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Deceived #2

Deceived - Part 2 Paris

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Heartbroken and deceived, Chloe Swanson, looking for a distraction to mend her broken heart, accepts a job offer, helping a friend to open an art gallery in Paris, France.

Her trip to Paris launches an avalanche of adventures, that leaves little to the imagination. Will Chloe ever forgive Patrick Collins for breaking her heart, or will Paris, The City of Love, provide her with new opportunities?

Stimulating, amusing and highly arousing, Deceived is a romance that will excite and titillate your senses.

130 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 13, 2013

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About the author

Eve Carter

25 books1,247 followers
I am a true romantic at heart and with a modern contemporary erotic twist to my romance novels, you had better fasten your seat belt, as the ride is always fun, exciting and fiery.
Living in Las Vegas, but a mid-westerner at heart, I find plenty of inspiration for my books in my own exciting life. I have always loved the arts and as a young girl, I took dance classes and spent the summers reading books from the local library. Fascinated with the written word and its power to guide the imagination, I started writing short stories and later took Creative Writing classes in college. I graduated from The University of Iowa with a B.A. in Journalism and an M.A. in Higher Education. I also have a Teaching Credential from Chapman University in Southern California.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the novel. You can email me directly at evecarterbooks@gmail.com and if you enjoyed the book, please share your excitement with other fans of women’s erotic romance. You can write a review by clicking here: Deceived Part 1 – New York

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October 1, 2014

Ok, so you're in love with your boss? You think he is cheating? The next day you're on a flight with his friend to Paris, while youre getting head from a stranger in the plane's bathroom?
Then you're doing the deed with the artist? And now running back to the boss? I don't like her, she puts the S in Slut, W in Whore..and is just a stupid-naive hoe-slut bucket!! You deserve to be alone.

Bishhhh Please...

img src="http://blog.chron.com/tubular/files/2..."
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285 reviews
October 27, 2013
I'm not sure WTF I just read, but it was ridiculous. My God does this chick get around! And has she never heard of condoms!? Christ, she's got a stranger from a plane coming on her crotch and some dirty artist trying to stick it in her ass. Wrap it up! Ever hear of an STD?
It read like a high school student wrote it. Like there was no thought put into it. Just an author flying by the seat of her pants. None of it was particularly interesting or made much sense. I won't be reading book 3.
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Author 56 books1,804 followers
January 28, 2013
Loved this book. Chloe has a new job in Paris with Patrick's best friend Ryan, as his assistant. With her heart still battered from patrick's deception, she is trying to move on with her life and find new love. She soon finds herself with two male suitors, one who she meets and has a quick affair with before never seeing him again, the other, a slow burn that she soon finds herself in deep with. I loved the ending and am now really looking forward to Book 3, called Chloe's Revenge.
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1,332 reviews386 followers
January 16, 2013
I liked the first part of this story better than this part however, it still peeked my interest. I wish that Jesse would of played a bigger part over Francisco. From the first we met him I had a feeling I wasn't going to like him. I cannot wait to see what happend in part 3.
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Author 2 books5 followers
March 8, 2013
This book was better than Part 1 – and I liked Part 1! The story continues with Chloe’s adventures in Paris. There were steamy encounters with sexy men and well-crafted descriptions that capture the flavor of the city. This book engaged ALL of my senses – I could see, hear, smell, touch and taste Paris -- and I didn’t have to clear TSA security! The pacing was brisk and the story advanced well (with just a couple of drawn out segments). The writing is sharp and engaging with lots of romance and sex. I won’t give away the ending except to say that in watching the action between Chloe and Patrick, I cannot WAIT for the final book to be released!
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195 reviews4 followers
January 23, 2013
Okay...I loved MOST of this book. First let me say that I am DYING to read the next book and see what happens. I'm not sure what I think will happen due to certain events in this book. Like the fact that Patrick didn't try and get in touch with her for so long and then when he shows up he is all gung no with some shaky story...then with the ending...I'm not sure if he's still up to something or if it is truly going to go in favor for Chloe. Definitely a cliff hanger in the end which has me trying to wait patiently. Personally, I loved Jesse and would have totally run off with him.
March 15, 2013
The second installment of Deceived is awesome. Chloe travels to the most amazing city on Earth, Paris. She has accepted a job offer with Patrick’s best friend, Ryan, as his assistant is opening an art gallery there.

Still hurt from Patrick’s deception, Chloe hopes to put him out of her mind and heart and move on. She meets a wonderful artist who she thinks might just be the man for her. She decides to take things slowly but finds herself in trouble.

The ending was amazing and I can’t wait to grab book 3 in the series.

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59 reviews
February 10, 2013
I agree with a lot of the other reviewers, I feel that part 2 kind of found its groove. I did enjoy the ongoing story of Chloe and How she tried to get over Patrick. The scene with Jesse in the Bathroom on the plane just classic! Francisco definitely disturbed me which obviously was the intent. during all this time when she was in Paris I was wondering what was taking Patrick so long to get there!! I'm really looking forward to part 3 Chloe's revenge.
Profile Image for Lisa Barker.
274 reviews
February 24, 2014
Holy Smokes what an emotional RIDE!!!! I seriously can't wait for Part 3, Chloe's Revenge.......
This was by far my favorite in the series, this showed so many sides to Chloe! I can't believe how long it took for Patrick to show up, men I tell ya!!! What a great read...again thank you Eve, just awesome!!!
Counting down to part 3...Hell yeah!!
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270 reviews38 followers
January 16, 2013
Liked this book more than the first part as there was some real action and suspense going on this time, especially when Chloe meets Jesse and Fransisco.
Nice ending of this book and looking forward to Chloe's revenge !
Profile Image for Ricki.
60 reviews5 followers
January 17, 2013
Just finished Book 2. Enjoyed book 1 better, probably because I didn't like Francisco from moment he showed up. I would have liked to have seen more of Jesse. With that said, I can't wait for book 3 to come in March to see what happens.
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235 reviews26 followers
January 16, 2013
I really enjoyed this sequel and as in first book it totally left you wanting to know what happens next. I look forward to the third book and finding out what happens with the characters!! :)
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Author 1 book18 followers
January 18, 2013
amazing totally cant put it down till your done reading it. leaves you wanting more! totally recomending it to my besties
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368 reviews3 followers
January 30, 2013
Liked the 2nd part alot better. The story developed nicely and I loved it was set in Paris!
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46 reviews
January 31, 2013
Good descriptive writing, like the first I just wanted the story to be longer and become less rushed from incident to incident, otherwise great story xx
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436 reviews34 followers
May 20, 2013
--- Find more reviews at Fifty Shades Of Books ! ---

Deceived - Part 2 (Paris) is obviously the sequel to the book Deceived - Part 1 (New York) by Eve Carter, US author from Iowa. Young Chloe Swanson rushes home to New York after being deceived during a weekend in the Hamptons, where she had just discovered her lover (and boss) Patrick Collins making out with one of the company's clients.

She was deeply in love with Patrick, and desperately needs to get over this. Back at work, she can't stand it anymore, and slams her resignation on her bosses desk while he's on a business trip in Florida. I'm wondering about the notice period here, but hey, it's only a book... And that's when her boss's gay friend asks her to be his assistant in Paris, where he is planning on opening a new art gallery.

So... I absolutely had to read this sequel because the first part was just plain mediocre and I was really hoping that this second part would be better but honestly it was just worse. Thankfully, I have already read the 3rd, part, which is Deceived - Part 3 (Chloe's Revenge) and I can tell you that at least it's getting better for the 3rd part, but this second "novel" is just a total waste of time in bad storylines and writing, and I will be pleased to tell you why

However, please do not read on if you don't want spoilers. Even if I try to write spoiler free reviews, it is just not possible for me to do so when a story is totally plain and only 88 pages!

The plot is super simple and not really refined to my taste:

The characters did not evolve at all. Chloe is still a total mess and does not really know what to do with herself, thinking that she needs to fuck her boss out of her system. She has very poor character strength and it seems that alcohol and sex go together hand in hand for her, so that her actions are actually quite predictable. And the worst part is that she is going through a lot of trouble for nothing, because that thing she witnessed her boyfriend doing back in the Hamptons was a terrible misunderstanding. Yet she ran away without hearing his explanations. Oh and this whole misunderstanding is cleared up in one single paragraph. Duh. I wouldn't want to be Chloe, honestly.

And that Patrick Collins isn't better either. He has no personality at all. Well, Eve Carter tries to put him into the "white knight in shiny armor" attire, which kind of works out but it's not too subtle either. Just lacks in enthusiasm and actions. The idea behind the story is interesting, but whatever happens - the slightest problem or issue - is always solved in the blink of an eye. Everyone has the solution at hand and it seems really easy in the end. Everything seems to work out too easily to my taste. But hey, in 88 pages, what can you do? Guess there's not too much time to drift into the details.

Anyway, there are also quite a few incoherent things in that book: the gallery changes its name twice (Gallerie du Lumière and Gallerie de Lumière) but all the while it should read "Gallerie de la Lumière". Spanish or italian people now happen to have characteristically blonde and sandy hair (wtf?), and say "my querido" to a woman instead of "mi querida"... And contrary to what Eve Carter tries to tell us in her 2013 novel: in France, smoking in bars and restaurants is prohibited since 2007 (the only acceptable place being the terraces on the outside of the venue).

Oh and Eve Carter should really learn how to place commas!

But she still has an exquisite taste for strange word associations, which are sure to trigger a little chuckle while you read. So even if this is a bottom-drawer book for me (and only a means to ending the series) it was still fun - as far as quickies go. So as a closure, why don't I leave you to dwell on the most hilarious word associatons from Deceived - Part 2 (Paris) by Eve Carter? Enjoy!

"Just go easy there, lover boy... I don't want my pooper shooter parted like the Red Sea!" - Ugh.
"I grabbed his arm [...] as he pulled me fully onto his cock, his granite and in a final opus, that quivered his release deep inside me, he bellowed out an unrecognisable Neolithic howl." - I swear that's what it says in the book...
"After inhaling the eggs, I set my empty plate on the bottom area of the bed" - Um... so Chloe eat her eggs through inhalation ?
"You sent me several text messages. Are you telling me that you didn't send me any text message?" - Duh, Patrick, not too bright up there, huh?
"Moving him on top of me and with desire rumbling in his throat, like distant summer thunder, he thrust his firmness into my wet folds." - Be careful not to choke on that thunder, dude!
"The tugging on my clit corkscrewed my emotions like a tornado." - L.O.L
"My release rolled in like clouds heavy with their duty, unleashed by his final strokes, quivering, the deluge broke, pelting down like razor hot drops of rain." - What is it with Eve Carter and weather semantics?
"Destiny had thrown us back together again, placing our souls on the crosshairs of love" - How poetic...

Well, last but not least... Dear Eve Carter, I know wearing rain coats suck, but please make your characters stick to safe-sex. I mean that Francisco-guy and the motocross lover-boy didn't seem to be the cleanest. I mean... poor Patrick Collins, I wouldn't wish an STD on him!
Profile Image for Gloria.
116 reviews1 follower
February 10, 2021
I love the plot of this short series but part 2 bothered me. Chloe was, how do I say, way too nice to several men she met when she was supposedly in love with Patrick. They hadn’t officially broken up & she moved on very quickly. I didn’t feel she was truly in love with Patrick if she could do that, a couple of times. Chloe’s actions are just not believable.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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744 reviews
September 28, 2017
I wasn't a fan of Deceived Part 2. I found Chloe to be a hot mess ... needy, unsure, and desperate. I'm curious to see how this all plays out so I'll read installment 3. I'm hoping Chloe and Patrick's story gets back on track.
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965 reviews1 follower
June 23, 2019
So Chloe continues with her immature behavior and bad decision making. Every guy she looks at is so handsome and makes her lady bits tingle, this all while she claims to be madly in love with her ex boss. I’m not a quitter so I will continue reading this series and hope it gets better.
1,727 reviews
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April 27, 2020
In boxed set - "Deceived Complete Box Set: Alpha Billionaire Romance"
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7 reviews
July 26, 2019
A quick, good read for all writers. You will feel buoyed and validated in Goldberg’s hands.
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460 reviews10 followers
May 28, 2013
DECEIVED Part II Paris by Eve Carter (erotic romance) is the second book in this trilogy. If you recall the first book I couldn’t even finish but then I emailed the author and she told me this was her very first book and assured me the writing got better in the following parts. I figured they were short and there would be days I would only have time for a quickie. Memorial Day was one of those.

(I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Mine was fantastic!)

Before I go into my review of DECEIVED Part II, I wanted to talk about cake. (Bare with me, I have a point.) I don’t like cake. I can appreciate the time it took to make it and admire some the the beautiful art confections they can make with cake as the medium but in almost every circumstance I will pass on even the most delicious cake morsels. I tell you this because this is MY TASTE. Maybe you love cake. Just because you love cake doesn’t make it good and just because I don’t like cake doesn’t make it bad.

The same goes for books.

I didn’t really like DECEIVED Part I (see my review) and even though the writing is a bit better with DECEIVED II, it wasn’t enough for me to pull me into the story. The dialogue was unnatural and immature. "Just go easy there, lover boy... I don't want my pooper shooter parted like the Red Sea!" Yep, that is a direct quote and even though it’s funny, I just don’t think an adult would say that during a romantic moment.

I didn’t find the main character Chloe likeable or relatable. In fact, I found all the characters were caricatures of a SHADES OF GRAY type spinoff. HOWEVER, this book has almost 30 reviews on Amazon and most of these are 4-5 star. I mention this because DECEIVED could just be my cake.

The first book: DECEIVED Part I New York is free (kindle version) on Amazon and you can judge for yourself.
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30 reviews
April 26, 2013
Deceived Part 2 Paris (Erotic Romance)
By Eve Carter

One thing I can say about Eve Carter, is she does not make you wait for the sex scenes. The way she explains it..... you can close your eyes after reading a scene and see it.

On to the story...

Chloe went off to Paris to work for Ryan. Patrick's friend. In this process she has met 2 men,

Jesse who I think given the chance he would of been a real sweetie. He showed that he would be more to her if she allowed it.


Francisco was a story all on his own... a real jerk. And it was played well.. you didn't know if he was scum or just an artist who was so wrapped in his work at times just acted like a loser.
Well the scum part won... when he and Chloe got into an altercation. I was scrunching my body so tight during this part. Don't want to give away to much so we will go back to Patrick now

Patrick is back, and is hiding nothing when it comes to Chloe. He shares all his feelings and plans. Even when it comes to the b!$%h the Baroness, who by the way is twisted and will do anything to be close to Patrick!!

The only thing I dislike is how fast the book goes and how short.... because I loved the sex and story I want more. On to book 3 Now!!!

295 reviews
October 4, 2013
Just finished the second book in Eve's series and I liked it more than the first. The only real problem I had was some editing issues, just silly errors made. I will refer to this book as Chloe's learning experience. After the first book ended Chloe was in shambles and needed a change of scenery. Cue the new best bud Ryan. He needed her to help him with his new gallery in Paris. Well I myself have never been after reading this book I would love to see the sites. Eve made me really feel like Paris is the "city of love". Chloe got to experience it and then some. She meets Spanish artist Francisco Parada. He is a true artist in the entire sense of the word. He charms our sweet Chloe. Not everything is what is seems though and Chloe finds herself wishing she had listened to Ryan's warnings about the volatile Francisco. Luckily Chloe has a knight in shining armor waiting in the wings ;). The baroness makes a few appearances to stir the pot as only she can but I think the next book the baroness is going to get a taste of her own medicine. I really liked how this book developed Chloe's character and gave her a few fleeting romances to steam up the pages
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Author 5 books75 followers
November 14, 2013
No one ever said Chloe was shy, but dang give this girl a broken heart and she goes boy crazy. I mean wow! Every sexy man she encounters turns this little vixen's head.

I'm not quite sure where to start on the characters so here goes: Ryan - absolutely love him! He's the kind of friend everyone needs to have. Anna - I got the urge to go all girl on her and scratch her eyes out! Francisco - don't even get me started on his sorry ass. Ugh! Jesse - one word…YUM! And let me not forget the illustrious Patrick - could he be any more perfect?!

This book too has the same quotation mark issue, but the storyline is interesting enough that you tend to look over it even though you definitely notice it. Same as in Deceived Part 1 this one also frequently jumps days/weeks and leaves you wondering what you just missed.

My Favorite Character: Hands down it would have to be Ryan. If he were straight I'd have a new book boyfriend!
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