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Damaged #1


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Life sucks. And, as soon as Sidney picks up the pieces something always knocks her back onto her butt. It's never pretty, but this time is different. This time pretty isn't even the right word.

Peter is the personification of perfection. It's like he fell off his angel perch in purgatory, because let's face it--any guy that hot has got to be naughty. He was probably sent here to ruin her life.

Peter is beyond beautiful with his sexy blue eyes, dark hair, and toned body. Add in his charming wit and Peter is everything Sidney ever wanted in a man, but when things get hot and heavy Peter shows her the door. Sidney takes the walk of shame and leaves. It's the end of the worst blind date ever. Her life couldn't possibly reach higher levels of suckage, but it does.

The next morning everything comes crashing down. The insanely hot guy from last night, the one that saw her half naked, is teaching at the front of the class room.

341 pages, Paperback

First published April 1, 2013

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About the author

H.M. Ward

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H.M. Ward continues to reign as a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author who surpassed more than 23 million books sold, placing her among the literary titans. Ward has been featured in articles in the NEW YORK TIMES, FORBES, and USA TODAY to name a few.

You can interact with this bestselling author at: www.facebook.com/AuthorHMWard.

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1,045 reviews3,983 followers
April 13, 2013
Sam and Dean are walking towards us.

Stacia thinks : yay!
What really happened : noooo!

That was wrong. It was a bad, bad tease. I'll never be able to look at Sam and Dean the same way again. Bad, bad book!

2.5 stars. Actually, the book itself wasn't all bad. I found it to be an easy read and decent enough to pass the time.

That said, the book itself wasn't great either. I'm a sucker for student-teacher stories. This was not one of the stronger ones I've read. There was a lot of the dreaded "telling instead of showing" going on here. As well, some of the scenes read very sterile to me. I couldn't actually feel the emotion behind them.
The door clicks shut. He doesn't let go. His eyes are locked with mine. His body is pressed tightly against mine. Our gazes meet.

Just reading that passage again made me feel apathetic to what was going on. And wait a sec...how do gazes meet if eyes are already locked together?

The relationship itself felt like something of a contradiction. The feelings were rushed but the payout was not. My husband would call this a case of the blue balls. I get how this was set up to be a series but I felt no sense of reward for reading.

The villain angle felt very manufactured. I half expected someone to be twirling a mustache. Will this further the plot in future books? I'm thinking that it will but I hope there's even more back story if we're going to drag the past into the present.

Should Peter even be into this girl? She says things such as : "Don't make me climb across this desk and slap you, because I will."

This book had a case of the winks. It's been confirmed : wink is the new smirk.

But what I did like about this book is that it was short. Even with the rushed feelings problem, I liked that we got in and got out. While I wasn't invested in anything about the story, I knew that there was a relationship which would be dealing with some big obstacles and that I might actually stick around to see what hoops these characters are going to have to jump through in order to be together. Because I wasn't overly angry or bored with book 1, I find myself able to say that there's a chance I might take a chance on the second, just to see if it gets better. After all, a quick read isn't much of a risk.

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1,461 reviews1,122 followers
June 23, 2017
This is the first book I read by this author and after reading some many rave reviews about Damaged, I was really looking forward to opening Page 1 – naturally having ogled the cover!!!!!! – seriously, it’s a great cover, which makes it even more exciting as you think about the story you are going to lose yourself into….the lives of Peter and Sydney..or is it Sidney!!!!!

I tried to find something in this story that I could love – like so many readers have - but I have to be honest and say that I could not love it….it’s not horrible or awful….just okay….I may be able to say there were some things I liked..but loved??? No!!

Whilst the story line was interesting and I enjoyed the first few chapters which were rather promising, by page 130 my attention started “wilting”. So, decided to continue reading the next day…….
 photo tumblr_m1800kniF81qlkjzo_zpsc158a074.gif

But what happened when I picked up the story again????
 photo images_zpsba2271d1.jpg
I was so totally disengaged!!

Apart from Peter, who I slowly began liking, none of the other characters did anything for me. Sidney….irritated me more than the secondary characters, which were even more "unengaging". They felt so juvenile – at times I found it hard to believe that these were students about to graduate.

Even harder to believe was Sidney’s family and Dean. Do people like these actually exist????? I found them so OTT.

Sydney’s angst, whining and changing her mind all the time drove me absolutely crazy!!!! Okay, I get it….she can dance and Peter can too….but what else was appealing about her that some “hot and sexy” professor would lose his head for!!!!

I kept waiting for something to happen…so after much page “skimming” …….all that
 photo images_zps40414fe4.jpg
..............and nothing.....
 photo romance_zps09b40c0a.png
Where’s the romance…..apart from one scene in the beginning…there’s absolutely nothing else. I love romance but here…zilch…just did not “feel” it. And no, I felt no sexual and hot desire between Peter and Sidney….so if you want a sensual, steamy romantic read…this ain’t it. It’s more of a cute love story between a teacher and his student.

85% ….should I give up now or not???? Maybe there’s going to be this amazing revelation…so I continued…and kept turning the last pages…..and what……….ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!
 photo download_zps284d0ca7.jpg

Guess we will have to find out more in Book #2!!!!
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643 reviews4 followers
February 28, 2014
Buddy read with Zemira<3
Review posted on Way Too Hot Books

Damn you sexy cover... I've made the same mistake. Again.

Damaged is first book by H.M. Ward I've read, but I thought about reading her novels for a while now. Then something perfect happened - my girl Zemira from YA Fanatic asked me to buddy read Damaged with her. I was all: "You want to read with me? Hot cover? Forbidden romance? Smexy scenes? Hell, yes!!!"
And than I started reading...

Usually in our group Zemira is the one with no patience for pathetic love stories and bad plots, but it seems that this time it would be me. She is going through serious case of hornyness and her usual self was reduced on drooling over Peter's abbs and what not.

This could be really good book. It started good - Sydney sits at the wrong table and starts talking with wrong guy. It was so funny and different, I was internally screaming *Yessss!* while I was on this boring school meeting. And than she started whole "poor me" rant. Writing suddenly went from promising to downright pathetic. My hand started to twitch, I wanted to grab my favorite red pen and put big No! on margins.

Everything happened too fast - she loves him after two days, he thinks she is his second chance, she has crazy ex-boyfriend and oblivious parents, he has dead non-fiancee and they both are running away from something. Oh, one more thing - swing dancing. And whole drama "we shouldn't but we can't help ourselves" that leads to almost kisses and make out sessions on every third page. Okay...


This book is weird mix of Easy by Tammara Webber and Slave by Sherri Hayes (without kinky stuff). It could be great book, it still needs much hard work, editing and, most important, plot development. This doesn't mean that I will not read next book - Damaged ended with cliffhanger and I need to see what will happen next. I just hope that it will be better that first one.
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2,082 reviews861 followers
July 24, 2014
5 Damaged Stars.

Holy shit did I love this book. I want to marry this book and have it's fictional babies. I laughed my ass off at most of it, got tense, completely stilled with sexual tension and I got angry. Like stab you in the eye angry.

There is one particular scene at 68% to 74% that was just brilliantly written.

At first

Then shit got real.

To take you from a fit of laughter, like crazy - my husband is looking at me like I need a nice new white jacket with lots of straps - crazy; to dead quiet, intense sexual tension. I literally had tears in my eyes laughing and was suddenly holding my breath, for pages. H.M. Ward - Bravo! To get that to seep through the pages into the reader was fan-fucking-tastic.

Sidney is damaged. She has a horrid past full of pain, and no one has ever took her side - believed her. Forced to mingle with the opposite sex by her roommate, Sidney is on a blind date. She spots him across the room and is suddenly sitting, flirting and enjoying herself with a man...but...(I can't help it... I have to say this...it was set the tone for the whole back and forth...

Peter and Sidney have instant chemistry. He has his own baggage that ties him to his past but all that changes in one moment when she is face to face with him at school. He's the teacher, she's the PA and also his student. Knowing that they can't act on their attraction they carry on a working relationship that is far from 'just friends' in the silent body language and eye-fucking kind of way.

As Sidney opens up about her past, which rips you apart. She finds she can tell Peter about it, that he calms her. Their friendship is borderline against the rules, as much as they try to walk that fine line it is not an easy task. Both are damaged, both have ghost that haunt them. But there is something that can pull them from that darkness, if they only can heal themselves.

And then there is Dean and Sam. Dean is worthless, and Sam is no better. I felt like I wanted to reach into my Kindle and pull their junk off and then feed it to them. I wanted to pull Frankie out of Undeniable and have him string their guts to decorate a Goddamn Christmas tree.

Just a awesome book - all the way around. I loved every word, every punctuation mark. Everything.

"Is that code for sex or are we really having coffee?" Peter laughs and feigns shock, putting his hand over his chest. "My God! Is that why all those women at Starbucks keep trying to have coffee with me?"

"I'll bite you," I mutter under my breath and grab my stuff. Peter grins. "You should. I'm very sweet, or so I hear - like candy."

"Being normal is overrated. Normal gets you what - the dolt husband with 2.5 kids and the house with the dog? You seriously want that? I mean, one of those kids is going to be really funny looking, by the way, all cut in half like that. Who wants half a kid?"

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171 reviews4 followers
January 14, 2014
Oh no!! The guy I almost had sex yesterday is my new teacher because the old teacher DIEEEEEEED... so convenient! Must to be the heat!


Oh, no! We can't be together, and now, we have to pretend we never met before for keep the appearances!!


Aww! He is so damaged pun with the title!! So am I! And we want so much to be in the each other pants because is the best way to forget about our dark problems!

Such a unresolved and angsty situation!

He will lose his job and I my position in the college. We have to resist that strong feeling!!

But of course we can't.

Screw the world! Love wins!!

The ending!

Ooooops... actually there is a cliffhanger, but I don't care!

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865 reviews287 followers
April 7, 2013


Beautiful, angsty romance between a professor and his TA! I LOVE IT!! What is it about the forbidden professor that makes my toes curl??!! If you are into that as much as I am, then this is right up your ally!

As anyone familiar with H.M Ward's books knows, she can write angst like no other. Every nuance of emotion is captured and wrung till all you tears are drained. She lets us feel what our heroine/hero are feeling so acutely it's disturbing. This book was no different.

Sidney has run from her family after a devastating betrayal ruins her life. She is enrolled in a new college far from any of her family's knowledge and likes it that way. But there is one problem: she doesn't date, or allow anyone to touch her. She wants to feel something, something that will enable her to let go of her past, UNTIL PETER.

Peter is new to town, running from a painful past, and by an amusing twist of fate, meets Sidney and they hit it off. But attraction and lust come crashing to a halt and Sidney is thrown out of Peter's apartment. It wouldn't be a big deal aside from her hurt feelings and utter humiliation, oh and...THAT HE'S HER NEW BOSS, HER PROFESSOR!!

Of course they didn't know that. Of course this changes things. Of course they can't stay away from each other!!! but that's the best part...OF COURSE!! Throw in a rollercoaster of emotion, some swing dancing and a past that won't stay in the past and you have this wonderful story!

I loved Sid and Peter, they were two parts of a whole, that under the worst circumstances, met and fell for each other. I was an emotional wreck while reading this and only pray for an HEA. The ending is a bit cliffy but not in an overly dramatic sense. Let's just say you'll feel good and hopeful!

BTW, the cover does this book no justice whatsoever. This story is as much about Sidney--if not more--than about Peter, so the cover? a little misleading. I really liked this and again am impressed with Mz. Ward's storytelling!

Great book, emotional and genuine characters, and funny too! ENJOYED IT!!
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1,816 reviews536 followers
April 6, 2013
When the author misspells the heroine's name not once, but twice in the first 5 pages, that's a WTF right here. We have it as Sydney twice off the bat and then it goes to Sidney.

H.M. Ward, you are better than this. Very sad.
April 6, 2013
OMG OMG OMG!!! I thought I new how this book was going to play out and boy was I wrong!!! I am so in love with Peter, he is like the best book boyfriend ever. Peter and Sidney are two tortured souls with a difficult past. The stuff Sidney had to go through and the reaction from the people closest to her was just heartbreaking. And Peter story is just as horrible, but he manages to stay sweet and caring which is just amazing. He was so patient and just plain there for Sidney through everything. I got angry at Sidney near the end because she'd gone through a horrible incident and wouldn't do anything about it! Aaargh I could have screamed! Just read this book seriously it was absolutely worth it! Oh and the end left me laughing in relief and shouting in frustration!
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2,388 reviews127 followers
June 6, 2017
כדי להבהיר על ההתחלה, שום דבר לא פוצע באהבה הפצועה שבספר הזה ושוב נבצר מבינתי הדירוג שהספר קיבל בגודרידס.
והכי גרוע שיש לו עוד 2 המשכים לרדודון הזה. כאילו שלא מספיקים 208 עמודים של ריקנות.

@@@זהירות ספויילרים אכזריים@@@@

סינדי, בורחת ממשפחתה לטקסס. בן זוגה, חבר של אחיה אנס אותה לאורך תקופה וגם התעלל בה גופנית והמשפחה שלה חשבה שהיא אשמה והם עמדו לצידו.

היא הולכת ללמוד בקולג' הראשון שהציע לה משרה ומלגה. חברתה לחדר מנסה לשדך לה דייטים, אבל סינדי לא מוצאת בהם עניין, היא גם לא מספרת לחברה הטובה שלה את סיפור עברה האומלל. כל זה עד שערב אחד היא יוצאת למסעדה ושם היא בטעות חושבת שהגבר החתיך בעל עיניים בצבע טורקיז הוא הדייט שלה. היא לא שואלת לשמו, יושבת לשולחנו ומפלרטטת איתו עד שחברתה מאתרת אותה ומלוא הפדיחה שלה מתגלה.

בסוף הדייט הכפול, סינדי בורחת מהמסעדה רק בכדי לפגוש בחוץ את הגבר האלוהי ולשחק את המכונאי הגואל שלו כשמכוניתו מתקלקלת. הם נוסעים לביתו שם הוא מאכיל אותה, מגלה לה ששמו פיטר, הם עושים קצת סקס יבש ואז פיטר עוצר ומראה לה את הדלת אחר כבוד כי "הוא לא מסוגל". סינדי שנפגעת עד קצות נשמתה כי היא לא נמשכה ולא חוותה אורגזמה מגבר כבר אי אלו שנים הולכת מוכה הביתה שם היא מנסה להבין מה השתבש.

ואוהו. השתבש לחלוטין. כי ביום למחרת היא מגלה שהוא המרצה שלה ושהיא עוזרת האקדמית שלו.

אט אט פיטר וסינדי שוברים את הקרח שנוצר אחרי שפיטר שלח את עמי מבלי לתת לו אורגזמה מסעירה. הם אוכלים כמה ארוחות ערב משותפות, מדברים ומקימים קבוצת סווינג שאותה סינדי מנצלת להתאמן על יבש בריקוד על עמוד (של פיטר) ולהדגים לכיתת הבנות והבנים איך עושים את זה נכון...

סינדי נמשכת לפיטר כמו שלא נמשכה לגבר המון זמן אבל העבר האפל שלה עם גברים רודף אותה והיא מתוודה לפני פיטר על כל פרט סוחט דמעות ממנו. גם פיטר לא טומן ידו בצלחת, אומנם הוא "לא מסוגל" אבל גם מאחורי האימפוטנציה שלו מסתתר סיפור שובר לבבות שאותו הוא חולק עם סינדי. חברתו נרצחה ע"י קבוצת פוחחים בדיוק כשהוא הציע לה נישואים. הרוצח/ים גנב/ו את הטבעת ונעלם/ו. פיטר לא התאושש מהמכה הזו שנחתה עליו.

ואז ראש החוג תופסת אותם ונגמרת החגיגה של כמעט סקס פה וכמעט סקס שם.

לצערי כל מסחטת הדמעות הזו הופכת דרמטית מרגע לרגע, עד לשיא הדרמה שהופכת להיסטריה. ברגע הזה גיחכתי מהפתטיות של הדמויות ומההתנהגות ההזויה והבלתי נתפסת שלהן. פיטר מתפטר מהאוניברסיטה בכדי לחיות עם סינדי. היא מצידה, בדרמטיות יתר מודיעה לו שהיא לא יכולה לעשות לו את זה ועוזבת אותו כשהיא יודעת שהוא כבר התפטר ואי אפשר לגלגל את המצב לאחור. שויין טיפשה כמה אהבות מוצאים בחיים הקטנים והבזויים האלה? הרי משרה הוא יכול למצוא באוניברסיטאות או קולג'ים אחרים בסביבה.

אבל למזלו של פיטר כשסינדי נפרדת ממנו והולכת למגרש החניה, האקס של סינדי מגיע להחזיר אותה הביתה משל היתה לאסי שובי הביתה, חובט בה באמצע הרחוב כמו חתול מוכה פשפשים וגורר אותה על הכביש. פיטר ששומע את זעקות הכיבשה השחוטה של סנדי מגיע להצלתה, אבל התפקידים מתהפכים והיא מצילה אותו עם ספרי פלפל מהחבטות שמפליאים בו אחיה והאקס שלה.

ואז אחרי שכל הספר היא נשבעת לקוראים ולפיטר שעבורה המשפחה שלה מתה ושהיא לא חוזרת לשם היא מחליטה לחזור עם פיטר לביתה להיפרד מאימה האוהבת והתומכת שחשבה שהבת שלה ממציאה המצאות על החבר האנס המתעלל הקטן.

כאן נגמר הספר ואנחנו נשלחים אחר כבוד לספר הבא שבו הסופרת הואילה בטובה לכתוב עוד כמה עמודים ואני מקווה לחלוטין שנגמרו ימי הסקס עם בגדים והפחד של פיטר מטבילת המכחול בשפופרת חלפה עברה לו כי אחרת הוא צריך טיפול.

למעט סיפור חיים קורע לב הספר הזה לוקה בסדרת חורים שחורים בעלילה שהיו גורמים לפיזיקאי לרייר בחשק עז. התפתחות העלילה עצמה בלתי אמינה ואי המהיימנות נובע בחלקו גם מהחורים השחורים והפערים בעלילה. הדמויות של סנדי ופיטר פלקטיות ומלבד אוכל וריקודי סווינג ומלבד דיבורים על חייהם האומללים וקצת נשיקות וסקס יבש ובלתי ממומש אני לא מבינה מה הם עושים ביחד.

אולי זו הקארמה שלהם: מוכה גורל פוגש במוכת גורל וההתנגשות הזו מביאה עלינו הקוראים מכת גורלות?

מהתקציר באנגלית של הספר הבא הבנתי שפיטר וסנדי יתקלו בבעיות כי לא מספיק שפיטר איבד את ארוסתו ושסנדי נאנסה ועברה התעללות גופנית, לא מה פתאום זה לא מספיק בכדי לבנות עלילה טובה בשביל לבנות עלילה טובה צריך שהשדים ירדפו את פיטר ושהוא יפקפק ביכולתו להתמודד איתך. אולי בכלל יסתבר שהוא אדם לא יציב ושהעבר שלוכולל כנראה יותר מאיבוד בת זוג (אחרת אי אפשר להסביר את המשפט הבא בתקציר: What Sidney doesn't realize is that she's dragging Peter into a collision course with his past. Peter must deal with the demons haunting him if he wants to move forward with Sidney)
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116 reviews
January 23, 2016
''Benim için önemli olanın ne olduğunu biliyorum. Beni şekillendiren, beni değiştiren şeylerin... Başka türlüsünü istemezdim. Pes etmezdim. ...Ve eğer bir şans daha verilseydi bana, tamamen aynı şeyleri yapardım, çünkü sonunda bu beni sana getiriyor.''

Nereden başlasam, nereden başlasam... Sakin olacağım ve kitap boyunca hissettiğim olumsuz duyguların neyden kaynaklandığını açıklarken bunların, kullanacağım kelimeleri kontrol edip anlamsız bir karmaşa yaratmasına izin vermemeye çalışacağım. Sorun şu ki, bu olumsuz duyguların içerisinde kitaba duyulan bir kızgınlık da var bu yüzden kendimi yeteri kadar açıklayamamaktan korkuyorum. Daha kitabı okumamış zihinlerin düşüncelerini manipülasyon kurbanı yapmaya çalışmıyorum hiçbir şekilde, sadece bunları söyleyip de omzumdan bu yükü biran önce atmak istiyorum, okuyup okumamanız size kalmış elbette.

Kitabın vermek istediği mesaj o kadar yanlış ki. Ya da düzeltiyorum bunu, benim algıladığım şey bu mesajdı kitabı okurken: Erkeklerle kötü bir geçmişi olan ve bu yüzden korkunun sürekli kontrolünde olan yaralı ruhlar için çözüm yakışıklı bir erkek görmekten geçiyor. Zihninizde çalan uyarı alarmlarının şifresini kırıp, susturması garanti! Belki böyle yorumlamamı mantıksız bulabilirsiniz ama okuyan insanlar bilirler, bir satırda şüphelerinden bahsederken, sonraki satırlarda adamın fiziksel özelliklerini övüp normal bir insan gibi davranmaya başlaması şok etti beni. Neden yani? Bir yüz mü yaptı gerçekten bunları? Adamı daha tanımıyorsun bile, şüphelerinin seni korumaya çalıştığı adamlardan bir tanesi olabilir yani.

Rahatsız olduğum bir diğer mevzu da yazarın kalemi oldu. Bu çeviriden kaynaklı mı acaba diye kitabı orijinal dilinde okumaya başladım ama okurken anladım ki yazarın kalemi böyleymiş. ''Başımla onayladım. Evine gidiyordum. Ne olacağını fark etmemiştim. Hiçbir şeyin farkında değildim.'' En son buna benzer kısa ve herhangi bir duygudan arındırılmış basit cümlelere dördüncü sınıfta okuma seviyeme uygun bir kitapta rastlamıştım. Karakterlerin başından geçenleri öğrendiğim zaman iki sayfa kadar bir sempati duydum onlara ama bunun dışında, kitabı okuduğum zaman dilimi içerisinde bir duygu kıpırtısı hissedilmedi benliğimde. Bu tamamıyla yazarın suçu da değildi gerçi, çeviride de çok hata vardı. ''Âdetaa'' diye bir kelime yaratmış çevirmen, sanıyorum ki ''just like'' kelimesini çevirmek için kullanmış. Bir kere rastladım ve yazım hatası deyip görmezden geldim, ama birkaç kez daha rastlayınca kasten yazılmış olduğunu fark ettim. Birkaç kez de kitabın başlarında rastladığım, komik olmasa bile sırf var oluşuna güldüğüm bir cümle vardı: Reddedilmek bana yakışmadı. Bir şey diyemiyorum bile, bu ne anlama geliyor? ''Kestane rengi saçları boyunca uzanan beyaz saçları,'' uydurdum demek isterdim ama çevirmenin bu kitabı ciddiye almayıp da baştan savma bir iş yapmasının göstergelerinden sadece bir tanesiydi bu da.

Kitabı yarım bırakmadım, çünkü zaten iki yüz kırk sayfalık kısa bir kitap ve sonlarına doğru kitabın güzelleşeceğine dair bir yorum okuduğumdan, umudumu o son birkaç sayfaya bağlar halde kitaba devam ettim. Yorum doğruymuş, sonlara doğru az biraz daha iyileşti durumlar, en azından sinirden iç çekmediğim sayılı sayfalar onlar oldu. Esasen üç puan verecektim ancak üç puan verdiğim çoğu kitabı bundan daha çok beğendiğimden, böyle bir puan vermek içime sinmedi.

[Yorumun daha fazlası için sayfama göz atabilirsiniz. :3 *tık tık*]
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3,581 reviews461 followers
April 10, 2013
2.5 to 3.0 "Just So-So" Stars

Another of those forbidden love between teacher and student scandal tropes set on a college campus. You know the ones where there’s a young college coed who has run away from a horrible past and a gorgeous well-built man is waiting to sweep her off her feet and solve all her problems. Both are “damaged” and carry bad baggage along for the ride. Well, this story carries on in that same tradition. A little more rerun action with a few of its own unique qualities using different names, faces, and places but not much else has changed. And, of course, readers are thrown another of those all too frequent cliffhangers at the end. If you can get past the same old routine, then you’ll find a really hot English professor who has a thing for his Teaching Assistant – and vice versa. There’s sizzling chemistry between them – especially on the dance floor. They never complete the sexual act this time around. Bet the author’s saving that for the next go-round.

On a more positive note, the author did a fabulous job introducing the lead characters, Sidney and Peter, to each other. It’s a case of blind date meets mistaken identity. I loved this little bit of comical and witty relief in those few scenes. And that’s what really gave me hope for a better read than I found as I moved on through the story.

The confrontation between Sidney and her past is rather chilling and raw. It will be interesting to see how she continues to handle this situation and if, indeed, her family will face the issues, accept the truth, and offer much-needed support to Sidney.

Some lazy typos and editing problems irritated me. Did anyone else notice that within the first three pages Sydney becomes Sidney. Those are needless editing errors that just plain bug me bad! Otherwise, the story flows well. All in all, a quick read that was just so-so.

Of course, even though I wasn’t blown away by this one, I’m hooked now and must find out what happens between the Prof and his TA.

Profile Image for Nicole.
52 reviews2 followers
May 5, 2013
This book is such a tease, and not a good one at that. If you're into the cover, feast your eyes and be done with it. Damaged doesn't undress its would-be hot professor any farther throughout the story and unfortunately, the characters and the novel as a whole are far less developed than those gorgeous abs on the cover. At least it was short.

Also, as someone who spends most of her time partner dancing.... I suspect the author put very little (if any) effort into researching swing dance, rather disappointing as our primary characters' time spent dancing together plays an important role in the development of their relationship. And while Sidney kept blushing and gushing over how it felt to have Peter touching her when they danced I couldn't help but role my eyes because swing has never seemed particularly sexy to me, nor particularly demanding of contact, but I dance Argentine Tango and Blues which both tend to be far more tactile and sexual dances by nature. And shin guards because the new dancers can't stop kicking each other? Having taken a few beginning swing lessons and taught a slew of beginning dance lessons in other styles, that is rather hard for me to believe, but ok.

In short, the cover had me expecting sex of which there was none and the flimsiness of the writing, plot, characters and their relationship beyond that cover only added insult to injury, despite brief tingly moments when I succeeded in getting a minuscule somethin-somethin from the characters kisses and side long glances.
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Author 21 books385 followers
June 2, 2013
Holy Squirrel Attack, Batman!
I really did not like this book very much. The characters and their reactions and dialogue felt unrealistic and childish. Peter wasn't too bad, but Sydney's story was hard to read. I'm no angstwuss, it was just that her story was so over the top.
It was like the author read all the most popular new adult books and borrowed plot points from each of them.
I really didn't want to read this whole book, but I kept expecting it to get better and it just didn't.
February 25, 2016
As an avid reader, I have specific things I look for in a book that make it a good or solid read for me.

First, I need to have strong characters that all bring something to the table, whether negative or positive. A great backstory is a must for me because I feel that it helps the characters evolve along their journey and allow us to either like or dislike the pair or a specific character.

Secondly, it must not be drenched with contradiction and inconsistencies. That makes a book unbelievable and not very realistic. It also allows for too many turns on the emotional rollercoaster, which results in no longer caring about what happens.

Lastly, if something specific is pointed out, it should be well researched and factual to make the story easier to relate to, especially to people who are familiar.

This book started off on the wrong foot for me. I am from "New Jersey" and the fact that in the beginning Sidney's "accent" is addressed was rather ridiculous. For starters, people from "New Jersey" never say they are from "New Jersey"...they say NORTH JERSEY, CENTRAL JERSEY or SOUTH JERSEY. They separate themselves because while NJ is very small, each section is very different, not just in how they speak but in how they live and what they like and do.

Now, Sidney says she is from "Cherry Hill in New Jersey" which should be Cherry Hill, South Jersey. Another thing is the misconception that all people from "New Jersey" have the same accent that you all have come to relate to this state. Now I live five miles from Cherry Hill, SOUTH JERSEY, and people from South Jersey are not the ones with the accent; that would be the ones from North Jersey. So, I was already not in the right frame of mind when I started to read this book, as it was not carefully researched. This is something that is very important to people from North and South Jersey, as we do not like to be compared to the other.

Then the story progressed. And after what appears to be a change in pace for Sidney, she immediately gets hurt by a turn of events she never sees coming. Only to come face to face with that reality when she goes back to school. She continues to pine for a man that she clearly wants, likes and suffers slight bouts of jealously over, so much so that she wishes she could be with him, only to behave like none of that even happened. That is like wishing you could win the lottery so you could relieve the feeling of stress only to refuse the money if you win and choosing to remain destitute and without.

Sidney was a character that after a while you no longer felt sorry for and really couldn't care less if she was happy or sad. I found myself starting to root for sad as her behavior and continued mind games played out.

She spent so much time vocalizing in her mind what she wanted only to behave like none of it even happened.

Peter was the only part of this entire book I enjoyed, as even Sidney's friends were forgettable and took up way too much space in this book that could have been spent getting Sidney off of the crazy train and back on to rational highway.

This book did not work for me AT ALL, and I would be more angry with myself if I spent more than 99 cents to buy it. I doubt I will read the second installment, but if I do, it will be for no other reason than to see any form of happiness for Peter, who is the only one that had any real merit. Personally, I hope he finds someone at a local store who takes his breath away so he can leave Sidney behind and let her see that you do not always get a second chance. And given her level of emotional manipulation, I do hope she either gets it together and fast, or is left behind in the hell she continues to build for her life.
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386 reviews72 followers
April 8, 2013
I'd say this was more *3.5 stars* but I'll round it up to 4.

This book was good enough and I did enjoy it but there was nothing about it that blew me away. It is a book about forbidden love - teacher/student romance. I've read a few books in this category that have been great and yes, this one was good, but nothing about it stood out from the rest. I wanted more.

Sidney's life sucks. She moved away from Texas to start a new life where she didn't know anyone and nobody knew her. She's had a horrible past that she's trying to escape. She does this by shutting herself off from any potential relationship.
"I want to move on with my life. I want to get over the fear that's choking me whenever I talk to a guy."

Sidney has a great friend, Millie, who pushes her to get past her boundaries, to go out and live a little. She doesn't know Sidney's secrets but she knows something isn't right. "You've been a good friend to me. You deserve to have someone to tell your secrets to, no matter what they are. Millie arranges a blind date for Sidney, and when things don't go to plan her life is changed forever..

Peter isn't the blind date, but he is the one who caught Sidney's attention in a way nobody else has before. Unfortunately he's also her boss at the TA job she works at in college. I really liked Peter, he was an interesting character. He has also had his fair share of pain in his life and taking the job at the college was his way of escaping a life that has broken him. The two of these two together should be toxic, should be dangerous but it works. They are both Damaged but that doesn't mean anything when their connection is so strong.


As I've said, I enjoyed this book but I just wanted more. There is a lot of sexual tension here but no actual sex scenes. It was a short book and I know there is plenty more where it came from but I felt like this first book was lacking. Both characters secrets are revealed in this book so there won't be any of that in the next one, I feel like the next book could have been put in to this one to just make it longer and a standalone. We'll see.
"I don't know what I am. A train wreck. A mess. Damaged goods. Pick one. Or all three."

I've read that this one ends on a cliffhanger but I don't personally think that is the case. It has an okay ending with hints of what will happen in the next book, that's all.
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892 reviews385 followers
June 11, 2013
Cover & title - 4 out of 5
Favorite Quote - “Being normal is overrated. Normal gets you what—the dolt husband with the 2.5 kids and the house with the dog? You seriously want that? I mean, one of those kids is going to be really funny looking, by the way, all cut in half like that. Who wants half a kid?”
Favorite character - Sydney

Okay, first thing.. i do not think the ending is a cliff hanger..
An ending to an episode of a serial drama that leaves the audience in suspense.
A story or event with a strong element of suspense.

I was not left with the feeling of suspense.. at all.

I found this book rather frustrating.
I did not manage to "click" with Sydney, she had a few plus points but not enough that I liked her. I really dislike the fact the author did not know her characters name, it constantly changed throughout the book - this drove me nuts.
I kinda thought her friend Millie was a bit of a bitch.. not my idea of a friendship for sure.
I found the way the relationship was "handled" rather stupid. The back and forth, on, off.. whatever.. it did not work for me most of the time.
In the end i did want them to be ok, the relationship to work out, for a bit of positive but in the first book of a series like this i realize i was expecting too much.
It was a quick read and that was a plus, if it had dragged out I would of rated it lower than i did. I also did not want to stop reading so that shows the story wasn't half bad. I will read the next in the series.. to see how things work out and if the writing improves.

Would i recommend it? I really do not know. It wasnt bad but.. I just do not think i can tell someone to spend their money on something i am so undecided about.

My book review blog

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1,640 reviews302 followers
January 10, 2016
Meh. I am kind of getting tired of all these series that drag the same relationship through numerous books. I really prefer to read a series that each book is about a different character. I bought this book because it popped up as a recommendation based on what I bought previously. Got to say I was kind of disappointed. Since we were reading from the heroine's POV we weren't able to know much about what the hero was thinking and/or feeling. It was frustrating at times.

At first I couldn't put the book down. But once you learn the back story and you find out why the heroine is the way she is then the story kind of gets repetitive. I can't tell you how many times you had to read how messed up she is. I'm not talking about a thought or two going through the heroine's mind. I am talking about an entire page of her talking about how screwed up she is. After a while I started just skipping over those parts when her mind travels in that direction. I got the picture.

By the time I finished the book I was irritated. The relationship really didn't GO anywhere. They managed to squeeze in the "I love you's" before the end but that's it. But I guess that was the point. Gotta make you want to buy the next book right?

Anyhoo, I am not sure why this was recommended to me. It's not quite like the books I usually read. There wasn't even a single sex scene. Not one. Some mild petting but nobody gets nekkid. Booooo

P.S. The heroine's family made me want to throw up. And no, I will not be reading the next book

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305 reviews93 followers
June 24, 2013
It has a mini cliffhanger but I won't bitch about it this time because Sidney and Peter were great together. You'll see what I mean.

Sidenote: this book has a scene in it where it plays out one of my biggest fears--falling off the treadmill.

P.S. I hope we get to see more of Mark as well.
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2,474 reviews171 followers
May 1, 2013
Damaged is a book that is going to stay with me for years to come. I say that because it was so heart and gut wrenching and had situations in it that could happen to anyone. Being violated and losing someone is very hard for most people but put in the mix that you are running from the past and the past have finally caught up with you you have this amazing story called Damaged. I know most people did not like the cliff hanger at the end but I will say this it is a mild cliff hanger compared to what I have read in other books and I thought the ending ended right where it should have. I loved it because Peter is a man I would want in my corner.

Sidney is running from her past and when she decided she was done she moved to a small place to go to college and start life over for her. She chose a small college and made few friends and hung out and tried to move on but in the back of her mind was still the fear that gripped her and kept her from dating or getting close to anyone. She went on dates but never got close to any of the guys. That is until Millie her best friend invites her on a blind date and she sits at the wrong table and meets a guy she can see herself with but then realizes he is not her date.

If things could not get weirder for her her real blind date has touchy issues and she gets away from him because she is not ready for that. As she is leaving the restaurant she sees the guy she made a connection with and helps him out. They go back to his apartment and things get heated but Mr blue eyes puts a halt on it and she leaves feeling weird because she almost did something she never thought she could do again.

Sidney can't get Peter out of her mind and when she goes to her class she realizes that Peter is her new professor and this is where the story gets so heated and great that I will not ruin for the reader. I will say that Peter and Sidney push and pull each other and things are done and said and in the end someone will have to make a choice that will either make them or break them.

Someone's past is coming at them and is determined to take back what is theirs. Peter and Sidney will have to fight to hold on and when the secrets are revealed and the dust settles where will that leave them? Can Peter leave his past? Can Sidney leave her past? I need book two like ASAP! God I hope it comes out soon because the ending had me screaming at my Kindle!

As I was reading this book there were three songs that kept me thinking about Peter and Sidney. Pink Just Give Me A Reason http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpQFFL... Rhianna Stay http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF8BRv... and Ed Sheeran Give Me Love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOjdXS...

Happy Reading!
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1,645 reviews149 followers
March 21, 2015
Dnf at 70%

Not my thing, I struggled to get that far, but the high ratings persuaded me to keep going. Endless descriptions of her inner despair (where there would be ice in her belly and going through her veins every frickin time) and misery that irritated me with the constant repetition, plus I felt zero chemistry and there was no sex whatsoever. None. Pah.

The beginning was promising (until the self pity took over), and usually student-teacher stories have that whole forbidden vibe giving that edge of naughtiness but then she kept changing her mind until I just didn't care whether they got together or not. Then I see it ends on a cliffhanger and I'm out. I can't read any more.
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404 reviews34 followers
March 18, 2018
Sydney is in a constant battle with her past & it is a trauma she believes she will never get over. But when she crosses paths with Dr. Peter Granz she is in for challenges she could have never imagined. Peter also suffers from past trauma & the two of them try to navigate their way through falling in love. This story is both funny & sad. You will find yourself smiling & giggling at the antics these characters get involved in & sadden on the next page as they both relive their past horrors. Be mindful that rape is part of this story & could be a trigger for some. I look forward to readying this whole series.
3 reviews
July 2, 2013
I have to admit I couldn't finish the book. It's something that barely ever happens since no matter how terrible I try to finish any book I start but this one was unbearable. The writing itself is a catastrophe. The choice of words and repetitiveness of phrases that are borderline slang are making it very hard to focus on the story itself. In a way it reminds me of a thirteen year old writing an essay, realising that using the same word every sentence might not be the best idea and the childish language doesn't sound very serious. So in an attempt to sound refined instead of substituting some words with a regular synonym, the child chooses to go for over-the-top words that clash desperately with the simple sentence. Repeating the weird phrase a few more times makes it stuck in your head and seem even more out of place every time you see it.

The main character's way of thinking is also one of a intelligence lacking child. I honestly couldn't help but wonder if she is just a kid posing as a college student. Her thoughts are disorganised and she jumps from one thought to another. It's a normal thing in a person but very undesirable in first person narration.
The character lacked personality and the approach she has shown was forced and artificial, didn't seem like someone with so much emotional baggage at all. Again more like someone who is just trying to pass as 'burdened'. Usually the more tragedy there is in someone's life the wider their horizon becomes in a way. It's hard to only think of colour coordinated outfits and nails. Next to all those tragic events her ignorant approach is silly. The emotional response and description of her past seems forced and artificial as in she tells someone else's story and can't quite imagine how it would feel.

I really like forbidden love stories but even with a simple character, language that these usually have there still needs to be some substance to it. And balanced plot, it's all too easy to go overboard on a plot making it a cheap soap opera.

Very disappointed!

Also I'm an Australian living in New Jersey and the accents are not even slightly similar. There is no way anyone could have mixed them. Aussie and British maybe. Especially Cockney. Perhaps even Canadian, I've heard this one before. But it's hard to mistake New Jersey accent for anything. At least when we are talking about the usual Jersey accent that's more common in the South since in the North of the state New York accent is more common.
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Author 3 books6 followers
May 4, 2013
I don't want to give this 5 stars.... Nope not at all... I want to give it 5 shiny platinum stars!! Yes you heard me right... I bought this book based off the fact I love h.m ward and her writing style. However based on the synopse I didn't read it for a week because I knew it would have a cliff hanger. Now it's not a terrible one and other than unanswered questions its worth reading and than anticipating damaged 2.

So lets discuss people places and things lol

Peter: yummy dream worthy guy, very scholarly, yet bad boy vibe coming from him. He's sweet and understanding. In book one I feel he's a bit of a push over so I'm hoping book 2 brings more bad boy and less choir boy. And he swing dances, idk why but I find that über sexy! Plus he has hidden umm shall I say fighting skills I'd like to see unleashed...

Sidney: hmm... I'd say for all she's been through that she is amazingly strong. People in her position would have resulted in hurting themselves and she instead is bettering herself so major props on that... But... Yes I said but! She needs to stop running and realize she's strong, awesome, and can heal by moving on with Peter plus she needs to kick some azz in book 2, just sayin!

Overall! Awesome read, awesome story, just awesomeness wrapped up in bacon, drenched in awesomesauce!
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330 reviews69 followers
April 29, 2013
This story really surprised me. As I began to read it I wasn't really sure I was going to get into the story and like the characters. Sidney and Peter were both a bit annoying with the back and forth friendship/ more than friendship feelings and innuendos. Peter sent tons of mixed signals and that isn't cool, but that is typical male behavior. As the story progressed, I liked how Sidney was more open and revealed parts of herself to Peter as friends. It also made sense that both characters form a solid friendship before delving into anything romantic. Sidney's demons were relentless and I felt so much sorrow for her because she had to turn her back on everything familiar to escape the cruel reality- when your own family those who are supposed to protect you don't who will? It took a lot of courage and conviction for Sidney to allow herself to feel something besides pain. Peter also had a painful past and I loved, loved how he didn't hesitate put Sidney above all. Oh man, the ending was phenomenal!! I can't wait until the next book!!!
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1,290 reviews
March 6, 2015
I enjoyed the start to this series.

Sidney's first meeting with Peter is one of a misunderstanding, but without this knowledge, she flirts relentlessly with him.

Following an unexpected end to her blind date, she finds herself questioning her ability to ever have a normal relationship again. This is then heightened by the reveal that her blue eyed angel from last night is her new teacher.

Lines blur and baggage gets unloaded...and these guys sure have some!

Looking forward to the next chapter in Peter & Sidney's story..

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434 reviews332 followers
April 8, 2013
I am only giving this book 3 stars because I'm a little angry! I really did like the story, a lot! But, for some reason I was under the impression that his was a full length stand alone book. IT'S NOT~IT STOPS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE EFFING STORY!! Which I should have expected based on the other books I have read by this author but silly me!!

That said, I know I will get the next book because I really enjoyed the story but I am beginning to HATE cliffhangers!!! I was just REALLY disappointed! :(
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411 reviews25 followers
July 7, 2013
I just did not see what everyone was raving about. It was okay. Not a bad premise with Peter (not new, but worth a try, right?)

But the heat was all telling. And honestly, insta-lust-then-makes-a-move from a girl who doesn't want to be touched or anything?

Also, if you're writing a cliffhanger or a serial, you darn well better tell me. Getting to "the end" of the book and being like WTH where's the end will never win me over. Ever.

Warn your readers.
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