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Kenobi (Star Wars)
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(Star Wars Legends)

4.04  ·  Rating details ·  6,849 ratings  ·  849 reviews
The greatest hero in the galaxy faces his toughest challenge yet: He must stop being Obi-Wan-and become Crazy Old Ben. For fans of movie-related novels like Darth Plagueis!

In this original novel set between the events of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV A New Hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi comes to the aid of the residents of Tatooine during his exile. But h
Hardcover, 362 pages
Published August 27th 2013 by Del Rey (first published January 1st 2013)
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Sep 05, 2013 rated it really liked it
A lost chapter in the life of Obi-Wan Kenobi...

This novel is set between the events of "Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" and "Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope".


The story tells the arrival of Obi-Wan Kenobi to the desert world of Tatooine, along with the baby, Luke Skywalker.

I liked a lot the tone of the story since the author, John Jackson Miller, made the novel into a western.

Due the ambiance of Tatooine and the way of life there, the conce
Bookdragon Sean
Have you ever wondered what Obi-Wan did in the deserts of Tatooine for 20 years?

At the end of Revenge of the Sith he is in quite a state. His best friend and protégé has betrayed him, the order he serves has been annihilated and evil reigns supreme in the galaxy. All in all, he hasn’t got a lot of reasons to get out of bed in the morning. He can’t do a thing. He wants to act. He wants to use the force, but he has to watch, wait and grow old. He has to protect the last hope of the galaxy, and cr
Jan 02, 2016 rated it really liked it
Sand and monsters …

and a lone Jedi.

Kenobi takes place between the end of Episode III Revenge of the Sith and the beginning of Episode IV A New Hope (Star Wars) with Obi-wan Kenobi living on Tatooine and secretly looking out for young Luke Skywalker as he grows up.

The Tusken raiders are described in a parallel fashion as Native American tribes are to American west stories. The human settlers on Tatooine are similar to early western settlers of the 1800s, harvesting their moisture and surviving in
Aug 02, 2013 rated it really liked it
Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews

A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away . . . .


EPISODE III and then some

The Trials of Tattoine

Gone! The Galactic Republic has been
erased from the pages of history by the Sith.
Palpatine and his apprentice Darth Vader
having destroyed the Jedi Order and
founded the Galactic Empire!

But there is still hope! Yoda and
Obi-wan Kenobi survive, fleeing across the
vastness of space with Anakin’s infant twins.
These fragile children the only hope of one day
Eoghann Irving
Aug 06, 2013 rated it liked it
Shelves: science-fiction
I have to say I was disappointed by this book.

Not because it was badly written, but because I feel it was presented as something it isn't really. It's called Kenobi and it has a picture of a youngish Obi-Wan on the cover. But it's not actually about him.

Oh he's certainly in the book, and his presence is critical to the events that unfold. But you're not going to learn anything about his character or even much about what he's thinking in this book because we only get a few short passages from his
Jan 04, 2017 rated it it was amazing
I read the acknowledgments and J J Miller said he was challenged to write Star Wars in a western setting. It was not till he was offered this project with Tatooine as the perfect setting. Mission accomplished. I think this is one of the best books JJM has written. He even manages to give a shout out to a couple of his own characters from other novels.

The story Obi Wan arrives on Tatooine to deliver baby Luke to the Lars. However his first interaction with the locals results in an attention grabb
Sep 04, 2013 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: star-wars
This is it, folks. Every time we’ve picked up a less than stellar Star War EU book, that was karma paying forward. Because now we’ve got Kenobi.

The last few years I have finally started getting excited about the EU again. We’re stepping away from those long, long, long series that you either liked or hated and read anyway because it was better than nothing. We’ve gotten Mercy Kill and Scourge near the end of the timeline. Zahn gave us three amazing inter-trilogy novels. Knight Errant, Into the V
May 31, 2018 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: ebooks
The book, set in the universe of Star Wars, takes place between the movies "Revenge of the Sith" and "A New Hope" and tells the arrival of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine with the little Luke. The author has written the story as a classical western, also supported by the desert environment in which most of the scenes take place.

The main characters are the classics of the genre: there is the stranger who arrives in the city (in this case scattered farms with an emporium as an aggregation center), the
Aug 28, 2013 rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: Star Wars fans who haven't read any EU books in a long while & want to get back in...
Shelves: star-wars

4.5 out of 5 stars....

I loved it - all the characters, except Orrin.

Obi-Wan...oh Ben... **sniff**

There were times I could hear Ewan's version of Obi-Wan so brought tears to my eyes...literally!

I'm still a little I need a little time before I can write a review.


The first chapter sets up Obi-Wan's arrival to Tatooine -- even before he's taken Luke to the Lars' homestead.

We get to meet various characters -- moisture farmers, Tusken Raiders, Cantina Owner
May 24, 2013 rated it it was amazing
Obi-Wan Kenobi, fresh from the heart-breaking events on Mustafar and Polis Massa, lands on Tatooine to deliver Luke Skywalker to his aunt and uncle. He knows he must live a quiet, reclusive life, withdrawing from nearly everything and everyone he has grown to hold dear. He must give up being Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and everything that goes along with being a Jedi. And become unassuming Ben Kenobi, the crazy old wizard who lives by himself. Of course, when do things go according to plan?

Kerry Nietz
Aug 27, 2013 rated it it was amazing
I haven’t read a Star Wars novel in quite some time. The last one I read, was the movie tie-in for “Revenge of the Sith,” now eight years ago. (Has it been that long?) So there are whole parts of the Expanded Universe that are totally unknown to me. That fact alone has discouraged me from reading more SW books—the worry that I’ve missed so much, I could never catch up now.

So, when I saw this book was available, one that starred one of the original SW characters that everyone is familiar with, I
Amy Sturgis
I would give this 4.5 stars if I could.

John Jackson Miller tells a classic Western set in the sands of Tatooine, casting Obi-Wan Kenobi as the stranger who rides into what passes as a town. It is his early days of exile, and he's trying to negotiate his new role as watcher and protector (from a distance) of infant Luke Skywalker. He's not yet "Crazy Old Ben," but the story moves him several steps closer to accepting that destiny.

But while Kenobi is the focus of the novel, he is not front and cen
Tony Evans
Sep 09, 2013 rated it liked it
Not as thrilling as the last Star Wars books I read. I really expected more from John J Miller. I found the book to be like Tatooine; dry.
Shane Amazon
Jul 08, 2013 rated it it was amazing
Over the last few years I have been continually disappointed by some of the Star Wars books that have come to market. I have found them to be too focused on the big players and too void of alternative viewpoints and perspective. After all, how many times can we read about Han, Luke, and Leia saving the galaxy from another super-weapon? But unlike those books, what Kenobi offers is a well balanced, fresh take on an old story that had plenty to offer but was never explored. Now, John Jackson Mille ...more
Milo (BOK)
The Review:

“A wonderful read – one of the best Star Wars novels in a while. Highly Recommended.” ~The Founding Fields

I’ve had the chance to read a lot of the more recently published Star Wars novels – but for the past few books that I’ve shared my thoughts on have felt, well – somewhat average. They’ve never really stood out from the pack, despite being entertaining books – they’ve often felt like your average blockbuster film. You’ll enjoy it – but th
Aug 27, 2013 rated it it was amazing
John Jackson Miller’s Kenobi is an addictive, engrossing tale that explores Obi-Wan’s exile on Tatooine with wildly entertaining themes perfect for a western. Through this book, readers will get glimpses inside Obi-Wan’s head as he reflects on Anakin Skywalker and the events of Revenge of the Sith. But more than that, Obi-Wan is brought to life as he deals with the realities of hiding from the Empire on Tatooine. Small town folk don’t keep secrets very well, and as deadly as the Empire might be, ...more
Jul 25, 2013 rated it liked it
Recommends it for: Star Wars fans
Recommended to Katy by: Amazon Vine
Book Info: Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy/Space Opera
Reading Level: Adult
Recommended for: Star Wars fans, those who enjoy space opera and are familiar with the background story line
Book Available: August 27, 2013 in hardcover, Kindle and audiobook formats
Trigger Warnings: violence, massacre of a group of raiders

My Thoughts: I have read a number of very good Star Wars novels over the years, such as the Rogue Squadron books, and the Jedi Academy. This was not among the best of them, but it was a f
May 19, 2017 rated it really liked it
Shelves: library-ebook
I'll be far from anywhere, and alone, with nothing but my regrets to keep me company. If only there were a place to hide from those.

Following the devastation of Episode III, this novel gives us a glimpse of everyone's favorite (well, at least he's my favorite) Jedi master as he struggles to determine the new path for his life. He makes his way to Tatooine, the planet he has decided is the best place for Luke Skywalker to grow up in obscurity. Obi-Wan believes Anikan to be dead, along with almost
Hális Alves
Nov 12, 2015 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: books
Kenobi é simples, direto. Um roteiro de filme correto, ainda que vagamente antisséptico, que aproveita bem a ambientação de Tatooine para contar um episódio do exílio de Obi-Wan.

Sendo meu personagem favorito de Star Wars, fiquei curioso para ver que tipo de nuances John Jackson Miller traria para ele. No final das contas, o Obi-Wan pós-Jedi Purge foi como se esperava: sua leveza aparente obscurecida por camadas de culpa e dever, sua nobreza de caráter intacta mas autoquestionada, e seu conflito
Daniel (Attack of the Books!) Burton
Kenobi is a beautiful surprise, a wonderful scene in the larger arc of the Star Wars drama. I had no idea what I was in for when I started it, and I'm glad I gave it a try. It's an exciting and moving story of one of Star Wars most important characters.

I had stopped reading novels in the Star Wars universe after Timothy Zahn's Thrawn series, way back high school (long, long ago in a high school far, far away...). There are a lot of novels set in the Star Wars universe, but few have ever captured
Nov 15, 2018 rated it liked it
Shelves: lazer-2018, sci-fi
I would have enjoyed this so much more if Anniline didn't have a crush on Ben. The climax was a bit much. I wish we had spent more quiet moments with Obi-Wan, but overall I enjoyed learning more about the Tuskan Raiders and life on Tatooine.
Jaime K
Nov 02, 2013 rated it it was amazing
Some of this is a short synopsis and others are my thoughts as I've read.

I was reading Obi-Wan's voice half in Ewan McGregor's and half in Alec Guinness'. It's a weird combination. It's also weird to think of either one constantly making their eyes downcast, showing shyness and uncertainty - and hiding. It makes a lot of sense and I can visualize it but it's still a bit odd to think of.

Obi-Wan believes he killed Anakin as he settles in as a hermit on Tatooine. He meditates at times, and his one-
Dec 09, 2013 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: 2013-read
You can read the full review over at The Founding Fields:

Shadowhawk takes a look at John Jackson Miller’s latest Star Wars novel, set after the events of Ep III: Revenge of the Sith.

“If you’ve ever wondered what Obi-wan was doing on Tatooine between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, then this is the novel for you. With a western-style spin on things, this is the story of the man who was forced to kill a friend, who bears the guilt for every
Aug 18, 2013 rated it it was amazing
Of all the characters in the Star Wars universe Obi-Wan Kenobi has always been my favorite. His wisdom and calm, patient demeanor always resonated with me. I always wondered what happened to Obi-Wan after bringing Luke to live with the Lars on Tatooine. Well gentle readers wonder no more for his story is told.

Miller did an excellent job of keeping things on a smaller scale, but keeping it action packed. It would have been easy for Obi-Wan to face the threats head-on but that would expose him, an
Nov 17, 2015 rated it liked it
Recommends it for: Bearded Hermits and Moisture Farmers
Shelves: guerre-stellari
Poor Obi-Wan.

Betrayed by his former padawan, hunted and reviled by a new Galactic Empire built on the ashes of his beloved Jedi Order, he's not at his best.

Get over it, O.K.

So when he rocks up at the edge of the Jundland Wastes on Tatooine to keep an eye on baby Luke Skywalker (from the inconvenient distance of 100Km, but, hey, guess that's close enough in the eyes of the Force) he does his darnedest to fly under the radar. Only trouble has a way of finding a Jedi, even when he's got to keep his lightsabering an
Chris N
Jul 15, 2013 rated it liked it
Shelves: netgalley
This book starts right after the 3rd movie. Revenge of the Sith. Obi-Wan has take the infant Luke to Tatooine to be raised by his aunt and uncle. This book is based around what happens just after Ben (Obi-Wan) lands on the planet.

With the exception of the first few pages, Ben doesn't make an appearance in the book until about a third of the way into the story. The first third introduces a small enclave of people that he will be interacting with. I have to admit the first part of the book drags a
Jul 22, 2013 rated it it was amazing
I don't read many Star Wars novels these days. A couple of authors I like and only books featuring those characters I know so well. I go all the way back with Star Wars to those days when A NEW HOPE was simply STAR WARS. Don't really care for those stories with new characters or the later tales featuring the Solo children and such.

KENOBI is set shortly after Revenge of The Sith when Obi-wan arrives on Tatooine with the baby Luke and sets up to guard him until the time was right.

He gets involved,
Jun 07, 2013 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: ebooks, star-wars
Book is not released yet so I will keep my review short; This is a story of what happens with Obi Wan Kenobi after his confrontation with Anakin and the events at the end of Revenge of the Sith. We always knew Ben was on Tatooine but where did he go? This book helps to shed light on the story of Ben as he moves from Jedi Master Obe Wan Kenobi to just Ben, and "crazy old Ben" we know from Star Wars a New Hope. As always there are nuggets in this book that link into the backstory of the whole Star ...more
Matthew Davenport
Jun 02, 2013 rated it it was amazing
Kenobi was a book that completely surprised me. I'm normally a bigger fan of the books that follow the classic series of movies, the expanded universe after Return of the Jedi. Kenobi isn't that at all. Instead, Kenobi is a look at Obi Wan's life after just having dropped off Luke Skywalker with the Lars family and attempting to stay hidden. How does someone go from being a general to being a hermit? That's the question that Obi Wan is faced with and is forced to confront.
The best thing about th
Jul 13, 2013 rated it it was amazing
Miller, John Jackson
Looking at the history of Star wars I am excited to look closely at Kenobi. What happened to Kenobi after returning to Tattooine with the infant Luke, he turns over the child, but how does a heroic figure like Kenobi remain hidden in a wild desert country. He must learn to let others solve their problems and how they relate to the difficulties of life on the edge of the galaxy. This book is reported to be a western version of the Star Wars legacy, but I have found it to
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John Jackson Miller has spent a lifetime immersed in the worlds of fantasy and science fiction. He's known for his Star Wars work, including Star Wars: Knight Errant, his national bestselling novel from Del Rey; Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith, his e-book series with more than a million downloads; and his long-running Knights of the Old Republic comics series. His Overdraft: The Orion Offensive ...more

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“I've lived my life in the structure of the Jedi Order. Yes, it was an organization with a goal- but it was also a family. I said it myself: Anakin was my brother. I had many brothers and sisters. And fathers and mothers. And even a strange little green uncle. I don't have that home now. I don't have that family. Almost every friend I've ever had is dead.” 7 likes
“I won't patronize you by saying I know how you feel-every tragedy is different, and personal.” 6 likes
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