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To change the world, I may lose everything

All Eva ever wanted was the chance to be herself. But in the Americas, to be hybrid—to share your body with a second soul—is not tolerated past childhood. Now Eva and Addie, her sister soul, are constantly on the move, hiding from the officials who seek to capture them. But the tide is changing. A revolution is brewing, and people are starting to question the hybrids' mistreatment.

Then Marion, an ambitious reporter, offers Eva and Addie a daring proposal: If they go undercover and film the wretched conditions of a hybrid institution, she will not only rescue them, she'll find a way to free Jackson, the boy Addie loves. It's risky, and Eva will have to leave Ryan and her friends behind, but if she succeeds, it could also tip the scales forever and lead to hybrid freedom.

As Eva and Addie walk into danger, they cling to each other and the hope of a better future. But the price they might pay is higher than they ever could have imagined.

354 pages, Hardcover

First published September 16, 2014

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About the author

Kat Zhang

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*Please do not message me through Goodreads! Instead, email me at katzhang3 AT gmail DOT com. I don't get on Goodreads often to check messages! Thank you :) *

Kat Zhang spent most of her childhood tramping through a world weaved from her favorite stories and games. When she and her best friend weren't riding magic horses or talking to trees, they were writing adaptations of plays for their stuffed animals (what would The Wizard of Oz have been like if the Cowardly Lion were replaced by a Loquacious Lamb?). This may or may not explain many of Kat's quirks today.

By the age of twelve, Kat had started her first novel and begun plans for her life as a Real Live Author (she was rather more confident at twelve than she is even now). Said plans didn't come into fruition until seven years later, when her agent sold her Young Adult trilogy, The Hybrid Chronicles, to HarperCollins. The series, about a parallel universe where everyone is born with two souls, concluded in 2014.

Her two upcoming Middle Grade novels will be released in 2017 and 2018 with Simon & Schuster. The first, The Emperor's Riddle, is about hidden treasure, lost aunts, and China. The second, The Memory of Forgotten Things, is about parallel universes (again), solar eclipses, and misfit children.

Kat is represented by Emmanuelle Morgen of Stonesong. She also contributes to Pub(lishing) Crawl, a site for aspiring writers to talk about books, storytelling craft, and the publishing process.

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944 reviews1,086 followers
September 23, 2014
2.5 stars - Spoilers

It was kind of enjoyable, the storyline was a tad predictable at times though and I wasn't that impressed with the main character, her personality was quite bland and her behaviour was rather irritating.
What was most disappointing was the lack of depth and insight into the world and characters. The parts I was most interested in were never explored or addressed properly, instead everything essentially boiled down to the usual dystopian run-of-the-mill teens vs oppressive government.

-What's what: Evil government + teenagers saving the day. Everyone born with two souls, the recessive soul disappears in childhood, if that doesn't happen, children/teenagers taken away. Hybrids (the people with two souls) are hunted down and imprisoned/tortured/killed. Eva/Addie and other hybrids are on the run from the government. Eva/Addie sent on a risky mission to record and get evidence of the poor treatment of hybrids so that the general population will rebel.

-The story was rather slow and repetitive, there was a lot of running around and hiding, it all felt quite pointless. More page time should have been spent on developing characters, various relationships, and the world instead of the merry-go-around of hiding from the bad guys, being caught by the bad guys and escaping from the bad guys. It was only the parts where the characters weren't in any danger and were just in one place where the story and characters actually moved/developed. I wanted more scenes like that.

-I loved the whole hybrid concept, it was the most interesting aspect of the world — unfortunately, it wasn't explored as much as I'd have liked. There was a very superficial look into how twin souls interacted with each other and how they felt for each other. But other than that there wasn't really any insight into the hybrids and how they lived their lives. How did they cope with their twin soul falling for a different hybrid? Like Eva/Addie, they both fell for two different hybrids (Ryan whose twin soul was Devon and Jackson whose twin soul was Vince), so would all three/six live together? What would happen if Devon or Jackson fell for someone to? That would add at least another two people into the mix. Also, what if one of the hybrid souls was gay and the other not? Would the other soul care if their body was shared with someone of the same sex? There's conflict in ordinary non-hybrid couples so there would be even more tension/anger between hybrids and their other halves. There was so much potential for the author to look into the various issues and complexities that could arise from hybrids but none of it was explored.
If Eva got pregnant with Ryan's baby would Addie/Devon think themselves parents as well since biologically they would be? And if Devon fell for someone else who lived miles away and he wanted to move what would happen to Ryan/Eva, and Addie/Jackson for that matter? How could they resolve all the logistics and separate needs and desires each soul had? I doubt each could compromise and be happy with their lot. Also, what happened when it came to work and finances? Did Eva/Addie have one job even though they shared different interests? And if they had two different full time jobs which one would take priority and how could they manage it when their body would be exhausted and run down? And if they happened to share a job wouldn't one resent the other if it was a job they didn't like? Did they have one bank account? If one committed a crime and the other twin soul was innocent, how would society deal with that? There were so many questions and basic things left unsaid.

-I wasn't a fan of Eva or Addie, they were constantly doing stupid thing after stupid thing, they never learned to think things through. Eva was too naive and too much of a martyr, whilst Addie was selfish, obsessed with Jackson and was willing to risk Eva for her boyfriend of a few months. They were both hard to root for when every bad thing that happened to them was caused by their own stupidity and recklessness.

-Marion was such a cow risking Eva's life and breaking her promises just so she could get a story. Ryan wasn't much better, he did nothing to help Eva/Addie get out of the institution they were trapped in. He was a rubbish love interest.

-I felt sorry for Eva towards the end, it was obvious her parents only cared about Addie and weren't all that bothered about her.

-More world building and backstory was needed, there wasn't enough information given on the Hybrid wars or the rest of the world.

All in all, this was a somewhat entertaining read despite its shallowness, slow pace and repetitiveness. The trilogy as a whole was a lot better than most other YA dystopia out there, though that's not saying much since the majority of YA dystopia tends to be rubbish.
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581 reviews1,819 followers
Want to read
March 16, 2014
No title or cover yet. *Pouts* I know, I know ... It's probably too early for that. Well anyway ... can't wait!

Update (3/16/14): Oooh yay it has a cover now! It looks pretty much exactly like the other covers, but ... yeah, it's cool.
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148 reviews84 followers
July 31, 2018
Alright, i liked it. But there’s just something about this whole series... I just can’t seem to love it. There are moments where i feel like ‘holy shit this is actually really good!’ and then there a moments when i think ‘how much more do i have to read?’

Full review to come. Overall, i think this series is a 2,5 stars for me.
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1,854 reviews1,046 followers
May 9, 2017
Initial reaction: That was a satisfying end to a good series overall. A few points for me had the narrative dragging but I enjoyed the journey overall.

Full review:

I'll admit I'm a little sad to be finishing this series with "Echoes of Us" for two reasons: 1. It took me a long time to pick up this final novel and 2. This is pretty much the end of the journey for Eva and Addie. I've spent three books following these characters and found myself invested in their fight for representation and non-erasure of hybrid souls. This book has Addie and Eva delving into an alternate identity once again by going undercover at a facility with hybrid children like themselves to expose the horrible treatment of the souls there, but it comes with a high cost.

It may be a better thing for those who are reading the series to read these books back to back because I did struggle a little in the transition between this book and the last for remembering certain details and characters (though the book does a fair job of highlighting some of the major events from the previous books that Addie and Eva were involved within). Once I reacquainted myself with events, I was okay for the most part. I wasn't expecting some major character deaths from the get go - when the action hits home, it definitely hits home. I definitely felt for Eva in the midst of the novel for the separation anxiety and loss she feels on multiple levels. The novel on the whole ties up the major conflicts in a way that - to me - was one of the strongest ends to a YA series that I've read in recent times. However, I feel like there could've been more time spent with respect to the character development and some of the plot points that really didn't have a lot of answers with them (i.e. the existence of hybrid souls vs. the general public and how that related to the international conflict). I can't complain on the whole though, this series collectively had me glued to see what would happen next in Eva and Addie's overarching journeys.

I'm going to miss following these two - wonderful audiobook narration by Kim Mai Guest and a unique YA dystopian trilogy that left me with great impressions. The only thing I wish in finishing the novel (and series) is that it could've delved a bit deeper.

Overall score: 3.5/5 stars.
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70 reviews11 followers
November 7, 2014
I was extremely excited when the release date for this book came - and Kat Zhang did not let me down. As I devoured the storyline and new characters, I realized with a sudden jolt that this is the last book in the series. Still that did not stop me from whisking through the pages.

Eva, Addie, and their group force the world to look at the differences within each one of them. They quickly realize that everyone, regardless of how good their intentions might be, has a personal agenda. This time around, Eva and Addie endure much more pain - physically, emotionally - but it all made sense. For me, there were no unnecessary plot twists or character additions.

I am happy with the way Zhang decided to conclude the story - it is realistic; steps toward a more positive future are attempted, but not without a price. Because don't all good things come at a price?

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2,621 reviews90 followers
January 6, 2016
Not great but not horrible. It's a good story with decent execution and plot. I would like to know more of the history of this alternate America, as it's stated that it did not come about untill the start if the twentieth century and encompasses all of north, central and south america. Addie has changed for the better, as she now understands Eva's struggle and does not resent her for being able to move. Eva did not change alot, but she was a pretty good, if naive, character to start with. I would enjoy a prequel and sequel, as there are so many unknowns going into the future and so much history to this world.
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234 reviews21 followers
June 25, 2015
Echoes of Us brought the Hybrid Chronicles to the unsatisfying ending I sort of already knew was coming. I'd already known deep down that I wasn't going to get any in-depth discussion or exploration of the effects of hybridity on society. Everybody's got a hundred questions about how a hybrid or part-hybrid society would actually function, and it seems none of them will be answered.

Instead, we focused on a pretty predictable wrap-up where Addy/Eva The storytelling, the characters, the writing, were pretty on par for quality with the rest of the series. What really disappoints me is that it feels like Kat Zhang came up with a concept that would totally hook publishers/readers and then threw 95% of its potential away without looking back. I got bait-and-switched into reading yet another perky-teenage-heroine-versus-evil-government trilogy of teenage feelings.

I didn't want high philosophy, I didn't want a biological or sociological study on it, I just want to know HOW a monogamous society can support hybridity, given that both souls of Entity A are not necessarily attracted to both souls of Entity B. We're told that hybridity flourishes abroad--HOW? How do hybrids have jobs? Get paid? Have families? HOW DOES THIS WORK? What works better because of hybrids and where are the logistical flaws? How has the world adapted to support this?

Scenario: Addy has a job. Addy gets paid for the work she does. Eva spends Addy's paycheck without Addy's consent. After all, Eva would know Addy's passwords, share Addy's fingerprints, and be able to bypass any conceivable security measures Addy could put up around her money. Is Eva able to be legally punished for taking the property of her other soul? For that matter, if Eva is convicted of theft and incarcerated, is it ethical to jail Addy for a crime Eva committed?


We don't know, because Zhang never goes there. And therefore, what purpose does hybridity serve to the series, other than as the bait on the hook? "Yes, you've read this basic concept a million times already, but this one has DOUBLE SOULS!" Intrigued, the readers say, "Yeah, that's a cool idea, how does it work? Because it seems pretty unsustainable." And Zhang ignores us and tells a story about a teenage girl victimized by an evil government. That's really why Echoes of Us got two stars, I think, because it yet again failed to prove my suspicions of "bait and switch" wrong.

I mean, I hated the Delirium trilogy but at least it pretty thoroughly explored the "love is a disease" concept--we knew why it had happened, how society functioned better because of it, and why the protagonists thought it was a flawed system. We explored the lives of those criminalized by the system, but also those privileged because of it. While the trilogy didn't dwell on the concept, the concept was also integral to the plot and pretty well thought out.

But if The Hybrid Chronicles weren't about an entity with two souls named Addy and Eva...if for instance, it were about two regular girls in separate bodies who were ostracized for...I don't know, having blue eyes or whatever...what would it bring to the table? Who among us who picked this book up on the pure cool-ness of the concept can actually say they were satisfied by the series? I mean, I understand that NO book would be all that great if the setting/protagonist weren't exceptional in some way, but in a world of cookie-cutter dystopian YA female-centric trilogies, you've gotta do better than a neat concept that you never touch because it's TOTALLY LOGISTICALLY UNSOUND. Zhang tries to eschew this flaw completely by failing to address it at all and I'm sorry, I'm just not going to accept that for more than two stars.
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1,071 reviews465 followers
September 13, 2014

A good conclusion to a solid Dystopian series. It’s not the most memorable story ever, but if you want an interesting story that delivers constant quality, you might want to give this series a shot. There are no hard spoilers for any of the books.

Addie/Eve are still on the run and they can’t refuse the proposal from Marion, a supporter who claims she wants to help hybrids, but is mainly looking for a good story for her career. She knows a way to free Jackson, the boy Addie fancies, and she will help them if they provide her with inside information. Addie/Eve are locked away in another institute with a hidden camera. This is only the beginning from a lot of trouble.

I like that Eve takes a more prominent role in this story. In the first two books Addie is, most of the times, in control but she is more on the background. I still like Eve the best, so I was happy with this switch. The thing about the two girls is that they both are rash and they don’t seem to value their life much. They take dangerous decisions and there were some times where they throw themselves into situations with no happy ending – and they should know that. I found them a bit too naive and it made me want to smack both of them.

Despite those flaws, they were good characters. I could see they were willing to sacrifice a lot for their friends and that is an admirable trait. Their relationship is still fascinating, but I also liked their interactions with other characters like Jackson and Ryan. I felt less chemistry between them all than in the previous books, but that’s mostly because a lot of drama is going on.

They are constantly on the run and trying to stay under the radar, especially because Jenson is looking for them. When Addie/Eve are put in the institute we truly get to see the horrible things they do to hybrids. They are kept in prison under bad conditions, waiting until they go crazy and then they are taken away; nobody knows that happens after that. It was a disgusting situation and it’s a good thing someone was trying to broadcast it.

The ending wraps everything up nicely, but doesn’t make it too happily-ever-after. It was fitting for the story and I was satisfied how everything is solved. When it comes to Dystopian series, this is one that doesn't provide something unique, but it manages to deliver a solid story with a good conclusion and sometimes that's more than enough for me.
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1,037 reviews87 followers
November 25, 2015
At A Glance

Young Adult; Science Fiction
Love Triangle/Insta Love?: Love square.
Cliff Hanger: no
Rating: 3.5 Stars

Score Sheet
All out of ten

Cover: 8
Plot: 8
Characters: 8
World Building: 8
Flow: 8
Series Congruity: 9
Writing: 8
Ending: 7

Total: 8

In Dept

Best Part:
Worst Part: Emptiness?
Thoughts Had: So much action; that's it?!


Continuing the Series:
Recommending: yes

Short Review: I am at a huge cross roads with this book. On one hand i really liked it but on the other hand, i felt like it wasn't as great as i needed it to be. There was tons of action and plot development but in the end i was wanting more! Sure there was great closure and things ended happily but there was so much more that could have happened. *sigh* oh well i guess.

Review in GIF Form:

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355 reviews65 followers
May 31, 2021
While this isn't the most explosive finale to a series I have read, it is still a pretty good ending to this pretty solid series. Kat Zhang knows how to write suspense and get you reading multiple chapters in one sitting. Would recommend this series cause it's pretty fun and well told
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1,202 reviews391 followers
February 1, 2015
See more of my reviews on The YA Kitten! I won an ARC from the author.

3.5 stars.

Without ever expecting to, I became a massive fan of Kat Zhang’s books. What’s Left of Me surprised someone tired of all the dystopians, Once We Were wowed me beyond all expectations, and winning an ARC of Echoes of Us was kind of amazing and I may have danced with my book when it arrived but no biggie. Did Echoes of Us manage to match the other two books in the trilogy or even blow them out of the water? If only it had, but it’s still a fine novel and a sweet ending to the series even if it’s not necessarily one that feels right.

Within the first 70 pages, major characters die, everyone gets separated, and other characters who haven’t been confirmed dead are feared dead. Clearly, Zhang isn’t pulling any punches and the characters mean serious business just like the end of Once We Were showed readers. Character relationships and the explorations of who Addie and Eva are were the anchors for the previous two novels, but Echoes of Us has the girls running from bad guys and hiding in a cycle so regular it has little entertainment value.

But for those who liked Addie and Eva’s time locked up with the other hybrids in the first book, you’ll get more of that here when she goes undercover so the world can see how hybrids are suffering where no one can see them. If you thought her first trip inside the system was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet! The actions of Addie and Eva’s former friends caused some serious problems and not unbelievably, the system has changed somewhat to keep anything like that from happening again. It reminds me of all the brave reporters who went undercover in insane asylums to expose conditions there, like Nellie Bly. It’s horrible work that puts you in danger, but it’s so necessary.

Other things the novel reminded me of include North Korea–specifically how Zhang’s closed-off Americas are so much like North Korea. Like the communist nation, outsiders know very little about the Americas and foreign reporters put themselves in danger when they enter the country in hopes of revealing the atrocities going on within the backwards nation’s borders. That may not have been the intention, but with all the bullshit about The Interview going on right now, it was a parallel I couldn’t help but see and it made my reading experience that much richer. I LOVE seeing parallels like that in my reading.

With everything Addie and Eva and other hybrids suffer through,, you wonder if anything can get better for them, but with some incriminating evidence and negotiation, the girls get their world on the way to hybrid acceptance. Considering how deeply entrenched in prejudice their country is when it comes to hybrids, the ending is too optimistic for me. Racism and sexism are still major problem plaguing all societies after centuries of hard work, but hybrid prejudice is supposed to disappear within months and everything is good? For a series that has been such a strong allegory about the nature and problems with bigotry, it’s all too sweet for me to believe.

Despite my concerns and all the unanswered questions about hybrid life like how two souls in one body loving two completely different people would work out (among many other things), Echoes of Us will satisfy many readers and have them looking forward to future books from Zhang. I know I’m ready to see what she comes up with next! If you want to binge one of the best dystopian/mildsci-fi series out there now that all the books are out, now is a great time to do it with the Hybrid Chronicles. I’d choose these books over Divergent any day!
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995 reviews295 followers
December 5, 2014
I wanted to read this one because I have enjoyed Addie and Eva in the previous series.

Going in I really didn't remember a whole lot of this one. With the hybrids there were double the characters to remember and besides Addie and Eva I didn't remember the other ones really. Besides Jackson and Ryan I remember the romance with them. But I quickly got back into the action and started to pick up pieces of what I'd forgotten.

Its pretty apparent the sister bond with Addie and Eva. Even though they've learned to give each other their own time they also had to learn in the last one the power of them working together. That continues to be a theme in this one as they're sent on a mission to record the environment in the facilities. I was nervous for them going back in but I knew that they were brave and that they would do anything to expose what was going on inside.

I enjoyed the end of the series, it came.to an ending that I didn't think would be possible.
There were many surprises and twists that I never saw coming. Losses and victories that made the story believable and and.ending of hope for the hybrids and the possibility of peace and balance for Addie and Eva.

Bottom Line: Good series ending, I was satisfied with the character development and plot resolution.
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47 reviews2 followers
April 8, 2015
I thought the first 75% of this book was awesome. And then it seemed like the author couldn't figure out how she wanted to end it. There were about 4 different directions should could have ended the book in, but it just kept going into another tailspin. It's a shame because majority of it I couldn't put down, I had to have more. It reminded me a lot of the first book & how I couldn't put that down either. The first book is definitely the best in the series, with this being a close second. If you've finished the second book and were left kind of 'meh, should I even bother with the third?', I'd recommend finishing the series simply for the majority of this book. The first 75% gave a lot of emotion and action and is worth muddling through the last 50-60 pages where things get really boring. I still love the concept behind the series itself and wish there was more about just their everyday life and how they make that work..
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1,838 reviews6,208 followers
May 10, 2017
Don't you just want to scream at these book characters sometimes, "Stop making the same stupid choices over and over again!"?

I do, at Eva, whom I don't really like. I still have a hard time believing she was ever the weak soul because she is obnoxious, self-centered, oblivious, rude, and an all around steam roller. With the brains of a steam roller as well. So, basically, this book is all Eva making stupid choices that continually put herself and others in danger, leaving a path of death and destruction in her wake. I have a hard time liking characters like that.

they saving thing about the book is that the hybrid concept is still a cool and original idea. And, many of the other characters in the book are interesting. Overall, I was glad to finally finish this series.
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217 reviews3 followers
April 19, 2016
This took forever to get through and I didn't feel like there was a huge resolution to the problems set forth in the book. That being said, I did like it and would recommend to the young adult population as long as they don't need a huge resolution.
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251 reviews4 followers
February 11, 2020
It’s sad that The Hybrid Chronicles now have came to and end.
I really enjoyed this book.
I thought there was a lot more adventure and action in this book.
I got super worried that Eva had lost Addie forever, then I thought poor Jackson.
I’m so glad there was a happily ever after.
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261 reviews20 followers
December 4, 2018
I liked the series; and the unusual voice really worked. I feel like it ended rather suddenly; and it could have used another 15-20 pages to breathe.
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199 reviews164 followers
February 1, 2016
To see my full review, click here

I wasn't sure if I wanted to read this book after finishing the second book in the series, which I didn't like at all. However, I had already taken Echoes of Us out of the library and I was curious to see how the series ended, so I gave it the "read the first chapter and see how good it is" test. I'm so glad that I did, because I loved this book! Everything the other books were lacking in were included in this one, and the writing was much better.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the setting. Basically, the two main characters, Eva and Addie, allow themselves to be taken to a hybrid institution to film the terrible conditions so that people know how bad things are there. The institution is so well described, I can picture it in my mind, and it almost feels like a real place. The fact that the author isn't hesitant to make a really creepy place one of the main settings makes me like this book much more.

Another thing I loved about this book (and the series in general) was how much character development there was between the first and third book. In the beginning of the trilogy, Eva and Addie are completely innocent and unaware of the struggles going on in their country, but over the course of the series they become conscious of fight for hybrid freedom and the details the government is hiding from them about the rest of the world. They change from a normal 15 year old high school student into a rebel leader who talks to the president in less than a year, and the best part is it feels like a completely natural transition.

Overall there wasn't much about the book that I didn't like, and I'm (happily) surprised about the way the series ended.
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1,220 reviews17 followers
September 14, 2020
Kind of a mediocre book (it definitely didn't have the same verve as the first story). And it never did address any of my questions from the previous two novels. In fact, it probably raised a few more than it did answer them. And I was annoyed with the whole media affair (for instance, why did everyone in the hybrid party keep Marion in such high esteem? She kept f***ing everyone over basically every chance she had, but they kept giving her story after story after story).

But pretty much everyone seemed to disappear part way through the story and then just reappear later. Like, Eva makes a stupid decision to get herself stuck in an institution again (because of Marion, of course) and is supposed to be rescued (by Marion) after a few weeks. But Marion decides to not stage the rescue she "planned" and instead leaves the girls stuck inside the institution for much longer than expected. Eva ends up taking things into her own hands (and sweet Bridget's) and stages her own escape. But where were all the people who supposedly cared about her? Where was Ryan (Mr. Can Break Anything Down and Fix It)? Where was Emma who basically became their parents in the last book? I mean, Jackson almost showed up and did something, but Addie and Eva took care of it on their own first. But I felt like it was very neglectful of the author to just leave Eva and Addie in there when there were supposed to be so many hybrids that cared about them so much (although, I'm not sure why. Neither of their personalities were exactly awesome, in my opinion).
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4,534 reviews156 followers
January 23, 2015
"The world is not on your side, Eva. It never has been."

this was a pretty good conclusion to an interesting series.

This theory of two souls in one body and fighting for dominance - ultimately snuffing the weaker one out - has always been a really interesting idea. The first book I read an awful long time ago - so my first memories of Addie and Eva are really fuzzy. I was really grateful for the first chapter in this book that did a mini review. there were also gentle nudges all along the book helping me remember what happened in the first two.

But think this one, I didn't love it. the conversations were a little jarring and didn't feel natural- maybe that was on purpose because the book is spent with so much turmoil and craziness that addie/eva were constantly stumbling behind everyone else.

But all in all, I'm glad I finished the series so see how it all panned out.
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1,176 reviews37 followers
January 10, 2015
One of the things I love about this trilogy is how smart Addy and Eva are and how truly teenager they are. I mean that they make mistakes, they react badly, but at the same time they are willing to grow and adapt in a truly courageous way.
I thought the romances were really well done. They didn'tt take up a lot of space but what they did have was both sweet and believable.
One of my big complaints about many series that feature teenagers is that the heroine doesn't have the necessary skills to succeed. Addie and Eva might not seem like they do, but when the time comes they are in a place where they can make the most of what they have. It was satisfying to Eva really take on the bad guys instead of being helpless!
The ending was both believable and satisfying. While it did strain the bonds of credulity a little it still worked within the story. The possibilities functioned, is the only say I can think to say it.
I can't wait to see what Kat Zahn writes next!
Profile Image for Kristi.
295 reviews
June 8, 2020
Overall, this was an OK finish to the trilogy. As kind of expected from a YA novel, the story was wrapped up in a pretty bow at the end. As I read some of the other reviews of this book, I too realized that there wasn't a great deal of perspective about what it would be like to live as two "souls" in one body. The entire crux of the trilogy, the existence of these two-souled hybrids and the resulting prejudices, really could have been about any group of people with a particular difference than the "norm" (eg, disability, race, gender). This lack of complexity probably reflects the age and inexperience of the author, who was only in high school when she began writing these books. As a light adventure story, it was fairly enjoyable.
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86 reviews13 followers
Want to read
July 23, 2014
Am I the only one who's really disappointed in the cover? The other two were so pretty, but this one's just... eh. I hate it so much when the last book in a trilogy looks different than the others. Not only is the shadow part weak, but was it really necessary to make it yellow?

Love the title, but jeez what were they thinking?

(NOTE: this means absolutely nothing against the writing or quality of the series, I was just a little disapointed by the cover art, but this means absolutely nothing against the books content! I just really love good cover art in general!)
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35 reviews2 followers
April 4, 2015
Unfortunately this book was not as good as the others, the storyline was not as exciting, it was quite predictable. However you can not just judge a book on that. It was still written exceptionally, and I fell even more in love with Eva's new 'boyfriend' per say. I can see it even if Eva wont admit it.

I still loved this book, and it ended just the way I wanted, so that makes me even happier and more in love with this series.

A fantastic end to this series and I loved every part of it from start to finish.
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January 25, 2015
This was a great ending to a great series. I love how . Ryan and Eva are so cute together, and we didn't see enough of Addie and Jackson over the course of the series for me to have a great opinion on them, but I think he's good for her. My one problem is that I wish Overall great ending. Loved it!!!
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February 27, 2016

I really enjoyed reading The Hybrid Chronicles, but this conclusion to the triology was a touch weak, even though everything gets wrapped up. It was too easy. But I enjoyed Eva and Addie and that concept.
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