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Serviced: Volume 1

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All's fair in love and war, they say. Come find out if it's true in these ten stories where soldiers prove that their skills in the field are only rivaled by their skills in the bedroom.


Kate Powell only went and fell for the soldier she’d met just once before he had to jet off on a year-long posting overseas.

Seven months in, and Kate is hornier than a blue wildebeest in mating season with only her battery-powered friend for relief. Her skills as a pen-pal scale new heights, but then a text message arrives out of the blue.

Corporal Mark Butler is back in the country for one night only, and Kate isn’t about to let the opportunity pass her by. After all, who needs a vibrator when the real thing comes calling?


He was stationed in Key West during the Vietnam War when he met the arty girl who didn't capitalize her name. She was cute, but strange, the kind of a hippie chick who usually shunned soldiers like himself. But sometimes opposites attract. Sometimes they have sex on the beach. And sometimes you can't forget them.


Will has a surprise for his wife for the tenth anniversary.

He's coming home.


There are fireworks when horny English nanny, Leonie, meets squadron commander, Colonel Luca Giordano - the sex is hot, and it's only the first date.


Oliver knew his duty, he needed a wife and heir. Minah knew what she wanted—him. Could his ideals and her dreams be the same? There was only one way to find out...


Warrant Officer Ryan Wilson is handsome and arrogant and Corporal Nicole Muchmore enjoys taking out her frustration against him on the sparring mat. One day the tables turn and before she knows what is happening he is exacting a punishment of another kind-this time totally pleasurable.


Corporal Aidan Hamilton has the unenviable job of telling his best friend’s sister that her brother isn’t coming back. This is slightly complicated by the fact that from the moment he meets Suzanne Kelsey he knows she’s everything he’s ever wanted. While Suzanne might need someone to lean on at the moment, can he convince her that what they have is more than a short term fling?

Suzanne had always told her big brother that being a soldier was too dangerous, so when she sees the uniformed officer in front of her house she knows exactly what he’s here to tell her. While Aidan may set her blood on fire, Suzanne has already lost one soldier she loved and she’s not prepared to trust her heart to another one.


Corporal Anna Jordan keeps her secret fantasies about her superior officer, Lieutenant Kyle Campbell, well hidden. When the two must take shelter from a winter storm during a training exercise she has no idea her wildest dreams are about to come true!


First published March 1, 2013

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About the author

Allie A. Burrow

2 books17 followers
Allie A. Burrow writes sensual contemporary love stories that are both sweet and romantic but with a liberal dash of heat added. When not burning up the pages, you'll mostly find her marauding as Aurelia B. Rowl where she pretends to be far more sweet and innocent and writes young adult, new adult, and contemporary romance stories.

She lives on the edge of the Peak District in the UK with her very understanding husband and their two fantastic children. When she’s not writing, you’ll often find her curled up with a book or out running, making the most of the trails and fells surrounding her home or legging it around her local parkrun. Too often lost in her own world, she has an alarm to remind her to collect her children from school and regularly wows her family with curious, hastily thrown together meals as a result of getting too caught up with her latest project… or five! She has also developed the fine art of ignoring the housework and makes an excellent taxi for her children’s many activities and enviable social life.

Allie has chosen to donate all royalties from For One Night Only and Serviced: Volume 1 to the UK charity Help For Heroes.

To find out even more about Allie you can visit her website at www.allieaburrow.com. You can also check out her other writing persona—the one her mum is allowed to read—by visiting www.aureliabrowl.com.

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Author 67 books503 followers
March 6, 2013
So far I’ve only read For One Night Only by Allie A. Burrow. I’ll post my review, and hopefully as I read the others I’ll post them as well :)

For One Night Only is simply perfect. A sassy novella with a high heat level, and characters we love. After months away, Mark is in London for one night only. He’s in the military, and still has some time left to serve. The author portrayed that conflict very well. The hot sex (and yes, there’s a good amount of it) didn’t conceal the lengthy silences and the tension building between Mark and Kate.

While they tried to make the most of their short time together, they also had to come to terms with their feelings for each other. Burrow’s characterization is strong and her voice, unique.

For One Night Only is truly lovely; an erotica romance with a lot of depth. I strongly recommend it!
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Author 2 books30 followers
March 7, 2013
With erotica - blatantly sexual writing - we are at the controversial end of the scale with romance fiction. The total opposite of so-called 'sweet romance' with its hints and implications. Romance writing can go from sweet to 'spare my blushes' to full on sexual activity, In actual erotica, the sex scenes are in-your-face. Sometimes literally. No romantic language here. A spade is most definitely a spade. Body parts are given their actual names, usually the type of names you won't hear in a church or a hospital.

Which is fine if that's what you like. Consenting adults in private and all that. People, women especially, usually read romance fiction for the emotional rush, the heady feeling of falling in love. From what I know, readers of erotica do so to kick start their libido. So you could call it a form of sex therapy. When I was thirteen I remember getting all thrilled when I read a Violet Winspear novel and the hero pushed the heroine a little too firmly then 'claimed her lips in a kiss' or words to that effect.. The next scene, she woke up in bed with him. Full scene censored. But that was enough. I. Was. Hooked. Now I'd say 'OMG what a chauvinist' and if I saw my daughters reading stuff like that, I'd be careful to tell them that that type of male behaviour is unacceptable. An alpha male is one thing. A bully is another. But what did I know back then?

The thing about erotic fiction is that the premises may be different but the aim is always to get 'serviced', shall we say? Sorry if I sound all coy, it's my convent educated background playing up here!. First you get hints, implications, a little lead on here and there. Then more. More. More and more. The climax of the story usually coincides with the climax of the sexual activity of the protagonists. Which of course is really no coincidence.

SERVICED VOLUME I is a collection of erotic novellas within one volume,. by a team of competent authors from Breathless Press. They're all more than up to the mark to write 'hot' and write it most effectively. I wouldn't say I was a prude, but I took a few days to read this because I wouldn't read it in front of the kids and also because as a housewife, there was no point in reading this, getting all hot and bothered and then having to go and wash the freaking dishes. I'd have probably ended up breaking half of them. SERVICED VOL. I.is about service people, i.e. active military personnel. Well, there couldn't be anyone more hungry for a bit of hot loving than a serviceman on leave, now could there? Except perhaps his lady? And then, what of the servicewomen? Military personnel aren't all male anymore, are they?

As a self-confessed vanilla type, who was brought up to believe that sex was sacred and only for private activity, I'm probably not the best person to review a book like SERVICED. But as Oscar Wilde said, books are well written or badly written, that is all. And I can recognize good writing when I see it. And this is that elusive commodity, good writing. Skilled writing. After all, if you're going to write hot, you might as well 'get it write' so to speak. And yes, they do.

So if you're a fan of erotic romance, you won't go wrong to pick this up. It will certainly get your pulse racing. And a few more things too, I should think.

Well done, Allie A. Burrow and the rest of the group, you've earned your commissions here. This volume has been reported to have been selling wildly, so I guess that Volume II will the virtual shelves in due course. .
Profile Image for Desere.
758 reviews76 followers
March 3, 2013
I have always found the men in uniform totally irresistible, sexy and just plain HOT!

It has to be the power they can hold or maybe the muscle, or the fact that they will protect their woman like one of their own men in battle or heck maybe it is their "guns", what ever the reason men in uniforms know how to turn a woman on!

In this read I was introduced to sexy soldiers, with various ranks, from all over doing their thing and doing their woman the way they like.

From being in control, to being kind, sweet and sensitive, to being totally out of control and ensuring their woman get the best sex of their lives, and also in some really public places I might add, which really left the pages ablaze with all kinds of sexual scenario's!

Yes ladies this read had it all ! And I do mean all, the characters ranged from kind, caring souls who fight for what is right to dark dangerous badboys who change the lives of woman all over the world after just one night.

Each and every author made sure to deliver a impact that will say with me as reader for a long time. There was the spectacular For One Night Only by Allie A. Burrow that will leave you breathless and believing that soul mates do exist.

Then there was also the heart-stopping Taking Command by Zara Stoneley that showed taking control of what you want or in this case of who you want is sometimes the only way to get your man!

Each and every story was hot, sexy, fun and flirty! For those ladies out there looking for a hotter than hot read this one is it, the sex scenes of all books were remarkable and guaranteed to get your heart racing and palms sweating, not to mention the drop-your-pants and give me some soldiers!

I highly recommend this read for lovers of short but powerful romances reads with hot, racy and sexy love scenes. After reading this one you will want to go out and get serviced by your very own uniformed hero!

5/5 star review
"Every woman needs a man in uniform"
Profile Image for Fiona Wilson.
Author 2 books54 followers
December 31, 2015
10 short stories by 9 different authors -

Allie A. Burrow, Leona J. Bushman, Mickey J. Corrigan, Angelica Dawson, Jesabelle Jones, Raven McAllan, Natalia Petrovskii, Shelli Rosewarne and Zara Stonely.

Serviced is an anthology of stories with a common theme. They all feature servicemen or servicewomen.

The stories featured range from a relationship going from strength to strength, to a woman fighting a growing attraction to her brothers best friend; a murder investigation to a chance encounter on a beach.

I have my favourites, as I'm sure anyone who reads this book will do too. But for what it's worth, my favourites have to be -

For One Night Only by Allie A. Burrow
Over a Dead Body by Leona Bushman
First Date - The Italian Colonel by Jesabelle Jones
A Chance at Love by Shelli Rosewarne

All 10 stories are different in setting, and writing style, but all are very well written. They all capture the theme well, and draw the reader in without really trying. I love happy endings and I therefore loved this book! Such a shame real life isn't life a book, then we would all be happy!
Profile Image for ✨Cassie ✨.
528 reviews5 followers
June 13, 2014
Serviced: Volume 1 is centered on ten different short stories about men and women in the service. The stories are about the relationships they find and a lot of sexiness.

For One Night Only -Kate Powell/ Corporal Mark Butler
Two nights of the greatest sex lead to written correspondence with Corporal Mark for the past four months. Mark will surprise Kate with more then a night of fun, dancing and love making.

Over A Dead Body- Chief Petty Officer John Riker/ NCIS Agent Edith Lancaster
After walking away from Edith five years earlier, John will have to come face to face with her when he is a suspected for murder. Will they find their love and both heal, while trying to prove John innocent?

Reds, Whites, AND Blues- Graham/ iris
A day at the beach turns into a lot more then what Graham had planned. When iris comes over, she gives him a lot more then a beer. After a hot and sandy encounter, Graham takes iris’s number, but will he ever call her, or just leave it at a hot and sexy day at the beach?

Leave Taking- Dani/ Will
Will surprises his wife with a visit home after six months away on duty, and overdue love making.

First Date: The Italian Colonel -Leonie/ Colonel Luca Giordano
Au Pair Leonie, is all hot and bothered on 4th of July in more ways then one. When she spots Luca he makes her a lot hotter. Can Luca cool her down and give her the best 4th of July she will ever have?

Major’s Minah- Lord Oliver Canton/ Wilhelminah Sutterton
In the days of Lords, swords and arrange marriages, Oliver needs to find him a bride, but with his sexual taste that will be a bit hard. Wilhelminah might be the one, only if she can be submissive and enjoy BDSM. Will they be a match?

Knock Out- Warrant Officer Ryan Wilson/ Corporal Nicole Muchmore
Sparring with Ryan is the worst thing Nicole can think of. He is an ass and she can’t stand him. Going to the gym and it being only Nicole and Ryan, there will be a lot more then sparring going on. Will they get caught or be able to hide from their Caption?

A Chance at Love- Suzanne Kelsey/ Corporal Aidan Hamilton
Suzanne’s worst fear comes to life when she sees the Corporal standing on her front porch, to bring her news of her brother’s death. Letting Aidan, a friend of her deceased brother, stay the night she finds herself leaning on him for comfort and a bit more. Will Suzanne let him go, or will they find more then comfort and fun in each other?

Taking Command- Jade/ Soldier Mike Sands
A weekend of pure hotness and finally getting the guy turns into heartbreak when the weekend ends. Mike left and after months she can’t quit thinking about him. Jade will get him back no matter what, and she isn’t against handcuffs and having her way with him. Will Mike be able to give Jade what she wants, while letting go his fears of dieing and having her alone?

Riding Out the Storm- Corporal Anna Jordan/ Lieutenant Kyle Campbell
A normal navigation exercise turns into being separated from their platoon, when a storm strikes down. Being alone with the person that she has been fantasizing about has Anna nervous and excited. Will it all be a one night stand or a bit more for Kyle?

Serviced: Volume 1 is a great read, with even greater short erotic stories. They are all different and some more erotic then others. I really enjoyed ‘For One Night Only’, ‘Major’s Minah’ a lot. Each author brought their own flair and creativity to their stories. I would love to read more about Kate and Mark in ‘For One Night Only’. Each story revolves around the same two things, Service men or woman and sex. What two great things to combine, and it sure did make a hot read! So if your looking for a book for the weekend I would definitely recommend this one. I give this book 4 star!

“One night with you was never going to be enough. It’s insane how much I love being with you, it scares me to think how much I’ll miss you.”- Mark in For One Night Only

“No let me finish. I might lose you whether you’re here or a thousand miles away. But if that happens, I want to be your wife. If you die, I want your flag.” - Edith in Over A Dead Body

“Nice meeting you, soldier.”- iris in Reds, Whites, And Blues

“You don’t have to touch yourself anymore, honey. I’ll be happy to do it for you.”- Will in Leave Taking

“I’m only playing, Luca. Touch me, feel me.” – Leonie in First Date: The Italian Colonel

“Oliver? I am no shy and retiring deb. I am older, wiser, and well-read. I have ideas such as I presume no young lady of the ton even knows about, let alone condones. I am my own person, and I want more. Are you the man to give it to me?”- Minah- in Major’s Minah

“Oh God, Nicole, your so perfect.”- Ryan in Knock Out

“I think you were pretty damn amazing last night.”- Aidan in A Chance At Love

“Oh we’re definitely going to do something, but we’re going to do it first and then I’ll untie you.”- Jade in Taking Command

“I lied…I do bite.”- Kyle in Riding Out The Storm
Profile Image for Janet Juengling-Snell.
327 reviews29 followers
March 31, 2013
I love a man in uniform, so much that not only did I join the Army; I also married a man in uniform. So when I saw Serviced was 10 short stories by 9 different authors, I had to read it. I loved the fact that I could read these stories in between my breaks. Each one left me fully satisfied.

And as you can guess by the title and the smoking hot cover, the theme to these stories are soldiers!

Serviced has a story for everyone, men who are sweet and sexy or in need to be in total control. This anthology has it all! I have never read anything from any of the contributing authors, but after reading their short stories, I will be looking at their other works. These stories are sizzling hot to say the least.

I think my personal favorite belonged to Allie A. Burrow, For One Night Only. In this short masterpiece, we meet Kate Powell who hasn’t seen her boyfriend, Mark Butler for over seven months, when he surprises her one evening. They only have this one night together before he has to return to his unit and let me tell you they make the best of it, with lots of hot, sweaty sex! One of the reason I truly enjoyed One Night Only, beside the great sex scenes) was that we also got to get a peek into the emotional side of Mark and Kate, how they really feel about each other.

If you don’t have a chance to read all the stories, I highly recommend at least reading For One Night Only.

The question that is on my mind, where were these men while I was servicing in the Army?!
Profile Image for Two Nerds With Words.
928 reviews52 followers
March 31, 2013
Reviewer: Bex
Rating: 4 out of 5 sexy fairies

There's a whole array of hotness between these military based erotic pages, a level of hotness that will get you all hot and steamy no doubt. A collection of short stories, 'Serviced' provides a range of stories that are sexy as hell, in addition to having some pretty decent, and at times gripping story lines.

As with anthologies, there were some stories that kept me hooked and that I desperately wanted to magically transform into a full length novel or a novella at least, whilst other were simply okay. Although all of them were well written and helped to create a range of military stories with different heat levels.

The anthology overall was thoroughly enjoyable and hit the proverbial spot for wanting a quick, satisfying and steamy read.
Author 26 books242 followers
March 14, 2013
Heat with heart

I love anthologies because I like the variety and the surprise, and the fact you can dip in and out. This one is awesome, not only because it delivers so many bangs for your buck (it’s huge for the price - ten sizzling stories) but because it does that so effectively – in short the writing is brilliant. Serviced is explicit and hot as they come, but if that’s all you’re expecting, look again. This is heat with heart, and so much more.

My fave stories so far are:
Taking Command by Zara Stonely, who again exploits her talent to create emotional depth and complex characters in a story about a brother’s best friend returning home on leave. Heat-packed, compelling and illuminating, I loved the fierce determination of heroine, Jade, and the integrity of smoking-hot hero, Andy. Zara is queen of delicious heat and those scenes are pure perfection. Read and enjoy.
There’s wonderfully evocative language in Raven McAllan’s gloriously wicked historical, Major’s Minah. Feisty heroine Minah was delectable, and the wry humour of smoldering hero Oliver was great. Rauchy, pacey, atmospheric and deliciously naughty.
Allie A. Burrow’s For One Night Only is full of refreshing new takes, covers a lot of ground in a short time, and delivers a lovely twist at the end. Her writing is slick and assured, her imagery and themes are very original, and after reading this, travel on a train will never be the same again. (!!!!)

Heat level: almost had to call the fire brigade (because of the heat, not just because I like firemen ;-) ) I won this book in Allie A Burrow’s competition, but I will definitely be buying the next Volume. Can’t wait for that.
Profile Image for Chris Mead.
161 reviews4 followers
March 27, 2013
The ten stories in SERVICED VOLUME 1 are so hot that they will leave you gasping for air! There is a little bit of something for everyone in these highly seductive and mesmerizing tales that feature men of the military. The authors have done a stellar job of creating erotic masterpieces that will keep you entertained for hours.

While it isn’t within my scope to provide a narrative of each story, I have highlighted a few of my favorites here for you…

In FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY by Allie A Burrow, we find Kate Powell, who has been marking the days down on the calendar. It has been seven months and twenty three days since she has seen her beau, Corporal Mark Butler. Kate has taken to using her battery powered friend in his absence. When Mark manages to get a night of leave, he surprises Kate for a rendezvous on a train that you won’t soon forget! This super hot story was my favorite story in the book. The drama unfolds in great detail and pulls on the heartstrings under Allie A Burrow’s deft touch. If you only read one story in this book make it be this one because you won’t be disappointed!

Profile Image for Jessy.
464 reviews
March 17, 2013
W.O.W. I don't even know where to begin! This book is like a treasure box. Every time you open it up there are little jewels tucked away just for you! These stories take you to a new level of passion. They leave you panting and reaching for your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner. Which ever it is...you're going to want them near you! There is so much sexiness filling up these pages all with men in uniform you can't help but want to get *ahem* 'Serviced' *wink*
Each author has given you a short story full of sensual caressing, heavy kissing, lovemaking that takes you to new heights! Each author will leave you wanting more! If you love to be thrown into a frenzy of orgasm bliss then this book is for you! All I have to say is it's one of my favorite from this genre! I didn't think it could get any better...oh but it does! Don't miss out on this book! I give it my thumbs up!
Profile Image for Cluckin Reviews.
7 reviews4 followers
March 4, 2014
Serviced, Vol. 1 (Anthology)

These hot tales of serviced men and women sure got my eggs steamed! Hot! Hot! And more HOT! In this anthology, there was a little taste of everything, from historical steam to modern day pouched goodness. Overall, I would give this anthology 4/5 eggs for a must read. The only thing I feel lacking in this anthology is I would have liked to have seen an even more diverse group of stories. Give me intergalactic space rangers, wolf shifter/vampire armies, police/fireman on duty, but that is just personal taste. Something about men in uniform... yummy!

Also, can we talk about the cover! Hot, hot, HOT! I wish I was the one that applied that body paint/dirt on him...

For more of the review, please visit



4/5 Eggs

Profile Image for Nicole.
319 reviews11 followers
September 25, 2015

Oliver needs a wife. It's his duty. He also knows he wants one who could complete him. He doesn't want to be a man or husband would would stray from his wife, but he also doesn't believe anyone in the ton could accept him, or his desires. Then he meets a Minah. She knows what she wants. She knows what she wants and she knows he can five thin to her. Now she must convince him she's the woman for him.

This anthology is no longer in print.
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