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Better Off Friends

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For Macallan and Levi, it was friends at first sight. Everyone says guys and girls can’t be just friends, but these two are. They hang out after school, share tons of inside jokes, their families are super close, and Levi even starts dating one of Macallan’s friends. They are platonic and happy that way.

Eventually they realize they’re best friends—which wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t keep getting in each other’s way. Guys won’t ask Macallan out because they think she’s with Levi, and Levi spends too much time joking around with Macallan, and maybe not enough time with his date. They can’t help but wonder . . . are they more than friends or are they better off without making it even more complicated?

288 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 25, 2014

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About the author

Elizabeth Eulberg

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The short and sweet version:
Elizabeth Eulberg was born and raised in Wisconsin before heading off to college at Syracuse University and making a career in the New York City book biz. Now a full-time writer, she is the author of The Lonely Hearts Club, Prom & Prejudice, Take a Bow, Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality, Better Off Friends, We Can Work it Out, Just Another Girl, Past Perfect Life, and The Great Shelby Holmes series. She lives outside of Manhattan with her three guitars, two keyboards, and one drumstick.

To check out the long version, head over to my webpage: http://www.elizabetheulberg.com/bio/

Also, I'm not checking e-mails on my Goodreads, see my website for information on contacting me! http://www.elizabetheulberg.com/faq/

Happy reading!

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April 17, 2014
Here’s the basic difference between having a girl as a best friend as opposed to a guy.
When you’re best friends with a girl and you blather on and on, she kisses you to make you shut up.
*barf* I don't bloody think so.

If you have a really really cute guy friend and you guys have been close for so long but oh my god he's so hot and you think you're in love with him but does he like you and what about that time he checked out that other girl and oh my god you guys stay up all night talking and you're like *this* close and he makes your heart go aflutter because he's so *sigh* handsome and does he really see me the way I see him and I know he's dating my friend, but it's so awkward, and he'll never love her the way I love him, do I love him?! Oh my god, why can't he just see we were meant to be?!??!111ONE! and you feel like maybe you guys should declare your feelings *bluuuuuuush* and see where it takes you?!?!1


Then you might like this book.

If not, you might find it incredibly nauseating, as I did. If you do have a friend like I described above, do yourself a favor, grow some balls, tell him, and just get the fuck over it, please. Don't waste your time languishing over what Could Be and what Could Have Been. There's more to life than that.

Friendcest! I don't have a male sibling, so incest has never seriously icked me out, but I guess you could say that for me, this book is the equivalent of incest. I call it "friendcest." You see, I had a male best friend in high school.

We met in 9th grade, but didn't talk much. I had gotten over a terrible friendship breakup with my childhood BFF the previous summer, and swore to myself I would never be friends with anyone ever again (I was 15, ok?!). He sat behind me in French class the first day of 10th grade, and as they say, the rest is history.

This is almost verbatim the conversation that facilitated our friendship:

Him: I always thought you were the quiet genius in the corner.
Me: *bursts into wild laughter*

We talked every night on old-school AIM. We had almost nothing in common but our hatred towards society (we were teenagers, ok?), and our love for mocking stupid people (we were teenagers, ok?!). We boycotted prom night and chatted on AIM instead. We joined clubs together. We wrote obscene poetry during English Honors II together involving Queen Guinevere and Lancelot (we were reading The Once and Future King). I made fun of his love of country music. He made fun of my love for feminine-looking Japanese rockers (it was a phase). He taught the squeaky-clean baby Khanh to swear (I know you guys are grateful for that).

I loved Harry Potter. He hated Harry Potter (and refused to read the book). And for our graduation present, he gave me the first Harry Potter DVD. I nearly bawled my eyes out.

And there was never anything remotely romantic between us. Which is why this book made me rather queasy, because the entire message of this book is "I'VE HAD FEELINGS FOR YOU ALL ALONG, I JUST CAN'T SEE IT."

This book does nothing to dispel the myth that guys and girls can't be just friends. Really, it's not about platonic friendship at all. It's the story of a boy and a girl who were meant to be all along, but just can't see it. I found it irritating, I hated the theatrics, I hated the cheating, I hated the selfishness, and I hated seeing the people hurt in the process of the Twoo Wuvvers(tm) as they leave broken hearts behind in their journey to discovering that they were Soul Mates(tm). For me, it was pretty terrible. It was filled with nothing but teenaged melodrama and hysterics. There was no depth, and the entire book left me tremendously bored because it was SO FILLED WITH FEEEEEELINGS.

Platonic Friends, My Ass: The story started in middle school, when baby Levi and baby Macallan met. They almost instantly became BFFs, but that didn't last very long. The overwhelming feeling in this book is that Levi is the most obvivious idiot in the world. He goes around thinking, man, I'm the luckiest fella in the world, he's blissfully carefree, not knowing what's lurking underneath. Man, what I wouldn't give to be a guy.
This was why Macallan was the greatest friend in the world. I hadn’t seen her in ten days, yet she wanted to be sure I saw my girlfriend.
Well, guess what? You can't have your cake and eat it, too. The thing about Levi and Macallan is that we know all along that they have underlying feelings for each other. It was almost never platonic in nature.
I didn’t know what bothered me more: the fact that my best friend had been keeping something from me or that she was currently flirting with some guy.
Innocent Bystanders: Levi and Macallan are best friends, the trouble is that they're way too close. I said it was never platonic, and boy, do we see it in their respective relationships. Levi has a girlfriend. Macallan has a boyfriend. And both of them completely ignore their dates to talk to each other. They are self-absorbed, they are selfish, they are uncaring of anyone except themselves. For example, when they go on a double date, Levi and Mac can't stop talking to each other.
Ian cleared his voice loudly. “So, Carrie, I think we need to intervene before the Levi and Macallan Show takes over. Once they get started, they don’t stop. Ever.”
Ian and Carrie are Mac and Levi's dates. And to top it off, they're so absorbed in talking to each other that they don't even notice that their dates have left.
Danielle could read the nonverbal exchange Levi and I shared. “Let me guess. You didn’t realize your dates left.”
I grimaced.
She shook her head. “You guys are too much.”
“Clearly,” Levi and I said in unison.
Levi = Sweet, Sweet Fantasy, Baby: Half the book is from a guy's perspective, but it almost doesn't feel that way. Levi is cute, but he's not a boy. He is entirely too feminine in his observations and his actions, despite his protestations and his manly grunts and his desperation to gain guy points with his macho Wisconsin guy friends.

This book tries really, really fucking hard to be cute, and it doesn't work, and it does so by making Levi the most adorbs thing in the whole fucking world. Like the moment when Levi is filled with joy at receiving a coupon for a homemade meal from Macallan. Like the moment where Mac takes Levi to her mom's grave, and he proceeds to have an entire fucking conversation to her dead mother. WHAT THE FUCK?
“Um, Mrs. Dietz, I’m Levi. I’m sure Macallan has told you all about me. And, well, none of it’s true, unless she told you I’m awesome.”
"Thank you, Mrs. Dietz, for raising your daughter the way you did. She’s awesome and I know that’s because of
you. I wish I could’ve met you, but I guess I have in a way. Because of Macallan. And just so you know, I’ll do my best to protect her. And be there for her. Even if she does have the worst taste in football teams."
*snorts* That's cute. It's also wildly improbable. I don't buy it.

To top it off, Levi is filled with observaaaaaaaaations about how Macallan looks.
Macallan’s hair in the spring and summer was my favorite; in the sun it was almost bright red with an orange undertone. But if we went inside it looked like it did in the fall.
Bleeeeeeeeeeeech. Her hair looks like the fall: said no guy EVER. And I hate to presume, but I can't see a guy thinking this deeply and overanalyzing everything in excruciating fucking details.
I hated that something was getting in the way of their friendship. And that something was me.
Dun Dun DUUUUUUUUUUUN: Do you like teenage drama? Petty jealousies? Catfights? Oh-my-god-does-he-like-me conversations? Oh-my-god-you-are-no-longer-my-friend conversations? Cheating? Love triangles? That's pretty much all this book is. It's a bunch of teenagers acting very teenaged and nothing else. There is no depth to any of the characters. The side characters, like Macallan's best friend, are shallow bitches who flirt and flit from boy to boy. There is no deeper subplot. I didn't feel like there was a deep driving force to any of the main characters, because the only thing they're fucking worried about is (in order of precendence)

1. Love
2. Themselves

There are no deeper complications. There is no true character maturity. This was a shallow, nauseatingly predictable book.
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Author 3 books101k followers
May 3, 2014
Really really LOVED READING THIS BOOK <3 It was very when Harry Met Sally except over a younger time span 7th grade - Senior year of High school and I loved it! I JUST WANTED A FEW MORE CHAPTERS AT THE END. LE SIGH. THIS HAPPENS SO OFTEN. Just let me bask in the happy for a second jeez. =P
May 8, 2016
Creo que este ha sido uno de los libros que más me ha hecho morir de feels en todo el año. La historia de Levi y Macallan era tan real que sentía que la estaba viviendo yo misma. Era Macallan cuando encuentra a su mejor amigo, cuando hablan hasta el cansancio de su serie favorita, cuando sabía todo sobre él, cuando pasan los mejores y peores momentos juntos... y cuando empieza a enamorarse de él.

Y sí, merodeadores, este es el libro de la friendzone . ¿Que no sabes qué es la friendzone ? ¡No tienes idea de la suerte que tienes! Creo que no hay nada peor que cuando te empieza a gustar alguien y te das cuenta de que esa persona sólo te ve como a) su hermanita, b) la chica con la que puede hablar de fútbol y/o videojuegos o c) la amiga que no inspira más que eso... amistad xD. ¡Y todo eso es lo que viven Levi y Macallan en este libro! No es que esté hablando por experiencia propia, nah, qué va.

No les voy a decir si este libro termina bien o mal, pero lo que sí diré es que toda la historia y el proceso que viven estos dos chicos es doloroso. Elizabeth Eulberg supo reflejar en estas páginas todo lo que se puede sentir (y sufrir) cuando te enamoras de tu mejor amigo: la emoción al principio, las dudas, el miedo, la resignación, la esperanza y, finalmente, la determinación.

Durante todo el libro las situaciones nos hacen pensar en nuestra propia vida y conectar nuestras vivencias con lo que les está sucediendo a Levi y Macallan. ¿Qué haría yo si me gustara mi mejor amigo? ¿Se lo diría? ¿Sería capaz de verlo de la misma manera si le confesara mis sentimientos y él no los correspondiera? ¿Podría poner en peligro nuestra amistad? ¿Pueden un chico y una chica ser sólo amigos?

Sin más... LEAN EL LIBRO .
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Author 8 books72.6k followers
August 27, 2015
Cute :).

EDIT: I think I'll add the reasons I gave this three stars. Don't misunderstand! I really liked the book! It was cute and funny, but I think it was not for me. As I said in my review of Eulberg's other book (The Lonely Hearts Club), this book would've worked perfectly if I were 15 years old. My little brother read it at the same time as me and he absolutely LOVED it, and yeah, he's 15!

The characters really annoyed me sometimes, especially Levi!!! BUT a part of me really liked him, he was sweet and so funny, but OH, he deserved some kicks in the gut :).

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December 25, 2014
No, this is not really a review, because I haven't read the book yet; more of my personal thoughts and a story to go along with it. Read on only if you're interested.

This sounds so promising. Elizabeth Eulberg is absolutely amazing, and I'm excited for this, after my favorites The Lonely Hearts Club and Prom and Prejudice. (Take a Bow was okay, and I haven't read Revenge of the Girl With the Great Personality yet.)

But I will say: guys and girls CANNOT be best friends.
At all costs.
I doubt this book will make me change that notion.

Friends, yes. But best friends? No.
(Unless the guy or girl is homosexual.)

Because it always bound to change.

Best friends are just too close. They love each other--between guy and guy, and between girl and girl; it's different from loving your boyfriend/girlfriend, or your family, or your daughter/son. There are so many different kinds of love in the world, and friend love is one of them. Best friend love is huge, since you basically trust this person wholeheartedly, tell them your secrets, spend memorable moments of your life with them, know they can lift you up when you're down, understand them like the back of your hand... there's a reason there is the "best" in best friends. Best friends are one level up from normal friends. Your best friend is always supposed to be there for you.

So what happens when that best friend is of the opposite gender? You spend every single day together and know each other so well you could practically be joined at the hip? Isn't it inevitable that stronger feelings than friendship begin to develop?
You start seeing him (or her) in a different light. You start staring. Blushing. Trying to hide it. But it doesn't work out. Eventually the other person is going to find out.
And when they do...? Nothing will ever be the same. I know for sure. Because this has happened to me before.

Once upon a time, my best friend was a guy.
As you can predict, we had a falling-out. He was my best friend. He knew everything about me--my favorite colors, the kinds of books I liked to read, the way I liked to wear my hair. We wrote stories together when we were younger--you know those Magic Tree House books? We rewrote all of them the way we wanted them to be. He was Jack and I was Annie, except instead of being brothers and sisters, our characters, Jake and Cathy, were BEST FRIENDS.

We sat next to each other during a class and had to be moved to opposite ends of the room because we spent too much time talking and not enough time focusing on the lesson. We shared secret, naughty grins during solemn, silent fire drills. We shared a swing and laughed the entire time, rushing through our hair. We challenged each other to see who could eat a box of pizza the fastest. (Of course, he always won, but it didn't hurt to try.) We played practical jokes on our teachers (he made our third grade teacher sit on a whoopie cushion; it was hilarious). We told each other stories about our lives--I still remember his tale about how his sister threw spaghetti across the room and it landed on his face. We stayed after school to help clean white boards, sweep and vacuum the floor, and pick up trash--only together. If he couldn't stay after school, I wouldn't stay. If I couldn't stay, he wouldn't stay. We did everything together.

Until one day everything changed.
My so-called "friend" had exiled me from my own game. I'd invented the rules of how to play and she wanted them changed to fit her. I refused, and she told me that nobody liked me so I should just hand my leadership over to her. I was a threat to her, and she had to crush me. My other friends were afraid of her. They didn't dare stand up for me when I ran off, crying.
Except one.

I could hear him yelling at her as I ran away. I just had to get away. I finally collapsed against a wall and sat slumped there, my hands covering my face as I sobbed. I heard footsteps.
It was him.
I looked up and smiled at him. "You came."
"I wasn't going to let her do that to you," he said.
"Thanks," I sniffled. He reached out a hand and pulled me up.
We started walking back and forth, and as I dried my tears, we talked seriously about how terrible my decision to befriend her had been. I knew. He knew it, too. But to lighten my mood, he told me more stupid stories to make me laugh. Before long, my tears of sadness were tears of laughter, and I just stared at him in amazement. "Thank you."
"That's what best friends are for," he replied.
I kept staring at him for a while. People had always teased us that we were a couple. My mom joked I would marry him someday.
The words were out of my mouth before I could close it. "I like you. Not as a friend."
I was scared. But then he said, "Me too."
And he took my hand.
I was in love.

But not for long.
That summer, I was extremely busy. We didn't keep in touch, and for the first time when we returned to school that year, we didn't share any classes. It was terrible. Fearful.
And I already knew what was to become of us.

Jake became a guy.
A real guy.
And he left me behind.
He had no time anymore for his former best friend.
He wasn't going to be caught dead with a girl; what would his tough guy friends think?
My heart broke.

Two years and a hundred tears later, I had moved on, and so had he. He wasn't my best friend anymore, but a small sliver of him still lived inside of me. And a small sliver of me still lived inside of him. It explained why I teamed up with him to play volleyball against our opponents. Why I was by his side when nobody else was when he cried. Why I listened to him talk about his crushes--though painfully, I wished it were me. Why I gave him lollipops and he gave me answers to math homework.
Why he was there when my best friend broke me.
We were supposed to present our favorite book to the class, and originally I'd teamed up with my best friend to do it. But we had different book ideas, and I wanted to do mine badly, so we split apart and vowed the best to win.
Well, I poured my time and heart into making sure my classmates would be enticed into reading my favorite book, but when it was my turn to present, my teacher's computer malfunctioned, and my whole presentation was sabotaged as the music defected, the graphics blurred, and everything went haywire. I felt terrible.
And then, as if to mock me, when my best friend went up to present, she'd CHEATED. We supposed to pick books targeted to younger readers because we were presenting to younger readers, and she'd gone and picked a YA book about zombies and war. I stared at her in horror as she presented her book, with effective music, exciting graphics, and a really alluring description. The computer didn't malfunction once. And everyone applauded for her when she sat down. Nobody paid attention to my other best friend's presentation--she went next--because they were too busy asking my first best friend where they could buy the book and so many other interested questions. I was so angry because I was watching my other best friend's presentation and trying to ignore the praise, while feeling horrified as even her presentation was screwed up by the haywire computer.
So why only my first best friend?
Why did she deserve all that when I'd spent as much time on my presentation as her, and hers wasn't sabotaged?

Jake, noticing my silence, leaned over and asked if I was alright. I shook my head. When class was dismissed, I ran away as the tears began to free-fall. I definitely wasn't alright, and my best friend finally noticed as I ran away. Jake ran after me and tried to calm me down. He didn't ask me to speak, though, because he knew better than anyone that if I tried to speak with tears rising in my throat, I would just start crying harder. And his goal was to get me to smile, not cry. So he did what he was best at--he talked. He talked until the tears stopped and I was giving him a tentative smile. It was déjà vu, I realized. This had happened two years ago. I looked at him and saw--for the first time in a long time--the same boy I'd fallen in love with. And I finally, from the bottom of my heart, smiled.
Seeing I was okay, he gave me a huge hug and said he had to go. I nodded. He'd restored my cheerful mood. My best friend ran up and tried to talk, but I didn't want to hear it. There wasn't anything she could possibly say that would make me feel better--"I'm sorry my project didn't get sabotaged." It would all be lies.
Then I realized I'd never thanked Jake for being so sweet, and I turned to look for him, hoping I wasn't too late. I wasn't.
But he was talking to his current crush, and they were smiling and laughing with each other. I froze where I was and turned away slowly, my smile fading.

I still loved him.

To this day, I will never touch a book written by the author of the book my best friend did her presentation on. It's a stupid grudge, I know, but it reminds me of my past, and I don' believe in the motto "put your past behind you." I say, "hold your past close, because it shapes who you are now."
Just don't let it control you.
My best friend and I are still, indeed, best friends--though our differences threaten to tear us apart more and more every day--and Jake is no longer in my life, but I don't regret a thing.

At least, not in my life the way I'd like.
He sits next to me in math class now.
But I hate him.
He's NOT my former best friend. I don't know him. I refuse to acknowledge that he could possibly be the boy I once loved.
Because he's a dick.
He mocks and sneers at everyone. He calls me stupid when I get the wrong answer to a math problem. He steals pencils and pens from the girl sitting behind us. He laughs cruelly at others' misery. And I hate him so much.

Not just because it's plain disgusting that two years could do so much--two years from when we confessed our love to when he comforted me the exact same way, and two years from when he'd comforted me to when he became a total asshole--but because he'd let the cycle take him.
Jake was bullied a lot when we were younger, and I'd always stood up for him. In fourth grade, sixth graders told him he'd put his momma to shame and that she probably wished he'd never been born. It had nearly destroyed him. But I was there for him. I gave him strength to keep going on, just like he'd in turn did the same and gave me strength when my so-called best friend banished me from my own game.
He swore he'd never become a bully and make other people feel the way they'd made him feel that day.
But he is a liar.
And if my best friend could see himself now, he'd agree that he's put his momma to shame.
This is the poem that describes this exact scenario: http://www.quotev.com/story/4322657/S....

And yet, I don't regret a thing.
Jake has shaped me.
He has helped make me who I am now.
And if he wants to destroy his life, so be it.
I can't look out for him forever.

But it proves my point.
Guys and girls can't be best friends. Somewhere along the way, everything changes.
And that is the sad truth.
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August 3, 2016
"But in truth, home isn’t necessarily where you sleep at night..."


"...It’s where you feel like yourself.
Where you’re most comfortable.
Where you don’t have to pretend, where you can be just you."


What a cute & fluffy read! Had me laughing and "awww"-ing all throughout! This book totally deserves a 5 BLIMEY-IF-I-DIDN'T-LIKE-IT STARS!!! It was just so.... cute!

Macallan + Levi = this cute gif

So let's meet 11-year-old Macallan who's super excited for the start of seventh grade. Now, what sane 11-year-old, or any student for that matter, would be excited for classes to start and for summer to end? Well, that's Macallan for you!

But... she does have reasons as to why she wants classes to start already. It's because when the time comes that all she's left to do is to face loads of schoolwork, she can "distract herself from the loneliest facts". Mostly, she wants to distract herself from the heavy pain she feels over the loss of her mother.

But then on the first day of school, she is assigned to tour the new student from California! In here we meet cutie 11-year-old Levi!

When they first meet, it was nothing special. Macallan was not in the mood to be friendly while Levi was acting the shy-slash-awkward new student.

But then, Macallan sees Levi's pin that says KEEP CALM AND BLIMEY ON and...

I could barely contain my excitement. “Buggy and Floyd. I love that show!”

His face lit up. “No way — nobody knows Buggy and Floyd. This is insane!”

It was insane.

And with just that...


I was in a seriously dark place (aka READING HIATUS) and then I found this book.... AND GOOD THING I DID! It was only a quick read for me but I still found myself smiling for a very long time after reading this!

The story was super cute and I couldn't help but pause every single time I read something worth "awwww"-ing for! This book also gave me a good laugh, and I absolutely love books that can make me have a laughing fit! Plus, this book was full of wit and life that I just had to stop whatever I was doing and just read this! I literally could not put it down!

I also liked how we see them grow throughout the book. I think that's one of the many things I liked about this book. I also loved every single character in the story and how they all added bits and pieces that made this book very special and good! PLUS! I loved the He Said-She Said parts!!!!! And I loved the alternative POVs between Macallan & Levi! I love how I got a glimpse on each of their thoughts and feelings!

At times I was just like:


Macallan & Levi also reminded me of Vada & Thomas J on the 1991 film, My Girl! Which to tell you was one of my favorite films of all-time!!!


Their mutual love for Buggy & Floyd, and how they watch it together!

The BLIMEY! punchlines

The "We are just friends!" moments

How they help each other out, emotionally & physically

Their mature fights

Their witty banters

The "comfortable silence" moments

Their cute and funny first kiss!

Their sweet and AWWWWW! moments

"You're my bestfriend" moments

Their unlike-any-other friendship!


This book taught me:


But, seriously, this book was really good! I admit, I didn't expect that I would love it this much, but I'm glad that it exceeded my expectations!

Macallan & Levi forever! Cutest bestfriends ever!!

Elizabeth Eulberg, you rock some awesome socks! Thank you so much for this book! I seriously want to hug you!
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Author 4 books966 followers
February 2, 2018
Un libro con una historia bastante simple, pero con grandes personajes. No es, claro esta, el mejor libro del mundo ni mucho menos, pero te hace pasar un gran momento.
Una narración simple que no te aburre en ningún momento.
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280 reviews4,211 followers
February 27, 2015
Una historia corta, divertida, refrescante y fácil de leer. Las voces de los personajes me encantaron, ambos, Levi y Macallan son encantadores, me gustó mucho conocer su historia desde el día en que se conocieron, la historia creció, maduró y evolucionó al mismo ritmo que los personajes.

El final a pesar de ser lo que yo quería, no era lo que me esperaba.

Reseña Completa: http://bastvilard.blogspot.com/2015/0...
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1,788 reviews2,131 followers
June 8, 2017
3.75 tween romance stars!

Macallan and Levi have been friends since the seventh grade, when Levi was the new surfer kid from California and Macallan was the girl who lost her mother. The two didn’t want to be friends at first, but they end up forging a great connection anyway. Throughout the years, the two remain best friends even though everyone around them thinks they’re meant to be together. Constant drama with girlfriends, boyfriends, exfriends and others bring up the question, should they be together? Or should they remain friends?

This was a very lighthearted contemporary read. It covers the years of seventh through eleventh grade, and all of the changes and challenges that come with entering high school. The idea of the book is an interesting point to cover for tweens, that maybe their childhood friend may be the perfect person to end up with. The romance was very clean, the only thing it advanced to was kissing which would make many tween parents happy that it’s not too racy.

The male point of view was very well done and it felt as if a man had written it instead of a woman. Most authors tend to try too hard when writing as a member of the opposite sex, but Eulberg captured a tween to teenage boys feelings very well. The timeline was amazing as well, covering the developments young adult face growing up, and making the connection between the characters even stronger than if they had only met and become friends during high school.

It in no way glamorizes romance, but is very matter of fact about tweens and teens dating and the issues it covers, from breakups and making time for friends in spite of the relationship. This is a book that is mostly fluff, but very fun to read, and perfect for tween girls who are nearing the end of middle school and entering high school.

***Just a small note, this review is geared toward my tween advisory project, so it will written a bit differently than my normal reviews. If you are a friend and would like to see the tween advisory blog, please pm me. Thanks!***
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Author 4 books262 followers
February 8, 2018
Una lectura entretenida pero que no es mucho del estilo que suelo leer. La verdad es que la manera en que escribe es buena pero muy ñoña, la trama, los personajes y el como van avanzando con cada página se me hizo al principio interesante pero ya para cuando se había establecido el nudo de la historia sentí que empezó a darle muchas vueltas a lo mismo no volvería a leer a la autora, demasiado infantil el romance y las descripciones igual es como leer el diario de un adolescente pero no como algo bueno sino como las tonterías de unos niños que creen saber lo que es el amor.

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July 28, 2015

Me encantan las historias de amor entre amigos de la infancia. Pese a ser una historia predecible y con algún cliché, me ha conquistado.

Es tierna, divertida y con algún momento donde se te cae la lágrima, ¡Ay!. Pero lo mejor son los protagonistas: Levi y Macallan son un amor.
Esta muy bien escrito, y tiene unos diálogos originales entre medias de cada capítulo entre ellos dos a modo de explicación de dicho capítulo.

Me hubiera gustado que conservaran la portada americana, tiene mayor significado que la española.

"Durante todo aquel tiempo, me había preguntado una y otra vez donde estaba mi hogar en realidad. Al principio, pensaba en California como mi verdadera casa, luego en Wisconsin. La verdad, sin embargo, es que tu hogar no tiene por qué ser el lugar donde duermes por las noches.
Tu hogar está donde sientes que puedes ser tu mismo.
Donde estas a gusto.
Donde no tienes que fingir, donde te muestras tal y como eres."
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April 26, 2020
I find this so cute. I rarely read about guy-girl best friends and Macallan and Levi started out  as best friends when they were 11 years old. It's too adorable. The banters are fun. The alternating POV so entertaining. Their love for the same show, "Buggy and Floyd", which also has a little storyline in the plot, is too endearing. 

The characters' growing up is apparent in both their narratives and their quest for love interests that somehow do not work adds a funny little thrill to the story. It's a  fun journey reading through their young heartbreaks, how they broke other hearts, how their hearts got broken by others and eventually by each other.

There's so much to commend about this little book really. Macallan's strength and grace especially in processing her grief, her kindness, feistiness, and her awesome cooking skills. Levi could be an idiot sometimes but I'm glad he immediately realizes his own idiocies. Lol. They're really perfect for each other. And thank goodness they finally came to their senses at just the right time. They didn't stupidly wait for decades before acknowledging what they really meant for each other unlike in other books. Ahem, Love, Rosie,ahem.

This is certainly a book I wouldn't mind rereading over and over and would definitely watch out for other Elizabeth Eulberg books.
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August 31, 2019
¡¡MIS SENTIMIENTOS Estaban por todos lados después de que terminé de leer ¿Y si quedamos como amigos?. Este es el tipo de libro que me hizo querer ir a mi azotea y gritar mi amor por él a todo pulmón.

Siempre me han encantado los libros con romances de mejores amigos y ¿Y si quedamos como amigos? fue tan perfecto en ese departamento. De hecho, podría ser mi libro favorito de todos los tiempos con un romance de mejores amigos. Nos presentan a Macallan y Levi cuando se encuentran por primera vez en el séptimo grado. Al instante hacen clic juntos y lo que sigue es una hermosa amistad entre un niño y una niña. El libro se cuenta en los POV de Macallan y Levi, por lo que está al tanto de sus pensamientos. Fue una experiencia maravillosa estar dentro de sus cabezas y estos dos fueron tan genuinos, tan agradables. Lo que realmente me encantó de ellos fue lo realistas que eran con todos sus defectos y sus fortalezas. Elizabeth Eulberg los desarrolló intensamente, haciendo que Macallan y Levi parecieran adolescentes reales en lugar de personajes de ficción. También me gustó lo distinguibles que eran sus voces. Podrían haber tenido personalidades similares, pero Elizabeth Eulberg los desarrolló de tal manera que se mantuvieron como individuos. Otra cosa que adoraba de los personajes fue la participación de la familia. La madre de Levi y el padre de Macallan y su dulce tío Adam, que tenían dificultades para hablar, formaron una gran parte de la historia. Creo que ahora todo el mundo sabe cuánto me encanta cuando los libros tienen temas tan positivos en los libros, así que estaba más que complacido de que estos adolescentes compartieran un vínculo profundo con sus familias.

La mejor parte del romance es su lento desarrollo. Debido a que Macallan y Levi comienzan como amigos, podemos ver su amistad florecer y eventualmente florecer en este maravilloso romance que me hizo sentir como si estuviera en las nubes, por muy cliché que pueda parecer. La acumulación de su romance fue lo que hizo de este libro una gran experiencia. Ves a Macallan y Levi superar obstáculos en sus relaciones y amistades, los ves crecer en individuos más maduros y los ves darse cuenta de que están enamorados el uno del otro. Todo esto fue tan adorable. Sinceramente, no tengo las palabras para expresar mi amor por estos dos personajes y su historia. La relación de Macallan y Levi no era de ninguna manera perfecta. Se enfrentaron a muchos obstáculos y dificultades, pero al final del día, estos dos se apoyarían mutuamente sin importar la situación. Su amistad era tan hermosa. Me hizo desear tener algo tan profundo cuando estaba creciendo. Al final del libro, no estaba listo para despedirme de estos personajes.

Conmovedor, hermoso y conmovedor, ¿Y si quedamos como amigos? es un libro que todos los que aman a un buen amigo para tener una relación deberían leer. Este es uno de esos libros que la gente querrá leer una y otra vez solo para que pueda sonreír.
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September 12, 2016
Freaking Cute!!!
 photo puss-in-boots_zpsc51feb98.png

After reading a plethora of books with the insta-love factor in them it is so nice to take a step back and read a book where you watch the relationship between two people grow over years. Levi and Macallan met in the eighth grade and became fast friends. The way they talk to one another is fun easy banter of people who really know each other inside out.

”So, Carrie, I think we need to intervene before the Levi and Macallan Show takes over. Once they get started they don’t stop. Ever.”

Throughout the next few years, multiple relationships and a double date that didn’t end well for either it becomes more and more clear that no matter who comes into their lives it just never seems to complete with the relationship they share. Maybe everyone around them is right and there is more to them than just the friendship. But how do you transition?

Just so we are remembering this correctly: When you kissed me I went home and splashed cold water on my face. When I tried to kiss you, you ran away to Ireland for the summer.

I really like the writing style this book presented with the alternating POV of Macallan and Levi. Both make plenty of mistakes along the way in their friendship and sure there is a little drama but at the beginning of every chapter there is a dialog between the now Macallan and Levi about the story they are telling. The beginning chapter banter is funny and indicates no matter the journey to get there the destination seems quite clear.

I was completely drawn into their story and laughed a lot along the way. Levi and Macallan are likable and even when they were being stupid I still rooted for them to figure it all out. I read the entire book in one night and enjoyed the pacing and innocence of the story. These were teenagers that acted like teenagers, not teenagers that acted like they were thirty. Also a nice change to some of the YA I’ve read lately the family life of both characters was real and an integral part of the story, no absentee parents here.

Will this story change your life? Well no. But is it cute, age appropriate and fun? YES!

    adorable photo: (: adorable.jpg

This is my first book by Elizabeth Eulberg but I will definitely read a few of her others.

ARC received from Goodreads Giveaways
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February 16, 2014

MY FEELS!! They were all over the place after I finished reading Better Off Friends. This is the kind of book that made me want to go onto my rooftop and scream out my love for it at the top of my lungs. I haven't felt this happy after reading book ever since Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. Beware, this review will not be very eloquent. Expect tons of gushing!

I've always loved books with best-friends romances and Better Off Friends was so perfect in that department. In fact, it might actually be my all-time favorite book with a best-friends romance in it. We are introduced to Macallan and Levi when they first meet in 7th grade. They instantly click together and what follows is a beautiful friendship between a boy and a girl. The book is told in both Macallan and Levi's POVs, so you are privy to both their thoughts. It was such a wonderful experience being inside their heads and these two were so genuine, so likeable. What I truly loved about them was how realistic they were with all their flaws and their strengths. Elizabeth Eulberg developed them intensely, making Macallan and Levi seem like real teenagers instead of fictional characters. I also liked how distinguishable their voices were. They might have had similar personalities, but Elizabeth Eulberg developed them in such a way that they stood as individuals. Another thing I adored about the characters in Better Off Friends was the involvement of the family. Levi's mom and Macallan's father and her sweet uncle Adam who had speech difficulty formed a huge part of Better Off Friends. I think by now everyone knows how much I love it when books have such positive themes in books, so I was beyond pleased that these teenagers shared a deep bond with their families.

The best part about the romance in Better Off Friends is its slow development. Because Macallan and Levi start off as friends, we get to watch their friendship blossom and eventually bloom into this wonderful romance that made me feel like I was on clouds, as cliched as that might sound. The build-up of their romance was what made this book such a great experience. You watch Macallan and Levi overcome obstacles in their relationships and their friendships, you watch them grow into more mature individuals and you watch them realize that they are in love with each other. This was all so adorable. I honestly don't have the words to express my love for these two characters and their story. Macallan and Levi's relationship was in no way perfect. There were plenty of hurdles and difficulties that they faced, but at the end of the day, these two would support each other no matter what the situation was. Their friendship was just so damn beautiful. It made me wish I had something so deep when I was growing up. By the end of the book, I was not ready to say goodbye to these characters. I've already decided to buy a copy of the book when it releases so it can grace my favorites shelf.

Touching, beautiful and heart-warming, Better Off Friends is a book that everyone who loves a good friends to more relationship should read. This is one of those books that people are going to want to read over and over again just so it can bring a smile on their faces. I know I will be, because Better Off Friends is going to make my top reads of 2014.
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July 30, 2015

Este libro lo leí en pdf... Gracias al blog Seducción entre libros que subió la traducción en epub pasado a pdf. Así que si quieren descargarlo pueden pasar por el blog que ahí está la traducción correcta. :)

Me gusta la idea de los libros de mejores amigos que se enamoran. Me gustó esas idas y vueltas entre ambos amigos... Pero como que a veces me pareció muy largo. Romance... había pero como oculto, (mientras los personajes comienzan a sentir sentimientos por el otro).
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March 11, 2014
Any guy out there want to be my best friend???
*hopeful eyes*

Yeah I figured no one would :P

But yeah this book was the sweetest thing ever and really, two good YAs in a row? SCORE?

This has angst but one of the cutest friendships in the world and all the angst was worth it in the end. GAHHHHHH

Blimey if I know what to read next.
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February 18, 2014
4.5 stars

Daww, this book was just too sweet. Better off Friends, is my favorite kind of romantic since I simply adore friends-turned-romance above all. But this isn’t in the traditional swoon-worthy way I typically find in my reads, instead this really focus on the friendship and going through the motions of having a best friend of the opposite sex and trying to figure out how to handle all of the wonderful and conflicting emotions that comes with it. This book asks the question everyone at one point in their lives asks, can a guy and a girl really be just friends? Since I married my best friend, I’m not sure how to answer that one, but it’s still a rather profound question and absolutely charming and lovely to see how these two best friends experience the comfort and complications of their relationship.

Levi and Macallan meet in 7th grade, bonded over a television program nobody knows about and have been friends ever since. They’ve helped each other out in so many ways. Levi was the new kid in town but Macallan made him feel welcome and made him see what home really means. Mac lost her mother in a car accident and Levi was there to help her cope with the loss. They banter like an old married couple and have wicked witty wars, and inside jokes no one else understands. They work through the angst and drama of high school and dating and try to push aside any resentments or jealousy. They are simple a solid couple that made me laugh out loud and smile a stupid smile, but they also made me want to shake them straight a few times when they were being stupid or stubborn. They’ve made their share of mistakes, but through it all, they are undeniable and you really can’t help but root for these two best friends and hope they finally get it together long enough to realize how perfect they are for one another.

I really adored Elizabeth Eulberg’s writing style. The natural ease and flow of the story was brilliant, making this an unputdownable and absorbing read from start to finish. The commentary conversations at the beginning of every new chapter were my favorite part. Combining the present as we learn about their past and giving us a hint for what’s to come was so amusing and touching to see what Levi and Macallan think about the moments that cemented their history together. Cute, cute, cute!

I really loved all of these characters. Macallan is a firecracker! Feisty and full of spunk. I love how she doesn't take any crap and that she stands up for what she believes in. She doesn't care about what people think and tries to do the right thing. But she also has a little bit of a wall that fortunately Levi always seems to be able to break through.
Levi is your dude’s dude. While he loves having Mac in his life, he still seems like he’s looking for more in his life. He wants to have a girlfriend, be on teams and be with the in crowd at school. While he’s made a lot of mistakes with his friendship with Mac, he’s always been there for her and I love how protective and sweet he can be.
Both of their families are such good people and I loved that Mac was able to have a mother to go to when she needed one. I also liked all of their friends and even though they have their share of drama and angst, it wasn't overly done or distracting.

Bottom line, this book is so sweet and so adorable. It’s the kind of read that makes you feel good, makes you smile and makes you laugh. It’s warm and touching and tugs at your heart. I recommend this to fans that are looking for a light, funny, clean and quick escape as you follow Levi and Macallan's friendship as they struggle with their fears and excitement of the possibility of needing and wanting more. A great read!!
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August 25, 2015
Qué delicia.
Me ha sorprendido muy inesperadamente este JR, y ha sido adorable. Macallan y Levi son unos personajes a quienes conocemos a lo largo de unos cuántos años y nos van ganando poco a poco, por esa complicidad que les une y crea situaciones hilarantes, entrañables e inesperadas en algunos casos. La forma en que la autora plantea su relación de amistad y, posteriormente de amor, está muy bien adecuada a esa etapa adolescente, sin caer en dramatismos pero siendo profunda y creíble.
Ojalá hubiera tenido más páginas sobre todo en su recta final ^^
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March 1, 2014
This was so adorable, cute and perfect for a cozy, rainy-day, pick-me-up read.

You know the story. The one where Girl meets Boy at a young age and they become fast friends by some stroke of fate – a commonality, an understanding, a simple smile, or a wave hello; the kind that screams, Potential Best Friend!

For Macallan & Levi, it was their mutual love for “Buggy and Floyd” their favorite BBC show that cemented their 7th grade BFF status. But of course, that simple status grows into much more as years pass.

They each go through their fair share of “heartbreak” – some juvenile, harmless “dating” (not each other), then some highschool drama threatens their BFF status when social status, sports, and homecoming comes calling. Yet the real heartbreak hits when they both realize their friendship may be a bit more than just the “best friend variety.”

“So, as I was saying, guys and girls can be friends.
Best friends.
And what’s better than falling in love with your best friend?

I think just the premise alone, as cliché as it was – would’ve still won me over. The execution was fresh and unique and satisfying and witty.

I loved Macallan and Levi’s back and forth banter. Their dialogue was so smooth, easy, yet fully charged with thick, dripping, “friendly” tension. Then there was the whole dual POV shift; I have to admit, Levi was one of the easier MALE POVs to read. The transitions were smooth & I didn’t have issues differentiating the two characters. (And no, it wasn’t only cause of the font changes.)

But what I loved most about this book was the little tidbits before each chapter started. It was like the two BFFs were talking in pretense-tense (as their future selves), looking back on their “once upon a time.” Reminiscing. It was written with so much humor, and wistful nostalgia. I loved it! And it’s not something I could just copy & paste and plaster on my review.

In order for you to get the full effect, you’d need to read the actual sample. In all its original stylized glory (fonts and all). In the end, this is a simple love story about two besties discovering themselves through their friendship, learning to work out their differences, growing up together, and learning what true love is. The key is: growth and friendship.

Though there’s a heavy romantic undertone underlying their friendship, I loved that it wasn’t all raging hormones, and looking into each-others’ eyes, and butterflies-in-stomachs, and obsessing-over-every-little-thing with them. Their relationship just came natural, and I got a taste of that unbreakable bond. The execution was right on.

The only downside of this book for potential readers is that the chemistry ISN’T blazing, and you probably won’t be complaining about burning your fingers from the heat emanating from the pages of the book. It’s just not that kinda book with the steam and the sexy-times. It is a slow burning type of romance. The slow building tension might be off putting to some.

I wanna say this book was like a mix of Flat-Out Love and The Wonder Years, but naaaaah. I can't give this book THAT much credit. It wasn't like, a solid mix of either one or both, but that's the overall feel I got from reading this book. Like it could be a sweet, almost-mix of those two perfectly coming-of-age stories with a sprinkled dose of candy flavored romance thrown in.

But it’s YA through & through; clean, sweet, romantic, and full of fluffy, fuzzy, dreamy, puffy, smoky clouds, made of dreams and wishes and safe bedtime stories. Eulberg will not disappoint. It’s a feel good story, a gentle pick-me-up for those rainy days like today.
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July 5, 2016
Este libro básicamente trata de la amistad entre Levi y Macallan, y como ésta se va desarrollando a lo largo de los años.
"¿Y si quedamos como amigos?" nos presenta desde el principio la enorme incógnita de si existe la amistad verdadera entre un chico y una chica, sin que terminen siendo pareja o sintiendo algo más el uno por el otro.

Debo decir que este libro es muy rápido de leer, y eso es lo que más le jugó a su favor a mi hora de puntuarlo. La pluma de la autora es muy ligera y bonita, por lo que las páginas pasan literalmente sin que te des cuenta; estaba sentada comenzando a leerlo y cuando quise acordar esta por casi la mitad de la novela.
Este libro se me hizo muy real teniendo en cuenta el hecho de que se basa en los personajes y las relaciones que se suceden entre ellos; me gustó el tópico del instituto, los amores, los desengaños amorosos, las "difíciles" decisiones que creemos tenemos que enfrentar a determinadas edades, y cómo los personajes fueron creciendo.
También quiero añadir, antes de que se me olvide, que amo el hecho de que al final de cada capítulo (narrado por Levi o por Macallan alternativamente) hubiera esa hoja en negro en la que los dos amigos hablaban y bromeaban entre ellos acerca de lo que sucedió en el capítulo, como comentaristas hilarantes en un partido de fútbol.

Pero si hay una razón por la que no le di a este libro 4,5 o las 5 estrellas fueron los personajes. Si bien Macallan, Levi y el resto de los personajes me gustaron bastante, muchos de esos se me hicieron incluso más profundos de lo que esperaba para un libro como este y que adoro la relación entre los dos protagoistas, a un punto llegó a exasperarme.
Porque era obvio que querían estar juntos, pero su relación seguía dando vueltas y vueltas que en mi opinión podrían haberse ahorrado. He disfrutado muchísimo de este libro, y lo he leído básicamente en tres o cuatro grandes sentadas; pero la razón por la que me he demorado tanto leyéndolo es que una vez que lo dejaba no tenía tantas ganas de retomarlo, ya que no estaba segura de querer sumergirme otra vez en los absurdos dilemas de los personajes (y estaba enganchada en otras lecturas, para ser honesta).
Levi es muy gracioso, y me gusta la forma de ser de Macallan. Aunque, por supuesoto, hubieron muchas ocasiones en que deseé abofetearlos por ser tan necios.
Como dije antes, su relación es hermosa, y realmente admiro a Elizabeth Eulberg por convencerme tanto de una relación en menos de 300 páginas.
Los diálogos son rápidos y naturales (sobre todo entre Macallan y Levi), amé todos y cada uno de los comentarios sarcásticos, irónicos, mordaces y cómicos de los personajes, al igual que sus reacciones a muchas situaciones.
Otra cosa que también me gustó de este libro es que no solo se centra en Levi y Macallan, si no que también abarca muchas otras cosas sobre las que realmente vale la pena leer.

El final fue como debería ser (y como se deberían imaginar antes siquiera de comenzar el libro). Fue predecible, exageradamente predecible, pero de alguna manera hermoso. Me dejó con un muy buen sabor de boca, como pocos libros han podido.
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July 15, 2017
Amo las historias de amor entre mejores amigos. Por eso, estaba segura de que este libro me iba a gustar, lo que no sabía era que me gustaría tanto. También me sorprendió que me hiciera sufrir y llorar mucho (a veces soy tan asquerosamente sensible). Y me voy dando cuenta de que la frustración siempre viene de la mano de este tipo de historias.
Este libro fue exactamente lo que necesitaba: una historia que me atrapara. Quizá el estilo haya sido demasiado "juvenil" (aunque creo que la traducción tiene parte de la culpa), pero eso no evitó que lo disfrutara.
En general, es un libro que se lee fácil debido al estilo sencillo y a lo rápido que uno logra adentrarse en la historia de estos dos personajes a los cuales les tomé mucho cariño, aunque se hayan comportado como unos idiotas gran parte de libro.
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September 23, 2018
Este libro no era para mí🙈 tal vez lo hubiera disfrutado de haber tenido 15 años. Una historia simple, personajes planos, poco desarrollados y un final predecible desde la primera página. Carece de descripciones… lo que lleva a una ambientación pobre.
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May 17, 2014
*Warning: The general plot of Better Off Friends will be explained in this review. Beware!

After seeing so many people rooting for the two main characters, I was more than eager to check this out for myself. To be honest, when I first saw it on NetGalley, I wasn't hugely interested. But when the reviews stating this book was "adorable and lovable" all came out, and I definitely had to pick it up myself.

You may or may not know that I have a weakness for romances between two best friends. It's like, no matter how bad they really are, I end up enjoying them and wanting the two characters together. Most of the time. Even if it wasn't amazing, I still thought the romance was absolutely adorable. You know those books where you want to scream "JUST KISS ALREADY!" right? This was one of those books.

I love how we were introduced to how Macallan and Levi's friendship began, as well as how it got deeper until they reached the best friend status. Most books focus on the present, but in Better Off Friends, we're taken to the past, and then move on to the present. It was a great way to present development and change.

Now, I did have a lot of peeves about this book as well. Let's start off with the pretty shallow, predictable and very generic plot. There are thousands of YA novels published with this formula:

1. Girl and guy are really close, inseparable friends.

2. Girl and guy get their own boyfriends/girlfriends. (Or maybe just one of them do.)

3. Insert unnecessary drama (A LOT of it) and a time where the two don't talk and/or are in a we're-not-friends phase here.

4. Girl and guy (one before the other, most of the time) realize their feelings for each other but don't want to "ruin their friendship."

5. Girl and guy end up confessing to each other and BAM! There's a happy ending.

And yes. I just summarized the book! So sorry for people who got spoiled. But hey, it was OBVIOUS, right?

We were just friends. That's how she saw me. And maybe we were better off being only friends.

Levi and Macallan were both very selfish, immature characters. They snobbed their dates to talk to each other and they flirted with each other even when they had girlfriends and boyfriends. Really, guys? Go do that when you're single, please.

Despite the plot being a formula plot and kind of immature characters, Elizabeth Eulberg made me enjoy the story because of her very fresh good-for-teens writing. It was simple, easy to imagine and made the feels come off the page. Trust me--I cried a lot. In front of my brother. And with all these feels, it was so easy to root for Macallan and Levi together. That ending was not enough.

The book was pretty fun overall, so don't look too much into this when you read it. If you do, you'll probably end up realizing that there were so many annoying things about this. So I suggest checking this up if you're up for a mindless, adorable read. I totally sound like I'm contradicting myself, right?

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January 15, 2016
Le pongo 5 estrellas porque hacia tiempo que no leía un libro y decía...un capítulo más, solo un capítulo más, y lo dejo. No es un libro extenso pero me lo terminé en un par de días, y sin tener casi tiempo libre.
"A dos centímetros de ti" pertenece al
género juvenil y a pesar de ser una historia sencilla, está fantásticamente bien escrito. La protagonista es una chica muy joven pero madura y con una gran personalidad. Es de ese tipo de libros de los que no esperas nada, pero luego te sorprenden y te dejan con una sonrisa en la cara. Muy recomendable.
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March 31, 2016
Super cute characters! These two are both such vivacious characters that I felt like I knew them already. Obviously a very predictable ending but I didn't care because it was just cute. I do think the title is definitely misleading though, but maybe that was the whole point? I couldn't stop myself from smiling!
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August 11, 2015
Es un libro muy dulce y fácil de leer (si vas en un tren seguro lo terminas al finalizar el viaje), adoré a los personajes y la evolución que tuvieron a lo largo de la historia, dan ganas de volver a creer en la inocencia del amor.
Es un libro totalmente recomendable.
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July 5, 2017
I'm not gonna lie, this book was entertaining and the pacing of the story was not too slow or too fast. But it had so many tropes and I couldn't help but find this book to be so cliche and predictable. I wish that I enjoyed this more, but the more books I read, the higher my expectations are. If I read an amazing book, I can't stop myself from comparing other books to it. Every book isn't for me, but I wish to read books that I enjoy so that I don't get into another huge reading slump.

“Silence fell between us. This was a common occurrence whenever we’re alone. When you’re comfortable with someone, you don’t need to always fill the void with noise. I liked it when we would just be.”

Levi and Macallan have been friends from the moment they met. They have been friends for so long, they know so much about each other. Their families are close and they think of each other as family. They don't know what they would do without each other. But there's only one problem that they constantly face in school. Everyone at their school finds it hard to believe that a guy and girl can be best friends. Everyone believes that they are dating and feel that if they hang out with either Macallan or Levi, they will get in between their relationship. As the years go by, Levi and Macallan realize that maybe everybody isn't wrong and maybe they do have feelings for each other, past their friendship onto a whole other level.

“We had both made mistakes and been admittedly stubborn, but we need to move on with, not away from, each other.”

Macallon is a great character, I loved her so much. She stands up for what she believes in, without feeling scared. She lets people know when they are doing something wrong and is honest when she wants to be. But there were so many moments in this book where I was frustrated with her character because she wouldn't speak up when she was given so many opportunities. It's frustrating because it causes more drama and most of it is unnecessary. Levi is another great character, he speaks up and tells Macallan how he is feeling. He is honest and patient, and gives Macallan many opportunities to let out her feelings. He is caring and protects the people he loves and watches over them. But it is frustrating when he rushes things and doesn't listen patiently at times.

“I am not complete without you.”

What I really loved about this book was the fact that in between each of the chapters, there were moments where Levi and Macallon would reflect on what had happened and it is hilarious. I loved those moments in this book so much, it was so funny. I loved how this book showed both Macallan and Levi's point of view, it was nice to see how each person was feeling in certain situations. I loved reading both sides of the story.

“We'd hit rock bottom, but this is what is found there. The truth.”

I loved the side characters and wished to learn more about them. The plot was mostly focused on Levi and Macallan. I wanted to learn more about Adam and Danielle. I wished to see more characters and how their relationships were with Levi and Macallan. There were moments but it only showed Levi and Macallan's dates, and it was all the same to be honest. I wished to read more about Levi and Macallan in the future, the ending of the book wasn't satisfying. It ending abruptly and it felt like the story was rushed.

“I remembered reading somewhere that if you smile at something, it automatically makes you happier.”

Overall, I did enjoy this book, but it wasn't as amazing as I thought it would be. I wished there was more character development with both the main characters and the side characters. The plot was a little boring and it was very predictable and cliche. It had a lot of YA tropes, which didn't make this book any better. But I recommend it to anyone who likes cute, contemporary romance stories. This is definitely something you should pick up.

Anyway, I'll be off and hopefully I read another book soon!
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