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Das Finale der "8. Staffel"!

Premierminister Shakaars Ermordung am Vorabend von Bajors Aufnahme in die Föderation stürzte den Planeten und die Station Deep Space 9 ins Chaos. Zur gleichen Zeit steht das religiös gespaltene bajoranische Volk vor einem theologischen Wandel - dessen Last auf den Schultern von Kira Nerys ruht.

Und endlich kehrt die Mannschaft des Raumschiffes Defiant nach Hause zurück. Doch die Wiedersehensfreude ist nur von kurzer Dauer. Schon bald werden die Offiziere von der Krise auf der Station gepackt und müssen Entscheidungen treffen, die ihr gesamtes Leben verändern. Auch Commander Elias Vaughn steht an einem Scheideweg, als er erfährt, was wirklich aus Captain Benjamin Sisko wurde...

Und irgendwo auf Bajor wird ein lang erwartetes Kind geboren...

351 pages, Paperback

First published November 1, 2003

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About the author

S.D. Perry

74 books719 followers
SD Perry (Stephani Danelle, by the way, though she prefers SD or Danelle) has been writing novelizations and tie-ins for most of her adult life. Best known for her work in the shared multiverses of Resident Evil, Star Trek, and Aliens, SD is a horror nerd and an introvert. Her father is acclaimed science fiction author Steve Perry. SD lives with her family in Portland, Oregon.

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70 reviews3 followers
April 3, 2017
There were moments that were ok, others that I loved. Was not really into the whole parasite plot but was invested more in each character's personal journey (which I found some to be very touching). Still, this is a solid entry into the deep space nine books, with surprise appearances. It's ending was very fitting.
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4,122 reviews92 followers
March 16, 2018
This is certainly not a book to come to cold, especially if you are unfamiliar with the continuation of the story of "Deep Space Nine", following the events of the series finale on television. That said, those Trekkies who haven't read all the post-Ds9 finale novels are helped by a wonderful "previously on Ds9" timeline at the beginning of the novel. As for the story itself, it certainly has a massive amount of plot sitting on its shoulders...but by the halfway mark of the book, the story is successfully hurtling towards its conclusion at warp 9. As a wrap up of the first stage of the Ds9 timeline continuation, it succeeds most satisfactorily.
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493 reviews15 followers
December 5, 2017
An exhilarating "season finale" to the post-canon "season 8" books. Provided emotionally satisfying closure for character arcs. Tied up all the politics plot threads in a heart-racing conclusion -- I stayed up way past my bedtime captivated by the twists and excitement. I enjoyed that Trill more world-building, though I admit that I expected a deeper conspiracy with the Trill government and the parasites, so that was a bit of a letdown. Overall an excellent bookend to Avatar 1/2.
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126 reviews9 followers
January 28, 2019
4 ½ stars. I really, really liked this novel. The story with the parasites wanting to take over and have their way was a perfect example of a kind of a story that I would like. I like the mystery of it all. We don't really know all that much about these parasites to begin with, and they're really creepy. A few people from Trill has a bit more knowledge, though, which is interesting in itself. What is the connection there?

Unofficially. Ezri felt a trace of disdain for the leaders of her homeworld, and tried to led it go. She hadn't behaved much better, as Audrid or since.
They're scared, that's all. Just as she had been, and still was. The very concept of being taken over by some malevolent creature... it was something that went beyond mortal terror, a fear that was primal and deep-seated, perhaps particular to a joined species... doomed to feel what the creature wanted you to feel, the host completely lost, forced to bond with the parasitic mind, its life memories torn away...

And I love the relationships and how they're portrayed. The characters and their connection to each other is after all what really makes the story into what it is. What makes it great. I'm drawn in to the background that Dax have with the parasites. I just love Kira's strength. I admire how Shar struggles with his whole situation with such dignity and how he stands up for himself. I'm interested to see where everything goes with Ro and Quark, and what they'll end up doing when Bajor joins the Federation. And on and on it goes. It's really all about the characters, and I've grown to really like the characters from DS9. Both the original characters and the ones that's come along later on in the relaunch novels.
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Author 49 books59 followers
March 8, 2021
Fantastic continuation of the DS9 story

This was a fantastic addition to the Deep Space 9 saga. Perry’s love for the characters and Star Trek in general shines through on every page. I typically don’t enjoy ST novels that focus a significant amount of time on non-canon characters, but Perry is such a talented writer, I didn’t mind the diversions into alternate lives before coming back to the main characters’ arcs.

Looking forward to reading more of Perry’s forays into DS9 lore!
May 23, 2022
damn, but it was so nice to be back on the station. I wanted more of everything at the end, and like, maybe to see certain reunions? No? Okay. I'm taking what I can get.
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917 reviews182 followers
May 24, 2017
Okay, so the final episode of Deep Space Nine - should we just watch it real quick? We can't, because it makes me cry. And, honestly, every time these books have called back to that final shot things have turned sniffly around here. I don't mean that the show doesn't stick its landing, or anything, only that it sticks the landing by making you very upset. And these relaunch novels have been, in a way, a reply to that finale, to the final shot of Kira and Jake looking out the windows - even thinking about it makes me tear up, excuse me I need a minute.

(One injustice they haven't righted: conversations between Garak and Bashir? Zero. Zero!!!!)

So, here we are with the mumblemumblerdth relaunch novel, and things have been . . . not righted, but processed. The work has been done. The books are workmanlike - as they ought to be - but the process of reading them is - well, not rewarding, but a way of coming back to oneself.

I know any review of these books sounds sort of absurd. You have to be invested (overly-invested? what is that your business?) to read the books - they don't make any sense otherwise. But if you are overly-invested, these books are a pretty good way to deal with that, I think.

On a less self-deprecating note: this relaunch series does some genuinely interesting stuff! The "strange new worlds" aspect has never been the most interesting thing to me about Star Trek, but the concepts in these book series have been consistently interesting and they're usually pretty thoughtful. For some reason, Ro Karen is dating Quark and not Picard, but I guess you can't have everything.
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364 reviews17 followers
January 31, 2021
I was really happy to see the alien parasites from "Conspiracy" again, I assume we find more out about them in Trill and Bajor. At least I hope we do.

January 2021: I'm happy I reread this. I forgot it came before Trill and Bajor and only picked it up because I wanted to reread that book. This time it was like sinking into a beloved tv episode. I do remember this book as being longer but to be fair I did skip over the Eli-Benny segments, I remember them being weak and boring my first time through .
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Author 1 book2 followers
December 31, 2021
If you just want the review of the story because you’re up to date on all of the other books that follow the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine TV series, then skip ahead. However this book will make a lot more sense for those who aren’t up to date if they consider the following.

The book literally follows a number of others that continue after the series ends, so it may help you to remember the events in these episodes as most of the novels are not stand alone stories and they all feature the new crew introduced in ‘Avatar’.

Star Trek: The next Generation
Series 4

Episode 12 - Wounded (Gul Macet, who looks suspiciously like Gul Dukat, works with Picard to stop Ben Maxwell from a murderous rampage. He has been quite prominent in the Mission Gamma series representing Cardassia).

Episode 21 - Drumhead (We meet Simon Tarses, a half Romulan Medical Officer who has been transferred to Deep Space Nine)

Series 5
Episode 3- Ensign Ro (Ro Laren is introduced to the Trek universe)

Series 7
Episode 24- Pre-emptive Strike (Ro joins the Marquis)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Series 7
Episode 24 - The Dogs Of War (Rom becomes the Grand Nagus and leaves with Leeta for Ferenginar)
Episode 25 - What You Leave Behind (Sisko leaves to be with the Prophets/Worf is appointed Federation Ambassador to Qo’nos/Odo goes to live with the Founders/Chief O’Brien and Keiko move back to Earth to teach at the Academy/The end of the war with the Dominion and Nog’s promotion to Lieutenant, while Garak stays on Cardassia to help rebuild after the war and Kai Winn and Dukat are dealt with by the Pah Wraiths).

As a result of all these changes a new crew is introduced in the following books-

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Lives Of Dax - A little more is learned about each of the previous hosts of the Dax symbiont)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Avatar (1&2) - (Commander Vaughan and the Jem Hadar, Taran ‘atar are brought in and we meet Prynn, Vaughn’s estranged daughter and Shar, an Andorian. We also find out that Ro Laren has been appointed as Security Chief having survived the Maquis liquidation by the Dominion. Ezri also decides to transfer to command from sciences and Jake ventures in to the Wormhole looking for his Dad. Kira becomes attainted by the Vedeks and may no longer pray in the temples, Etc).

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Section 31) Abyss - (We learn that Jake is struggling in the Wormhole and Bashir goes on a mission for Section 31 with Ro and Taran ‘Atar).

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Gateways) Demons Of Air And Darkness & What Lay Beyond - Kira and Taran ‘Atar are lost in the Delta Quadrant whilst helping to evacuate a planet in the Alpha Quadrant & Kira spends time in her cultures historical past as a result of the Gateway. It is not really necessary to read any of the other books in the Gateways serial.
The Jaradans from the Star Trek: The Next Generation, Series 1 Episode 11 - The Big Goodbye are featured in this volume and at the beginning of Mission Gamma - Twilight.

Star Trek: S.C.E - Indistinguishable From Magic (Nog teams up with Scotty - I haven’t read it yet, but it doesn’t seem to affect things too much here)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Mission Gamma (1) Twilight – Vaughan takes a crew including Ezri, Nog, Prynn and Shar in to the Gamma quadrant. Ezri loses a crew member for the first time in her command role. We also learn what has caused the estrangement between Vaughan and Prynn. Shar is also having some issues with his Ambassador Mother and the mates that have been selected for him.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Mission Gamma (2) This Gray Spirit - Vaughan and Ezri separate to assist a troubled planet in order to assist themselves, but there’s political upset and the Prime Directive to take into account.
Kira prepares for a big event on the station and Shar’s Mother and Family start to become a problem for Ro and the new Counsellor.
The Cardassians make an effort to bring about peace with Bajor.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Mission Gamma (3) - Cathedral - Ezri, Bashir and Nog encounter an ancient alien artefact that has an effect on their genetic differences. It is also a place of worship between two warring factions, which makes it difficult for them to correct the issues that arise from their initial visit. The Bajoran alliance with the federation proceeds, but takes a wild turn.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Rising Son - (This story runs alongside the Gateways and Mission Gamma stories, but doesn’t seem to affect them, however if you’ve read the others, you might want to find out what happens to Jake?) Up until now I would have said it’s not really important, but it does bare some relevance on ‘Lesser Evil’ and ‘Unity’ too.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Mission Gamma (4) - Lesser Evil - The Defiant starts its return to the Alpha Quadrant, but first answers a distress call and arrives on a planet where there is danger from the Borg and a reunion for Vaughan. On their final leg they meet up with Jake, Kai Opaka and The Dominion.
Meanwhile Ro is hunting for a killer on the station and Kira is on her way to Trill to get some answers about the same thing. The symbiotic parasites that once infiltrated the federation (TNG Series One) are uncovered behind the murder plot.

**Please see my reviews for these individual books for other episodes that are necessary to remember certain elements from the series.

On top of these you may want to refresh yourself on these TV episodes too, as elements are featured in Unity -

Star Trek: The Next Generation -
Series 1
Episode 24 - Conspiracy (A coup is uncovered among Starfleet’s chief brass and brought to an end by Riker and Picard)
Series 4
Episode 23 - The Host (A weird looking Trill is fatally wounded on board the Enterprise, where Riker agrees to carry the symbiont and unusually survives the process)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine -

Series 1
Episode 1 - Emmisary (Ben Sisko arrives for his new assignment aboard DS9 with his son Jake and is met by Kai Opaka. He experiences an Orb for the first time and visits “The Prophets” in the celestial temple (Wormhole). Chief O’Brien transfers from the Enterprise with wife Keiko and daughter Molly.
Episode 12 - Battle Lines (Kai Opaka is killed on an alien world in the Gamma Quadrant)

Series 3
Episode 24 - Shakaar (The First Minister is a key figure. We also meet Lenaris Holem)

Series 4
Episode 10 - Homefront (Sisko visits his Father who looks like he must be related to Admiral Cartwright from Kirk’s time - He features prominently in this book)
Episode 24 - Body Parts (The O’Brien’s baby is transferred in to Kira’s womb when Keiko is injured)

Series 5
Episode 10 - Rapture (The lost city of B’hala is found by Sisko. He also blesses a young Bajoran named Mika and tells Yevir to become a Vedek)
Episode 12 - The Begotten (Kira gives birth to Kirayoshi O’Brien)

Series 6
Episode 6 - Sacrifice Of Angels (Hundreds of Dominion ships are lost while trying to cross through the wormhole)
Episode 13 - Far Beyond The Stars (Sisko has a dream/vision of himself as a science fiction writer in the 1950’s)

Series 7
Episodes 1/2- Image In The Sand/Shadows And Symbols (Ben Sisko learns that he is part prophet)

Commander Elias Vaughan is featured throughout the Trek universe in a number of books. A lot of it is explained in the last volume and in this. I didn’t feel that I needed to know any more, so I haven’t bought or read them yet, but other people may wish to look up his backstory before starting the mammoth task of his time on DS9.


This book was easy to read and I flew through it with a keen interest having enjoyed those before it and needing closure on a number of story arcs that started in ‘Avatar (Part1)’. Honestly though, it was nice that I didn’t have to buy another book when I finished it, I think they’ve had enough of my money.

The book starts with a recap of all those that have gone before it which is fantastic as, with it being such a lot of pages since the first, it would be easy to forget some things. Sadly it doesn’t include the information that I have included above regarding the individual episodes and only covers the events following the end of the TV series.

The events in chapter one were a great starting place that really gets you thinking about what could have happened between the books and where this one was going to go.

The book as a whole is a bit jumpy and the usual filler that ekes things out a bit is missing. It also doesn’t have the standard references to recent history as part of the story to keep you updated with what’s been happening that may have been omitted from the recap because it was considered minutiae. It would be easy to get confused about some things.

What I did like was the return of Kai Opaka and her time with Vaughan where he experiences visions.
It was a joy and a chore at the same time to see the back of Shar’s rather dull “romance” and family issues too. I found it all so unjust for him and while I can understand why it was included, to give us more background of the Andorian species as Shar becomes a more regular character, it was so very boring.

The action of the last few chapters was also a pleasure to read, so much so that I struggled to put the book down.
It was great to get the answers to those previous questions and I think that this is a very fitting ending to those other books and the crew of Deep Space Nine’s “Series 8” journey.

Very true to the series we love and the characters mannerisms too. I look forward to discovering what’s next.
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5 reviews
May 6, 2014
An excellent read and a great way to open up dialogue about today's closed mindedness about religion and different ways to view the same faith.
Profile Image for Cornerofmadness.
1,683 reviews10 followers
December 9, 2019
Probably more like a 2.5 read and maybe some of that is on me rather than the author. Maybe if I had read this way back when it was first published I'd have enjoyed it more. I also get the feeling there was a series by Perry for DS9 because there are characters in this I don't recognize but obviously the reader is expected to. that said, maybe they were in the last season of the show that I was unable to watch for reasons I don't remember 20 years later (yikes).

Let me start with what I really liked: the parasites. To be honest, Star Trek: The Next Generation's first season wasn't strong (these days it probably wouldn't have gotten a second) but there were a few episodes that stood out and the parasites that infiltrated key Starfleet members was one of them. It was a neat idea with an open end to it. That's where this book comes in. The parasites are back with a tie-in to the Trill and have now infiltrated Bajoran leaders threatening Bajor's being allowed into the Federation.

If the book had concentrated on that alone it would have worked for me but instead there was SO much else going on. It opens in a non-linear way which would have ended the book right there for me if I wasn't using it in a reading challenge. We have Jake Sisko returning to DS9 with Opaka, a very pregnant Kasidy waiting for him, his father is gone, Kira has been excommunicated from her religion, Ro is dating Quark and they're both about to leave the station and a big hot mess with Ezri and the Dax host interacting with previous related hosts, not to mention at least three other story lines with characters I don't know (some Andorian story line, a father/daughter tension story line, a Bajor religious tension story line)

It's too scattered and some of it just plain boring. I didn't care about the Andorians or the father/daughter thing (and if they were actual DS9 characters I've totally forgotten them).

Unfortunately some of the parasite stuff is uneven too. For the first half of the book they're a threat to the Trill, some huge secret, but once Bashir learns how to use the Trill to talk to the queen parasite, we never even see the Trill again and it's all about Bajor and Kira.

I guess a post-series DS9 story wasn't what I was looking for.
164 reviews1 follower
February 20, 2020
Perry really is a great author for this type of work. Her Prologue is a great short (>20 pages) summary of everything that has happened in the DS9 relaunch story thus far. This allows anyone to pick up at this point, and actually clarified some events for me (I've been reading them in order of release, but the events of Left Hand of Destiny actually occur before the events in Stitch in Time, not right before Unity). returnreturnHer transitioning between characters points of views and subplots is fantastic. She leaves you guessing just long enough so you think you know what's going to happen, but you aren't 100% sure (just like watching an episode of Star Trek). returnreturnThe Defiant returns to the Alpha quadrant with the missing Jake Sisko and the old Kie Opakac Sulan along. They are greeted by Caradaisans in a way that almost makes you think they've ended up in an alternative universe. But soon enough it becomes clear (and I'm reminded of what was happening in the Alpha during the Gamma Mini-Series) that an "evil" parasite is attempting to destroy Trill by taking over Bajor.returnreturnThe scenes tint he worm whole that you aren't sure if they are in the worm whole or not are good, hints at a possible future romance between Shar and Prynn is enticing, and the biggest surprise is an unexpected appearance of Odo (don't worry its so unexpected that this isn't a spoiler) though the appearance almost seems unnecessary. The exact opposite is the incredibly expected appearance of Benjamin Sisko. returnreturnAbove all it does what it is meant to do, reunites some characters that had be come separated, and lead me wanting to read the next chapter. returnreturnI don't like the cover, it gives away too much of the end of the plot.
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Author 8 books36 followers
March 16, 2021
Defiant has returned to DS9 and found it chaotic. They're quickly brought up to speed about the parasite infestation, the murder of Shakaar Edon (a direct result of the infestation) and dive right in to help find a solution. Parasite possessed individuals keep turning up both on the station and on Bajor. Cardassians with their natural immunity to the parasites have agreed to take the lead in maintaining security checks to weed out those possessed until the queen can be located.

I enjoyed watching the various characters deal with this crisis and their personal issues at the same time. Lieutenant Ro loves her role as DS9 security chief, but believes there's no place for her on DS9 once the Bajoran Milita is folded into Starfleet. Quark believes he will go out of business once Bajor adopts the Federation's cashless society. Ensign Shar has to deal with the death of one of his bondmates and the disapproval of the surviving bondmates of his decision to stay on the station instead of joining them back home to procreate. And looming large is the reestablished tension between Commander Elias Vaughn and his daughter Ensign Prynn Tenmei.

And on top of all that, Kasidy Yates is ready to give birth to her and Ben Sisko's child. Her family is there with her (Ben's father, son and sister), the O'Brian family is with her, but she truly wants Ben back with her to welcome their child into the world.

An excellent conclusion to the parasite saga and a new beginning for DS9 and Bajor moving forward.
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458 reviews6 followers
September 22, 2018
Very satisfactory conclusion to the sequence of stories that started with Avatar. An old enemy, one we met in the Next Generation episodes, has found it's way to Bajor and seems intent on using that planet to destroy Trill. Life on DS9 is even more fraught than usual as the scientists in the crew struggle to find ways to identify who is infected with the deadly parasite and how to cure them. They discover the creatures are controlled telepathically by a 'queen' that's hiding in Bajor's most important monastery, whereupon Kira defies orders to stage a rescue. In between the threads of the main plot, various individuals are working out personal issues mostly to do with relationships - Quark and Ro, Shar and his mother, Elias Vaughan and his daughter. The Sisko family are, mostly, reunited on Bajor to await the birth of Kassidy's baby, where, of course, they get tangled up in the big events happening in the monastery. It all ends pretty happily with a few loose ends which may lead to further stories (I hope)
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261 reviews1 follower
October 7, 2021
Congratulations to S.D. Perry. This, along with Robinson’s “A Stitch in Time,” is one of the best Star Trek books I’ve ever read.

Perry expertly brings the plot lines of all precious books since “Avatar” to a firm conclusion, and the book itself is riveting, as well. I’ve seen many people online state that this is the perfect end to “Season Eight,” and I couldn’t agree more. Not only do we see a resolution to the parasite threat, we also see the return of Sisko, Odo, O’Brien, and at least some lip service to other characters.

There’s too much here to spoil, but “Unity” is so expertly written and so emotionally driven, that it’s so easy for me to imagine this as an episode of the show itself.

My hat is off to S.D. Perry. Job well done.
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217 reviews
May 31, 2021
Elias Vaughn gillar jag allt mer. Han har synts av och till i flera böcker och har nu blivit en självklar del i DS9-sagan såsom kommendant över Defiant och försteofficer till Kira Nerys. Författaren kan sin sak och Bill Williams på Trekweb.com sträckte sig till och med så långt som till att säga att boken är en av de bästa på många år. Visst är den otroligt bra, men den bästa är nog svårt att säga. Det är nog flera böcker som förtjänar ett sådant epitet. Boken är intensiv, dock inte för intensiv, och kampen mot parasiterna (som anknyter till något avsnitt i TNG) är mycket spännande.
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25 reviews
March 31, 2023
As a fan of the Deep Space Nine branch of the Star Trek family, I was happy to find this book. It brought familiar faces back to me, though they were in the middle of a tense and, at-first, unknown situation.

As the primary issue was brought to light, it brought with it more questions. It also provided an interesting callback to an unresolved storyline from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The characters' personal issues added depth to their characters and story.

In all, I found it a satisfying read.
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651 reviews18 followers
April 4, 2022
A great ending to the DS9 relaunch's first arc! The finale of what happened with the parasites was super satisfying and although we've had way too much Ro and Quark rather than Bashir for my tastes (also, no Bashir and O'Brien reunion???) there's no way you can't enjoy this as a DS9 fan. Ending was perfect too.
Profile Image for Daniel.
11 reviews
May 10, 2022
These books which are a continuation of the places and characters we grew to love from the TV show are a good read, expanding the universe with people both old and new.

This particular book was a good. Fun and easy read that was part conspiracy theory, part murder mystery all interwoven in the life and times of intergalactic events aboard our favorite floating bicycle wheel, deep space 9.
34 reviews
May 2, 2019
I skipped over the gamma books and found this as an easy return to the ds9 novels. Not perfect but very enjoyable and smooth reading. That said, boy do i hate the Shar story. Maybe its just a personal preference but i had to skip the Shar parts as they were incredibly boring
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Author 3 books13 followers
September 22, 2020
Novels like these can be really hit or miss. But S.D. Perry always does a phenomenal job with the DS9 characters. This book was put together masterfully. The climax really rang out as the joyous finale of the arks started in Season 1.
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767 reviews7 followers
July 12, 2022
Unreadable. Made it 60 pages and had to stop. Who are these characters? I must be Missing another book. And those dumb parasites from season one of TNG giving the Trill an issue? Who cares. Ugh. Also lots of references to trek canon but it’s just too much.
Profile Image for Steven Shinder.
Author 5 books9 followers
March 24, 2023
The reunions as they were depicted here were not quite as satisfying as I had hoped, somehow. If there's ever a proper DS9 follow-up onscreen in this current golden age of Trek, I think that would be more likely to be more satisfying to me.
Profile Image for Greg.
418 reviews
December 4, 2017
Full and proper review to follow but this book was mainly sublime, as well as a brilliant reminder to long term fans of what made the show so special in the first place.
Profile Image for Kyle Sullivan.
76 reviews6 followers
December 3, 2019
The DS9 Relaunch has been exceptional. The best I've read in Trek books. And it has made me miss DS9 terribly. THIS should have been season 8.
Profile Image for Christina Farr-Thompson.
301 reviews11 followers
July 11, 2020
Wow! This is how the mythical season 8 should have ended. Amazing book! Many surprises especially toward the end! Great book!!
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