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Gateway: Pioche

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June 2016—Stanford, Ca. GRADUATION for Muki, Abdul, Larry and Judith. Six years of cramming for finals and pursuing double masters degrees has finally paid off. It's time for them enjoy the fruits of their labor. A trip to Las Vegas and the blackjack tables before entering the word of commerce and research.

Their good fortune at the tables doesn't go unnoticed by the local mob boss, Nathan Rizzo, who decides, What money comes to Vegas, stays in Vegas. Instead of enjoying their winnings, the graduates find themselves in a hair-raising, life-threatening pursuit through the sleepy town of Pioche, Nevada. They find themselves northeast of the town at an abandoned military complex. Not wanting to tempt fate, they decide to stay put for a day and explore the complex.

What and who they find could unravel truths surrounding the most debated conspiracies of the past—who shot John Fitzgerald Kennedy, what happened to Judas Iscariot and did America really land on the moon in 1969. And of more consequence, would Judith get a chance to cleanse the ties her family has to the Third Reich? Great-grandfather must die!

Prepare for the most riveting tale of time travel!

321 pages, ebook

First published January 25, 2013

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About the author

Jeff Dawson

29 books90 followers
I spent twenty-five years in the wonderful world of road construction. Back surgery in 2010 put the skids on that career. My body couldn’t handle the rigors of twelve to sixteen hour days, six to seven days a week. As I convalesced, licking my wounds, I wondered what to do next. Not being out in the sun getting baked, or dodging traffic, was going to be a hard act to follow. Seriously, what else did I know? An article in the Dallas Morning News caught my eye. It was about being a professional speaker. Hmm. That sounds interesting. Becoming mobile again, I took a seat in front of the blank monitor, pondering what to write. Let’s start with something we know—my life.
The first work was titled “God’s Plan: A Glimpse Into One’s Life.” I re-titled it six months later to “Why Did Everything Happen?” I looked back at the last twenty-five years and how the death of my partner, father and true love affected my life. I was amazed at the revelations. Since then, I’ve moved on to write in several different genres. Some say I should change my name when diverting from the path. Well, right or wrong, I’m sticking with my name. The current works range from the memoir of my one true love: Debbie Beck—RIP 7-20-2009—Love’s True Second Chance, an alternative historical perspective of Vampires and WWII—Occupation, a newly released Sci-Fi time travel adventure,—Gateway: Pioche. If that isn’t enough, how about two Baseball Coaching Manuals?

I currently live in the DFW area, spending time with my daughter, her girls and my oldest son. When I was in construction, I never had, or took the time to enjoy what surrounded me: love, family and friends. My true love, Debbie and her girls reminded me what was important in life; “we work to live, not live to work.”

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Profile Image for Crystal.
Author 14 books7 followers
January 31, 2013
What if you could travel back to some dark time in our human history, not just to unravel the hundreds of unanswered questions that were lost with time, but to stop it from ever happening? The atomic bomb. The Cold War. Hitler's Reign. Who shot JFK? The list goes on.
Maybe we too have some traumatic event in our personal lives that we'd kill to change. We would all jump at the opportunity to take advantage of this technology without thinking. But at what price would we be willing to pay? Could we really get away with it? No consequences? Or could our tampering with the past have a disastrous, rippling effect in the future?

The book begins with a Professor, a Scientist who works with the government to build an important piece of technology. It is meant to erase some of the most disastrous events in our human history. Something happens, and then the experiment is shut down. The Professor knows it works and cannot understand why no one believes in his project as much as he does. His arguments are futile and the project is abandoned.

We fast forward, and meet four really smart kids who just finished high school; Larry, Judith, Miko and Abdul. They decide to venture out on their own, take a road trip to Las Vegas and use their intellect to clean up and walk away with large sums of money. And they do. But Vegas has thugs who refuse to let them leave, not with "their" money. A crazy chase of adventure and hilarity ensues, leading the graduates to an abandoned facility. There, they discover the Professor still lurking around trying to find someone to help him change the past. He has them fooled. But not Larry, because we know the Professor has a false tongue. He has a dark and dangerous agenda. He enlists their help, preying on their thirst for knowledge to carry out his evil plan. Each of the graduates choose an important point in human history. They travel there to collect information, to watch and maybe to change it. I won't say anymore because I can't, not without giving away spoilers, and I'd rather you read the book yourself. You won't regret it. I read it in two days.

In conclusion, I love this book. The characters are lovable, from Judith's temper, to Abdul's hilarious Star Trek references. This book is a real gem. I found myself wishing this device were a reality, after all who wouldn't want to experience certain events in human history, in our history, and maybe change them?
Profile Image for Tim Greaton.
Author 37 books151 followers
June 28, 2013
Coming of age...in a time machine!

Jeff Dawson remains one of my favorite authors. Not only are his stories salted with a wonderful dry wit, but he also seems Hell-bent on blasting through the neat lines that have decimated the creativity of so many authors over the years. In "Gateway: Pioche" he has done it once again. This time he and Larry Welch have successfully given this coming of age travel story a time-travel twist, and the result is a fascinating romp that will keep you reading long after bedtime.

Stanford University in California is one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions, but it is also a place where unusual friendships can flourish. And there could be no more unusual group of friends than Muki Nguyen, an attractive and brilliant martial artist; Larry Kowalski Jr. a high school valedictorian and Star Trek fan; Judith Anderson a model-beautiful girl trained as a professional racer; and finally Abdul Farad, a prankster and Star Trek fanatic who could give most Vulcans a run for their intellectual money. When these four college graduates head out for Las Vegas to catch their breath and make a few dollars counting cards, there is no way they could have known that their combined future would soon find them personally visiting some of the most memorable moments in Earth's history.

Now I could go on to describe how a pair of mobsters and a mad car chase forced these gifted travelers into the midst of a crazed scientist and a top secret, abandoned military project, but it might be best to let readers enjoy those tense moments for themselves. All I will say is that "Gateway: Pioche" is as fun as it is surprising, and I for one was pleased to hear that a sequel to this genre-bending novel is currently underway.

Highly recommended.
Profile Image for Yatin Gupta.
27 reviews18 followers
January 16, 2014
Gateway : Pioche is a perfect amalgamation of science fiction and thriller. It is a well crafted book that a read might feel a difficult to dive into but once you get the gist of the story, you are totally into it and will not feel like putting the book down. What I personally liked about the book is the balance that Jeff has maintained throughout the story. Nothing looks over the top and although it is a fictional story but you don’t feel like you are reading one. Also, must appreciate the dry humour and wit which has been intertwined in a racy narrative perfectly.

The story is about four college graduates, Muki, Larry, Judith and Abdbul who in their 20s who have just graduated. As the people of this age constantly look to do something adventurous and out of the box, the four of them try their hands at gambling and that is when the roller coaster ride begins for them. Making money is not easy and when its gambling a lot is at stake. All four of them get stuck while trying to make some easy bucks with mob altercations. Trying to save themselves, they end up at an abandoned government bunker and that is where they discover about a top secret project. Time-travel, trying to fix things in the past and a lot more, gateway : pioche is a book that will keep you on your toes.

Coming to the writing part of the book, Jeff Dawson has done a neat job. He knows what he is writing about and never goes over the top. The science fiction part of the story is good enough to believe in it and the entire plot and story looks logical. Everything makes sense and there are no loose ends in the story.
Profile Image for Anne-Rae Vasquez.
Author 14 books154 followers
November 27, 2013
Gateway:Pioche was an enthralling ride. As a filmmaker, I was reading page by page as if I were watching a scene from an incredible action thriller film and when author Jeff Dawson introduced time travel, I was hooked!

The story starts with very intelligent somewhat geeky group of young 20 somethings just graduated and looking for an adventure. They head out to Las Vegas inspired by the movies Rounders (one of my favourites, by the way) and 21 (another fave) where young grads try to gamble their way to fortunes using card counting techniques. Their adventure takes a detour when after some mob altercations, the young group end up in an abandoned government bunker and the real story begins. Throw in a mad scientist, time travel and the possibilities to reshape history, makes this novel a hit in my books.

As someone who enjoys shows like Fringe, I loved the science fiction/fantasy elements a lot. The characters were colourful, unpredictable and Dawson weaves humour throughout the storyline, again similarly to Fringe, which makes the book even more entertaining. I loved the references to Star Trek and I'm sure this will appeal to other geeks like me.

I rate Gateway: Pioche a solid 5 out of 5 stars. Recommended for science fiction, tech geeks who love a dash of time travel and a bit of historical meddling.
Profile Image for Giovanna Pezzulo.
Author 1 book1 follower
October 25, 2013
I was given a free copy for my honest review.

I chose "Gateway: Pioche" because I liked the idea of new adult characters traveling back in time, but I've found more than time-travel in this novel. There is hilarity, action, suspense.
The characters are eclectic and it's hard to pick a favorite between Star Trek fanatics and gorgeous girls with bad temper.
Reading the adventures of Muki, Abdul, Larry and Judith in the past, I start to daydream about events I would love to see: the Egyptian building the pyramids, Leonardo Da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa, the dinosaurs, my life inside my mom's womb, so many ...

I recommend this book to all history and science fiction lovers.
Profile Image for Dawn.
1,510 reviews18 followers
December 20, 2021
I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Muki, Abdul, Larry and Judith are students at Stanford who are geniuses (geeks) and decide to go on vacation before starting work. They choose Vegas and learn how to count cards from Larry. They’re not just going to play blackjack, they’re going to win at blackjack. Unfortunately, they win enough money to get noticed by the mob and end up running from them and into an adventure like no other.

The characters are different and fairly well developed. Judith is not likeable at all, and I’m guessing that the only reason she hangs out with the geeks is that no one else wants to be around her. I wouldn’t be able to stand being around Abdul for very long. I like the old Star Trek but enough is enough! Muki and Larry seem closer to normal, although Muki does have a kickass side that is way better than normal.

It took me a while to get into this book, but there were many interesting and exciting parts such as each time the “graduates” traveled back in time. When they were being chased by the mob was intense. Unfortunately, there were a lot of slower moments in between including scientific information that was a little too in depth for me but that’s a personal preference.

I am going to read the next book in the series, Destination DC, soon because I have to know what happens next!
Profile Image for Gerald Black.
Author 4 books8 followers
December 4, 2013
I was given a copy of this book to review. First off, Sci-Fi is not my normal genre. However, I found the idea of the book very interesting. The author showed extensive knowledge in many scientific and historic areas. There were things about the characters that annoyed me which lost a star. The fact that they elicited a response at all is a positive.

I enjoyed the story. There were many implausible traits with the characters (all geniuses) that made me ask, "Huh?" A woman such as Judith, a playmate beauty genius was implausible enough, but she wouldn't hang out with the other geeks, geniuses or not. And Abdul with his constant Star Trek references was as unlikable as I have ever experienced. I would find it hard to hang with him and I am known to be a geek myself.

As for the time-travel parts, the science of it sounded convincing. The author seemed to take every conspiracy theory and run with it. The trip back to Jesus' time was particularly eye-roll worthy for me.

As a whole it was well done. Just not entirely my cup of tea, I guess. Good, but not incredible. Enjoyable enough to keep me reading and I liked the ending, cliff hanger and all. Nice job overall.

Profile Image for Laura Ruetz.
1,242 reviews66 followers
June 28, 2015
I am often hesitant to read novels that include time travel, but this one was well done and very enjoyable. We are introduced to a diverse group of students who embark upon a vacation of sorts upon graduating and get themselves in trouble. They find a place to hide but it isn't all that it seems. This is where the real plot begins to play out and unfold. The story is engaging from start to finish, with interesting characters who have been fairly well developed. Their personality really shines through in their actions and words. Parts of the dialogue bogs down the plot a bit in spots but doesn't detract from the enjoyment. The book is infused with humor, which is nice. I do look forward to reading more from this author in the future as I did enjoy reading this. It has a captivating and thought provoking story line.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Jessica Peterson.
Author 45 books17 followers
June 22, 2013
I found this book a bit hard to get into in the beginning and then once I found myself interested in the characters, the story changed. There was a lot to take in and just when I found myself getting into the book again, it ended. Although I became interested in the time travel, I found myself wondering about the thugs the characters encountered from the first conflict. This was cleared up in the end paving way for a sequel though. I truly admire the author's knowledge on so many different subjects, but this book wasn't really for me.
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