffic jams, the internet, media, and more.""-L. Erickson "Mommy Mystic," Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer"

What if you could be happy all the time, no matter what? In our hyper-connected world, the message is that happiness comes from getting the latest fashions, the hot guy or gal, the perfect car and the stylish house, but don't buy what they are selling out there! Even people who have it all can be miserable if they're out of touch with their spirit.

"How to Be Happy NOW" shows you the way to be deeply happy all of the time regardless of whether you have it all or not. With practical and accessible wisdom, it provides seven core practices that will get you in touch with your spirit and make you truly happy. Also included are lots of tips designed to make your life easier and more fun. Adopting even a few of these tips will increase your energy and give you a bigger smile, while mastering the core practices will bring you unshakable and lasting happiness.

56 pages, Paperback

First published February 26, 2013

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About the author

Sara Weston

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Sara Weston is the author of the book “How to Be Happy NOW...Even If Things Aren't Going Your Way.” She’s been meditating for over 27 years, has taught meditation and mindfulness to lots of folks, and is happy all the time–even when things aren't going her way.

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50 reviews1 follower
May 18, 2015
Sara Weston’s new self-help book, How to Be Happy Now…even if things aren’t going your way is a delight to read. Most self-help books do not tell you anything you don’t already know. They go on and on with information that we know but for one reason or another do not implement in our lives. Weston’s book is filled with ancient wisdom for the pursuit of happiness delivered in an upbeat, practical how-to guide that radiates joy.

Weston’s book is enchantingly brief, to the point and filled with relevant images. I found this book to be far more inspirational than its verbose counterparts. Weston gives 7 core practices that will make you happier. The practices are common sense and easily put into practice to immediately have more fun in your life. The step by step instructions on clearing the detritus from your mind through meditation are brilliant.

The sensible advice for dealing with negative people, traffic jams, the internet, television and relationships will make you happier. These tips cannot help but improve your life whether you implement them all or just select a few. The book is so light and uplifting you will want to keep it nearby to read over and over. Weston delivers a smart, happy, inspiring guide that can benefit anyone. I highly recommend How to Be Happy Now…even if things aren’t going your way. You will want to share it with your friends and loved ones to spread the happiness.
I received this book as a free review copy from Goodreads.
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2 reviews
March 2, 2014
I am a "Good-reads" winner for this book "How to be happy now even if things aren't going your way" by Sara Weston. I believe this was the first book I have ever read of hers and I was really pleased.
I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is struggling with trying to be "happy".
I found a lot of useful advice in it and I look forward to applying these methods in my life and learning how I can be happy even when things aren't going my way.
I can't wait to start mediation myself. I am thankful that I won this book and read it. I have been on a slight journey myself with trying to get in touch with "me" and I think reading this book has put me in a good state of mind. Thank You Sara Weston for your kind words of advice.
I love my copy. Thanks again, Lisa
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511 reviews7 followers
June 8, 2014
I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway. A very short self-help book that touts meditation as the way to be happy. It did not meet my expectations. There are some good hints but the author would have benefited by having a good editor. While trying to understand one particular part, I counted 61 words in one sentence. The photos and diagrams included often did not relate to the point the author was trying to make. Although the first few pages and the last few pages on meditation techniques were beneficial, much of the information in the middle of the book was not. This may be better as a pamphlet or magazine article instead of a book.
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916 reviews22 followers
March 14, 2014
First of all, I won this book. Thank you Sara. It was easy to read, straight forward and to the point. I liked that the chapters were short and didn't have a lot of fluff, or repeating of words over and over, to try to get your point across. Many of the topics such as de-cluttering your house and getting rid of toxic people in your life are a no brainer. And I'm rarely without a book when I go out. All in all I enjoyed the book, and it will be read again, and probably again...before I pass it on.
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3,328 reviews37 followers
August 26, 2016
I'm not really sure I'm the best judge for this book but I do have an active mind that never quits. I'm known as a joy killer in my house. I liked the idea of meditating and am thinking about trying it. I wish I could devote an hour to it, unfortunately I have four teenagers and I'm lucky to get 30 seconds without a major catastrophe. Still this shines the light on a great idea. However de- cluttering my home may make me lose a lot of books so I'm not sure I can do that. Thanks first reads for a book and thanks to the author for some ideas.
February 27, 2014
This little book was a Good Reads win and arrived at an appropriate time in my life journey. Sara Weston, the author, packs great thought and insight into a relatively few pages. "How to Be Happy Now: Even If Things Aren't Going Your Way" is a great little read for those in transition and a nice gift to give a friend or two in need. I also enjoyed the simplistic illustrations and the instructions regarding meditation, on the path of a more simple, less cluttered mind.
Profile Image for Heather.
40 reviews8 followers
December 27, 2015
This book was good. Weston provides a lot of sound advice for how to be happy. It's simple advice, and when you read it you'll wonder "Why didn't I think of that?" I think many times when we read self-help columns or advice, we're reading advice we've already given ourselves but haven't quite listened. At least in my experience, reading articles helps instill the advice and motivates me more.
Displaying 1 - 7 of 7 reviews

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