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Tap the Magic Tree

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The acclaimed interactive picture book about the changing seasons. “Like Hervé Tullet’s Press Here, Matheson’s Tap the Magic Tree proves you don’t need apps for interactivity,” praised the New York Times.

Every book needs you to turn the pages. But not every book needs you to tap it, shake it, jiggle it, or even blow it a kiss. Innovative and timeless, Tap the Magic Tree asks you to help one lonely tree change with the seasons. Now that’s interactive—and magical!

It begins with a bare brown tree. But tap that tree, turn the page, and one bright green leaf has sprouted! Tap again—one, two, three, four—and four more leaves have grown on the next page. Pat, clap, wiggle, jiggle, and see blossoms bloom, apples grow, and the leaves swirl away with the autumn breeze. The collage-and-watercolor art evokes the bright simplicity of Lois Ehlert and Eric Carle and the interactive concept will delight fans of Pat the Bunny. Combining a playful spirit and a sense of wonder about nature, Christie Matheson has created a new modern classic that is a winner in every season—and every story time!

And don't miss the follow-up, Touch the Brightest Star!

40 pages, Hardcover

First published August 27, 2013

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About the author

Christie Matheson

7 books31 followers
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Writer. Illustrator.

Tap the Magic Tree
Touch the Brightest Star
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Profile Image for Gita Ghasemi.
182 reviews20 followers
January 2, 2023
جزو کتاب کودک‌های موردعلاقه‌ی من است.
یک درخت جادویی توی این کتاب است که وقتی به شاخه‌هایش دست می‌زنید سبز می‌شود و وقتی کتاب را تکان می‌دهید برگ‌هایش می‌ریزد و پاییز می‌شود. در قالب بازی، فصل‌ها را آموزش می‌دهد.
کیفیت تصاویر خوب است و جنس صفحات سخت هستند که آن را برای بچه‌های کوچک‌تر و کتاب‌پاره‌کن هم مناسب می‌کند.
Profile Image for Nafise Beheshti.
100 reviews2 followers
January 12, 2023
یه کتاب جمع و جور که تغییر فصل و تاثیرش روی درخت‌ها رو نشون میده. کتاب تعاملی هست و بچه‌ها برای رشد درخت باید کلی فوت کنن و اجی و مجی بگن.
همین که تا الان کتاب دستشون خراب نشده نشون میده صحافی و جنس کاغذ خوب بوده.
ولی کلا خانوادگی از کتاب‌های تعاملی خسته شدیم 🥲 جذابیتش رو از دست داده.
Profile Image for Andréa.
11.2k reviews94 followers
September 23, 2019
Fun, interactive book that introduces kids to the growth of trees and the changing of the seasons. It will be great for a storytime -- I'll probably have one child come up to help me at the book, while the rest can help from their seats.
Profile Image for Alison.
196 reviews135 followers
July 10, 2013
A clever, interactive picture book in the vein of Herve Tullet's Press Here, Tap the Magic Tree invites young listeners to tap, rub, or shake the book, then turn the page to see how their actions have changed the "magic" tree. In this way they move a tree through the seasons and watch as it changes from bare brown to leafy green then flowers, grows fruit (apples!), changes colors, loses its leaves, and finally (with the help of the reader) sprouts leaves again. This would be a great book to use with preschool - 1st grade and dovetails perfectly with lessons about plants, trees, apples, seasons, and life cycles.

Two (VERY) minor quibbles:

1.) the green apples are almost the same color as the leaves, so I didn't notice that change at first

2.) I 'd love to see some basic nonfiction notes added to the end of the book to help parents and teachers explain, in simple terms, what happens to trees as the seasons the change. Yes, it's reasonable to assume that most adults will know how to talk about these changes, but not all will have the words to explain them clearly. Not including such notes is a (small) missed opportunity.
Profile Image for Kris.
2,859 reviews69 followers
January 22, 2019
Christie Matheson’s books are great because they are a gentler kind of interactive book. The pictures are lovely and simple. I like this one for a one-on-one reading session rather than a storytime for a group.
Profile Image for Mim_farahani.
346 reviews19 followers
November 7, 2021
یک کتاب تعاملی خیلی بامزه که فعالیت کتاب خواندن را لذت بخش و هیجان انگیز می‌کند. کتاب از کودک می‌خواهد کارهایی کند و در صفحات بعد نقاشی‌اش را نشان بچه‌ها می‌دهد.
می‌تواند بهانه‌ای برای گفتگو درباره طبیعت و فصل‌ها نیز باشد‌.
Profile Image for Kerry.
30 reviews
April 30, 2015
Such a fun interactive read aloud. I recommend this book to anyone teaching in an early childhood classroom or with young kids themselves.
Profile Image for Elaine.
807 reviews14 followers
September 28, 2016
A great way to interact with a story and to entice young readers to the magic of books!
2 reviews1 follower
January 11, 2016
Personal response: tonight I read this book with my cousins Aubrey who's five and Boston who is three. This is one of their favorite books they got from grandma for Christmas. I gave the girls a couple of books to pick from, and I think they picked this book because the cover was very colorful.

Plot: The plot of the book is the tree or the seasons and his magic and you had different task to do in order to get the tree to get the tree through the seasons. It starts with the bare Brown tree of winter, The reader he then has to tap the tree to make the leaves grow. The more they tapped the more the leaves grow. Then the reader gets to do more stuff like blow the tree shake the tree.

Characterization: filling the character in the book is the tree itself.throughout the book tree the tree changes throughout the season. There are visitors like the birds and the bees in this world and a squirrel, but they have no immediate impact on the story.

Impact of setting: The illustrations of the tree are set up on a white background to make you to make you completely focus on the tree itself. The setting of the tree begins in winter and then new leaves begin to grow until the tree is full of leaves. Then in the spring, the blossoms grow on the tree and the blossoms turn and apples. The leaves begin to change colors and the apples fall from the tree. Then the leaves turn bright red, orange, and yellow and the reader blows at the tree to blow the leaves from the limbs. And then winter begins.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book as a great book for parents to read to their young children. It was interactive and colorful and the girls had a fun time listening to me read it to them. It was a pretty fast book to read before bedtime with easy reading. It helps you to also be able to use your a badger nation and a practice you're counting and following directions.
Profile Image for Heidi-Marie.
3,854 reviews81 followers
June 28, 2017
A great book to introduce the seasons, as well as the year-cycle of a tree. It has the great interactive format like "Press Here." This will be great to try--and works any time in the year.

4/22/15 A great opener for my Tree Storytime. Kids and adults loved it. These are of course more fun in lap-reads, but still works with the crowd.

6/28/17 Used in T theme. I picked this shorter one as a regular book rather than literacy moment because the other 2 books I had selected were longer (and might be over their heads a bit). This one was the perfect speed for all the ages I had. A good lead-in to using the Apple Letters for literacy moment. And reading as is did not detract from the flow. Literacy moment ended up taking REALLY long because I had so many kids. So I will need to adapt to the larger summer crowds and find shorter activities there.
Profile Image for Stella Fowler.
82 reviews1 follower
March 18, 2014
It's interactive! I love interactive. There's no better way of helping a reluctant child discover the wonders of books than an interactive book. And the children who do love books just love that the book is reacting to them.

This is a lovely book. The illustrations are simple and inviting.

Unlike other interactive books, this one follows a theme. It goes through the seasons as you tap, jiggle, rub and shake the tree, which makes it even better. There are so many opportunities for teachable moments in Tap the Magic Tree.
Profile Image for Robin.
1,011 reviews52 followers
December 26, 2013
A fun book to share; in the manner of Press Here, the reader is encouraged to tap the page, blow the leaves, rub the trunk etc. Each action has a result: leaves sprout, then buds, flowers and eventually apples. In the fall the leaves turn colors and fall, and then we see a nest being built. Magic happens!
Profile Image for Vivian.
2,397 reviews
November 5, 2016
Absolutely enchanting. The children attending story time at the library were captivated by this imaginatively interactive presentation of seasons. The text prompts the magic (as suggested by the title).
Profile Image for Nancy.
1,165 reviews23 followers
July 12, 2015
A delightful 'interactive' book, asking the reader to participate by tapping, rubbing, touching, jiggling, wiggling, brushing, blowing, shaking, knocking, patting, clapping, and being patient :) Very simple and wonderful.
Profile Image for Holly.
888 reviews6 followers
June 1, 2015
But is it really the tree that is magic, or the tilt of the earth?
Profile Image for anna ♡.
361 reviews35 followers
January 12, 2016
Can't wait to read this to the kids! Such a clean and simple book. :)
Profile Image for Tilly.
226 reviews6 followers
December 6, 2016
Probably my favorite picture book from the library so far!
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