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The Ending #2

Into The Fire

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The Virus changed them, but that was only the beginning…
…all that remains is hope.

In the wake of destruction left behind by the Virus, it took Dani and Zoe months to find each other. But their reunion was short-lived. Dani has been taken, and though little distance separates them, they might as well be worlds apart.

From the moment she hears Dani’s scream, Zoe’s only goal is to save her best friend. She and her companions scramble to come up with a rescue plan, but when a ghost from Jake’s past reappears, lines are blurred, decisions become harder, and secrets are revealed…and some secrets are best left buried. To keep heartache and fear from consuming her, Zoe must cling to her determination. She WILL see Dani again.

Dani awakens inside the final hold-out of civilization: the Colony. Remnants of the former world surround her—electricity, safety, social order—but all is not what it seems. As she faces her most manipulative adversary yet, she loses sight of who she is and who she can trust. Friends become enemies, enemies become allies, and allies will betray her. Dani will have to decide what she’s willing to do and whose lives she’s willing to risk if she is to have any chance of breaking free.

356 pages, Paperback

First published November 22, 2013

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Lindsey Fairleigh

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2,429 reviews24.8k followers
November 16, 2015
 photo Into-The-Fire_zpsuyxmkrrm.jpg

Into the Fire is book #two in The Ending series by Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue. This book, holy cow, there simply aren’t enough adjectives to describe my feelings to you right now. My head is spinning and my heart is pounding. From start to finish this book had me on the very edge of my seat.

The entire book takes place within the span of one week. Things start out directly where book one ended. Dani has been taken! We switch back and forth between what is happening with Dani and what is going on with Zoe and the rest of the group.

 photo images_zpswobgrsh7.jpg

Dani was taken to the Colony and during her time here we are subjected to one revelation after another. Life at the Colony is certainly different than how she has been living all these months. During their months of travel they have learned to live without all of today’s modern conveniences. But suddenly she finds herself in a place with electricity, air conditioning, plenty of food, housing. But underneath all of this is a world full of evil and madness.

 photo Evil-scientist_zpsqqhrilf6.jpeg

Dani meets Gabe, her friend from her mind, whom she had come to know as M.G. Gabe claims to be on her side, to want to help her, but isn’t he the one that brought her here? Can she trust him? She meets the mastermind behind all the madness, The General or Father as some refer to him. The General is truly evil. His plans for power are limitless. We are told about the re-gens he is creating and his plan to accumulate power and control. The experiments they are doing on humans and re-gens are horrifying.

All Dani wants is to get back to her friends. She had Zoe back for one lousy night. And Jason, her beloved Jason. Dani is subjected to some horrible things but she also is able to strengthen her power. She makes new friends and meets up with an old enemy. All she can think about is getting out and getting back to Zoe and Jason.

Zoe, Jason, Jake and the others are forced to abandon the camp from fear that Dani’s kidnappers will return. They find an old ghost town and take up residence there. They are befriended by a new man and a boy he is traveling with. I am hoping these two will play a larger part in the following books.

 photo Goldfield_Ghost_Town_01_zpstluuhxpd.jpg

I feel like in this book, we really get to dig deeper into the characters heads and hearts. Zoe has so much turmoil going on. She wants Dani back. At the same time, she is struggling with her relationship with her brother, Jason. There are some very important details regarding their past that are revealed. Zoe is also struggling with her relationship with Jake. She is convinced that if she lets him in, he will abandon her just as everyone else has in her life. Jake is shocked by a visitor from his own past.

There is simply so much going on that I barely got time to take a breath. The entire week Dani is at the colony is spent planning her escape. And Zoe, Jason, Jake and the others are up against scouts from the Colony, crazies and their own inner demons, all the while trying to figure out a way to rescue Dani.

 photo tumblr_mt13uhbtnW1qf4l85o1_400_zps7xcbkwhj.jpg

I believe on their Facebook page, they call the fans of this series, “Endingers.” Well, I guess I am one because I am obsessed with this series. This group which I have grown so attached to just doesn’t seem to catch a break. I just want them all to settle down somewhere, start their own little community and be happy. But that’s definitely not the way things are going. So we will see what happens next, in book three, Out of the Ashes. I can’t wait to get started.

 photo ending1_zpsfda9c5ba.jpg
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1,683 reviews599 followers
May 13, 2015
**4.5 Re-Gen Stars**

Now that's what I'm talking about...this one read so much faster since I couldn't put it down. Dani finally started to grow up in this story but Zoe a few times had me ready to pull my hair out.

Again this is told in Dani's and Zoe's POV with a few chapters from Mase (Giant).

Fast paced ---- very interesting and action packed! This one was much better than the first but yet again we end with a cliffhanger! UGH...

I have to find out more so I'm off to start... Out Of The Ashes

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6,773 reviews573 followers
November 7, 2013
Have you ever been so lost in a book and its story that when you reach the end, and your Kindle says 100% you actually need to try to check further to see if there’s maybe just another line or two? Like flipping over my Kindle will magically give me more, right? Into the Fire by Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue Had me white-knuckling-it to its fabulously devious ending, and I can testify that if you flip your Kindle over, you will not find more, nor is there anything beyond 100% finished.

Briefly, the world has been decimated by a mysterious virus that has left its survivors changed in amazing ways. Small groups band together in search of a safe haven. Meanwhile, one place remains as a civilized bastion in a world reduced to its most primitive elements, The Colony. But is it a haven for survivors or a breeding ground a new and more terrible living hell? Picking up immediately after Dani is abducted in book one, After the Ending, the maze of events are genius in a diabolical way. The gut-wrenching secrets revealed will hit you like a sucker punch, while the tender moments of tentative love will melt your heart. As for the action, I suggest you rest up, you are going to need all of your energy to keep up as good vs evil vs science gone awry vs tortured consciences take turns at center stage where humans are used as lab rats and the name of the game is control at any cost.

What would you do to save your best friend? What would you risk? What secrets would you shield from those you love in order to protect them?

From start to finish I was right there as the authors deftly structure a world in chaos, where trust is earned, danger could be lurking around the next corner and madness is rampant. I believed in this world, it was real, almost too real! The core characters are not just descriptions on a page, they are lifelike, and have emotions, secrets, tempers, and flaws. They are also loving, caring and loyal to a fault. Together they have adapted to their lives as a unit. When threatened they circle the wagons and come out with guns blazing. The villains ranged from the demented power mongers to the unsuspecting pawns that you cannot help be feel for.

The best thing about having received an ARC edition from L2 Books in exchange for my honest review, I was able to read this sooner. The only downside is that I have to wait longer for the next book in this amazing series that still has a lot to share!

Series: The Ending, Book 2
Expected Publication Date: November 22, 2013
Publisher: L2 Books
ISBN: 9780988715431
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Fantasy/Sci-fi
Page Count: 356
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1,838 reviews6,242 followers
February 13, 2015
I'm so torn about these books! I like the story, and all of the side characters, but I don't like the two main girls that much. They are all of the things that make girls look bad: selfish, immature, girl-haters (except each other), catty, bitchy, and weak. So, I was really hoping to see growth from them in this book. But, since this book takes place within only one week, I guess that wasn't possible. What was possible, however, was for them both to start throwing temper tantrums, like 2-year olds. That's right, they both decided to yell and hit when they got angry. WTH?

First, we have Zoe, when Jake doesn't want his sister being used as a pawn for the twisted army to take and abuse again. Zoe thinks this is wrong of him - that he should be willing to give his sister to the people who she knew (because she had seen her memories) had literally abused this girl. So, Zoe freaks out when Jake decides that he will not allow this to happen to his sister and wants to get her the hell out of there (a normal reaction).

I pushed, shoved, and slapped him again and again. "You son of a bitch!"

Really? This is how a 26 year old woman handles her emotions? But, hey, in the last book she had fallen to her knees, crying, in front of a bunch of people. She is an emotional child.

Next, we have Dani, who was feeling overwhelmed by her feelings so she decided that hitting Gabe was the best way to deal with them.

I was fully aware that Gabe had done nothing but help me, but I had to lash out at something....
I yelled as I stepped closer and slapped him as hard as I could.. I slapped him again and felt wicked satisfaction when he brought his hand up to his reddening cheek.

So, what, it's perfectly okay for women to hit men as much as they want, but woe to a man who hits a woman? Because, frankly, I don't think a woman should hit her friend or lover any more than I think anyone should hit anyone else. And, I don't like the idea that women are being portrayed as so emotionally immature and out-of-control that they must resort to hitting and throwing temper tantrums when they are upset.

I truly, truly hope that these women can grow the hell up in the next book!
232 reviews8 followers
November 22, 2013
So I reviewed After the Ending, the first book in The Ending series, a few months ago and I enjoyed it immensely. Fortunately Into the Fire, the second book in the series, did not disappoint.

I’ve really gotten attached to Dani and Zoe, but in Into the Fire even more characters were introduced that I liked just as much. I still also like the way that the authors switch back and forth between the characters viewpoints. Dani, however, is still my favorite. But I did start to like Zoe even more in this book and, without giving too much away, I can’t wait to see where the authors take her in the next book that comes out next year.
As for the story, in Into the Fire the reader gets to find out even more about how the virus came about. There is still lots of action and this time there are a lot of plot twists. Some I saw coming, but a few, on in particular, I really didn’t expect but again, I can’t wait to see where it goes. The first book ended on a definite cliffie, and into the fire does end rather abruptly, but more as a lead in into the next book, not as a shear drop. I actually really liked this ending, especially when compared to the ending of the first book, and I really thought it was going to end completely differently so again without too much spoilerage I was definitely pleasantly surprised. Also I love the way that the authors have woven Dani and Zoe’s stories together. Both in how they came together at the end of the first book to how they came back together again at the end of the second.
Overall I think this series is really good. It started strong and has continued into the second novel without losing steam. I can’t wait ‘til next year when book three, Out of the Ashes is released. I definitely recommend reading the books in order though, so if you haven’t read After the Ending yet, pick it up and get reading!
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838 reviews26 followers
October 1, 2020
This is turning out to be a rather good series; on to the next!
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504 reviews214 followers
March 6, 2020
So yeah continuing on with the story. It brings us back to where “After the Ending” left us. And once again we’re left with Dani and Zoe being separated, but with this book you learn more about the people, their abilities. And other things that just makes this series even more intriguing the further you read into it. And also a “aha” moment where if you’re like me you pick up on clues and the moment it’s revealed you get all excited and you’re like “I knew it!” But alas, this book it just like it’s predecessor and leaves you wanting more. So I guess I’ll leave this review as .... to be continued.
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121 reviews13 followers
November 8, 2013
I received the book INTO THE FIRE as an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.

If you loved the action-packed storyline of ���After the Ending’ then you will also love the second installment in the series. This book delves more into the ‘fantasy’ and finally gives us a little background into the mysterious virus that killed most of the population.

So, there are three reasons why I LOVED the book and then another one or two that kind of made me feel a little –meh.-

To Love….
1.The introduction of a few new characters and the reintroduction of a few old ones really helps to flesh out the story. There’s the dead, which we know piled up during book one in the series, the living (in the form of crazies and those special individuals with ‘Abilities’) and now there is something in between. I won’t go into details on this, but it does greatly add to the novel over all.
2.The relationships between the characters, though there are fewer ‘hot and heavy’ scenes than the first novel. As the relationships between Zoe/Jake, Zoe/Jason, Dani/Jason and Dani/MG (Gabe) develop, it helps the reader to really feel for the characters. I love the romance between Zoe and Jake especially because it’s pretty raw.
3.The development of an evil. In the first book, there were enemies, but for the most part, the characters spent a lot of the book facing different challenges. In book two, a strong, powerful and evil entity emerges.

Or not to Love….
1.The ending seemed really drawn out. I know that the book was developed in the final scenes to establish a precedent for following books in the series, but after a while I felt that it should have been cut down at the end a little bit.
2.Call me sadistic, but the first book sparked my interest in some ways because it described gross, violent scenes. Meeting with the murderous/rapist cult, encountering crazies and beating on the dead bodies of loved ones all contributed to the horrors that the characters experienced during the apocalypse.

Over all, I really look forward to reading the next two books in the series. I am definitely a fan of the series for sure and think that this book should emerge as a fan favorite. I will close out this review with a few questions for the future…

1.Tavis? Who’s gunna fall for that guy first? It better not ruin any of my favorite relationships?
2.Will Zoe’s little thinking problem ever be resolved and how will it affect her relationship with Jake?
3.What will happen with Gabe?

Looking forward to the next installment!!

See this review and others at: http://www.bookbacon.com/?p=111
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519 reviews86 followers
September 3, 2016
Just like its predecessor, Into the Fire was brilliant. I mean, with the way After the Ending finished off, I'm not surprised. But, can I just take a moment to say, "Whoa?!"
I had about two minutes at the end of After the Ending to relish in the fact that best friends Zoe and Dani were reunited and all seemed to be wonderful. I should have known.

Into the Fire takes place immediately following the first book and as with After the Ending we get both Zoe and Dani's perspectives. Only, this time we get a new perspective, as well. That of a character named, Mason. I won't delve too much into who he is, because I really like to leave people in the dark, as far as plot goes, but I will say that I loved him! He only takes up a few chapters of the book, but I felt sucked into his story just as much as Zoe and Dani's.

We get introduced to just a few more characters in this second installment. Some of them absolutely great, some of them make me want to punch myself in the face. They're that bad. Really. I think more than anything, in this story we get to see our characters' abilities changing and growing. Right along with the characters, themselves. I love me some personal growth in a character. And I see both Zoe and Dani conquer some personal hurdles of theirs.

Instead of a more Dani-Jason centric story, I enjoyed having some Zoe-Jake time. Those Lindseys sure know how to write some strong men. Goodness!

My only worries are that there may be a potential love-triangle. I really hope this isn't the case because I feel like these couples have enough on their plates. they don't need the added stress or drama of unrequited love.

As for how I feel finishing this book. Well, of course we got left with a cliff-hanger. And, of COURSE, it made me crazy! But, it's the kind of crazy that is going to keep checking to see when the next book comes out.

Christy @ Captivated Reading
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1,174 reviews162 followers
November 10, 2013
Oh what an ending am definitely wanting to read the next book!

Approaching this book I am desperate to know who/what has Dani, what they want from her as well as what the others' reactions to Dani being kidnapped will be.
At 16% we are also introduced to a new character called Mase who lives in the colony, though how long he is going to last alive is debatable as he seems somewhat a rebel.
Throughout this book I was really kept guessing what was going to happen. This book has some "on the edge of your seat" scenes within it.

I received this e-arc from Netgalley. I like the cover of this book too as it matches the cover of book one with the addition of the fiery orange on this cover. And there is certainly plenty of "fire" in this book. So would the cover of this book make me pick it up in a bookstore? Yes, I'd be attracted to its sparse simplicity which fits the theme of the book of everything being gone.
So from the last book we know Dani has been kidnapped and my suspicions were right, it is people from the colony that have her. The man in charge of the colony General Herodson is a mind bender, so naturally he forces Dani to think she wants to stay at the colony. Dani is given a house, clothes food everything that she needs. In fact it's kind of like being in the "before" the virus as the colony has electricity and hot water. However Dani has this little voice/feeling that things are not quite right. The Gabe injects her with something called "neutraliser" that he has obtained from Dr Wesley and all her memories come back. . . .
(I'll leave that there as you really need to read the book for yourselves.)
So there is a kind of rebellion going on, those who seem to be in this rebellion and who want to help Dani escape are Dr Wesley-Dani feels there is something really familiar about her but she can't quite put her mind to what it is. There's Gabe, the one who lured her to the colony who now seems to be on her side and wanting to help her escape. Then there are Mase and Camille, two Re-Gens . . . what are Re-Gens? Well you need to read the book I can't/won't reveal everything! The very real problem Dani has she doesn't really know who she can trust.
So amid all this action and trying to rescue Dani from the colony there is still time for some relationship angst between Zoe and Jake. Especially when there is a choice Jake has to make between Zoe and his sister Becca . . . . Who does Jake end up choosing. Becca is not the girl Jake knew as his sister, but he cannot prevent the feelings of protectiveness he still has for his sister that he thought had died.
This book has lots of mysteries, some are answered some are not. I do have lots of things going around in my head after finishing this book as I did with Book One. I truly love this series. I'm even more attached to all of the characters. I love the friendship between Dani and Zoe, the fact they would both be willing to risk their own life for the other.
We also see a little bonding between siblings Zoe and Jason. Jason admits the reason he seems to scowl at Zoe all the time is that she looks a lot like their mother, who died in a car crash, or did she? They bond over opening the secret box their dad used to keep from them and hide in the "before". They finally open it together and discover a letter from their mother to their father . . .which is really poignant and then they realise the date on the letter is two days after she died! How can that be? Why did their father keep this secret from them?
The book ends on a mixture of emotions happiness yet sadness, and hope against the odds. I love the pace of the book, always something going on. This book has the extra point of view of Mase for a couple of chapters as well as the much appreciated chapters from Dani and Zoe's point of views as in Book One.
So did I enjoy the book? Put simply I loved it! Would I recommend the book? Oh, Yes! Would I want to read another book in this series? Definitely as soon as its available please! Would I read other titles by these co-authors? Yes both books they have written together or written individually too.
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108 reviews25 followers
August 13, 2014
Originally posted here: http://moniquesmobooks.blogspot.ca/20...

My Review

I received a copy of this from from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

* Spoilers from After the Ending, book #1*

Held captive by a mind controlling General, Dani needs to search for a way to escape the community without raising suspicion. Luckily she finds a few special people that are willing to help.

Being separated from her best friend once again has Zoe distraught but she has more then just that on her mind. She's worried about where her relationship with Jake is headed and why ghosts from his past are turning up. Then there's the mysterious box containing information about the one woman she's never been able to remember - her mother.

I will start off by saying that while I liked After the Ending, the first book in the series, I thought the the sequel was even better. With the plot already established and the character development already in place Into the Fire picks up right where the last book left off, with the exception of the opening chapter in Mase's POV.

I was immediately pulled back into the story after the opening chapter. I was very interested in knowing what a Regen was and learning about what the hell happened to Dani. So I kept on reading. After Dani was somehow taken by her mystery guy at the ending of the first book I have been dying to know what her future held and it was definitely an incredible story. I found this part of the book to be the most stimulating for me. It was much more plot oriented and there wasn't a dull moment.

Zoe's part in the story wasn't as exciting as Dani's but I enjoyed each of the charters in her group, especially Chris, the woman with the ability to calm anyone down in a bad situation. The thing that had me most interested with Zoe was that locked box left to her and Jason by their father. Finally it was opened and what it contained was something they never could have suspected. For me the results were pretty predictable but still fascinating.

I loved the sci fi elements in the story with the virus outbreak that caused "abilities" in people who survived the illness, and the Regens which included two interesting characters. The only thing that I didn't like about this story was the fact that after two books about Dani and Zoe trying to find each other in the new world they have only spent a chapter or two together. I found it frustrating.

In closing I would like to say that I really enjoyed reading this novel and I can't wait to find out what's in store for Dani and Zoe in the next installment of the series.
I give this story a 4 ½ out of 5 stars.
17 reviews2 followers
November 5, 2013
I should warn you before I start, if you haven't read After The Ending, there will be spoilers.

I feel lucky that I didn't have to wait long before reading the next book in The Ending series. Although now I'm not sure if I still remembered enough of the previous book or the authors were so good to jog my memory with what happened in After The Ending (knowing myself, I'd say it's the latter).

The story picks up where it left off and we are introduced to some new characters, some you know will be there (Gabe), some you have no idea existed (because they shouldn't - Camille and Mase) and some you wouldn't have expected in your wildest dreams. I'm not saying who. ;)

Considering the fact that After The Ending took our characters on a several months long journey, you will be interested to know this book takes place during one week. Who knew so much could happen in a week? And even though the story mostly switches between Dani and Zoe again, it's from Dani's perspective that we learn the most intriguing bits.

And those that would make you scream in frustration.

Also, at some point I really wanted to scream in frustration at both Dani and Zoe - I was just starting to think Zoe was the rational and cool-thinking one, after I got upset with Dani thinking with her heart, and then Zoe goes and does the same. And Dani turns smarter.

I'm blaming it on the fact that they are still young and facing a new world, not on the fact it suited the authors to move the story in that direction.

It was one of those books that make you turn into a reader who calls out for blood for the bad guys. It seems in this case, the BAD guy might be even worse than you thought but we'll get to learn that in the next book.

So, to sum it up (I always wonder if I manage to convey through my thoughts how much I liked the book) - I practically inhaled it. Through my eyes of course. ;)

P.S. I just want to add, this book deals with some unethical and immoral choices bad people make. It also deals with how people can act differently when faced with such problems and how difficult choosing the right path sometimes can be. Also, how easy it is for the bad guys to take over. :(
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Author 42 books74 followers
August 18, 2014
Into the Fire throws us right back into the post-apocalyptic, super power-tastic world that we left in After the Ending, which is a good thing, because I really, really wanted to know what happened to Dani after she was kidnapped and taken into (play scary music)…THE COLONY.

Authors Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue don’t let up on the action for one iota of a second. You think, “Oh, here’s a chance to catch my breath…”, but you’re WRONG, because something else is about to explode into horribleness for protagonists and best friends Dani and Zoe. This just goes to show that the world can end…and things can still get worse.

Throughout Into the Fire, Dani and Zoe are once again separated, which rekindles the tension that readers will remember from After the Ending, as the two best friends try to find a way to reunite with each other. This time, the stakes are even higher as Dani finds herself trapped within The Colony, run by General Herodson who seeks to rebuild the broken world into a new human utopia.
Sound like a nice little vision? It’s not so nice when the dreamer has the power to control minds and isn’t afraid of a little torture, murder, and mayhem to get his perfect world up and running.
Will Dani be able to escape The Colony with the help of some new and special friends? Will Zoe and Jake actually stop arguing and misunderstanding each other long enough to finally, finally, finally get it on?

You’ll have to read Into the Fire to find out. The plot is whiplash-inducing fast with lots of good twists and turns. Zoe and Dani continue to be fun, realistic narrators who stumble through their new reality but always find the strength to stand back up. I really like how the reader can see their evolution and growth through the series. Romance fans can also expect some sizzle in the book, but it’s only one of many different threads that make up this multi-layered story. And finally, cool powers and now…ZOMBIES…well, sort of.

Anyone who loves new adult, dystopian, or reading about girls with grit are in for a treat. Now, bring on Book Three!
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775 reviews26 followers
January 30, 2014
I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.

Firstly I would like to thank the author and the publisher for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this books.

Well, well, well, I think I'm falling in love with the Dystopian Genre. I mean why wouldn't I, right now this genre is the best out there and I'm so happy to say that these books are a gem in this genre. After a long time I read a story that involves the love of two friends for each other and their struggle to meet. I loved the way the author portrayed the unbreakable friendship of Zoe and Dani. Both girls touched my heart and I loved the true and pure feeling they had for each other and in this tragic situation too they do all they can to meet up but their meeting doesn't last long and Dani is taken away from Zoe and in the second installment we witness the heartfelt and true hardship that Zoe undergoes to get Dani back and on the other hand Dani faces her own monsters and the change in surroundings also changes her view towards her very own known world that got destroyed in a virus attack. But is that the only truth or there are other facets of this truth? Are the people whom the girls think as their allies are really guarding them or are they manipulating their knowledge about the outcome of this virus attack. Are the enemies their well-wishers? Now it's time to find out!!!

Great books and the mystery nearly knocked me over and my god the suspense just took my breath away. I loved the characters very much, they were well portrayed and kept developing till the very end. I loved Zoe the most but Dani also touched my heart. The mysterious boys are also one of the attractions of this story.

Over all I loved the ending very much and I never saw that coming. I'm really very impressed and I know that you guys will love it too so go ahead and read it!!! Enjoy!!!
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3,336 reviews9 followers
August 20, 2016
Loved it. The storyline is so involved it draws you in while still making sense. The way each character faces their own internal and physical struggles are perfectly portrayed. And there's maps!

Starts when the first left off, with Dani being captured by the Colony. Then we switch back and forth between Dani discovering how rotten the core of the Colony is and the role each played in the spread of the Virus. While Zoe's group tries to come up with a plan to rescue her.

They split into two groups sending pregnant Sarah with some others farther into the mountains to keep them safe. We don't hear about them anymore after that, so presumably that's in a later story.

The main group learn unknown family history and discover long lost family. They have a hard time keeping Jason from taking off on a suicidal rescue of Dani, especially when she's able to connect with Zoe telepathically and tells them what's going on in the Colony. Zoe & Jake's relationship travels some very rocky ground, but they manage to work through til fate throws them a hardball.

I was fascinated by how all the abilties were used both in the group and in the Colony, especially Dani. Though I got a bit confused as to who could do what.

Best scene(s): Bathing in the cold river and breaking into the General's office.
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April 30, 2022
Into The Fire started off with a new character and a new twist to the plot. Everything you thought you knew and the lost that was experienced in After The Ending changes in Into The Fire. I could not put this book down. Zoe and Dani are separated once again. Jason is devastated and on the war path to get Dani back. The only problem is war lives are lost.

Who is the Mystery Guy tat has been in Dani's dreams? Well MG gets a name and a huge part in this second book. t can not tell you how many twists this book had. Not everything is as it seems. The most scary abilities seem to be the ones that can control the minds of those around them and seem to be the most abused. How do you defeat someone that can control your every whim.

I can not even describe how much I love this series. Jason's love and protective nature over Dani is so swoon worthy. Also we finally get Jake and Zoe to admit to what is going on between them. I was dying after the cliffhanger ending in After The Ending and had to pick this up right after. This book will have you reading all through the night. The world building in this book and the fact that the Authors continually intrigue and surprise is so addicting. This is a must read series and I only wish I had read these sooner. This is a 5 out of 5 star book.
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November 10, 2013
Read After the Ending first...then read Into the Fire!

Into the Fire is the second entry in The Ending series. The first book found best friends Dani and Zoe trying to get to each other in the post apocalyptic world. Just when they do, they get separated again, and that is how we start book 2.

Dani has been kidnapped and taken to the Colony, where she finally meets Mystery Guy (Gabe) in person. She also has the misfortune to meet the General (talk about your God complex) and discovers horror upon horror under his command.

Meanwhile, Zoe and crew are frantically searching for her and dealing with their own demons.
In After the Ending, Dani and Zoe were lucky-they encounter good groups of people to join (for the most part), discovered love, and discovered their Abilities.

Into the Fire was an aptly named page turner, so much so that I cried out in indignation when I flicked to the next page on my Kindle and got the credits instead of a new chapter. As before, the book ends with a cliffhanger, but it's just enough to make you salivate for more. What a great read-I can't wait for the next entry!

See the full review at Miss Boxy Frown!
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July 13, 2023
DNF. Just can’t do it.
2 reviews
January 17, 2014
Great read

I was a little Leary of reading this, but once I started it I could not put it down. Great story line and the characters are amazing. I would recommend it. cannot wait until book three comes out
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May 17, 2017
Personal Response:
I liked this book because it really focuses on what happened at the end of the first book. I found it interesting that people began to have these, basically, mutations in their brains that gave them a special ability. It is a creative book series, and I look forward to reading the next two books.
Plot Summary:
This book is all about saving Dani, and working on how to make everybody's abilities stronger. Whether it be mind control, or being able to cut out the electricity for only a few moments at a time, every one was working on it. Dani was taken by the people in the Colony, which is thought to be a safe place before you actually get there. All the people that are in the Colony are either mind-controlled by the General, have accepted the General of the New United States, or they have became Re-Gens. Re-gens are people who have been killed or died, and were brought back to help the General with their abilities. Dani has the ability to talk to people through telepathy, and the General wants to have her talk to people and bring them into the Colony so that he can control them too.
Dani is controlled by the General for a short period of time, only because Dr. Wesley and Gabe gave her the neutralizer so that she can not be controlled any longer. Shortly after she gets in touch with friends and tells them that she needs to get out and that two Re-Gens, Gabe, and Dr. Wesley are going to help her. The two Re-Gens are different than the rest because Dr. Wesley is trying to make them remember everything.
After they finally have a plan ready Camille and Mase (the Re-Gens) have an argument, Camille goes to the General and tells him about the plan. The General being the rude man that he is decides that one is going to leave, especially not someone as useful as Dani. He plans to turn Dani into a T-R, a special Re-gen with no memories of anything. But because Dani is to strong in her telepathy she can basically leave her body, and another Re-Gen, Becca, helps to break them all out. She had created a rebellion of the Re-Gens. They all get out safely, but they can't find Zoe anywhere. Finally Becca has a vision on where Zoe is, but there's one thing wrong... Her memory is gone.
Dani is a strong independent woman, who knows what she needs needs to do to keep the others safe. She is taken away from her group, but soon realizes that the person who made her go there was forced to. She is also a forgiving person, she helps others out and only wants to back with her friends. They are the only people she has left, and she knows she can't lose them.
I recommend this book to high school students and young adults because there is a bit of mature content and language in it. It is a great read, and I feel like people of these age groups would enjoy it also.
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November 23, 2013
nto The Fire is the sequel to After The Ending (which is currently on sale on amazon for only $.99 by the way!) and picks up right where the previous book left off. The world has basically come to a halt due to a virus and two friends, Dani and Zoe, are trying to survive with everything changing. Strange new abilities, people gone mad, and crazy government conspiracies are just a few of the exciting elements of this great series.

Even though some of the characters were similar to one another, I quickly remembered who was who as I started this sequel. I’ve often found that difficult in other series, but in this series, the characters stuck with me very vividly. No information dump needed. One complaint people had with the previous book was the central role romance played, despite the world nearly ending. I actually found it really realistic and think it’s part of why the characters seemed so believable to me. As long as people aren’t in immediate danger, interpersonal drama and the building of romantic relationships is always going to be a thing. That said, I think people who were bothered by the romance will find it less of a problem in Into The Fire. While some enjoyable romance is still present, it clearly plays a secondary role compared to the action and world building.

Something exciting was constantly happening. The action kept me turning pages as fast as I could! The world building was very well done. Most of the new information about how this world works was revealed to us early on, but throughout the book we discover how individual characters got to where they are. I thought this was a great way to avoid artificially holding information back – something that has always been a pet peeve of mine in YA – while still keeping me curious. There were a few little pet peeves of mine that did show up in this one, including some slightly too serendipitous occurrences and characters who refuse to talk about their problems, but overall, this was an incredibly fun read.

Even the science was quite well done. Although I’m not convinced that what happened in the book could happen in real life, the book is both internally consistent and consistent with basic science. Some of the facts of our reality our different from the book, but again – the basic science holds. I love when authors do their research! So yep, great characters, fascinating world building, constant action, and believable science. Obviously, I’m going to highly recommend this one.

This review first published on Doing Dewey.
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December 10, 2013
(I received this book for free as part of Goodreads First Reads giveaways).

(This review may contain spoilers).

When I read the blurb for this book, I almost immediately thought that it definitely sounded like my kind of book (a family member I showed it to said almost the exact same thing). By the end of this book, that opinion didn't change.

Although this book was the second in a series, I found it relatively easy to understand what was going on. I did find that there were a few too many characters. I kept getting confused with some of the more minor characters.

I really liked the Abilities that different characters had, though I would have liked more of an explanation as to why different people could do different things. Is it just related to DNA? Or is there the potential for a person to develop more than just one Ability?

I really liked the concept of the Re-Gens, although it was a bit disappointing that they didn't retain any of the memories of being alive. It was interesting how they almost became different people after being revived, but I liked Mase and Camille and how their relationship formed and still weathered one of the very worst reveals.

Although it was slightly confusing at first to have two different first person perspectives - as well as one third person perspective - it didn't take long for me to get used to it. I would have liked a bit more explanation about the General's motives - throughout this book, he comes across as really evil and explotive with nothing that reaches deeper. Not like Dr. Wesley or Gabe, who were much more well-rounded characters. I didn't really like Jason very much, after the way he treated Zoe.

I was a bit disappointed that this book ends on something of a cliffhanger, but it did its job - I want to read the other books in this series eventually. The authors did a really good job of making me care about what happened to the main characters and giving them realistic strengths and weaknesses. I definitely want to see how things eventually turn out for them.
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November 21, 2013
Disclaimer: I received an eARC of this book through netgalley.com.

The two Lindseys are back with their second installment of their Ending series. into the Fire begins where book one left off. It's hard to talk about this book without spoilers so I will do my best. Dani and Zoe are back, along with the rest of the gang that they've travelled with across the states. In addition to the gang, we meet the darker side of this new world, those that live in Colorado Springs (which seems to be redubbed as The Colony). We're introduced to MG (and his real name), new characters with new abilities, and some new technology.

What I liked: I love dystopian books and this series give the genre a superhero bent to the whole end of the world thing. I loved seeing the characters pushed to their limits on what they'd do for one another. I loved seeing Dani's humanity come out in spades and how she treats others is amazing. The ending, once again, ends on a great cliffhanger that keeps readers waiting out for book 3.

So, if I liked all these things, then why did i give the book 3 stars? Well, it was the pacing and what I can only describe as the "second book" blahs. The first book was new and exciting and kept me reading from the first word to the end. In this book, the writing felt flatish, and it took me forever to get into it (and I was really looking forward to this). However, the last bit of the book made up for the trudging through parts.

Bottom Line: If you liked the first Ending book, and want to know what happens next, then you'll be surprised and happy for this book. If you've read this book first then you will be a bit confused but I think it's still new enough where you can understand where it's going.
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March 18, 2016
Wow, the second book in the series did not disappoint. Book 1 laid the groundwork and book 2 connected the dots. It starts right where book 1 left off and from there on out it was action, action, action. Not to mention drama filled with some spooky super natural parts too. The characters have grown in this new landscape and are adapting nicely, well as nicely as anyone can after the world has ended. This addition to the series works nicely and definitely builds off the first book. The introduction of new characters fit well, the secrets that were revealed had more than enough reveal to be interesting but also left enough mystery to see what happens next. If you read my review of book 1 I mentioned a colony, well let’s just say that Disneyland is still the happiest place on earth. If you liked book 1 then you will definitely really enjoy book 2 and feel like the characters are a part of your life. The author uses many different new aspects to keep you reading while keeping true to the new world created in this series. You will be furious with some of the main characters at times and be jumping for joy at others. The author does a great job at evoking emotions.

I listened to the audiobook and the narrator does a great job again giving different voices to all the characters in the book, while keeping those that made it to the sequel consistent. The quality and pacing was also well done. Again with some difficult scenes she does a great job keeping her composure as I know if I was the narrator I would be getting furious or being overcome with joy depending on the scene. Well, we have had the cross country roadtrip, we had the growth of characters and reveal of secrets now we will have to see what awaits in the next installment. SO saddle up Wings we got work to do.
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December 12, 2013
I found this book to be very reminiscent of the Cronin's The Twelve. It seems that people with mind control powers always seem to want to take over the world and those people in the medical research field often do things that they later regret after they realize what a horrible weapon they can be. Maybe people should think about these things BEFORE they do them? Just an observation.

Into the Fire finds us in the Colony and finally discovering how the world ended as we know it ended. Of course the supposed safe haven of the new world is anything but and now Dani has to find her way out and hopes to save her old friends and some new ones in the process.

Once again the story flip flops between Dani and Zoe only this time it is easier to follow. I'm not sure I like this book as much as the first but it certainly had its moments and it definitely held my interest. I guess this one just felt a little more formula than the first but still a good read and had some aha moments that really tied some things together for me. Definitely enjoyable and the characters continue to make me want to read more.
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October 7, 2014
I received this novel from NetGalley.

This novel is a brilliant and engaging second installment to the series and I am honoured that I got the chance to read it!

This novel see's Zoe and Dani's group face horriffic situations where only their courage, love and hope is able to get them out of the trouble they face, new friendships and relationships blossom along the way, both aiding and hindering this process.

This novel reveals so much about the protagonist's pasts and it is part of what makes this novel so wonderful, it is so real, as if it could really happen, and that in itself is amazing. This novel, is well written, cleverly put together and the characters are easy to relate to. The emotional rollercoaster evoked by these two amazing authors is incredible and everyone should read this series!

Into the Fire is an incredible read, one that all YA fans need to read, after the first novel in the series of course! Creative, Original and emotional, this novel is the perfect sequel and the perfect prequel to the next novel, which I so look forward to reading.
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November 22, 2013
Better than the first book. Dani is now in the Colony, which is run by a maniacal man who has the power to control other people's thoughts and is trying to rule the world basically. Her friends, Zoe, Jason, Jack and the others are trying to find and rescue her. MG, the man of her dreams is now Gabe and he is really not so dreamy. There is a lot of action, some romance and plot twists and the book is a really good read. There is no more e-mailing - which was odd anyway, instead, there is telepathic communication between the girls, but there are way too many coincidental relationships. It is the end of the world as we know it, yet somehow, all of the main characters wind up having known each other or having been related to one another before the virus that wiped out most of the population and left the rest of them with mental abilities like telepathy, the ability to wipe other people's memories and other super powers. I received this book free to review from Netgalley and I do recommend it.
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September 25, 2021

I think I'm too old for this book. It's about a group of young, horny teenagers/young adults that after a virus have special abilities which makes them think that every decision they make is the right one. They keep making the same mistakes over and over again - not checking if someone is knocked out, not seeing if what is happening is a trap. Everyone over 40 is either misguided, manipulated, or a psycho. I really liked the first book but this one not at all. I was going to give it 2 stars to be kind but I really, really didn't like it. The only reason I finished it was because I bought it on Audible.
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