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The Raven Cycle #2

The Dream Thieves

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Now that the ley lines around Cabeswater have been woken, nothing for Ronan, Gansey, Blue, and Adam will be the same. Ronan, for one, is falling more and more deeply into his dreams, and his dreams are intruding more and more into waking life. Meanwhile, some very sinister people are looking for some of the same pieces of the Cabeswater puzzle that Gansey is after…

439 pages, Hardcover

First published September 17, 2013

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About the author

Maggie Stiefvater

82 books167k followers
New York Times bestselling author of The Shiver Trilogy, The Raven Cycle, and The Scorpio Races. Artist. Driver of things with wheels. Avid reader.

Maggie Stiefvater plays several musical instruments (most infamously, the bagpipes) and makes art in several media (most generally, colored pencils).

She lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with her husband, their two children, many dogs, a bunch of fainting goats, and a mating pair of growly tuner cars.

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December 10, 2020

Happy Pride Month y'all! Click the link to check out my favorite PRIDE books
The Written Review

Their magic. Their quest. Their awfulness and strangeness.
Her raven boys.
Every so often, there is a series that absolutely sweeps you off your feet.

It's all-encompassing. All-consuming. Everything you have ever wanted in a book.

It's simply magnificent.
Ronan Lynch:
I am being perfectly fucking civil.

Adam Parrish “Do you think you're a train wreck?"
"That would mean I was on the tracks to start with.”

Richard Gansey the Third 'I wish you could be kissed, Jane,' he said. 'Because I would beg just one off you.'

Noah Czerny "I can't believe Noah didn't stick around to help."
"Sure you can. Never trust the dead.”
Words cannot describe how much of a fan I am of this series.

There's so much that happens in a Raven Cycle novel that I'm at a bit of a loss. Is it even possible to write a review?

There's the fallout from Ronan's big reveal, the insanity of Kavinsky, the Welsh King adventure and Cabeswater madness.

There's Chainsaw being adorable, Ronan "borrowing" cars, Adam pulling himself up from poverty, Gansey being Gansey and Noah obsessing over snow-globes.

I would need a full essay to fully explain everything.

In lieu of writing a book on this book, I'll quote my friend when he first introduced me to this series,
Miranda. Don't be a loser, just read it already.
Audiobook Comments
Man oh man, does the reader just excel. Every audiobook from this series easily makes my top ten list of fave audios. Every character has a speaking voice, a thinking voice and a narrating voice - those voices are distinct but completely recognizable as that character.

I love the edge to Ronan tone and the soft hint of a Henrietta accent in Adams. Gansey's rich, clipped tones contrast so well against Blue's smooth southern voice. I am in love with these audiobooks.

Credit to these gorgeous images: Xia-Hainex

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June 5, 2020
Update 2020: I'm currently rereading The Dream Thieves, and I could not stop cackling at these two passages:

“Touch it,” Blue whispered. “See if it’s alive, too.”
“One of you two Poverty Twins should touch it,” Ronan said. “I touched the last one.”
Her eyes blazed. “What did you just call me?”
“You heard me.”
“Gansey,” she said.”

Just imagining that last line in Dwight’s voice from The Office had me nearly on the floor.

bookspoils office
Also this:

“From the deck of the boat, Orla said, “I’m having a psychic moment. It involves you and me.”
Distracted, Gansey glanced up from the computer screen. “Were you talking to me or Ronan?”
“Either. I’m flexible.”

Orla is me.

On a more serious note, I noticed with this reread that my appreciation for Gansey has grown considerably. Something about his loyalty to Ronan even when he's acting like a complete jerk stopped me cold on this reread. And, you know, also his effortless back-and-forth with Blue, which is too much to just mention by the by. Oh, and that kiss with Noah and Blue? Totally wrecked me. It hurt intensely days after I read it. Like, the “Oh, thought Blue. So this is what I can’t have” and that she imagined kissing Gansey while kissing Noah and that's what made the kiss perfect. Damn.

i can't sleep because of that scene

Also, this: “Ronan had seen Pygmalion and heard Alice in Wonderland so often in his youth that he no longer could judge whether or not they were any good, whether or not he actually liked them. The movie and the novel were history now. They were his parents.”

Check out my review below for my first impressions.

Reread SEPTEMBER 2018
The only thing that matters:

“Is it your - your thoughts are in Latin? Or the dialogue? Do other people speak Latin in them? Like, am I in your dreams?”
“Oh, yes baby.” It amused Ronan to say this, a lot. He laughed enough that Chainsaw abandoned her paper shredding to verify he wasn’t dying.”

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 09.46.55
“While I’m gone,” Gansey said, pausing, “dream me the world. Something new for every night.”

This review contains *spoilers*.

The Dream Thieves picks up right where The Raven Boys left off.
Gansey still searches the mountains of Virginia for the legendary Welsh king Glendower, a quest made more plausible by the group’s discovery of a creepy, sentient, magical forest called Cabeswater.
But in this book, all of this takes a back seat to Ronan’s confession on the last page of The Raven Boys: he can take things out of his dreams.

I’ve had trouble sleeping lately, so I found Ronan’s dreams and the whole process of taking something from the dreams really intriguing.
But while this book did not help with increasing my sleep (I stayed up way too late because of this book), it did help with feeling a little relieved that my nightmares can’t come to life.


“In that moment, Blue was a little in love with all of them. Their magic. Their quest. Their awfulness and strangeness. Her raven boys.”
Right there with you, Blue.
I really appreciated how natural the friendships between the boys and Blue felt. The raven boys all hold a special place in my heart (especially Ronan). They are so complex and dynamic and beautiful.

Ronan Lynch is incredibly charming in a way that’s physically painful to me, and he’s funny, and so, so sweet underneath all his hard exterior. I’m just really attached to him— I’m kind of scared of how close I feel to him. At this point I don't even think of him as a character in a book, he feels so real.
And I loved that we got to read more of his point of view.

“At night, the longing for home was ceaseless and omniscient, an airborne contaminant. He saw it in Dollar City’s cheap oven mitts — that was his mother at dinnertime. He heard it in the slam of the cash register drawer — that was his father coming home at midnight. He smelled it in the sudden whiff of air freshener — that was the family trips to New York.”
I love Ronan. So much.


And Adam continues to break pieces of my heart. I completely understood how he was feeling at the beginning of the story and I really felt for him and the financial situation he was in.
“People who said money couldn’t buy everything hadn’t seen anyone as rich as the Aglionby boys. They were untouchable, immune to life’s troubles. Only death couldn’t be swiped away by a credit card.”

But I wished he would be less angry to the people that really cared about him.

“He became aware that Blue was watching him, her lips pursed, eyebrows tight.
“Don’t look at me like that,” he said.
“Like what? I’m not allowed to be worried about you?”
Heat hissed through his voice. “I don’t want your pity.”
If Gansey wasn’t allowed to pity him, Blue sure as hell wasn’t allowed to. She and Adam were in the same boat, after all. Wasn’t she on her way to work, the same as he’d just come from it?
Blue said, “Then don��t be pitiful!”


Also, Ronan returning to his childhood home was something I didn’t know I needed until it appeared in the book.

“Gansey looked at Ronan.
Ronan rubbed a studious thumb beneath one of the leather straps, wiping away the grime and sweat. He wondered when he’d ever be back. Softly, just for Gansey, he asked, “Can I go and see Mom?”

If before I didn’t love him so much that my heart hurt, I certainly did after that part.
He showed this whole new side of himself and I’m crying.


This book seriously increased my love for Ronan so much. And I’m totally going to listen to sappy love music because of him.

“It’s awake,” he said. Lifting his hand, he pressed the tiny body to his cheek so that he could feel the flutter of its rapid heartbeat against his skin. Blue was staring at him, so he offered it to her. “You can feel its heart that way.”
She looked suspicious. “Are you for real? Are you messing with me?”
“How do you figure?”
“You’re a bastard, and this doesn’t seem like a typical bastard activity.”
He smiled thinly. “Don’t get used to it.”

I love it when he smiles.

“Where Gansey’s ancestral home was a no-touch museum of elegant, remote things, the Barns was a warren of pool tables and quilts, video game cords and shoddily expensive leather couches.
Ronan loved it so much. He nearly couldn’t bear it. He wanted to destroy something.

This is how I feel about Ronan.


I also still really enjoy Blue’s family. They feel so real and are so well written that I sometimes forget they only exist in this storyline.
Oh, and when the Gray Man started flirting with Maura over the phone I started laughing so hard. I had to no idea what to take from that conversation. But they actually surprised me with how well they went along. Are they a thing now?

“Do you know, this is the first time I’ve seen you wearing shoes. Oh, so — what’s going on there?”
Maura glanced over her shoulder to where he pointed. A small, weary Ford had just pulled up behind the Gray Man’s rental car. “Oh, that’s Calla. She’s following us to the restaurant to make sure you’re really taking me there and not burying me in the woods.”
The Gray Man said, “How ridiculous. I never bury anybody.”
Calla gave a mean-spirited wave in his general direction. Her fingers were claws on the steering wheel.”

(I really liked Maura’s honesty when he took her out for dinner.)

Another part that made me laugh was when Noah and Blue were at Monmouth Manufacturing while Gansey and Ronan were away.

“Noah rubbed the smudge on his cheek. It didn’t go away. It never did. He said, “I know somebody you could kiss.”
“Who?” She realized his eyes were amused. “Oh, wait.”
He shrugged. He was maybe the only person Blue knew who could preserve the integrity of a shrug while lying down. “It’s not like you’re going to kill me. I mean, if you were curious.”

Noah surprised me so much when he said that. And Blue surprised me even more when she accepted.
The first kiss between them made me laugh so hard that tears started streaming down my eyes.
But with that last kiss they were incredibly sweet with each other.

“Blue gave him a watery smile. “That was super nice.”
He shrugged, eyes doleful, shoulders curled in on themselves. He was fading. It wasn’t that she could see through him. It was that it was hard to remember what he looked like, even while she was looking at him. When he turned his head, she saw him swallow. He mumbled, “I’d ask you out, if I was alive.”
Nothing was fair.
“I’d say okay,” she replied.”

And now I'm crying again.


I was also glad that Blue finally admitted to herself that she had feelings for Gansey.
“As they baked in the sunlight, she let herself think it:
I have a crush on Richard Gansey.”

I really appreciate the fact that the romance is developing slowly, so that we can focus first on the chemistry between the characters.
But when it did shift to the romance between Gansey and Blue, it was so good.

“He closed his eyes and leaned, just a little, so that her palm was flat on his neck, fingers sprawled from his ear to his shoulder.
Everything in Blue was charged. Say something. Say something.
Gansey lifted her hand gently from his skin, holding it as formally as a dance. He put it against his mouth.
Blue froze. Absolutely still. Her heart didn’t beat. She didn’t blink. She couldn’t say don’t kiss me. She couldn’t even form don’t.
He just leaned his cheek and the edge of his mouth against her knuckles and then set her hand back.
“I know,” he said. “I wouldn’t.”

They left me completely breathless and so emotional.

Oh, and while I’m on the topic of people that make me feel really emotional, Ronan broke me in the best way towards the end.

“Ronan stretched out his arms. "What’s here, K? Nothing! No one!”
“Just us.”
There was a heavy understanding in that statement, amplified by the dream. I know what you are, Kavinsky had said.
“That’s not enough,” Ronan replied.
“Don’t say Dick Gansey, man. Do not say it. He is never going to be with you. And don’t tell me you don’t swing that way, man. I’m in your head.”
“That’s not what Gansey is to me,” Ronan said.
“You didn’t say you don’t swing that way.”
Ronan was silent. Thunder growled under his feet. “No, I didn’t.”

I love Ronan so, so much.
I feel like this review is just me gushing about Ronan, but he’s really worth all the gushing.


So this series is quickly becoming an all time favorite of mine. There wasn’t even one dull moment in The Dream Thieves. I truly can’t believe it took me so long to start this incredible series.

*Note: I'm an Amazon Affiliate. If you're interested in buying The Dream Thieves, just click on the image below to go through my link. I'll make a small commission!*

This review and more can be found on my blog.
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October 1, 2019
Here is a brief list of traits I have that made me enjoy this book:
➽big lesbian
➽likes weird shit
➽overanalyzes feelings
➽be like "damn what a mood" whenever adam narrates for 2.5 seconds
➽deeply relate to the feel of being constantly tired of everyone except ur four weird friends
➽writes mental essays on subtext and narrative parallels
➽constantly crying
➽absolutely very tender

also, I just read this fucking essay, and I remembered how much I would die for these books, and now I'm considering a reread, and you should send me help

I don't know why I've stopped talking about this series in the last year, but this is genuinely, honestly, one of my favorite books of all time. I think I'm going with 3rd favorite ever. This book is mysterious and dramatic and weird as fuck, but it's undeniable how much it made me fall in love with these characters and how much their particular arcs stayed with me.


I didn't expect to love this book nearly as much as I did. I know a lot of reviewers say this, but I really want to emphasize how little I expected to obsess over this. If I'm being honest, I only somewhat liked book one. It took me at least a week to read, which is so not normal for me. So naturally, I figured picking up this book at nine on a school night would be fine. I'd put it down 50 pages later. No big deal.

Flash forward to me, five hours before I had to wake up for school, crying on my bed after finishing the book in four hours flat. I usually am responsible. This book somewhat ruined that. It was definitely worth it.

If you remember my review of The Raven Boys, you might know I actually had a ton of issues with that book. But I really think this book alleviated that, both by fixing my concerns, and by improving. The Dream Thieves is my fave by far, but Blue Lily Lily Blue is just as fabulous, and The Raven King has a lot of great stuff going for it too [though I think it's overall not as strong as the two middle books aka my loves].

So. Let's talk about why I love this book so, so much.


I think it's safe to say that this book shines based on character development, not based on plot. That's not to say the plot is bad - I'd give it a solid four - but it's not worthy of a five-star gush. The characters, though, are maybe interesting than any I've read before.

Ronan gave in to the brief privilege of hating himself, as he always did in church. There was something satisfying about acknowledging this hatred, something relieving about this little present he allowed himself each Sunday.

I adore Ronan's character arc. Ronan's goddamn character arc is the only thing I felt emotions for at least 48 hours after reading this book. It's so well built and written! His development is really subtle over the course of the book, and yet I got so attached to this character so quickly. This isn't even my character archetype!! I know all of you love bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold, but honestly, I've hardly ever seen this trope done well. This book does the trope well. Ronan's character is written as so powerful and deep. His arc was just... one of the most flawless character arcs I've ever read.

I'm going to go into some other minor spoilers in this paragraph; they're actually things that I wouldn't consider spoilers in literally any other book, but I feel as if I almost would've preferred letting this specific character arc dawn on me. But if you don't care - Ronan's arc follows his struggle with depression, and his struggle with internalized homophobia. Can I just say that both aspects are done perfectly. oh my god, it's actually kind of upsetting how relatable this character was at some points. We are totally different people. And yet his experiences and thought processes are so relevant to me. I was... totally spoiled about that whole second secret thing. Thanks, guys. But you know what, that did not stop me from full-on sobbing at THAT reveal.

It was nothing, but it was Adam Parrish's nothing. How he hated and loved it. How proud he was of it, how wretched it was.

Adam... oh my god. I know some people don't like Adam in this book, and I have to admit I somewhat get it. But listen - in hindsight, his character arc here is fantastic. Yes, I'm aware he's always angry and scared this entire book, but it is completely reasonable at this point. His character gets far more dynamic and developed. He's so easy to relate to for me that it's hard to be annoyed by his shitty behavior. Probably check out my review for book three for more on How Much I Love Adam's Character Arc: the saga. His arc is actually the most flawless character arc I've ever read. Sorry, Ronan.

You know how I said I relate to Ronan even though we're totally different people? Adam... I feel differently. This character and I are actually really similar. Like, I-feel-like-I'm-being-called-out-whenever-he-internal-monologues similar. And I actually adore that. I love how fucking real this character feels, how realistic and genuine.

Just her and the pink switchblade. They were a good pair. Both incapable of opening up without cutting someone.

♚ I think this is maybe the book in the series where I genuinely loved both Blue the most. [Okay, book three even more so.] I feel like Blue's character goes up and down for me. I love the potential of her character, and I love the contrast she forms towards some of the other characters. I also love that she's... just trying to get through life, in this way that's profound and fucked up and real.


♔ I did really love Blue and Gansey's romantic buildup. It's not a spoiler because we all knew it was coming from the beginning of book one. They're destined for each other, yeah, yeah, we get it, right? But no. I am actually super annoyed at how many people write off these books as "paranormal romance that I won't read" just because of the destined romance thing. Because oh boy, that is so inaccurate. Marketing issue - their plotline is so much more interesting than just that. I really enjoyed seeing them develop and come closer; the late-night phone calls and sweetness just really work for me. I also enjoy that Gansey is such a non-archetypal YA boyfriend, and wow I love that this series' grand romantic love interest is an anxious pretentious nerd mess.

♚ You want to talk about relationship development porn? Because oh my god, I do. You. All. Know. What. I'm. Talking. About. What a completely heartbreaking relationship dynamic.

“So what you're saying is you can't explain it."
"I did explain it."
"No, you used nouns and verbs together in a pleasing but illogical format.”

♔ There's still plenty of hilarious banter between all the characters of the Raven squad. I love banter and I love group dynamics, so this was a plus. Friendships between all of the Raven squad are really built up here. Possibly the best moment of the book is when . It was heartbreaking in all the right ways.

♚ Every character of this series, including the side characters, are all so complex and individual on their own. This book gives Persephone, Maura, and Calla a lot more depth well. Just. Every character.

♔ Kavinsky and the Grey Man as the villains. Okay, you all know I adore having villains as narrative parallels, and I think Kavinsky is one of the most complex I've ever seen. I do want to say that I hate the guy. Can I say that. The Grey Man, though, was awesome. I heard someone call the end of his arc "anticlimactic" and I have to say it's genuinely one of my favorite scenes ever so??


The plot of this book has nothing to do with Glendower, and I don't care at all. Honestly, this may be the best plotting of any of the books. The Dream Thieves gives an intriguing, well-drawn plot which never slows down. There aren't any moments where the book halts and stops progressing, despite some where nothing is explicitly happening. Every scene either builds plot, builds character, or does both. It's usually both.

♚ Of course, the writing style. Her style is super pretty, and it adds so much atmosphere and mood to this story.

I LOVE ALL THE PARALLELS AND THE SYMBOLISM AND SHIT LIKE THAT. Maggie Stiefvater is really, really great at this aspect of writing, and I feel like these books are really great because you could miss all the symbolism and still love it, but you could also catch everything and then analyze it for 45 hours. There's a metaphorical sex dream in this book that parallels a scene two books later and honestly that's just wild on so many levels and I love it. And there's also... so much more, including that one scene that I think about all the time, and okay I'm just going to fucking yell:

bold of you all to assume I could get through this review without keysmashing.


Okay, there are actually a ton of things I want to talk about here at some point. I am writing a fucking essay. Someday. For now, I have this one singular thing written down:

♔ I think it's really interesting that the grey man is redeemed but Kavinsky isn't. I think Stiefvater has an interesting kind of approach to morality, where it's not necessarily about what you do, but about why you do it.


♔ Here's a section I'm going to call Blue Sargent and Internalized Misogyny. There's even one moment where some borderline slut-shaming happens. Emma talked about this more in maybe the most popular three star review ever. Listen, don't tell me Militant Feminist Blue Sargent would really act like that. Her cousin is wearing a bikini. Why do we care about this.

♚ Also! The lack of diversity is a thing. I'm sorry, Blue literally does not know a single girl her age. And everyone's white or racially ambiguous. I think I also said at some point that the first book was obnoxiously heterosexual and full of random subtext with no payoff, but I'm taking that comment back. I'm taking it all back. I apologize I've committed slander

Anyway listen this is one of my favorite books of all time and it fucked me up and I love it. I adore the characters and the parallels and the writing all so much.

Anyway. You should read this!

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November 16, 2022
Welp. It’s been a month of nonstop reflecting. I actually moved to a monastery in the hills of Tibet (are there hills in Tibet?) in order to bring even more clarity to my nonstop pondering. Like, I showed up, and the monks were all, “What the hell are you doing here? This is for dudes. Really pious and wise ones. We don’t just let annoying but effortlessly cool teenage girls in here.” (They were really chill in terms of verbage.)


But then I looked up from underneath my hood (I was wearing a cloak for dramatic effect), and they were instantly like, “Holy sh*t. Let this girl in right f*cking now. THIS IS A GODDAMN EPIPHANY EMERGENCY.” (Again, really not what you’d expect from a monk, but what can I say? #notlikeothermonks)

They could see in my eyes that I read this book weeks ago and didn’t even know what to rate it, let alone how to write a review. And they knew how bad I wanted to read the next one, but how I told myself I couldn’t read it until this review was done because I’m attempting to learn this thing I’ve heard about called “self control.”

But the Tibetan monks didn’t do sh*t, so here I am, attempting to write my way into an opinion.

Let’s get started.

We can go with my only concrete negative opinion as of this moment: The not like other girls trope rears its ugly head in this book. But by “rears its head,” I mean more “pokes a toe into the room, hoping you won’t notice it but also it can make Blue seem cool by tearing the entire fairer sex down rather than hit a quick attempt atactual, you know, characterization.”

It’s a lose-lose-lose situation. Because Blue was already cool, and girls are also cool generally, and the not like other girls cliché is just the sh*ttiest, dumbest writing.

I’ll give you an example. (Maybe the Tibetan monks taught me a respect for truth and justice and, like, evidence? That last one didn’t sound as deep.)

It’s on page seventy-nine, but my book is across the room on my shelves and it’s really tucked in there and I’m so comfy in my bed right now so I’m not going to quote it. I’ll just do some of my famous character impressions.

Adam: I am very boring now, and also in love with Blue. What do I do, bro? There is definitely not an easy solution to this problem that involves actually talking to the girl I’m obsessed with, because this is YA and we love the pointless drama.

Gansey: Hey man. This is a reminder that I’m totally sexy as hell and Emma’s still going to like me in spite of the horrible vitriol that spills out of my mouth next, which doesn’t make sense and she’s trying to forget about it even now, as we speak. Time is a circle. Anyway you should just talk to Blue and - let’s ruin the good point I just made - not be worried because she’s not like other girls.

Adam: Ok. Also did I mention I’m really boring and annoying now?


Not my best, maybe, but it’s been a while. And also I literally don’t remember that scene at all so if I’m anywhere close I’m going to say I nailed it.

Plus, there’s a girlfriend named Ashley in this book and the way she’s characterized really sucks. #RedeemAshley2k17

Here’s a complaint I also had with the last book: there are a sh*t ton of ever-so-slightly incorrect sentences and it DRIVES ME BONKERS. Whywhywhywhy.

But if that is the repercussion of Maggie Stiefvater’s AMAZING WRITING, I’ll take it. She writes GORGEously. I f*cking love her use of verbs. They’re so unique and I feel compelled to like, stop and say “Nice” to myself, which never!! happens!! with!! YA!! I really might have to read her entire collected works just because of it. Including *shiver* Shiver. (Get it? Because I’m scared and don’t want to, and also the book is called Shiver? I’m so funny.)

Still, if I had to encapsulate this reading experience in a two-word summary of the emotion I felt most often throughout, it’d obviously be “mild confusion.” Parts of this were So Strange and subliminal. I often felt...gasp…dumb. Which I hate. But I don’t even remember what made me feel so dumb in the first place?

Whatever. It’s been a month.

Moving on.

I was told this book would make me love, or at least like, Ronan. And it...didn’t? I don’t feel that much animosity toward him, but he’s just so eh. I was so excited by the dream thief concept, but in execution it felt so BORING. Almost overexplained. Bleh. I don’t know.

Also, Adam was so whiny and annoying this whole time. I am oBSESSED with Noah though. He is so spooky and cute. My favorite. Blue was somewhat cool still. I do love reading about her house and her relatives.

GANSEY IS STILL MY BOYFRIEND. Ahhh, Gansey. (My head has become a heart eyes emoji. I am an emoticon perched atop a torso currently.)

I literally loved the villain (?) in this book. This never happens to me, because villains are always annoying. They usually lose, and I do not support the losing team. This goes contrary to my ambitions.

But anyway. The Gray Man quickly became a real fave of mine. I hope he sticks around,

I guess this book just felt somewhat less charming to me. There were a lot of things that felt worse in this book, but also a few that were better. I’m still reeeeeaaaaalllll excited for Blue Lily, Lily Blue. We’ll see I guess.

Bottom line: nooooot as good as the first book, but wouldn’t prevent this from being a fave series. If the next two are good. (Please let them be good.)


Book 2 of BookTube-a-thon is finishedfinishedfinished!

Prompt: Read a book with a person on the cover

Honestly not sure how I felt about this one. Will gather my thoughts and get back to you.

Review to come

currently-reading updates

Oh, it's been so long since I've liked a villain.

This bodes very, very well indeed.

(Note: at the 25% mark.)

tbr review

Let’s set the scene. I finish The Raven Boys on Sunday, and the library is CLOSED. So today, Monday, I head over ASAP to pick this book up.

Only to discover that, due to the curse that is having younger siblings, my library card has $20 in fines.

Library copy of The Dream Thieves in hand, I go into the paperback-sale section to avoid conflict and build up the courage required for the oncoming shaming-by-librarians.

To further set the scene: The YA area of this sale section is, to put it kindly, f*cking limited. There are usually like 15 books, and 14 of them were published before 1987 in a thousand-book series about a boring girl who goes to high school, or whatever.

BUT WHAT DO I SEE? What absolute miracle appears in front of me like a goddamn mirage?

This book.

I seriously held the library hardcover in one hand and the for-sale paperback in the other and just ogled. I even excitedly informed my traitorous sister (the very same one who racked up an astronomically large fine).

Anyway. All of this is to say that a miracle occurred, and it is clearly a sign that this book is going to be amazing and life-changing and wild and probably kill me. To which I say:

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December 30, 2018
”All of us have secrets in our lives. We’re keepers or kept-from, players or played. Secrets and cockroaches – that’s what will be left at the end of it all.”

Oh god what can I say about this book?
I loved it!!!
I loved it with all my heart and even though I never wanted it to end I still wanted to know what would happen next! XD

Seriously, there is something about the way Maggie Stiefvater describes her world, how she expresses the countless feelings of her characters. With Maggie things are never perfunctory. They are deep, deep like a well or an ancient ocean! Her words drag you into the water; they carry you out into the raging sea!
Every gesture, every single moment, every sentence, they all have some meaning and if you’re perceptive enough you can read between the lines. I adore her writing style and I just can’t seem to get enough of her characters!
They’re all special in their own way and every one of them is just so tangible and real! I felt like I was part of her story, like I knew those boys and their troubles and thoughts.

I can’t seem to be able to describe what Maggie’s books do to me, all I can say is that they are magical and credible and always force me to feel!!! And oh boy, how they force me to feel!!! XD
To read “The Dream Thieves” was incredible and I don’t know if it’s even possible, but I think I love all those different boys even more than I did before!!! <333

The plot:

”Ronan Lynch, keeper of secrets, fighter of men, devil of a boy, had told them all that he could take objects out of his dreams.”

Well, I guess that quote already explains it all! The second book of the Raven Cycle is dealing with Ronan Lynch’s ability to take things from dreams and if you know Ronan, you also know that he has many secrets and isn’t as tough as he comes across! XD Still, even though the main focus lies on Ronan and his family, the other characters play a huge part in the book as well! So don’t worry, there’s still a lot to read about the other precious Aglionby Boys and Blue! ;-P

The characters:

”But the boys were not looking at the scenery. They stood in a close circle: Adam Parrish, gaunt and fair, Noah Czerny, smudgy and slouching; and Ronan Lynch, ferocious and dark.”

Here we go with my typical spoiler warning! From now on you’ll find yourself bombarded with spoilers and quotes! So beware and tread carefully!!!


”She would see a rich boy dressed like a mannequin and coiffed like a newscaster – but his eyes were like the dreaming pool in Cabeswater. He hid the insatiable wanting well, but now that she’d seen it once, she couldn’t stop seeing it.”

Richard Gansey the III, the golden boy who seems to have everything but is so lonely that it hurts! Oh boy did I feel sorry for him throughout the entire book! He always tried to fix everything and his friends are like brothers to him, yet he’s never able to tell them how he truly feels. It was so frustrating to watch him, to see how he struggled and couldn’t put his thoughts into words! Gansey is such a delicate soul but for some reason no one seems to get him. T_T He would do everything for his boys and I think he proved that more than once; as it seems they all have their problems to accept his help though. Still, I liked that we finally saw some other parts of Gansey’s personality as well! For instance his wild side and how he became friends with Adam! XD I love Gansey but he’s so lonesome and driven by his need to find Glendower that it’s sometimes almost painful to read his POV! >_<

”Once, he had dreamt that he found Glendower. It wasn’t the actual finding, but the day after. He wouldn’t forget the sensation of the dream. It hadn’t been joy, but instead, the absence of pain. He couldn’t forget that lightness. The freedom.

”There were many versions of Gansey, but this one had been rare since the introduction of Adam’s taming presence. It was also Ronan’s favourite. It was the opposite of Gansey’s most public face, which was pure control enclosed in a paper-thin wrapper of academia.”


”Blue was a fanciful but sensible thing, like a platypus, or one of those sandwiches that had been cut into circles for a fancy tea party.”

I still like Blue but there were some things that caused me to be annoyed at her. For instance the fact that she didn’t want to tell Adam why she would never kiss him. I mean, I understand her reasons to keep it from him, but I think she could have chosen her words a little more carefully. I know Adam kind of drove her into a corner, I’m pretty certain that he would have understood it if she would have told him sooner though! But then again she is young and inexperienced and has no idea how to deal with boys so I guess this kind of works in her favor. *lol* Still, this was already the second book and I still have the feeling that I don’t know her! I really hope this is going to change in the next book!!!

Blue put a hand on his chest and pressed. “I don’t want to kiss you. It’s not going to be you and me.”


”As always, his features intrigued Blue. They were not quite conventionally handsome, but they were interesting. He had the typical Henrietta prominent cheekbones and deep-set eyes, but his version of them was more delicate. It made him seem a little alien. A little impenetrable.”

Adam Parrish destroyed me!!! This boy broke my heart in so many different ways I can’t even count it anymore. My heart ached and bled for him!!! It was devastating to watch his decline!!! And oh god, that moment when he ran away and didn’t even remember Gansey’s phone number?!! I can’t even!!! It killed me to see him like that, to know that he was so broken and couldn’t seem to be able to fix it!! Hell, even Adam knew it!!! He was completely aware of his degeneration and that made it even harder to bear!!! I was so glad that Persephone helped him to find himself and encouraged him to make peace with Cabeswater! Their relationship was amazing and to know that Adam finally found his way and became “The Magician” filled me with joy!!!! =))) I bet he’s going to be powerful in the future and I can’t wait to see it happening!!! XD

”It was nothing, but it was Adam Parrish’s nothing. How he hated and loved it. How proud he was of it, how wretched it was.”

”Do you think you’re a train wreck?”
“That would mean I was on the tracks to start with,” he replied.

”He would be Cabeswater’s hands and Cabeswater’s eyes, but he wouldn’t be Cabeswater.
He would be Adam Parrish.”


”And Ronan was everything that was left: molten eyes and a smile made for war.”

Ronan Lynch is my precious boy!!! I love him to bits and pieces!!! The fact this book was about him and his family made me so happy and to read his POV was just amazing!! I love that he’s a walking and talking oxymoron and even though he seems to be so tough he’s actually a softie on the inside! *lol* AND OMG!!! I knew it!!!! I knew he was gay and had feelings for ADAM!!! YASSSS!!! There were so many hints in this book and the conversations with Kavinsky definitely helped to figure it out! We finally got to see the real Ronan and I’m thankful for every second of it. He cares about his family deeply (well everyone except of Declan of course ;-P) and to find out about his nightmares was more than just a revelation. I mean the fact Ronan tried to kill himself never set well with me and I couldn’t imagine him to commit suicide. So to find out that it had been the monsters of his dreams was kind of relieving but also disturbing. *lol* Also I’m pretty certain that Declan and him are at odds because he’s gay. There’s no palpable proof yet, but I think I read it between the lines! ;-P

”His gaze followed his brother’s leg to where it rested on top of Adam’s and his expression tightened.”

”Don’t fucking swear,” Ronan said.

”That’s not what Gansey is to me,” Ronan said.
“You didn’t say you don’t swing that way.”
Ronan was silent. Thunder growled under his feet. “No. I didn’t.”


”The last six minutes, the ones that took place after Noah had first fallen but before he actually died, were excruciating. Blue considered herself a fairly steadfast, sensible girl, but no matter how many times she heard his torn-up breath seizing in his throat, she felt a little teary.”

I really wish we would have seen more of Noah, but since he’s connected to the ley line and Kavinsky and Ronan made it a habit to mess with it through the entire book, there really wasn’t any chance to get to know him better. Still, I love this boy and the kiss between him and Blue was so bittersweet!! It broke my heart into tiny little pieces and I think I’ll remember this moment forever! Oh god, how I wish that Noah could be happy! That he’d find someone who loves him and accepts him the way he is! As a wonderful and lovable ghost that never got a chance to live!!! Maggie please let him be happy in the next two books!!! Because my heart bleeds for this amazing boy and I couldn’t take it if he’d be unhappy for the rest of his undead life!!! T_T

”I know somebody you could kiss.”
“Who?” She realized his eyes were amused. “Oh, wait.”
He shrugged. He was maybe the only person Blue knew who could preserve the integrity of a shrug while lying down.”

”I’d ask you out, if I was alive.”
Nothing was fair.
“I’d say okay,” she replied.
She only had time to see him smile faintly. And then he was gone.


Ronan replied, “Not such a thief tonight.”
“Some nights,” Kavinsky said, all teeth, “you just take it. Consent is overrated.”

He’s such a numpty but I still liked him somehow? I don’t know! XD There was something about him that made him really intriguing and even though I knew that he was bad I still had the irrational hope that he would be able to change for the better. It was so obvious that he was unhappy with his life and would have needed some help, yet I’m still sure that he would have never accepted it. He definitely was gay and he SOOO had the hots for Ronan!!! *lol* His death might have been unnecessary but it certainly wasn’t unexpected… RIP Joseph Kavinsky! >_<

”After a moment, he heard the hood groan as Kavinsky leaned over him. Then he felt the ridged callus of a finger drag slowly over the skin on his back. A slow arc between his shoulder blades, drawing the pattern of his tattoo. Then sliding down his spine, tensing every muscle it moved over.”

”The world’s a nightmare.”

The Gray Man:

”The king of swords, master of his own emotions, master of his own intellect, master of reason, gazed out at them, expression inscrutable.”

Ha! That man gave me anxiety!!! *lol* I was so worried that he’d hurt Ronan and after the scene with Declan I actually feared for Ronan’s life!!! But then the Gray Man met Maura and everything changed! XD The chapters from his POV were really interesting and I liked the idea of him being a hit man! ;-) He was a great addition to the cast and I can’t wait to see more of him and Maura! Because truth be told, they actually were cute as hell!! *grins like a Cheshire cat*

”I’m sorry no one saved you.”
Was he unsaved? Would he have ever ended up any other way?”

Maura kissed the back of his hand. “You’re going to have to be brave.”
The Gray Man said, “I’m always brave.”
She said, “Braver than that.”

The friendships:

Adam & Gansey

”If Adam was stupid about his pride, Gansey was stupid about Adam.”

I hated that they quarrelled so often but I loved it when Gansey spoke with his friend Malory and made Adam laugh!!! Their friendship was really tense in this book, but I think it was good this way. They had to work things out and realise where they were standing and without conflict they would have never even gotten that far! Sometimes it needs friction to find out who you are and to say there was a lot of it between Adam and Gansey certainly would be the understatement of the century. *lol*

”He hated the careful way Gansey had asked him about it. Tiptoeing, just like Adam had learned to tiptoe around his father.

”Gansey couldn’t shake the image of Adam by the side of the interstate, walking, walking, walking. Knowing he was forgetting what he was doing, but unable to stop. Unable to remember Gansey’s number, even when people did stop to help.”

Ronan & Noah

”Adam thinks he saw an apparition at his place.”
Ronan eyed Noah. “I’m seeing an apparition right now.”

Those two were hilarious!!! *LOL* I loved it when Ronan threw Noah out of the window!!! They have such a close relationship and it’s awesome that Ronan treats Noah like he would treat any other boy! (Well, except of throwing him out of the window of course! XD) Noah knows about Ronan’s feelings for Adam but he respects Ronan’s wishes and that’s amazing!!! <333 He’s a really good friend and I hope I’ll see more of their interactions in the next book! =)))

”Noah,” Ronan said tenderly, placing his palm on top of Noah’s cold, seven-years-dead hand, “you’re starting to piss me off.”

Ronan & Gansey:

”There was never a time when that could’ve been you and me. You know the difference between us and Kavinsky? We matter.”

Love those two boys! I think it’s kind of funny that Ronan thinks Adam tamed Gansey, because it’s actually what Gansey is doing with him! *lol* Gansey is the voice of reason and they complement each other so perfectly it’s kind of beautiful to watch! ;-)

”His face went somber for half a second, and then it dissolved into an absolutely wonderful and fearless laugh. The old Ronan Lynch’s laugh. No, it was better than that one, because this new one had just a hint of darkness beneath it. This Ronan knew there was crap in the world, but he was laughing anyway.”

The ships:

Gansey & Blue :

”In some parallel universe, there was a Gansey who could tell Blue that he found the ten inches of her bare calves far more tantalizing than the thirteen cubic feet of bare skin Orla sported.”

It's somehow amusing that Gansey sees Blue as a glorious and fearless animal! Haha! But then again that’s just Gansey’s typical way to describe the people around him! XD I loved their telephone conversations and their easy banter!!! And I was happy that they called each other whenever they felt troubled and alone! PLUS that almost kiss between them GAVE ME LIFE!!!! <333 Oh my, how my heart skipped a beat when I read that scene!!! XD

”He pressed his eyes closed. Just the sound of her voice, the Henrietta lull to it, made him feel uneven and shattered.”

”Ha! Adam’s communing with trees and Noah keeps re-enacting being murdered and Ronan’s wrecking and then making me new cars. What’s new with you? Something terrible, I trust?”

”He leaned towards her – her heart spun again – and pressed his cheeks against hers. His lips didn’t touch her skin, but she felt his breath, hot and uneven, on her face. His fingers splayed on either side of her spine. Her lips were so close to his jaw that she felt his hint of stubble at the end of them. It was mint and memories and the past and the future and she felt as if she’d done this before and already she longed to do it again.”

Ronan & Adam aka Ronam!!! (I know the official ship name is Pynch but for me they’ll always be Ronam! <333):

”Ronan sometimes dreamt of Adam, too, the latter boy sullen and elegant and fluently disdainful of dream-Ronan’s clumsy attempts to communicate.”

I still want to know how Ronan tried to communicate!!! *LOOOL* All those little moments between those two gave me SO MUCH LIFE!!! They still kept their distance and didn’t say anything, but oh boy what they thought and how they acted around each other!!!! By the end of the book I was nothing but a babbling mess and the epilogue literally killed me!!!! OH GOD!!! I’M STILL NOT OVER IT!!! I knew Adam was Ronan’s second secret and I WANT to see more of them!!! Their interactions at the Barns were so explicit! That moment with the mask and when Adam said that he couldn’t kill Ronan’s demons! They know each other’s soul and they are just meant to be together!!! Knowing Maggie this love is going to be a slow burn though and I really don’t know if my tortured and tormented soul will be able to take it! XD

”And he was the boy with the most beautifully interesting car and the most savagely handsome of friends, Ronan Lynch.”

”The mask clattered to the floor. Adam, startled, stared at where Ronan’s hand gripped his wrist. Ronan could feel his own heart pounding and, in Adam’s wrist, Adam’s.”

”Adam looked up at Ronan. “I know it was you,” he said. “I figured it out. The rent.”
He held Ronan’s gaze for just a moment longer, until something inside Ronan unwound and he almost said something.

”Ronan’s second secret was Adam Parrish. Adam was different since making the bargain with Cabeswater. Stronger, stranger, farther away. It was hard not to stare at the odd and elegant lines of his face.”

The bottom line:

THIS BOOK WAS INCREDIBLE!!!! I loved it even more than “The Raven Boys” and if it would be possible to give more than five stars I wouldn’t even hesitate to do it!!!
Maggie Stiefvater knows exactly what she’s doing and to say she’s doing it perfectly wouldn’t even get close to the truth! ;-)

P.S: This was a buddy read with the amazing Lior!!! Seriously, I probably wouldn’t have survived to read this book if I wouldn’t have been able to fangirl with you!!! <333
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January 17, 2023
I can remember so distinctly where I was and how exactly I lost my mind when I read the lines “Ronan’s second secret was Adam Parish” for the first time years and years ago. The second time around was just as much of a gut-punch. Do not even get me started on the whiplash that tore through me when Gansey said, “I wish you could be kissed, Jane.” I might start making BARKING noises. Christ. Oh, and did I cry like a baby over Kavinsky? Look, I reserve the right to my problematic faves...

(Full review to come later this month when I finish my re-read of the whole series!)
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September 23, 2013
This is the fantastical story of a boy tormented by nightmares that literally--literally!--become real. Set shortly after the events of The Raven Boys, the students of Aglionby Academy are still on the hunt for a legendary sleeping Welsh king. This time, while we continue to get perspectives from multiple POVs, the story primarily focuses on Ronan Lynch, a troubled and angry 17-year-old who pulls dark objects out of his dreams. But when ley lines running through their sleepy town are awakened, incredible power is unleashed, and none of the boys are prepared for the ordeal that awaits them.

I liked The Raven Boys so much that I was nervous going into this one--but I think this book actually surpasses its predecessor, in no small part because of its sharp-eyed character sketches. Adam still worries me. I feel tremendous love and pity for poor Noah. I'm eager to learn more about the entire Lynch clan. And I'm finally starting to feel something for Gansey, as well as to feel the lovely pulse of connection between him and Blue. Add to that a pair of compelling, nuanced antagonists in The Gray Man and one willfully destructive Joseph Kavinsky, and this world is filled with a host of unforgettable players. The author has the ability to create such fierce depth of feeling towards her characters with a single phrase such as "a teddy bear of a boy," in reference to Ronan's younger brother Matthew, whom you immediately want to cuddle and protect all at once.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about this book since I finished it. I have so many crazy theories about where this quest will lead, and I desperately want to know what happens to everyone. Aside from thrilling, nightmarish scenes, gorgeous prose, wild revelations, shocking deaths, and clever humor, there are also delicious layers to this novel that you may not fully appreciate until after you're through, including distinct symbolism (both subtle and powerful), sly hidden jokes, and a deep complexity of thought and plot and emotion. It's such an interesting meditation on the power of dreams and how hidden desire can influence our actions, from Ronan's waking nightmares to his mother and father's unusual relationship to...more yearnings that I won't spoil for you.

I could also write an entire essay about how The Dream Thieves contains one of the most beautiful, heartbreaking kisses in the history of kisses. (Yes. The ENTIRE HISTORY of kisses.) It's a delicate moment that's suffused with the breathless wonder of discovery, and it's all the more poignant because it's entirely unexpected, and because you are well aware of its context for both parties. Tears are literally welling up in my eyes again as I write this, because that type of longing and sadness pulls so deeply at my heart.

There isn't any way for a single review to do justice to this book, but this line from The Dream Thieves sums up its own story rather nicely:

Magic was real, magic was real, magic was real.

And it runs deep and true through Maggie Stiefvater's veins.

This review also appears in The Midnight Garden. An advance copy was provided by the publisher.

P.S There's a huge spoiler-tagged discussion going on down below with theories on what everything MEANS, if you'd care to speculate. But please use spoiler tags!

I also participated in a rather epic chat with several authors about this book, including Sarah Ockler and R.J. Anderson--and let me tell you, there are no better companions to discuss a story like this with than a bunch of smart, passionate authors who are just as excited about the book as you are. One of the mind-blowing takeaways from that discussion: consider the characters as tarot cards.


I want to reread this book immediately.
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March 12, 2019
Re/read on audible

MY BLOG: Melissa Martin's Reading List


Even though all of the boys are in the book, this one tells more of Ronan's story and I love him ♥


I still love Blue, I think she is a great character. I love her family, all of the banter between them, the sweetness between Blue and her mom - just everything! I feel bad that Blue has to go through all of these emotions with Adam and Gansey. Blue knows that she loves Gansey and that finally comes to light but in a very sad way :-( She knows she can't kiss him because she will kill him, that is her curse. But..OMG.. sweet Noah let her kiss him because he can't be killed. It was a bittersweet moment because she felt like that was the only kiss she would ever be able to give to anyone. Blue is a raven girl in my mind.


Ronan and his sweet little raven, Chainsaw... I love them both. Ronan makes out to be this really tough guy and he is in many ways, but he is human. He has a human side that does so many wonderful things for people. Brings a damn tear to my eye. He is also a Greywaren, he can bring things out of dreams. Unfortunately, he brings some nasty things out of his dreams by accident and almost gets him and a few others killed. He's not the only one, but I'm not saying who all have this ability. I thought I fell down the rabbit hole again until I finally caught on :-)

Adam is going through some tough stuff. He's not doing too well since he sacrificed himself for the leyline. It all works out in the end, thank goodness, when he gets some help from one of Blue's many family members. Adam had a sad life, growing up with a horrible father that beat him, having to working three jobs just to have the money to live on his own and go to the school with the other boys. He wouldn't take any charity from his friends and it made them sad and angry at times. But, they did find ways to help him without his knowledge... well he found out some things. But that's what friends do damn it! The reason I'm making this point is that he never asked for help until he went to Blue's home and that probably saved his life and we find out something he is now :-)

There is also a dude that calls himself "Grey Man" He is a hitman and he gets a little something going with Blue's mom. He is there to do harm to someone in the group but then he just can't. There is something really bad he did in the past and I thought it was so sad for the person when they find out.

Beyond all of the sad things that happen, there are many more good things. And the end, the epilogue, I was like what?

I wonder how many more people are going to turn out to be other things......

Well, I forgot to add my excerpts and when I looked at my page numbers I wrote down, they didn't have what I wanted to add. I must be losing my mind or was so into the book, I wrote down random page numbers. Lol
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December 4, 2013
You guys don't even KNOW, you guys. You guys! Guys. This book, guys. This frickin' book!

Spoilers below so avert your eyes you Dream Thief virgins.

*Foams at mouth*
How is it possible that a second book is better than the first book, which was out of this world amazing? It's hard, but man. This book. This book is everything YA should be. Everything YA Paranormal should be. It's everything that's good about my life, really. It's that good.

The writing? Amazing, as well. The characters were all badass. Like, so badass. Everyone was. I even ended up liking Mr. Grey and in the last book I thought he was a totally evil bastard. PS. Where's Neeve?

Man. Just. Man. I don't know where to start with reviews like this because the book blew me away. I wish I could tell you what was good about it, but it was all amazing.
The Raven Boys... who doesn't love them? Gansey? God. I'm so in love with him. My desires towards this book character are so real, they're tangible. It's pathetic and I don't care.

Gansey added, “I would’ve thought you had more muscles. Don’t feminists have big muscles?”
Decidedly not in love with him.

There were so many parts of this book that shocked me. Things that were hinted at in the first book but you never caught onto and then this book exposed them and left you all "wtffff?!" Like the end of chapter 20 when Ronan found out his mom was a DREAM! DUDE! I lost my shit! I actually said, "Awwwww shiiitttt!"

And this book is funny. Damn, is it ever funny. The wording is like, for smart teenagers, and kind of underhanded humor, which is perfect.

Gansey couldn’t understand the speed of it. One moment, she was wearing clothing, and the next moment, she was wearing a bikini. Fifty percent of the world was browned skin and fifty percent was orange nylon. From the Mona Lisa smile on Orla’s lips, it was clear she was pleased to finally be allowed to demonstrate her true talents.
A tiny part of Gansey’s brain said: You have been staring for too long.
The larger part of his brain said: ORANGE.

I love stories where things seem... possible. They don't live in an alternate universe where magic exists, they live in this one and happen to come across it. Well, happen is a bad word. Search feverishly seems more like it. But you really have to be careful when you create that kinda plot.. and yeah. It was perfect.

“While I’m gone,” Gansey said, pausing, “dream me the world. Something new for every night.”

Best part of this book? BEST PART? Uh, duh. The ROMANCE!
I loved Blue x Adam in the first book, but always loved Blue as one of the best YA characters ever, same with Gansey, and I still would've liked them to be together. And in this book? Oh, you get lots of hints and signs of their obvious affection. I'm not even saying the best romance was Blue x Gansey, even though it maybe was for me. Can I just say I totally knew it about Ronan? Man, I read a lot of M/M books. They're my primary diet. I just know when shit is up, and I knew that boy liked boys. The way he noticed Gansey's smile, his laugh, and was always watching him. Even if he seen him as a brother, he was still always noticing Gansey. And god, book #3 better have some serious Adam x Ronan going on in order for me to live the rest of my life happily.

He was struck by what a glorious and fearless animal Blue Sargent was, and he made a mental note to tell her that very thing, if she didn’t drown getting whatever the second thing was.

“I wish you could be kissed, Jane,” he said. “Because I would beg just one off you. Under all this.” He flailed an arm toward the stars. “And then we’d never say anything about it again.”

How can a book with virtually nothing physical at all in it, barely even kissing, be so sexy and romantic? I don't even KNOW! Ask Maggie Stiefvater, because she seems to have that shit in the BAG.

She scratched her calf with her bare foot. She wore a dress Ronan thought looked like a lampshade. Whatever sort of lamp it belonged on, Gansey clearly wished he had one.

This book is so sweet and so cool and nothing boring is ever happening and I hung on every word like it was the edge of a cliff. If you like YA, especially YA Paranormal, read this series guys, but I just know there will be even greater parts of this series in the future.

Previous review
I'm sorry, what?
I have to wait... an entire... YEAR.. for this? A YEAR?
September 2013??!!

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October 27, 2019
“If you never saw the stars, candles were enough.”

(Fanart by Aymmi)

I have been holding off this review for a while... (In all honesty, I'm already halfway through Blue Lily, Lily Blue and this series is kicking ass so far).

There comes occasions where though it's not a 5 star book...
When the rating doesn't really matter at the end, because whether you give this series one star or all the stars in the damn universe. It still is unforgettable.



“Arbores loqui latine. The trees speak Latin.”

I think I've found the trend.
It's the whole aspect of getting together a group of misfits and seeing them do/go through such strange things, but living a mundane life.
I've seen myself fall in love with TV shows, movies and other series that follow the same pattern.
I can really only describe it as being bittersweet.

With such a dense plotline filled with so many story arcs and side character stories, we see this ragtag group intersect themselves into each other and start to stitch together themselves as people. It's that simplicity and effortlessness that really shines out for me.

There was a scene in the beginning with Gansey on the phone, and all you can develop from the background is that Ronan and Noah are messing around and being teenage boys. Till all of a sudden, you find out that Ronan pushed Noah off the window. It was a filler scene and it still is one of my favorites in the whole series so far.

Chocolate Ship Cookies

“It was a sort of ferocious, quiet beauty, the sort that wouldn't let you admire it. The sort of beauty that always hurt.”

Well damn.
I'm going to admit, The Raven Boys didn't open me to hardcore ships. I had inklings of where certain pairings were heading but if anything, I fell in love with the platonic friendships in the first book.
The Dream Thieves was a slap to the face.
Quite literally every pair in this book (even the ones that were unconventional) made my heart sing:

1) Adam and Ronan broke into my house one day and with ones thievery and the others magic. They have taken my heart.
2) I am getting huge Blue and Gansey vibes and I've been waiting a whole book for this. PULL THROUGH DREAM TEAM. (Yogurt is the mascot.)
3) I love Noah. He deserves the milkyway galaxy.
4) Maura and The Gray Man. *squiggly eyebrows*
5) A raven and his raven boy. A story about how a hard-ass stayed up all night nurturing an animal from his dreams, and secretly has a heart of gold.

(Fanart by Matt)


“While I'm gone," Gansey said, pausing, "dream me the world. Something new for every night.”

(Note: For anyone who's watched Stranger Things, I see Gansey as a total Steve Harrington and the fact that he mothers and babysits the whole gang, but he needs them as much as they need him makes me grin like a psychopath)

So I have a lot of ideas and theories on where Ms. Stiefvater is planning on taking this story, some of them are realistic. Most of them are so absurd, you would look at me like I was batshit crazy (even more so than I usually am) if I post them here.

I also am an avid Tumblr user (especially when I search up art and book related stuffs), so going through some of the beautiful fanart really makes me want to consume this series for breakfast and just sit there looking at my self knowing that I have a problem, but being okay with it.

(Fanart by Paige)

“I wish you could be kissed, Jane,' he said. 'Because I would beg just one off you. Under all this.' He flailed an arm toward the stars.”
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2,533 reviews32.4k followers
December 31, 2019
if someone were to ask me what this book/series is about, i honestly have no idea how i would answer. its about literally everything and nothing - all at the same time.

there is just so much going on that it was sometimes difficult to stay focused, but how it all came together is very, very clever. the first half kind of dragged, but when it picked up, it REALLY picked up.

im also sad this doesnt focus on blue as much as i wanted - her ‘curse’ is really what intrigued me about the series in the first place. but overall, i am pleasantly happy with this book! ronan is even starting to grow on me, which i thought would never happen.

3.5 stars
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June 10, 2017
3.5/5 Stars

Ronan Lynch is probably one the most well written character to ever exist in the entire YA genre.

The Dream Thieves, the second book in The Raven Cycle series, to say it in a few words is what I think how every book in the YA genre should strive to achieve in their characters development.

I have heard a lot of great things about Ronan Lynch and I finally understood why this character is really beloved by every reader I know. Almost the entirety of the book focused around Ronan’s past, abilities, inner thoughts, feelings and relationships with his family and all the main characters of the book. Ronan truly shines in this book, there’s no part in the book where the story isn’t interesting (sometimes funny) when the narrative has him as the main POV.

Picture: Ronan Lynch by Cassandra Jean

After reading about the horrible and choppy dream sequences in Mark Lawrence’s Broken Empire trilogy, I was afraid and petrified when I find out that there will be a lot of those dream sequences in this book. Turns out I was completely wrong. Every dream sequences give Ronan more necessary spotlight for his character and yes, this also means his development here is definitely the best one out of all the character in the series so far. Do remember though that I’m only halfway through the series though so there’s still plenty of room for all other character to shine even more.

Although the focus of the book is mostly on Ronan, this doesn’t mean that the other character doesn’t shine. There is a glimpse of vivid emotions in every characters thoughts and actions, Gansey and Adam relationship here in particular took an intriguing and complex turn which imo is also one of the best part of the book other than Ronan. I’m not kidding, I love reading every aspect of Gansey’s and Adam’s friendship because of how realistic and how well written their inner desire and feelings are.

“You really didn't see the sadness or the longing unless you already knew it was there. But that was the trick, wasn't it? Everyone had their disappointment and their baggage; only, some people carried it in their inside pockets and not on their backs.”

Noah also, while appearing only a few times always shines and can we talk about Kavinsky? I seriously thought this guy was going to be a complete Malfoy annoying type of guy but as it turns out, he’s an awesome character despite his brief appearances here. Plus, Kavinsky did an Easter Egg on Fight Club, one of my favorite movie adaptation of all time so that’s a plus for me. Look, whether you love or hate these characters, there’s no doubt that every main characters here are well written, that’s all I have left to say on the characters here.

Maggie’s prose remains lyrical and beautiful but there is one thing to take note outside her prose, which is her passion for auto-mobile. Seriously, her love for cars can truly be seen from her writing and intricate description on every single race and cars description such as their brands, engines, wheels etc. Not only that, Gansey, Ronan and Kavinsky themselves all have this passion for cars which show Maggie’s love on the topic even more and hey, anything done with a passion will always be a plus for me.

Picture: Kavinsky’s car by Telltale Crumbs

From what I wrote so far, almost everything sounded like this book will at least be a 4 star but again, sadly I can’t do that for these reason:

First, as great as the characterization is, it shouldn’t have to sacrifice the main plot progression completely. The main plot, the hunt for the sleeping/dead Welsh king, Owen Glendower (a nice touch on historical aspect btw) have close to zero progression which make this book almost seems like a filler to the main series.

Second, dunno if you realized this or not, I haven’t talked about Blue. This is solely due to the reason that her role here is very minor that at times I had to remember “wait, where's Eiffel 65?” (Look up the song 'I'm Blue' if you’re too young to ever know about this song) and it bothered me a bit cause I thought she was supposed to be the main character. The only time where she made a notable appearance here is the one where she spent her time with Noah, which was really well written and amusing to read.

Third, insta-love between two characters (one being a completely new character in this installment) that were completely pointless and I seriously have no idea why I have to read their relationship progression like that.

Finally, this is my adult fantasy attitude and longing being nitpicky here, the buildup to the climax were so well written but the conclusion of it was in my opinion very underwhelming.

These 4 problems I had are all minor cons but they’re the reason why I can’t give this book a 4 star despite how much I enjoyed reading all the character interaction and progression. I gave this book the same rating with 'Six of Crows' and my overall experience of it is that I enjoyed it even more than the first book. I finished it in 2 days. It was magical, filled with great character development, magical and as usual, atmospheric. A good sequel I enjoyed and I hope the next book will be even better.

This review is also featured on Booksprens where I'll be a guest reviewer for this series, check it out! :)

You can find the rest of my Adult Epic/High Fantasy & Sci-Fi reviews at BookNest
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October 31, 2019
5 Stars

Overview: Re-Read, October 2019

Honestly I was slightly worried I’d built this series up in my head over the years.... but I still adore it

Overview: Re-Read, January 2018

Umm, is there a better way to start off the new year?? I think I loved this even MORE if that's possible

Initial Review: February 2017

I’ve been staring at an empty word document for much longer than I care to admit, trying to figure out how to put into words HOW MUCH I FREAKING LOVED this.

Though I really enjoyed the writing in the first book, it completely blew me away here. The words were all perfectly chosen to craft simply beautiful and engrossing sentences. I don’t have a way to describe it and the last time I tried:


(She doesn’t understand my feelings, apparently.)

Here’s my thing:

These characters are fantastic, and the writing is smart. We’re not explicitly told characters motivations or how their backstory effects their personality, but it’s all handled so subtly we know. I often preach about showing vs telling, and this book nails it.

I’m still confused about aspects of this plot (because it’s crazy and super interesting) but this series is so intensely character driven. In fact, I’m deviating from my usual review format, because I just want to talk about them.

“What do you want, Adam?
To feel awake when my eyes are open.”

- I probably should have started with Blue, since she’s actually the main character, but he is my favorite soooo

- Like the poster-boy for victim blaming, and I need people to stop


- Was totally flawed in this book and I was frustrated by some of his behavior, but it was addressed and handled well and I am so nervous to see where his character goes in this story.

- Worthy of so many good things, whether he believes it or not.

“And Ronan was everything that was left: molten eyes and a smile made for war.”


- Such a complicated and dynamic individual filled with so many quirks and facets to his personality. And he’s not restricted or defined by any single one.

- The sheer intensity of his actions and thoughts could take my breath away at times.

- I enjoyed him the first book, but actually getting to see inside his head here made a world of difference. It becomes apparent how much of his steely personality is a front.

- That motherfreaking tax assessment.

- His three secrets destroyed me

“Tears don't become us."
"What becomes us?"

- Really frustrated me at times? I still like her character and feel her behavior is part of her overall arc—but she was frustrating. I get Adam's behavior wasn't perfect, but wasn’t there a better way to have the “It won’t be you” conversation??

- Has a very interesting relationship with feminism I feel like comes from being raised by women and now suddenly interacting with a group of boys. I think she teeters back and forth of her understanding/perception of gender in all these scenarios, and it will be really interesting to see the results.

- Apparently lives off yogurt

“He hadn't realized yet that Gansey could persuade even the sun to pause and give him the time.”

- Has this affinity for befriending social outcasts and creating a strong support system.

- Still seems to be a pretty great friend? Like he’s not perfect and he overlooks quite a bit, but he just seems to care.

- There’s something just super relatable and real about him. All the characters are always talking about how charismatic and larger-than-life he is, but I still just want to grab a beer with him.

- On the other hand, he's still incredibly privileged in ways he doesn’t even realize. Interested to see if this changes.


- Am I supposed to like The Gray Man? Because I don’t. Tragic backstory doesn't excuse sadistic behavior.

- What the heck Maura? Don’t go on dates with men you know are violent! Where is the logic in this??

- I really enjoyed Noah’s scene with Blue, but does he actually have a purpose at this point? He just pales compared to the others and it doesn’t seem there’s much else to do with him

- I still get a lot of the women in Blue’s house confused, but I like them all.

- Kavinsky was incredibly intense and more than a little unstable. He has some major consent issues. But he's also incredibly captivating and really moved this story forward.

“In that moment, Blue was a little in love with all of them. Their magic. Their quest. Their awfulness and strangeness. Her raven boys.”

Same, Blue. Same. I’m so invested in this, I need the next book NOW.
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December 11, 2019
As always, it’s hard for me to rate this series. Subjectively, I lean towards 3 stars because the first half of the book took me forever to get through since I didn’t care for Ronan’s character and plot, which were the focus of this book. Objectively, I lean towards 4 stars because the book does a good job at weaving together magical realism and mystery with characters that are human and endearingly precocious. So I’ll meet in the middle with 3.5!
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April 12, 2022
i don’t even know if it’s possible to write a review for this book because honestly where would i even begin and it would probably just end up being an essay on why i would die for ronan lynch
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May 2, 2022
If there was ever a case of "middle book syndrome" this is NOT it. One of the best sequels I've ever had the pleasure of reading. And re-reading. And reading again. It was the perfect mix of action, friendship, romance, mystery. Just epic.
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March 17, 2020
When Taylor Swift (??) songs start reminding you of Ronan Lynch (??) oh yes, it's time for a reread

"In and out,
Like a motherfucking thief."

I feel this intense love for Ronan that no other character shares. I've been obsessed with him since he first showed up, and it's only gotten worse after that. I enjoy reading about Gansey, Adam, Blue, Noah, but when Ronan is on pages it's like they come to life. I'm telling you, it's not normal the way i feel about him. When i read this book last year i was mad because i wanted it to be all about Ronan, i realize now that i was being unreasonable. This time i will try my best to keep it together. Also, i kind of miss Kavinsky. Let's go!

“There’s only with me or against me.”
It had always been Ronan against Kavinsky.
“It was never going to be you and me.”
"I will burn you down,” Kavinsky said.

I am changing my rating. I was really mad because Adam was getting hurt because of Blue and Gansey! Now that we have Ronan, how can i stay mad at Blue. THEY ARE SUPER ADORABLE TOGETHER!
This series is perfect!

3 Raven stars for Ronan and Adam.

" He was brother to a liar and brother to an angel,
son of a dream and son of a dreamer.”

I loved Ronan and Adam in this! Their story was so intense and fascinating. I hope to see more of them in Blue Lilly rather than Gansey and Blue.

Can i just say how much i don't like Blue at this point, and now she is making me not like Gansey. I couldn't care less who your true love is! Just pick someone and shut up! Stop jumping from one friend to another. All i care about is how that person would die. I don't feel any chemistry between her and Gansey or maybe i just don't care. I found myself skipping pages while reading about these two. I love Gansey when he with his friends and family, this romance thing is just not working for me.

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December 21, 2018
Excuse me for a moment while I go slap myself senseless for having resisted this long.

It took months to get here but I finally made it. I read the raven boys last summer and though I enjoyed it and swore to finish the series by the end of the summer, other books ended up getting in the way while my attention kept going where the wind blew. Judge me not…


After the events of The Raven Boys, all the mysteries that were left unanswered and the consequences of the things that happened, my head was kind of spinning with theories as to how this book would address those questions (or at the very least, some of them) and give some clarification or explanation. However, TDT took a completely different direction than I'd anticipated and I have to say, I might be one of the few ones who is actually pleased with that.

The pace of this book is very slow, probably even slower than The Raven Boys and the build-up to the climax was somewhat lacking as it wasn’t as intense as I’d hoped. Wait, not so fast because the slow pace really worked for me here (and this is coming from the world's most impatient reader) but I was genuinely glued to the pages from start to finish and loved it far more than I did the first one.
There was something oddly luring and eerie about this book that I couldn't, for the life of me, pry myself away from.
And to be quite frank, as much as I was intrigued by the plot of the first book, I mainly enjoyed it for the characters and not exactly the mystery elements of the story which also turned out to be the same case with The Dream Thieves.

The story here takes the focus away from the Glendower storyline and instead focuses more on Ronan (Ronan😍) and his ability to bring things back from dreams. So, where plots are concerned, it wasn't the most action-packed nor did it make any developments to the series, which almost felt like a side story with some links to the overall story arc of The Raven Cycle but the character developments and the beautiful writing more than made up for it.


What stood out for me above all else was the poetic yet potent writing style which instantly grabbed me and left me with a perpetual grin through the end. MS immerses her readers by creating such an effective hook with vivid descriptions that I could easily visualize the story’s setting simply by reading the words.
Moreover, the character interactions were fantastic. The dialogue between the casts flowed so well all the way through displaying their distinct personalities and somewhat eerie humour ever so beautifully, which in my pinion, was one the high points of this book.



First off, Ronan’s character = perfection. I love characters that make my head spin with intrigue and Ronan did that from start to finish. He is multi-layered, unpredictable and had such an incredible level of depth with so many different facets of his personality depending on who he was interacting with. And though a bit haphazard in its execution, his story was the one most thoroughly explored and consequently the best.
I found everything about him fascinating and somewhat relatable (minus the taking things out of your dreams part) and I hope he doesn’t take a back seat in the upcoming books because I'm not sure if I’ll be able to enjoy the books as much as I did here without Ronan being an integral part of whatever's to come.

I loved the rest of the characters as much as I did in the first one, if not more. And I stand by my word when I say they are the stand out aspect of this series (or the two that I've only read) and really filled in the large gaps in the book where there wasn’t much going on. However, and do forgive my contradictions here but that's not to say I didn’t have some criticisms.


Here’s the thing about Blue, I like her and especially lately where I've seriously come to lose my already thinning patience with the painfully infuriating YA heroines that I keep reading about, Blue's character pales in comparison to any of those blockheads.
However, her very little presence in the book makes it hard to talk about her when in fact, I'm struggling to remember any memorable moments with her in it, aside from that one single, albeit endearing scene with Noah.
It feels like her individualism is lost and she’s constantly struggling not to fade into oblivion but doesn’t succeed. Her actions are based almost solely on what the boys are doing as she spends much of her time tagging along on their quest and not much else.
The remainder of her appearances is spent on the continued formation of the love triangle and her confusing shifts in feeling towards Adam or Gansey (or both) which felt somewhat organic in the first book but a bit more contrived here.

Gansey, though I do love him, not only does he play less part in the book, he is also, in all senses of the word, the typical hero of the series that we’ve seen and continue to see time and time again. He’s the protector, the loyal friend, the one they all look to for decisions and of course, the one the girl falls in love with… so on and so forth so, I’ll hold off on any concrete judgment until I've completed the entire series and get a better insight into him.


Resistance is futile.

I totally and completely give in.
Let’s do this thing! About damn time anyway.

I daresay I’m... what is that excitement, I feel? Absofuckinlutely. 🤓
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January 29, 2021
“While I'm gone," Gansey said, pausing, "dream me the world. Something new for every night.”

Well, obviously, Maggie Stiefvater can do amazing things with words. Beautiful things like this series. I was transfixed with The Dream Thieves. It's another fascinating novel made by a brilliant author.

Some things still irritate me though. My best example: Ronan Lynch. Sometimes I just want to punch him in the face, especially when he behaves like the biggest dipshit earth has ever seen. His actions and words make me furious. Maybe it's his recklessness or his attitude, but often he doesn't make sense to me at all.
Other times I want to punch Adam in the face for being so stubborn. Him though, I do understand. I just wish he'd swallow his pride and accept his friend's aid.
Anyway, what bothers me most is that sometimes I just didn't understand a single word. I totally missed the meaning of what Maggie wanted to tell me. There was a whole chapter where I just sat still and thought "???". I guess that calls for a reread. I wish there was a little (or a lot) more clarity, it gets extremely confusing at some point.
(It's hard to explain why exactly I was confused. It usually happens when authors work foreshadowing or go on another (metaphorical/spiritual/fatal) level of writing. When their words get so cryptic and mysterious that I lose them.)

The only thing left to say is that Maggie created such raw and pure characters, that I don't want to let go of them. Ever.

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March 6, 2020
#1 The Raven Boys ★★★★★
#2 The Dream Thieves ★★★★★
#3 Blue Lily, Lily Blue ★★★★★
#4 The Raven King ★★★★★
#4.5 Opal ★★★★★

“And Ronan was everything that was left: molten eyes and a smile made for war.”

This review took me way too long to write, because it was just so hard to compile my feelings for this book into actual words on a screen. I paced myself and went through this book so slowly, because I couldn't stand not to savor it. It was easily one of the best books I've read all year, and has made this one of my favorite series of all time.

“It was mint and memories and the past and the future and she felt as if she’d done this before and already she longed to do it again.”

There is so much character development with my sweet babies Blue and Gansey, and they just broke my heart a million times over and re-mended it every time. I love them both so much and I love their interactions together and there is just this one freaking scene that I have probably reread six times now because I can't get enough of it and I'M TRYING NOT TO SPOIL THIS BOOK FOR YOU GUYS BUT OH MY GOD.

“In that moment, Blue was a little in love with all of them.
Their magic. Their quest. Their awfulness and strangeness.
Her raven boys.”

Then, of course, there are Adam and Noah, who are so far my least favorite Raven boys (don't throw anything at me!), but I do still love them so much I can't stand it. Adam is so full of heartache and rage and hurt, and then poor little Noah is the epitome of a cinnamon roll and I just want to hug him and fix everything. 💔 Can we talk about the Blue/Noah scene in Monmouth? KILLED ME DEAD.

“I am being perfectly fucking civil.”

And then... there's Ronan . This felt like Ronan's book, first and foremost, and I loved every single word on every single page that involved him. He's such a brilliant, badass, lovable character and the development that he underwent in this installment was mind-blowing. I loved learning about his dreams, and his family, and the soft little heart tucked under all that anger and stubble and ink.

On top of these lovable little delights of my heart, you've got more fun shenanigans with Maura and the psychics, breathtaking antics with a few morally gray characters (heh, get it?), deliciously creepy Cabeswater adventures, and a hell of a lot of magic. Through it all, Maggie's writing is so stunning and fun, and these characters made me want to live in Henrietta just to watch it all unfold.

If you enjoyed The Raven Boys, you positively must continue the series. If you haven't picked this series up at all yet, well... what are you waiting for?!

You can find this review (and more) on my blog!
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September 25, 2016
5/5 I love Ronan so goddamn much stars

Pre-Dream Thieves Me: Okay, there is no way I could possibly love Ronan Lynch anymore than I do now.

Post-Dream Thieves Me: Think again, bitch.

I've written and re-written this review so many times now, that I've just accepted I'll never be able to put into words how much I love this series, and how much I loved this book. So I wrote a gif-review instead. Enjoy.

This book:
















The Gray Man:


Ronan and Kavinksy:


Ronan and Adam:


Blue and Gansey:


Maura and The Gray Man:


My reaction to Ronan's second secret:







My reaction to the ending:


Me after this book:


My review of The Raven Boys
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December 5, 2016
“While I'm gone, dream me the world. Something new for every night.”

I feel like I just woke up from a dream. Slightly disoriented, like I can't separate reality from fiction. Like I can't remember the exact context of this bizarre dream but I can recollect scattered images and emotions. Bliss. Anger. Agony. Pain.
Love. For this series and its raw, complicated and real characters.
“It was mint and memories and the past and the future and she felt as if she’d done this before and already she longed to do it again.”

The Dream Thieves is more focused on Ronan's history, his past, his secrets and his terrifying ability of pulling things out of his dreams. At the same time, Adam struggles to come to terms with the sacrifice he made, Gansey continues his relentless search of the long dead Welsh king and Blue realizes that heart is a traitorous thing and you can't choose who you fall in love with. When a mysterious man appears and stranger paranormal activity strikes their little town, Blue and her raven boys must solve the riddles of their abilities and the ley lines and discover what they're looking for before it is too late. Before someone else does.
“All of us have secrets in our lives. We’re keepers or keptfrom, players or played. Secrets and cockroaches — that’s what will be left at the end of it all.”

I loved The Dream Thieves, but not as much as The Raven Boys. I was overwhelmed with a constant restlessness, I almost skipped sentences and pages because I wanted something more, something else to happen but I can't pinpoint what that was. Perhaps I got tired from the frequent switch between dreams and reality, and I ended up a tad unsatisfied.

“In that moment, Blue was a little in love with all of them. Their magic. Their quest. Their awfulness and strangeness. Her raven boys.”

Despite this uneasy feeling though, Maggie Stiefvater's writing didn't lose its mystical and seductive touch. This book's greatest asset was that it explored more thoroughly the relationships between the characters and their personalities, their inner battles and desires and needs. It explained Ronan's hatred against the world, it uncovered the secrets he safeguarded for so long and I fell for his wounded, more vulnerable side. Adam on the contrary became more unpredictable. I can't shake the notion that he is jealous of Gansey and that's the source of his bitterness. He is changing, I can see that he's changing and I hope that he'll understand how awful he has been to Gansey who only wanted to help him. My sweet, dear Gansey, whose wilder, boyish side is equally intriguing with his scholarly one.
“I wish you could be kissed, Jane,' he said. 'Because I would beg just one off you. Under all this.' He flailed an arm toward the stars.”

There is no doubt my love, their love will hurt. But their connection, their stolen moments, the longing, they made my toes curl and my heart beat rapidly, sending warmth to every single cell of my body. I am scared and excited at the same time, but I hope, hope, hope.
“Rex corvus. Parate regis corvi.”

The Raven Cycle is a bewitching tale, and I'm off to start Blue Lily, Lily Blue, because staying away from Blue and her raven boys is impossible. When I end this series, I'll probably need therapy.
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July 2, 2020
In that moment, Blue was a little in love with all of them. Their magic. Their quest, Their awfulness and strangeness. Her raven boys

This book was something out of a dream. Reading this felt like developing a crush. When you just look at something/someone and it just feels right. And as time goes on, you continue to love that person more and more. Falling in love with their nervous mannerisms and they way they speak. Reading this was like continuously falling in love with someone, deeper and deeper. And oh man, am I ever falling in love with this story.

I can never express my love enough for these characters. There's something so profound and real about them, that it's almost overwhelming. It's like....I need them to be real. Because they already feel so alive in my mind.

Image result for gansey gifs

Gansey - He is such a nerd. I love him to death. I know I've already gushed about these characters, but reading this book felt like knowing them all over again. Gansey is something so rare and strange and giddy. He can be a little child one minute and the next, a cool, calm adult. Reading from his POV, felt like knowing some sort of a secret because you finally know what he's really thinking and not just seeing his shiny exterior. He reminds me soft butter, and freckles, and warm hands. Honestly, what an awkward lovely weirdo he is.

Image result for blue sargent gifs

Blue - Ugh, this girl is a tiny, raging feminist and I am completely in love with it. Not only does she warm my heart with every clever word she speaks, but she makes me feel like dressing in old band tees and crocheting myself some leggings. I adore her friendship with Noah. It has to be one of the most pure things in the entire book and it makes me feel sleepy and warm and nostalgic for when I was a kid when everything was soft laughter and warm hugs. Also Blue's relationship with her mom and her relatives just makes me feel so soft and happy. I love her family so much.

Image result for ronan lynch gifs

Ronan - Ronan is like a toasted marshmallow. On the outside, he's a little bit tough but when you get through that, he's really just a mushy emotional mess. Everything he does is done so impulsively, not really thinking about what'll happen next, and boy can I relate. Reading about him made me want to be reckless and shave my head and have the best sense of humor in the world. Also, the way he was so so protective of Matthew(the cutest little cupcake in the entire universe)made me super duper happy. I love his relationship with him and I love Matthew so much that sometimes it physically hurts. There's something about Ronan, that when he feels something, you feel it too. My insides are crying for this boy.

Image result for adam parrish gifs

Adam - Ah Adam, our troubled, troubled young man. Reading about Adam was like sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool where everything is softer and floaty and less often. Everything felt almost like a blur with him. I just felt everything so much when reading from his POV. And I love him with every fiber of my being but sometimes he almost frustrated me. He never accepts help from people. And while I perfectly understand why (and the reasons make me cry in 72 different languages), I've also realized that sometimes accepting help doesn't mean you're weak. It just means that you know yourself well enough to understand that sometimes you can't do everything alone. Anyway, I cry for Adam Parrish several times in a hour and I will protect him with every piece of my heart.

Image result for noah czerny gifs

Noah - There is no one in this series that makes me feel more child-like and sad-happy than Noah. Every time I think of him, my mind automatically jumps to the word hufflepuff. He's fluffy and kind and just everything I think a hufflepuff is and I adore him with all my soul. Even though I understand why he doesn't get much page-time, I still wish he would be in the book more.

This book makes me feel exciting and strange and mysterious, like I could find an adventure right where I am. Also it is intriguing as frick?? All those different POVs, I think, really kept me guessing and wanting more. And even though the 1st book is lovely and amazing, there's just....ugh I don't know, something about The Dream Thieves that makes me want to die and become resurrected in Henrietta, Virginia. ( Also if Adam and Ronan do not end up together at the end of this, I will feel personally attacked by Maggie and will indeed fite someone)

Anyways, this book is a summertime thunderstorm where everything is dark green and gray and wild and you feel like you could fly away. And I am crushing on it and you should be too.
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December 26, 2016
This was supposed to be a BR with this bitch, but she decided to read without me and then DNF it halfway in because it was too boring. I'm questioning our friendship too. So like, I'm going to force her to finish this and BR the next book with me.

When I finished The Raven Boys, I was left confused and bored and didn't really want to pick up this book because I didn't want to read something that was confusing as fuck and boring as fuck, but HOW WRONG I WAS! This was so fucking good. AHhhh so fucking good, you guys. I officially love Ronan and the Gray Man.

Ronan fucking Lynch:

"Everything about him was a warning: If this snake bit you, you had no one to blame but yourself.”

"Don't fucking swear," Ronan said."

"I am being perfectly fucking civil"

"Noah slouched in. In a wounded tone, he said, "He threw me out the window!"
Ronan's voice sang out from behind his closed door: "You're already dead!”

I finally understand why everyone is so crazy over this beautiful little fucking bastard. I love him so much. He's the best characters in this book. He deserves all the fucking love. He is hilarious as fuck and I can relate so much to him. This fucking kid, I swear.

So like, since my brain is dysfunctional, I keep on saying Ronan Lynch out loud and this is an actual conversation I had with my sister.

Me: *stares at Ronan Lynch fanart* Ronan Lynch
Sister: Who the fuck is this Ronan Lynch? WHy are you ALWAYS saying RONAN LYNCH?!?!?!?!
Me: Child, you don't know who this Lynch is because you never fUCKING READ.
Sister: Get a life Sun.
Me: dO yOu wAnT tO sTaRt a fIgHt?!

When I found out about Ronan's second secret


Chainsaw is love.
Yes, this bird is my fucking favorite, after Ronan of course.


The Gray Man:
He's a mysterious hit man. He's a violent little piece of shit. He's a wonderful violent piece of shit. And I ship him so fucking hard with Maura. Maura deserves happiness.


"The Gray Man took the gun from the passenger seat and shot his brother. Twice."

This quote makes me really happy. Please don't ask why. Thanks.

"Ronan said, 'Life isn't just sex and drugs and cars.'
Kavinsky said, 'Mine is.'"

This little bitch ass fucker. I hate him. I don't understand why everyone likes him??? Sorry, but I don't like this guy. Sure he's funny, but what he did at the end was not cool. AND HE'S A DANGER TO PYNCH, SO NO THANK YOU BIG TIME. :)


Overall, the beginning was a bit slow, but the characters were hella funny and lovable and it got way better as I was reading on. I still don't understand shit about the ley lines and Glendower or whatever the plot is.
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April 5, 2020
4.25 stars!!!

In that moment, Blue was a little in love with all of them. Their magic. Their quest, Their awfulness and strangeness. Her raven boys

Uhhhmmm, excuse me Blue? They are my Raven Boys, not yours.

Where do I start again? Oh! How about this book is better than the first one and it contains a black belt in self-destruction? Maggie has the power to blow my mind into smithereens and the capability to shoot a bullet (using a shotgun, mind you) straight to my heart...

It took me a month to make a review about this book because, well, I'm a lazy motherfucker.

So what do I like about this book? Hmmm... Of course, my king, Gansey and his oh-so-lovable-personality. I also like the development in Blue and Ronan's character. I like the plot better than the first book but it was still slow. I like the magical, enigmatic, and whimsical, and complex writing style of the author. Maggie has her own unique touch in making the story and character she writes alive, gripping, and breathtaking. Is she human? LOL

What's new in this book?

What's old?
-My irritation with Adam's existence
-Blue's feminism
-Noah's smudginess
-Ronan's do-not-fuck-with-me attitude
-My love for Gansey!

Unfortunately, the plot was still slow and I kept waiting for something more to happen... you know... something that will had me screaming and cursing inside my bedroom or wherever it is I'm currently in. It took a while but nonetheless it happened and I was so shook by it. I was hella mad to because of Noah's little exposure in this book. The guy deserves all the love he can get, you know?



yeah, that sums it up. They are not in order because it is 2 in the morning and my sleep-deprived brain is screaming for me to stop thinking or it will murder me in my sleep.
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March 27, 2016
***27. March 2016***
I rarely ever reread an entire series before the release of a new book, ergo my constant sequel amnesia, but this is the Raven Cycle . It's one of those books that just keeps on giving. The more you read, the more you discover. It has a really high reread factor as well because future actions shed light on past actions, turning each reread into small treasure hunts looking for those hints peppered into the story.
And the characters, don't get me started on the characters. Their character exploration is insane and subtle and beautiful. I know, normally I'm all about character development, but this wouldn't be the right word to use here. It's like Blue's tarot card, the Page of Cups. She's an empty cup brimming with potential. Our OT5 they don't grow OUT of their characters. They grow IN to their characters. Book by book they turn their potential into something real. Our characters aren't reluctant heroes who follow a certain path and are surprised to realize they've become "something more" by the end of their journey. They already know what their "something more" is, they know they'll reach it, they just don't know how. Yet.

***2. April 2015***
First of all, a LOT happens in these book but NOT ENOUGH happens in these books. Ronan is a total bamf. Adam is finally getting his shit together. I'm still waiting for my ship to sail. I DON'T WANT TO WAIT TILL THE LAST BOOK. UNACCEPTABLE.
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August 5, 2016
No les pasa que van a leer un libro con altas expectativas ya que su antecesor te encanto, pero al final este termina gustándote más que el anterior, bueno me paso con este libro.

Tengo que iniciar diciéndoles que la portada de este libro es hermosa, desde que leí el primer libro de esta saga quede fascinada con cada uno de sus personajes, y definitivamente tenía que continuar con estos libros para conocer más de su historia y de todos esos secretos ocultos de ellos, me gusto mucho que la trama de este libro este mas ubicada en Ronan y su habilidad, me gusto que la autora nos diera a conocer todos esos secretos de Ronan, y definitivamente me encanto, los personajes son tan perfectos como el primero, Gansey, Adam, Noah, Blue, estos personajes logran robar tu corazón y hacer que te encariñes cada vez mas con sus personalidades y su forma de ser, Adam es un personaje que también tiene un papel MUY IMPORTANTE en este libro, y VAYA QUE HAY MOMENTOS QUE ME GUSTARON MUCHO, tengo que resaltar al nuevo personaje “EL HOMBRE GRIS” me gusto mucho, y sus capítulos se me hicieron muy interesantes, y obviamente Kavinsky es otro personaje que me GUSTO Y MUCHO, me gusto su forma de ser y como este buscaba problemas sobre todo a Ronan, y extrañe un poco mas ese papel protagónico de Blue, sin embargo en este libro la vamos a ver mucho más madura y segura de si misma, y Gansey que puedo decir de el, es mi personaje favorito, y por ultimo quiero destacar también a Maura, Persephone y Cala que han cobrado mas importancia en la historia y a quienes de verdad me gustaría conocer mejor.

Me gusto que descubrimos pero no mucho, algo sobre la Línea ley, me gusto que la autora nos diera ese toque de misterio, y magia en el libro, su narrativa es fascinante y aunque no pasen muchas cosas, la forma en cómo Maggie te narra este libro hace que te fascine y quieras leer hasta la última de sus páginas, toda esa fantasía, todos esos misterios, y aunque no mucho pero si lo tuvimos ese toque de romance que hace que sueltes un suspiro después de tanto drama y misterio, ya que si algo sabe la autora es trasmitir muy bien sus sentimientos a sus lectores mediante sus libros, en fin este libro me ENCANTO, ME FASCINO, ME MARAVILLO, fue una grandiosa continuación y estoy muy emocionada por leer el siguiente libro, y saber que va a pasar, para poder conocer mas estos chicos que son maravillosos y que te roban el corazón, en fin el libro tiene un ritmo un poco pesado pero a medida que lo vas leyendo ese toque pesado se te va a hacer algo inexistente ya que Maggie sabe cómo hacer que te envuelvas en sus historias, por ello les recomiendo mucho leer estos libros, de verdad no se van a decepcionar.
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